A Different World (1987–1993): Season 6, Episode 9 - Faith, Hope, and Charity: Part 1 - full transcript

The Wayne and Gilbert family celebrate Thanksgiving with each other.

I don't understand Freddie.

One minute she's kissin' me

the next minute
she's dissin' me.

She said she needs
to work things out with Shazza.

That is womanese for,
"you ain't the man."

You don't know
what you're talking about.

Hey, bubala!

How was the job interview?

A busted heel...
It was a bust!

That's right.

Remind me to
partner up with you
in charades, Ron.

You sit on down
and rest your dogs

or in your case,
your beautiful poodles

while big daddy
gets you a surprise.

I never thought
it would come to this...

Pounding the pavement
for secretarial jobs

in a polyester blouse and skirt
and detachable pearls.

Here it is.

A frozen pigeon.

I can hardly contain my rapture.

No, baby, this is a cornish hen

for our first
Thanksgiving together.


That's sweet, pookie.

Yeah, but small.

What in the hell
are y'all going to eat?

Nobody invited you
to Thanksgiving.

Yo. Wayne residence.


Yo to you too.

Mrs. Gilbert?

How are you?

Um, i'm, well,
we haven't seen you since...

Since you upstaged the senator

at his own wedding.

But as the British said
to the American colonists

all is forgiven.

How is my baby?

Put her on the phone.

She wants to talk to you.

Sweetie, she can't see you.

Stop it.


Oh, darling, how are you?


Surprised... to hear from you.

You are surprised to hear
from your very own mother?

Well, your last words to me
were "whitley who?"

Darling, please.

Tell me, how is life?


A big bowl of cherries.

Big, big, big,
big, big old bowl.

I want a chance
to see that big old bowl.

I'm coming there
for Thanksgiving

if that isn't inconvenient.

No, no, no, no.

Well, actually...

I knew that it wouldn't be.

I'm arriving
day after tomorrow, okay?

Kiss, kiss, kiss, darling,
and peace out.


Peace out.

£ ooh £

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ come what may £

£ I realize that I'm ready £

£ I'm ready £

£ 'cause I finally
heard them say £

£ I heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from £

£ it's a different world £

£ oh, now,
here's our chance to make it £

£ here's our chance £

£ if we focus on our goal £

£ focus on our goal £

£ if you dish it,
we can take it £

£ we can take it £

£ just remember
that you've been told £

£ that it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ oh, it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from £

£ it's a different world £

£ from where you come from,
yeah. £

my mother's coming in a few days

and look at me...
In this pink piece of garbage.

We don't have any furniture.

I've got to get
a new dress, Dwayne.

Please, please.

You can't afford
a new dress, whitley.

Sweetie, what are you doing?


What's the matter with you?

Hey, what do you think?

Get rid of her
gone with the wind tapes.

Now, seriously

my Kimmy can make a dress
out of this easily.

We can ask Mrs. Porter
for some artwork

to put on the barren walls.

Why are you doing this?

We can't let mama know
that I lost my job

and that we've been robbed.

Why can't we?

We're about to be
visited by a woman

whose motto is

"the best you can do
for the American poor

is not be one of them."

I concur with that.

Honey, play up
the kinishewa consulting bit

play down that
teaching stuff you do.

We are not going to play up

some we're-on-easy-street
show for your mother.

I'm doing this for you, Dwayne.

Please understand that.

I understand you got
the spine of a jellyfish.

You need to tell your mother
that this is your life.

Oh, you're right.

I know I'm right.

It's deplorable for me
to ask you to lie.

I'll do the lying.

Since 1991, over 20,000 refugees

have been sent back to Haiti

without so much as a hearing.

Preach the knowledge.

Our government will tell you
that they're economic refugees

but they are subject to torture
when they return home.

We need to do more

than just carry some signs
during the Thanksgiving parade.

I say we disguise ourselves
as pilgrims

and infiltrate a float.

I'm so sorry I'm late.

My love, I'm sorry, baby.

It's this capital punishment
case I'm working on.

Honey, we're dealing
with the Haitians here.

