Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 4, Episode 1 - Joey - full transcript

Season Four of The Adventures of Superman opens with a sentimental story about a racing filly named Joey. Formerly owned by a girl named Alice (Janine Perreau) and purchased by "The Daily Planet", Joey has the potential to be a winner, but refuses to race unless Alice is around. As this story plays itself out, Clark Kent (George Reeves)--otherwise known as Superman--goes after a band of criminals who've been spreading their corruptive influence at the racetrack.


Adventures of Superman.

Faster than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.



Is it nearly time, grandpa?

No, we've still got 10
minutes, sweetheart.

And that can be a long time.

Not to say goodbye to Joey.

Well, you know, I
don't want to sell Joey

anymore than you do, Alice.

But we just have to, honey.

We have other horses
back at the farm.

Why does it have
to be Joey, grandpa?

Joey is a thoroughbred.

His father was a
great racehorse.

And Joey's gonna be
a great racehorse too.

That's what makes
him so valuable.

I don't care if he's valuable.

I love him.

You love the old
farm too, don't ya?

It's the best farm
in the whole world.

And I wish we were
back there right now.

And everything
was like it used to be,

before those men
from the bank came.

It's not their fault our
crops dried up, honey.

Now I have to give
them a lot of money,

or they have to take the farm.

But how can I
explain it to Joey?

He'll think we don't
love him anymore.

I think Joey understands.
Don't ya, boy?

That's all right, Joey.

You're a big horse now,

and big horses
aren't supposed to cry,

at least not too much.

[SOBBING] Unless... Unless...

I'm gonna have to take
Joey away pretty soon, honey.

And you don't want
him to remember you

with those big
tears in your eyes.

Goodbye, Joey.

I wasn't prepared
for anything like this

at a horse auction, chief.

You women are too sentimental.

Come on, I'll introduce you.



Perry White, you old reprobate.

So you did get my letter.

That's why we're here, Pete.

Lois, this is Pete Thomas.

We went to school
together 40 years ago.

Pete, this is Miss Lane.

How are ya?

Perry always was popular

with the pretty
girls, Miss Lane.

Oh, excuse me.

This is my granddaughter, Alice.

Alice, this is Mr. White.

Hello. And Miss Lane.

Hello, Alice.

How do you do?

Well, you do all right

with pretty girls
yourself, Pete.

This is my little darling.

You promised it would be
a long 10 minutes, grandpa.

I have an idea, Alice.

As soon as the auction is over,

how would you like
to go shopping with me

for a beautiful new dress

with lace and pearl buttons

and a satin belt?

No, thank you.

Joey likes me in Levi's.


Goodbye, Joey.



What are they talking about?

I don't know, sweetie.

LOIS: Chief, you didn't!

I did.

The Daily Planet has
purchased a racehorse.

And who was it said
women are too sentimental?

Grandpa, do they own Joey now?

That's right, sweetheart.

And they're gonna race him.

And all the money that Joey wins

goes to a children's charity

to help little boys
and girls just like you.

Now, isn't that wonderful?


I guess so.

Joey likes children.

Well, Pete, I think
I have to be going.

I'll walk out with you.

And I'll stop by
your office later

to make the arrangements.

Fine, fine, Pete.

Well, goodbye, Alice.

I'll see you later, Lois. Right.

All right.


I'll... I'll think of you
every day, Joey.

Don't worry, Alice.

We'll take good care of him.

I'll write you letters
all about him,

and sometimes maybe
you can pay him a visit.

All right?

I know you'll take
good care of him.

But he's gonna miss me so much.

I'm sure he will, Alice.


Now, chief, let me
get this straight.

You mean to tell me
that the Daily Planet

actually bought
itself a racehorse?

What's wrong
with that, Mr. Kent?

Sure, we wouldn't
want to be known

as the only newspaper
without a horse.


Yes, sir.

Oh, uh, what I meant was the...

No, that would only
get me into more trouble.

Let's face it, Clark.

The chief's heart of ice
just melted all over the place.

Nothing of the sort.

It would be a great
promotional stunt for the Planet.

And think of all the money
we'd be donating to charity.

Yes, provided someone's
taught that horse to run.

You know, just because
a horse has four legs

doesn't make him
a winner, chief.

Mr. Kent, I have engaged
one of the best trainers

in the country.

And he assures
me that Joey can win

the Jupiter Stake race.

I hope you
remember to tell Joey.

Oh, Clark, now
you're just being nasty.

No, Lois, just practical.

After all, horseracing
can be a good, clean sport.

But there's liable to be a
rotten apple in any barrel.

If you think there might
be some dirty work afoot,

why don't you ask Superman
to keep an eye on things?

For your information, Jim,

Superman manages
to keep pretty busy.

