A Different World (1987–1993): Season 3, Episode 16 - A World Alike - full transcript

Freddie and transfer student Julian's plans to protest South African apartheid cause Kim to reconsider accepting a needed scholarship.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from. £

I come downstage,
and you follow me downstage

for 16 counts of this

and then everything
goes into blue.

Then I have eight counts of...

Excuse me.

Excuse me!

I'm trying to Mark my steps.

Can you pipe down?

I would be happy
to comply with your wishes...

Thank you.

If I understood them.

Never mind.

Erika, can I have
some music, please?

Wait, wait.

Your Alvin ailey dance
tribute is too long.

Do you expect me
to compact Mr. Ailey's work

into a measly five minutes?


Four would be better.

All right, Erika, hit it.


Thank you.

Got you covered, babe.

£ Wade in the water £

£ Wade in the water, children £

£ Wade in the water £

£ nothing's gonna
trouble the water £

£ Wade in the water... £


Dwayne, the spot's over here.

Oh, just changing bulbs.

£ nothing's gonna
trouble the water £

£see that man
all dressed in white £

£ nothing's gonna
trouble the water £

£ looks like a man
of the israelites £

£ nothing's gonna
trouble the water £

£ see that man
all dressed in red £

£ nothing's gonna
trouble the water £

£ looks like the man
that Moses led £

£ nothing's gonna
trouble the water £

£ Wade in the water... £


Um... that looks like
an ailey composition.

Not exactly.

It's my tribute
to Mr. Ailey.

You're familiar with his work?


I'm Julian.


You don't look like a whitley.

Who do I look like?

I think Camille.

That's beautiful.

Then it's appropriate.

How come I haven't
seen you around campus before?

I'm an exchange student
from Georgetown.

You look very mature
to be an undergraduate student.

I took two years off

to research post-colonial
economic development

in Nigeria and Senegal.


After grad school

I'm going into
the diplomatic corps

state department.

I'd be proud
to have you serving...

You, by the stage!

Yeah, you, curly.

Could you back up a little?

You're casting a shadow.

Yo, twinkletoes.

Not you.

Have you seen Freddie Brooks?

Why do you want her?

We're on a committee...
Students against apartheid.

She mixed up our fliers
with these programs.

Julian, the programs.

I'm so sorry.

That's okay.

How's the research coming?

What research?

A list of companies with
holdings in South Africa

so we can boycott them.

A boycott!


Just tell me
what I shouldn't buy.

Do you need any
extra envelope stuffers?

What? You never...

I never miss

an opportunity
to get involved...

In any capacity.

Come to our next meeting.

When is it?

As soon as Freddie
finishes the list.

Avanti, Freddie.

Let us not hold freedom hostage
to procrastination.

The fliers are backstage.

Nice meeting you, whitley.

Welcome to hillman...


Yo, whitley!

Get moving, or you'll have
to flick your own bic.

Did I say cue the music?

Thank you.

Walter, I want to check csf
and orange glow.

We've already
checked those companies.

They divested.

I checked these annual reports

out of the graduate library

on my card.

Don't lose them.

Don't take them out this door.

Just read them here.

Who knows?
You might get a date.

Winnifred Brooks,
who was that man

and why have you
kept him hidden?



Does he live alone?

Whitley, I don't
have time for this.

I've got to finish
my boycott list.

You and your list.

Don't you ever think
of anybody but yourself?

Ladies, humble friends,
meet a recipient

of the Charles drew
pre-medical scholarship!

Awarded by the Harrelson
pharmaceutical company

to extraordinary

brilliant students.

This is fantastic!

Kim, I'm so ecstatic for you.

You have to be almost perfect

to get that scholarship.

They also gave me a job
in their research department.

No more slinging hash
for Mr. Gaines.

Good-bye, hairnet.
Hello, lab coat.

Isn't that nice?

Does Julian live
on or off campus?

I have to tell Mr. Gaines
I quit.

He's probably going
to put black armbands

on the chili dogs.

Okay, Freddie.

Give me the lowdown.

Where is he from?

What do his parents do?

Does he have a girlfriend?

Mr. Gaines?

Don't talk to me

unless the Berlin wall
is going back up

or they discontinued dippity-do.

I guess it hasn't
been a good day.

That butterfingers,
Clarence peale

spilled dishwashing liquid
all over my ground round.

I'm sure he didn't mean to.

The boy tried
to wipe the meat off.

I looked at the grill
and saw bubbles in my burgers

after I ate one.

Montezuma is going
to take his revenge tonight.

What do you want?

Well, sir, I've come to
give you two weeks' notice.

Notice of what?

I got offered a position
at Harrelson pharmaceuticals.

Too bad.
You already have a job.

