A Different World (1987–1993): Season 3, Episode 2 - The Heat Is On - full transcript

Whitley's avoidance of math classes threatens her chances of graduating.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from £

Walter, that felt so good.

I'm getting hot all over again.

I'll be back when I'm done
at the library

because I know

I'll be hot all over again.

You know where to find me.

"I'm getting hot
all over again"?

Another thrilling evening
with Mr. Softy, ladies?

I'd rather spend my time
with ice cream and books

than Lance Granger.

Mr. Maytag.

Mr. Maytag?

That's what they call him
over at Libby hall.

Because kissing him

is like going through
the rinse cycle.


Hi. Bye.

Hold it.

Walter, I'm going to be late for
my date.

The math department
called me again.

You still haven't fulfilled
your requirement.

I wish they'd stop harassing me.

They have.

Now it's my turn.

Sign up for math.

I have endured three years
of academic torture here.

Haven't I learned enough?

You're right.

Why am I bothering you?

I should be on the phone
with the pope.

Yo, pope, if you're looking
for a Saint

forget mother teressa

I know a woman
who has truly suffered.

Whitley of hillman.

Got to wear shabby rags
from saks fifth Avenue

and for the last three years
been driving the same Mercedes.

Whitley, his holiness is crying.

I am not spending my senior year

in a classroom
full of pimply freshmen.

You don't have to sit with them.

You can stand on your head.

You can assume the lotus

just take the class

or on graduation night

you'll be working
behind the concession stand.

And just so you know, I like
extra relish

on my hot dog.

What are you doing?

I'm keeping my silk dry.

Do me a favor.

Show me how you use this stuff.

Brother, either I did not
hear you correctly

or you need a class
in remedial hygiene.

Please, I'm trying
to prove a point.

I wonder about you sometimes.

Maybe that last roach bomb

killed off some
of your brain cells.

You're the reason

we go through three a week.

You use too much.

This is a normal amount.

They wrapped king tut
in less than that.

That's the way
my family does it.

Then mummify your hand
when you go home at Christmas.

Come on, we'll be late
for the concert.

We're taking the girls
to a movie.

We were, but with my juice and
$76, we are now taking them

to see branford marsalis
at the palace.

No applause.

Just $38 for tickets.

Ron, I don't have the money.

Come on, Mr. Big summer
corporate intern.

Spread that kinishewa cash.

I have expenses I didn't
have last year.

I have to pay for utilities,
bus fare.

I got to buy you toilet paper.

Besides, I have to help
my cousin Rosie

buy her wedding dress.

What's 30 bucks?

Three yards of fabric,
and Rosie needs all she can get.

Is it my fault
that your cousin is a heifer?

That's not the point

and don't you ever call anybody
in my family a heifer again.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I got 20 bucks.

I'll give you the rest later.

Save it for cappuccino

20 bucks?

Where are we going
for cappuccino?


No, leave them on,
otherwise we'll come back

to the great roach stampede.

We killed off all the roaches.

The mutants survived.

You know how ladies feel
about roaches.

Ah, roaches!

Lord, would you stop
crowding my counter?

And simmer down.

You're not at the racetrack.

Mr. Gaines

you're skimping
on the tater tots.

And you're charging almost twice
as much as you did last year.

You want it your way?

Go to burger king.

No, you stay here.

I'll go to burger king

because they got
air conditioning

and those nice,
little apple pies.

I sure could use one right now.

I hate this place.

What's he to you?

I spent my entire morning

in the financial aid office,
which should be retitled

the office of "we don't care,
that's your problem."

They didn't have your check?


When I asked what the
holdup was, you know
what she said?

She said

"excuse me honey chilid, your
name begins with 'w' and we have
a backlog."

I said what am I supposed to do

she said, "get another name
and leave me alone. Next."

I have news

that will cheer you up
and cool you down.

Air conditioners on sale.

It will be hot
for another two weeks.

If we had air conditioning

maybe the ladies
would stick to us

instead of the furniture.

You want to eat it here?

Let's take it back to your place

because I am really hot.

Even dogs take a breather
in this heat.

You can't hide
from the math department.

Colonel Taylor.

How nice to see you.

Got to go.

Got a dance class.

You must be good.

You've waltzed around
your math requirement

for three years.

Now it's time to face the music

in my class.

In your class?

The easy classes fill up quick.

You got to face
Dr. War.

But I'm an art history major.

Besides, we've let it
slide this long.

Can't we just let it slide away?

No, we can't.

My class.

3:00 P.M., Monday.

So the probability of event e
equals k over m.

All right.

Now, let's see if we can't find

the probability
of getting an "a"

in my course.

There are 15 of you.

Let's say that I'm giving out
five a's and ten b's.

I was expressing my joy.

Calm down.

The man never gives a's.

Oh, well, I am still
very, very happy

to be in your class,
Dr. Taylor.

And we're very happy
to have you here.

Ms. Gilbert,
awake and think.

I'm feeling rather poorly.

