A Different World (1987–1993): Season 5, Episode 14 - The Cat's in the Cradle - full transcript

At a hotly contested Hillman-Virginia A&M game, Ron accepts a sucker bet from three white A&M students, then gets into a fight with them when one of them starts to spray a racial epithet on his car in revenge. In a cell, the men p...

Richard howell.

I'm a senior. I live at
the row sigma house.

I've never been
in trouble before.

Oh, I'm your first?

I'm honored.


James Collins bingham, senior.

My father's the vice president

of the monument security bank.

His lawyers will love this.

Look, Richie rich,
this is campus security

not L.A. law.

I'm the judge and jury here.


Ron Johnson, hillman alum.


And I'm a pisces.

You're a comedian.

You're the joke.

Go to hell.

Drop dead!

Now, boys, boys

let's pose for a group picture.

Smile pretty.

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Hello? Hello?

Little Joe?

Yeah, this is Mr. Drum.

What's the line
on the hillman-a&M game?

Hillman by three?

How sweet it is.

Let me get down
for what I owe you...

This isn't Caesar's palace.

No gambling.

This isn't...
This is a sure thing.

This honey I used to date

is dating
the a&M quarterback.

He's been sacked by the flu.

The a&M quarterback
is not playing?

104 temperature.

Isn't that great?

Hang on...

Go, and take your dirty laundry!

Mr. Gaines...

Now, go on, git, git!

Little Joe?

This is Mr. Fry pan.

Yeah, give me 50 big ones
on hillman.


I could not sleep
thinking about it.

Two undefeated teams
for the conference championship?

That will be like good sex.

Maybe you should skip the game

and see a counselor.

Pregnant lady!
Come on, sit down.

Turn it out today.

I don't know.

40,000 people?

I wish Brad wasn't away.

I'm getting butterflies
in my stomach.

You got Brad junior
in your stomach, he'll
have the best seat in the house.

Maybe it's a little girl.

It's 50-50.

I'd lay 2-1 odds

the colonel knocks out
another boy.

"Knocks out?"

2-1? You are on!

You're taking action
from a pregnant woman!

I gave her good odds.

Gambling is trouble.

How long until little Joe
break your thumbs?

You watch too many movies.

If you can't pay,
they don't hurt you.

They hurt your dog
or your best friend

and you never would
let me have a dog.

Don't look now.

Your ex is with her next.

I'd like you to meet glendon.


Kim, who is this old,
grecian-formula-wearing dude

with whitley?

Glendon thayer, an attorney.

They're going to the game.

Whitley Gilbert is going
to a football game?


Something wrong with that?

Two box lunches, please, kimmie.

You never wanted to go with me.

Well, glendon is taking his time

to explain the game to me.

He takes his time
in other ways too.

Go, hillman!
Go, hillman!

Radio announcer:
This just in, football fans.

A&m all-American quarterback
Dan Sykes will not play

due to a severe case of the flu.

Oh, no!

Gosh darn!

You think whitley and this guy
really got busy

or she just said that?

Why would she lie?

She's not a guy.

Hey, that's true, man.

You think they talk about me

when they're alone?

Stop thinking about whitley.

For the next few hours

it's you, me,
and four beautiful quarters

of lop-sided football.

You're right.

We got our usual seats?

Behind the cheerleaders.


Yeah, man, let's roll.

Do you want to sell your ticket?

Not in this lifetime.

Let's see what
the scalper's offering.

Please, don't refer to it
as scalping.

I'm native American.

I'll give you double face value.

Then you sell them for triple.

That's not fair.

Neither was Manhattan island.

I hear you,
my native American brother

for triple face value.


Sold, African American.

You said this was about me
and you and football.

That was for your benefit.

This is for mine.

I'll leave
you sports aficionados

to your greed.

Yeah, just meet me here after.

I guess you grew up
on a reservation.

I guess you grew up

in the projects.

Want a ticket?

Why would he say I grew up
in the projects?

Say, man...

Get off me, you mutt!

I'm on the other side.

Hillman sucks.


Real hip, dude.

Leave it alone, Eddie.

We'll miss the kick off.

This jerk bothers me.

The wolves are going
to annihilate the falcons.

Do you have some cash
to go with that school spirit?


You know, green.

Pictures of dead presidents.

Put your money
where your mouth is.

Why don't you put up,
or shut up?

Can I write these down?

Where are you sitting, wise guy?

Right here.

I sold my ticket.

Well, I got fifty bucks

that says a&M kicks
hillman's butt.

What about the spread?

What about it?

Well, hillman's
three point... underdogs.


I'll give you three.

