Adventures of Superman (1952–1958): Season 2, Episode 3 - The Man Who Could Read Minds - full transcript

Reporters Clark, Lois, and Jimmy hope to find out who has been pulling a series of burglaries. Clues lead them to a nightclub which hosts Swami Armada, a phony mind reader, and Lois and Jimmy decide to set up a sting operation to catch the thieves.


than a speeding bullet.

More powerful than a locomotive.

Able to leap tall buildings
at a single bound.

MAN 1: Look! Up in the
sky! MAN 2: It's a bird!

WOMAN: It's a plane!
MAN 3: It's Superman!

NARRATOR: Yes, it's Superman,

strange visitor
from another planet

who came to Earth
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

Superman, who can change
the course of mighty rivers,

bend steel in his bare hands,

and who, disguised
as Clark Kent,

mild-mannered reporter for a
great metropolitan newspaper,

fights a never-ending battle

for truth, justice and
the American way.


You men take North
Branwood Drive.

Cruise slowly.

And remember, he's
probably armed and dangerous.

What's the idea of
getting us down here?

We have a newspaper to get out.

The Daily Planet's
caused the department

enough trouble, Mr. White.

Look at this headline!

I saw it before
it went to press.

"Phantom burglar still at large.
Mystery thief puzzles police."

I'll tell you what else it says.

"Outraged citizens
of Metropolis,

"after a series of successful
raids by the Phantom Burglar,

"are beginning to
wonder what, if anything,

the police department
is doing about it."

Sounds like a fair
question to me, inspector.

You know what
we've been up against.

The Phantom Burglar's
operations have been perfect.

No forced windows,
no jimmied entries.

And his timing has been precise.

We don't even have a
witness who can describe him.

We've printed that, too.
Doesn't make you look good.

All right, Mr. White.

I want you to see
the effort we're making

to trap the Phantom.

Look at this map.

You'll observe this
area of Metropolis,

with its expensive homes,

has been the exclusive
target of the Phantom Burglar.

Tonight, I've got every
available squad car on patrol.

If the Phantom shows,
we should get him.

Let's go out on
our own, Miss Lane.

This is our chance to
grab ourselves a real scoop.

Jimmy, the chief will fire
us if we do anything like that.

Not if we're the ones that
spot the Phantom, he won't.

The Chief and Mr. Kent will
grab the story if it breaks here.

Gee, we could have
the scoop of the year.



Come on.



Now, where do they
think they're going?

She probably forgot something
back at the office, chief.

With luck, we might have
the Phantom in a few hours.

Just stand by.
That's all I'm asking.

Chief, let's string
along with the inspector.

After all, this is a tough one.

Well, all right.

How you think this would sound?

"Last night, ace reporters James
Olsen and Lois Lane captured..."

I mean, "Lois Lane
and James Olsen

"captured the notorious
Phantom Burglar

"as he emerged from the
scene of his latest robbery.

These two fearless reporters..."

Jimmy, stop the car!

Someone just came
out of that house.

It's him.

The police! Let's
get to a phone!

No, I'm gonna get him.


Step on it!


They're tailing us.
Maybe I can cool them off.

Let's go.

Better stop, Jimmy.

You better get on
the floor, Miss Lane.

Pull up, chief.



Chief, it's Jim and Lois.
They're being fired on.

I, uh, recognize the car.

That fool kid.

If I ever get my hands on him...

Chief, this could
be quite a scoop.

How about letting me
get out and phone, huh?

Don't worry, Kent.

The bullets won't
reach this far.

No, chief, it's just our job.

Now, if Lois and Jimmy have
really flushed the Phantom,

why, it's a real scoop!

Okay. You won't be much
help down there, anyhow,

but go ahead.

Thanks, chief.



They're gaining. Keep
her steady as you can.



Gosh, look, Miss Lane!

Thanks, Superman.
We're very grateful.

Just what were
you two trying to do?

Take a shortcut?

They shot out our tire.
It was the Phantom.

We had him once,
but he got away.

Did you get a good look at him?


He had his hood on.

The only thing I got for a
souvenir was a right hook.

Besides this. It
looks like a top.

"Five, 10, none at all, 20, 30."

I don't get it.


Are you all right?

You bet. Superman
took care of that.

I'll take care of you later.

Well, thanks, Superman.

It seems as though you're
making a career out of helping us.

They got away.
Was it the Phantom?

Yes. This top may be
a clue to his identity.

What is it?

Well, it's a top, all right.

"Your tip."

I'm afraid this is beyond
me too. Oh, wait a minute.

