A Different World (1987–1993): Season 2, Episode 20 - No Means No - full transcript

Dwayne fears that Freddie may face date rape when she goes out with an aggressive athlete.

£ I know my parents loved me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from £

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We destroyed Hampton, 17-2.

It was a massacre!

It was beautiful.

Freddie, I hate baseball.

You wouldn't say that
if you were there.

Garth hit three dingers.

That's what ballplayers
call home runs.

You know what I hate
more than baseball?

Baseball fans.

When garth hits a dinger

he stands at the plate
and kisses it good-bye.

He's so adorable.

There are nine men on a team.

Were the other eight
selling peanuts?

I am happy that
my friend did well.

Garth is your friend now?

Yes, just like you.

I don't see my name
doodled all over this program.

Men and women can be friends.

Garth is my friend
from astronomy class.

That's why there's
stars in your eyes.

Kim, could you please
tell jaleesa

that men and women
can be friends?

Jaleesa, men and women
can be friends.

Do you believe that?


Would you like my opinion?

I thought I hated baseball.

Men and women cannot be friends
because women do not like beer.

Maybe you can't
be friends with a man

but I can.

I am going to
the spring cabaret dance

with my friend, Dwayne.

Because your friend, garth,
didn't ask you.

My boy, garth parks, is so fast.

He can throw the ball,
run to the plate, hit the ball

run to center field,
catch the ball

and Rob himself of a home run.

A dinger.

The ball didn't know
what was happening.

Coming down the Lane
like it was a strike.

It's garth parks!

I'll try to slide by.

Bat hit me in the face.

Ohh, I don't like to fly.

I'm going to get sick.

You have been watching

the Walter oakes
wide, wide world of crazy.

Excuse me.

Freddie, how did you like
my sharp single?

You got a base hit?

Garth, hi.

Great dingers.


Did I hear those children right?

Your boys beat Hampton?

We killed them

thanks to
my home-run-hitting homey.

We whipped Hampton.

The last time that happened,
I had hair.

I know who got the 17.

Who let in the 2?

The ball hit the wall so high

I'd have to be Spiderman
to reach it.

Next game, the wall
plays right field.

The sun was in his eyes.

That was his excuse
when we lost at night.

Don't let him carry the tray.

Burgers and fries
all around, please.

Pardon me, garth.

I've watched you play
several times.

You have the grace of a dancer.

Have you ever studied ballet?

I took tap when I was five.

Excuse me, Courtney.


It's whitley, you dumb jock!


It really helps my game

when I see you in the stands.

It does?

That's what friends are for.

What do you say we go to
the spring cabaret dance?


Better than dancing alone.

Unless you already have a date.

Yeah, Dwayne and I
decided to go together.

That's okay.

Maybe next dance.

When I hit the wall,
I hurt my dancing arm.

I can Roger, but I can't rabbit.

You two go on

and have fun.

Don't think about me.

There it goes again.

It switched arms.

I hear you are going
to the dance with garth.

Jaleesa, he's such a...

Good friend?

He's more than that.

A pal.

The way he talks
makes me feel so...


Who's talking about friendship?

This man is a hunk.

He makes hunks look puny.

He's more than
just a hunk, though.

He's a hunk with substance.

He looked right through
that sea of beautiful women

and picked me.

Maybe he's a nearsighted hunk.

With that batting average,
I don't think so.

I know what you're going to say.

"Remember how you were
when you met Dwayne?

One step at a time."

Actually I was going to say,
"jump to it, honey."

I wonder what our children
will be like.


With his brains and my brains,
his looks.

They'll be athletic geniuses
that bump into walls.

You left this in the pit.

Thank you.

Don't know what planet I'm on.

Planet garth.

I've got to get a new dress.

Does it bother you
that she's so out there

about somebody else?

No, we're just friends.

Garth is a great guy.

Was she this goofy over me?

She figured out
when you would get married

and how many kids you'd have.

I think it was a boy and a girl.

I would have wanted two boys...
Darryl and mookie.

What are you doing?

If I hadn't hurt my arm,
you wouldn't be able to see me.

You want that on replay?

Let's cool down in here
and hit the showers.

I'll get the mats.

Hi, Tammy.

I'll cool down in the shower.

