A Different World (1987–1993): Season 3, Episode 23 - Getaway: Part 1 - full transcript

While on vacation, Dwayne and Ron gain possession of some drug peddlers' cash and drugs. Part 1 of two.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from. £

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Where are you going with that?


Why not take the whole bed?

Won't fit in the tent.

Why can't people just go home
for spring break?

Ernesto, ready to hit
the highway?

South Carolina, here we come.

What died?

No one cleaned out
the rental Van.

Got a can of de-funk?

I have after shave.

We want the Van to smell better.

Freddie likes the smell,
and that's all that counts.

How much are you bringing?

A five-gallon drum
and some soap on a rope.

Do it, stinky.

I plan to.

Ron Johnson
won't place his order

until he sees
the entire babe menu

specials and all.

Do it, studly.

I plan to.

And I plan to hook up

with the first
island girl I see.

Maybe the second.

In case the local dishes

aren't appetizing

I do have a contingency plan.

Our very own... Kim Reese.

She's cute.

She's going to be a doctor.

She knows her way
around the human body.

Gentlemen, let's do it.

Let's do it.
Let's do it.

Do it, girl.

If every guy on the island
turns out to be a squid

there's always Ron Johnson.

Nah, I'll stick with the squid.

Good move.

I think Ernest has plans
of his own this weekend.

What makes you think that?

He's been drowning himself
in that nasty after shave.

I can smell him
clear across the quad.

I like his Cologne.

Keep your nose off my man.

Well, ladies,
I'll be thinking about you.

While you're playing
spin-the-brut bottle

in your little grass lean-to

Julian and I will be luxuriating

in his parents' private condo

in Hilton head.

I guess you won't be
sending us any postcards

"wish you were here."

Not on this trip.

I forgot my Lenny kravitz tape.

Don't you mean
my Lenny kravitz tape?

Can I borrow it?

"Can I borrow it?"

Go ahead. Take it.

Take anything but my bed.

Have a good trip.

Drive safely.

I have my bikini,
my sarong, my suntan lotion.

I am ready.

We have to postpone our trip.

You can't postpone spring break.

It only comes once a year.

The director
of pan African union

wants me to go to D.C.
for a second interview.

I see.

Are you upset?



Not upset.


In fact

the truth is, I was torn

between spending
the week with you

as we planned

or hanging out
with my girlfriends

in their luxurious
island cabana.

Right, Kim?

Oh, yeah.

Her girlfriends
mean the world to her.

See? Don't even
worry about me.

You just to go D.C.

And you get that job.

Your work should come first.

You're really something.

She sure is.

Got to go.

I love you.

I hate him.

What time did you tell them
to be ready?


If you want a woman
ready at 10:00

you have to
tell her 9:00.

Yo, here it is.

I have marked
the highways, the byways

and, of course, my way.

We don't need a road map
to get to south Carolina.

Just hook a left
coming out of the parking lot

a right when you hit the ocean

and keep cranking till you see
"welcome to the peach state."

That's Georgia, man.


Does your family know
you're in college?

Give me the beach house number.

There's no phone.

Good. When you get in trouble

you can't call me.


So, whitley.

When are you and Georgetown
heading off to Hilton head?

Due to unforeseen circumstances

Julian finds himself
en route to D.C.

Therefore, I am spending
the week with you guys

in devil's island.

That's a shame.

Whitley, your plans
fell through.

Hey, Ron, isn't that a shame?

You owe me $79.50

not including gas and tolls.

Oh, Kim, let me get your bags.


Nice traveling outfit.

Nice curves.

"Ron, what a shame."

You have no shame.

You got me all wrong.

I'm devoid of all
lustful intent.

But once whitley sees me
in my Hawaiian shirt

there's no telling
what she'll do to me.

And I will not try to stop her.

£swing down, chariot's stopping
let me ride £

£ swing down, chariot's stopping
let me ride £

£ rock me, lord,
rock me, lord... £

all right, this is not
the gospel jubilee.

Forgive them, lord.

They know not how they sound.

The operative word is fun.

The word is humid.

Do you know how
my hair will look

in five minutes?

Like a bushwoman,
and I don't mean Barbara.

You brought your bathing cap...

Your mousse,
your gel, your wig...


Have fun

or I'm running that wig
up a flagpole.

That ferry ride did me in.

I'm not surprised.

You get seasick
on a rowing machine.

Ron, you really came through!

I love this place.

Oh, no.


Only five days left.

Don't forget five nights.

God, Ernest!

Let's unload this stuff.

Oh, no.

Got to go.

Yeah, I got to go, too.

I'm hitting the beach,
not the can.

Whoa, Don ho.

Not before you unload your bag.

This ain't "driving Mr. Lazy."

That's not my bag either.

This is my bag.

Now I've got some sand
to get between my toes.