I'm more affluent than my chum.

Can you handle another hundred?

Ooh! Two down.

How about you?

I spent my money.

I'll cover you.

That's a good friend.

I can't pay you back right away.

We won't lose.

Not with the best quarterback
in the country.

Sykes will be a factor.

I have a premonition.

We'll come back

and settle up
after the game, bro.

I'll be here.

Hurry, you don't want
to miss that first...

Hillman touchdown!


I hate it when they
butcher the anthem.

Radio announcer:
20... 15... 10... 5...

Touchdown, hillman!

So, early in the fourth quarter

hillman is beating up
on Virginia a&M 44-3.

This is embarrassing.

This is embarrassing.


Oh, looky here.

Ha, ha.

I thank you.

Hey, maybe you guys

ought to have
a few more brothers

on your team.

Hey, come on.

Let it go.

Are you saying

whites can't play
as well as blacks?

I'm saying, look at the score.

You do the math.

What are you saying...
Blacks are superior?

Forget about it.

Only in football,
basketball, and track

and I'll leave that
physical endowment thing alone

because I know
how sensitive y'all are.

Rick's got a spray can
in his truck.

That's a good idea.

You know how these people
love graffiti.

Toss us the can.

What will you do?

We'll put his name
on his property.

Come on.

Toss us the can.

Hey, man, are you stupid?

Get off my car!

Hey, yo..!

What's up?!
What's up?!

Where's my partner?

At the infirmary.

What about my car?

I wouldn't worry about your car.

For starters

you're looking at charges
of assault and bookmaking

and you're looking at assault,
gambling, and vandalism

and if that vandalism
was racially motivated

somebody here is looking
at some serious charges.

This is all a mistake.

There's no mistaking
what he spray-painted

on my car.

You have a choice.

You can tell me what happened
or go downtown.

They're not as sweet as I am.

Hey, can we make this quick?

I got a nurse waiting
in the infirmary.

And I got a bench waiting
for you in the cell.

All three, get in.

Come on.

You, tell me what happened.

Wait. Why are
you asking him?


'Cause I like his shoes.

What's to tell?
You've got eyes

and you saw what was on my car.

You either tell me,
or I'll go with their version.

I was in the stadium parking lot
sitting in my car

when these three roll up on me

saying Virginia a&M
will kick hillman's butt.

So, being a sporting man,
I made a wager with them.

Radio announcer:
Touchdown, hillman!

So, early in the fourth quarter

hillman is beating up
on Virginia a&M, 44-3.

This is embarrassing.


Maybe you guys could use
a little more speed

in your backfield.

You say something, boy?

What exactly are you saying?

He's saying whites can't play
as well as blacks.

I was talking
about your backfield.

No, you're saying
blacks are superior.

Let's put his name
on his property.

Let's do it.

Oh, good idea.

These people love graffiti.


Hey, man, stop.

Come on.


Come on, take it easy, man.

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, you want some?

Wait a minute!

Wait a minute!

Then you and the other
officers arrived.

You wouldn't happen to have
a polygraph machine?

Cracker want a polygraph?

Hey, you cool?

What we doing in here with them?

There's one room at the inn.

I'm not staying...

Park your butt in that cell
until I hear both sides.

The story never changes.

Nope, not if we can help it.

Hey, you want some more?

What's the wolf in for?

Going through the crowd
picking pockets.

Hey, is this the face
of a pickpocket?

Take that head off.

I can't. It's attached.

Besides, I'm naked underneath.

I love my job.

Okay, rocky

it's your big chance.

Go on, Eddie.

Tell them what went down.

Okay, me, j.C., and Rick met
at the coffee shop

like we always do on game day.

I had scrambled eggs, bacon...

With or without ketchup?

Tell the damn story!

Tell him how you jumped us,
you punk.

Isn't it obvious who is violent?

Downtown... a real police station

a real police record.

Like I was saying

we pulled into the stadium
parking lot behind this guy

and then this... gentleman

he calls us over,
and he suckers us into this bet.

He tells us hillman is
a three-point underdog

when they're really
three-point favorites.

If you could read a paper,
you'd have known the line.

You had your turn.

This is his bedtime story.

Thank you.
Where was I?

You made a stupid bet.

So we were coming back
from the stadium

a little bit dejected
because a&M got shellacked.

Radio announcer:
44-3. This is embarrassing.


Yo, where's my money, man?

Pay up!

Pay up quick!

I ain't got all day.

Maybe you white boys should get
more brothers on your team.

Are you implying
whites can't play

as well as blacks?

I'm saying check out the scores
in black and white.

So, what... blacks are superior?