Oh, well then what better way

to get that adrenaline pumping

than a bout
before the firing squad.

Up to the board with you.

Yesterday I sprained
my right hand.

Use your left.

Come on.

Could you restate that problem?

Five a's

ten b's

probability of getting an "a."

Thank you.

Five over ten.


Bang, bang, I'm dead.

First math casualty
of the semester.

Next class,
I want the answer to this.

Five over fifteen.

Therefore, one out of three
get an "a", sir.

Well, thank you.

Just do the work
in your syllabus.

All right?

And do it at home.

All right, class dismissed.

Ms. Gilbert.

I'd like less flippancy,
more effort

and you might get a tutor.

No, I might not.

I've never had a tutor
in my life.

You might find one helpful.

I don't need help.

I need to be released
from this decimal dungeon.

Ms. Gilbert,
math is everywhere.

Let's say you're doing
your income taxes.

My accountant does it.

You want to double-check
his figures.

My husband checks it.

Chauncey is out of town.

I would never marry
a man named chauncey.

Okay, it's April 15th
and Michael..?

Michael is away in Nigeria.

My lawyer will review the forms.

You can't afford to pay him.

You've been fleeced
by your accountant

because you didn't
understand his figures.

Colonel Taylor

I appreciate
what you're trying to do

but the only math problem
I'll ever have to solve

is how many batteries
will it take

to put in
my little pocket calculator?

Whitley, you're not
the first student

to be intimidated by math.

I'm not intimidated.

I just don't like
wasting my time.

Then let me give you
one more math problem.

If student "w"
does not pass this course

what is the probability

that student "w"
will not graduate?

You take all the time you need

to figure that one out.

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Of two rents.

I'd like to

but my financial aid check
has been held up.

Ah! Tell me about it, man.

Oh, hi.

You should make money off her.

She doesn't know a thing.

I am not here
to be tutored, Ernie.

Hi, Dwayne.

Hey, whitley.

Um, I brought you
something to beat the

Ernie, you think
you can pay me for the last



Oh. Whatever it is,
it's cool.

The truth is

I could use
a little consultation

in the area of mathematics

for which I'm willing to pay
$25 a session.

Twenty-five dollars?!

Whitley, nobody's that dumb.

You grossly underestimate
the value of your time.

$25, that's steep.

I couldn't live with myself

if I charged you
anything over, say, $22.50.


Okay, let's hit it.


It's the last five exercises

in chapter two.


It's a breeze.


Where you going?

You don't need me.

Just drop it off
when you finish.

Whitley, I'm a tutor.

This is not
"homework hut, we deliver."

Oh, sure.

Be a goody-two-shoes.

This is simple, basic math, you
can handle this.

I have some simple,
basic math for you.

$50 an hour.


Think what you can do
with $75 an hour.


Okay, Mr. Extortionist.

Take advantage of a woman

who's tied
to the railroad tracks

of academic distress.

One hundred dollars.

An hour?!

No... no!

Whitley, no! I'm not gonna do
your homework for you.

I'll be happy to tutor you.

I do not need a tutor!

Why can't I get that

through everybody's thick skull?

And give me my sherbet back.

Would you come
and sit over here?

You're blocking the breeze.

There is no breeze.

Besides, it's too hot to move.

Not for some people.

Walter and jaleesa
have been in there since lunch.

Since breakfast.

That's disgusting.

Oh, yeah.

How does that feel?

Like heaven, baby.

Partner! Tonight we
declare war on heat.

I got rocky road ice cream

and our new, deluxe,
compact fan.

It's a little rusty but...

Hey, how did it get so cool
in here?

Because the war on heat
has been won.

Take that deluxe fan

back to the trash bin
you found it under.

Ron, tell me they were
giving these away at the

instead of calendars.

Of course not.

It was on sale at radio Rob's,

and brother, it's your brand, a

Couldn't you think talk to me

before shelling out this cash?

Did you think talk to me

before you bought
that rust-blowing machine?

But that was only three bucks.

I hope so.

Ron, for two weeks

we could have lived with it.

But now what?

We're out $100?

Actually, $176.90.

You'er unbelievable. Ron, I live
on a budget.

There you go,
beating that budget bongo.

Oh, that's good, that's good
coming from Richie rich.

Richie rich?

Well, I'd rather be Richie rich

than Mr. Tater tot
toilet paper tabulator.

Are you calling me cheap?

Yea. Matter of fact, I can
see it now.

You'll be c.E.O.
Of kinishewa electronics.

And just like Howard Hughes,
too cheap to get a
dollar haircut.

You'll have dreadlocks
down to your toes, boy.

The only money you'll spend
is on a monthly flea bomb

and then you gonna wonder
why you don't have a woman.

Well, I wouldn't set a flea bomb
off in your house.

It would kill your wife.

I'm not going to look

at your rusty, scrooge behind

for another minute.

You don't like
the air conditioner, you get

Well you know what?

I'm going.


But you forgot something.

No. No I am not going to do
your math for you

at any price.

