Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 5, Episode 4 - Tomb of Zaharan - full transcript

Louis Lane is kidnapped by a third world country after a strange necklace she is wearing indicates she is the reincarnation of that country's legendary queen who'd died 5000 years ago.

Adventures of Superman.

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet,

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.


Quiet, please. Genius at work.

Oh-ho. At what work, may I ask?

I was learning to type
with my eyes closed.

Oh. Oh, oh.

"The quick brine fox
jumpled the lazy dig."

Oh, that's pretty good, Clark.

Uh, what language
are you trying for?

The chief's liable to come up
with a few new words himself

if we don't get in there.

Oh, that's right. He
wanted to see us right away.

Oh? What about?

I don't know. But it's one
of his mysterious days.

Come on. I see.


Come in.

Now, which one of
you knows anything

about the secret
cult of Zaharan?

Whatever it is, I didn't do it.

Modern education.

Don't they teach you
anything but finger painting?

But, chief, uh, the
secret cult of Zaharan?

It's a new one on me, too, sir.

Well, for your information,

it's an ancient
Near East culture.

That book covers it completely.

It says here the tribe
goes back 10,000 years.

"Even to this day,
survivors of the race

believe firmly in their
ancient superstitions."

But what's this got to do
with the Daily Planet, sir?

In exactly one hour,
Abdul Ben Bay and Ali Zing

arrive in Metropolis, the
last stop on their world tour.

Rumor says that
they belong to this cult.

Oh, yes, I remember
reading a dispatch about them

several months ago.

Seems nobody knows
what they're up to.

They refuse to grant
any sort of an interview.

And they wear enough
jewels to sink a battleship.


You want us to
get the interview?

Exactly. And if we don't?


We'll do our best.

Miss Lane,

it might help if
you'd wear this.

What is it?

I borrowed it from
Professor Walter's collection.

It's supposed to be an
ancient Zaharan relic.

If you wear it, it might
attract their attention,

get them talking.

Uh, jeepers, what if
it has something to do

with all this
superstition stuff?

Oh, come off it, Jim.

We're in the 20th century.

I know that.

But do Mr. Abdul and Mr. Zing?


You have to think
faster, my friend.

Abdul and Zing
will be here shortly.

Yes, yes, I know. We've
followed them around the world

waiting for the chance,
and still it hasn't come.

The jewels which they
wear on their turbans

would make us rich
men if we could get them.

There's only one way.
We must strike boldly.

But I am not a very bold man.

In fact, sometimes I wonder
how I ever became a thief.

Ah, but now is our chance
to become great thieves.

You have a plan?

Yes. Listen well.

We will be at the
airport when they arrive.

They will have their
guards with them as usual.

Their guards.

If we could only
get rid of them.

But that is your job.

You'll create a disturbance.

Steal something.

Pick somebody's pocket.

But make sure
the victim knows it.

That would ruin my
professional standing.

It is our only chance.
You will try to escape.

And the guards will chase me.


Then you will
leave the rest to me.

I will take them boldly
and quietly by surprise.

And they will take me
boldly and quietly to jail.

They will merely deport
you. It does not matter.

A stain on my character.

But, as you say, it
is our only chance.

Come, we must hurry.

Well. Looks like
we're right on time.

The flight's in.

Looks like somebody else
is here to meet them too.

They don't look very
friendly, do they?

I'd sure hate to meet
them in a dark bazaar.

They are a little sinister
at that, aren't they?


Well, after all, Clark, you
don't have to stare at them.


Oh, I-I'm sorry, Lois,

but I remember reading
about Abdul and Zing.

They're supposed to both
be wearing a fortune in jewels.

Stop worrying, Clark.

Nothing's gonna happen
here in broad daylight.

Well, I guess you're right.

But I think I'll just check with
the security officer anyway.

Might be interesting. Excuse me.

This had better
get us an interview,

or the chief will blow a fuse.

Here they come, Miss Lane.

Jimmy, the pendant.
Stop! Thief! Help!

After him.

They'll get him, Miss Lane.

The jewels, gentlemen,
quickly and quietly.

No. No, they are sacred.

The jewels, or I shoot.

We must do as he says.


Take care of him.

We have heard of you
even in our own country.

A thousand thanks
be heaped upon you.

We are your humble servants.

If there is anything
we can do...

Well, gentlemen, there's
nothing you can do for me.

But I have two young
friends from the Daily Planet.

And they'd be very grateful if
you'd give them an interview.

Of course, it is the least...

