A Different World (1987–1993): Season 4, Episode 10 - The Apple Doesn't Fall - full transcript

Col. Taylor feels he's made a hole in one when asked to join the once segregated country club.

What are you doing?

Fourth floor, late twenties,
bath time.

Be careful, peeping Ron.

You can get arrested for that.

She's so fine, I'll do the time.

Give me those.

She was about to take off
the bathrobe.

It's wrong to do that.

A sight like this
might not come around

for another 80 years.

The halley's comet
of our street.

Oh, too late, man.

You made me miss her
getting in the bathtub.

Lucky Mr. Bubbles.


It's called voyeurism, Ron.

You call it voyeurism.

I call it neighborhood watch.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from. £

here you go, slimey.
This is for you.

Probably hate mail
from the feminists.

How could they hate me

when I love women?


It's the Johnson automotive
family portrait.

My pop sent it to me.

Look at you
in the generic suit and tie.

And that big old smile on you.

It's phony.

Everyone at a car dealership's
smile is phony.

Even the grill on that car
looks like a phony smile.

I'd come home
looking like the joker.

I thought you loved
selling cars.

I did at first

but I don't like conning
some hardworking guy

who can only afford ten grand
into spending 15 or 20.

That's a pretty moral position

for a cat who was spying
on a naked woman.

Lady godiva was an accident.

Taking some hardworking sucker

I don't want to be in a showroom

with a bunch of cars.

I want to be
in a smoke-filled club

playing my drums
for an appreciative audience.

Mostly women.

So what's the holdup?

Well, let me give you a hint.

He sleeps with my mother.

Don't take a career
to please dad.

Ever see
smokin' Joe Frazier's sons box?

They've been getting knocked out
in the first round.

Think about that
before you step into the ring.


Oh, thanks a lot, Dwayne.

What did I do?

You got me tied up
in some meaningful conversation.

I missed homegirl

getting out the bathtub.

You're really going to do this?

Yes, Terrence,
I'm going to play golf.

After what I told you?

you're a little confused.

I am the father.
You are the son.

So that means
this discussion is over?

You're getting the hang of it.


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Well, hello there, Mr. Johnson.

Bill, what in the hell
are you doing here?

I think this will explain it

Mr. Johnson.

Mr. Johnson.
Knock it off.

"Let this fine automobile
seal our pact for your future

"when Johnson automotive

"becomes Johnson
and son automotive.

Love, pop."

Oh, congratulations,
Mr. Johnson.

Hey, man!

Here are your keys.

Smokin' Joe Frazier.

Who's smoky Joe Frazier?

It's a man thing, baby.

You wouldn't get it.

This is the moment
of truth, Ron.

You're right.

No k-o numero uno for me.

I'm calling pops.

I'm not going into the business.

Are you out of your mind?

Ever since my father

snipped my own fiscal umbilicus

I've been struggling, Ron.

A gilded cage is still gilded.

Hey, whitley

this is between Ron
and his daddy.

Are you saying
this is none of my business?

There you go.

There I went.

Hey, Ron, I hear
that new car upstairs is yours.

Yeah... no!

I mean... maybe.

I remember my first car.

Cost $1,200 brand-new.

Now, what that tell you?

That you're old.


You got him?

No. I'm on hold.

My pop spends a lot of time
in the bathroom.

Oh, hi, pop.

Yeah, I figured
that's where you were.

Good job.

Wait, wait.
I can't do this.

What should I say?

Hold on, pop.

Be direct.

You don't want to go
into the family business.

I don't want to go into
the family business.

I can't accept the car.

Well, it just isn't me.




Because you want
to be a musician,
not a car dealer.

I don't want to be a car dealer.

Well, pops, I guess
I've changed some

since working
at the dealership this summer.

I don't want you to think
I'm ungrateful...

You don't?

He don't.

He's laughing on the phone.

Pop, are you sure it's okay?

I love you too.


He understood.

I'm glad he did,
because I didn't.

You weren't up front.

I'm off the hook.

I want choice seats
at your first concert.

I'll see what's left over
after I comp all the honeys.

Right, honey?


Hey, colonel.

Freddie, today, I,
colonel Bradford Taylor

shot an 82!

All right.

I can appreciate your elation

because once, I, Freddie Brooks,
bowled an 82.

82 is my personal best,
and it came

at one of the most demanding
golf courses in the country.

Let me re-create every round
for you, shot by shot.

All 82?


My first hole

is a par four dogleg
with a very narrow fairway.

Now, my drive...


225 yards down the left side...


Just barely missing
the fairway bunker.

I'm about 160
from a closely guarded green.

Do I use a hard six iron
or a soft five?

Soft five?


A hard six, kiddo.

Wow! Would you look
at the time.

I'm late for class.

