A Different World (1987–1993): Season 5, Episode 2 - The Dwayne Mutiny - full transcript

Dwayne is under a lot of stress after being so over occupied while Juleesa starts her own business from home after not finding a suitable place elsewhere.

Well, Mr. Gaines

what's with
the formal wear here?

It's for professor rodman.

Fat rodman, the history teacher?

I'm afraid he is history.

Dropped dead of a heart attack.

Professor rodman?
When? How?

Yeah, well,
it happened yesterday

up at Roscoe's
house of pancakes.

He was on his fourth order
of flapjacks

when god called for the check.

Yeah, the funeral's
in a little while

up at hillman on the hillside.

I had rodman last year.

Always wore this bullets' jacket
that didn't fit.

He had a season ticket

ever since they moved
to Washington.

Season ticket?

I'd go to the funeral,
but I have classes.

Well, my schedule is open,
as usual.

I can go and pay respects
for both of us.

That's pretty sensitive
of you there, Ron.

Well, it's times like these
you have to think of others.

Do you know what row
his season ticket was in?

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from. £

Well, professor rodman

is at that big bullets game
in the sky.

When you go, it will be
in the opposite direction.

I can't believe you went
to the man's funeral

to get his season ticket.

That is colder than
a lawyer chasing an ambulance.

You hurt me, Pythagoras.

At first I went to snag
the man's season tickets

but I came away with much more.



I came away
with two season tickets.

There is a waiting list
a mile long

for bullets season tickets
and you got two of them?

1500 for the pair.

You know, I had to beat
the widow down from 2,000.

Ron, that is despicable.

So despicable
that you don't want in?

Not that despicable.

I thought you'd
overcome you grief.

I need your half

by this afternoon.

The widow rodman is headed
for Las Vegas.

Life goes on.

Well, I'm down.

Whitley and I just started
this nest egg checking account

but there's plenty of time
to build that nest.

Are you giving a quiz
on the first day?

That's what it says, doesn't it?

I am a teacher now.

Last year I was a teacher's
assistant, they got over.

This year, when they
leave my class

they will have
learned something.

Well, I'm glad
I'm not in your class.

Oh, I take that back.

You are one equation
I would like to solve.

Are you free..?

Hey, man, what are you
pushing on my neck?

Don't wrinkle my suit.

Hmm. Calculus.

That's a sedative invented
by sir Isaac Newton.

Let the boredom begin.

Hey, who's the teach
in here, homey?

You're hugging him.

Okay, settle down.

Settle down, class.

This is calculus 1.1
and I am Mr. Wayne.

The class is closed.

You're late.

Closed? I'm only a minute late.

It's the first day

and I don't know my way
around hillman yet.

Excuses like that won't hold
water in the real world, miss..?

James. Lena James.

Well, get here on time, people.

If the door is closed,
please do not bother opening it.

You have 15 minutes to complete
this quiz on the board.


I ain't never had no teacher
give no test on no first day.

Well, you have obviously
never had a teacher

like Mr. Wayne, miss James.

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What a day I have had.

Well, I have been waiting
for you, my sweetness.

Martini, extra dry, one olive.

Honey, it's the middle
of the day.

Yes, well, all the more reason

for a little afternoon delight.

Did you go
to professor rodman's funeral?

Yes, I did.

Then isn't this
a little inappropriate?

I don't know, jaleesa.

There is something about death

that just makes me feel,
well, you know...

Like I want to enjoy life
to the fullest.

Come on.
Let's go upstairs.

I have been all over town

looking for a place
for my temp agency

and I'm just exhausted.

I'll take a rain check, okay?

Rain check?

Jaleesa, honey,
I'm not a car wash.

I have my needs.

And so do I and right now,
it's office space.

Everywhere I went today

was either too expensive

or they wanted
some long-term lease.

I won't beg for my old job back.

Look, tell you what.

I've got an idea.

Why don't you just set up shop
here at the house.

My temp agency here?

Yeah. Well, temporarily,
until you find a space.

This is your home.

Uh-uh. Stop that.

This is our home.

I feel like
I'd just be in the way.


You know I love
having you near me.

Oh, honey, how can I thank you?

Well, you can...


One minute, professor rodman
is sitting here

eating a double cheeseburger.

The next minute,
he's taking a dirt nap.

Life's a crap shoot.

Now, am I snake eyes?

Professor rodman
smoked three packs a day

ate excessively
and was an alcoholic.

You don't do that.

Yeah, but I have velma.

Hey, hey, got something for you.

Oh, yeah.

Hey, man, it's $750.
It's all there.

I'm making sure the bank
didn't shortchange you.

What did whitley say about
these eggs leaving the nest?

Cheep, cheep, cheep.

Hey, hey, hey, I called her
and she was out.

