A Different World (1987–1993): Season 5, Episode 13 - Just Another Four-Letter Word - full transcript

Dwayne becomes frustrated with Ron's inability to pay his fair share; Whitley, Kim and Lena intervene when they see Freddie losing herself in her relationship with Shazza.

Whoo! That was great.

That was beautiful.
It was perfect.

Let's hit it again.

Yo, let's not.

It's 2:30 in the morning.
We're tired.

Ever see a picture
of Duke Ellington?

The brother looked tired.

Ella Fitzgerald was so tired

she couldn't remember the words.

I mean,
that's how scatting was born.

Do you want us to collapse?

Am I the only one
who truly loves music?

No. We just truly love sleep.

Good night.

Good night.

Well, now I know
why prince has to play

all his own instruments.

Dad, just because I graduated
doesn't mean I'm coming home.

is about to hit big time.

No, I don't need
another pinkie ring.


Ahem, Mr. Johnson

I'd like to introduce you
to some friends of mine

who have been looking
for you for months...

Mr. Phone bill,
Mr. Electric bill, and Mr. Rent.

And don't forget
Mr. Gaines.

You owe me for the rent
and that muffin.

I paid the phone bill.

With a rubber check.

You messing with my credit.

Don't burden me

with petty details.

I got to keep
the band's morale up

until we win
the battling band competition.

Till then I'm in the red.

What about the money
your pop sent?

That paid for the demo
that got us into the finals.

You get on the phone
and you beg for more money.

Let me explain something to you.

I win this record competition

I get a recording contract,
and we all get paid!

If Mr. Gaines
don't get his money

you're out of the apartment.

That's what I'm talking about.

You guys coming
to the competition tonight?

I am.

I got some studying to do.

Hi, Dwayne.

See you later

and I'll bring
the toaster muffins.

And she cooks too.

"and I am the metaphor
of freedom.

"I am the personification
of righteousness.

"I spit on the chains
of my oppressors

for I am they,
and they are me."

Oh, baby, so powerful.


I got goose bumps all over.

Watch it.

Hey, Shazza was reciting
some of his poetry.

Gosh, Kim, how is it

that we always seem to miss out

on all the fun?

Just lucky, I guess.

You ladies would benefit
from what I have to say.

I'd rather go
to the ladies' room

and stand in front
of the hand dryer.

Such bitterness
from one so beautiful.

I hope you get some soon,
my sister.

Listen, where I'm going,
I have to go alone.

Where are you going?

The men's room.

I knew that.

Hello, my sisters.

He seems to put the stars
in your eyes, Freddie.

Well, Shazza says that I was
the muse for his poems

and it is so incredible
how much he's inspired me.

To be an idiot.

He'd make me stupid too.

You don't have far to go.

Go, kimmie, go.

I love this song.


Yay, x-pression!

Yay, x-pression!

Thank you, x-pression

for that hip, happening groove.

This competition
is all-the-way live.

Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff..!


We, the homelies
at rockwood records

would like to thank
Larry beaujolais

for the use of the blue dog.

Hey, the liquor license is gone

but we're still having
a bad time.

Bad as in good.


Somebody needs to send this man

and his pleather
back to the '70s.

This next group picks up
where little Mikey

and his four brothers left off.

I should have signed
those kids, damn it.

They were jamming on the one.


Okay, anyway

let's give it up

and I mean all the way up
for mice to men.

You know what?

Break it down, fellas.

Is there a problem here?

Give credit where credit is due.

The kids are good

and they give people
what they want.


Hopping around on stage

like their little feet
are on fire.

The judges have decided.

Can we have the contestants
on the stage?

All right.

Ooh. It was close

but this year's winner is...

Mice to men!

Wait. That can't be.

I demand a recount.


now, be cool, my man.

For second place,
you fine fellas and foxy dame

get these t-shirts!

Good luck to you.

Great. T-shirts
in the dead of winter.

Oh, I'm sorry, Ron.

Man, these kids
aren't even in puberty yet.

Let me see some work permits.

I cannot believe

that you lost
to this rodent act.

Thanks, whitley.

Can I have an autograph?

You guys are pretty good.

My great-grandmother
would have loved you guys.

Whoa, ho, ho, ho!

Take it easy, Ron.

They say the '70s sound
is coming back.

Just hang in there.

You were good too...

Isn't it past your bedtime?

Yeah, if you tuck me in.


You're lucky I don't believe
in black-on-black crime.

So getting old
does make you bitter.

