Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 3, Episode 13 - King for a Day - full transcript

Cub reporter Jimmy Olsen (Jack Larson) is mistaken for Prince Gregory of Burgonia (Chet Marshall), who has been targeted for assassination. Putting his life on the line, Jimmy agrees to impersonate Gregory, the better to bring the would-be killer out in the open. Once the not-so-well-hidden culprit is revealed, things look mighty bleak for our boy Jimmy--but never fear, Superman (Clark Kent) is dashing to the rescue.


Adventures of Superman.

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.



Listen to the swine.

The prime minister.

Hail, Markel.

"Get out, Markel, or die.

Burgonia wants no dictator."

Your Excellency.

Perhaps it would
be better if you leave

until this crisis is over.

A faction of the army,
led by Colonel Gubeck,

has taken over the
capital in your absence.


I'll have Gubeck before
the firing squad for this.


The emergency exit.

We have a car waiting to take
you to the border, Excellency.

Hail, Markel.


Chief, are you sure of this?

Of course, I'm sure.

I've been sitting on this
information for years,

knowing, someday, it
would come in handy.

And they smuggled Prince
Gregori into this country

when he was just a baby?

Right after his
father's assassination.

And now suddenly he's become
an international front-page figure.

I'll get right on it, chief.

Just a minute, Kent.

Now this boy's just
about Jimmy's age.

It's possible he might
talk more freely to Jimmy

than he would to you.

That's a good idea.

Jeepers! You mean I'm gonna
get to interview him myself?

A real prince?

Kent will go along.

Just in case you get
everything fouled up, as usual.


Oh, now, Jimmy. It's your story.

I'll just be outside.

You can handle it.

Here's his address.

Find out all you
can about his plans.

Especially if he's
returning to his own country.

Now, if you get an
exclusive out of this,

it might mean a trip to Burgonia

as a follow-up
for the coronation.

Yes, sir.

How 'bout that?

Well, how about it!



You're young for a
reporter, aren't you, Jim?

Oh, I don't know. You
wouldn't say you were too young

to be a real prince, would
you? Your Highness?

Hey, this is America.
Call me Greg.

What else can I tell you
that you don't already know?

Look out! Superman!

[GLASS BREAKING] Get over here.


Here you are, Your Highness.

A souvenir for you.

Boy, are we lucky
you got here in time.

Yes, Jim.

Apparently you've been
marked for assassination

by someone who doesn't
want you back in Burgonia.

You know who I am?

Yes, Your Highness, I do.

And now that your identity
has been discovered,

I want you to let me provide
police protection for you,

because I have a
feeling that that someone

is gonna try again.

No, my plans are already made.

My people are
asking me to return,

and I-I can't let them down.

But how are you gonna get there?

Well, that must
remain my secret.

It's arranged.

I have friends and I'll...

just vanish.

Good luck to you, sir.

Thank you.


He's gone, huh? I didn't even
thank him for saving my life.

Golly, Superman will understand.

I wish I had a dime

for every time he's saved mine.

He stands for everything

I'd like to put into
practice in my own country.

All the principles of free play

and democracy and freedom

that I've learned
about in America.

I'd like you to
take this royal ring

and pass it on to Superman
next time you see him.

Golly, Superman doesn't
take pay for things like that.

He's... He's always
helping people.

But I'd like him to have it as
a token of my appreciation.

All right.


The crest of the royal
family of Burgonia.

Do you mind if I wear it
until I see Superman again?

If you like.

The ring of a real prince.

I wonder how it would feel
to be a prince for a while.

Well, good night, Your Highness.

Now call me Greg.

Good night, Greg.

Good night.

And thank you so
very much for coming.


Well, stop gasping and
tell me what happened.

Did you get your story?

Did I?

Wait till you hear.

You missed everything, Mr. Kent.

Superman was there.

He was? Well, why
wasn't I there too?

I thought I heard a disturbance.

An attempted assassination.

You don't say.

I do say.

Greg's gonna disappear and
return secretly to Burgonia.


Well, tell me, when does Greg
plan on arriving in Burgonia?

In about a week.

He wouldn't be more
definite than that.

Hmm. Well, we'll
go back to Planet

and, uh, if this story is half
as good as you think it is,

we'll do a follow-up and
cover the coronation...

in Burgonia.

Burgonia? Wow!


