Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 2, Episode 2 - The Big Squeeze - full transcript

The Daily Planet plans to give Dan Grayson an award for being citizen of the year. Grayson is a dedicated family man, active in community groups and a loyal employee of a fur company. He also a former convict, something he's managed to keep hidden in his new life. That all changes when a criminal from Grayson's past blackmails him, wanting Grayson's help on a robbery of the fur company. Unsittingly, Grayson has already provided one boost. Grayson accidentally locked himself in fur company's vault, which requires Superman to get him out. The vault can't be repaired for days, something that will help the criminals. Clark Kent attempts to help Grayson but the former convict is implicated when the criminals rob the fur company without his help. Grayson tracks down the criminals but is at their mercy. Now, Superman must find Grayson in time.


than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet,

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.

And now, another
exciting episode

in the Adventures of Superman!


There it is, Mr. Foster...

the Daily Planet's
Citizen of the Year award.

As much as I'd like to have it,

I'm sure it's not for me.

But it may be for one
of your employees,

Dan Grayson.

Dan? He's been in charge of

my fur storage
department for ten years.

You couldn't find a better man.

That's what the
Planet thinks too.



MAN: Grayson?


MAN: Dan Grayson?

Yeah. Who's this?


Just an old friend
of yours, Dan.

A real old friend.

Look, uh, either
say who you are, or...

Don't bother to hang up.

I'll do it. I've got
all I want to know.


Well, your recommendation,

on top of everything else I've
been able to learn about Dan

sounds good enough
for me, Mr. Foster.

Could I arrange to
meet him personally?

Oh, of course.


That's the emergency
signal from the vault.

Dan! Dan!

I finally did it, Mr. Foster...

Locked myself in.

Well, take it easy, Dan.
Uh, we'll get you out.

How? The combination's
set, and the time lock's on.

Nobody's gonna open this tin can

till 9:00 in the morning.

Oh, that place
is filled with gas...

a special moth preventative.

No human can
take it for very long.

What do you mean by "very long"?

Well, one hour, maybe.

What about the people
that made the vault?

Oh, they're a thousand
miles from here.

What we need's
a Jimmy Valentine.

Maybe I can get one for you.

Sit tight, Dan. Uh,
we'll think of something.

Well, no use
freezing, Mr. Foster.

What do you think
I'll look best in?

Mink or ermine?

Miss Dale...

get me the police rescue unit.

Tell them that...


Thanks heavens!
Over there, hurry!

Next time, you'd
better wear a gas mask.


Well, thanks.
That's all I can say.

And that goes for me too.

I... I had my mind
on something else,

I... I wasn't thinking, and
the coat caught on something.

I gave it a little yank and
pulled the door closed.

Mr. Foster, I tried to...

Thanks, Kent, but you
needn't have bothered.

Superman was here.

Superman, huh?

Well, it looks like you're
a pretty lucky fellow, Dan.

Oh, I'm Clark Kent.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet anybody, in fact.

Gee, I can't tell you how
sorry I am, Mr. Foster.

Oh, forget it, son.

It'll only take a few
days to repair the vault.

I'll hire a special
watchman in the meantime.

What kind of fur do
you call this, Dan?

Oh, I'm building
that for my son.

It's a birthday surprise.

I think you'd better forget the
coats and the boats for now.

Take the rest of
the afternoon off.

How about a good,
hot cup of coffee, Dan?

Sounds swell.

Thanks a lot, Mr. Foster.

All right.

Oh, home so early?

Since when did you start keeping
bankers' hours, Mr. Grayson?

I pulled a real dandy today.

I locked myself in the vault.

Oh, Dan. Are you all right?

Sure, I'm fine. But the
vault came off second best.

Where's Tim? Oh, he's upstairs.

Wait'll he hears
who saved me today.

Oh, Dan, tell me. Who?


Wait a minute. I'll get it.

Well, Danny boy.

Luke Maynard.

In the flesh.

So you were the one,

the man on the telephone.

One and the same, Danny boy.


Have some walnuts.

No thanks.

What do you want?

You know, when
a guy's in prison,

he... he thinks
of a lot of things.

Some guys it's
horses, others it's golf.