Vern, you know, the trouble
with kids nowadays

is they just don't have
the Patience to sit

and just listen.

Ain't that the truth?

My generation grew up
listening to the radio.

Wasn't no 88 TV channels
to make you all fidgety.

Patience was a virtue,
not an endangered species.

Good game today?

I had the round of all rounds.

My first hole was a par four...

Oh, my goodness!

I got a pot roast in the oven.

Catch you on the next tee.

I played shade falls, vern.

Shade falls?

They want me to become a member.

Why, out of the blue,
would a restricted country club

ask a black man to be a member?

I got a call from Jim howell,
the club president.

He's been fighting
for a change in club policy.

I believe in what
he's trying to do.

Shade falls is a far cry
from the municipal course.

Vern, that's
the most beautiful golf course

I've ever played in my life.

And you know, as a member

I'm allowed to have guests,
you know.

So dust off your clubs, vern.

Shade falls awaits you.

No, I pass.

My daddy was a caddy
at shade falls.

As a child, I used to dodge
between the trees

and watch him tote
the bags for the white members.

Afterwards, I'd help him
clean the clubs and shoes.

He used to say,
"son, someday there will be

colored folks' shoes
and clubs here too."

Well, vern, that day is here.

He didn't know
it would take 50 years.

50 years!

No, I pass.

Out of respect for my father.

Ah, dad.

How was your golf?

Oh, excellent, excellent.

You're going to do it,
aren't you?

Yes, I am, Terrence.

I'm going to accept
that membership.

Jim howell, the club president...

He's coming by the house
tomorrow at about 6:00.

I want you to meet him.

Hey, no problem...

But do me a favor, dad.

When you introduce me,
don't call me Terrence.

You can use my new name,
token, Jr.

Who do you think
you're talking to?

Shade falls just wants your face

to add a little color
to their brochure.

All right, that's enough.

I want you at that house
tomorrow at 6:00

and valet-park your attitude.

You got that?

How you doing, man?

Hey, Walter.

Nice talking to you, brother.

What do you expect

from a traitor?

What are you talking about?

He's a decorated soldier.

Now he'll be a decoration...

The token black
at shade falls country club.

That klan member
who ran for office

was a member there.

Maybe they'll have a foursome.

They threw him out

but some do miss
that sheet head.

Walter, isn't it time

that we stop begging the man
to love us?

Did he explain what he's doing?

It will get more of us
into their club.

It will.

One this year, one next year.

By the turn of the century

there will be
five or six negroes there.

Then you agree with me, right?

Yes, but you still
have to respect

what he's trying to do.

Even if I think he's wrong?

He's got a pretty good
track record so far.

What do you mean?

It's not easy
being black in the army.

That uniform doesn't
hide your skin.

He has maintained
dignity and self-respect

and set an example
for all of us.

Why don't you go with him

on this one?

All you older dudes
stick together.

Older dude?

Oh! This is
just not my day!

I know just what you mean.

It hasn't exactly been

a walk in the park
for me today either.

I had a disagreement with Dwayne

and it's wreaking havoc
with my concentration.

My accounting exam is tomorrow.

The depreciation
and amortization exam

in professor Clayton's class?

"take no prisoners" Clayton.

Uh, whitley.
Do you remember

the presentation
I've been working on

for the past week?

Refresh my memory.

The one I have to give
before the board.

I mentioned it the other day.

Remember I told you

I've been concerned
about my boss?

What did he do?

He is a she.

And you're just
finding that out today?

That must have created
quite a scandal at the office.

he has always been a she.

So... what's the problem?

one of communication.

I've spoken to you in depth

about the problem
I've been having with my boss.

I don't recall anything
about a gender bender.

Why do I even bother
talking to you?

Okay, jaleesa, I'm sorry.

Sometimes I do
get a little wrapped up

in my own fascinating life.

What happened
in your world today?

My boss has decided

that she will give
my presentation

instead of me.

So she can take all the credit

for my work... my hard work.

She gave me some bull

about all of us being on a team.

Maybe I should just go
and discuss it.

You know, whitley,
thank you very much.

That's very considerate of you

but I think that I'm the one

that should go talk to my boss.

I'm not talking about your boss.

I'm talking about Dwayne.



I am so...

Beautiful when you're angry.

I'm sorry, baby.

What is she so angry about?

Her boss is a transsexual.

I can't believe pop was cool

about me not going
into the business.

Usually, when I don't
do things his way

he says, "why don't I

just go suck on
an exhaust pipe?"

Let's go to the court
and work over some hoops.

I got to kick a few beats.

See ya.
Catch you later.

Ron... Ron.

Pop! Oh!

What are you doing here?

After our talk

I realized
where you were coming from.

You aren't the sedan type.

Hope this baby makes up for it.


Pop, I...

I'm having a new sign made...