You look too hot to cool down.

That is one body

I would love to be
a bead of sweat on.

That's one ball you can
hit out of the park every time.

Something tells me
you've played on that field.

I didn't plan to.

Some of us went on a picnic.

She came over
to help me find a blanket.

She was all over me.

Get out of here!

She was wearing a t-shirt
and these little red shorts

and when she bent over...

Get out of here!

I should have worn
a catcher's mask.

That chick scratches
like an alley cat.

She's kinky, too.

Get out of here!

Once we started,
she put up a fuss.

They want to do it,
but can't give it up.

It's our job to let them
off the hook.

Let them think
it wasn't their idea.

I hear you, but...

But what?

When you're alone with a girl
and your hand's down her blouse

if she says, "ooh, stop,"
don't tell me you do.

Well, most of the time.

I don't like getting scratched.

The sight of my own blood
freaks me out.

Buddy, if you want it,
you got to go for it.

That's why the sun
will always be in your eyes.

Come on, Freddie.

I need to talk to you
about garth.

He's got a control problem.

What did you hear?

I saw for myself.

I go to the games.

I'm not saying
garth doesn't have good stuff

but when he throws the ball,
he always flies open

like this.

You understand?

Get over there.

You see, when he gets here

his release point
is all over the place.

You can't have any control
like that.

Tell him to keep
his front shoulder closed.

Yes, ma'am.

That's a strike in any league.

I'll be sure to tell him.

And tell him
to drive with his legs.

He can put two more feet
on his fastball.

You have any advice for me?

Oh, yes.

When you're in the outfield,
wear a helmet.

Garth is going
to love that dress.

I hope so.

There's just one problem.

My heel keeps getting
caught in this hem.

Maybe you should shorten it.

It could blow the effect
if you fall on him.

Freddie, got a second?

Can you talk while I hem?

It's kind of important.

I'll start it.


So what is so important?

Is that garth's cap?

He asked me to wear it for
good luck before the road trip.

Is it okay?

I guess so.

Somebody lends you
their personal hat

from their personal head,
seems kind of personal.

Is this what
you want to discuss?


How well do you know garth?

I think pretty well.

Yes, but how well
do we know anybody?

Even when we know somebody,
do we really know them

or do we know the them
they want us to know?

Dwayne, this is so sweet.

Are you jealous?

No, Freddie.

I don't want you
to go out with this guy.

I was jealous when
you went out with Suzanne.

You've got it all wrong.

Maybe one day

we'll feel the same about
each other at the same time.

Maybe not.

But we have something far more
special than a fleeting romance.

We have true friendship.

As your friend, I'm telling you,
don't go out with him.

Why not?

He wears a catcher's mask.

He's a pitcher.

This guy is fast.

He might be out of your league.

I know i'm from new Mexico

but I do not have
tumbleweed between my ears.

I'm a big girl.

He might try
to make you do things

you don't want to do.

I know garth parks.

He's a great person.

He's your friend.

What you're doing is really low.

You don't know him.

The person I really
don't know is you.

I'd like to thank the ncaa
for this beautiful

division three
championship trophy.

Is this on?

I know this award
is not mine alone.

It belongs to the whole team.

Although it will sit on my desk
because I ain't giving it up.

Walt, you got a second?

I'm waiting for
my congratulations call

from president bush.

Let's pay tribute to the man
who recruited garth parks.

The man who had the guts
to recruit a player

who can throw a ball
through a brick wall.

I'd like to give you
that man right now.

Me, myself and I, Walter oakes.

Ah, it's a party.

Oh... hey... oh... yeah.

Are you done now, Walter?

Since the president
must be jogging, what's up?

I need to talk to you
about some things.

Sounds heavy, brother.

Yeah, it is.

Do you whistle at women?

If quayle calls, I'm not in.

Come on, Walter,
square business.

When you worked in construction

and a pretty girl walked by

did you whistle?

Whistling was a job requirement.

The guys wouldn't eat with you

unless you got
in some "owws!"

And one,
"yo, mama, what's up?"

And these women,
what did they do?

Some yelled back

and some used sign language.

You know what I'm talking about.

You thinking about
working construction?

It's one thing
to drop a fly ball.

It's another to drop
a steel girder.