Me, it was walnuts.

What was it with you, Danny boy?

That was 15 years ago.

I've put it out of my mind.

And out of a lot of other
people's minds too, huh?

Get to the point.

You remember Blackie Harris?

Blackie Harris?

Sure, he was one
of your old cellmates.

He's been going
straight a long time.

Sends me 20 bucks a week.

And uh, Tom-Tom
Riley, the embezzler.

He sends me 15.

Why should they
pay you anything?

Why should they pay me anything?

The same reason
you're gonna pay.

I wouldn't pay you
in wooden nickels.

It's a kind of insurance
against people

learning you're an ex-con.

Because if they
do... Listen, Luke!

Get out of here and stay out.

You'll see it my way.

Maybe I'll have to
open your eyes a little,

but you'll see.

I admit it's a rather
unorthodox way

to make the Citizen of the Year,

but for my money, Dan's it.

He seems to be the
model community man.


Parent Teachers
Association, Boy Scout work...

and what?

Youth Recreation Center, Jimmy.

It's his own special project.

He made it himself,
raised the money

and practically built
it with his own hands.

The finest in the city.

Well, now let's dispense
with the two choruses

of "He's a Jolly Good
Fellow" and go to work.

Lois, you take care of
the background stuff,

history of the award, etcetera.

Kent, you take care of the
pictures, interviews, etcetera.

Yes, sir.

What about me, chief?

You take care of the etcetera.

Yes, sir!

What am I so happy about?

Who was at the door?
What's wrong, dear?

Um... nothing, nothing, Peg.
It was, uh, just an old friend.

Hi, Tim!

Hey, what's the matter?

You been fighting with
that Baxter kid again?

What is this? Both of you.
What's happened today?

Uh, nothing, Peg, nothing, uh...

Come here, son.


Who let you in here?

Your boss.

He said I should come
right up, so I come right up.

Nice guy.

Too bad if he found out.

Okay, Luke. You win.

But I can't pay you anything
for a couple of weeks.

I said if you'll give me
a couple of weeks, I...

I'm gonna give you a break, Dan.

You don't have to
pay like the other guys.

All you have to
do is a little favor.

There's no such thing
as a little favor for you.

That's all. All you
have to do is help me

heist some of these skins.

The furs? Are you crazy?

There's a little café
around the corner.

Meet me there tomorrow.

Lunch. We'll talk.

How 'bout it?

Well, I...

I'll think it over.

That's a good boy.

Think hard. And fast.

Come on, Tim.

Bet I can beat you in
a game of checkers.

No, thank you.


Hiya, Dan.

Oh, uh, this is Lois Lane. We
both work at the same paper.

BOTH: How do you do?

Aren't you going to
ask them in, Dan?

Oh, yes. Yes, of course.


Come in.

CLARK: Thank you.

Um, this is my wife, Peg, uh...

Ms. Lane and Mr. Kent.

How do you do? How do you do?

And this is our boy, Tim.

Hiya, Tim.

Well, Dan, we've got
some great news for you.

I'm afraid I don't understand.

We'll need pictures, interviews.

In other words, Mr. Grayson,
the story of your whole life.

What for?

Well, Dan, the Daily
Planet has picked you

for the Citizen of
the Year award.

Oh, Dan, how wonderful!

I'm, uh... I'm sorry, Mr. Kent.

You better get
yourself another boy.

Oh, don't be modest,
Dan. Besides, it's too late.

The first editions are already
on the street with the news.

You can't do a thing like
that without asking me.

And my answer is no.

I'm sorry, but...

Now, if you don't mind, I...

Of course, Dan. Some other time.

We better go, Clark.

Uh, yes, I... I
guess we'd better.

Well, good night.

Chief, it just doesn't figure.

That's the trouble
with these gimmicks.

You're always coming
up with someone

who wants to play hard to get.



WOMAN: There's someone
waiting in Mr. Kent's office,

a Mr. Grayson.

Hiya, Tim.

I guess you're
Mr. Grayson too, aren't you?

Well, what do you
want to talk about?

I came to ask you not to...

Please, Mr. Kent,

all those things you're
gonna print about my daddy...

Please don't tell
everybody that he was in jail.