All I did was withdraw
my share from our account.

Famous last words.

Can I get collard Greens,
fried chicken

and cornbread with extra butter?

Your pressure is a little high.

I knew it.

How long do I have, doc?

Don't panic.


hypertension is very prevalent
in black males.

We don't get any break, do we?

Dwayne, I am so angry
I could scream.

What's the matter, baby?

I called you.

Well, I was shopping.

This was supposed to be
our new canopy bed.

One-day sale, 40% off

to be held
until our wedding day.

I went to write the check
and you know what happened?

The computer said
the computer said

Insufficient funds.

How did you know?

That's what I called you about.

I needed to withdraw
half the money.

Let me get this straight.

You withdrew money
from our account

without asking me.

Yeah, I called you,
but you were out.

Did it occur to you
that I might return?

Wait, I needed the money
in a hurry.

Big drug deal going down,


I can't believe you took money
from our account

without my permission.

You didn't consult me
about the bed, did you?

Of course I didn't.

You don't know anything
about furniture.

You're from Brooklyn.

What did you need
the money for, anyway?

Season tickets
to a bullets game.

That's what I said.

Dwayne, don't you think

that furniture
is a bigger priority?



Not yet.

Well, when then?

When we get closer
to the wedding.

Of course, we could
always get married

from those season seats
at the basketball game.

Well, honey, um...

$750 only buys you
one season ticket.


You're going to all
those basketball games alone?

No, uh...

See, Ron bought the other one.

Well, wait a minute.

They're from professor rodman.

You tell that fat drunk
to stay out of our lives.

He died, whitley.

I'm sorry.

Look, sweetie, I'm going
through a lot of pressure.

I thought going to the games

would be a good diversion
to help me relax.

I thought I helped you relax.

Oh, baby, you do

but you know how much
I love basketball.

Apparently, you love it
more than you love me.

No, I don't love it
more than I love you

but just because we're engaged

doesn't mean I'm going to be
giving up my own life.

Well, that makes two of us...

That won't be giving up

As you can see

from these contracts,
I'm requiring each of you

to devote extra hours every day
and on alternate weekends.


You are going to work harder

harder in my class than
you have ever worked before.

Yesterday's quiz scores

indicate just how much work
needs to be done.

See, y'all don't get it

but we are on
a hidden video program.

Where's the camera, Mr. Wayne?

Ha ha ha.

There's nothing funny
about yesterday's quiz scores.

You going to count that test?

Why shouldn't I?

'Cause it's the first day.

We should be getting
to know one another.

I know quite a bit about you.

You're from Lincoln high
in Baltimore.

You're here on a partial
engineering scholarship.

You and I both
have an obligation

to see that it isn't wasted.

The bottom of the curve
is not a good start.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Hold on, Mr. Wayne.

Why did you have to broadcast
my quiz scores

to the whole class?

I didn't mean to embarrass you.

If I did, I apologize.

If you will just sign
your contracts, we can get on...

Is there going to be
a quiz every day?

Yes. There will be
a review quiz

to begin each class.


Review what?

We just got here.

If you will just sign
your contracts, we can get on...

Wait a minute.
Hold it, hold it.

We have rights too.

As a matter of fact, our tuition
pays this man's salary.

We can go to the administration
and complain about this

or we can tear it up.

You... out of my classroom,


Hey, Lena is right.

Come on, y'all, tear it up.

Tear it up! Tear it up!

Excuse me...

Excuse me, Mr. Wayne.

I think they stole this
from glory.

There is nothing wrong with you.

Then why do I have
shortness of breath?

Do you exercise?

I walked the dog,
but we got rid of him.


He attacked velma!

So, Mr. Gaines, walk alone
and switch to a low-fat diet.

No red meat, no ice cream,
no gravy...

Hold it now,
Dr. Killjoy.

Mashed potatoes without gravy

is like soul train
without Don Cornelius.

If I'm going to kick the bucket

I'd rather kick the bucket
with a pork chop in my mouth.

There you go, pookie.

It was selfish of me

to think of squandering away
our hard-earned dollars

on something
as extravagant as a bed.

Marriage is two, three,
maybe 16 years away

although if you wait too long

I may be unable

to conceive children.

Whitley, I had
a real long day, so...

I was just thinking, Dwayne.

Maybe we should pawn
my engagement ring

so you can get tickets
to football games too.

Excuse me, Dwayne.

Dwayne, may I speak with you?

Certainly, colonel.

I was on my way
to the pawn shop.

What's she going to pawn?

Our relationship.

She hates me.

Well, evidently,
so do your students.

Dwayne, what do you feel
when you're teaching?

What do you mean?

Well, do you feel powerful?

High expectations
for my students

is not a power trip

and you as a man of the
military should understand the
value of discipline.

