Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 5, Episode 5 - The Man Who Made Dreams Come True - full transcript

A con man uses an aging monarch's superstitious beliefs against him to get the throne for himself.

Adventures of Superman!


Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet,

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.


Miss Lane, I've made up my mind.


Oh, what, Jim?

I'm tired of being
pushed around.

From now on, I'm
gonna exert myself.

Well, you better exert
yourself right out of that chair.

I'll get up when
I'm good and ready.

Olsen! Mm.

I'm good and ready now.

Oh, Clark, did you see this
ad in the classified section?

Which one's that, Lois?

"The man who makes
dreams come true.

"Consult the Dreamer today.

"Make your good dreams come true

"and learn how to escape the
consequences of a bad dream.

See the Dreamer at
819 Half Moon Road."

Mm. Sounds like some
kind of a cheap racket to me.

Probably legal, though.
Nothing we can do.

Now, if you're through chatting,

may I tell you why
I called you in?

At your service, chief.

Uh, sir. Mr. White.

Thank you.

As you know, the king of
Sartania arrives this morning.

I've set up an
interview for 10:00

in the presidential suite.

Be there. That's all.


Forward ho.


"The Dreamer. Enter."

That's all you've ever been,

ever since I've
been married to you.

Just a dreamer.

This time, it'll work, Ruby.

I promise you. We'll be rich.

Yeah, I've heard that
before. And what happens?

We get run out of town.

Come on, I'll show
you the setup.

There. How do you like it?

I got everything rigged.
Hidden microphones, lights.

This is gonna make us rich?

Sit down.

L... Let's go back to
selling uranium stock.


Before I am through, I
shall own an entire country.

You've gone crazy.

Not a big country, I'll admit.

But very rich. It's
called Sartania.


They've got one of the best
small armies in the world.

I don't plan to take
over with a gun.

Would you mind
talking sense for once?

Listen. Six months ago,
they announced that King Leo

would be making a
tour of the United States.

Since then I've studied
everything ever written

about Sartania and its king.

I even know he has a
birthmark on the back of his neck.


How would you like it if I
were the next king of Sartania?

They've already got a king.

Yes, and he's right
here in Metropolis.

Whatever you've got
in mind, it won't work.

It will.

Look at me.

Can't you see me on a throne?

I can see you on a rock pile
wearing a black and white suit.

You'll find out.

All I need now is
one good testimonial.

One absolutely
honest person to swear

that the Dreamer has
magic powers with a dream.

I must only wait

for the right fly to
walk into my parlor.

Jeepers, Your Majesty,

why do you wear
the rabbit's feet?

For luck, of course.

And these are good-luck charms,

made many
thousands of years ago.

And you really believe
in them, Your Majesty?

Certainly, Mr. Kent.

What I do, I do for my country.

In fact, that's the only
reason I go to bed at all.

So as I can have my dreams.

And you actually govern
your country by these dreams?


There's no other way, Mr. Kent.

It's time for your
nap, Your Majesty.

Of course.

I would like to thank Your Ma...


Will you thank His
Majesty for his time?

His Majesty goes
to work right away.

So I see.

Is the Dreamer in?

The who?

"The Dreamer."

Oh, yes, the
Dreamer. Come on in.

Thank you.

Wait here. I'll see
if he's in a trance.

In a real trance?

Oh, he's been in one for
10 years that I know of.


Wake up, buster,
you've got company.

Uh, grab a suitcase.
We'll go out the back way.

It's not the sheriff. It's
some high school kid.

She wants to see you.

Oh, customer.

Send her in.

You can come in.

Are you the Dreamer?
I'm Nancy Boyd.

Yes, sit down.

You've had a dream.

A very important dream.

Gee, yes, how did you know?

Why else would you be here?

Can you really make
dreams come true?

If you wish, yes.

If it's a bad dream, I can
keep it from happening.

Oh, this is a good one.

Tell me your dream, then, child.

Well, you see,

most of the kids in school
collect movie stars' autographs

and that kind of thing.

But that's no fun.

I always wanted to meet
Superman and get his autograph.

