A Different World (1987–1993): Season 3, Episode 8 - Great Expectations - full transcript

Hiring homecoming at Hillman College, Freddie and Kim disobey their parents and go to a concert they were told not to go to when Kim's father pays an unexpected visit.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from £

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Hey, Vernon. I know you got a
good reason for wearing that

You bet I do.

Protection from these
homecoming roughhousers.

You know, last year,
I was standing right here

when I was clobbered
by a corncob.

I told you to serve
creamed corn.

Yeah, well, I hate homecoming.

Ah, come on now Vernon, don't be
a killjoy.

It's real inspiring

all these people coming back
to see good friends

and good professors.

Ah yeah.

You know, a lot of them come
back just to thank me for
whipping them into shape.

Their gratitude is what
makes it all worthwhile.

Well, you wouldn't be so
grateful if you got hit
by a corncob.

So what time are we
gonna hit the road for D.C.?


So your parents don't mind?

Well, mom was cool until
I mentioned the word "freaknic".

You should have said it wasn
just an outdoor concert.

I did. That made it worse.

She was at Woodstock.

Then she mellowed out
when I told her

your dad was a cop and
said you can go.

Your dad did say
it was okay for you to go,
didn't he?

He didn't say it wasn't.

What did he say exactly?


I didn't ask.

Why not?

Because I knew what
he'd say and how loud
he'd say it.

Maybe we should stay here.

It is homecoming.

Homecoming is the same faces
as last year

only a year older.

That's true.

Come on.

Freaknic is going to be live.

Bobby brown, heavy d.

Two days of nonstop
music, food...


Excuse me, colonel Taylor?

I was in your calculus class
six years ago.

Ah yes, I remember the face.

You always called on me.

You never let me give up,
even if I started to cry.

I'll never forget
the experience.

Thank you.

Because of you,
I dropped out for two years.

You nearly ruined my life.

I can't even date men
who wear uniforms.

I guess you need this
more than I do.

Kim, the art society float
is a shoo-in for first prize.

Why, it's more than
just a float.

It's a floatacular!

All I'm asking you to do
is drive the darn thing.

I told you, I am going to
the freaknic this weekend.

You ready?


Okay Kim, if you don't
drive my float, then I'll
have to drive it.

There will be no Venus de Milo
waving at the crowd.

Venus doesn't have any arms.

That's what's
so special about it.

Bye, Venus.

Here's the number where
we'll probably be staying.

Probably be staying?

Where's your sense of adventure?

Are you saying we might not have
a place to sleep?

Freddie, if we have time
to sleep, we're doing
something wrong.

So, this is how you show
your appreciation

after all that
I've done for you.


Just a minute.






My plans for this weekend?

It's homecoming here...

But Freddie and I
are going to Washington.

Students from all over
are going.

But I already bought my ticket
for the freaknic.

Why not?

Nothing will happen.

All right.

All right, I won't go.

I hear you.

I won't go.

Love you, too.


Let's go.

Didn't your dad just say
you couldn't go?

Yeah, he did.

Maybe we shouldn't go.

We should go.

Whitley will cover for me.

Oh-ho-ho-ho, whitley will do
no such thing.

Whitley is always
covering for you.

"Kim's in the lab."

"Kim's in the lab."

"Kim's in the lab."

Your parents probably think

you're having an affair
with a laboratory rat.

They'll be thrilled.

He's in medicine.

Baby, you have the kind of face

I could wake up to
in the morning

and your eggs will be cooked
just the way you like them.

I like mine scrambled.

Leave me aloine. I'm preparing
for homecoming.

Talking like that,
I hope prepare to get beat up.

Trust me.

The football players
won't be the only ones

scoring this weekend.

Ron, your attitudes about women

haven't changed since
junior high school.

That's because I've known
everything there is to know
about women

since the eighth grade.

Well I guess that is all you
need to know for the women you
bring over here.

And pray tell,
what is that supposed to mean?


Any woman I meet tonight
will have the ability

to complete a sentence.

Well, all I can say is
talk is cheap.

And so are your women.


Some of my women
have been very nice to us.

Sherry even cooked for you.

Therein lies the crux of
your problem.

A woman warms up your socks
and a few leftovers

and you think you're in love.

If she can do all that,
why shouldn't I love her?

Ron, a relationship should take
longer to develop

than a polaroid.

You have to talk to women,
you have to learn to appreciate
and respect them.

While I'm out cuddling women

you'll be respecting
and appreciating this vacuum.

I know you won't be alone.

You'll just apply
your usual standard:

Go ugly early.

Now, when have you ever seen me
with an ugly woman?


That's only because

you stopped bringing
the ugly ones home.

Excuse me.

I know. Wait a minute.

Don't tell me where
I've seen you before.

The cover of black enterprise.


The June issue of ebony man?

Well, thank you,
but wrong again.

Mr. Reese.