I promise
I will train my replacement

to be just as efficient as I am.

You'd have better luck
training fleas not to jump.

Clarence peale,
leave my brillo pads alone.

I don't want steel wool
in my tuna melts.

You still have me
for another two weeks.

Don't turn freakish
on me in the end.

I want your mind in this kitchen

not at Harold and sons
farm supplies.

Harrelson pharmaceuticals.

Do they make good cotton swabs?

The brand velma use
has skimpy tips.

They hurt my ears.

I'll look into it.

And thank you for understanding.


Brother, brother.

To the northwest
and heading south.

Brick house alert.


Stay cool now.

I only caught the rear view.

This could be a classic case

of dreamboat body
and shipwreck face.

Come on, turn around.

Turn around, baby.

Homey, I got a foolproof plan.


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What are we reading?

Oh, de tocqueville.

En francais, no less.

Oui, ma belle.

What do you study?

Art history.

What area?

French and American paintings
of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Let me guess.

You're a renoir lover.


Those pink ladies have adorned
too many cheap chocolate boxes.

I like rodin.



Because his sculpture has such
movement and power and...


That, too.

His model and lover

was a brilliant sculptress
in her own right.

Was she?

And her name was Camille.


Well, Julian,
since vous parlez francais

why don't you
join our French table.

We meet every Thursday night.

Why don't we have
our own French table?

Why not, indeed?

Dinner, tomorrow night.


I'll pick you up
at 7:00?

7:00 it is.

I live in Gilbert.

A demain, Julian.

A demain, Camille.


What is he,
a Muslim or something?

You just can't go changing
a woman's name like that.

Ron, let it go.

No, man!
This is disgusting!


Wearing jeans?

I'm calling your mother.

Kim, be happy for me and Julian.

From our very first hello

something inside me said,
"this is right."

And you don't hear that
when you're with Dwayne?

Oh, with Dwayne, I...

I don't know.

He's so... sweet.

I hate that in a guy.

You know what I mean.

I don't want a man
to bare his soul to me

like he's whipping off
his undershirt.

I want him to reveal it slowly

but surely.

Are we talking about love
or striptease?

Maybe both.

I don't know, girl.

I made a discovery

that's going to rock this casbah
to its foundation.

Whitley's wearing jeans
on a date.

She is?

This is bigger.

Orange glow soda company

the largest employer
of hillman students

has not divested
from South Africa.

Yes, they did.

They lied.

They still own
the bottling plant there.

If you need help
with the boycott

I'm with you.

I'll forfeit my daily can

of tangelo fizz.

This is a lot bigger than soda.

They built our library.

They support our chemistry lab.

That's Harrelson pharmaceutical.

A fully owned subsidiary
of orange glow.

So orange glow funds

the Charles drew
pre-medical scholarship?

That's right.

My scholarship.

Kim, I'm sorry.

Said the iceberg to the Titanic.

You have the tact and timing
of a bulldozer.

It's not her fault.

Yes, it is!

We'll pretend we didn't
have this conversation.

I will not withhold the truth.

Besides, I told
the school paper.


Kim, just ignore her.

Go right on and enjoy
your scholarship.

If she keeps it.

She will keep it.

Won't you?

I don't know.

You have worked too hard

to throw this away
on some idealistic whim.

Like protesting the fact

that 28 million
black South Africans

don't have the right to vote?

So you think that
the president of South Africa

is going to say

"Kim Reese
gave up her scholarship."

"I feel terrible."

"Let's let all the black people
go to the polls"?

It's a gesture of solidarity.

It's symbolic.

It's dumb!

If I don't keep this scholarship

I'll have to work two jobs.

My parents are tapped out.

Kim, I'll help you
any way I can.

I can sell incense...

I'm sure that's how
the surgeon general

financed her education.

Knock, knock, whitley,
your date is downstairs

and he is looking tasty.


He's early.

Girl, you better hurry up.

The sharks are already circling.

She's keeping it.

Salut, Julian.

You look good.

Sorry I'm early

but I just found out

orange glow soda company...

Hasn't divested
from South Africa.

Isn't that terrible?

As a result,
the students against apartheid

are meeting tonight.

Can I have a rain check
on our date?

Of course.

I'm glad you understand.

I hope the school shows
the same responsibility

when we ask them
to cut their financial ties.

When you say,
"cut financial ties"

you don't mean scholarships?

I mean everything.

But, Julian...

My roommate was just
awarded a scholarship

from orange glow.

I'm sorry.

Can I count on you?

What for?

Not to ask the students

to give their scholarships back.

I sympathize with your
roommate's situation

but I can't do that.

Why not?

We can't accept money

from a company
that supports a system

based on racial segregation
and exploitation.

Kim didn't create apartheid.

Why should she suffer?