I beg your pardon.

Could you tell me the time?

Well, I don't know
in your country,

but by my watch, it's 9:21.

Thank you.

Say, Jimmy, we better get
to a phone and call the chief

and tell him we arrived safely.

Couldn't we pick up
our bags from customs

and check in at the hotel first?

I'm beat. I didn't get
much sleep last night.

Okay, Jimmy. The hotel it is.

It is he, the prince.

Are you sure?

He is the right age, but we
have no photograph of him

since he was a child.

He wears the ring with
the crest of the royal family.

It belonged to his father.

Shall we kill him now?

Don't be a fool.

You know we must bring
him to the prime minister first.

Delays, delays. Always delays!

Yes. Okay, chief.
I'll get right on it.

Mm-hm. Yes, sir.


What did the chief say?


there's been no
news of Prince Gregori

since he dropped
from sight in Metropolis.

The chief wants me to get in
touch with a Colonel Gubeck.

He's been running the country
during the prince's absence.

Should I go with you?

No, no, Jim. You'd just get
all snarled up in red tape.

You rest. Relax. Enjoy yourself.

And save yourself for those
important assignments ahead.

All right.

James Olsen,

foreign correspondent.

This... is the life!

It's all right, Your
Royal Highness.

Your Royal...? What
did you call me?

Do not be alarmed.

We know you are Prince Gregori.

Who me? Prince Gregori?

I'm Jim Olsen, an
American reporter.

A foreign correspondent.

We understand the
need for secrecy.

And we think it is clever of you
to travel as a newspaperman,

but there is no longer any need
to continue the pose with us.

I remember you.

You're the fella that asked me
what time it was at the airport.

Oh, I get it.

This royal ring I'm wearing.

Be assured that we are loyal

to your majesty
and Colonel Gubeck.

We have been sent
to take you secretly

to the summer
palace outside the city.

You're making an awful mistake.

But you'll find that
out soon enough.

Anyway, I guess it'll
make a good story.

Yes, Your Highness.

You will be so kind as to
wait here, Your Highness.

Okay. But I keep telling you:
you've got the wrong man.

This ring doesn't belong to me.

[IN UNISON] Yes, Your Highness.



Hello? Hello, desk?

This is Mr. Kent in 206.

I'm trying to locate Mr. Olsen.

Uh-huh. Well, did he
leave a message for me?

Well, did he leave the hotel?

Oh, he did?

I see. Thank you very much.


Stand back, you varlets!

Bow down before your king.

Gregori, at last you
have come back to me.

Who are you?

Gregori, do you not remember
your Tina, the Baroness D'Amour?

Oh, no, Baroness, I'm
not who you think I...

I was to be your betrothed.

It was arranged by our families
when we were children together.


They've held me here
since the revolution.

Now that you've returned,
my darling, I will be free.

We can mount the throne
of Burgonia together.

You like that, my brave prince?

Yes, it's very kind
of you, Baroness.

But, you see, I'm not
who you think I am.

I'm an imposter.

Gregori, you do not
have to pretend with me.

Your Tina.



Your Highness.

No, do not go, Baroness.

Allow me to present
myself, Your Highness.

I am Frederic Vallens.

Your prime minister.

I was a friend of
your illustrious father

and often held you on my
knee when you were a child.

I'm sorry, sir, but I
don't remember...

Of course, you could not
be expected to remember.

May I present Colonel Gubeck,

who managed the coup d'etat
which caused the tyrant Markel

to flee across the border.

Yes, I'm very glad
to meet you, sir.

But you don't understand...

This is a proud moment
in my life, Your Highness.

I welcome you back
to your homeland

and the people who love you.

But this isn't my homeland, I...

Colonel Gubeck.


A friend of mine, Clark Kent,
said he was gonna go visit you.

You ask him. He'll
tell you who I am.

Kent. Mr. Kent.

I regret but I do
not recall the man.

Clark Kent?

You don't know Clark Kent?

You must remain
calm, Your Highness.

Your duty's to your people
and your country now.

You will be safe
here, Your Highness.

Prime Minister Vallens
has announced his loyalty

to your new regime.

There are a few servants and
the guards around the palace.

Completely trustworthy.

But I...

As soon as conditions allow,

you will appear in public
and greet the people.

Until then, I must
return to the capital.