And last night I dreamed I did.


beginning to see it.

Where did you meet him?

I-I'm not sure.

I-it was kind of funny.

Lots of glass... and white.

That's all I remember.

I'm beginning to hear a voice.

Yes. I see it now.

The place is an
ice cream parlor.

That one you always go to.

That one on, uh...

Elm and Maple.

Yes, quiet, child. I see it now.

It is an ice cream
parlor at Elm and Maple.

Go there in an hour and wait.

W-what was that?

It sounded like your
voice, but different.

My messenger from the dream
world who speaks through me.

Do as he says.

Go there in an hour and wait.


Come in.

Mr. Kent?

Hm? Oh, yes, what
can I do for you?

My name is Thompson.

I hate to disturb you, sir.

But it's pretty well-known

that you can make
contact with Superman.

Well, that's true.

I... I can at times. Uh,
what's on your mind?

Well, there's this little
girl in my neighborhood.

She's so lonely,
Mr. Kent. No friends.

Very shy, poor child.

She desperately needs
something to make her feel,

well, important.

I'm afraid that's true
of a great many people.

[SIGHS] Nancy most of all.

All she has is one
hero: Superman.

I'm sure he'd be very
complimented if he knew.

But that's not enough.

Right now, she's in
an ice cream parlor

at Elm and Maple.

If Superman could just drop by,

just... Just for a moment,

it could change her
whole life, Mr. Kent.

Make her feel,
well, sort of special.

Give her a new confidence.

Do you understand, Mr. Kent?

Of course I understand.

Well, We'll see what we can do.

Now, you understand I
can't promise you anything.

Oh, thank you,
thank you, Mr. Kent.

You don't know what this
will mean to little Nancy.

Quite all right.






You did come, you really did.

And you must be Nancy.


I had a dream,
and it's come true.

Oh, golly, wait'll the
kids hear about this.

They'll turn green,
positively green.

Would you sign this
for me, Superman?

Of course.

You know, Nancy,

you don't seem to be
the lonely type to me.

Lonely? Why, she's the
most popular girl in school.

Oh, golly, I've never
been lonely in my life.

But when I had that dream

I simply had to go and
see the Dreamer and...


Nancy, did you
just say "Dreamer"?

I-I promised not
to say anything.

Please don't ask me, Superman.

Very well, I'll
respect your promise.

Excuse me, Nancy.



Oh, I can't believe it.

But it did happen,
didn't it, Mike?

You've got the proof
right in front of you.


How can I ever thank you?

Well, you can do
me a small favor.

I want you to talk to someone
who needs me very much.

Oh, Clark, have you heard?

Superman was just seen
in an ice cream parlor.

Yes, Lois, I've heard.

Right now I'm more
interested in that ad

you saw about the Dreamer.

You weren't very
interested this morning.

I know. I know I
wasn't. But I am now.

Lois, will you do something
for me? Will you go over there

and pretend to be
a client or something

and find out everything
you can about this character?

Okay, but if there's a
good story in it, it's mine.

Of course. I want information,
you can have the byline.

[CHUCKLES] Okay, I'll
be there in half an hour.

Thank you.


The man who made
dreams come true.

How do you do? I'm King Leo.

I've come to see
the Dreamer, please.

You, a king?

Oh, oh, I realize,
without my royal robes...

JONES: Of course he's the king.

And look at that noble brow.

And I seem to see

a royal birthmark on
the back of your neck.

Amazing. I do have a
birthmark on the back of my neck.

You see? The keepers
of the dream world

have already
brought us together.

Come, Your Majesty.

Thank you. Excuse me.

Enter, Your Majesty.



Have a seat, Your Majesty.

Thank you.

Ah. This is more like it.

My dream advisers tried
to do it in broad daylight.

Imagine, in broad daylight.

I know that.

Their names are Vernon,

Erlich and Kroll.

Extraordinary. But then,
I knew you would be.

I sent the child to
you, Your Majesty,

because I dreamed that we
were destined to meet now,

at this exact moment.

Oh, thank heavens I was on time.

Yes. But I have to caution you.