And he also only
happens to have two eyes.

Yeah, but what eyes!

Sometimes I wonder why
Superman picked you for a friend.

He's not afraid of anything.

You're afraid of everything.

Well, Lois, perhaps
that's the reason.

The only thing that's
going to happen in this race

is that Joey is going to win it.


Now, if you don't mind,

we have a 50-page edition

of a metropolitan
newspaper to get out.

Y-yes, sir.

Come on, Jim.

And Mr. Kent. Sir.

Pardon me if I'm wrong,

but don't you work here too?

Oh, yes, chief, um...


I hope you're right too,

about Joey.


Long distance, operator.

Long distance, give
me Detroit, please.

Ambroy, six, eight, five, two.

And make it snappy, eh?

Hello, Maury?

Luke Palmer.

Yeah. Swell.

Listen, Maury,

I wanna get a bet on the
Jupiter Stakes tomorrow.

How much can you
handle on Rover Girl?

Ten thousand?

Okay, book me.


Sure, she's gonna win.

So long, chump.


Honey, get me Las Vegas.

Granite, five, eight, two, six.

Hello, Homestretch Harry?

Luke Palmer.

Yeah. I wanna lay
20 grand on Rover Girl

in the Jupiter tomorrow.

[WHISPERS] Psst. No.

Yeah, more if you want it.

Psst. No.

Yeah, okay, Harry. Thanks.

If you don't stop spinning that,

you know, someday
you're gonna take off,

just like an airplane.

Luke, we got trouble.

You better cancel them bets.

What for?

To keep out of the poorhouse.

What's the matter?

Rover Girl didn't
bust a leg, did she?

Worse. Two legs?

Luke, the competition
has suddenly got serious.

Who's worried about competition?

Don't forget, we got
an added little gimmick

workin' between
Rover Girl and us.

Oh, yeah?

Take a look.

Put that thing away, will ya?

These notes are on
a horse named Joey.

He was entered an
hour ago in the Jupiter.

Works a half-mile
in less than 47?


I personally had a telescope
and a stopwatch on this animal.

And look at the ancestry.

By War King out of Sally Bee.


Boy, this Joey really
comes from the right side

of the tracks, don't he?

Sure, some guy by
the name of Thomas

just sold him to
the Daily Planet.

The Planet?

What do they want with horses?

They just got one: Joey.

And that's all they need.

And you think maybe
this Joey might beat us

in spite of the circumstances?

He's got a good chance

in spite of the circumstances.

And I got a fortune
bet on Rover Girl.

And I never gamble.

That is, I don't gamble if
there's any gamble involved.

So, what do we do?

So, what do we do?

You and me are gonna
pay Joey a visit tonight.

And tomorrow he ain't gonna
feel so much like running.

That's crazy, Luke.

We could get into deep trouble.

Forget it.

We gotta take care of this Joey.

There ain't no other way.

Hey, Luke, you think
they'll let me keep this

in the penitentiary?

Oh, come on.


Hold it. We got company.

You know, this could
ruin my reputation.

Getting caught
sneakin' up on the horse.

Shut up and listen.

Well, if there's nothing wrong
with him like the vet said,

why doesn't he get up?

Please, Joey,

it could mean so much
to a lot of little children.

Maybe he's just tired.

No, Jimmy, he'd be
sleeping on his feet.

I'm afraid only Joey
knows the answer.

Well, whatever it is,

there goes the
Jupiter Stake Race.

And that makes Rover
Girl a lead pipe cinch.

And we don't have to
do nothin' about Joey.

Looks like he did
it all by himself.

Come on, let's blow. Shh.

Well, all I can say,
Joey, is that little Alice

would be mighty
disappointed in you right now.

Aw, chief, you can't
blame the horse.

Wait a minute.

I think I've got it.

Chief, did you notice anything
when you said her name?

Name? What name? When?

Stand back, I want
to try something.

Oh, Miss Lane, it won't work.

You can't hypnotize a horse.

I know, Jim.

Just be quiet a minute.

Listen to me, Joey.

[SLOWLY] Do you miss Alice?

Alice, Joey?

Is that who you want? Alice?


That's it.

He's homesick for Alice!

Well, it does make sense, chief.

Lots of horses have mascots,

particularly racehorses.

Usually they're animals,
like a dog or a chicken.

But they can be people.

In this case, it is a person.

I've watched them together.

Why it's almost like they
could talk to each other.

Jeepers, a talkin' horse.

Now what do we do?

Depends on what they do.

Well, what are we
gonna do about it?

Chief, why don't
you let me go and...

I've got it, chief.

There's just enough
time for Jim and me

to drive up to the farm.

Yeah, and bring Alice back.

Uh, that's just what I was
about to suggest, chief.

