A Different World (1987–1993): Season 2, Episode 3 - Some Enchanted Late Afternoon - full transcript

Walter and Jaleesa are apprehensive about starting a romantic relationship.

£ I know my parents love me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from £

Walter, give it up.

If a guy is on a date

and has the choice

between looking
at a pretty woman

or his watch

the watch will lose every time.

Somebody's responsible

for getting these girls back
before curfew.

What about the girls?

Can't ladies watches be seen
after dark?

I thought this meeting
ended 20 minutes ago.

It did for me.

There would be no problem

if he wouldn't give his boys

grace period after curfew.

Would you rather my boys

leave your girls
in the middle of the quad?

It's 1:00.

Got to go.

They can be just as gentlemanly

at a quarter to one.

It's been lovely
standing ringside.

Walter, this will sound
very strange to you.

I know that, but...

Do you think we could try it...

Could we try having

the same curfew...

Would you stop that?

Stop what?

Stop staring at me.

I'm not staring.

I'm paying attention.

Then pay attention that way.


I got this for you.

Freddie. What is that?

She can't fool me.

She's smuggling
one of my boys
into this dorm.

Yo, man, get out of there.

It's from Eric.

First class from New Jersey
and that's all I know

without X-ray vision.

Another Teddy bear.

What a great scarf.

Do you want it?

If not, I'll have it.

Eric sure can dress up a bear.

You should see

the bracelet
he put on the bunny.

Excuse me.

Thanks, Freddie.

Who is this guy Eric?

Jaleesa's boyfriend.

He spoils her rotten.


Dressing up bears.

Sounds freaky to me.

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What happened to you?

You lose a bet with somebody?

It works.

I got your attention.

Read my pillow.

"Ron's wake up service.

"I call you

and wake you up."

It's this type of ingenuity

that will keep the small
businessman from going under.

Or put him in the nut house.

What are you talking about?

You're the boss.

You should represent

the ideals and goals
of your company.

I do.

So you think Ronald McDonald

really runs things?


Small minds make small money.

You've got to start
thinking big.

The name is lame.

You need something

that will be on the lips
of everyone who sleeps.

Something like
"easy risers."


No, you're right.

Oh, I got it.

I love my mind.

£ shake me, wake me. £

£ sh-sh-shake me,
wake me. £

that's not bad.

It will fit on one side
of the pillow.

That's a good point.

This is a perfect way
to get those motorcycles.

That's the best point
you've made all day.

Can you see it?

Sleek red helmets.

Black leather gloves.

Two babes du jour.

Burning up the highways.

750 cc's of fun.

I do love your mind.


Let's hit the road, Jack.

First, let's give
this hat back to Santa.

Yo, Dwayne.

What's happening?

I decided we should take
a multi-media approach.

I went down to the radio station

and made a deal with nutty Jay,
the morning man.

We wake him up at five.

He plays our ads at six, seven
and eight.

My brother,
I underestimated you.

People frequently do.

Well, if it isn't
the fledgling entrepreneurs.

When does the company go public?

Well, enough of my fiscal humor.

My roommate, Kimberly

is majoring in hibernation.

Our motto is
"no sleep is too deep."

It is?

It is now.

She must be up
at 5:00.

We'll be there.

Just sign the contract.

It says here you have
a money-back guarantee.

We do?

Of course we do.

Of course we do.

For added incentive
here's an extra ten dollars

if you don't wake me up.

We'll come in
on little cat's feet.

How very reassuring.

Hello, Walter.


Is jaleesa back from class yet?

Not yet.

Are you here for round two?

No, I came to apologize
for my behavior at the meeting.

I was a little...


I was thinking impish.

I'll be sure
and give her the message

"Walter's sorry he was an imp."

I appreciate that.

Sorting mail?


I hate it.

It's not my favorite
pastime, either.

I especially hate
the love letters.

The women hose them down
with perfume.

You don't have that problem

unless men put Cologne
on the letters.

Do they?

Some do, some don't.

Anybody in particular?

Like the people who
write to jaleesa?

What's so funny?

Walter, I'm very disappointed
in you.

I thought you were
more clever than that.

Pretty lame, wasn't it?

But I was thinking on my feet.

I wondered when you and jaleesa
would stop arguing about curfews

and break a few yourself.


I've known jaleesa
for almost two years.

But something's changed.

It's like all of a sudden,
she went from jaleesa to...

£jaleesa. £

maybe you should say this to her
instead of to me.

I'd like to.

Let me tell you

when it comes to women,
I'm smooth.

I've always thought that.

But jaleesa's tough.

Around her I lose all my smooth.

That's what makes you

No, that's what I like.

Stop treading water
and ask the woman out.

I might just do that.

Oh, Walter

I've finished sorting the mail.



Hey, Walter.

You got anything going on
tomorrow night?

Not really.


What do you say
we grab some dinner

maybe catch a show

just you and me

and Virginia's
finest cappuccino.

That sounds lovely.

Doesn't it?

But I don't think so.

Thanks, anyway.

Jaleesa, I don't believe
I've ever seen you

take such an interest
in your appearance.

Are we perhaps primping for
that certain special someone?

Do you have to sit here?

You know, you are a woman
of tremendous fortitude.

If I had to spend
semester after semester

without male companionship

I'd chew my nails to the nib.

I know.

But thank god for press-ons.

Is there anything
more frustrating

than amour across the miles?

A most romantic concept,
but a very frustrating reality.

Very frustrating.

You're right.

But I found a way
to deal with it.

I pour buckets of cold water
all over myself.


from one woman to another

it's obvious you are torn.

Here you have one man

loving, but stranded in
the wilds of New Jersey.

Then out of nowhere

comes this handsome,
yet somewhat flabby Romeo

to steal your heart away.