Getting this foot in your behind
going to make you...

Well, Ron...

Can you believe that?


Remember we agreed

that if this contest
didn't work out we'd split?

When our backs
are up against the wall...

Hello? We were beaten
by children, Ron.

Well... you got
to be kidding.

Musically, we've never been
so tight.

We've never been so broke.

I'm going back to podiatry.

But now's not the time to quit.

We are almost there.

Almost where, Ron?

I hate to say this, but see ya!

Oh, and, uh...
Give me my t-shirt.

Thank you.

Go on with your
non-music-reading selves.

Kim, together you and i...

We can build a new
and improved x-pression.

I'm there for you, Ron.


In spirit.

Say what?

I joined the band
for extra money

and lately,
we haven't been making any.

I'm sorry.

Can I have my t-shirt?


I'll give one to Freddie.


Everybody's sorry.

What else could go wrong?


Oh, partner...

Don't "partner" me

you no-rent-paying

electric-bill-dodging dufus!

I was sitting at my computer
working on my thesis

when the power went off.

Do you know
how much information I lost?!

I never did understand
those computers...

I lost enough to kick
your freeloading butt out.

You're evicted, man!


I'll spell it. E-v...

I know how to spell it.


You know

the key to success

is as translucent
as in any success.

The wise man can pull it
out of the dark.

Peace, man.

Damn, they right for each other.

You know, kicking me out's

not going to pay half the rent.

It will make me feel better.

Feel better?

You're kicking me out

on the most devastating
night of my life?

We lost the contest.

Oh, so now I lose any chance
to get the rent from you.

I'm not down and out
for the count.

Tomorrow I'm going to send
my tape to motown, Columbia

to Quincy himself.

While you're at the post office
see if they have job openings.

I've got a job... a musician.

I mean a job that pays.

Wake up and smell your
empty bank account, fool.

If you were a real friend,
you'd carry me.

I am your friend.

I'm going to carry your bags
to the curb.


Here they come, freak and frack.

Oh, this is getting tired.

Yesterday I saw her
flossing his teeth.


I felt their choice

of animal for

had racist implications.

Honey, it was a cartoon.

But that camel was so mean.

I think you're beautiful
when you're silent.

I've been talking too much,
haven't I?

No, no, I love the
mellifluousness of your voice

and everything, baby, but damn.

Say no more.

You promise?

Yes, baby, I promise.

Honey, honey,

a house is not a home,
but a job is a job.
Aren't you late for work?

Oh, jaleesa won't mind
if I'm a little late.

What's a couple more minutes
when I'm hanging out with you?

It would be nice

not living in a world
constrained by time

but we do.

You should hit it.

I don't deserve you.

I'll be back.


Yo, Kim, if I ever act
like that, slap me.

Do we have to wait?

Okay, so can you work
a word processor?

Only if she's fine.

Well, I have a security job
at the mall.

Jaleesa, I'm 5'7", 140 pounds.

Who am I going to secure?

Well, there's still
that assistant custodian job

at the blue dog, man.

I can't believe
it's come to this.

I am a musician.

Ron, you have no money.

You got no job.

You got no skills.

Brother, you got no life.

Playing percussion is my skill,
and music has become my life.

It's the only legitimate thing
I've wanted to do

and I put everything I had
into it.

Even some things I didn't have.

You know, sometimes you just got
to put your dreams on hold.

You got to face reality.

Ron, for every Sheila e.,
there's a Sheila Owens.

Who's that?

That's my point.

Hey, jessa.

You are an hour late again.

Where have you been?

In heaven.

I don't understand you two.

She would only work here,
and she's not even doing that.

Negative ions, j.

Negative paycheck, f.

The same thing goes

for you too now
if you don't straighten up.

Jaleesa, I'm an artist.

And in the great tradition
of miles, dizzy, wawa

they didn't compromise.

Why should I?

I thought you needed some money.

Listen, thanks, but good night.

He really needs one of Shazza's
inspirational thoughts.

I have an inspirational thought
for you.

Get to work.

What are you doing?

It's for your own good.


We are gathered here today
because our sister

has become completely obsessed

with a man.

Oh, he's not a man.

He's a miracle.

Bring in the hose.

You have neglected your friends,
your job, and your schoolwork.

I have not.

Winnifred, dear,
I can understand the need

to immerse your heart,
mind, and body in a man.

Testosterone is
a blinding and powerful thing

but you got to fight it.

I guess it took

both Julian and Dwayne

to inspire that little speech.