You must have complete
and absolute faith in me.


the keepers of the
dream world will not speak.

But I do. I do.

How else would the child
have seen Superman?

And how would you
know about the birthmark?

And the names?

Besides, not long ago,

I dreamed that I
should find something.

And I have.


Yes, I, uh, felt
it in the dream,

but we have no time to lose.

I, uh...

I see another dream.

Yes, a dream that came
to you about a week ago.

While, uh...

While you were sleeping.

You are absolutely correct.

Tell me, Your Majesty.
Tell me that dream.

I dreamed... that I was being
swallowed up by the ocean.

The seaweed was pulling me down.

And there were lots
of funny, bright little fish

swimming all around me.

And then...

And then,

I woke up.

Do not fear, Your Majesty,

I am here to help you.

Oh, thank you very much.

Your dream is in two parts.

The first is that
you are in danger

of falling from your throne.

You are being
secretly dragged down

by your nephew,

who will inherit the throne.

You mean William is
conspiring against me?

At this very moment.

Therefore, you
must sign a document

naming a new successor.

But who?

Who should I name?

You must name
whoever you trust the most

at this exact moment.

I have spoken.

Why, it's you.

Right now I trust you more
than anyone in the world.

I'm honored, Your Majesty.


Where did this come from?

"I, King Leo of Sartania,
hereby appoint Rutherford Jones,

"also known as the Dreamer,

as my regent and
heir to my throne."

Amazing. It must have
come from the dream world.

That settles it. I must
sign immediately.

But Your Majesty,

I am so unworthy.


It is not for us to
question a dream.

I suppose you're right.

There. My signature,

and my royal signet ring.

I hope I need never use them.

But he mentioned a
second part to the dream.

Yes, um,

it has come to me
through the crystal.

There is one way for you to
save the throne for yourself.

But how?

What must I do?

The water.

You must stand in shallow water.

And the bright little fish.

They are sparks.

Electric sparks.

As you stand in the water,

you must grasp the
end of a live electric wire.

Now, the charge will pass
harmlessly through your body,

destroying the
energy of your nephew.

I'll do it. I'll go home
and do it immediately.

You're not afraid?

Of course not.

If only everybody understood
as we do. Come, Your Majesty.

Thank you.

Miss Lane.

I'm afraid I don't, uh...

Oh, I'm King Leo, Miss Lane.

Oh, Your Majesty, of course.

But what are you doing here?

Oh, I came to see the Dreamer.

And he's marvelous.
Absolutely marvelous.

I gather you're
acquainted, then.

Yes, we met this morning.

Miss Lane is a reporter
for the Daily Planet.

I see. Well, hadn't you better
hurry along, Your Majesty?

I'll speak to Miss Lane.


I have something
important to do, haven't I?

Goodbye, Miss Lane.

But Your Majesty.

What did he tell you?
And why are you here?

I'm afraid that's a
secret, Miss Lane.


I don't know what you're up to,

but I certainly
intend to find out.

It's unfortunate, Miss Lane,
but you've recognized the king.

And you're the only one
who knows he's been here.

I won't be the
only one for long.

I'm afraid you shall be.

Put that away, you fool.

Don't interfere, Ruby.

But a gun. You promised
you'd never use one.

This time we're playing
for keeps, my dear.

All right, Miss Lane.
Through that door.

You'd better listen to her.


Ethel, has Miss
Lane called in yet?

She hasn't, huh?

Well, let me know the minute
she does, please. Thank you.


Clark Kent speaking.

He's what?

Yes, yes, Mr. Kent.

This is exactly what
he intends to do.

I have drawn the bath, and
I have prepared the wire.

I simply had to tell someone.

Yes, Mr. Kent, he's
absolutely determined.

Well, delay him any way you
can. Something has to be done.

AID: Please, Your Majesty.

Let me in. You will be killed!

Nonsense, Bronsky. Go away.




Your Majesty, what
would have happened

if I hadn't arrived in time?

But you did, and somehow
he must have known.


I'm afraid that's a
secret, Superman.

Your Majesty, you're
the second person

I've been with today
that had a secret.

