A Different World (1987–1993): Season 4, Episode 1 - Everything Must Change - full transcript

Whitley finally decides to hook up with Dwayne when she finds out that he did not just bring a souvenir for her back from Japan, but he also brought himself a souvenir, one that is a living human being, and it's female. Meanwhile,...

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from. £

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I'm sorry I'm a mess.

I just came back...

From the airport.

I shouldn't have done that,
but I couldn't help myself.

It's been a long summer.

That's understandable

but I can't accept
your apology...

Unless you plant
another one on me.

How was Tokyo?

Crowded and lonely.

Yeah, so was Virginia.

Whitley, I got this for you.



Real or dipped?

Oh, phew.

From the bottom of the ocean

and from the bottom of my heart.

Dwayne, I know I've kept you
waiting a long...


Don't keep me waiting
any longer.


I'll just walk in and say

"Dwayne, take me."

As a senior,
I feel it my duty

to make all freshmen sisters
feel welcome.

And to that end

I'm having a little orientation
funkadelic hoedown at my abode.

My card, Bianca.

14% of our children
do not graduate high school.

One out of four of our men

is under correctional

and unemployment among our
people is over 10%.

We have nothing to party
about, Cadillac man.

Always good to meet a sister
down for the cause.

Whoa, Walter.

Your nights no longer
belong to michelob.

20 pounds, two waist sizes,
and three or four new women.

The word's on the street

I might be the first man
to make the jet centerfold.

Not if you chow down
on all these vittles.

This isn't for me, man.

This is for the kids
in my community program.

What program?

Operation outreach.

I'm the founder and president

and you are my first volunteer.

Walter, I am there for you,
but not today.

I've just been recruited

for a debate on the crisis
in the black community.

Yo, man.

Bianca won't give you play.

You have your operation outreach

I have mine.

Your operation
hasn't reached anybody

in three years.

You need to redirect
your energies.

Exercise, cut out sugar,
cut out women.

Exercise your body.

Try this.

You don't need
women now, do you?
That oxygen helps you.

No. I need air.

I'm on a natural high.


Oh, my, my,
my, my.

Walter, your keys.

Thank you, pillow.


I see where you've been laying
your head at night.

What's her mama's name?


This is the Grand Canyon.

Here's daddy's little mule.

Hi, baby.

Freddie, can we put
the travelogue on hold

and start unpacking.

Oh, yeah.

I'm sorry.

This is it!

The highlight of our whole trip.

A picture of an afro?

No, Kim, this is not
just any old afro.

This is Nelson Mandela's afro.


You actually heard him speak?


He was so moving and mesmerizing
and so eloquent.

Even now, I can hear his voice
ringing in my ears.

Unhand my bag, amoeba-breath!

Marry me.

Be my lover.

Let our genes collide.

Where's the bug spray?

I'm Terrence, a stranger
in a strange land

seeking the loving arms
of an American sister.

Oh, where are you from?

No. Germany.

Want to see my piece
of the Berlin wall?

It's probably a pebble.

Kiss, kiss.

Ladies, I'm thrilled
to see both of you.

I'd love to hear
about your summers...


Welcome back.

But whitley
doesn't live here now.

I thought you were getting
an apartment off campus.

I spent an hour talking
to that building manager.

He gave my apartment away

just because I didn't send
the security deposit.

Some people are just drunk
with their own power.

Mind if I freshen up?

Of course you don't.

Indigo or tangerine?

Where are you going?



Yes, Dwayne's.

I've kept that boy waiting
for two years and it's time.

What about Julian?

That self-centered
killjoy is out of my life.

I liked Julian.

You didn't know him.

He came to visit me this summer

and all he could do
was criticize me.

"Don't do this.

You shouldn't do that."

I felt like I was sitting
with Moses, the lawgiver.

Finally, I said

"take your tablets and go."

It is about time
you and Dwayne got together.

I couldn't agree
with you more.


I hope Dwayne's
been eating his oysters.

Whether he has or not,
I know he's ready for me.

He has written me
the most beautiful letters

and I have written him
the most passionate responses.

You guys corresponded.

That's so romantic.

Even more so

because I did not mail mine.

