A Different World (1987–1993): Season 4, Episode 15 - Love, Hillman-Style - full transcript

Matthew brings members of the National theater of the Deaf to Walter's outreach center for a performance.



I can relate.

Kim, Matthew, I want you
to listen to this.

Another letter
from your mystery Valentine?

Yes, but this one
is even more romantic.

"Let our souls hover

like a mist over the lagunas
of a new consciousness."

Dang, dang, dang,

dang, dang, dang-dang-dang.

Freddie, sounds like this
is the guy for you.

Who, who is this man?

And how does he have
such knowledge

of my very essence?

Your essence
isn't exactly undercover.

See you later, Kim.

Mr. Gaines, finally,
I'm on cupid's hit list.


It says he going
to reveal himself tonight.

If he does,
I'll have him arrested.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from. £

I love that, Lou.

You've been working hard.

Meet me
at my house at 2:00.

Do you have to do this today?

I have gone over this with you.

My marketing project is

"the men of hillman" calendar.

I have to polaroid all these men

so the photographer can
take their picture tomorrow.

I don't like my woman
spending Valentine's day

with the buff brigade.

To me it's just

gluteus taken to the Maximus.

Hey, let's keep the Maximus
to the minimus, okay?

Oh, senior, I love it

when you're Latin and demanding.

Happy Valentine's day, vern.

No, it ain't.

Had a fight with velma.

What about?

S-e-x or the lack of it.

You getting too frisky for her?

Not me, it's velma.

When I work hard

sometimes when I get home,
I ain't in the mood.

I ain't a machine, you know.

She can't deal with that?

Velma used to call me
her marathon man.

And I don't mean running either.

When it comes to jazz,
there's miles Davis

and then there's everybody else.

That's exactly the way
I feel about you.

Tomorrow we can talk

about dizzy, Ella and Sarah.

We'll do more than talk, sister.

You spending a lot
of time around jacklyn.

I'm telling you, homey

this is the girl that's
going to make me monogamous.

Don't tell me.

Tell it to Patti.

Don't have to.

She's out of town.

Oh, Ron.

So jacklyn's meeting you
at the club tonight?

No, lorna is.

I'm trying to figure out
how to break that date.

What is it with you?

Lorna, lorna, lorna.


What's up, baby?

I was just talking about you.

I got bad news.

I have to work tonight.

I'm sorry.

Oh, I'm crushed.

Valentine's won't be
the same without you.

I'll get over it somehow.

That's what I love
about you, Ron.

You're so understanding.

That's true.

That is true.


"I'll get over it somehow."

You better learn how
to spell "hell"

because that's
where you're going.

Just because I lied
to a couple hundred women?

After our walk in the park

we'll sip marsala

as we listen to marsalis
at the brass boot.

Oh, Marcus, I love it.

So did Margaret.

We went there every year
before our divorce.

After that, I thought we'd have
dinner at the charbonner.

That was our restaurant.

Then a nice romantic carriage
ride through old Richmond...

Where Margaret lives.

Ah, Marcus,
I may be way, way off

but you're still in love
with your ex-wife, aren't you?

Well, yes, but let's not let
that affect our Valentine's day.

It won't.


Marcus, go teach a class.

That's what Margaret
used to say.

Jaleesa, I didn't know

you were seeing
professor Anderson.

Apparently, neither did he.

I hate Valentine's day.

Join me, join me.

It's not my favorite
holiday either.

Between the flowers,
the greeting cards

and all that nasty candy...

The only person
who sends me that is my mother.

Mine comes from my aunt Louise

with a check
for five dollars in it.

You get five dollars.

Hey, it's big money.

Say, I was going to cook
for myself tonight

but how about you joining me?

Where does your ex-wife live?


What's for dinner?

Oh, Phil, I never heard
that one before.

It's right over here, honey.

You can start
by taking off your shirt.

My, my, my.

Hey, booboo.


You don't want to go in there.

Of course I do.

Oh, you poor
unsuspecting fool...

Bearing gifts of love
on this tragic day.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking
about fidelity, trust.

Fidelity trust.

My bank closed?!

No, no!

The best thing to do
is get a new girlfriend.
Like when your dog dies.

Why do I need a new girlfriend?

Dwayne, brace yourself.

Whitley is in there with a guy.

Is that all?

Maybe they like it that way.

Hi, Dwayne.


Okay, Phil, you're done.

And Phil, you were great.