The Haitians.

We'll march through campus
to city hall...

I hope we'll have signs
reflecting the fact

that U.S. policy violates
the 1951 u.N. Covenant

which forbids countries

from, uh, turning away refugees

who risk persecution at home.

Like I was saying

it's important
to keep this peaceful.

No justice, no peace!



You're getting on my nerves.

That feeling is mutual.

That about wraps up
this meeting.

All right, y'all...

11:00 A.M. be there.

Power to the people, y'all.

Oh, honey, I'm so excited
about this protest.

It makes me think
about the early days.

Me and you and a bunch
of screaming people.

You want me to hand out flyers?

Lena took care of that.


With you being in law school

you do not have time for this.

I'm just taking up the slack...

A small little favor.

Thank you.

You're doing a great job.

Yeah, we both are.


We're doing a great job.

You know, she's so committed.

Yes, I can see that.

I got to go.

I'll see you tomorrow.


Bye, honey.

I thought he'd never leave.

Don't start with me.

You are crazy.

I am crazy about you.

Stop avoiding me.

I have a boyfriend.

Face it, Freddie, I want you

and I know you want me.

And if you wait too long,
the future will pass you by.

Charmin, you best get on a move

if you're going to catch
that bus to New York.

I can't wait to see my family,
but I would not leave
until my work was done.

As Nana always said,
a stitch in time saves nine.

There are no small
jobs only workers with
small attitudes.

Young lady, you are good

but you got a mouth on you
like a buzz saw.

Thank you!

Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Gaines,
that I'm late.

"Sorry" don't fry my fish!

The demonstration
for these Haitian refugees

is taking up a lot of my time.

Let one of them boat people

sign your paycheck then.

I just took my last midterm,
and what, it's time to party.

£ go, Kimmy £

Kim... Kim, can i...

Listen to me! Kim!

My life is in shambles.

I'm all torn up.

I mean, there's Shazza

and he's my youth,
and he's my past.

Then there's Ron.

What is Ron?

He's a good kisser

and you know about them hands.

I know about those hands.

Just because I'm okay
with you and Ron

does not mean I want
to hear about you.

Bad! Bad!
Insensitive! Selfish!

I am so wrong!

Everything is me, me, me!

What's wrong with me?


The doctor is not in.

Good, because I need
the seamstress.

Here's your fabric

and I need this dress
right here with the peplum.

Can I have this by tomorrow
at 10:00 A.M.?

No problem.

Can I multiply some loaves
and fishes for you?

Hey, you left the pattern.

Where are you going?

Five minutes is all I need!

You did a beautiful job.

I don't know whether
to talk to you

or put you on a lamp.

That's it.

I'll steal me a dress.

You need to come clean

and stop being a one-woman
negro ensemble company.

I'm out of here.

Don't you want to
say hi to my mama?

Oh no.

Good morning!

Mr. Wayne!

Hey, miss Porter.

This package arrived for you.

When the postman handed it to me

I was overcome

by the stench
of a thousand prunes.

Oh, this is my mother's
prune cobbler. Yes!

Hello, Mrs. Porter.

Are those my curtains?

No. This dress
is from Paris.

I think not.

This was nice of mom

even though she ain't
talking to us.

Good old mother Wayne.

What does the note say?

Oh, you know

"hello," "how are you,"
"don't call me."

The usual stuff.

What does she say about me?

She says hi.

Really, what does she say?

Let me see.
No, no sweetie...

Excuse me. Could
you help me with my
packages, please?

Me help you with your packages?


I think not.


It's all right.

Clean up. Do something.

There ain't nothing to clean up.


Would you stop worrying?

Happy Thanksgiving.


How's my darling?

Oh, how how's my bebe?

Fine, mama.

Oh, whitley, what is that dress?

It just screams
"first communion."

And those shoes...

I thought I heard the squeak

of synthetic soles on parquet.


Oh, cheri.


Isn't that French for "dear"?

Darling, you didn't tell me

you married
such a gifted translator.

Mama, your, your outfit.

