Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 2, Episode 9 - The Dog Who Knew Superman - full transcript

Superman saves a dog, Corky, from a well. The dog belongs to the wife of Hank, who runs a numbers syndicate in Metropolis. Corky finds Clark Kent, knowing the reporter is Superman. Eventually, Hank realizes Corky knows Superman's civilian identity and intends to use the dog to find it out.


than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.

And now, another
exciting episode

in the Adventures of Superman!


MAN: Gangway. Gangway, please.

Gangway, gangway.

Oh, Corky.

Corky. Poor Corky.

Lady, lady, please.

If you don't step back
and give us a chance,

we'll never get your dog out.

A simple thing I ask you.

Stop the car and
take the dog for a walk.

So where does he walk?

Right smack into
the bottom of a well.

Can I help it if you
got a stupid dog?

Ooh... You should
mention stupid.

And you know something else?

I don't think he walked in.

I think you pushed him.

Aah, chicken, how can
you say anything like that?

Because it's true.
That's why I say it.

Didn't you? Didn't you push him?

Didn't you. All
right, all right.

So I give him a
little shove, maybe.

I think maybe he's thirsty.

Ooh. How could I marry
such a hammerhead?


Corky. Corky!

WOMAN: Corky. Corky!

Can't you do something?

Corky. Corky.

Corky. Corky.



Can't you do something?
He'll drown down there.

MAN: Lady, we're
trying to save your dog,

but there just ain't no way.

WOMAN: Corky. Corky.

Corky. Corky? Poor Corky.

Just wait'll I get you home.

Home, you call it.

I'd be better off in a kennel.

That mangy mutt gets
more attention than I do.

I hope he drowns.


If I've told you once,
I've told you a hundred...

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A human drill.

Give him to me! Give him to me!


Corky, are you all right?
Give him to me. He's mine.

Corky, baby.

That dress cost me 200 clams.

I oughta send Superman a bill

for helping you ruin it.

Oh, shut up and
put his leash on.

[GRUMBLES] Come on, Corky, baby.

You just stay here with me.

[BARKING] Quiet, Corky!

Just a minute, baby.
That's a good boy.

He doesn't like
you anymore, either.

Orders, orders.

That's all we got to do.

WOMAN: Oh, shut up and let's go.

What's the matter with
you, you crazy mutt?

Stop picking on him!

Think I never seen
a glove before?

Oh, throw that dirty
thing away and let's go.

MAN: Oh, gosh. You're
always telling me what to do.



Hey, boss, where you been?

He's been out
trying to drown a dog.

That's where he's been.

You mean Corky?

Boss, you shouldn't
have done a thing like that.

Don't tell me what I
shouldn't have done.

Oh, lay off.

Real big guy, you.

You're afraid to pick on anybody

but Louie and Corky here.

Who's afraid?

You're afraid.

Yeah? How did I get control

of the biggest bookie
syndicate in Metropolis?

Want me to tell ya?

Well, uh...

I'll tell ya, anyway.

Before he died,

my old man used
to run the syndicate.

You married the boss's daughter.

That's how you got control.

Gee, just like in the movies.

Shut up, stupid.

I didn't marry the
boss's daughter.

I married the boss's
daughter's dog.

Leave him alone, you big brute.

Someday Corky's gonna bite you.

Only he's afraid of
getting hydrophobia.

Did he hurt you, baby?
Come on, lie down for a minute.

You come on. Get
in your bed, Corky.

Now, lie down. Mommy's
gonna get you a nice, big bone.

You stay right there.

Louie, open the door.

And let all the flies in?

Open the door.

[QUIETLY] Go on, beat it!


You know, boss,

sometimes I don't think
you like the little pup dog.

Not sometimes. All
the times I don't like him.

Now, here we are, Corky...


Where's Corky?

Baby, this time
it ain't my fault.

You left the door open
when you come in.

You mean to say you
let him get away again?


Why didn't you watch him?
Why didn't you watch him?

I can't watch him all the time.

You get one more chance, see?

Just one.

I want you to go put an
ad in the "Lost and Found."

I want it in every
paper in town.

In the Planet. In the Blade.

Every paper in town!

But, baby, it's gonna cost
money for me to do that.


And if I don't see that ad
in the paper by tomorrow...