When a woman sees a man
walking on the beach at sunset

she thinks he's sensitive.

I wish I had a dog.


What's up?

The only woman on the beach

was somebody's granny
on a clam dig.

Uh-oh. Looks like
it's time for plan "b."

Got that right.

If you can't find one to love

love the one you're with.

I hear you.

Would somebody do
something with this bag?

Ernesto, your beer.

You know, I really
admire artists

who write their own material

like smokey and simply red.

Simply red
simply borrowed that song.

Someone else recorded
"if you don't know me by now."

Harold Melvin and the bluenotes.

September 1972,
Philly international.

Lead singer, Teddy pendergrass.

I'm impressed.

There's more
where that came from...

Oh, remember this one?

£ I need love, love
to ease my mind £

"you can't
hurry love."

The supremes, motown records.

Number one for two weeks.

Go, Ron!

£ I need to find, find £

£ someone to call mine £

£ but mama said £

£ you can't hurry love,
no, you just have to wait £

come here, woman.

£ she said
love don't come easy £

£ it's a game of give and take £

£ ooh £

£ you can't hurry love £

£ ahh £

£ no, you just have to wait... £

I'm Diana.

£ no matter how long it takes £

£ but how many heartaches £

I love you all.

£ must I stand £

you ain't Mary Wilson.

£ before I find a love £

£ to let me live again? £

£ right now the only thing £

£ that keeps me hanging on £

£ when I feel my strength £

£ oh, is almost gone £

£i remember mama said
you can't hurry love £

Dwayne, switch!

£ no, you just have to wait £

wait a minute!

Wait a minute!

Our bag's not here.

That runt at the rental company

found it.

No, I think he told the truth.

Then why did you waste him?

I felt like it.

This is our man,
"Dwayne cleophus Wayne."


For his sake,
I hope that's a typo.

For his sake

I hope he hasn't messed
with our stuff.

It is so peaceful here.

Just listen to those waves.

Beg your pardon?

Anybody else want another brew?


No, thanks.

I got drunk once,
and once was enough.

I can't even watch cheers.

You have to build up capacity.

I can handle it.

I been drinking for a while.

Yeah, but you
can't handle walking.

I'm not drunk.

It's these fim swins.

Swim fins.

If you were sober,
you'd have on some shoes.

Ernest, I don't like you
when you're like this.

How you like me now?

Uh-oh, I recognize
that shade of green.

Give him room.

Gross! Gross!

Somebody should go in there
and see how he's doing.

Don't look at me.

He's your man.

You're the medical student.

Pre-med, and I am going to bed.

All right, I'll get him
a glass of water.

You thought he was cute first.

Nobody's cute
cuddling a commode.

Night, all.

You're not letting
one beer-drenched brother

ruin the party?

I repeat, "night, all."

I guess you're
turning in, too, partner?

Hell, no.

There's still three of us.

The few, the proud,
the party animals.

Ron, man...

How about a midnight stroll
on the beach?

Better yet,
a midnight skinny-dip.

Count me out.

I've already seen him naked.

Yeah, you have.

How about a game of outburst?

Outburst. Outburst!

You've had a long day.

I strongly suggest you go
upstairs and get some rest

before I tuck you in
with a brick.

I guess this isn't

the spring break
you had in mind.

I don't mind.

I don't need Julian to have fun.

Hey, there's a good attitude.

A very good attitude.

I'm with my friends.

Hey, friends are what count.

Sometimes I think

friends are just as
important as lovers.

Maybe even more so.

Did you say lovers?

Mama and daddy were married
for 25 years

and now they can't even
exchange three words

except "rot in hell."

That's too bad.

But mama and her best friend

have been through
everything together.

Friends are sensitive
to your needs.

Friends are caring.

So true.

So I don't really need Julian.

Not in the least.

You two look comfortable.

Yeah, we are.

You're on my bed.

Friends are so sensitive.

And so caring.

And exhausted.

Now beat it.

Ron, would you
get off my bed?!

I can't wait to see
the women of hillman calendar

in the flesh.

I am tired of going toe-to-toe
with this bag.

Just take it upstairs.

Do I have to do
every damn thing?

I arranged the trip,
I navigated.

I entertained the women.

This is too heavy
to be whitley's.

It must be whitley's.

Look at all the money.

This is not whitley's.

They're hundreds.

Hundreds of hundreds.

Brother, we're rich!

We're bound to have women!

You're tripping, man.

We can't keep this.

Possession is nine-tenths
of the law.

Don't say possession.

Whoa, let me see that.

Come on.

What are you doing?

This isn't lik-m-aid!

I'm trying to see what it is.

You've never done drugs.


What good will it do
for you to taste it?

From now on,
you're not watching wiseguy.

How do you know this is drugs?

You don't make this kind of
money pushing foot powder.