Your Highness.

I will take my leave now.

Your Highness.

I'm not who you think I am.


You know, there's an awful
lot to this prince business

that I've been missing.




Coming from the United States,

the prince should be
delighted with such a confection.

Have you put the
poison... I mean the...?

It is strong enough,
Excellency, to kill 10 men.


News of Gregori's death
will throw Burgonia into chaos.

Making the situation
ripe for Markel to return

and assume his proper position.

Well, let's not keep
the prince waiting.



Come in.

Is that for me?

For you, Your Highness.

No doubt all your years in
America accustomed you

to the ice cream soda.

Ah, fellas, look.

I'm really not your
Royal Highness.


Oh, well. Who am
I to fight destiny?

I might as well enjoy
being a prince while I can.

Yes, Your Highness.

Enjoy it... while you can.


You share with Tina?

See? Two straws,
like I have seen

in the American moving pictures.

Is more intimate this way, no?


Good afternoon, gentlemen.

VALLENS: Who are you?

My name is Clark Kent. I'm
an American newspaperman.

He was at the airport. He
came from America with Gregori.

How did you get in here?

No one tried to keep me out.

The palace is
surrounded by guards.

To get past, one... One
would have to fly over them!

Oh, come now. Surely
you don't think I can fly.

Who dares to create
such a disturbance?

Bring the interloper before me!

Right now!

Am I the prince around here,

or am I not the
prince around here?

Who is this... commoner?

Don't you know
him, Your Highness?

He says he is an American
newspaperman, Clark Kent.

Clark Kent?

Oh, yes, I remember him.

He's the poor man's Jimmy Olsen.

What can I do for
you, my good man?

Well, you're very
kind, Your Highness.

As a matter of fact,
I'm terribly thirsty.

And that super-duper royal
soda looks mighty tempting.

I wonder, may I?

Be my guest. Oh, uh...

It's all right. He really
is a friend of mine.

Thank you, Your Highness.


Thank you, Your Highness.

That was delicious.

Jeepers. You must
have been thirsty.

Would you like to
have another one?

No, thank you.

Uh, from the looks
of things, prince,

you seem to have been
living things up here.


Oh, yes. Prince.



Your Highness. You haven't
introduced me to your friend.

Oh. Well, this is Tina.

The Baroness D'Amour.

May I present Clark Kent.


Why, thank you,
Baroness. I'm charmed too.

Oh, I wonder if you could
excuse us for a moment.

I'd like to talk to my friend.

Oh, certainly, Mr. Kent.

We're to be married, you know.

Oh, is that so?

Congratulations, Your Highness.

I see you didn't waste any time

while you're posing
as Prince Gregori.

Oh, jeepers, Mr. Kent.
What can I do?

I keep telling them
I'm not Gregori.

But they won't listen to me.

And I'm not sure I like any
part of this prince business.

Not even the part with
the lovely baroness?

By the way, you must
ask me to your wedding.

Oh, jeepers, Mr. Kent.
That's all her idea.

She won't leave me alone.

Oh. You've been suffering, huh?

Well, sit down.

You may have to
suffer a little longer.

What do you mean?

Golly, was I glad to see
you. How did you get here?

I figured something
like this happened

because of that
ring you're wearing.

Now listen, Jimmy.
And pay attention

because I may not get
another chance to talk to you.

I saw Colonel
Gubeck, and he told me

the arrival of the real Prince
Gregori is expected momentarily.

But Gubeck was just here,
and he thought I was Gregori,

just like the rest of them.

Jimmy, he was only acting.

He knows if the others
think that you're the prince,

the real Gregori
will get a chance

to slip into the capital
without being observed.

But continuing to play this role

may prove very dangerous.

Golly, I like Gregori.

If I can do anything
to help him,

I'm willing to take my chances.

Good boy, Jim.

Jeepers, and maybe Superman
will show up and nothing will happen.

Well, I don't know
about Superman,

but I'm gonna stick around.


Your Highness.

May I speak to you alone on
a confidential matter of state?

Don't mind me.

Why, certainly, Vallens.

I'm concerned for your
safety, Your Majesty.

What do you know about

this American
newspaperman, Clark Kent?

Clark Kent?

He's one of the best
newspaper reporters in the world.


Uh, Mr. Vallens.

Excuse me, Your Highness.