There are many
things I can't explain.

But I'm deeply
grateful to you and him.

Well, I can't force you
to tell, Your Majesty,

but promise me
you will be careful.

Don't worry, Superman.
Nothing can hurt me now.

I hope not. Forgive me.


There should have been
a news bulletin by now.

Somebody must have found him.

I still don't know
what this is all about.

And that girl reporter, what
do you intend to do with her?

She'll have to be
taken care of somehow.

I don't like the
way you're talking.

But you'll do whatever I say.


Answer it.


Good evening.

You? You're all right?

Why, of course I am.

Did you do as I instructed?


Superman grabbed
the wire out of my hand

just in the nick of time.

As you knew he would.

Yes, as I knew he
would. It was in the dream.

But now, Your Majesty, we
must have another conference.

I see another dream in you.

Yes, a most important dream,

which is trying to
tell us something.

That must be the
one I had last night.

Exactly. If you'll step
this way, Your Majesty.



Now, you know exactly
what to do, Your Majesty?

Oh, exactly.



I mean, rather, good
night, Your Majesty.

Good night,

and thank you ever
so much, Mr. Dreamer.

I admit this Dreamer
character sounds shady.

But I don't have a
file on anybody using

the dreams-come-true
gimmick as an m.o.

Well, I know Lois
started out to see him.

I'd like to find out
if she got there.

Well, let me know if I can help.

Thanks, Bill. [PHONE RINGS]

Inspector Henderson.

Yes, yes, I've
got it. Thank you.

Anything, Bill?

Henderson, Joe. Alert all
cars on the Palisades district.

Some character's
on the old Cliff Road,

driving backward
right toward the cliff.

Get on it.

Did I hear you right?

I'm afraid so. I'm going
down to the radio room.

I'll see you later.




Not you again, Your Majesty.

You see, I'm perfectly safe.

Another fraction, you'd
have been over the cliff.

But I'm not. And I've
carried out my instructions.

I know, I know, it's a secret,

but promise me
one thing, will you?

That you'll drive
home very carefully,

and stay there all night.

Yes, I am rather tired.

Yes, I promise, Superman.

Good. Now, I'm gonna
hold you to that promise.

Right now, I'm afraid
someone else is in trouble.


A charming man.


Oh, what a crummy police force.

They should've found him at
the bottom of the cliff by now.

And they should've found
a jail cell for you long ago.




Oh, he did, did he?

Yes, it was in the dream.

Well, if you promised
Superman to stay there,

that's what you should do.

Good night, Your Majesty.

Don't tell me Superman again.

Well, I guess that takes care
of your fancy little scheme.

I only want it to
look like an accident.

But I'm tired of fooling around.

You'll never get away with it.

Won't I?

I'm sure Superman feels
the king is safe for tonight.

Come on.

I won't go with you.

That's what you think.

Come on.


Anybody here?

Help. I'm in here.

Help. I'm in here.

Help. Help.

Help. Help. I'm in here.

Help. Help.

How did you find me, Superman?

That isn't important
now, Miss Lane.

Thank you. Why did
they make you captive?

I saw the king of Sartania here.

I don't know what they're
up to, but he's in great danger.

It begins to make
a little sense.

Now, look, I want you to go
back to the office and wait.

I have something to do.

So this is what you
wanted all the time.

To get rid of me.

Of course, you little fool.

And this time I'm
going to make sure.

Now, move. Towards that window.

What can I do, Your Majesty?

Nothing, Bronsky.

And he's right.

I have been a fool.

There's only one thing
he can't take from me now.

My dignity.

And my dreams.

Come, Bronsky.

Open the window, Bronsky.

My people.

What have I done to them?

It's a long drop, Your
Majesty, but swift.

Then I shall be
king of Sartania.

You first, Your Majesty.

So you're the Dreamer, huh?

Please, Superman.

I'm His Majesty's bodyguard.

Permit me.


Well, I guess we can
safely predict his future.

I'll never need these again.

But I have a feeling he will.


Excellent, Your Majesty.
Now, if you'll excuse me.




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