Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 2, Episode 10 - The Face and the Voice - full transcript

Boulder, a thug, is recruited to participate in a scheme. Bouler undergoes plastic surgery to look like Superman and then is trained by a voice coach to sound like him. Wearing a Superman costume with a bullet-proof vest underneath, he intimidates merchants and others into giving up money. Yet, Boulder's boss has the bogus Superman donate the stolen money to charity. All of this causes great concern to Clark Kent, who's unsure whether he might be sleepwalking or not. Clark gets reassurance when he finds out the phony Superman makes an appearance while the reporter was elsewhere. Now, the real Superman intends to put an end to this caper.


than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.

And now, another
exciting episode

in the Adventures of Superman!


I ain't gonna do it!

But, Boulder, you just
promised you would do it.

Well, all right, so I
changed my mind already.

How do I know it
ain't gonna hurt?

Yeah, that's right. How do
I know it ain't gonna hurt?

Twenty-five thousand
dollars. And don't be silly.

You heard the doctor
promise he wouldn't hurt you.

Yeah, now, what if
it don't work though?

I'm the guy who
takes all the risk,

and that put in all the time.

That doctor's gonna take knives
and hurt me and everything.

It's all yours,
Boulder. Keep it.

And when we get
ready for the big deal,

I'll give you 10 percent
of everything we get.

You'll get millions.

Gee, boss, how's your plan gonna
work? Come on, tell us about it.

Be quiet, Scratchy.

Mr. Fairchild, you just
bought yourself a boy.

Ain't much of a face, anyway.

I'll do it.

I knew I could count on you.


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Are you looking for someone?

Huh? Oh, uh, sure.

This editor guy. This
Mr. White, that's all.

Oh, I think he's gone home.

But you might ask
the night watchman.

No, no, no. He told me to wait.

Gotta pick up a pair of shoes.

See, he's got a hole
in one of his shoes.

I fix things like that, see.

Told me to wait.

Oh, sure.

Hey, boss!

Boss, look. I got it!

See, it says, "Speech by..."

Hey, Boulder.

Hiya, Scratchy-boy.

Hey, kick the doc, will you?

Make him hurry up. The
suspense is killing me.

And your speech is
killing me, Boulder.

That comes next, you know.

We're not ready for the big
deal until we do something

about that awful voice of yours.

Ah, you and your big
deals. Dry up, already.

I've hired the best
voice coach I could find.

He's got real class too,

even though he did spend
a stretch in San Quentin.

Will you shut up?

Hurry up, doc, will you?

I want to hurry up
and see my new kisser!

What's the matter, Boulder?

Haven't you any faith
in plastic surgery?

Oh, wait.

I've got a T-shirt here for you.

I'll get it.

There you are. Hold
this up in front of you.


Dig me, will you?

Just like Superman.

How about that?


I just thought I'd
mention it, chief.

Well, then, why didn't you
take more notice of him?

And don't call me chief!

I don't even know
if it's the right one.

Well, then why
bring it up at all?

It's not that important.

Oh, wait a minute.

W-what's the matter?

Somebody robbed my

personal files last
night, that's all.

This young genius here

says he knows who the thief was,

but he doesn't know who it was.

I see.

Well, what was taken?

Remember that speech
Superman made last 4th of July?


Well, somebody
stole the recording of it.

Nothing else.

That's peculiar.

Jimmy, um...

did you see someone
that might have taken it?

Oh, I don't even know if
it's the right man, Mr. Kent.

I couldn't even describe him.

Just a funny little
guy, that's all.

Well, you let me know
if you see him again.

Yes, sir.

If I do.

Why would anyone
want a recording

of Superman's voice?

I don't get it.

Neither do I,
junior. Neither do I.


SUPERMAN: Ladies and
gentlemen of Metropolis,

Um... Ladies and
gentlemen, uh...

No, no, no, Boulder.


You're not being
very cooperative.


Come on, now.

Give me your vocal exercises.

All right.


Roll on, thou deep
And dark blue ocean

Ah, that's Shakespeare?

Around and round the rugged
rocks the ragged rascal ran.

Now, repeat it after me.

You're kidding.

No, repeat.

Around and around the rugged
rocks the ragged rascal ran.

I look like Superman.

Why don't I sound like Superman?

I look like Superman.

Why don't I sound like Superman?

I look like Superman.
Why don't I

[YELLS] sound like Superman?!

I look like Superman.

Why don't I sound like Superman?

I look like Superman.

Why don't I...

That's it, Boulder,
it's coming along fine.

I look like Superman...

Ladies and gentlemen
of Metropolis.