Isn't there a nightclub in
town called the Tip-Top?


Of course. When
you get your bill,

you spin the top to see how
much you'll tip your waiter.

It's a cute gimmick.

Well, I don't want
to pour cold water,

but isn't it possible
that, perhaps,

the Phantom just went
there for entertainment?

It wouldn't hurt
to check, would it?

You're right, Superman.

Now, I'm going
back to the office.

Lois, you head for the
Tip-Top Club and snoop around.

Me too? I found it, didn't I?

I want you here where I
can keep my eye on you.

And, on second though, Lois,
you should have an escort.

Kent's over at the office.
I'll have him take you there.

And why aren't you
changing that tire?

I'm sorry I can't
change it for you, Jimmy.

But I have an
appointment coming up.



What am I holding now, swami?

A bracelet.


May I take your glove, please?

What am I holding now, swami?

A glove.

I've heard of this act.

The clue is in the words
she uses to the swami.

We'll soon see.

The swami must not hear us.

Something from
your pocket, please?

All right, we'll make
this a tough one.

Try this paper clip.

What am I holding now, swami?

A... A paper clip.


What is in your pocket?

She used the same words.

Is it a trick, or can that
swami really read minds?

It's very simple,
Lois, actually.

The swami has a pair of
earphones under his turban.

And she has a little microphone
hidden in her corsage.

But the wires?

There aren't any wires.

It's a miniature
walkie-talkie setup.

She whispers, he
overhears the conversation,

identifies the object.

How on earth did
you know about that?

Well, uh, what other explanation
could there possibly be? Watch.

I'll take the house key.

What am I holding now, swami?


I think a, uh...

A house key?



Well, maybe you're just
making a good guess.

Maybe Superman made a bad one

about that Put-N-Take top.

How did you know about
that? I didn't tell you.

Well, um, I guess
Jimmy must have told me.

Anyway, this place
doesn't seem very sinister.

Right. If the Phantom came
here, he probably just wanted

to see the show.

Mm-hm. Let's get
back to the office.



Quick, baby, the
wax. Give it to me.

Take it easy, Monk.

When I get a good
impression of a house key,

I don't want it ruined.

Sticky stuff.

You got the address
of the owner of the key?

I got it as soon as they
stepped out of their car.

Registration card was in the
glove compartment, as usual.


See you later.

Keep your eye on the road, Duke.

Don't expect me to make a
key when you drive like that.


Ha. Our invitation just arrived.

This Phantom Burglar
setup's the sweetest racket

in Metropolis.

And even Superman
can't figure it out.

WHITE: "Phantom
Burglar strikes twice.

"Eludes reporters on first haul.

Twenty thousand
dollars on second."

And without your interference,

the police would
probably have caught him!

But ch... Don't "chief" me!

Please, chief, Miss Lane
and me, we were just...

No, Jimmy, we
did the wrong thing.

We've got to listen
to Mr. White's advice.

But you just told me...

We did interfere,
Jim. We're sorry, chief.

All right. And from now on,

lay off that Phantom
Burglar story.

I don't want you two
idiots getting shot.

And that's an order!

Of course, chief.

But, I...

I don't get it!
You told me th...


Did you or did you
not tie in the man

who gave the girl the
key at the nightclub

as being the same man
whose home was robbed?

Of course I did.

But I didn't want you
to tell the chief about it.

But why?

You heard him.

"Lay off the Phantom story."

You think he'd let us
follow through on this lead?

Oh, gee. I get it.

Besides, I've found
out that the other victims

of our masked friend also
had their keys identified

by the swami.

Well, then let's tell
Inspector Henderson,

so we can get in on the arrest.

Oh, wait a minute, Jimmy.

The, uh, swami and the
girl are merely cover-ups.

They get the keys, that's all.

The police want
the important link

in the operation, the Phantom.

And we've got to unmask him.

And I think I have an
idea how it can be done.

Well, I'm glad somebody
has an idea around here.

I'm a blank.

How good is your Spanish, Jim?

My wha... My Spanish?

Muchas gracias. Enchilada.

Por favor. Habañera.

Sí, sí.

Hello, chiquita.

I-I've been eating in
a Spanish restaurant!

That's wonderful. Sit down.

Well... welcome to
our city, Señor Alvarez!

Who? Me?

I'll admit, it's not
too good a job.

But at least it gives
me enough of an idea

to know it'll work.

"Don Alvarez Ortega,
son of the celebrated

"Argentinean millionaire,
arrived in Metropolis today

"with a huge
collection of emeralds

"that he is offering for sale.