Don't tell me he's next.

Don't be ridiculous, Phil.

That's just my boyfriend.

Good-bye, Phil.

Ridiculous, whitley?



Hi, steadman.

Chicken pox? At your age?

Okay, well, stay home then.

Excuse me.

Why is it ridiculous?

I have 12 men,
12 different majors

and I lost my engineer.

Oh, you don't say?

Thank goodness you're here.

You can help me.

I guess I could.

You know everybody

in the engineering department.

Who would be the right man
for Mr. February?

I thought you was asking me.

I didn't think
this was your thing, honey.

It's not, but I'd do it
to bail you out.

You're my boyfriend.

That wouldn't look right.

You mean I wouldn't look right.

Oh, Dwayne, don't be mad.

Do you want me to do this?

I can help you out.

I'm a man of hillman.
Do you want me to pose
for your calendar?


Admit it, you hate my body.

No, pookie, I love your body.

I think your body is very sexy.

It's just that
I'm marketing this

for a whole slew of females

and they like beefcake,
not cupcake.

You can kiss this cupcake

Franco, American!

Come on in.

You're jamming to the sounds
of x-pression.

I'm the little drummer boy,
Ron Johnson.

We're going to take
a short break.

All right, fellas, last stop.

Let's take them on home.

All right!

Happening band,
little drummer boy.

If we play half as good

as you was busting
on that dance floor

we're home free.

You like the way I move?

I even like the way
you don't move.

Let me tinker with the equipment

and I'll be right with you.

Sugar, sugar, sugar.

Clint, I am falling hard.

What else is new?

This time it's for real.

You plan on telling lorna?

Lorna's at work.

You mean working
her way over here.


What in the hell
is she doing here?

I got great news.

My boss made up
with her boyfriend.

She gave us all the night off.

Cupid is working overtime.

Somebody needs to stop him.

Isn't this a good time
to catch up on that sleep

you missed last week?

What are you talking about?

I'm ready to party.

Well, then so will I.

As soon as I get back
from wardrobe.

Rap to them
and I'll be right back.

Ron, Ron!

Where you running off to?

I was going to get
something to drink.

Hang out and I'll be
right back in two seconds.



What are you doing here?

Weren't you going to D.C.
to recreate that march

on Washington?

I decided to march on home

to be with my Valentine.

That's so wonderful.

We're going to dedicate
this song to you

so stay right here
and I'll be right back.

Say, man, let's hit it.

We're on a break, man.

It's my band
and I'm breaking the break.

Yo, x-pression, let's hit it!

Ah, ladies and gentlemen

we're going to get back
with this next tune.

It's called, "damn, damn, damn."

So, how's the cappuccino?

Oh, it's delicious, thank you.

And thank you again
for rescuing me.

Oh, stop it.

You know, I really should
have seen it coming

because there were signs

that Marcus is still in love
with his ex-wife.

But you know,
that's the risk you run

when you date a divorcee.

There's always a chance
of reconciliation.

You ever think of getting back
with your ex?

Only to poison his food.

I married Lamar
right out of high school.

He was kind and warm

and had a great capacity
for love.

Oh, really?

Yeah, which explains why

he was sleeping
with half the neighborhood.

You know, my ex-wife divorced me

because I couldn't dance.

Get out of here.

I'm telling you the truth.

That, coupled with the fact

we had absolutely nothing
in common.

Uh-huh. See?

But, now, you see,
the joke is on her

because, well, now,
check this out.

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Wait a minute now.

Come on, you can do it.

There you go!

Look out now.

Oh, hey. Oh, this is great.

Hey, you aren't bad.

Hey, you aren't either.

Brad, I think this is moving
just a little too fast.

Uh, jaleesa, honey

this isn't moving at all
because my back is locked.

Kim, did you see anybody here
wearing a crystal?

Yeah. You.

There was a message saying
my secret Valentine

would be here today wearing
the exact same crystal.

Yes, I am dying of anticipation.

You know what my psychic said?

Well, my psychic only said

that this man was going to be
my soul mate and my twin flame.

Uh, Freddie

I think
your destiny just arrived.

I know. I can feel his presence.

Yo. Yo.



Well, wait, wait.

Don't tell me.

He sent you ahead
wearing the crystal.

Hah! It's so romantic.


My... my mystery Valentine.

My twin flame.

Oh, Freddie, I am that flame
that burns for you.

