A Different World (1987–1993): Season 4, Episode 6 - Tales from the Exam Zone - full transcript

Dwayne, Whitley, and Freddie find themselves in a different dimension--"The Exam Zone".

Hillman college.

A typical day
in the eatery known as the pit.

Or is it?

What seems to be an ordinary day

will turn
into a nightmarish journey

into the unknown
for three unsuspecting students.

Whitley Gilbert...

Fifth year, prima Donna
with an allergy to numbers,

about to be bushwhacked
by the forces of accounting.

Dwayne Wayne...

Goofy student turned cool.

Teaching assistant
to colonel Taylor.

About to have his cover blown

by a minefield
of his own making.

And Freddie Brooks...
About to do battle

with something more frightening
than anything else...

An afro comb...

And herself.

Come on a voyage
through time and academia

to a haunted outpost

somewhere between finals
and registration

to a terrifying place
where people come face-to-face

with the demons
of fear, doubt and guilt.

It's not a pretty picture.

The exam zone.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from. £

this is Susan Clayton.

She's fine and eccentric

and whitley Gilbert's
accounting professor.

Mind if I join you, whitley?

Professor, I'd be honored.

I so rarely get the chance

to sit and relax
with my students.

This is a treat for me.

Your lecture on trial balances
was exhilarating.

You make numbers come alive.

So you're finding
class enjoyable?

Tres enjoyible.

How are those overdue
financial statements

coming along?

I know you'll have them
in my hand by tomorrow.

I look forward to perusing them

with my morning coffee.

Wouldn't you rather
have a croissant?

Those financial statements
had better be flawless, whitley.

Or you'll flunk,

and be replaced by a student
with an I.Q.

Bon appetit, dear.

You wouldn't consider
giving me another extension?


Darling, if you want
an extension

go to a beauty shop.

Terrence, hold on.
Wait a minute man.

You ditched my class
five straight times.

The class is too early
and you're boring.

I'm also stupid
for covering you.

If your father finds out,
he'll make my life hell.

Tomorrow I'm there.

Don't miss tomorrow.

Hey, count on it.

What's happening tomorrow?

The midterm, Terrence.

The midterm?

The college tradition, you know?

Stupid, stupid, stupid,
stupid, stupid!

Dang, stupid!

That's not supposed to happen.


Ah, well, Mr. Wayne.

How is my favorite
teaching assistant's

classes coming?

Well. Really well.

I'll see you.



How's my boy?



About his best.

Excellent, excellent.

Thank you.

What is he most proficient in?


Uh, well...


You know.
He kind of likes
to spread it around.

He's my boy.


Wayne, Wayne.

You be tough with him.

No preferential treatment
because he's mine.

Colonel, it's like
he's not even there.

That's my boy.

You carry on, son.

Thank you.

Colonel, I've got to be
straight with you.


Yeah, I know, I know.

You need those graduate school

They're typed up
and they're on my desk.

That is what you were
hinting about, isn't it?

Uh, basically.

Yeah, that's kind of it.

Get out of here.

I'm going.

You crazy kid, you.

Lying to the military.

Not the move, g.

Let's go check out
Freddie's situation.

Hold on.
I'm new at this.

We find Freddie Brooks
in a crowded classroom.

She still hasn't
combed her hair.

But she's calm, collected,

and for once,
she's color-coordinated.

But what she doesn't know
is her confident world

is about to explode
into a nightmare

that begins with the words...

Class, let me remind you
the midterm is tomorrow.


Wouldn't the fairest thing be
to concentrate

on the more recent
reading assignments...

Say, last week's?

I may give you a few clues
as to the primary focus.

But that would devalue
the entire educational process.

We do not get any clues
in the real world.

Ignore her, professor.

Are we talking multiple choice,

matching, fill in the blank,
essay, oral,

or my personal favorite,
test cancelled?

Don't worry, Mr. Johnson.

I'll give you the
format tomorrow, at
the exam.

As for the content...

It should be on everything.

Professor, I think

she inhaled too much incense.

Be responsible

for everything you have read,
or not read, this semester.


Have a good one.

You, too.

Bye, professor Randolph.

Thank you.

Cuz, obviously you've read

how to win friends
and influence people.

If I wanted the real world,
I wouldn't have come to college.

It's just an exam.

Oh, listen to miss Serenity.