We all have a responsibility

to the brothers and sisters
in South Africa.

I don't even know them.

I know Kim!

How can you be so shortsighted?

And what grand sacrifice
have you made, Julian?

Are you giving up a scholarship?

You are completely
missing the point.

I've hit it.

I'm not on financial aid, either

but I don't dictate
the social responsibilities

of those who are.

I am not.

Sounds like it.

You're not listening.

Because you're blowing hot air.

Think about it.

You'll realize that I'm right.


No, I won't.

And your rain check
just bounced, buddy.

Ahem! How's it going,

Bounce, bounce, bounce.

It is clear to us
that the reforms undertaken

by the South African government

in the last five years

are a direct result

of international
economic pressures.

Sanctions work!

We must force orange glow
to divest now!

They lied to us.

Let's storm
the executive offices!

Sit your butt down.

Students against apartheid
proposes an immediate

and total boycott
of all orange glow products.

I'm for that.


In addition

hillman must cut
all financial ties

with orange glow.

Whoa, Julian.

How do we do that?

Give the library back
book by book?

What about people
who are paying their tuition

with jobs from orange glow?

What about scholarships?

We don't need the oppressor's
filthy orange money!

Ron, not so fast.

That orange money
funds the engineering lab.

We'll replace their dollars
with alumni dollars.

They support
the athletic programs.

Have you seen the gym?

We listen to you,
we won't have a school.

So you're saying

close our eyes
and take orange glow's money?

No, rap brown.

I'm saying ask for more.

Orange glow misled us.

Let them make it up to us.

Let's get more scholarships
out of them.

Make them bring more
South African students here.

And create more lackeys
for the system?

If we accept funds
from a corrupt company

what does that make us?

College graduates!

And in the case of my roommate

Kimberly Reese,
a brilliant doctor.

Whitley, not now.

I support divestment

but we shouldn't give up
our scholarships

to achieve it.



My education
is funded by the factory

in which my father
has toiled all his life

for 17 cents an hour.

Once I've completed my studies

I will go home
to carry on the struggle.

But I can never go home.

At 13, I was arrested
for protesting in soweto.

Many of my friends
died in those protests.

We may not agree
on how to address the problem

but we must agree
to do something.

Right on!

Fight the power!

Fight that power, man!

Wait a minute.

Kobie, if we Americans use
orange glow's blood money

to get an education

how do the people
of South Africa benefit?

By the example of your triumph.

When you grow up
in a South African township

all you see is poverty.

You eat rotten food.

You breathe foul air.

Then you see the white suburb

where the air is clean...

The houses so beautiful.

You ask yourself why is it so

and the only logical answer

seems to be that,
as a black person

squalor and shame
are all that you deserve.

Didn't you know any black people
who lived decently?

Any at all?

Whitley, you see

you cannot even conceive of it.

And until I came here

I could not conceive
of people like you.

Neither could we.

Your ancestors once counted
for three-fifths of a person.

But today

you submit candidates
for the presidency.

Here, I learned
that the way it is

is not the way it has to be.

So, you're saying
it all works itself back?


In light of what's been said

I suggest we ask hillman

to put orange glow
on a timetable

to withdraw from South Africa.

Their timetable is not
the same as ours.

Their timetable is p.D.Q.!

You don't have to thank me.

I just did
what needed to be done.

I'm not taking the scholarship.

Why? Kobie said
you can keep it

and he's African.

If I do

I'll know that
I should have taken a stand.

How are you going to manage?

I have to, so I will.

A full course load?
Two jobs?

Oh, my gosh!

My job!

Mr. Gaines!

But, Kim, kobie said
you can't give it up!

You didn't listen.

My roommate is giving up
her scholarship.

I guess she thought
you were right.

I'm not sure I was.

You weren't,
but you were arrogant.

And you were presumptuous
and narrow-minded.

You were cold-hearted
and insensitive.

Will you have dinner with me?


£ zembe sigaule £

£ woza woza £

£ yelelema £

£ woza woza £

£ sigaule £

£ woza woza £

£ yelelema £

£ woza woza £

£ sigaule... £

Mr. Gaines?


You're going to think I'm crazy

but I want my job back.


See, Harrelson

Help me seal this.

"Orange glow soda company"?

You're sending back the syrup?

Won't be buying it again

until those people
straighten up and fly right.

When you're finished taping that

wipe off the counter.

Thank you, sir.

Clarence peale

I don't pay you to stand there

and smell ammonia bottles.

This is not "the cleaning fluid
of the month club."

Get him out of here.

And while you're in there,
fire me up a burger.

And don't skimp on the cheese.

£ hulala hulala hulala £

£ hem hem £

£ hulala hulala hulala £

£ hem hem... £

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