Yeah, I know, I know.

This wouldn't have happened
if the dog was a canary.




Take it easy, Corky.

Take it easy.

I like you, too, but this
could be very hard to explain.

It certainly could.

Maybe the animals

are starting a "Be Kind
to Human Beings" week.

Uh, yes. That could be.

Get down, boy. Get down.

Oh, Clark, how can
you be so mean?

Do you suppose he thinks
you're somebody else?

Oh, could be.

Go on home, boy.

Now, go on. Go home.


Clark, he took
one of your gloves.

He's welcome to it, if
he just leaves peaceably.

I lost the other one, anyway.

Clark, how can you
be so utterly heartless?

Lois, you don't understand.

You wanna know
something, Mr. Kent?

At this point, no.

I don't think you're rid of
that little dog by a long shot.


Come here, Corky.

Nice Corky.

Come on, Corky.

Nobody's gonna hurt ya.


Well, did you do it?

Did you put the ad in?

Not yet, baby.

Not yet?

Hey, what's the matter with you?

I got a better idea, honey.

Well, it better be
a lot better, honey.

I'm gonna offer a reward.

Five thousand dollars.

Five thousand
bucks? What is this?

Dogs have sure gone up.

Hank, you're up to something.

If it's gonna hurt Corky...

You want the dog
back or don't you?

Sure, I want my dog back!

Okay. Louie...


You got yourself a job.

Go out and spread
the word around.

Five thousand
bucks for the mutt.

Tell all the boys, everybody.

Spread it around, understand?

Sure, boss.

Five thousand bucks for the dog.

I think I got it.

I got it.

You know, honey.

Sometimes I think
maybe I got you all wrong.

You sure have, chicken.
And I'm gonna prove it.



Kent speaking.

Mr. Kent, this is Louie.


Yeah. You don't know
me, but I know all about you.

You do people favors.
That's why I'm calling.

Got something to
tell you about a dog.

A dog?

Well, what is it, Louie?

Well, my boss told me to
spread the word around.

And I figured the
best way to do it

was for you to write a story.

What, uh, kind of a story?

About the $5000 reward.

That's what he'll pay
to get the dog back.

Uh, Louie, who is
this boss of yours,

and, uh, what kind
of a dog was it?

Well, he's a little, furry dog.

He almost got drowned in a well,

except he was saved by Superman.

Uh, Louie, I'll tell you what.

You better come
over here to the office.

Tell me the story, and we'll
see what we can do about it.

Maybe I better.

I get confused on telephones,

and sometimes I
run out of dimes.

I'll come right over.

Well, fine, Louie.
I'll be waiting for you.

Lois, what would
you say if I told you

that little dog is worth $5000?

I'd say you were crazy.

So would I, but
that's the story.

[CORKY BARKING] Hello, boy.

Quick, Mr. Kent, go have him
turned into traveler's checks.

Well, where did you come from?


Well, that clears that up.

Well, what'd you do, boy?

Swallow the crown jewels?

Just what I thought.

What are you gonna
do with him, Clark?

I don't know, Lois.

But I'm not gonna
give him to anyone

till I find out what
this is all about.

Maybe I could take him home

with me for a couple days.

No, Jimmy. I'm afraid
that's too obvious.

They might connect us with him.

Better take him
to a private kennel.

Maybe you're right.

Come on, fella.

We gotta find a hideout for you.

You know, Clark.

I've got a feeling
you're frightened

about something.

Don't be silly, Lois.

What possible harm

could a little dog do to me?

Excuse me.

Sure, pardon me.

Hey, you!

Drop that dog.


HANK: What did you guys do,

steal every mutt in town?

And you, this is your
third time around,

and you ain't brung
the right dog yet.

Go on, beat it. All of ya.


Hey, boss. Boss.

Well, did you find the dog?

Yeah. I found him.

So where is he?
I lost him again.

You what? Now, wait, boss.

I was in front of
the Daily Planet,

when this kid comes
out carrying Corky.

I chased him, but he got away.

What was you doin' in
front of the Daily Planet?

Just like you told me. I
was spreading the word.

And Mr. Kent was gonna
write me up a big story.

Kent? The reporter? Yeah.

That was using my
head. Huh, boss?

Yeah. It was using it.

