A Different World (1987–1993): Season 3, Episode 24 - Getaway: Part 2 - full transcript

Conclusion. Dwayne and Ron try to thwart the drug dealers by posing as girls.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from. £


So, whitley.

When are you and Georgetown
heading off to Hilton head?

Due to unforeseen circumstances

Julian finds himself
en route to D.C.

Therefore, I am spending
the week with you guys

in devil's island.

This is my uncle's house.

You know he overcharged you.

I'd have paid double
to meet you.

You did.

Ernest, I don't like you
when you're like this.

How you like me now?

Brother, we're rich!

We're bound to have women!

You're tripping, man.

We can't keep this.

Possession is nine-tenths
of the law.

Don't say possession.


This is our man...
"Dwayne cleophus Wayne."


For his sake,
I hope that's a typo.

For his sake, I hope
he hasn't messed with our stuff.

What do you gentlemen do
when you're not on vacation?

We're sales reps
for a pharmaceutical company.

They're sweet.

They offered
to turn in that bag.


You don't have to take that bag

to the police station.

Dwayne and Ron
just left with it.

Would you like some...


I can't believe
they just walked out on us

without saying a word.

You guys think
we came on too strong?

We said, "come to lunch"

not "get us
to the church on time."

Can't live with them,
can't live without them.

I can.

She's mad at her boyfriend.

I am not.

She's lying.

There's a beautiful beach
out there.

We don't need men
to have a good time.

Oh, this is pathetic.

Three desirable women
sitting around

eating like
Jenny Craig dropouts.

All because of men.

She's got a point.

Thank you.

Rise up.

Put those brownies down.

Shed this wet blanket
of self-pity.

Shed it!

Wash away your troubles

in the cleansing embrace
of the deep blue sea.

Wash away!

If Paul and Eric show up

with some lame excuse

I'll show them the door!


Make it my door, okay?


I can't help it.

Eric is fine.

I wish there were
more men on this island.

Exactly how many men are there?

I hate Julian.

Stop whining.
I'll think of something.

There's no way
to get off the island

with thugs for drugs
guarding the dock.

At least we know where they are.

Better on the dock
than on my tail.

Somebody has got
to have a telephone.

Mondie, thank god
you're still here.

Mainland maniac.

Don't leave.
I got a car.

But not the horsepower.

This is all your fault.

My fault?

That's right...

I hope that's Paul and Eric.

Thanks, guys.
We can handle this.

It wasn't easy...

But I am here.


You will not believe
what I've been through.

Try me.

I decided not to wait three days

for that interview.

So, I took the midnight train
to Washington... no sleep.

Camped outside
the pan African offices

demanded an interview,
got the job

took another train, two buses
and a horse trailer

just to get me to that boat.

All so I could be here with you.

You poor thing.

Pity you'll have to sleep
in the bathtub.

You're cute.

For the last 100 miles,
all I could think about

was getting into that ocean.

Is that all
you could think about?


You care to join me?

Love to.


But the ladies and I are going

to an arts and crafts show.

Aren't we, ladies?

Yes, indeed.


'Cause you see, Julian

my work comes first, too.

But you, of all people,
will understand that.

Got to go.


When they coined the phrase,
"the fairer sex"

they were not talking
about justice.

There is no justice.

Whitley's a great girl

but she has no idea
what's good for her.

I couldn't agree with you more.

You guys game
for some snorkeling?

Go on without us.

Get to know the fish.

Yeah, right.

Mondie left her sun hat.

I better go catch her
and give it to her.

We have a ferry
to catch first, Ron.

You know

you're starting to become
a pain in my butt!

Now you know how I've felt
all these years.

Now shut up!

I figured out a way
to get off this island.

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You look ridiculous.

No one will mistake you
for miss america.

I'm talking about your lipstick.

It clashes with your blouse.

I don't know
what's gotten into you.

Officer, you got to help us.

There are men after us.

They would do anything

to get their hands on this.

Is that a fact?

You got Julian's bag.

I realize that.
Thank you.

Officer, we found a bag
just like this one

full of drugs
and hundred-dollar bills.

Drugs and bills.

The drug dealers
know we have it.

That's why
we're dressed like this.

You can call Walter oakes
at hillman college.

I received
the r.O.T.C.

Cadet of the year award.

Ain't that something?

Why don't you two
take a seat over there.

By the way

your lipstick clashes
with your blouse.

Thank you, sir.


You put down that corn dog

and come on over here.