Whitley, get away from my table.

I don't think
a Teddy bear with a scarf

will keep you very warm
for very long.

May I sit down?

It would be an improvement.

I know when I'm the fifth wheel.


Jaleesa, I just got back
from the history department.

They are putting
your name in the books.

For what?

You are the first woman
in this century

to refuse to go out with me.


Walter, I'm really
very flattered

that you asked me out.

But I have a boyfriend,
so I don't date.

That's where you got off
on the wrong foot.

Have you heard me mention
the word "date"?

What else...

Just answer the question.

And remember,
you're still under oath.


The defense rests.

So you put on
a real pair of pants

to not ask me on a date?

That's right.

Walter, please, don't try it.

You and I are friends.

Where is it written

that two friends cannot eat
in front of each other?

It's not in the history books.

I was just there.

If my boyfriend was here,
you'd ask him to come with us?


I might even bring my own date.


We both have to eat.

So why don't you pick me up
tomorrow at 7:00?


No, no.

People who go on dates
go out at 7:00.

How about 5:00?

It will still be light outside.

I have a 4:00 class.

Can we say 6:30?

Getting dangerous.

But I'll take the risk.

See you at 6:30.


That's a nice, friendly time.



I'm up, mom.



Sign this.

Thank you.

She's not awake.

She signed the sheet.

We have to do this right.

Plan b?

Plan b.

One, two...


Come on.


Need some help?

Here's your gym bag.

Go to swim practice.

Swim practice.

Swim practice.

Swim practice.

Plan c.
Plan c.



I got it.

Turn it off.

I can't.

Where's it plugged in?

Do I look like an electrician?

This was going to be
the senior prom of all time.

And we did not go

to just any tuxedo place.

We rented downtown.

Mr. Pierre's formal wear.

We were going for quality.


The finest powder blue tuxedos
money could rent.

Velveteen lapels,
white patent leather shoes

with matching cummerbunds.

You must have looked ridiculous.

We sure did.

But we didn't know it
until ten years later

when we looked at the pictures.

They should have cancelled
the '70s early

because everybody looked so bad.

I'm hanging onto
my gold lame hot pants

with the matching vest.

They'll come back in style.

Lobster diavolo.

I like it, too.

I can't say it, but I like it.

Shall we order two?

You have to order it in advance.

Maybe not.


Where are you taking our dinner?

Signore, it belongs...

It belongs right here.

My friend and I
will require some bibs.

Signore, this table,
they ordered it yesterday.

May I speak to you?



I'm sorry.

How much would it take
to convince you

I ordered this yesterday?

About $25?

Signore, signorina.

The gentleman ordered it
yesterday for you.

Buon appetito.


Mile grazie.

Molto grazie.

Tante grazie.

You ordered this yesterday?


I know you better
than you know yourself.

I'm a sensitive man.

Then why is
that couple over there

about to go
upside enrico's head?

I've been admiring
your earrings all evening.

Thank you.

Very nice.

Are they from Eric?

Yes, they are.

When I saw that Teddy bear
with the scarf

looking like it was
going to church

I thought the brother's
about 12 or something.

But this shows me

the brother has some class.

Does Brenda?

Brenda who?

Brenda in administration.

Brenda in Dean Hewitt's office.

Oh, that Brenda.

That Brenda.

The one you took
to the faculty dance

and the branford marsalis

She's nice.

But I'm looking for someone
much more sophisticated...

A woman who enjoys good food,
good jazz, wrestling.

Somebody like you.

Not you, but somebody like you.

Or like Renee maybe?


The nurse in
student health Renee.

She's waiting for
you to get sick.

Maybe I'll sleep with
my feet in the icebox tonight.

Feel like putting your feet
to the action?

Now you're really being silly.

You're right.

No one will notice us
wiggling in our seats.

If you won't dance with me,
I will dance with somebody.

Enrico, my man,
can you cabbage patch?

Stop that!

You are embarrassing me!

Stop it.

All right.

Come on.

Walter, the music is too slow
for you to dance that fast.

Speak for yourself.

I'm doing fine.

What's wrong?

You got a problem with
these smooth moves?

It looks like something
you learned on prom night.

Maybe I did.

But unlike the tux,
these moves are still happening.


Now listen to the beat
and stay off my feet.

Would you just dance?

After less than
a week of business

"shake me, wake me,"
a privately owned corporation

has grossed a grand total
of $271.

Not bad.

Minus $22 for
posters and incidentals

we show a net profit of $249.


Only $2,440 away from
our motorcycles.

Does that include helmets?

Helmets and leather jackets
on sale at skin city.

You going to
the kappa house tonight?

Going to be a def jam.

Planning on it.

Consider us there.

Man, I'm too tired to move.

I was too tired to say it.

If we quit now

we have enough for
the leather jackets.

We can buy one helmet
and lie about these motorcycles.

I do love your mind.



Did you have a good time?

You're smiling.

The answer is yes!

I had a good time.

Tell me, tell me!

My face hurts
and my sides ache from laughing.

I knew he was funny.

The man is hysterical.

The things he's done,
the places he's been

the clothes he's worn.


Ooh what?

It's adios, Eric.

I'll miss him.

He had a great phone voice.

He'll get over you someday.

You'll get some sense someday.

Just because I'm 171/2
doesn't mean I haven't lived.

I read a book about a woman

who couldn't decide
between two men.

I see.

She wished for
the head of one guy

to be on the body of the other.

Everything was fine
till his head shrank.

I'm very happy with Eric, okay?

If you say so.

You shouldn't feel guilty
about liking Walter.

I have nothing
to feel guilty about.

That's what the woman with
the pin-headed boyfriend said.

Shut up

and mind your own business.