A Different World (1987–1993): Season 4, Episode 14 - Risk Around the Dollar - full transcript

Lack of money may make Whitley's world come tumbling down after she blows her rent money.

Kimberly, isn't it exquisite?

18-karat gold hardware.

Feel that calfskin.

It's like a baby's bottom.

I thought you were
strapped for cash.

That's why I bought it.

Go on.

It was on sale...

50% off...

So I saved money
by spending money.

Whitley, you don't have a job.

I know, but listen to this.

I was balancing my checkbook
the other day

and I found 500 extra dollars.

Don't ask me where it came from

but all of a sudden

there was this cash
with no purpose at all.

It was fate.

No, it was your rent.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from. £

it was my turn
to pay rent this month.

Why don't you just
return the briefcase?

Final sale, Kimberly.

Oh, whitley, no.

There's jaleesa.

Act like it's yours.

No, I will not.

Hey, ladies, how you doing?


Well, hello, Mr. Gaines.

What is the catch of the day?


Hi, j.V.

How you be?

I be just fine, whitley.

Actually, I have
a romantic evening planned

with Gary tonight
at the racetrack.


Perhaps you'd like to place
a wee little wager for me.

Well, sure.

Favorite or a long shot?

What's the longest shot
they got?

What happened, whitley?

Well, why don't you just
take these two dollars

and parlay it
into the rent money.

Wha... what did I do to
deserve you?

I-I-I pray.

I lit a candle.

Whitley, I even said
22 hail Marys.

Child, I ain't even catholic.

Oh, lord,
why are you testing me?

This is not a test,

but you will get
an eviction notice.

Oh, gosh.

Mr. Gaines,
you wouldn't evict us.

No, no, you're all my favorites,
but, now, velma don't play that.

Jaleesa, don't worry.

My daddy's sending me
my tuition check

any day now.

Whitley, if you spend
your tuition check

for your rent

what are you going to do
for your tuition?

Yes, what are you going to do
for your tuition?

I'll cross that debt
when I get to it.

There is a segment
of the population

that solves
its monetary problems

in a most peculiar way...

They work.

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Oh please. If it isn't
Ron "Don King" Johnson.

This pay party's
getting more promotion

than the holyfield-foreman

250 people
paying five dollars per head?

I'll be rolling in dough.

And I will be serving
chexie mixie.

Ooh, spending the big bucks.

Does b.E.T. Know
about this event?

They will in a minute.

Have you seen Terrence?

Uh uh.
No, I haven't
seen him.

He should have been back
from Washington by now.

What's he doing in Washington?

Playing Nintendo
with the vice-president.

Pretty good, Walter.

No, I financed
a field trip for him

to visit the Smithsonian.

I love the Smithsonian.

You just can't learn enough
about mamie eisenhower.

Don't put the blame on mame.

Okay, okay.

Hey, dad.

Hey, there you are.
I've been looking for you.

So, how was the trip?

It was great.

I met these three guys
from Howard

and they took me to a rally...

Yeah, that's great

but what about the Smithsonian?

We drove by there
on our way to the rally

which was
truly enlightening, dad.

Terrence, I paid for that trip

so that you could be enlightened

by the Smithsonian.

Dad, I have decided

to surrender
to the will of Allah.

Say what?
Say what?

I've become a Muslim.

I don't know how to thank you
for sending me to D.C.

I feel like
I've become a new man.

Can you get me a discount
on them bean pies?

Sorry, man.


son, we've got to talk.

Can we make it tomorrow?

I've still got evening prayers.

Oh, yeah.

East is that way, right?

No, it's that way.

Kimberly, I'm not cut out
for this kind of work.

You begged me
to get you this interview.

My boss is doing me a favor
by seeing you.

And I appreciate it, Kimberly.

It's just that this place
doesn't have

the right ambience.

You've been
to ten other interviews

and none of them have
the right "ambience."

What more do you want?

People with a pulse?

Good afternoon, Mr..?


Rest easy.

We'll be right with you.

Hello, Kimberly.


And this must be whitley.

Nice veins.

Well, I'll be getting
back to work.

Oh, no, no, Kimmy.

Stay with whitley.

Oh, she can't stay.

No, Kim is needed
in the Serenity suite.

She's quite popular around here.

We love her to death.

Good luck.

Tell me, whitley

have you much experience
working with the dead?

I buried my goldfish gomer
in a matchbox.


What is that smell?

Oh, it's formaldehyde.

You'll come to love it as I do.

Mr. Ludlow, what exactly
would this job entail?

Oh, helping people
like Mr. Hendricks here

to look their best.

