A Different World (1987–1993): Season 4, Episode 2 - How Bittersweet It Is - full transcript

Whitley uses Ron as a pawn in her love match with Dwayne; Freddie tries historics and dramatics to get into a history class.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from. £

If you're looking for your lips

they're right over here.

I don't know what
he sees in her.

She's very attractive.


She should be sniffing
luggage at the airport.

Ooh! Jealousy
doesn't become you.

I am hardly concerned
with Dwayne

and his post-summer plaything.

Besides, Autumn is upon us.

He'll soon be seeking
the comforts of home...

And mama.


Now you're catching on.

You're right.

He's probably whispering,

"let me go"

in her ear right about now.

Kimberly, Dwayne has been
with his kinishewa kitten

for two months.

He's wanted me for two years.

You Mark my words,

I will get my man.

Tic-tac-toe, I win.

Oh, you cheated.

How could I cheat?

You distract me with your eyes

and then you make your move.

Is that all it takes?

Lord, you two are generating
more heat than my kitchen.

Hi, Mr. Gaines.

Okay, here they are...

All the books
for professor Randolph's class.

You bought the books

and you're not even
registered for the class?

An opportunity like this
comes once in a lifetime.

I am getting in.

Enough said.

What is all this fuss
about one teensy-weensy class?

Professor Randolph is one
of the foremost authorities

in African-American history.

If so, why haven't
I heard of him?

If you noticed something
other than Dwayne and kinu

you might have.

Somebody had a healthy helping
of meow mix this morning.

Professor Randolph
is from Stanford

and he's written
the most incredible book.

Which I have read twice.

My cousin Matthew
read it three times.

Can't anyone in your family

remember what they read
the first time?

Matthew is as excited
about this class as I am.

He's taking it
on exchange from Avery.

Oh! What a lovely young lady
that canoe is.

I'm so glad she drifted
into Dwayne's pitiful life.

She should transfer to hillman.

She should transfer
to the Bermuda triangle.


Hey, partner.

What's up?

I'm happy to see you two
still get along so well.

She's got it going on.

I'm glad you think so.

Now that you stopped
blocking the path to whitley,

a real man can ease
on down that road.

What real man is that?

Me, fool!

Come on man, you won't
be easing anywhere.

But what whitley
and I had is history

so take your best shot.

I'm about to do that.

Go ahead.

Whitley, whitley, what does
a hungry brother have to do

to get a bite of your burger?

Get a life and a new toupee
for that upper lip.

Hot damn!

Thank you.

Come on.

Thank you very much.

Come on.

Ooh, man!

She cut you off
like a hangnail, baby.

But like a hangnail,
I shall return.



I believe I need this class
more than calculus.

Visiting professors always
attract a bevy of beauties.

Those that didn't
come to see him

can come to see me.

You remind me
of myself as a boy.

I bet Matthew missed the bus.

It's not like him
to be late for class.

He'll be here.

Don't worry.

This is "the African-American

I'm professor Howard Randolph.

Who are you?

Why are you here?

From what African tribe
are you descended?

What is this?
A class or the census?

your tribe is still lost.

My people are xhosa.

Unfair advantage.

The brother is South African.

He may know more
about African-American history

than many of you
who were born here.

To paraphrase Marcus garvey,

"a nation without knowledge
of its history

is like a tree without roots."

I have to get in.

He is amazing.

Keeping this in mind,
let's ask ourselves

what does it mean
to be black in america?

I may not be the best person
to answer that question.



He's my cousin...
On my mom's side.


Why don't you have a seat.

Being black in america

is to be a hostage
in your own country.

Can you elaborate?

It's simple.

We are American,
yet we are still struggling

to be part
of that American dream.

We're paid up.

It's time we got some play.

I disagree.

I feel there is
equal opportunity for everyone.

Although, I'm somewhat
divided on the issue.

I wonder why, miss mocha.

Miss mocha?


So I am to understand

that you are 100% pure African?

Uh, sir, I guess I never
really thought about it.


For you unregistered students

who still wish to accept
the challenge this class offers

write me a statement,
50 words or less,

specifying exactly what you feel

you can contribute
to this class.

I need them
by the end of tomorrow.

No exceptions.

Are there any questions?