Your daddy was in...

Now, Tim, you know I wouldn't
do anything to hurt your daddy.

You believe that, don't you?

I... I guess so.

So we'll just keep it a secret
between the two of us. Okay?


That's my boy.

Come on.

All right, Mr. Kent,

now you've uncovered
the skeleton in my closet.

Where do we go from here?

Well, maybe we better start
by your telling me more about it.

It's the usual story.

Wrong bunch of kids.

Borrowed a car one night,

supposed to belong to
one of the kids' brothers...

It didn't.

I thought it was
just for a joy ride.

It wasn't.

Turned out to be
for armed burglary.

I got three years.

Three years.

Now I gotta pay for
it the rest of my life.

How do you mean?


Guy named Luke Maynard.

He wants me to help
him get at these furs.

So now I gotta go to the police.

And then everything
comes out, right?


All comes out wrong.

Maybe you won't
have to go to the police.

I've got no choice.

Listen, Dan,

the next time this
Luke calls you,

tell him you're willing
to do anything he says.

Pretend you'll follow any
orders he may give you.

Then you get in touch
with me right away.

Well, we'd still have to ring
in the police, wouldn't we?

Not if we can ring in Superman.

Thanks, Danny boy.

With this I can turn
off the burglar alarm

and breeze right
through the front door.

Is that all?

One more little thing.

The watchman.

I figured you wouldn't
let me off that easy.

Here's how it happens.

Instead of leaving after work,
you hide in the vault room.

At 12:00, exactly 12, you
take care of the copper.

How you do it,
that's your worry.

Just do it.

And then?

You're through with it.

And Danny boy...

no double-cross.

It wouldn't be healthy
for your wife and kid.

Now, let's see...

You take care of
the watchman at 12,

and at 12:15
Luke arrives, right?

That's the setup, Mr. Kent.

Mm-hm. Well, of course
you won't go through with it.

You go right home after
work and you stay there.

Do you understand?

Yeah. Yeah, I understand.

A-and thanks, Mr. Kent.

Operator, this is
an emergency call.

Will you please
send an ambulance

to the Metropolis Fur Company?

3-2-4 Cooper Street.

A watchman.






Police officer.

Like to have a little
talk with you downtown.

A fine man you chose for the
Citizen of the Year award, Kent.

Our own headline says,
"Ex-con questioned in fur robbery."

I know, chief. I've seen it.

I'm sure he had nothing
to do with that robbery.

Ha. Well, for your
information, Mr. Kent,

the law isn't going
to be interested

in what you're sure of.

Look, chief. The man
made a mistake, years ago.

But he's paid his
debt to society.

And now he's got a fine
family, a good reputation

and a fine circle
of admiring friends.

And now he's being held
on suspicion of robbery.

Great! But he's innocent.

What are we gonna do?
Just walk away from him?

Kent, you know as well as I do,

if an editor takes his finger
off the public pulse, he's dead.

All right, chief,

but will you hold off
just a little while longer?

I think Lois and I will pay
the Graysons another visit.

All right, a little longer.

And that means "little."

Hiya, Dan.


Your wife told us
we could wait for you.

Sorry you had to wait.

I was looking for a job.

Any luck?

What do you think?

Oh, everybody was very nice.

But they all had some excuse.

Any excuse except the real one.

Dan... where were
you last night?

That's what the
police want to know.

They don't like my answer.

Why not?

Because they don't
wanna believe I was out

just wandering the
streets most of the night.

I have to admit, I am the
likeliest suspect in town.

I could have done it.

They think I, uh, locked
myself in the vault on purpose,

just to make sure the door
would be broken for a few days.


There's only one thing to do,

and that's to find
the guilty man.

What good will it do?

Everybody knows I'm a con.


Look, Mr. Kent, let's face
it. The way most people feel,

once a con, always a con.

I just spoke to
Inspector Henderson.

They've got Luke Maynard at
headquarters for questioning.

We'd better get over there.

Sit tight, Dan.

I'm getting tired
of sitting tight.

Very tired.

Hi Tim.

How come you're not out
playing with the other boys?

The other kids won't
play with me anymore.

Come here, son.

I, uh... I got a
surprise for you.