Good evening,
Inspector Henderson.

Madam, may I help
you across the street?

Young man, I would not
play with those matches

if I were you.

Little lady, may I ask you...

Never mind, that's enough!

Hamlet, you're a genius.

You've done it.

Yeah! Dig that diction.

My own brother
wouldn't recognize me.

I mean, uh...

Boulder, you embarrass me.

Ha-ha, that's
all right, Boulder.

You've done beautifully.

Now, I think it's finally
time for the big deal.

And all them millions, huh?

No. First we have
to run a little test,

just to get the ball rolling.

Don't worry, boss.

I'm ready for anything.

I got the build and
the voice, and...

There's one thing that
bothers me, though.

About them bullets that is
supposed to bounce off me.

Ah, don't give it
another thought, Boulder.

I've got that figured out too.

I should hope so.




May I have all
your money, please.


Yeah. I-I mean, yes.

I must have all the money
in your cash register.


Well... sure. I-if you need it.

Only... could you
give me a receipt?

I mean... Thank you.

I know that you'll
bring it back. Only...



Holy cow.

"Superman turns supercrook.

Robs store of $165."

Oh, chief, it just
can't be true.

It must be a hoax of some kind.

Must be some new
type of publicity.

Jeepers, you don't think
Superman would actually go out

and steal from somebody.

I know it's not true.

But look, every paper in town
has published it, except us.

And where there's smoke,
there's some kind of fire.

Well, I'm going down and
talk to that clerk myself.

I think he just made it up.

I'll bet he stole
that money himself!

Well, what are you waiting for?

I want to print
the truth! All right!

But you say you
didn't see him fly.

That's right, Mr. Kent.
I didn't see him fly.

But it was Superman.

I recognized his
face and his voice.

And he had muscles.

I was standing
here, and he came in

and demanded the money.

Naturally, I gave it to him.

I see. Thank you very much.

Hey, what did you
find out, Mr. Kent?

Well, I talked to the
man, I talked to his wife.

In fact, I talked to everybody.

It happened, all
right. He was there.

I don't understand.

But there's one
thing that bothers me.

He didn't see Superman fly.

He saw him walk
away with the money.

Then that guy last night
must have been a fake.

I know he was a fake.

Probably some small-time crook

that was using a
costume instead of a gun.

I found something interesting

right here in the society
column of our own paper.

Look, read where I marked it.

Oh, yeah.

That is interesting, Jimmy.

"Allied Women's Charities
also announced the receipt

"of $165 from an anonymous
donor this morning."

That was the same amount
that was taken from the store.

Yes, sir. Maybe a coincidence.

But if it's not, that makes
it all the more confusing.

What do you mean?

Well... to rob a place, and
then give the money to charity.

Why would a crook do that?

Sounds more to me like the
real Superman might have.

Oh, just a minute,
Jimmy. That's ridiculous!

I happen to know that Superman
was home in bed last night.


Did he hit you?

Did he hit me?

That bulletproof vest?
It worked out, huh?

It worked out in a pig's eye.

Uh, you're okay,
ain't you, Boulder?

No, I ain't, "okay,
ain't you, Boulder."

And will you shut up.

Get lost.

Okay, Boulder.

Well, as quick as that, huh?

Yes, "as quick as that, huh."

Look here,

where I stopped
a slug in the back.

Well, I got news for
you. I ain't no Superman.

And it hurts.

Didn't that bulletproof
vest I bought you...

No, it did not.

Furthermore, suppose
somebody should slip me a slug

in the head.

I got news for you.

As of now, I am
resigning. I've had enough.

Nobody's gonna shoot
at you again, Boulder.

You and your big, fat ideas!

I mean it.

We'll arrange it so they won't.

Here, let me see those.

Oh, no.

There's rocks here that are
worth over a thousand clams.

Boulder, you're giving
it all to charity again.


That's the next step.

You'll see how well it
all works out tomorrow.

I just told you: I am through.

Of course.

And you wouldn't be
interested that tomorrow,

the Metropolis Reserve Bank is
handling a gold bullion shipment

worth, uh, 2 million dollars.

No, I would not. Did
you say 2 million dollars?

And I promise you, you don't
have to give a nickel to charity.

Well, in that case, boss,
I am very sorry. Here.

Two million dollars.

You know, boss, there's
just one thing that worries me.

It's about this Superman.
The real one, I mean, uh...

You know, he's
not a punk like me.

He's a very tough
character. And I'm worried

about what he might
decide to do about all this.

Who knows?

However, I think
we've put him in a spot

where he'll be pretty busy
with his own problems.