It was an accident.

I was... I was
looking for a rat,

which had run
behind the tapestry.

We have been
troubled with rats lately.

Yes. Very unpleasant
things to have about, rats.

My apologies, Your Highness.

Rigor. Come.

Your Highness.


What are you doing?

Preparing your
cigarette, Your Highness.

But I don't smoke.

This is impossible,
Your Highness.

Tobacco is our most
extensive crop and export

in which your people
take great pride.

It is traditional that
the rulers of Burgonia

smoke the royal tobacco,

prepared and blended
especially for the royal house.

But I'm not a ruler yet.

It is ordained by Burgonian law

as part of ritual
proving you are worthy.

You must learn
now, Your Highness.

Otherwise, you may
never sit upon the throne.

Darling, it's
such a little thing,

and so much is at stake.


I'll light it for you.


Delightful, is it not?

So soothing, so
fragrant an aroma.

It's delicious.

I may take my leave now.



Your Highness.

[IN UNISON] Your Highness.


This cigarette will burn down

to the explosive
pellet any second.


Excuse me, Your Highness,

but you're too
young to be smoking.

You might stunt your growth.


Your Highness.

[IN UNISON] Your Highness.



Hail, Markel.

[IN UNISON] Hail, Markel!

MARKEL: I have returned

because I received your message

that you hold Prince
Gregori a prisoner.

Have you disposed of him yet?

No, Your Excellency.

We have tried, but the prince
seems to bear a charmed life.


That explosion I heard as I
came through the passageway...

another attempt?

Yes, Your Excellency.

But it failed too in a manner
for which I cannot account.

Always you do things in
tricky, devious ways, Vallens.

What is so difficult
about taking the prince out

and shooting him?


Your Highness.

You are to come with us.

And I warn you, it
is useless to resist.

No! No! No!

Remove the baroness.
Lock her in her room.

Come. No. I won't go!

Come. Let me go.

Mr. Vallens. You keep
out of this, Mr. Kent.

You will not interfere.

For your own safety,

you will remain here
with the door locked.


There's not much I can
do about it now, Jimmy.

Mr. Kent, I think
they're gonna shoot me!

Your Highness. No!

Your Highness!



"By order of Markel,

"Grand marshal of all Burgonia,

"you, Prince Gregori,

"are adjudged guilty of
high treason to the state

and ordered summarily executed."

But you've got the wrong man!

Besides, Markel isn't
marshal of Burgonia anymore.

Markel is still
marshal of Burgonia.

Has Your Highness any
last words for his people?

Superman, where are you?

If you'd only come to Burgonia.



And does Your Highness
have any other last requests?


If you don't mind,

I'd like to die of old age.


A blindfold, Your Highness?

No! And I keep telling
you, I'm not Your Highness!

Yes, Your Highness.



Wait! You're making a mistake!




Kill him! Kill him.
Whoever he is, kill him!

Kill him! Kill him!




Arrest these two!

Golly, Superman!

I thought I was
a goner for sure!


Sorry to time this
so close, Jimmy.

Don't be sorry.

I'm tickled to death.

I mean... What am I saying?

I'm just glad to be alive.

Here. This has caused
me nothing but trouble.

It was meant for you,
from Prince Gregori.

A token of my gratitude for
you saving both of our lives.

I hope you'll accept it.

You're very kind, Your Highness.

Now, if you'll excuse me.


I hated to deceive
you, Mr. Olsen.

But we had to take
advantage of the situation.

You see, Markel's
group had information.

Prince Gregori was
coming in by plane,

so the mistake was natural.

I traveled as an
airline steward.

I owe you a debt I'll
never be able to repay, Jim.

My deepest apologies for your
life being placed in jeopardy.

I'm terribly sorry.

Aw, that's all right.

I sort of enjoyed
being a prince.

Up to a point, that is.



Baroness, like I
been trying to tell you,

you got the wrong guy.

This is Prince Gregori!

I'm sorry. Welcome
home, darling.

Jeepers, Mr. Kent, you
missed everything again.

But you must have known
Superman was in Burgonia.

That's why you weren't
too worried about me.

Well, I wouldn't say I
wasn't worried, Jimmy,

but I did have an idea that
Superman was around some place.

Say, we'd better get your
story on the wire to Perry White.

Golly, yeah!



Come, prince.



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