No, only in football,
basketball, and track.

And you know what
your woman says?

Once you go black,
you never go back.


What's up, now?

What's up?

Cut it out.

Leave him alone.

Cut that out.

Stop that.

Stop. Stop it.

That's when you showed up.

That's a damn lie.

Tell him how the spray paint
got on my car.

There's something
I need to tell...



Might as well get comfortable

'cause nobody's going anywhere
until we get to the how

and the why this happened.

The answer is on his car.

All that was written
on the car was "n-i."

Maybe whoever sprayed it
was spelling "nice"

as in, "have a nice day"?

I'm ready to slap
that stupid smile off your face.

There it is again... violence.

You think you can get over
on anybody.

Not me and not today.

Who are you?

He's nobody.

I am an educated black man.

Your worst nightmare.

Dwayne, are you okay?

Well, if it isn't the supremes.

Miss, uh, miss...

You can't be here.

I came to post bail.

How much is it,
and do you accept checks?

There is no bail
and no visitors.

Are you okay?

It would take more

than three white boys
to Jack us up.

How did you find out?

Everybody's talking about it.

I cannot believe this happened
the week of Dr. King's birthday.

Did our parents march in vain?

My brothers, when will
this madness end?!

Probably when you three
get out of here.

Dwayne, is there anything
you need?

Glendon is an attorney
if you need one.

Ladies, bid adieu.

Do not abuse their rights.

The days of Kent state are gone.

And so are you.

Let's go.



Thank you.

Miss, let's go.

Now, that is
a black girl worth doing.

I'm sick of you.

Hold on!

You better respect her.

Look at me!

Look at me!

I should have sprayed that

in your face!

Whoa, a confession.

Now we're getting somewhere.

Why did you do it son?

He was in my face.

There's a reason.

It's because of how they are.

How are they?

You know.

No, I don't. Tell me.

They have no respect.

They don't care
about this country at all.

They sit on their butt
and complain.

And what's there
to complain about?

Because of them and their quotas

I'm not in the Ivy league,
where I belong.

You all had quotas
for centuries.

You called them legacies,
restricted country clubs...

The law.

My grandfather came to
this country with nothing

he couldn't even
speak the language.

But he worked hard
and made a place

for himself and his family.

Now, why can't you people
do the same?

My grandfather
built this country.

He fought wars for it.

Most places
wouldn't let him sit down

and get a cup of coffee.

I can't even catch a cab
in New York.

It doesn't matter
how many degrees I get.

All you people see is color.

Your grandfather was
an immigrant... you're American.

My grandfather was born here,
and you still look at me

as just another nigger.

Riveting history lesson,

All right, just let him go.

J.c., he's right.

What did you say?

I said he's right.

I'm not at a&M because quotas
kept me out of another school.

I'm here because

I always wanted to go here.

When I was growing up

I played all the time
with black kids.

I never thought
anything about it.

Then one day...
I must have been about nine...

I was fishing
with my dad and uncle.

My dad told my uncle this joke.

He said, "what do you call
a negro physician from Virginia?

A nigger."

I'd heard that word before,
but never from my father.

See, he probably
wouldn't have minded

what we did today

but I'm ashamed

and I'm sorry.

Hey, man, I don't want
your apology.

I want their arms broke,
or something.

I want them punished, man

and I want my car fixed now!

You don't see your part
in all this?

I'm the victim.

"More brothers on the team"?

That's the truth.

You're comfortable
with the stereotype

that all black people
can do is run?

We don't expect a fair shake
from you, officer.

That's right, I'm a white man.

I could be
a card-carrying klan member.

Never know.

Or I could have marched
with Dr. King.

You don't know.

Maybe you should look at me
as an individual...

And not as a color.

Let's go, Wolfie.

Going downtown.

You know, I jumped at the chance

to get in this suit...
Become another species.

You make me ashamed...

Ashamed to be a mammal.

By the way, your wallet...

It's in with the others.

You get your car fixed.

You give me the bill.

I'll see that
they reimburse you.

Since you're so good with paint

I'm calling
the folks at hillman...

See if they got some buildings
that need a fresh coat.

Negro physician from the south.

I have to remember that one.

See you next Saturday.

For what?

For more.

Oh, for much more...

So that things can change.

I'm not spending
my Saturday singing

"we are the world."

Oh, you think you have a choice?

Unless maybe your
hardworking family

would like to hear
you been kicked out of school.

Oh, and...

Bring a snack.

I like doughnuts.

Well, I can't wait
until next Saturday.

Drop it, and buy us some burgers

on you, gambling man.

Man, i'm...

See you guys next Saturday.