I'm sure I'll be very impressed
by your statements.

I'd better be.

Now who can tell me
the significance

of the death of crispus attucks?

He was the first person to die

in the American revolution.

Thus setting a trend
for black men...

Who always die first
in the movies.

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Thank you.


Jaleesa, look at these!



"Whitley, I've decided
to take action

"against the endless obstacles
in our path.

"With eternal admiration

the man your heart
truly deserves."

I knew Dwayne
would come to his senses!

What makes you think

those are from Dwayne?

Jaleesa, a woman knows her man.

But Dwayne is not your man.

But these flowers
say he wants to be.

I'm going over there
and show him my appreciation.


Don't trip on your ego
on the way out.

Hey, whitley.

What's up with the rosebush?

Dwayne, I read the note and...

I don't know what to say.

I do.

Tell Romeo Ron
he's out of his league.


He ordered flowers.

If I had known
they were for you...

You can't be bought.

You need a man
who's dedicated to you...

A man who cares about you.

Don't I know it.

I'll just come back later
and thank Ron.

Hey, wait.

I was hoping we'd talk.

I haven't seen you much.

Well, I'm busy, you're busy.

Life bes that way sometime.

Yeah, I know,
but I miss my friend.

Of course, you do,
but I understand your situation.

You're all alone in Japan,
nobody to talk to.

These summer flings

can be intoxicating...

That's not the deal!

I didn't...

I know what you meant.

Hi, hon.

Dinner has arrived.

Hello, whitley.

Oh, nice flowers.

An admirer gave them to me.

You probably have quite a few.

Want to join us?

Cold cuts.

No, thank you, kikukala.

I've had enough Bologna today.

Dad, help me get
into professor Randolph's class.

He blew my mind.

Did he blow it to the extent
that you can't write the essay?

I've written the essay.

Well, this is a proud day.

Good old dad will put in
a good word for me?

No, good old dad will not.

Let your work speak for itself.

If I don't get special treatment

why did I come here?

Free tuition.

La dos vita.

No, no.

That's la dolce vita.


Sounds like a movie
whitley will enjoy.

You are wasting your time
trying to go out with whitley.

Trust me.

I know whitley.

Better men have tried
and failed, all right?

Well, it's a matter

of taking a mature,
yet suave, approach.

I've been sensitive.

I've sent flowers.

I've planned an evening
of fine food and film.

She's been fully prepped.

Whitley will never
be prepped for you.

Well, one woman

never truly could be.

Why not?

Because it takes

six women

to handle a manly man like me.

You are one sick individual.

Now pay very, very
close attention.

Whitley, how would you
like to be wined and dined

tomorrow evening?

By whom?

By me, of course.

I'd love to.

Mature, yet suave.

I just love myself.

Ooh-ooh-ooh, yes!

£ I'm going out
with whitley tonight. £


I can't believe

you're actually
going through with this.

You act like going out
with whitley will hurt me.

It might.

If whitley is the one
doing the hurting,

I'm going out
with whitley tonight!

I say, "hurt me, baby!"

Why are you going out with Ron?

Why not?

You said he was
a slimy little tadpole

in toad's clothing.

He was less mature then.

So was I.

It was just last week.

You are playing
a very dangerous game

with those two.

Ron and Dwayne are best friends.

Relax, it's just two buddies
going out for a good time.

I guess that's your
"just buddies" jump suit?

Ron will like it.

What was that?

I did not dw-dw-Dwayne.

Yes, you did.
No I did not.

All I have to say
is take it easy on Ron.

He's like a helpless puppy
around you.

A helpless puppy.

Most men are.

These cookies whitley
baked me are scrumptious.

And the note, ump!
Even tastier.

"Ronaldus, consider this
an hors d'oeuvre."

Hey, Ron, don't you think
it's kind of strange

that whitley wants to
go out with you now?

She had to come to her senses
sooner or later.

I'm just glad she did it
before I graduated.

Yo, rebel without a clue,
have you listened to this yet?

Hi, Ron.

It's me, whitley

calling to remind you
we're meeting at 7:00

to go to conan's cave,
located at 3269 sycamore Lane.

£ sycamore £

Time is ticking away
much too slowly.

I'll see you...

At 7:00.

You think
she left these messages

for your benefit?