But I don't know for what.

Come on. We gotta work fast.

Got a few minutes, son?

Yes, sir.

I've got all the
minutes you want.

Then turn around and
walk over to that car.

It's a little large, isn't it?

Okay, Move it.

LOUIE: That's sure
smart of the boss,

hooking the kid to that
lie-detector machine.


Where do you live?

JIMMY: North side.

What's your name?

Herman Glockenspiegel.

That's a lie! You're right.

My name's Archie Glockenspiegel.

Where did you take the dog?

To Bermuda.

Did you take him home? No.

How long you been
working for the Planet?

Forty-seven years next Tuesday.

Did you take the dog
to a private kennel?


Was it on the south side?


Was it on the... north side?


The one on Melrose?


Was it the one on Willow Street?


The one on Harper?



One of the canine
kennels on Harper Street.

Corky's there. Get him.

Sure, boss.

But ain't you gonna tell us

why you want him so bad?

Yeah, why?

Because that dog is gonna
lead me right to Superman.

Superman. You're nuts.

Listen, remember how crazy
he was about Superman?


Remember that glove
I found by the well?

I guess so.

Just take a good
look at this one.

Looks like the mate.

Still think I'm crazy, huh?

Well, I'm betting 5000 bucks

that this belongs to Superman.

And Corky knows
where to find him.

WOMAN: What if he does?

What good's that gonna do you?

LOUIE: I'll tell you what good.

As soon as I find out
who Superman really is,

his real identity, I
make him a deal.

I keep it a secret.

He promises to
lay off my syndicate.

Get it?

You know, honey,

even my old man would
be proud of you today.

Well, get going. What's
holding you back?

Nothing. Nothing, boss.

I'll get the little pup dog.

Yeah, and be sure
you bring him back.

What about him?

Don't worry, chicken.

I got plans.


Yeah, I got the pup dog.

Right here in a bag.

Okay, okay.

Sure, boss.

I'm sorry, little
dog, but I gotta do it.


Kent speaking.

Oh, Louie?

Sure, send him right in.

Oh, hello.

You must be the man

that phoned that dog story in.

Yeah, but you don't have
to worry about that no more.

I took care of it.

Oh, you took care of it?

Sure, I'm not so smart,
but I ain't dumb enough

to get mixed up with
Superman. Sup...

Superman, huh?

What's he got to do with it?

My boss was gonna use the dog

to lead him to Superman.

Oh, and that's what
you took care of?


I know you're a
friend of Superman's.

But you can tell him

he's got nothing to
worry about anymore.

The little dog is never
gonna help the boss

find out who Superman really is.

And just who is
this boss of yours?

Oh, I couldn't tell you that.

I'll be in enough
trouble as it is,

if he ever finds me.


What'd you do with the dog?

Uh, he won't know
nothing, Mr. Kent.

They'll just put him to sleep,

and then nobody will ever know

the secret of Superman.

I said, what'd you
do with that dog?

You ain't gonna double-cross
Superman, are you?

Just tell me what
you did with that dog!

I... I put him in the
dog catcher's wagon

about 20 minutes ago.

It was down on Center Street.



What are you doing here?

Well, that brown dog,

that little one right there,

doesn't belong in there.

Why don't you leave dog catching

to the dogcatchers.

But you didn't catch this one.

Someone must
have put him in there.

Besides, he's got a license.


Yeah, you're right. He has.

So you can give him to me

without breaking any rules.

Well, I guess I can.

You know, you can't even run

a peaceful dog-catching
business anymore.


Doggy, doggy, doggy!


Well, Corky. Hello.

You know, for a little dog,

you certainly
caused a lot of trouble

for one day.

Clark, I thought Jimmy
took him to a kennel.

Oh, he was supposed to.

Incidentally, where is Jimmy?

Well, I don't know. Don't you?

Clark Kent, what are you up to?

Nothing, Lois. Nothing at all.

What's wrong with
a man owning a dog?

For some very mysterious reason,

this dog happens
to be worth $5000.

And I think you know why.

Oh, Lois. Will you
do me a favor?

Watch the dog for me.
I'll be back in an hour.

Where are you going?

Out. I've got some
things to attend to.

I wanna get some dog food too.

With that kind of a
price on your head,

you should at least
be able to speak.