Doesn't anyone respond

to the call of dollars anymore?

No wonder this nation's
in decline.

Ms. Gilbert,
I've been looking for you.

Colonel Taylor, good evening...

And good night.

No, no, wait.

I need ato ask a favor of you.

Now, uh, I'm going to attend
the father-daughter dance

at delta sigma theta

and I need to learn the, uh...

What do I have here?

Ah, yes.

The Roger rabbit, running man

hip hop, and DC hammer.

Mc hammer.

Mc hammer, I knew I found
the right woman.

Why don't you
ask your daughter, Suzanne to
help you?

Oh no, no, I want to
surprise her.

Ok now, I wanna start with the
Roger rabbit.

I think I've got a bead on that.

Here we go.

Something like this, right?

You're serious, aren't you?

You ever see me with walk
around campus wit a boom box
before, huh?

It's really not
all that complicated.

Um, you just extend
your right leg

then you bring it back.

Release and step,
release and step. And
one and two,

and one and two...

Wait a minute.

You're not trying to solve
some mathematical problem
behind my back are you?

How am I doing?

Um, not quite so chicken-like.

Pitiful, right?

Hmm. Yeah, go ahead, you can say

Eh, that's why I've avoided
lessons all of my life.

You know my wife used to say

she wanted to marry
a man who danced.

And last month she did.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Ah, that's alright.
It's what happens

when you refuse to ask for help.

Colonel Taylor,
why are you doing this?

W-Why do you care
if I learn math or not?

Because I refuse to see
an intelligent woman

pout her way to an "f."

I can't help it.

It's just when it comes to math,
I'm dumbo.

Oh, you wouldn't be
if you'd let somebody help you.

I'm not supposed to need help.

According to whom?

I was doing just fine in math
until the fourth grade.

Then we hit fractions.

And I asked my mama and daddy
to help me

and they said,
"you're smart enough.

Figure it out."

But I never did.

You mean, you're willing not to
graduate from college

because your parents wouldn't,
or could not help you

with your fourth-grade homework?

Oh, whitley.

Get a tutor.

Yes, sir.

All right.

Now, back to my tutoring.

Well, better take off
that jacket.

This will be a long night.

Five, six, seven, eight,
and one, and two.

Double up.

Oh, my goodness.

The war finally
took the boy's mind.

Hey, what did you do
to my air conditioner?

I didn't touch it.

I only bought a kinishewa
because of you.

Next time I'm going to sears.

Smoke! Fire!

Call 911.

Quick! Where's the phone?

We need the fire department.

Good thinking.

Thank you.

I still say
you acted like a jackass.

No, no you acted like a
Man, I don't know what you're
talking about.

You want some ice cream?

I'll get some spoons.



Just remember

to stay on your side
of the carton.

You got all the marshmallows.

Then we'll switch sides.

Well, now you got
all the almonds.

All right.

So what we have here
is a sampling of 1,000 voters

and a breakdown
of their opinions

concerning the stealth bomber.

I for one
oppose the squandering of funds

for the creation
of these instruments of death.

Throughout the third world

there is a pressing need
for food, education, housing.

Surely these conditions...

Oh, I'm sorry.

You teaching math.

The probability
that I should be silent

is hundred percent.

No, no, it's quite all right.

We want to hear your views
and we will

as soon as um, Ms. Gilbert
tells us the probability

that an African-American
opposes the bomber

using this data.

I got that tutor.

Oh, well, good.

Let's find out how good he is.

Now, what formula would you use?

I would use probability
of e equals k over m.

Right, right.

And in this case,
what does "k" represent?

Total number
of African-Americans.

Come on, now, think.

By the time she figure it
out, the stealth bomber
will be a dinosaur

once again, Mr. Bennett,
contributing to noise pollution
as usual.

This time he's right.

No, he is not right.

Now, almost every student
in this class has had a less
than shining moment

at the board

and those who haven't, will.

I assure you.

Now, Ms. Gilbert
has temporarily lost her way.

Let's help her find it
by praying for her.


Yes, you especially.

Now bow those heads
and ask the lord

to help this student.

Come on, now, Ms. Gilbert.

What is "k"?

The number of African-Americans

who oppose the bomber.


And "m" is...

"M" is...

Well now.
"M" is...

Come on, she's hesitating,

You're not praying hard enough.

Total number of voters.

Come on, now, class,
you're losing her.

Put those hands together
and pray a little harder, class.

Come on, now, think, girl.

Think, girl.

Think of what "m" represents

Ms. Gilbert.



We are looking

for African-American
opponents of the bomber

among all
African-American voters.

Right, now, right.

"M" equals...

Yes, ma'am.

African-American democrats...


Plus all African-American

And what is that number?

Um... 50 plus 200...

Come on with it now.
Come on with it now.

Oh, 250.

What you say?

So probability of e
equals 215 over 250.

I divide by five.

Keep those hands together now

We're almost home.

Okay, 43 out of 50

oppose the stealth bomber.


I got it right.

Yes, ma'am.

I got it right!


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