A Different World (1987–1993): Season 5, Episode 3 - Home Is Where the Fire Is - full transcript

Lena is caught cooking up her 'special' gumbo in the dorms and faces suspension.

That's right, ladies.


Come back to me.
Come back to me.


Thank you.

I'm not going
to name names, April

but when I say,
"one man to your room"

I don't mean
one man every half hour.

And remember, your doors
are to be kept open

at a 45-degree angle.

Thank you, Kimberly,
for that assist

but this is my meeting.

Now, on to more
edifying topics...

Yo, yo.

25¢ a taste.


Nobody's paying my bills, girl.

Come on. Thank you.

To respect the dwelling
in which you live.

This homemade?

This is tasty.

You know how to cook, girl.

Excuse me, miss piglet.

You mind pulling your head
out of the trough

for a few moments?

Lena, I'll be glad
when you're out of my apartment.

What did I do?

Okay, ladies,
let me remind you...

Especially in a time

when we're having problems
with our electrical wiring...

We do not allow appliances
in your rooms

and that means hair dryers,
microwaves, hot plates

curling irons...

Where are you going?

To the basement
to ditch my chain saw, roomie.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh, ooh, ooh £

£ than where you come from. £

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I see you were out
all night again.

£ dey-dey dey-dey-dey-dey £

who is he?

He is student council.

We have all-night meetings

to discuss why our meetings
take all night.

Why are you hanging out
with those bureaucrats?

The top medical schools

want more than geeks
with good g.P.A.S.

Speaking of geeks,
we had another blackout.

Terrence staged
a one-man panty raid.

I tackled him in the hall.

Got Tuesday
through Thursday back.


I thought whitley

was taking care
of the electricity.

She did...
By telling me to handle it.

She gives you all the work.

No. Just the menial,
tedious, rinky-dink stuff.

Look what my roommate did
to my skirt.

She's got a boondas
straight from the motherland.

Boondas are
whitley's department.

She told me to come to you.

I'm late for work, Gina.

Guess I'll just use this
as a car cover.

I don't know
what possessed jaleesa

to put marshmallows
on a tuna casserole.

Clearly, the devil.

I begged her not to cook for me

but what does she do?

Cook for you.

That's what velma did
nearly 41 years ago

but I wasn't about to let
her cooking kill me

so I gave her a tour
around the kitchen.

You taught velma how to cook?


Among other things.


There's my little
resident assistant.

Sweetie, some
of your dorm duties

have been left undone.

Don't you realize

why I've given you
so much responsibility?

Because you don't want
to do your job?

No, because I'm busy.

I'm busy too, whitley.

You're not as busy as I am.

I've have an art exhibit
to plan for

a wedding to arrange,
a man to tend to.

You can't say the same.

I can say I've got
one nerve left

and you're getting on it.


Kimberly, you're
my resident assistant.

It's your job to assist me.

But to assist you,
you have to do something...

Not just dictate.

You mean delegate.

Tell me the difference.

Don't get your panties

all in a bunch!

Hello, Dean barksdog...

It is such an unexpected
pleasure to see you.

So I heard.

So, how are things
over at height hall?

Fine, fine.
Fine, fine.

Just fine.
Just fine.

Oh, tell me anything, whitley.

Excuse us, Kimberly.

With pleasure.


You say that things
are going well

and yet one of your girls
is dropping out of school.

They are? She is?


Oh, that missy.

I knew that.

I know everything
that goes on in my dorm.

Is that right?

Then tell me, who is she?

You and your little quizzes,

You slay me.

Someday, my dear.


Now, Karen Kennedy
insists on leaving campus

this afternoon.

Poor thing's so homesick.

18 years old,
still carrying a blankie.

Sorry to lose her...
But does that mean

that Lena James can move out
of my apartment?

I don't see any reason why not.

Thank you, Dean barksdale.

You have turned my life around.

Not nearly as much
as I'd like to.

I'll be watching you.

Pack your glad rags
in your glad bags

and move
into Karen Kennedy's room.

Into my own room?

And out of my life
by 5:00 P.M.

Ciao, ciao, ciao.

Colonel Taylor:
Knead the dough

knead it, easy.

There you go.

There, like that.

Now you fold it.

Good. Good.

Now knead it, knead it

and knead it.

If I had known
you were such an expert

I would have asked you
to work with me sooner.

The important thing is
you've finally come

to the right place
for what you need.

To fold?

And to knead.



Pops. Jaleesa.

I thought I changed
the lock on that door.

I gave him a key.

Why did you do that?

Hello, son.

My roommate decided
not to come back to school.

Why did he do
a fool thing like that?

He joined the army.

I can't afford my rent

uh... so, here I am.