Only, you see, I could
do it without, uh...

Without what, Mr. Kent?

Well, I was just
trying to say is...

I can drive just as well
as you can, Mr. Kent.

And, besides, someone
must stay with Joey.

Someone who really
understands horses.

How they need a mascot,

how they sleep
standing up and so forth.


Okay, chief, you win.

All right, Lois, that
gives you about 12 hours

before the race starts.

That's an hour to spare.

We'll make it.

Come on, Jim.

No chance to use this.

Not with them hangin'
around all night.

We don't have to.

You know where
this farm is, don't ya?

Sure, Green Grass County.

Okay, by using my private plane

you can beat 'em there easy.

Let's go.

Well, I don't know
why I'm always the one

to straighten everything out.

Good night, Mr. Kent.

Good morning, Mr. White.


Hello, Joey.

I'm Clark Kent.

Now what was it you wanted
to talk about, boy, huh?


How's the time, Jim?

Right on the button, Miss Lane.

Are you sure this
is the right road?

Well, let's put it this way:

if we don't come to
a bridge pretty soon,

we're lost.

Oh, golly, we just can't be.

We'll never make it in time.

There's a man on
the road up ahead.

Why don't you pull
over and ask him.

Good idea.

Can I help you, miss?

We're looking for
the Thomas farm.

Is this the right road?

It sure is, lady.

It's about four furlongs...

I mean, it's, uh...

It's a half-mile up.

Thank you very much.

But you can't drive to it.

The bridge is out.

Oh, dear.

Well, I guess we'll have to
leave the car here and walk.

Come on, Jim.

You can't walk it either.

This is private property.

Yeah, but we're friends
of the owner, Mr. Thomas.

He don't own it anymore.

Sold out yesterday.

But that's impossible.

He sold his prize
horse to keep the farm.

I can't help it, lady.

The new owner's one
of them eccentric guys.

Don't want nobody
on his property.

Well, we'll see about that.

At least we can find out
where the Thomases went.

I don't advise it, lady.

From this point on, things get
awful dangerous around here.


Buddy, are you threatening us?

I wouldn't say that.

Well, I would.

Come on, Miss Lane,
let's get out of here.

Guess there's
nothing else we can do.

But I just don't understand it.

That's life.

Just full of little mysteries.

Each day, a new adventure.

Every hour, a twist of fate.

The cracker-barrel philosophy

and the gun just
don't go together.

Speaking about
going, where do we go?

Home, I guess, Jim.

Too late now even if we
knew where Alice was.

But what I don't understand
is why the new owners

should post an armed guard?

Clark, if we knew the answers

we wouldn't be
here without Alice.

And if we'd asked
many more questions,

we wouldn't be here at all.

Well, Pete knew I bought
Joey to help him save the farm.

Now I feel that he cheated me.

I wouldn't say
that exactly, boss.

I think that maybe we're looking
at this whole thing backwards.

What do you mean?

I think it's only fair

to consider the possibility

that Pete didn't
sell the farm at all.

If he didn't, then how
come there's a new owner?

Maybe there isn't.

Which is what I'm
going to find out.

Hello, operator, will you
get me Peter Thomas

at RFD 30, Pine Road,
Green Grass Country, right?

Yes, thank you, I'll wait.

What good will it
do anyway, Clark?

That's right.

We couldn't get Alice
here in time no matter what.

Oh, I wouldn't be too
sure of that, Jimmy.

Oh, hello, Mr. Thomas?

Why sure, this is me, Mr. Kent.

Well, then you, uh,
still live on the farm?

Well, tarnation, where
else you think I'd be living?

Hey, wait a minute,

is this one of Perry's jokes?

You know, he was
always a great one for that.

Mr. Thomas, I can
assure you it's no joke.

Is Alice there?

Well, yeah, she's here.

But she's not feelin' too well.

I'll have to explain
all this to you later.

I don't want you to leave
the house or let anyone in.

All right. Goodbye.


Right now, I feel
awfully foolish.

I don't know why
you should, Lois.

You shouldn't be expected
to cope with a man with a rifle.

Kent, I have a hunch

you're thinking about
Superman right now.

Can you get a hold of him?

Yes, chief, I think I
know exactly where he is.

Jeepers, where?

Well, I can tell you
where I hope he'll be

in the next few
minutes: at the stables.

Now if you'll excuse me.

If he knew where
to contact Superman,

why didn't we follow him?

Yeah, I'd like to know
how he does that.

Could he have got
an elevator that fast?

Maybe the storeroom.


He's not in there.



I, uh, beg your pardon,

is this the way to
the Thomas farm?

Yeah, yeah, sure.

Well, is it all right if I
go right on through?

Who cares where you go?

Beat it. I'm sleepin'.