This is not funny, Terrence.

Wait a minute.

It wasn't meant to be.

It was the only way
I could get your attention.

I wanted you to see
a different side of me.

Wait, wait. Freddie...

"You are the spiritual goddess

in the temple
of my soul. Isis!

"Without you I'm lost
in the chasm

of my solitude."

Isis. My favorite goddess.

At least have
a chamomile tea with me.

Well... okay, Terrence.

You know, I have to admit
those letters that you wrote...

They really touched my heart.

We'll work our way
to the other parts.

No, we won't.

Is this cruise to Bermuda

just a vacation
for you and your wife

or a special occasion?

65th anniversary.

You couldn't be married
65 years.

Not wedding anniversary.

The 65th time
she's thrown me out of the

But I believe she means it
this time.

Hmm. Did she change the locks?

Worse. She got a pit bull.

May I ask why she threw you out?

She doesn't think

I find her desirable anymore.

Truth is, I love the woman
more than I do baseball.

If she forgives me tonight

she'll see the return
of her marathon man.

Marathon man?

A woman would be very proud
to sail on a cruise with you.



If things don't work out at home

you have a friend
in Brenda hanes.

Yeah, well...
Oh, my goodness

I better call velma.

Oh, god, hi.


Look at this.

My name?

Matthew, that is so silly.

Sure, by today's standards

but in the 1700s
on Valentine's day

a man would always wear
the name of the woman he loved

on his sleeve.

Ergo, the expression

"wearing his heart
on his sleeve."

But don't you think I have a say

in being the woman you love?

Absolutely not.

This is strictly a decision
between me

and my heart.

I see you're not convinced.

Each scrap of paper
contains a man's name.

The one that stays at the top
is the man for you.

Don't tell me. The 1700s?

What do you want?

It's my favorite century.



See? It's fate. Case closed.

They all say Matthew,
don't they?

A love magician never gives away
his secrets.

And now, for the piece
de resistance.

This bracelet symbolizes us.

Oh, Matthew, it's beautiful.

Not here, okay?

Then where?

Well, I'm a private person.

There's always eyes staring
at us.

Kim, as long as we're together

those eyes are always going
to be there.

Here at hillman, at Avery
and every place else we go.

The only eyes that matter...

Are these.

And what if I can't?

If you can't, um...

Then I'll try to stop

falling in love with you.


Oh, my!

One more time! One more time!

You flying solo here on in.

No, Clint, wait a minute.

Clint, Clint, yo.

Chuck... Charles...

You can handle this, Ron.

This is not a problem.

Come on, man.

Let's just do it.

Patti, I'm a little
played out tonight

so I'm going
to just crash backstage

and I'll call you
in the A.M., all right?

Are you sure you're all right?

I'm fine.

I love you, baby.

I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Lorna, lorna. Baby, listen.

I'm a little played out

so I'm going
to just crash backstage

and I'll call you
in the A.M., okay, honey?

Ron, I should be with you.

Oh, no, there's no need.

I'll be fine.

I love you, baby.

I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Jackie, Jackie.

Hi, sweetheart.

Are you having
a good time, honey?

A great time, but are you okay?

I'm just a little played out,
that's all.

Well, you were up there
for two hours.

I have never seen such stamina,
such determination.

You are wonderful.

Yeah, well, I don't know.

What? Are you sure
you're all right?

Um, jacklyn,
I'm feeling something new.

I've never felt before.

Uh, the need to come clean.

About what?

You weren't my only Valentine.

I had two other backups.

But they're gone now.

They're history.
They're out of here.

You... you are the only woman
in my life now.

Whoo! That felt
kind of good.

That felt nice.

This is...
This is right.

Happy Valentine's day,

Yes, baby.

Happy Valentine's day.

And drop dead.


Come on. Push it!



Oh, honey.

The reason I didn't want you
in the hillman calendar

is because I didn't want
to share your luscious body

with all the women of hillman.

I was selfish, insensitive
and insecure

but I've overcome it

and I want you to be
in the calendar.

I don't need your pity, woman.

I'm not asking out of pity.

I'm asking out of love.

I can share your body
with all the women of hillman

'cause they'll just
have the picture.

I have the original.

I am kind of slinky sexy
at that, ain't I?

Like a lynx.

Hot off the presses.

"The men of hillman" calendar.

Oh, yeah, yeah.

How do I look?

Well, let's just say

that the camera
was very kind to you.