A Different World (1987–1993): Season 2, Episode 5 - Three Girls Three - full transcript

Jalessa and Whitley are given the chance to become back-up singers for Gladys Knight.

£ I know my parents love me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from £

£ it was you, baby, baby £

£ what did you do, baby, baby? £

Leslie, come out of there.

I'm rehearsing.

£ ooh, baby, baby £

Gladys knight won't pick you.

I've heard garbage trucks
sound better.

You don't need a good voice
to be a backup singer.

You need presence.

I've got it.

Then take it with you.

I got them!

Two tickets
to the Gladys knight concert.

These seats are so good
Gladys will be able to see me.

And, of course, Dwayne.

He's going with you?


As soon as I ask him.

Jaleesa, are we planning

to audition
for Ms. Knight?

We might.

I think you should.

Your voice is perfectly suited

to sing backup.

I take it you're not trying out.

It is not my ambition
to tell my grandchildren

I was pip for a day.

Oh, is that so?

Then how come I saw you
at the record store

buying sheet music
for "midnight train to Georgia"?

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All right.

Well, jaleesa,
we don't like each other

but our voices sure do.


While everybody else
is auditioning solo

we should go in as a duo

teamwork and Harmony

and wipe the floor
with everybody else.

Afraid you won't win
by yourself?

Okay, fine.

Dreadful idea.

You're telling me.

You sing alto, right?

Mezzo-soprano, actually

but my range is amazing.

You're not a bad
choreographer either.

The word's

I could make us
some fierce costumes.

If you don't let
your personal taste

affect your selection.

All right, we're a duo.

A winning duo.


How about a trio?


What a fitting name that is

for one who sings like an angel.

Thank you.


are you auditioning for Gladys?

I'm not into pop.

I study opera.

Oh, what a shame.

I guess Gladys' loss
is madame butterfly's gain.

This concert's
for unicef, isn't it?

No, the u.N.C.F...

The united negro college fund.

That's such a good cause.

Maybe I will try out.

Angela, I just had
a stroke of genius.

I think jaleesa and I

could expand our duet
to accommodate you.

Would you?

This concert's all about
people helping people.




You're on the concert committee.

I have no tickets
or backstage passes.

No, you cannot
meet Ms. Knight

or know the location
of her hotel.

I don't want that.

No free t-shirts.

Does Dwayne have
tickets to the concert?

No, he doesn't.


Thank you.

Dwayne doesn't have tickets.

Oh, good.

Now go ask him.

Right here?

In front of all these people?

I could ask everybody to leave.

Ron-o, that backstage pass
you're getting me?

Why don't you give it to me now

so I can look important
for a few days.

Listen, partner, bad news.

I couldn't get a backstage pass.

This is a lesson.

When you said,
"I'll take care of you"

I should have grabbed
my sleeping bag

and cuddled up next
to the ticket booth.

Put your worry beads away.

Your name's on
my v.I.P. Waiting list.

You're as good as in.

Hey, who is this Lola babe

and why is her name
ahead of mine?

She's a senior.

You're going to sell out
your man to get some play?

I would never do that.

Trust me, man.

You're going to the concert.

That's all I want to hear.

Tell me one thing.

Can you work a spotlight?


You just have to plug it in

and shine it on the woman.

Yeah, I could do that.


Going to the concert?

Not only am I going,
I am the lighting coordinator.

I guess I'll see you there.

If I spot you in the crowd

I'll throw a few watts your way.

I'll look forward to it.


So not only am I going alone

there will be a big light on me
so everyone will know.

this design is delicious.

I hope Gladys has the good sense

not to wear something
that will clash.

If she doesn't

we'll have to do
the concert without her.

Come in.

Sorry I'm late.

That's all right.

Let's get started.

Okay, these are the lyrics.

I penciled in our part.

We'll sing it first,
and you repeat it.


You ready?

£ I really gotta use £

£ I've really got to use £

£ my imagination £

£ my imagination £

Angela, dear...

No one appreciates
good diction more than me.


Thank you.

The word is

"I really gotta use
my imagination."

That's what I said.

No, you said,
"I've got to..."

It's just "gotta."

It's a little thing,
but a big thing.


Shall we continue?

£ to think of a reason £

£ to think of a reason £

£ to keep on keepin' on £

£ keep on keeping on £

I hate to raise that
little diction flag again

but you're hitting
your "ings" too hard.