Last year she ran naked
through the quad

yelling, "set me free."

Not because of exams.

It was the anniversary
of Woodstock.

I have learned
stress management since then.

If you learned to manage to
keep your mouth shut

we wouldn't be
in this predicament.

Don't blame me
if you haven't kept up.

Don't blame me
if you haven't kept up.

Feeling pretty cocky, aren't we?

Who said that?

You should know.

You know everything else,
smarty pants.

I'm obviously
just a little tired.


Jaleesa, open up.

I left my keys.


Whitley, what are you
doing here?

Peddling bean pies
for the nation of islam.

Don't you know
what night this is?

Hey, sweetness?

Surely he's not talking to you.

This is the night
that I make dinner for Tony.

You promised you were going
to stay away.

Professor Clayton
predicted the death

of my academic career.

Then go die in the library.

It's packed.

There's more peace and quiet
in a barnyard.

Are you still
working on that report

you asked me to do
two weeks ago?

It was ten days.

Now, jaleesa, let me in.

I need to concentrate fully,

with no distractions.

So do I.

Hey, hey, girl.

Dinner's getting cold.

Don't worry.

Jaleesa will breathe on it.

Don't let her bother you.

Is she bothering you?

No, baby. I'm fine.

I'll be right back in.

Okay, but don't keep me
waiting too long.

What am I supposed to do?

I suggest plan "b."

Plan "b"?

Be somewhere else.

Now where am I going to go?

How about back
to the fifth grade?

Hold it, hold it.

I interrupt this story

to check out the woman
I almost married.

You know, Tony,

it is so wonderful
to finally be with a man

that knows how to make
a woman feel like a woman.

Is that so?

Freeze, s-curl man.



Tony, honey?

Now back to our regular story.

Honey, please.


Help me.

I'm in dire need
of a place to study.

What's wrong with your place?

Jaleesa's playing

Aphrodite, queen of the nightie.

Look no further.

Come on in.

Where can I settle in?

Take the couch... please.

Would you like a pillow?


Just try to sit back,
relax and study.

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Got that damn fly.

Okay, Phyllis wheatley.

Explain her significance.

She was the first
African-American female poet.

Her first volume
was published in 1773.

But those are merely the facts.
We have to look deeper.

Her work was controversial
in that it rarely dealt

with the plight
of African-Americans.

You call than an answer?

Did you hear that?

Yeah. It was
a good answer.

But did you hear something else?

No. Pass the chips?

That's the only thing
you'll pass.

Did you hear what she said?

She asked for the potato chips.

You won't remember
anything tomorrow.

Who are you?

Your best friend
and your worst enemy.

Make up your mind.

I am your mind.

There are counselors on campus

who can help with this problem.

Well, there is no problem.

Yes, there is.
No, there isn't.

Yes, there is.
No, there isn't.

No, there isn't.
Yes, there is.



Left my computer on, Ron.

It's not nice
to fool colonel Taylor.

I trusted you
with the education of my son.

I'm sorry, colonel.

Sorry won't teach my boy math.

Give me another chance.

I, I, I...

You had your chance.

You lied to me.

No, no, I didn't lie.


I fought for you.

I know you did.

I wrote
grad school recommendations.

You sure did.

And this is how you repay me?

How about this?

Don't even try it.

I'll see you... oh!

Dwayne, Terrence knows
as much about calculus

as a rastafarian knows
about dippity-do.

He knows a little
more than that.

But very little.

I don't care what it takes.

You will tutor my son,

and he will pass
that midterm tomorrow.

I don't think there is
enough time.

Oh you don't? Well,
there's enough time

for me to rip up
those recommendations.

There's enough...

Hold it.

Colonel Taylor can be
a little long-winded.

What he's saying
in layman's terms...

My boy, Dwayne
is deep, deep, deep, deep


in the exam zone.



Dwayne Wayne, a man
faced with the impossible task

of tutoring Terrence,

a boy whose mind
has hit the road, Jack.

Hey, have you seen Terrence?

Thank you.

Whitley Gilbert...
A woman with an attitude,

with no aptitude
looking for some solitude.

Jesse Jackson, almost.

At last, an oasis of soli...

Shut up.

I'm tempted
to leave her this way... quiet.

If she doesn't bust a move
on her accounting reports...

Which is black lexicon
for, like, I must try harder...

Her days will be numbered.