Look, witch, I'm just trying
to help you.

Thanks, ladies,
but I don't need your help.

I need my man.

I'm finding him.

Listen, Freddie.

I would rather listen to Shazza.

Okay, look at it this way.

You're smothering him like
a damp blanket on a campfire.

Freddie, she's right.

You hold on to that brother
too tight, and you'll lose him.

There will be plenty of women
to pick up those dreads.

Watch it.

Get a grip on what's left
of yourself.

Nobody's going to love you

if there's nobody there to love.

If anybody knows
about driving out a man

it's whitley.

There it is.

Sisters, I am in love.

Let me enjoy it.

You're gone.

Exhibit "a"... a "d"?

The professor did not understand
my interpretation.

Exhibit "b"... your notebook.

Who is Mrs. Winnie zulu?

Excuse me.
That's an invasion of privacy.

Exhibit "c"... knitting needles?

Those aren't mine.
I'm being framed.

Who would knit a scarf
with the initials "s.Z."?

Someone who loves shazzam.

Look at yourself!



Okay, fine, it's true.

It is true.

I am becoming
everything that I hate...

A nitwit nattering Barbie doll
Stepford wife...

A shadow of my former self.

A shell of a shell

of someone
once as elusive as the wind.


Let go!

Free yourself!

- Are you through?
- Yes.

Okay, have a seat.

Rule number one...
He's the horse.

You hold the carrot.

If you make him work for it,
you can ride him

for the rest of your life.

I don't believe this.

What are you doing, Ronald?

I'm trying to drum up
a little rent money.

Oh, poor thing.

Oh, how generous.

Could I have some change,

Ron, there has to be
another alternative.

I'm not even talking
to you, Judas.

Oh, so immature.

Yo, Ron, what are you doing
out here?

Waiting for a bus.

What does it look like?!

Did he hear the news?

They were disqualified
for lip syncing

and we won the contest.

Read my lips.

You still lost.

Clint's our new manager.

Not enough corns
to attend to, Mr. Podiatrist?

I got a couple of bunions
you can kiss.

No hard feelings, okay?

The only thing hard
is this stick upside your head.

Brother, you better get a grip.

Yo, happy house hunting.

Bye, little drummer boy.


Here he comes.

Deep breath.

Deep breath.

Be strong, Freddie.

Okay, I've got it together,

Oh, but that hair.

That hair...

His eyes.

His lips.

Let him come to you.

What if he doesn't?

Then you move on,
Martha, move on.

Okay... here he comes.

Winnie, what's up?

Where you been?

Uh, you know, just hanging out

digging my own space.

There's this
consciousness-raising film

at the Plaza... black Caesar.

Black Caesar?

Uh, no.

Whoo! Work to do.

I'm swamped.

Oh, okay.

How about tomorrow then?

Well, I don't know.

Just call me.

I most certainly will call you.

What time?

Well, you know, Shazza,
it's such a drag

to be constrained
by the hands of a clock.

So why don't you catch me
if you can?

Well, I can,
and I most definitely will.

I'll talk to you later.

All right.

Hello, hello!

That was good.

Catch me if you can.

Oh, yes.

You think
you're proud of me now.

You just wait till
I hold out a whole week.

Then he'll really be hungry.

Keep playing, keep playing.

The vulture's come
to pick at my flesh.

I'm not dead yet.

I supported you, Ron.

I'd have more support
at a skinhead rally.

Friends don't bail out
when there's trouble.

Wait, no one bailed out on you.
You bailed out on yourself.

I kicked you out
because you needed it.

I just wish I had on
my steel-toed boots.

You don't understand I make
sacrifices for my music.

I don't?

Music is my dream

and dreams keep you alive.

Money keep you in the house,
get a job!

I won't have time for music.

You can do that too.

Too... t-o-o... in addition to,
in conjunction with.

Well, I guess I can
crawl back to jaleesa

to that job pushing a mop
for 7.50 an hour.

Well, if you do that

I'll dig a little deeper
into my heart

and come up with rent
to carry you.

We'll have to eat beans though.

They'll be cold
because the gas is off.

Oh, that's beautiful.

No, man, don't touch...

Get off me, man.

Yeah, dad, I got a job
in the record business

as a promotional executive.

Fantastic deal.

I can hardly believe
I got it myself.

I'll talk to you later, okay?

Love you.

Okay, get your cds, your lps,
all of that

at Jimmy's record shop.

10% off.

Buy now, save big.

Jimmy says

"put your needle to the groove,
and let your body move."