"Johnson and son automotive."

Wait till you see
your name up in lights.

I tried to tell you...

I got to tell you this story.

Yesterday, Ted best

was bragging
about his sales personnel.

I told him about the time

you foisted a $1,600 cd
on that old lady

who didn't even want a radio.

You killer, you.

Pop, that's what
I'm trying to say

I don't enjoy making people
overextend themselves.

But that's our business, son.

No, pop, that's your business.

I want to be a musician.

A musician?

Instead of a car dealer?


What the hell
are you thinking of?

I want to be a drummer
in my own band.

Why don't you just

get in this car
and drive it over me!

Pop, would you
come out of there?

And to think

I drove 592 miles nonstop
to deliver this car.

And for what?

To hear my son tell me
he's chucking his future?

Playing the drums
makes me feel alive.

I just don't get the same
aesthetic satisfaction

from a car dealership.

"Aesthetic satisfaction"?

I knew I shouldn't have sent you
to a liberal arts college.

There is no
getting through to you.

Oh, you're getting through,
all right.

Okay, you want to be a musician,
be a musician.

Thank god
I have your sister Rachel.

Rachel? You're taking her
into the business?

Don't be chauvinistic.

Just because she's beautiful

doesn't mean
she couldn't do the job.

Granted, there would be problems

with service mechanics
salivating all over the place.

Not to mention those perverts
in the parts department.

Oh, I'm begging you, please!

Keep the car.

Go for long drives.

You'll come to your senses.

You don't take "no"
for an answer.

A good salesman never does.

Of course not.

Pop, I've learned
a lot of things from you.

What good did it do?

We have to play that out
before we know.

You know what kills me?


I bought you
your first drum set.

I remember.

I hate you!

You're stealing my son!

Let it go!
Let it go!

Hey, dad.

Good, good.

Where's your friend,
Mr. Howell?

He hasn't gotten here yet.

I'm on time...

one racial stereotype.

Boy, your mama
has blond hair and blue eyes.

Why is it funny
to joke about my politics?

You've been here a skinny minute

and already
you're stokely Carmichael.

One thing I'm learning
at hillman

is pride in my race.

Are you just
learning about pride

or just starting
to pay attention?

The seeds of your pride

were planted by people
who had to choke on theirs...

People who were attacked

and beaten
by racist police forces.

What good did it do?

I'm supposed to do cartwheels

because shade falls
is ready to put us on display?

Your grandmother used to say

"a steady drip of water
wears a hole in the rock."

I'm trying to open doors.

The end justifies the means.

How long do we hold on to that?

Hey, Jim.
Hey, pal.

Come on in.

This is a nice place, Brad.

There's my son.

Practice those putts.

We have a father-son tournament.

Jim howell.

Terrence tok...

Terrence Taylor.

Terrence seems to think
that my membership

at shade falls
constitutes tokenism.

Son, you have my word, it's not.


Beer, if you have.

You got it.

Your father tells me
you grew up in Germany.

What do you think
of the unification?

Truthfully, I'm more concerned

with the unification
of my own people.

I can understand.

I don't know if your father
mentioned it

but I worked long and hard
to change club policy.

It will be a proud day
when you and my son

sit around the pool
shooting the breeze.

Mr. Howell, don't you know
blacks can't swim?


Sorry, Mr. Howell.

It's okay, Terrence.

Here you go, Jim.

So, how did the meeting go?

Just as we hoped.

The club will accept
any qualified member

regardless of race,
creed, or color.

We want you to be
on our membership committee.

I'd be honored.

To a banner year
for shade falls...

This and possibly
the p.G.A. Championship.

The p.G.A. Championships.


We're bidding to become
a tournament site.

Uh, isn't it true

that the p.G.A. Won't hold
an authorized p.G.A. Tournament

at a restricted club?

I have been fighting
to open this club

long before this.

You've got to believe me.

Jim, I do believe you, buddy

but I'm not going
to let shade falls

use me as a ticket
to the p.G.A.

Brad, I know how it looks

but this is

an opportunity

we both should
take advantage of.

If you were in my shoes,
would you take advantage

of this opportunity?


I'm sorry. As much as I love
playing at your beautiful club

I'm going to have to reject
your membership

out of respect for my people...

For myself

and for my son here.

What can I say to dissuade you?

I'm sorry, Jim

but at this point,
not a damn thing.

God, what a course!

Well, it's shade falls' loss.

If you won't be
the first black member

you'll be the fifth,
the tenth, or the 25th.

You haven't seen the last of me

or my lousy golf game.




Mr. Howell.

Uh, dad, you were...

You were right.

Mr. Howell's okay.

Yeah, well, nothing's just
black and white, Terrence.

I guess you can teach me
how to play golf

on the municipal course.

There's no grass
on the municipal

No grass?