Kim's father.


Then I have seen you before
on our bedroom wall.

You must be whitley.

I must be.

Yes, kimmie told me quite a bit
about you this summer.

We hoped you'd pay us a visit.

Oh, well, I don't do

that much domestic traveling.

I mean, traveling.

What brings...
What brings you to hillman?

I had a law enforcement

over in Richmond

so I decided
I would surprise kimmie.

Well, I guarantee you,
she'll be surprised

'cause I'm not even Kim,
and I'm surprised.

Could you tell her to come down?

'Course I could.

Just don't tell her why.

No. Can't ruin
a surprise.

Yes, Kim Reese, please.

No, that's Kim, not Tim.

Well, where is she?

There certainly is a message.

You tell her to bring
her freaknic Fanny home

or it's fried.

Well, I'm sorry.

But I could have sworn
she was upstairs.

She must have left early
for the game.

Hyper little thing.

That's my kimmie.

I remember the day I took her
to her first Cleveland browns
football game.

6:00 in the morning

that little five-year-old
sat at the foot of the bed

all bundled up in her
hat and coat, saying,
"daddy! Daddy! Daddy!"

"We're going
to miss the kickoff."

Oh, well, so are we.

I'd love to chat with you

but I'm starring

in the art society
halftime floatacular.

I'm Venus de Milo.

Interesting concept.

I wouldn't want you to miss it.

I have this extra ticket
for the game. Why don't
you use it?

I'm sure you'll see Kim there.

Thank you very much

and we'll look forward
to seeing you on that float.

I'll be the one going...

But of course, yes.

Discount victory burgers!

Get 'em while they're hot.

Get 'em while they're cheap.

Hi there.

I'd like to invite you
to an open house.


Hi there.

I'd like to...

Invite me to an open house?

You talked to me already.

Nice to see you again.

What's so funny?

Uh, this whole homecoming scene.

It's like a feeding frenzy.

Everybody's on the make.

Yeah. There's even some dork in
a hat

who keeps dangling
his apartment keys in my face.

It's little dorks
like that with their tired lines

who make us all seem
like insensitive jerks.

You don't all
seem so insensitive.

Oh, thank you.

My name is Dwayne Wayne.


Melissa swazey.



Where the hell are you?

You should have been here
driving that float.

The boy I had ran right
into the goalpost.

And where's your
hillman sweatshirt?


Uh-uh I'm trying to create

a diversion for your father.

Oh, yes, your daddy,
remember him?

I've been tap dancing
for the man since 11:00 A.M.

That's right.

So you better
skedaddle on back here.

Put your pedal to the metal

and don't even think about
putting on that brake.


Hello, detective Reese.

I'll bet Kim
was happy to see you.

Just like old times.

Father, daughter.

The old gridiron.

Actually, I didn't find her.

I was hoping she'd be here.

No, sorry.

But she has been here

because she wore this
to the game.

Oh, look, a note.

"Congratulations on your
extremely innovative float.

"You made a lovely
Venus de Milo.

Your adoring roomie,

Isn't that sweet?

That's sweet.


I'll be happy to escort you
through the entire campus.

If that's what it takes
to find her.

No, that won't be necessary.

Oh, I insist.

In fact, we can start
with the sculpture garden.

You'll be very impressed with
the statue area.

Do you think
we'll find Kim there?

It's a very popular
gathering spot

after a football game.

Uh, whitley.

You might want to change.

I wouldn't want a bird

to mistake you for a statue.

Whoo, Dwayne,
you are such a good dancer.

You're not bad yourself for
a chemical engineering major.

Oh, now, what's does that mean?

Uh, let me just say, if
hillman's engineers that
looked like you

I'd never be late for class.

Maybe I should transfer.

Now, I know this is hard
to believe

but I actually worked here
for a while.

In fact, I brought in
this suggestione box.

It was my suggestione.

Get it?

It's Italian.

But you probably knew that.

No, but i'm catching on fast.

Yes, well...

Oh, there's one
of kimmie's little friends.

Hey, whitley.

Sorry you fell off
of that float.

Where's my daughter?

I think that's her
going to the restroom.



Whitley, she's not
on this campus.

She's in Washington D.C.,
isn't she?

I do have the right
to remain silent.

Now is not the time
to exercise that right.

I begged Kimberly
not to go to Washington.

I really did.

Those are the real culprits.

If these two people
had been doing their jobs

I wouldn't have been forced
to elasticize the truth.

Clinton Reese.

Kim's father.

Oh, how you doing? I'm Walter
oakes, resident director

and this is jaleesa vinson,
the resident assistant.

It's nice to meet you.

Is there a problem?

Yes, I've been running up
blind alleys all day

chasing after my daughter,
thanks to this young lady.

I think Kim went to a concert
in Washington.

After I told her not to go.

Sir, with all due respect,
Kim is very responsible.

Dad, what a surprise.