You can stay here
just as long as you like.

Thanks. I'll go put
my stuff in my room.

Well, actually, Terrence,
I'm using that room.

Separate rooms already?

For her temp agency, son.

Brad, I can have my files moved.

I'm not putting my back
through that again.

Terrence, you can stay
in your sister's old room.

With the poodle curtains

and the pink canopy?

No, no, no, no, no, no.

Not the kid.

What would the ladies say?

There will be no ladies
in your room.

Well, excuse me.

I guess I'll go fluff
some pillows or something.

How do my applications look?


But your personal statement
is excellent.

Wait. Wait a minute.

When were you in the drama club?

Freshman year.

Oh, please.

You were a shrub.

I was a tree.

Leave me alone.

A tree.

You got any hot sauce?


Chili powder?

You're not cooking in your room?

No. It's for my goldfish.

He likes spices.

She's cooking.
She's cooking.

I'll go check on her.

What will happen
if I kill my roommate?

It depends on how you do it.

April borrowed my clothes

now she's borrowing my man

and locked me out of the room.

Gina, if we open
that discussion now

it could take all night.

Oh, but no, see.

You misunderstand.

I'm finished talking.

I'm taking matters
into my own hands.

There's going to be a fight.

Yes, there is.

Can I watch TV in here?

Our 21-inch kinishewa maxiviewer
is on the blink

and my portable fell
in the bathtub.

Good thing I wasn't in it.

Good for who?

That's not funny.

Ron, we don't have a TV.

Go watch in the lounge.

As in the ladies lounge?

Oh. I'm with that program.

We need a turnstile
or a toll booth.

I thought about
our confrontation

and decided

to take a more active role
in our dorm.

Dean barksdale
put the whammy on you, huh?

Who cares what
that fire-breathing sow says?

You and I need to work
as a team around here.

I'm with you, coach.

Mr. Quibbly came by

and checked
the circuit breakers.

I know. I called him.

What a team.

He also suggested

we check each room
for illegal appliances.

I have to go to Lena's.

She may be cooking in her room.

Good. While you're at it,
check 210, 212, 214 and 221.

Oh, no, no, no.

I have med applications
to finish tonight.

Dwayne and I are going
out to dinner.

Oh, that's important.

We're checking samples
for our wedding reception

and going over
the bridal registry.

You know how to show a man
a good time.

I don't see any hairy knuckles
knocking down your door.

Well, I don't like hairy men.

I heard you like
anything with lips.

Well, I heard...

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

How dare you!
Freddie. Freddie.

This is my argument, okay?

You just call me
if you need anything.

Got it.

Kimberly, have you forgotten
that it was I

who recommended you
for this job?

You won't let me forget.

You're welcome.

I didn't realize

our friendship was
such a burden to you.

Oh, you are taking
this guilt trip solo.

You don't understand
the financial pressures

I deal with every day.

Stop lording your poverty
over me.

You think
just because I have money

I don't have problems?

I gots aplenty!

Well, at least we agree on that.

Kimberly, you check
those rooms tonight...

Or else.

Or else what?!

You ain't invited to my wedding.

Why, you little...

Lena, it's Kim.

Okay, just one minute.

I just got out the shower

and I'm naked.

I don't have any clothes on,
so just hold on.

Wait a minute.
Where's my robe?

Oh, here it is. Oh, yes.

Wait a minute.

Child, hold up.

Here I come.

I'm sorry to keep you out there
so long

but I'm real shy
about things like this.


Child, I'm sorry.


Where's your goldfish?

There he is.

This is Calvin.

Isn't he cute?

He does tricks.

Hey, you. Hey, hey.

Do something for mommy.

I guess these spices
slows him down.

Oh, no. He loves this.


He is not eating.


I'm coming to get you.

Look. Gina is climbing
in the window downstairs.

You're kidding?

Ooh! She just fell.

Come here.

Gina, don't scale the...


Thanks for the appliances, t.

Hey, I don't need them anymore.

They clash with my pink room.

My dad and I were just starting
to get close

but now jaleesa's taking up
all his time.

I'd be happy
if my dad got married.

Then maybe I wouldn't have
to look after him so much.

So drop the bib

and get rid of that ponytail.

Yo, I was just kickin' it
in the lobby

when the aroma
of some hot, spicy, fish-filled

Louisiana-creole gumbo jumped up
and smacked me in the nose.


You have a spoon to spare?

Do you know how to do anything
besides mooch?


Come on, man.

Let me have a little something.

Just a taste.

All right. Here.

Oh, yes, yes, yes.

Mmm, this gumbo is hitting.

You could make serious cash
marketing this.

Tell me something I don't know.

Yo, yo, grub time.

Grub time!

Ooh! Hey!