I suppose
she left them for yours?

Doy-doy, there you go.

Don't flatter yourself

just because you didn't
live up to whitley's challenge.

Don't go there.

You got one woman.

Do you need a harem? Women
to drop grapes in your mouth

and fan your big, funky, flat,
ashy, corn-having feet?!

I need to stop
looking out for a brother

who's too simple
to look out for himself.

Go ahead, heartbreak.

You don't have
to take me seriously.

All right, I won't.

But tonight...
Whitley will.

In the immortal words
of bartles and jaymes...

"thanks for your support."

But, professor Rudolph...


I've been away in the rhineland,

separated from my people.

I need this class.

"Because you blew my mind."

Terrence, this is not even
a complete sentence.

It's a statement.

Not a powerful one.

Points for originality?

I'll give you credit
for quitting

while you're ahead.

Hey, Terrence.

If he didn't let me in,
you don't have a prayer.

Professor Randolph.

Winnifred Brooks.

I would love
to be in this class.

Fine. Put your paper
on the desk.

I couldn't contain my feelings
on a simple piece of paper.

I'm very sorry, Ms. Brooks

but I can't extend the deadline.

You don't have to.

Through the darkness of night,
and the heat of day.

A ship sailed with haste
from the African bay.

This ship carried cargo
more precious than gold...

Carried human beings
who were meant to be sold...

Robbed of their culture,
to their history blind.

Knowledge is essential
to a strong black mind.

Let us be historically
and culturally immersed.

Let us feed our own hunger,

and quench our own...


Now we realize

what we need most,

we possess deep inside.

It's a feeling of spirit

and we call it "black pride."

Well, you've obviously
gone through great pains

to prepare yourself.

But you're no
zora neale hurston...


I'll see you Tuesday, in class.

Oh, thank you!

Thank you.

I'll be back
to clean this later.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Winnifred Brooks?


Stay thirsty.

£ ...Five, six, seven, huuh £

£ everybody in the house,
get ready £

£ we're gonna do the caveman £

£ all the ladies, come on £

£ yeah, everybody,
are you ready? £

£ come on now £


£ are there any tribaldecks
in the house? £

ooh, whitley, let's sit down.


Ooh, that was fun.

Yes, yes.



Want dessert?

None for me.

You go ahead.

Wayne, party of two.

Wayne, your table is ready.



The pterodactyl tart
looks yummy.

Want to share one?

You keep staring at the door.

You ready to go home?

No, no.

I could stay here all night.


I'm glad you're here with me.


I'm serious.

Tonight is the culmination
of three years of hard work

three years
of carrying a torch...

Three years
of hoping against hope.

Jaleesa's voice:
Ron is like a helpless
puppy around you.

Ron's voice:
Three years
of panting after you.

Oh, stop please.

I have to tell you.

You've been such a gentleman.

I don't have to be.

No, really.

You've been wonderful.

I'm the one who...

Who's made this the best
date I've ever had.

You're not
making this very easy.

I'm sorry I even
dragged you into this.

I'm the one that asked you out.

And I accepted, hoping
to make Dwayne... Jealous.

But you baked me cookies.

I even thought he might
show up here tonight.

Chocolate chip cookies.

Instead, he's curled up
somewhere with kinu.

I'm sorry, Ron.

So am I.

Can you forgive me?

Is there anything I can do?

A kiss might help.

I had to try.

I knew it wasn't me
you wanted to be with.

I was just hoping tonight
you'd see that Ron Johnson

isn't just some funny little guy

in a funny little hat.

I see why
you're Dwayne's best friend.

He'll probably have my stuff

out in the hallway
when I get home.

I've lost him, haven't I?

It's hard to say.

I hope not.

I'm not real fond of that ki-nu.


She's always hanging around.

I'm about to charge homegirl
one-third of the rent.

So you think I still
have a chance?

I'll tell you this much.

He can't stand
that you're here with me.

I can't wait to get home
and not tell him a thing

about what happened tonight.

I like that thinking, Ron.

Ronaldus, I had
a fantabulous time.

Don't forget our step.


I'd rather remember our kiss.

Why not?

So, that's how it is?

That's how it is.

So that's what it's like
to kiss a real man.

She wore me out.