You remember that boat
that you wanted so bad,

the one I promised
you for your birthday?

Well, how'd you like
to have it right now?


How do you like it?

Go head, take it. It's yours.


I've been here all day
like you said, Mr. Kent,

but I haven't
found out anything.

Neither have we, yet.

That's okay, inspector,

always glad to
cooperate with the police.

Oh, Kent.

It's about time I heard
your part in all this.

Later, inspector,

I've got something else
I have to do right now...

I hope you do have
something. And not later.

But now.

You heard the man, Lois.

We're being held
for questioning.

See you back at the office, Jim.

Let's go.

Yeah... back to the office.

Turnoff to the cave's a
couple hundred yards ahead.

Once we get there,
we'll be in the clear.

And Danny boy'll
be holding the sack.

DAN: Hold it.

Well, if it ain't Danny boy.

Kinda young to be
playing with guns, ain't you?

I've got nothing
to lose now, Luke.

If this rap gets pinned
on me, I'm through.

You're gonna show me
where the furs are now.

Then we're gonna go back
and have a little talk with the law.

Better show him, Luke.

I ain't showing him nothin'.

That's far enough.

Is it?

Don't make me shoot, Luke.

Shoot? Go ahead.

Hide the car and
meet me in the cave.

You're a sucker, Danny
boy. You shoulda shot me.

There's your furs.

Never recognize 'em, would you?

How do you like our place?

Right in the middle
of a mountain.

A guy get killed here

and nobody'd ever
know the difference.

Luke, we was followed.

That kid reporter. I
saw him pull away.

Sort of changes your
schedule, doesn't it, Luke?

Jimmy calls Kent,
Kent calls Superman.

So what?

I know about Superman.

One thing his x-ray vision
can't see through is lead.

So guess what I got
this cave lined with.


Kent speaking.


Oh, they disappeared
into a secret entrance, huh?

Can you give the exact
location of that mountain?

Good work, Jim.

Now, look, you get hold
of Inspector Henderson.

I'm gonna try something else.

We passed a ranger station
a couple of miles back.

Jimmy could call
Kent from there.

Superman could have
the message by now.

In fact, he could
be here by now.

When I want
information, I'll ask for it.

Oh, sure, Luke, sure.

It's nothing to get
nervous about, is it?

That's right. Nothing.

Stop staring at me.

Take it easy, Luke.

This is a bad time
to blow a gasket.

Even if Superman can't
see you, he might hear you.

Shut him up, Al.

You know how I can
tell you're nervous?

Because if you weren't nervous,
you'd be picking at those...

Picking at what?


Thanks for reminding me.


You won't need that anymore.

It was Luke's idea,
the whole thing. Honest.

I know. You just
came along for the ride.

Well, next time don't
team up with anyone

with such a noisy appetite.

What do you mean?
How'd you find us?

Maybe he can't see through lead,

but that doesn't mean
he can't hear through it.

I tried to warn you, Luke.

Luke is gonna hear from a judge.

KENT [ON TV]: And now it
gives me great pleasure to present

the Daily Planet's Citizen
of the Year award to you,

Dan Grayson.

Well, I...

I don't know what to say, uh...

I never thought anything like
this could happen to me, and...

Well, thank you.

Thank you all very much.

Just a minute, Dan.

I'd like to speak to
you for a moment.

All of you out there
in the audience.

And especially to a
little boy, Tim Grayson.

To me, Mom.

Tim, I hope you're as
proud of your dad today

as the rest of us are.

Because we feel that we
have a right to be proud.

But there's more
to it than that.

Dan has certain rights too.

Dan and other men like him
who have paid their debt to society

and now only ask a chance,
a chance to prove themselves.

The chance of a lifetime.

Let's not make them spend
that lifetime in the shadow.

Because Dan and other men
like him feel that they only want

an opportunity to
take their place in life,

to make their homes,
raise their children,

make their community
a better place to live in.

Well, Dan has
done all these things.

Just because he
was a convict once

doesn't mean he's
any different now.

In fact, we think he's...
something kind of special.

How about you, Tim?

He's the best, huh, Mom?

The very best, Tim.

I'll be right home, Tim.


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