Why not?

Because, Kimberly,
men are like dogs.

They are most faithful
to those who keep them panting.

Hello, stranger.

Hey, it's my girl.

That's me, your girl.

So, how's the future
corporate art buyer doing?


Great. Great.

Tell me.

I didn't even want
my internship to end.

But mama would have had a fit

if I didn't spend time
with her in Hilton head.

Well, whitley, you look great

and that dress is saying "hello"

in 100,000 different languages.

Julian is one lucky brother.

Well, Julian's luck
ran out with me.

Another one bites the dust?


You got something
going on, though.

Oh, come on. Tell papa.

Who's the new guy?


No. You tell me.

Who is it?


It's someone
I think you'll approve of.

Did you bring me
something back from Tokyo?


where did you want these?

Kinu, this is the man-killer

I told you about.

You're exactly
the way I imagined you.

I couldn't have
imagined you, keykoko.

It's "kinu."


What kind of name is kinu?

It's Japanese.

That's where you're from.

When are you going back?

No. My mother is Japanese,
but we live in San Francisco.

That's nice of you

to stop by here
on your way back there.

It's kind of a long stop.

Kinu is a junior at Avery.




For two years
you've been 20 minutes away

and this man traveled
6,000 miles to meet you.

Isn't it something?

That is something.

What's more ironic

is that it was the first time

either of us had been to Tokyo.


You wouldn't know it
to see her in action.

She was the star

of kinisewa's
marketing division.

No, he was.

No. My first day there

I heard this voice
speaking Japanese.

I turned around and saw her.

I almost fell off my chair.

You did.

Okay, I did.

Head over heels.


As much as I would love to bask

in these golden summer memories,
i, too, must settle in.

Hey, it's my woman.

My Jane, my Juliet.

My she-ra.

Hello, Ron.

Hey, whitley.

Let me look at you.

You've been eating
some grits over the summer,

and they have hit you
in all the right places.

I have not gained
an ounce, Ronald.

Relax. God's eyes
may be on the sparrow

but mine are not.

Where are you going?

You can't leave

before you hear me
play my new drums.

I had to sell a lot
of cars to buy these.

Serenade me another time.

Kikinono, welcome to our lives.

Wait, whitley.

Your forgot your gifts.

Hey, hey, hey, whitley.

You forgot your gifts.

Oh! Bubbly, bubbly.

I'll save this
for some festive occasion.

And... this.

A big old fan.

With little fish on it.

Thank you, Dwayne,
for thinking of me.

Well, I thought about you a lot

over the summer.

I can tell.

I wondered how you were...

How the job was treating you.

You never answered my letters.

No, I didn't, did I?

I realized

I had to stop hounding you.

I never had a chance.

No. You were
a regular Don quixote

chasing windmills.

So, tell me,
who is this special guy?

I think I'll keep you guessing.

You always do.

Hey, hey, hey!

Colonel Taylor.

Hey, homeboy, what up?

I don't talk like that, man.

Have you met my son yet?

No, but I know
he's more together

than most freshmen.

We got some goofies
this year man.

One girl scheduled classes
around the Oprah Winfrey show.

One young brother

is scared to go
to the bathroom by himself.

Get out of here.

The worst part is,
one mini brother

acts like he's never
seen a woman before.

Talking about,
"love me, spank me."

They call the brother
"pee wee hormone."

A little frail guy?

Like somebody
left him in the woods

and wolves raised him

or he's got messed up parents.

You're from Wisconsin?

I love cheese.

Marry me. Come on.


Walter, meet my son.

This is Terrence Johann Taylor.

Pee wee hormone is your son?

He's got a lot of potential

if he just calms down.

I don't know who his mama is

but if you married her...

Let it go.

It's gone, and so am I.

£ I said, my brothers £

£ well, I said a loose necka £

£ humpbacka what?! £

£ jump back £






Yeah, they're good,
but not in my league.



Oh, looking good,
miss corporate america.

How's the job going?

After one week

I can safely say
I was born to succeed.

That's great.

But a word of caution...

Stay black.

I see someone discovered
Malcolm X this summer.

There's a revolution going on.