In fact, I think the
real Superman...

will soon be convinced
that he's going crazy.


The watchman, who
said he was confused

by being thrown to the floor,

actually fired his
gun at Superman,

but, of course, it had no
effect on the man of steel.

Why Superman should
have taken the jewelry

is a complete mystery.

But why did he take money
from a store, and then,

as some people are guessing,

turn it over to charity?

The police have no explanation.

But they ask everyone
to remain calm

in the face of his strange,
inexplicable behavior until...



Did you see the morning papers?

Yes, Jimmy. In fact,
I was just on my way

down to Inspector
Henderson's right now.

But they got pictures and
even an eyewitness this time.

One guy even saw him leap
into the air after it was over.

A street photographer,

he saw him fly.

What's that? You say
they took a picture?

Honest, he saw Superman.

It must have been the real one.

I'm on my way to
interview the guy right now.

Oh, now, Jimmy. It's impossible.

Other man can't
do things like that.

And Superman just doesn't
run around in his sleep.

At least I don't think he does.

See what I mean?

It's him, isn't it?

I don't think he
walks in his sleep.

What's the matter, Mr. Kent?

Don't you feel
well this morning?

Mr. Kent?

Huh? Oh, I-I'm sorry, Jimmy.

Maybe you'd better roll
along without me, huh.



Yeah, buddy?

Hello. I'm a reporter
for the Daily Planet.

I came to interview
you about that, uh...

Oh, say no more, sonny.

Don't I know you?

I was the eyewitness, see.

You want to hear the story, huh?

Well... by trade, I'm a
street photographer, see.

And last night it
just so happens

I'm over near that
jewelry store and, uh...

The phonograph record.


Oh, never mind. Go on.

Well, do you want to
hear this story or not?

Everybody else in town does.

Yeah, sure I do.

Okay. Well, I was over by the...

Hey, just a minute.

You're that kid I saw...

Yeah, boss. But
what will I do with him?

Oh, I told you it was crazy,
me coming right out in public

claiming I saw Boulder fly.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. But how
soon will you pick him up?


Sometimes, you
and your big deals,

I get scared.

Boulder what?


You mean he is right now?

Ah. Then you can ditch
the kid pretty quick, huh?

Good. Yeah.

It's almost over.


Now, you're certain you
understand, Mr. White?

Yes, I understand.

I'm to give them to the
Metropolis charity for the homeless.

And you're not to worry.
Everything will go to charity.

Yes. I'll... I'll print
just what you said.

Goodbye, Mr. White.

Wait a minute, Superman.

You know, this
doesn't seem like you.

It doesn't sound like you.

What do you mean?

Now, don't take offense,

but the idea of you
playing Robin Hood,

stealing from one
person, giving to another...

Are you insinuating
that everything I "borrow"

will not be given to charity?

No, of course not.

Of course not. But don't
you see how wrong that is?

You've always
worked with the police,

upheld law and order.

You've never taken
anything from anyone, but...

Well, you should hear what
people are saying about you now.

Listen to me, please, Superman.

You haven't considered
what the consequences will be.

Mr. White... have
you ever considered

what the consequences would be

if I were to get
angry at Metropolis?

Great Caesar's ghost.

Come on, let's get outta
here. I'm shaking like a leaf.

It was fine, Boulder.
I listened at the door.

Everything was great.

Great, was it? I sure cooked
that Superman's goose.

Come on, let's get out of here.


Yeah. Come on.

It's perfectly
ridiculous, Clark.

You're as healthy as...
Well, as Superman.

That's not funny, Tom.

Ah, now, don't be touchy.

All I meant is that
you're in great shape.

I wish I was half as sure
of it as you seem to be.


I'm a doctor, right?


And I'm also a very good
friend of yours, correct?

Of course you're a
good friend of mine, Tom.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have
come here in the first place.

Well, that's exactly the point.

I'm your doctor and your friend.

And yet you won't
take my word for it that

nothing on earth is
the matter with you.

Nothing on Earth? Hmm.

Tom, is it possible...

I mean, do you think something
could have affected my mind?

Your mind?


Not a chance.

Why, your reflexes
are magnificent.

You've got a superb mind.

Yes, but is it possible?

I mean, could I
have done something

without knowing
that I'd done it?

What sort of thing?

Well, like stealing,
for instance.

Clark, what are
you talking about?

You know you're not capable
of doing any such thing.

But... What I'm
trying to say is...

suppose, for example...
I went to sleep.

And then I... I
walked in my sleep.

And I awoke without
knowing anything about it.