Freddie, Freddie Brooks.

She sees no evil,
but she certainly hears it.

Okay, we're done with McKay.

I say we concentrate on hurston.

All right,
what are you staring at?

We're waiting for you

to start talking
to yourself again.

My blood sugar was a little low.

I am fine, thank you.

Why bother reading at all?

You're not going
to remember anything anyway.

You are
a figment of my imagination.

I revoke you.

Guys, guys, come back, please.

Let's get whitley
into the story.


I have been looking
all over campus

for a place to study.

Doesn't anyone
ever study anymore?


Hi, droolie.


Whitley, you see me

with pointy ears
and pointy horns?

No, I don't

but it would be an improvement.

And next time, Freddie,
just say, "no."

See, they're all abandoning you.

But I'll be here tomorrow.

Ha! Ha!

No, no!

Too many people.
I need to be alone.

Not done yet?

I can't help it
if my roommate got lucky.

Well, if you weren't such
a pompous, siddity prima Donna,

you'd be at the library
like everyone else.

If I had just a little bit
of hope that I was going to pass

I could concentrate
more fully on my studies.

Well, if I felt for you,
whitley, I'd weep.

So what am I supposed to do?

Stop examining your navel,
obsessing with your looks,

and worrying over that scrawny,
tired Dwayne Wayne.

Focus on your studies, darling.

Get a life, huh?

The binomial
probability experiment

satisfies what
properties, Terrence?


It is not
a true or false question.

I'm sorry. I'm bushed.

We're going to take this
one more time.

X - 4x + 4.


Man, what is your malfunction?

Is math hard because
it's your pop's forte?

Yeah, that's it.

Can I go now?

You want to go?

I'll tell you
what's going to go.

Whoa, no!

That's my stamina, my trademark.

The women love it.

Hey, solve for x,
x squared right now.

X squared - 4x + 4...

Come on now.
X = 2.

Right, yeah.

Y = mx + b.

Conditional probability, if e
and e squared are two events

then both events occur.

That's pretty good.

I want to know lots more.

What are fundamental
counting principles?

Dwayne Wayne...
A man who lives by the credo

"by any means necessary."

Malcolm X, 1965.

He saved Terrence's butt,
and his, for now.

The first part

of the examination will be oral.

It will be given
in alphabetical order.

Which means

miss Brooks, you're up first.

Who was nat Turner?

Tina's brother.

He played bass
during the reconstruction.

Not you again.

Bug off.

Make me.

That's it.

And stay out!

Nat Turner was a slave,
a preacher and a mystic.

He believed he had
a sacred mission

to deliver African-Americans
from bondage.

He led a powerful
slave revolt in 1831.

Very good.

How's your health?

It's just fine, thank you.

Just kidding. Ha, ha.

Rise and shine, whitley.

I, I...

Enough about you.

Where's your paper?

Oh, I finished it.

Oh, oh, no, dear.

I drink coffee, I don't read it.

Start again, darling.

Now you have till lunchtime.

Hey, have you seen Terrence?

He didn't show up
for his midterm.

Hey, you deaf, bud?

Colonel, I tutored him.

It's not my fault.


Your recommendation.



Oh, and your last check.

Here you are.

Come on a little faster.

Hup, hup.

Oh, you got it.

Oh, sorry about that.

And your whole life...

Hold it.

Now normally,
Dwayne Wayne's life right now

would be ka-pow! Ka-pooie!

But not in the exam zone...
My world.

Start again, darling.

Now you have until lunchtime.

Excuse me, colonel Taylor, sir.

I graded Terrence's paper.

He got an "a."

Excellent, excellent.

Oh, and here are
your recommendations.

Thank you so much.

And your paycheck.

I like that. Okay.

Thank you very...

Wait just a moment.

Because you did such
a good job tutoring my son

yes, I did a good job.

I want you to be his tutor
for the rest of the year.



Uh-uh, uh-uh.


Uh-uh, uh-uh.

I think home boy would have
preferred the other ending.

Three people who have proven

that students
are their own worst enemy.

Three people
stuck in the sticky web

they wove themselves.

Entangled in the weaving
and winding of the woven web.

Engulfed and encompassed...

Oh, enough of that, please.

You saw what happens.

It's a thin line between having
it all together and bugging out.

It can happen to anyone,
even you, in the exam zone.