This you have just got to see.

You can relax.
The women aren't back yet.

Thank god.

I've had all the humiliation
one man can stand.

I got us to the police station.

You got my butt pinched
by a dock worker.

A pinch hurts less
than a bullet wound.

At least a bullet wound
you can take like a man.

Stop crying
and get out of that frock.

The police are coming.

If they believed us.

They believed us.

And here they are now.

Look who it is!

You got it?

I'm letting them in.


You must be Kim's
new man friend.

That's right, sister.

And you must be Freddie's man.

Not in this lifetime.

I see why they didn't
introduce us.

Can't you, girl?

Oh, yes.

You are..?

I'm Diana, and this is...


Rhonda Elizabeth.

We want to talk
to Dwayne and Ron.

Ron and Dwayne?

What a shame.

There's no one here
but us girls.

We'd like to go
take a look for ourselves.

Sure. Any friend
of Kim and Freddie's

is a friend of ours.


I'll remember that.

You're so cute, big man.

Man, you almost blew it!

No woman stands like this.

They do in my family.

Let's go.

Is Ron here?

No, he's not.

Can we give him a message?

Please tell him mondie
wanted to apologize.

We'll tell him.


Ron wanted to apologize
to you, too.

I've known Ron my entire life.

He's usually very considerate.

He'll inherit his dad's
auto dealership...

Rhonda, we really must run.

Do you know when he'll be back?

Around 2:00.

6 hours to be safe,
say, 10:00 tonight.

Will you tell him I'll stop by?

We'll be happy to.

Walk safely... and well.

You can tell Ron something else.

We'll be stopping by
tonight, too

say, 10:00 sharp?

And our bag had better be here.


Ooh, you monster!

Are you out of your mind?!

I may never see her again.

Dead men do not date!

Let's get out of this stuff.

Hurry up.

You try to walk

with your panty hose
around your ankles.

This is perfect
for Julian's cuff links.

You're not mad at him anymore?

Thank you for reminding me.

Here, Freddie, happy birthday.

Will you be mad all week?

Maybe longer.

I'll spend all my time
with you two.

Not if Eric shows up.

I'll trundle around
with Freddie then.

Not if Paul shows up with him.

Have you no pride?

Darn! I knew I forgot
to pack something.

You want to know what I think?

Not especially.

I think you're doing

the right thing.

Thank you Kimberly.

If I had a good-looking man

who risked life and limb
to be by my side

I'd drop him
in a heartbeat, too.

You know it.

Why would anyone want to be

in a romantic, secluded,
oceanfront love nest

with a handsome, sexy man?

He did look good in that suit,
didn't he?

Don't you have any pride?

Oh, shut up, Kimberly.

Anything else I can do?

As a matter of fact...

Could you share the sofa bed
with Freddie tonight?



Do it, girl!

Here, Ernie.

This will make you feel better.

Just drink as much
of this as you can.

What's in it?

Oh, tomato juice, tabasco sauce

a little raw egg.

Oh, Ernie.

We have a problem.

This is no laughing matter.

It's hard to keep
a straight face

when you're wearing
makeup and earrings.

Especially when
they're my earrings.

Ladies, listen to me.

That bag we found
was full of cocaine.


From those dudes you picked up.

Not Eric and Paul?

How many dudes did you pick up?

They came on to you
to get into the house.

I knew it.

I knew it!

You live fast and you die young.

Freddie, calm down.
We'll be fine.

The police will be here
any minute.

What if Eric and Paul
get here first?

They're at the dock
watching for us.

They were.

The door's unlocked!


It's mondie!

Come on in.

We're a little jumpy.

Don't worry. We've had
many storms like this.

You'll need these, though,
if we lose the power.

God, I hope that's all we lose.

I'm afraid we have
to cut our vacation short.

You're not leaving
tomorrow, are you?

I was just getting to know you.

Can I stay a little longer?

We're leaving tonight.

The ferry shut down
20 minutes ago.

No one can get off
the island tonight.

Or get on the island either.


Uh, come in.

Are you decent?

You tell me.

I brought something for you.

I have something for you, too.


Don't talk.


You can't contain
a burning inferno.

I can see that.

Take me.

Honey, baby, wait.

Baby, wait, wait, wait.

Slow down a little bit.

What's wrong?

It's my nightgown.

I should have got black.


Mama says spray it on
just before guests arrive.

I love your perfume.

Then it's me, isn't it?