"Don Alvarez, who is staying
at the West Standish Hotel,

will make a tour of the
nightclubs of the city."

Don't say I never gave
you any publicity, Jimmy.

This mustache tickles.

If it tickles, laugh.



Ah, Don Alvarez!


Sí! Si!

Uh, you simply must
help us, señorita.

Uh, Don Alvarez insists
on improving his vocabulary.

He begs we speak
nothing but English.

And how.

Oh, how charming.

Oh, but the slang
always is learned first, si?

Si, si.

Oh, there is one favor
I beg of you. A tango.

Oh, I must do with you a tango.

A tango? Si.

Oh, Don Alvarez! Oh,
you are a wonderful dancer.

I am?



Oh, thank you, señor,
for a most delightful dance.

My pleasure, señorita.

And now, if you will excuse me,

it is time for our show.

We're looking forward so
much to your performance.

Uh, so am I.

And what's more, you shall
be the first to be mystified.



And now, ladies and gentlemen,

the renowned swami Amada
and his supernatural perception.


And, as a great honor, we
have a special visitor this evening:

Don Alvarez Ortega!


Oh, that's enough.

Now, what is in
your pocket, señor?

This hotel key
will do... perfectly.

What am I holding, swami?

A... hotel key.


Hi. Hi.

Seen Lois Lane and
Jimmy's gag, Mr. Kent?

What gag?

Well, the South
American playboy deal.


Jimmy will never live it down.

She said they wanted
to rib somebody. Hm.



almost forgot.

Uh, there's a call for Miss
Lane that the operator is holding.

I told her that you might
wanna take it. Thanks, Doug.


Will you switch Miss
Lane's call in here, please.

This is Clark Kent speaking.

Well, of course,
Mr. Grover, I remember you.

Yes, your home was the
second one to be robbed

by the Phantom, right?

Mm-hm. Miss Lane
asked you to do what?

Oh, they did identify your
key at the Tip-Top Club?

And the same night
that you were robbed?


Well, I'll tell Miss Lane.

Thank you, Mr. Grover. Bye.

Doug, uh,

have you any idea where
I can find Lois or Jimmy?

Uh, all I know is they were
dressed like in the movies.

Said they were gonna hit
the high spots, or something.


Tip-Top Club. Thank you, Doug.

Nice work, Laura.

Monk is on his way
to the kid's hotel.

He'll need time.

I'll go out and keep
the chump here

till Monk finishes the job.

Hm. This wax sure ruins
these expensive hankies.

Now for the hotel, unless
you care to tango again.

Tango? Oh, no. Come on.

Let's get out of here.


They're gone.


Our South American
pigeon has flown the coop.

Well, if he gets
back to the hotel

while Monk is still there...

We must prevent such
an embarrassing moment.


Well, pretty nice
place, Señor Alvarez.

Golly, Miss Lane, will
you quit that "señor" stuff?

I'm beginning to get nervous.

What about?

He shot at us the last time.

What happens when
he comes here tonight?

If he comes here?

Glad you reminded me.



A gun. What's that for?

The Phantom.

When he shows, you
hold the gun on him

while I call the police.


Yeah, "simple."

Turn off the lights. And relax.

Yeah, "relax."



Stop pointing that thing at
me. It makes me nervous.

It makes you nervous?




Okay, bud, drop
the gun and reach.


We got him. We got
the Phantom, Miss Lane.

Okay. Get down there.

Face the wall... and
keep your hands up.

Miss Lane, you phone the police.

Sure, Jimmy.

I wouldn't, young lady.

Take his gun, Monk.

Foolish, foolish people.

Such a useless way
to get into trouble.

And I was looking
forward so much

to our tango, Jimmy.

Okay. So I'm no South American.

But you're no fortuneteller.

Nobody has to be a fortuneteller

to tell you what will
happen to you now.

You have an idea, Monk?

Yeah. Another newspaper story.

"Argentinean millionaire
and Metropolis girlfriend

keep suicide pact
and leap from balcony."

You... You're bluffing.

I don't think so, Miss Lane.

Smart kid. Take the swami's gun.

Swami, the girl.



Shoot, Laura!


Isn't this is going a little
far, just to get a story,

Miss Lane?

Thanks to you,
Superman, we've got it.

The Phantom won't haunt
Metropolis for a long time.

Here, I, uh...

I don't want this, Miss Lane.

Oh, stop worrying
about it. It isn't loaded.

Oh. Oh, well,
that's all right then.

It isn't what?!

It isn't loaded.

Do you think I wanted
somebody to get hurt?



Well, I didn't
think it was loaded.