It's just "keepin'."

There's no such word
as "keepin'."

There is in this song.

I guess I can sound stupid
for a good cause.

That's the spirit.

£ I really gotta use £

£ I really gotta use £

£ my imagination £

£ my imagination £

£ to think of a reason £

£ to think of a reason £

£ to keep on keepin' on £

£ to keep on keepin' on £

isn't that better?


Okay, this is what we're
doing for the audition.

After our performance

we'd like to hear
any constructive criticism.

By "constructive criticism,"
she means we sing

and you tell us
how wonderful we are.

Don't be nervous.

You'll be just fine.

I've sung in front
of large crowds before.

But this crowd has better aim.

This is Gladys.

Let's hit it.


£ I've got to use £

£ my imagination £

£ reason £

£ keep on keepin' on £

£ best of, best of £

£ bad situation £

£ ever since that day £

£ gone, gone £

I have some
constructive criticism.


What are you doing?

I can see there's
no imagination in this room.

Maybe they can picture it better
if one of us sings lead.

Okay, which one of us
should do it?


Okay, fine.

Shall we take it from the top?

Can we please take it
from where we stopped?

Thank you.

£ darkness all around me £

£ darkness all around me £

£ blocking out the sun £

£ blocking out the sun £

£ hey, friends call me £

£ but I just don't feel like
talking to anyone £

£ emptiness has found me £

£ and it just won't let me go £

£ I go right on livin' £

£ but why I just don't know £

£ you're too strong £

£ got to keep on keepin' on £

£ yes, I am £

yes, you are.

£ I've really got to use £

£ my imagination £

£ I've really got to use... £

of that little performance
of il hogatore?

I've never seen such showboating
in all my life.

Whitley, it was
just a rehearsal.

If she pulled that stunt
in a rehearsal

imagine what she'll do
in front of Gladys knight.

She'll probably have us

bound and gagged
in the bathroom.

What did you think

you'd better let me
do the talking this time.

£ hello. £

I was watching videos
with the girls.

I saw some dance moves
we could use.

Thank you
for your interest, Angela

but choreography
is my bailiwick.


Give the girl a break.

Maybe she saw
something interesting.

All right.

I will look at it.

But I won't like it.

I thought that we

could loosen things up a bit.

The moves seem a bit stiff.


More like stuffy.

Ooh, that's me.

All stiff and stuffy.

Maybe we should look
at the moves later.

I won't like them then, either.

Why don't we show
Angela the dresses?

Angela, I bought
the last bolt of moire

that the store had.

Isn't that gorgeous?

I'm sure you'll
look wonderful in it

but don't you think
it's a bit frumpy?


Oh, that's us.

A perfect team...

Frumpy, stiff and stuffy.

I want to know

just what you mean
by "frumpy."

What's your problem?

I took the bus
all the way downtown

went to every fabric store
in this city.

I emptied my wallet.

You owe me $25 and an apology.

You're jealous.

You better
make that $26.50

because you are going
to pay my bus fare.

You two practically
ripped me out of the shower

and crawled on your knees
to get me.

And why?

Because you knew
that by yourselves

you are nothing.

For your information,
Angela... darling

jaleesa has been singing
all of her life.

Jaleesa's a soloist
in the hillman choir.

Jaleesa is a member
of a band in New Jersey.

And whitley has...

A very powerful voice.

Then you don't need me.

And I certainly don't need you.

Well, good riddance
to bad trash.

You took the words
right out of my mouth.

Of course, now she'll
be competing against us.

She is no threat to us.

You're right.

I don't blame you one bit
for going off the deep end.

Excuse me?

Come now, jaleesa.

Counting every penny
like you're ebenezer scrooge.

You still owe me
your $25 and hers, too.


I don't even like
that ugly fabric.

The reason I picked this color

was so people
wouldn't pay attention

to those stiff, stuffy
and sorry steps of yours.

Which you execute

with the grace
of a dancing elephant.

Is that so?

You can just go out there
and squawk by yourself.



Well, miss frumpy

you can kiss your $25 good-bye

because I'm not ever
going to pay you back.

Ever, ever, ever.

All right, everybody.

Settle down, please.

Could we clear this area out?

Miss knight has something
she'd like to say.

Thanks, Ron.