Well, I just thought with
the gun and everything...

Look, buddy, I don't care
who goes in there now.

I'm just waitin' for some
friends to pick me up.

Oh, I see.

Well, thank you.

Thank you very much.

Hey, what's the big idea...


Does this look
like Joey, grandpa?

Hey, that sure does.

But, sweetheart, you're
gonna have to stop

thinking of Joey.

I can't, grandpa, I just can't.


Could that be that
Kent fellow already?

Good afternoon.


This has sure
got the best of me.

My friend, Clark Kent,
will call a little later

and explain
everything, Mr. Thomas.

But right now, I
have a favor to ask.

May I have your permission
to take Alice with me?

Well, I reckon I can
trust a Superman.

Thank you, sir.

Alice, how would you like
me to take you to see Joey?

To see Joey?

Oh, yes, yes, Superman.

I've missed him so much.

And he's missed you too.

Has he really?

Oh, yes, he has. Really.

Come on, now.

You're not gonna
be frightened, are ya?

I'll just close my eyes

and think about
seeing Joey all the way.

That a girl.

Oh, goodbye, Mr. Thomas.


Goodbye, sweetheart.



There's barely time to
get him up and saddled.

Maybe Mr. Kent couldn't
contact Superman after all.

Oh, I wouldn't say that, Jimmy.


Joey, I'm here.

Are you all right, Joey?

He knows me. He knows I'm here.

Please get up, Joey.

I'll never leave
you again. Never.


ALICE: That's the way.

You can do it. You can do it.

He's better. He's all right now.

Good boy, Joey.

We knew you could do it.

Now get out there
and win that race.

Where's Superman?

We didn't even get a
chance to thank him.

Joey can do that
by winning the race.

Can't you, Joey?




Your attention,
ladies and gentlemen.

The horses are at the gate.

He's got to win. He's got to.

He will, now that I'm here.

Ah, just in time.

Where have you been?

I've been pretty busy, chief.

But let's watch
the race, shall we?

Boss, I don't get it.

I thought you said
Joey wasn't gonna run.

That's what I said.

Wait till I get my
hands on Sully.

They're off and running.


It's Dodger breaking on top.

Lady Jane second. Joey third.

Sir Duke fourth.
Red Apple fifth.

Rover Girl is sixth.

Passing the grandstand
for the first time,

it's Dodger on top, Joey second,

and here comes Rover Girl.

It's Dodger, Joey, Rover Girl.

Into the clubhouse turn,

it's Dodger, Rover
Girl and Joey.

Dodger's dropping back.

It's Rover Girl, Joey second,

Dodger third, Lady Jane fourth,

and Red Apple.

Going down the back stretch,

it's Rover Girl by two,

Joey second by five,

Lady Jane third,

Dodger and Red Apple.


Turning for home,
it's Rover Girl,

Joey second,

Dodger third,

Lady Jane and Red Apple.

They're into the stretch.

It's Rover Girl on top by three.

And here comes Joey

moving up on the inside.

It's Rover Girl by
two, Joey second.

It's Rover Girl by one,
Joey second, still moving.

It's Rover Girl by a
half a leg, then Joey.

It's Rover Girl and
Joey, head and head.

At the wire, it's
Rover Girl, the winner.

Joey second, Dodger third.

We done it, boss, we done it.


I wasn't a bit worried.

Especially with this.

He did his best, dear.

I thought he'd win...

for me.

Here comes Rover Girl
in the winner's circle now.

Jeepers, I don't
even wanna watch.

Evidently Clark does.


Excuse me, I'll see
you all back at the office.

Always was a poor loser.

But I'll feel a lot better
when they make it official.


It's in the bag.


If you'll examine that saddle,

you'll find it's wired to give
electric shocks to the horse.

It's operated by remote
control from the stands.

Oh, incidentally,

this jockey and the
owners are in the clear.

If that's true, it's a
very serious matter.

What's Superman
doing down there?

Your attention,
ladies and gentlemen,

a foul has been declared.

Superman has ruined us.

Let's get out of here.

Girl has been disqualified.

The new winner:



He did it for you, after all.

Joey's the best horse
in the whole world.


I, um, heard about
the disqualification,

so I came right over.

And missed the excitement

by about 10 minutes, as usual.

Well, you're just in time
to hear what I have to say.

Joey won what I paid for him,

plus enough to
make a nice donation

to the Children's Charity.

Well, that's great, chief.

So I think he
should go right back

to his rightful owner.


He's all yours.

Joey, did you hear
what Mr. White said?

We're gonna be together again.

For ever and ever,
just like I promised you.



NARRATOR: Don't miss
the next thrill-packed episode

in the amazing
Adventures of Superman.

Superman is based
on the original character

appearing in Superman magazine.

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