What gives with you and Clark?

Ah, so you won't talk, eh?

Mr. Kent, I...

This dog must be twins.

And where have you been?

That's what I wanna
talk to Mr. Kent about.

Oh, he just left.
Didn't you see him?

Oh! I must've passed
him on the elevator!

He'll be gone for over an hour.

What happened, Jim? Tell me.

Well, I don't know everything.

But after I took the
pooch here to a kennel,

I was kidnapped.

Kidnapped? By
whom? I don't know.

I was blindfolded all the time.

But they took me someplace,
asked me a lot of questions,

and somehow they found
out what they wanted to know.

But how did you get back here?

Well, they figured I
couldn't identify them

or didn't know where I was,

so they dumped
me out in the country.

If you only knew
where they took you.

I think I do.

But you said you
were blindfolded.

I was.

But if my hunch is right...

Come here, fella.

Here's his license number.

Phone the police. Trace
the owner of this dog.

Find out where he lives.

I'll bet the guy
that owns this dog

is the same guy
that kidnapped me.

Jim, you have just
been elected for

the Genius of the Month Club.


JIMMY: This must be the place.

Somewhere on the second floor.

Hey, I bet the pooch here

could show us the
exact apartment.

Well, you stay in the car

'cause they'd recognize you.

So, what do you do?

So I merely return a lost dog.

Any news I pick up in
the process, pure gravy.

Uh, pardon me, but...

Corky boy!

Oh, boy, Corky. How glad...

Oh, uh, excuse
me, miss. But, uh...

It's just that I'm so
glad to see him again.

You know how it is.

Uh, not exactly, but
I'd like to find out.

I'm Lois Lane of
the Daily Planet.

How'd you know
where to bring him?

Oh, I heard about the reward.

I ran across the dog
and just took a chance.

Actually, he led me to the door.

Okay. I'll send you
a check to the office.

I'd much rather have the story,

on why you want the
dog back so much.

Okay, go ahead in.


There you are, miss.


Everything's ready
for his homecoming.

Nothing but the best.

Does that answer your question?

Frankly, no.

Look, lady. I'm
fond of this mutt.

I love him.

It's as simple as that.

He's just like my
own canine brother.

You can buy an awful lot

of canine brothers for $5000.

Look. You wanted a story, lady.

That's it.

I'd advise you to get back
to your office and write it.

But I... I said beat it.

Now that you put it that way,

perhaps I'd better leave.


What'd you find out?

Just a name and a bad feeling.

Anyway, we've got something
to bargain with Mr. Kent

for what he knows.

Me, I might as well
still be blindfolded.

Come on, now, Corky, boy.

Do your stuff.

You're gonna lead
me right to Superman.

Only this time,
we're gonna find out

who Superman is in real life.

Now, go on, bloodhound.


What do you see, Corky?

Where is he?

Where is he, Corky?

Go on!

Are we getting close, Corky?

Are we getting close?

There's nobody here.

What are you trying
to do, you stupid mutt?

Find Superman. Go on.


What's the matter?

You wanted to find
Superman, didn't you?

Now you have.

Yes, but I...

I didn't wanna find
him this way. I...

It might have worked at that,

if it hadn't been for Corky.
He warned me by barking.

I knew I couldn't trust
you, you stupid mutt.



Let go, will ya?
Get her off of me!

Anything you say, my friend.


HANK: Aah! Somebody help!
Come here. Come on, boy.

Looks like he's gonna
be hung up for a while.

I... You can't leave me up here!

Get me down from here!

Don't worry. There'll be a
couple of policemen along.

And they'll let you
down real soon.

Come on, Corky. Shall we go?

CLARK: You know, Corky.

Hank's gonna be
in jail a long time

for trying to kidnap Jimmy.

So he won't be
around to bother you.

Joyce loves you.

She'll take good care of you.

But I can't keep you, pal,

because you're the only
one in the whole world

that knows
Superman's true identity.

And that's a secret we have
to keep between the two of us.

Don't we?


So be a pal, will you,

and go on home.

Much as I'll hate to lose you.

We'll just keep it
between us, huh, Corky?

Go on home, boy.


What's the matter, Clark?

You look as though
you lost your best friend.

Maybe I have,
Lois. Maybe I have.