Ah, the chapel
is right next door.

Catchy, isn't it?

I love a good dirge.

Well, let's begin by showing you

our crematorium.

Around here

we refer to it
as "copping some rays."

It's our pride and joy.

Sounds fascinating,
but, Mr. Ludlow

I really have to be
somewhere else right now.

Oh, I like you, whitley.

You're so full of life.

I admire that in the living.


I hope you'll consider
this position, but if not,

I'll be seeing you.

Anything Terrence feels
this strongly about

deserves more time
than he's given it.

You don't become a Muslim
over one weekend.

I've done crazier things
in my life.

I went from being a blond,
to a brunette,

to a redhead, to
having a jheri curl

all in the same day.

If Terrence wants to explore

different religions,
I think that's ok.

I respect the Muslim faith.

They've elevated
the black community

but Terrence becomes absorbed
in something one day

and the next day,
he's forgotten it.

That reminds me of myself.

Except in my case, it's old age.

If he doesn't have
the discipline

to be a Muslim

he'll find out soon enough.

Trust me. If the daily
prayers don't do him in,

celibacy will kill him.

Oh, Walter.

Dad, Walter.

A salaam a lakim.

Yeah, right.

I'll catch you later.

Sure, sure.

Sit on down.

You look a little tired.

Those sunrise prayers
getting to you?

Yeah. How did you know?

I know a little bit
about that Muslim faith.


Until this weekend,
I didn't even realize

I was insufficiently black.

Insufficiently black?

At the rally they said
we need to assume

political and cultural
leadership of the earth

by boycotting the white man,
our oppressors.

So are you
disassociating yourself

from your white oppressor
of a mother?

Oh, no, no, no.

I'll still visit her
at Christmas.

As a Muslim,
you don't celebrate Christmas.

Oh, yeah, you're right.

I don't.

Son, look, I have
nothing against

you exploring
different ideologies

but do you really know
what being a Muslim is?

Sure. You have to follow
the three pillars of islam.

There are five pillars of islam.

I was thinking of
the three articles of faith.

There are five
articles of faith.

And as a matter of fact

if I remember correctly

pork is restricted
from the Muslim diet.

So if you don't mind,
I'll just take this bacon.

Wait. No bacon?

No bacon.

I need 100 more flyers.

Make sure you get them to me.

Come in.

Hey, how was your interview?



Didn't get the job?

I got an offer.

I can't see you working in
the rest 'n peace mortuary.

That makes two of us.

My uncle owns a funeral parlor.

There are big bucks
in bereavement.

'Course, not as big
as the bucks I'll make

on this party Friday night.

Ron, are those pay parties
really profitable?

Oh, affirmative.

Especially since
it's a Ron Johnson

freaky deaky fun-fest.

Corn nuts and some warm gatorade

is not a freaky deaky fun-fest.

I'm serving coolers this year.

You need more than coolers, Ron.

You need me.

Galas by Gilbert.

I've given swim parties,
cocktail parties, tea parties...

Beaucoup parties.

I was weaned on them.

Well, look here, wienie.

I'm strictly solo.

Come on, Ron.

With my expertise
in superlative soirees,

I am sure to double our money.

You don't have a single.

How are you going to double it?

I got money.

From my daddy.

That is for your tuition.

You've already spent some
on your rent.

It's called
an investment, Dwayne.

If I go in on this party
with Ron

I can make money
with that money.

How much money
are we talking about?

Enough to make it
worth your while.

All right!

The only thing
he's going to
make is a mess.

Which he will be
cleaning up by himself.

Hold it!
Hold it!
Hold it!

You think a man
of my financial savvy

would allow whitley to invest

in something
that wasn't surefire?

The last time I heard
brother say "surefire"

he was talking about
a beef jerky franchise.

House of jerks?

That was a gold mine.

Like our party.

Right, partner?

Right, part...

Right, partner.

You won't be sorry, Ron.

I'll double our money.

Or double your trouble.

Hey, if you feel it
say, "oh! Oh!"

Oh! Oh!

Wicky! Wicky!

Wicky! Wicky!

Feel it! Feel it!

Feel it! Feel it!

Please form a single line
and have your money ready.

That's five dollars per person

and two for $8.99.

Traveler's checks
are not acceptable.

Move quickly
and enjoy your evening.

Tyrone, you said we were going

to a party at the biltmore.

This is the biltmore...
The biltmore warehouse.

Hi, jaleesa.

That will be
$8.99, please.

I seem to have left
my money at the bank.

Well, I seem to be leaving you

at the door.

See ya.
Go, girl.

You throw one mean party.

You mean we throw
a mean party, partner.