And where have you been?

Uh, Walter, I think
the two fo them need to talk.

We'd better get ready
for the alumni reception.

Yes, it is getting late

and they're not getting
any younger.

I was working at the pit.

So the pit has a franchise
in Washington.


Got a little grass in my teeth

from that float accident.

Sir, it's all my fault.

I'm Freddie Brooks.

And I forced Kim
to take me to Washington.

I'd never seen
the Washington monument...

Not now, Freddie.

It's nice to meet you.

I'll be in our room...

If you need me.

Dad, I'm sorry.

I'm sure you are

now that you've been caught.

I didn't mean to disobey you.

I know.

On your way to the stadium
you made a wrong turn a parking

and the next thing you knew
you were

boogying with Barbara bush.

I already had plans.

People were counting on me.

And I never would have
known right? I'm in Ohio.

Dad, if you had told me
you were coming

this wouldn't have happened.

I told you not to go. That
should've been enough.

But no, you lie to me
and run off

and you had a perfectly good
homecoming right here on
your own campus.

But I went to homecoming here
last year.

You keep this up

and you' might be going to
homecoming at Ohio state.

Dad, I don't want
to break the rules

but it's hard not to
with so many of them

and they haven't changed
since I was 12.

And they're certainly not gonna
change now.

I'm 19 years old.

Oh, so you know everything.

Let me tell you something.

There's a whole world out there
that you know nothing about.

I see more in a day then you

I know a lot more
than you think I do.

Since you left home,
I don't recognize you anymore.

You used to do
what you were told.

Dad, nothing is going
to happen to me.

You damn right, 'cause I'm not
going to let it.

Now you go upstairs and get

We are going
out to dinner... now!

Yes, dad.

Were you serious when you said

you wanted to grow up
to be Spiderman?

Oh, baby, would I lie to you
about something like that?

Then I'll let you in
on a little secret of mine.


I've always had

this hidden desire
to kiss Spiderman.

Then live the dream.


Nikki, this is Dwayne and...



Have a seat, Nikki.

Uh... yeah.

Hey, uh, Ron,
it's a little
stuffy in here

don't you think?

Yeah, go open a window.

No, I think it would be better

if I stepped out
onto the terrace

for some fresh air.

Would you join me?

Y'all excuse us?

I won't be a minute.

You got to take that broad
someplace else.

Oh no, all you're going
to do is talk.

Who said that?

You did.

I said I'd talk first.

Need I remind you that, my John
hancock is on the lease, not

I knew it would come to this.

Besides, my baby's
finer than yours.

How can you tell?

She's wearing so much makeup

I'm surprised she can
hold her head up.

How does your lady
hold her head up
without a neck brace.

Well how does your lady hold
her head up with that four-ton
weave on her head?

Nope. Nope. No, no, no, no, no,
no, no.

It's not a weave.

I already checked, okay?

Now look, we'll just have to
settle this like adults.


Flip a coin.'

call it.


I'm a gracious winner.

You got five minutes
to get out of here with her.

Hey, Melissa?


Ah man, first dibs
on a cold shower.

Bump that.

I had to work a lot harder
to get mikki here.

I thought her name was Nikki.


Well, you missed a homecoming

that was completely
out of control.

Ron Johnson
hit on me three times

and didn't even realize
who I was.

Guess dinner with dad
didn't go all that great, huh?

Dad had a great meal.

Roast tail of Kim.

I did sense
he was a little peeved.

A little?

I'm not going to Freddie's
for Thanksgiving.

I'm going home.

At Christmas, I can forget
the winter carnival

because I'm going home.

When I get home,
I won't be able to leave.

The operative word here, is

Don't you think you're
exaggerating a bit?

You don't know my dad.

I'm always going to be
his little girl.

My brothers can go to Peru

as long as they
put gas in the car.

I can't even go to the corner.

You're not missing much.


Peru... there's nothing there
but stinky llamas

and straw hats.

He's never going
to let me grow up.

Daddy's are protective
of their little girls.

I'm not a little girl!

But I'm careful.

I'm responsible.

Oh, excuse me.

There was last year's brush
with senor stork.

Thank god he doesn't
know about that.

Whose side are you on, anyway?


Thank you.

And his.

You don't know what it's like.

No, I don't.

To get my parents attention,
I had to set my nanny on fire.

You're kidding.

Don't believe me then.

You know, Kim

that man still remembers

taking you
to your first football game

when you were five.

I spent the entire game
on his shoulders.

It was windy up there.

Your daddy just really wants...

I don't want to
talk about it anymore.


You know, Kim

you would have loved
growing up in my household.

My parents were always traveling

and they gave me all the freedom
I ever wanted

and tons of hotel soap.

Hotel soap?

And restaurant matches.

Which came in handy
when it came to my nanny.

You really set
your nanny on fire?


Just her clothes.

While she was still in them.

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