Just keep it out of my kitchen.

Mr. Gaines!

How is my favorite
marketing executive?


Mr. Gaines?

Oh, my goodness.

Who shrunk Kimberly Reese?

Miller's bakery.

After a week of icing donuts,
I could not look at food.

I'm much healthier.

Well, you don't look it.

I've seen crawdads
with more meat on them.

You're not leaving here
till you've had

some of my hamhock
and split pea soup.

I don't need my employees

collapsing under the weight
of a hairnet.

Oh, my goodness.

So, where is whitley?

We may not see her tonight.


She is at Dwayne's.

You mean those two

are finally going
to get that party started?

It's probably
a disco inferno by now.

Ooa, ooa.

A quick one.

What happened?

Do I look like I've been
to the mountaintop?

What happened?

Let's just say

Dwayne brought back
a little souvenir

that isn't that easy
to get rid of.

You mean like a disease?


A woman.

Dwayne has a woman?

Is she Japanese?

Half-Japanese, half-black,

5'8", 119 pounds,
long waist, no hips,

hair in a bun, black,
facial hair, bleached.

Thin thighs, heavy ankles,
no bust,

and the rest is a blur.

I'm sorry, whitley.

Maybe it's just a fling.

Not the way that vulture
had her claws sunk into him.

How I loathe conniving women.

Well, she cannot hold on
to what doesn't belong to her.

She's holding on
pretty tight right now.

She is gorgeous.


Is that her behind
or a headrest?


Hey, everyone.


How are you doing?

This is kinu.

Dwayne, kinu

I was just raving about you.

Kinu, what a beautiful name.

What does it mean?

It means "silk."

Smooth as.

Say something for them
in Japanese.

Anata no ashi wo

kusu guru noga

mate Masen.

What does that mean?

That means,

We've got to go.

I can't take you nowhere.

Nice to meet you.



And as for you turncoats...

How could you talk to a man
who has shown me

all the loyalty of a pit bull?

It was your idea
to keep him panting.

Don't blame us

because snoopy didn't come home.

You said yourself

you kept him waiting too long.


Just throw that
in my face, friends.

I'm going back to my place.

You don't have one.

I will rent a room
at the mandalay inn.

No. Come on.

You can't be in a cold,
lonely hotel room

at a time like this.

That's so generous.

But isn't it going to be crowded

in your dorm room?

I wasn't talking about our room.

I was talking about your place.

You do have
a two-bedroom, don't you?

In a sense.

Well, you do or you don't.


Whitley, would you like

to come and stay with me?

Jaleesa, jaleesa.

You are always there for me
in my hour of need.

I am?

What's your address?

732 branch Avenue.

The grenad?

I thought you had a job.

Well, thank you,
but no, thank you.

Who is it?

£ it's me! £

just a second.

Would you believe?

The mandalay inn
was completely booked.

Even the presidential suite.

You would think it was...


Please, jaleesa.

Please, please, please, jaleesa.

Please, please, please, jaleesa.

How long do you plan to stay?

The building manager

said I'd have my apartment
in a few days...

Or a few weeks.

Oh, no.

But I don't have
any other place to go.

I know some place you can go.

I'll be good.

And quiet?

Yes, ma'am.


Boy, oh, boy.

Did I learn
an important lesson today?

Not to bite
the hand that feeds you?

No, no, no.

To have a positive outlook.

Consider the day's events.

I lost my man.

I couldn't even rent
my own apartment.

I could have given in to despair

and declared this
the worst day of my life.

But no.

I'm going to look
at the bright side.

what is the bright side?

Well, you do have a place
to lay your head...


You don't understand.

This is my fault.

All summer, every man I met

I compared him to Dwayne,

until it dawned on me
that he was the one.

So what did I do?

I messed it up.

You know, Dwayne and kinu
may not last forever.

If I get a second chance,
I'm not going to waste it.

I'm going to tell him

how I feel about him
every minute.

I'm going to show him.

Shout it from every rooftop.

I'll even get a tattoo
with little glasses on it.

That'll get his attention.

Where are you going?

To the terrace.

Whitley, it's a fire escape.

It's all the way
you look at things, jaleesa.