We can do.

Well, thank you very much.

Uh, let's find a roo...

A place to talk?


Oh, by the way,
where's Superman?

Oh, he must have... Left.


Is it true this is really

nothing more than
a pleasure trip?

I wish it were more
exciting, Miss Lane.

For the sake of your story.

What I wanna know is
about this Zaharan business.

It is the tribe of
our ancestors.

Hi. Hi, Clark.

Uh, this is Mr. Abdul
and Mr. Zing.

How do you do? This is Mr. Kent.

Mr. Kent. Gentlemen.

You're a little late, Clark.

Superman got the interview
exclusively for Jimmy and me.

Well, this isn't the first time
you two have scooped me.

What I don't
understand, Mr. Kent,

is how did Superman
happen to be here?

Well, Jimmy, I, uh, told you.

I read about the
jewels in the paper,

and I assume Superman
did the same thing

and sort of came around
to keep an eye on things.

Well, that's fine. Now,
uh, goodbye, Mr. Kent.

Oh, not until I
return your pendant.

They caught the thief.

Oh, thank you.

What's the matter?

That scarab, it is...


Is that the one
you were wearing?

Well, I was until
the thief came along.

May we see it, please?

Why, certainly.

Oh, uh, did I mention
this is our story?

Well, yes, Lois,
but I thought I'd...

Uh, we can manage, thank you.

Very well.

The chief was right.
They sure seem interested.

It is indeed...

Very beautiful.

Yes, it is.

You have been most
gracious, Miss Lane.

Tonight, we leave for Beldad,
the capital of our country.

And from there, we move on to
supervise a secret excavation.

We'd be glad if you came.

And covered the
story as our guests.

A secret excavation?

Well, golly, this is a chance
I've always dreamed of.

You will come with us?

Why, yes, of course.

Oh, that is, if
Mr. Olsen can come too.

I'm sure our boss will
be happy to let us go.

Naturally, you will
want photographs.

The plane leaves at 7:30.

We will meet you here.

There's just one small request.

That you wear the pendant.

I'd wear the Rock
of Gibraltar for this.

Seven-thirty, then.

Aren't you excited, Jim?

You bet I am.

Clark, you're just jealous
because you weren't invited.

Lois, I think you
know better than that.

Now, what do we know about
these two characters after all?

And what about this
secret excavation business?

What's that all about?

If we knew, it
wouldn't be secret.

I don't see anything
wrong with it, Clark.

And it could be a great feature.

Well, you're the boss,
chief, but I just don't like it.

Jeepers, Mr. Kent,
if there's any trouble,

don't forget, I'll be there.

You will not only be there.

The chances are 10-to-1
you will have started it.

Sometimes, the faith you
have in me is frightening.

Well, you just remember to
bring back some good pictures.

You can count on me, chief.


Then we can go?

Yes, yes, so we can have
a little peace and quiet

around here for a week or two.

Now, listen to me, you two.

I want you to promise
me something.

I want you to watch your
step and not take any chances.

For your peace of mind, Clark,

I promise we'll file a dispatch

the minute we arrive in Beldad.

You do that. Okay.

Ready, Jim?

Ready, Miss Lane.

PERRY: Uh, Mr. Olsen.

Yes, sir?

If you intend to bring
back some pictures,

it might be a good idea to
take your equipment with you.

Yes, sir.

Uh, thank you, sir.

Well, have a nice trip, sir.

You're the one who's going away!

I know.


You know, those two
could drive you crazy.

Oh, well, maybe
they'll fall in the river

and get eaten by crocodiles

or get lost in the desert
or something, but...

But, Clark, you
don't really think

there'll be any trouble, do you?

Well, you can call it a
hunch, chief, but I really do.


we can't do
anything about it now.

They'll be in
Beldad in 36 hours.

Uh, Chief, I, uh, haven't
wanted to mention this,

but I haven't been
feeling very well lately,

and I wonder if I could
have a few days off now,

from my vacation, of course.

My boy, you and I are
going to be very busy all night

and probably all day tomorrow,

getting out that dummy
for the anniversary number.

There'll be plenty of time to
talk about vacations later on.

Yes, sir.

And to think, we'd
almost given up.

Fate has indeed been kind to us.

But are you sure?

That they will come with us?

Yes. I see them now.

What of the boy?

He will be a problem,
but no sacrifice...

Is too great. Even his.

Ah. You have arrived.

A great adventure
is about to begin.

I still can hardly believe it.