She called me Ron.

This was not
an easy choice for me.

I had to think long and hard,
but I made my decision.

I ain't picking none of y'all.


You're just too good.

You make me look bad.

I'm only kidding.

But not about
you all being good.

Three of you had
a very unique idea

and that was
to audition as a trio.

Wasn't that smart?

Anyway, here they are,
the hillman pips.

Derek fennell, Steven addington
and Angela atkins.

Come on up, you guys.


No, we were a trio first!

That thief stole our idea!

You are yelling
at Gladys knight.

What about
fair play and justice?

I demand a recount.

Relax, girl.

This is not
the miss america contest.

Whitley, I think
we better just go home.

We saved you from puccini.

You impostor.

You fraud.

Diva breath.

You couldn't even say "keepin'"
until we got a-hold of you.

The girl got some pipes.

Man, I did everything I could.

I didn't know Gladys would bring
her own lighting designer.

Look, Mr. Cheeseball

I don't need your
fly-by-night promises.

I can get me a ticket
just like that.

You got a ticket?

I just need one.

Sell the extra ticket
and come with Robert and me.

You'll have fun.

I'm in no mood to have fun.

Come with us anyway
and ruin our evening.

We want you to.

Hey, does Gladys have
her own hair person?

A couple of summers ago,
I cut my cousin's hair.

Man, I'm sorry.

I'll buy you a t-shirt.

You do that.

I always remember to punch in

but I never remember
to punch out.

Does anybody have
one teeny little ticket?

I do.

Who said that?

I did.

You want it?

Freddie, you're beautiful!

You're fantastic!

You're choking me.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Let's go, let's go!

Whitley, you look much calmer.

I guess the nap
must have done some good.

Not really.

I dreamed that
Gladys had me shot.

After what I did,
I can't really blame her.

You said everything
I was thinking...

And more.

I really wanted
to be in that show.

I was hoping

that Gladys would be
so knocked out by my voice

she'd fire bubba and hire me.

When I was a little girl

I'd go into my bedroom

and sing into my doll's head.

I used to sing
into my jump rope handle.

Oh, very professional.

At least you had a cord.

You know, whitley,
you were right.

Our voices do like each other.

Too bad we didn't
listen to them.


We would have been a great duo.

Damn great.

£ they tell me, "Gladys" £

£gladys £ £gladys £

£ "you know you love too hard" £

£ but I tell them,
"not nearly hard enough" £

£ they say, "girlfriend" £

£ girlfriend £

£ "you know you go too far" £

£ around the world
ain't far enough £

£ 'cause I only
want to show you £

£ what you mean to me £

£ every time I'm reaching
out to you I start to sink £

£ I may be drowning with desire
from your sweet, sweet touch £

£ I don't care what people say
because I love you so much £

£ love overboard £

£ love overboard £

£ my love's in need of help £

£ love overboard £

£ love overboard £

£ I just can't help myself £

£ love overboard £

£ love overboard £

£ I don't know what to do £

£ love overboard £

£ love overboard £

£ so in love with you £

£ baby! £

£ baby £

£ baby £ £ baby £

£ they say I work too hard £

£ not really,
when it comes to loving you £

£ you've got my overtime £

£ you bring me peace of mind £

£ and there's so much more
I'd like to do £

£ I only want to find the love
my heart's been searching for £

£I'd climb most every mountain £

£ swim from shore to shore £

£ just to feel some caressing
from your warm embrace £

£ in this ocean of love
no one can take your place £

£ love overboard £

£ love overboard £

£ my love's in need of help £

£ love overboard £

£ love overboard £

£ sure can't help myself £

£ love overboard £

£ love overboard £

£ I don't know what to do £

£ love overboard £

£ love overboard £

£ so in love with you £

£ Gladys, Gladys, Gladys £

£ oo £

£ I'm overboard £

£ I'm overboard £

£ can't help myself £

£ I'm overboard £

£ I'm overboard £

£ the water may be deep £

£ but your love's
so very sweet £

£ I fell overboard £

£ fell overboard £

£ spinning £

£ spinning £

£ falling £

£ falling £

£ deeper £

£ deeper £

£ ah, deeper £

£ ah, deeper £

£ love's calling £

£ love overboard £

£ I'm falling £

£ s.O.S.O.S.O.S. £

£ love's overboard £

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