No, no.
You're wonderful.

It's just that
this is your first time.


So this is not something
that should happen

in a house full of people.

There are only two of us here.

I want us to take
a long walk on the beach

sip champagne

slow dance in front
of a fireplace.

I've done all that, Julian.

I want the other thing.


Wait, wait.

What am I doing?

I'm so sorry.

What you must think of me.

I think you're wonderful,
and very athletic.

It's just that I...

I never wanted someone so much.

I know the feeling.

We should tell the others.

Ernest is better off
right where he is.

What about whitley?

Madame hysteria?

Let's not say anything

until we decide
what we're going to do.

Paul and Eric are going
to be back at 10:00.

So that gives us two hours.

But you don't have to stay here.

You have a vehicle.

The only thing missing
are the keys.

It's not my fault.

I put them on the coffee table

and Paul was standing
right there.

"Paul was standing right there."

I don't believe this.

On top of everything else,
he's a thief.

There aren't many cars,
but I think I can get one.

How long will that take?

It's a 20-minute walk.

Freddie and I will go with you.

I wouldn't dream of letting
you ladies go by yourself.

What about me?

Somebody's got to be here

in case the police do make it.

What if the crooks
show up early?

They said they weren't
coming back until 10:00.

Mondie will have us
out of here in half an hour.

What about Rhonda and Diana?


Paul and Eric.

Yes, now, your duffel bag.

Where did I put
that nasty old bag?

And I don't mean your mama.

No, don't dog no psychos.

Oh, silly, silly,
silly, silly, silly me.

Here it is.

Now I want you boys to go home
and jump into a nice hot...

I love you.

I love you.

You got to hide me!


My name is Diana.

I don't care what your name is.

What are you doing in my sarong?

Ron and I found a bag
like that one

full of drugs and money

and the maniacs
who own it are downstairs.


What are you doing in my sarong?

Why didn't I leave
the bag downstairs?

Kiss me good-bye, whitley.

I have a knife in my bag.

A knife?

Couldn't you have gotten
traveler's checks?

This is not my bag.

This is what I've been
trying to tell you.

No, don't open the door.

I've got to get a knife

in my room.


Where are these killers, Dwayne?

I'm telling you,
I heard something.

So why haven't they
come up here yet?

They downstairs popping corn,
looking at TV?

Maybe they're waiting for
a commercial break to kill us.

I forgot about Ernest.

What if they find Ernest
and think he's me?

I think you just could not
stand the thought

of me and Julian
being up here alone.

But you're not going to ruin the
most important night of my life.

Georgetown asked you
to marry him?

Oh, please.

Then what?

What's the most
important night of...

Are you saying that you
never did the wild thing?

Don't be ridiculous!

I didn't think so.

I mean, you've been with
every good-looking man.

Excuse me.

Been with?

Just 'cause I'm not

one of your pinafore-wearing
digit brains you go out with

doesn't make me
the good-time girl.

Let me put it a different way.

Good night!

I was just saying
you've never actually done...


Okay, I'm a virgin.

Is that a sin?


I didn't think so.

Take it easy with that thing.

I've had it with you.

I just want you out of here now.

You got him!

Oh, my god!

He's got a gun.

Be calm.

Everybody, be calm.

Get him, Julian.

Kick him in the butt.

That's right.

You got him.



I didn't know which one
was going upside down

or the right time.

I'm so sorry.



Hold it!

No, you hold it!


Give me that bag.

It's all yours.

Let her go.

You know how to use
that thing, college girl?

Not really.

I'll kill her.

Drop it.

Where did you learn that?

Star Trek.

I took a three-state joyride
with the highway patrol

that would put James brown
to shame.

Ow! It felt good.

Can't believe I had
that thug's greasy palms

all over my neck.

This entire vacation
has been a nightmare.

Yeah, I'll say.

My bunions are killing me.

I'm never wearing
high-heel shoes again.

When you put on
a woman's panties

that's what happens.

It's not every day

a man gets to save
the woman he loves.

No, it isn't.

You gentlemen.

You know good and well
you didn't save me.

I saved you.



The big one came in.

I hit him on the head
with this candle holder.

Knocked him out
for five minutes.

She's right.

She took me out, too.

Thank you.

Could we talk about
something else?



I did knock him out, though.

I feel 100 percent better.

What did I miss?


This big dude came
into the bedroom.

I knocked him out
with a candlestick holder.

He was coming at me
with this bayonet...

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