Well, I think it's very unlikely
that you would do anything

walking in your sleep

that you wouldn't do under
ordinary circumstances.

But it is possible, isn't it?

Well... it's possible, but...


Look, Clark... why don't
you take a vacation?

Maybe you've been
working too hard.

So, there is something
wrong with me?

Well, why didn't
you tell me about it?

Now, wait a
minute. I still say...

there's nothing wrong with
you physically or mentally,

except that... well, you've
got some crazy idea that...

Crazy idea? I heard
you say that, Doc.

All right, so I used
the wrong word.

What I mean is you're
talking yourself into a condition

that just doesn't exist.


Well, I hope so.

I sincerely hope so.

And thanks, doc, for
putting up with me.

Chief, what's going on?

I just passed the
mayor out in the hall.

Kent, there's nothing we can do.

Any of us.

We've issued orders
not to arrest him

or cross him in any way.

Who? Who are you talking about?

Superman, of
course. Oh, come on.

Kent, it's horrible.

He's losing his mind.

That's the only explanation.

Chief, you know
that's not possible.

Kent, don't talk nonsense.

Can you prove he's not crazy?

Are you Superman?

But, chief, you know him.

How could you
believe such a thing?

Because I saw him
here with my own eyes,

not a half an hour ago.

That's all.

Kent, where are you going?

Never mind. I've wasted
too much time already.


You comfortable?

Won't be much longer.

Time's just about up.

Your time too.

Such a beautiful plan.

Two million
dollars is the prize.


Look, Inspector... Superman.

Well, this is a
pleasant surprise.

I'm not going to bite you.
We've got work to do, and fast.

Of course you
wouldn't bite anyone.

Now, just sit down and relax.

Look, you don't
seem to understand.

I'm the real Superman!

Here, look. Convince you?

Of course you're
the real Superman.

I'd lock anybody
up that said different.

And I've always admired you too.

Bill, there's a crook
loose in this city.

He looks exactly like me.

There's a phonograph
record of my voice stolen.

There may even have been
plastic work done on him.

Please, hold it, will you?

There's nothing to
get excited about.

This may be building
up to some huge crime.

Now, now, now. Now,
we know all about it.

Now, Perry White talked to you.

I've known him for
years. I believe him.

We have some very nice
doctors coming to see you...

Look, Bill, we've
been pals for years.

I'd hate to use
you for a volleyball

in your own office, but...




He was...

No. I mean, yes!

Right away.

The Metropolis Bank.

Two million dollars in
gold bullion was just...

And they just stood there
because it was Superman.


I mean, it was...

Holy cow.

You see what I mean?

Well... what did
you actually see?

Only the getaway, sir.

It was the most thrilling
thing you ever saw.

I saw Superman, all
by himself, and the truck.

And he went driving down
towards the Planet building.

I suppose, to give
the money back.

It was wonderful.

But he wasn't just
driving, you know.

I saw him pick up
the truck in his hand,

and he went leaping
through the air.

Like... Like...

Like what? [MOANS]

That man's just a
stooge, inspector.


That's right. His job is to
send you in the wrong direction.

I'll see you later.

Come with me.


Good. You made it, Boulder.


Well, let's get it.

Give me one.



All right, Boulder,
get in with him.

Okay, boss.

Boulder, I told you
to stay in the back,

keep an eye on the boy.

You did?

I didn't think
we'd get rid of him

till we get across the border.

It's just a short ways.

So you're the big boss?

You're not complaining,
are you, Boulder?

We've left Scratchy
and Hamlet behind.

So maybe we'll forget to
send them their share too, huh?

You seem to have things
pretty well worked out, don't you?

What's the matter, Boulder?

You afraid I'm gonna
give you the shake too?

Well, you're right.

And this looks like as
good a place as any.

You've always been worried
about somebody missing

that steel vest of
yours, haven't you?

Well, here's one for that
phony face of yours, Boulder.


The real one! No!


Go on, get out of here,
will you? Leave me alone.

[CHUCKLES] Oh, no.

You'll have policemen
around you for quite some time.

Also, around Fairchild
and the rest of your gang.

Yeah, I should have known.

[SCOFFS] I seen prison walls

the minute I took this job.

Say, inspector, do
me a favor, will you?

What is it?

Well, will you get me a
doc and tell him to make

with the plastic surgery.

Only this time, I want
my own face back.

I was happy with
that. I was living with it.

Be glad to.

Yeah. I should have known.

Takes more than
a face and a voice.

There's only one real Superman.

He can say that
again. Right, Mr. Kent?

Right, Mr. Olsen.