You will when you
smell the incense.

What incense?

Ah, he speaks of the
exciting air of the Far East.

Yes, of course.

I wonder how we'll feel a
couple of weeks from now

when we're back here
getting off the plane.

I wouldn't worry
about that, Miss Lane.

Shall we...? Go?



And over there is the
mosque of Mohammed Ali.

Jeepers, it looks like
they copied everything

right out of those pictures
in my old geography book.

Is it really as mysterious
as they say, Mr. Zing?

I shall have to leave that to
your judgment, Miss Lane.


Hey, the sign says
Beldad's that way.

We are not going to Beldad.

But our dispatch.

I told you we promised to send
one as soon as we got there.

We have instructed
one of our messengers

to send a dispatch in your name.

But you can't do that.

We demand the opportunity
to send our own dispatch.

And when we demand something...

We very seldom get it.

This is ridiculous. I don't
know what you're doing,

but you'll never
get away with it.

We mean you no harm.
You must believe that.

It'd be easier to believe...

if you'd put that gun away.

I hate to admit it, Jim, but
looks like Clark was right.

I think we've done it again.

But, golly, Miss Lane, what
would they want with us?

Unless the chief hired
them to get rid of us.

It is not for money we
do this thing, rather...

For the sake of Zaharan.

Zaharan? I never did
like the sound of that word.

I bet this necklace has
something to do with it.

That, Miss Lane,

is the sacred scarab
of the queen of Zaharan.

Oh, she can gladly have it back.

She already has, Miss Lane.

You mean, you think I'm...?

Exactly. You are the
queen of Zaharan.

How do you do, Your Majesty.

This is no joking matter, Jim.

I will explain briefly.
Our queen's name was...

Uh, excuse me, is.
- -Nephridius.

Five thousand and
twenty-six years ago,

she fell into a deep sleep
in the tomb of Zaharan.

She was wearing that scarab.

And it was prophesied that she
would awaken 5000 years later

and would be
identified by that scarab.

Then she should've
awakened 26 years ago.

And that's exactly how
old you are, Miss Lane.

The prophesy of Zaharan
works in strange ways.

A thousand years later,

thieves broke into the
tomb and stole our queen.

That was the
reason for our trip.

To find the woman
wearing the sacred scarab.

Who is our queen.

But it can't be.

Well, you've made
an awful mistake.

Jeepers, Miss Lane,

you don't look a day
over 3000 years old.

Some day, Miss
Lane, Your Majesty,

you will thank us for
bringing you home.

Chief, take a look at
this dispatch from Beldad.

"Good trip, stop.
Safe arrival, stop.

"Proceeding to destination,
stop. End dispatch, stop.

Olsen and Lane."

Well, now, do you believe
everything's all right?

Just the opposite.
Take another look.

Lois and Jimmy didn't
write that dispatch.

You're a little groggy. You
haven't had enough sleep.

No, look. Look at this.

It says, "End dispatch."
They wouldn't write that.

You've got a point there, Kent.

They'd have have used
a newspaper term, "30."

Right, which means
someone else sent it for them.

Someone may have abducted them.

I'll bet that scarab had
something to do with this.

Call the police,
put it in their laps.

Wait a minute, I've got a
few angles I want to try myself.

No, you don't. You'll stay here.

Now, you wait a minute, chief.

Lois and Jimmy
mean a lot more to me

than any anniversary edition.

Well, nothing left for me
to do but to fire myself.

There it is, Your Majesty.


Your home for who knows
how many thousands of years.

I, uh... I hope you
like it, Miss Lane.

I'll drop by to see
you occasionally.

You will come, too, Mr. Olsen.

Perhaps you were
one of her slaves.

We shall soon find out.

We'd better do as they say, Jim.

Please, into the car.

You're both in
enough trouble as it is.

But if you help me out,

things may be a
little easier for you.

We know nothing.

Well, you knew about
the visitors from Zaharan.

What were they really up to?

We know nothing.

Well, what about the scarab?

It's green. Naturally,
it's a beetle.

It has a large eye in the
middle of its forehead.

The scarab of Nephridius?
Our queen has returned.

Nephridius, your
queen? Who is she?

She has come back to rule
from the tomb of Zaharan.

The tomb of
Zaharan, where's that?

It is... Say no more.

Nothing must prevent
the return of our queen.

Now, look, you two.

This is just a lot of
ancient superstition.

There may be lives at stake.

We know nothing.



Jimmy, we've got
to think of something.