I was wrong.

This party is jamming.

We've got to be out of here
by 1:30.

When I saw people paying
to get in at midnight

I called the owner myself

and asked for a few more hours.

Ooh, I like that.

Brains and Booty.

Go, Amy! Go, Amy! Go, Amy!

Just keep that party going.

Look at all that green!

My kind of roughage.

I'm rich again.

I'm rich again!

I should do this as a career.

"Galas by Gilbert...

When cocktail wienies
just won't do."

If we did this every week,
hello, fortune 500.

I could afford my bi-monthly
herbal wraps again.

I could get a drum synthesizer
and a sapphire pinky ring.

Harry, Leona

we have a visitor...
The fire marshal.

Yo, bro!

We are burning down the house.

You got some party
going on here.

Yes, officer.

I mean, your marshalness.

This is the hottest
party in town.

We have a special
for civil servants.

You get in for half price.

Did you happen to have seen
this sign up here?

"Maximum capacity, 150 persons"?

Well, as you can see

maximum capacity
is far beyond that.

Yeah, that's right.

Well, what's that?

You're in violation of code
"f" 1700.4.1, section "b."

It's a fine... for $1,000.


Mr. Marshal, how does a, uh,
small contribution

to the firemen's fund
sound to you?

Sounds like 90 days in jail.

All right, everybody,
clear the premises!

Got to go! Got to go!

The party's over?

And so is my education.

Hey, jaleesa.

Hey, baby, what's up?

How about lunch
at the pit, babe?

How about breakfast
at Tiffany's?

Why is your jewelry laying out?

Um, I was looking for something
to wear to a party later.

She's looking for something
to hock to pay her tuition.

Thank you, jaleesa.

Well, how about this?

Oh, my grandmama's hatpin.

No, I can't sell this.

How about these?

Great granddaddy's cuff links.

Have you no heart?

Have you any money?

The pocket watch and the pearls.

How can you hock
your family heirlooms?

I don't have tuition money.

But this means so much to you.

So does a diploma.

If I tell my daddy that
I gambled all my money away

he'll kill me.

Why didn't you try to stop me?

What good is an umbrella
in a typhoon?

Don't do anything.

I've got some errands to run.

Meet me in the pit in an hour.

Come on baby, cheer up.
We'll take care of it.

He's so wonderful.

Now I don't have to worry
about anything.

Dwayne's going to get tired
of bailing you out.

No, he won't, jaleesa.

He loves me.

Sure, he loves you now,

but sooner or later
he might not like you.

Dwayne, somebody broke
into our apartment.

They trashed the place
and stole your computer.

Dwayne's computer
is gone and the
place is a mess.

You scared the living daylights
out of me.

Did you hear me right?

They stole your computer.

Your baby? Poindexter?

Honey, I know how much
that computer meant to you.

Everybody, just relax.

I took the computer.

You took it?

I sold it back to the store.

What in the hell
did you do that for?

I got your tuition money.

I can't believe you did that.

Are you feeling all right?

I can't take that, Dwayne.

Are you feeling all right?

This is for you.

I already have the money.

I hocked my watch and pearls.

Go down there
and get your jewelry back

before somebody else gets it.

I can't believe
you love me that much.

That makes two of us.

Hey, dad.

There you are.

Sorry I'm late,
but I was reading.

Yeah, I read this when
I was about your age.

You mean, it's that old?

The black muslims in america,
by c. Eric Lincoln.

It is very interesting.

This isn't the only
interpretation of the faith.

Read Malcom x.

I know, dad.

I haven't even started to
read the copy of the
koran you gave me.

You know, maybe they
have that out on tape.

Then I could listen to it
while I'm jogging.

Is this too much
of a commitment?

No, there's just so much
I don't know.

You're really serious
about this, aren't you?


I'm proud of you, son.

Thanks, dad.

Now, which sounds better?

Mohammed Abdul Taylor
or Terrence x?



I've been waiting for you.

You got your jewelry back?

No, I did not.

Oh, no, the store was closed.

I never went.

You never went?

It means a lot that you were
trying to help me like that

but it's my responsibility.

I should take the loss, not you.

I'm sorry, excuse me.

Wasn't I talking
to whitley Gilbert?

Don't tease me, Dwayne.

I'm trying to be mature.

I know, and it's wonderful.

I just wanted to help you.

You always help me.

I got to help myself.

Oh, listen to you.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

What happened with the money

I gave you from my computer?



What did you do?

What I wanted to do.

Oh, baby, thank you.

And now, I'm off to my new job.

God, I hate that word.

It's never too late
for a make-over.