There's a ferry in half hour.

We'll take this to the police.

Let me hold the money again.

Hold it all the way
to the police station.

Where are the Van keys?

Do I know everything?!

Where did you put the keys?

You find them.

You want me to find them?

Find what?

The Van keys.
The Van keys.

Freddie hid them from Ernest.

He was too zonked to drive.


Around the island.

Where did she put the Van keys?

Knowing Freddie,
they could be anywhere.

Why do you need the Van?

We found this bag...

This bag full of pajamas.

We have to take it to
the police... lost and found.

Some people feel uncomfortable
sleeping naked.

I don't.

Do you?

I'll tell Freddie
you need the keys.


Is that cover-up
covering up a bikini?

No, I'm naked.

Okay, we're not
waiting for anybody.

We'll hotfoot it to the mainland

take this to the police
and get rid of it.

Do you think she's really naked?

Let's go!

We won!

Way to go!

We're bad.

Watch out, baby.

Paul is not a good loser.

He'll get used to it.

What do you gentlemen do
when you're not on vacation?

We're sales reps
for a pharmaceutical company.


That means you must
travel a lot.

Yeah, we get around.

We cover the border states

and occasionally get down
to South America.

I've always wanted to see
the rain forest.

Would anyone like
any more coffee?

No para me.

I never touch the stuff.

Caffeine's a very bad habit.

Ooh, you're right.

I should switch to herbal tea.

I'll take that.

Thank you.

My pleasure.

This house is pretty isolated.

Aren't you women
afraid of being alone?

We're not alone.

We've got men with us.

They're not with us with us.

They're just with us.

They're not even men.

They're just our men friends.

Do I make you nervous?


Not at all.

I just remembered.

I'm supposed to look for some
Van keys for my men friends.

Where they going?

To the police.

The police?

They found some guy's bag.

They want to return it.

The contents valuable?

Probably some guy's pajamas.

Eric and I are going
to the mainland later.

We'll take it.

You might have to
if I can't find these keys.

£ da da da. £

we'll take it anyway.

Save your men friends a trip.

Dwayne and Ron would
really appreciate it.

No problem.

Where's the bag?

I haven't seen it.

I will look for it

on one condition.

That you and Eric
will stay for lunch.

We've been invited to lunch.


Hmm, great.

I'm starved.

You mind if we
shower and change first?

No, go right upstairs.

Nuestra casa es su casa.

Muchas gracias, Linda.

Are they cute or what?

Did you see Eric's arms?

Schwarzenegger has nothing
on this man.

He sells drugs, too

which means he's in
the medical profession!

I thought he was obnoxious.


He don't even know your name.

"Linda" is Spanish for pretty.

In that case, he's pretentious.

Tell that boy he's in
North America now.

Speak English.

What's her problem?

Sounds like the fifth wheel
squeaking to me.

Er, er, er, er.

Ladies, we came down here
to spend time with each other.

What do you two do?

You go off and glom on the first
male bodies that say hi.

Yes, but what bodies!

Hi, Ernest.

Care to join us for
a little lasagna today?

This is it.

Our home away from home.

This is my uncle's house.

You know he overcharged you.

I'd have paid double
to meet you.

You did.

How could you be playing
love connection

while we're in the middle
of the French connection?

It's not my fault...

That we missed the ferry.

Yes, it is.

You wouldn't try to jump.

Did you see how far
that boat was from the docks?

Shamu the whale
couldn't have made that leap.

It wasn't the last ferry,
so chill, homes

while I heat things up.

After you, my island flower.


It's not under this bed either.

It's got to be
in here somewhere.

Did I tell you Kim's pre-med?

She looks good.

All that and brains, too.

She wants me.

We've got other things
to worry about.

Besides, they know
nothing about the drugs.

If those punks sold our stuff,
they're dead.

What if we don't find the bag?

Then we wait for
Dwayne cleophus Wayne.

Ron, I don't want to impose.

Impose? Don't be ridiculous.

Do you mind
whipping up lunch for one more?

Ron, any woman with you
is more than welcome

to stay for lunch.


Heck, stay all week.

Can I help you somehow?

You can toss Ron's salad.

She already has.

There are two guys
searching our stuff.

We met them on the beach.

They're probably looking
for towels.

Don't think so.

They're sweet.

They offered
to turn in that bag.

Tell them they don't have to.

We took it and we left.

Got that?

Got it.

The Van keys.

They're right there.

They were.

We got to run.

You don't leave a woman when
she's getting ready to cook.

What about lunch?

Where are they going?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Ron invites me here

then leaves me dusty and rusty
on the shelf.

This man is not right.

I like her.

You don't have to take
that bag to the police station.

Dwayne and Ron
just left with it.

Would you like some...


Wrigley's spearmint chewing gum
and nbc.

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