What I'm thinking now
wouldn't be of any help.

Never fear, Your Highness.

No one will steal
you from the tomb.

Right now, I'd welcome
a burglar with open arms.

We shall enter.

I still remember my manners.

Uh, ladies first.


Does it look familiar,
Your Majesty?

How could it? I'm
not Your Majesty.

My editor just borrowed
this silly thing for the day.

But you were wearing it.
That is enough. It is fate.

Never fear.

The incense will return your
former life and your memory.

Then you will be happy.

I'd be happier if I
were back home,

sitting down to dinner
with my dear old mother.

That will pass.

Fortunately, you are not
human like we poor mortals.

You can live without
food, without air.

Without food and air?

Of course.

Now you will be made ready.

But I'm not your queen.
Hey, you can't do this.

I'm... I'm not. I'm
not. No, let me go.


Do either one of
you speak English?

I'm not your queen.
This is ridiculous.

If you think I'm gonna
put these on, you're crazy.

A-and that's all I know.
So I've come to you.

I must find this
tomb of Zaharan.

I have heard of the tomb,
but I do not know where it is.

Well, can't you find out?
There's no time to lose.

I will try.

But we are a civilized
people, Mr. Kent.

I frankly cannot believe
all you have told me.

And I can't believe it either.

Hello? Give me the
director of the museum.




Miss Lane.

Mr. Abdul and Mr. Zing,

I know you don't
mean to hurt us, and...

And this is for the good of
your people and your country.

And I do wanna help you.

But I'm not your queen.

You will be soon, Your Highness.

It's too late, Miss Lane.

You were destined for nobility.

ZING: That is the
sacred incense.

You need only breathe
it for a little while.

And your former life and
memory will be restored.

And I promised my
mother I wouldn't smoke.

The only thing your incense
is gonna do is smother us.

Why, we won't last an hour.

You will last
forever, good queen.

And now, we poor mortals must
leave before we choke to death.

Please, let us out!


Don't leave us here!

Jimmy, what are we gonna do?

All we can do is hope
they're right, Miss Lane.

Yes. Yes, I thank you.

That was the director
of the museum.

He told me where
to locate the tomb.

Well, good, can you show me?

It is here.

Aha. Now, can you get
some police there in a hurry?

This little adventure
intrigues me.

I personally will fly
there in a police plane.

Good, I'll meet you there.

But how will you get there?

Well, I've arranged
my own transportation.


Jimmy, the grate.


Ow! Are you beginning to...?

Beginning to feel like
a queen, Miss Lane?

Well, no, I'm not, Jimmy.
I still feel like Lois Lane.

She feels awful.


It's no use, Miss Lane.


We've only got a
few minutes left.

It's been nice working with you.

Same here, Jim.


Oh, Superman,
it's good to see you.

And it's good to see you too.

How is the little
queen? Feeling better?

Please, don't ever
say that word again.

Golly, Superman.

Hello, Jimmy.
You're back with us?

We'll have you back
in Metropolis in no time.

Jeepers, it'll be good to s-see
the chief's scowling face again.


But, Superman, how did you
know and how did you find us?

Well, it seems Clark Kent
did a little detective work.

Oh, you'll see him
in Beldad. In Beldad?

Mm-hm. He flew in with me.

Well, looks like
you'll be riding back

with the police captain.

I'm sorry it's not as
romantic as camelback.

Huh. Thank you.

I've had enough Near East
atmosphere for a long time.


Look, the tomb of
Zaharan has been opened.

Our queen must be gone.

Do not worry. The
incense worked.

She became the queen again.

Only she could
move such a stone.

And whatever she does now
is for the good of Zaharan.

The scarab.

A sure sign she will return
one of these centuries.

Yes. Our work is done.

Incredible, Kent.
I don't believe it.


Now, do you believe it?

Oh, no. What have I
done to deserve this?

Well, I think I look
pretty snappy, chief,

considering I'm 5026 years old.

It's sure good to
see you again, chief.

Don't call me chief.

And go get dressed, both of you.

Yes, sir.



PERRY: Oh, go
on. Get out. Get out.

Just out of curiosity,

what is that that
Olsen left here?

Oh, I think it was very
considerate of him.

What is it?

Well, it's a copy of
a Beldad newspaper.

Of course, it's in Arabic.

But naturally you speak
Arabic, don't you, chief?

Yes, I speak Arabic.

"Ibbidy, dibbidy,
yabbidy, magaloo."

Which means, "You
get out of here too."

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.



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