All right, hold on.

Y'all act like
you never had food before.

Gee whiz!

Whitley's back.

Whitley's back.

Hey, hey!

Excuse me!

Give the ozone a break.

Wasn't Jean-francois's pate

Yeah, I thought
it was quite tasty

until you told me
it was goose liver.

I ain't down
for eating animal guts, baby.

You like those
nasty chitterlings.

Speaking of chitterlings,
what is that funky smell?

It smelled fine

till you arrived.

What are you doing here, Ron

besides bringing down
the property value?

Hey! Hey!

Hey, where's my show?

Oh, no!

Come on back on!

What do you think?

I think your ear tastes
better than ever.

Stop that, Dwayne.

Stop that, Dwayne.

How do you like this
for my wedding bouquet?

Look, Dwayne.

Baby, I trust your taste.

Just tell me what to wear

and what time to be
at the church, and I'm there.


Your trust sounds
like disinterest.

I'm very interested.

In fact, I'd like to rehearse
the honeymoon right now.

Oh, don't stop, daddy!

I'm feeling it!

Whitley, did you plan
a fire drill now?




Where's my handbook?

Now, evacuate the building.

Whitley, whitley.
Calm down.

First off, calm down.

Keep your cool.

I'm calm.



Save yourself.

You know how I love you

but I've got to save these girls
from a burning inferno.

Relax, relate, release.

Fire! Fire!
Everybody out!

Run for your lives!


How did this happen?

It's a sign.

With you and whitley in charge

this dorm is going
straight to hell.

Ron, come on.

I'm watching the brothers
in the courtroom...

On the other side of the bench,
for a change.

Where's whitley?

Probably putting on makeup
to go outside.

Perfume, baby shoes

my brass pig, my address book...

What are you doing?

I'm saving our future
and our trousseau.

Forget it.

I need a few essentials.

My family album,
my art portfolio

my mink jacket!

Would you come on?

I'm coming, I'm coming.

We're leaving now.

I just have to get
my bridal planner.

There will be

no going back for that.


Who's in charge here?


The jury's reached a verdict.

I am,
Mr. Fireman, sir.

These domestic appliances
overwhelmed the circuits

and started the Blaze

but the conflagration's
been squelched.


The fire's out.


That was a setup!

There was substantial
superficial damage

but it was confined

to an enclosure
of a singular nature.


The room is toast.


There was an injury
of a minor nature.

Somebody under my care
was injured?

Who is it?

A female
of an African-American nature.

Does that narrow it down
for you?

Well, where is she?

On the second floor

of complimentary oxygen.

Y'all have a nice day.

I've got to see who's hurt.

Do you realize what
could have happened?

I don't want
to think about that...

The Dean will.

Here she comes, girl friend.


Hello, Ms. Dean, ma'am.

Don't even try it.

Are you okay?

I'm all right.

Your gumbo was tasty

but it's not worth
risking my life.

So, it was you.

I should have known.

Does someone want to clue me in?

What happened?

Ma'am, um...

I was cooking gumbo in my room
and I started a fire.

I'm sorry.

Well, I'm sure you are.

Whitley, ladies, let's take this
into your apartment.

You too, little match girl.

Does this mean no more gumbo?

This is a new dorm

and I can't have you running it
like a disco inferno.

It was not we who lit
the match, ma'am.

Oh, how I wish it were.

Now, the appropriate punishment
is suspension.

Kicked out of school?

It was just an accident.

For how long?

That is determined
by the judicial board.

I can't leave school.

I worked hard to get here.

I'm sorry, but you should
have thought of that

before you decided
you were chef boyardee.

Look, seriously

the only reason
why I was cooking

was because I needed the money.

Wait a minute, Dean.

This isn't entirely her fault.

We have been having a lot
of electrical problems.

I called maintenance three times

and we weren't clear

on which appliances
are prohibited.

Dean barksdale, she is impetuous
and high-spirited

but not malicious.

She's very bright.

How can we deny
our sister a future

because of one youthful mistake?

One that could have been tragic.

But she knows that,
and she's sorry.

There's no telling
what miss Lena can be

under our close supervision.


That's a generous gesture

especially coming
from you, whitley.

It's coming from me too.


Maybe I will recommend

that you not be suspended
this time.

But you will be held responsible

for the damages.

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you.

Oh, don't thank me yet.

I'm making arrangements
for you to work with Mr. Gaines

to pay for it.


Nobody's ever done anything
like that for me before.


Well, maybe you should
go to your room

and collect what's ever left
of your belongings.


You know

every time I'm just about
to write you off

you turn around
and do something human.

Don't put
your pencil away yet, Kim.

Miss firestarter's moving in
with you.

You like this color?

You little...