Yes, but we prepare our people
for the possibility of war.

Well as far as I'm concerned,
there is a war out there

and our best weapon
is education.

I'm training green berets!

I don't question your motivation

just your technique.

The secret is to get them
to learn

out of accomplishment, not fear.

How many have complained?


I've heard
from a few parents also.

Don't worry.

I have assured them
that all will be copacetic.

So this means
the mutineers will be returning?

Yes. I expect you
to reach an understanding.

What we have here
is a philosophical difference

because I am not about
to lose face.

Would you rather lose your job?


Now you're expected inside a car

with ten other clowns
at 7:00, okay?

Now it's ring number three.

Terrence, Terrence,
business is booming.

Would you go distribute
some more flyers for me.

But, moms, I've hit
every address in hillman.

Then go to Avery...

And don't call me moms.

Hey, man.

You are doing
really beautiful work.

Hey, fine, fine, Freddie.

Tell me something.

When are you and I going
to swim upstream?

When we're the last two people
on earth

and there are no more batteries.

Freddie, I am very busy

so would you please
tell me quickly

what it is
I have not been aware of

and how I can raise
my consciousness?

My sister, I find at this time

I am unable
to carry on my struggle

against the injustices
on the planet

without the help
of the presidents...

Washington, Lincoln,
Jackson, Grant...

Dinero, baby.

I need some cash.

The price of tattoos
is skyrocketing.

There comes a time
when we all need money

but these are all
temporary positions.

That's cool.

There's something
up your alley... outdoors...


Fresh air...

I love it.

Selling Ella Mae cosmetics
door to door.

Ella Mae cosmetics.

They test their chemicals

on helpless,
little bunny rabbits.

I would rot in hell

before I'd work
for those people.


What about as a waitress
at signorelli's?

You mean that place
where they serve

a hefty portion of sexism?

Hello? The waitresses
wear thigh-high miniskirts.

The special of the day
is implant parmigiana.

Wake up, my sister.

Where is your feminine pride?

What do you want me to do,

Help destroy humanity?

The chemco corporation

is notorious
for dumping toxic waste.

Come on.

What else can you give me?

Strychnine, Freddie.

I can give you strychnine.

You are a lunatic.

Why? Because I'm ethical?

Now you've got to have
some responsible clients.

Freddie, you would
find objection

with Mother Teresa.

She doesn't do enough work
with those people.

Freddie, Freddie..!



Remember you were telling me
how busy you are?

Well, look at all this stuff.

Yes, Freddie.

I'm very, very busy.

Well, that got me to thinking
I could work here.




With me.

For money.

Oh, jaleesa,
you are so good to me.

I love that.

Hold it! Freddie!

Wait a minute!

So... you don't like
my teaching methods

and you think

I should be replaced.

I don't like what's going on
in the real world

and the only way
we can deal with that

is by what we do
in this classroom.

My father drives a bus
not because he isn't intelligent

because he didn't have
an opportunity to go to college

but you all do.

You all do

but regardless of your degree,
I am telling you

they will think you know
less than you do

because you're black.

It's not enough
for you to be equal.

You have to be better.

We have to be better

and it's my job
to see that you and we are.

I guess I got
a little too pumped

but I take this very seriously.

That's where I'm coming from.

Anybody who doesn't like it,
there's the door.


Well, how about
we wipe the slate clean...

And we start again.

Does this mean
that the quiz doesn't count?

Yes. I have yours right here,
and... no.

But there's still
a test every week, isn't there?

Yes, there is a test every week

just maybe not every day.

People, I expect a lot from you.

So... let's get down.

Suppose the founder of calculus,
sir Isaac Newton

were to walk through that door

he would probably say to us...

Yo, homey!

Try this on.

Study something.

I'm just going be a minute.

Ron, this is not the time
or place.

I'm not sure I'm going to do
this season ticket thing.


Don't tell me you'd rather have
some canopy wedding bed

other than watch
the bullets play basketball?

No, but I have to start acting
like a married man.

That means doing things
you don't want to do.

You been watching
too much Oprah.

All right. Come on.

Hey! Ow!

Watch out. Somebody
might be videotaping this.

Where were...

Oh, yes, calculus.

Suppose the founder of calculus

sir Isaac Newton,
were to walk through that door

he would probably say to us...

I'm sorry, pookie.

Uh, pookie?

That's your man?

That's right,
you little barracuda.

Shh, whitley...

I had no idea

you were going through
a major crisis, pook.

The crisis is over.

I'm sorry about the bed
and everything.

I love you.

I'm very fond of you, too,
miss Gilbert.



Suppose the founder of calculus,
sir Isaac Newton

were to come through that door

he would probably find it...

You're so funny,
Mr. Wayne.

You're funny.