Well, you know my motto,

If you've kept it, flaunt it.


This is the love nest.

Yeah, this is it.

Oh, the decor.

The decor.

The decor.

We like to think
that less is more.

Oh, what a lovely justification
for making do.

What in the world is that smell?

That's my mama's prune cobbler.

She sent it to us.

That's sweet.

How is Olga?

Mama, it's Adele.


Oh, whatever.

Where is the cuisine?

It is time
to make Turkey au vin.

Lovely paneling.

Just, I think it should be
a tad darker, don't you?

You know, it's really good
to have you here.

Oh, I know.

Dwayne, just call me ma.

I was very surprised
to get your call.

It was so sudden.

Oh, darling, one must
change with the times.

There is a new wind
blowing in my life.

New wind?

I finally found
the right course.

When a person finds
the right course

it's in everything.

It's in the glow
of their complexion

to the fall
of their... dress.


Hello there, hello there.

How you doing?

I'm here to see Marion.

Oh, yeah.

Come on in.

You must be the driver.

That's one way of putting it.

I'll tell her you're here.

Uh, Mrs... Ma!

Somebody here to see you.

I like this place.


Mi amor.

Where have you been?

Look at you, look at you.

No, look at you.

So empty while you
parked the car.

I'm here right now.

Come on, use me, abuse me!

You are so good.

Oops, I forgot.

This is my lovely
daughter whitley.

Oh, how you doing?

How are you?

And this is Dwayne,
my son-in-law.

Children, this is
my love of my life

my fiancee, Malik velasquez.

My life was

well, it's good
to meet you officially.

You too, bro.

It's your turn, babe.


Uh, darling, how
is our hotel room?

You know, it's overdone.

It's like most
European architecture.

If it were up to me
it would just be

you and me, the moon
and the beach.

And the beach.

The good news is
the bed is really small

so you can't get away from me.

Why is your name Malik?

Well, the name "Malik"

the cultural celebration
that is really the Caribbean

where Africa, China, and Europe

converge and meld.

That, and my name
used to be Bob.


But by any name, my darling,
you smell so good.

She's the best.

Mi mora, mi mora!

Esta bien.


That's Malik's pet name for me.

We coined that name
after our first tryst

when he said to me

"you just make me want
mora and mora and mora."

Oh, mother, please!

Put your... leg down.

Malik... uh, Bob...

Can I get you
something to drink?

I would love some
Jamaican blue mountain coffee.

Well, we have folgers...
Juan valdez?

You might know him.

Folgers is Mrs. Olsen,
isn't that right, cutie pie?

Don't worry about it, darling.

I brought two pounds
of your favorite blend.

Look at his eyelashes.

I could eat him with a spoon.

She's embarrassing me.

We're going to go
make the coffee.

Y'all relax for a minute.


Now, baby, I know this
is a big, big shock

but we got to stay calm
and roll with these punches.

My mother is in there with
a man that calls her "mora."

She's growling like eartha kitt.

She's wiggling like charo.

Oh, I'm very calm.

I am very calm.

Sweetie, I know
this dude is young.

In fact, he's really,
really young.

That don't mean he's
in it for the money.

Damn! This coffee
costs $20 a pound!

That doesn't necessarily
mean anything.

It starts with
the coffee, Dwayne...

And it ends up with sports cars
and condominiums.

This gigolo has got to go.

Whitley, that is not fair.

If you throw him out,
I'll tell your mother

you lost your job.

How could you do
that to me, Dwayne?

My husband.

I'm trying to keep you from
doing something you'll regret.

This is the '90s.

Let your mother
get a little some.

Come on, girl.

Here's the coffee.

You are just terrible!


How do you like it?

I know how he likes it.

I like it black.

And rich.

Here's the cream.

So, Bob... uh, Malik...

What do you do?

Oh, so many things.

Dwayne means
what is my occupation.

I'm a student of history
and music and life

and I'm a poet of love,
politics, and reality.

In other words

he's unemployed.

No, I sell afro-Caribbean
aromatic oils and verses.

You got a little shop?

No, I sell it on the street.

That's where I met
this miracle man.

I was coming out of
saks fifth Avenue
with packages...

Mostly for you, whitley.

What kind of packages?

Oh, four-ply cashmere sweaters,
an hermes blouse, Chanel suit...

All the things
you have stacks of.

I was selling my oils...

Oh, yes, and the smell
of musk wafted towards me

and I turned...

And saw me.

And his coal-black eyes just
burned a hole into my soul

and he said...

I said, "guapa, deliver yourself

from the new slavery
of shopping."

Oh, it was such a revelation!

What happened to my clothes?

We went to a homeless shelter

and gave them away.

Good for you.

It was so liberating.

The next day I gave away

most of my furs for blankets.

Whitley, I'm thinking
of selling the house.

Oh, no..
Breathe, honey, breathe.

Just breathe, just breathe.

Hello. Hey there.

Oh, Mrs. Gilbert!


Hi, how are you?

Love that cat suit.

Thank you.

Is this a cousin?

No, man. I'm not a cousin.

It's a nephew.

No, man, I'm not...

Ron Johnson,
meet Malik velasquez.

This is
Mrs. Gilbert's fiancee.


How you doing?

Hi. I'm okay.

Nice to meet you.

I have a bird to flip.

This is the same thing
your mother said about me.

Okay, fine.
Don't help me.

Where you going?

I'm saving my mother's life.



Sorry. Wrong number.

Listen to me.

My mother showed up
with this man

and he's awful... horrific.

You've got to help me.

Please come over.

I can't...

Wear something provocative.

Are you listening?

Whitley, what are you hatching?

When Kimberly shows up, Malik
will take one look at her

and forget my mama's alive.

He'll show himself for
the roving canine he really is.

And how will Kimmy feel
about being used?

Please, Dwayne.

That's the basis
of any relationship.

With girlfriends...

Female-to-female relationships.

Kimmy, close
your eyes, sister.

Prepare to see a friend you
haven't seen in a long time.

Someone we both missed.


I know, my sister

it's tripping you out,
but listen

I was in my room meditating.

I have to redirect
the vessel of my soul

back to the motherland.

You know,
I just wanted to party.

That's all I wanted to do.

Kimmy, aren't you glad?

I know, I know.

What happened to you?

My king, behold the woman
you fell in love with.

What are you doing
after the march?

Whatever you want.

Hello, lust in the dust central.

Uh, hi, professor.

Uh, yeah...

Well, I was just...

Okay. Yes, sir. An hour?

Yes... okay, bye.

Oh, honey, that...

That was my...


He needs me.

I mean, I know
the Haitians need me...

It's cool.
Don't sweat it.

Honey, I'm sorry.

I'll try to get there
before it's over.
Don't worry about it.

People united
will never be defeated.

There's a spiritual movement

taking hold right now in Cuba.

It's called the babalaos.

Someone say babaloo?

No. Babalaos.

They're priests of an afro-Cuban
religion called santeria.

It was created by yoruba tribes

when they came to work
on the sugar plantations.

Oh, he is so informed.

Whitley's ignorant

because she's a victim
of assimilation.

That's right. She is.

You raised me.

Ease up on my wife, man.

She may not be the most
down person in the world

but she knows
who and what she is.

But you can never be too aware.

Malik and I are taking
a six-month tour.

We're going to Africa

and then to the Caribbean.

Malik must be subsidizing
this little venture

with profits from the huge sales

of his little musk oil bottles.

I expect a woman like whitley

living the excessive lifestyle
that she does

to judge a man like me by
the size of my bank account.

How can I judge
what does not exist?

Whitley Gilbert!

Please excuse us, everyone.

Didn't I just ask you
to lighten up on my wife?

How dare you speak that way
to the man I'm going to marry?

Oh, mama, be serious.

I am.

He may not be the person

you expected me to end up with

but he is all the man I need.

How can you say that?

He's penniless,
he's half your age

his name is Malik,
for god sakes!

I have enough money
for both of us

and love doesn't recognize
age differences.

Guess who's coming to dinner?