I was just thinking about guys
and how we treat women.

When you were my age,
you did a little hoochie.

Did a little coochie, too?

Didn't your daddy
have this talk with you?

Walter, just try
to imagine back then.

You and your girl have
the house to yourselves.

You're in the den, on the couch.

Lights are low.

Jeffrey Osborne is telling you

that you're going all the way.

I've been there.

Things are getting heavy.

She calls for a timeout.

I've been there, too.

You know her mouth is saying no

but you're sure there
are parts of her saying yes.

What part do you listen to?

Her mouth.

Then you go outside

and take a swim
in an unheated pool.

So it's not my job
to "get her off the hook"

or to "help her give it up"?

If you think that, your next job
will be pressing license plates.

Get out of here.

You're talking rape.

This isn't some wacko
in the bushes with a raincoat.

This is you and your honey.

If the woman says no,
and you don't listen, it's rape.

Plain and simple, case closed.

10 to 20.

Oh, man.

Now it's my turn
to ask questions.

Why we talking about this?

It's just that...

Guys need to talk
about this stuff, too.

Freddie, you look gorgeous

in that dress.

Thank you.

I should have made it shorter.

How's your knee?

Swelling has gone down.

Should have worn those
matching shin guards.

Garth, just the man
I'm looking for.

If we hurry, we can catch
that live interview

with sadaharu oh on ESPN.

That's the greatest
Japanese baseball
home run hitter.

I'm going to name
my firstborn after him.

Sadaharu oh Wayne.

That will work
for a boy or a girl.

Tape it for me.

There's a waffle
stuck in the VCR.

You want to dance?

I'd love to dance.

I'm talking to garth.

You two kids
enjoy this last dance.

Coach told me to remind you

lights are out in 15 minutes.

Curfew's at 11:00.

We got a lot riding
on this trip.

We can't afford to have you
dozing off on the mound.

The night before a game,
athletes shouldn't do

too much cheek to cheeking.

I'll take a vitamin.

Garth, could you please
get me some punch?

Get me some, too.

What are you doing?

Looking out for my boy.

We're this close
to the championship.

You will not ruin
this night for me!

This guy's a creep.

You're the creep.

Okay, you're on your own now.

Oh, no.

What's wrong?

My sock are on backwards.

Act natural.
No one will notice.

I put the left sock on first

instead of the right one.

I've been doing that

ever since the winning
streak happened.

Look, there's polaris.

That must be the little Dipper.

I can barely make it out.

Probably because
the little Dipper has...

Three stars brighter than
the fourth magnitude.

I wish I had known that
on the last test.

I know where we can
see the stars better.

Up at the overlook.

There's no glare
from the city lights.

I've never been up there.

I know the way.


This view is incredible.

Sure is.

Look, see the lights
from that used car lot?

It looks like Orion's belt.

The view from above
is even better.

I bring you the heavens.

It's beautiful.

It's like the sky in Santa fe.

The stars seem so close

you could reach up
and grab them.

That's my first kiss.

I mean, here at hillman.

I'm a dweeb of
the first magnitude.

Garth, you're probably
totally unaware of this

but your hand is on my...

Thank you.

Isn't that Venus exploding?

Garth, stop it.

Wait a minute, please!

You didn't come here
just to look at the stars.

Stop it! Please!

You want it rough?

I can play that way.



Go, Freddie, go!

Go, Freddie, go!

Wait, Freddie, wait!

Wait, Freddie, wait!


It's after curfew.

I hope you're
walking in your sleep.

I know I missed bed check.

But if you bust anybody,
bust Dwayne.

He's bounced off too many walls.

What did he do?

First he says to take
Freddie to the dance.

Then he follows us
to the overlook

and starts beating on me.

Dwayne Wayne?

It wasn't all his fault.

Freddie's trying to play us
against each other.


That chick is a tease.

You should have heard her.

Let's look at the stars.

You know the game?

They want it, but they
need help giving it up.

What did you say?

They're trained to say no.

It's our job to let them...

Off the hook.
Off the hook.

Where did you
get those scratches?


I told you.

She puts on this great
innocent act.

Man, when she gets going,
she's an alley cat.

Oh, man.

I'm never going out
with her again.

You might not be going out
for a long time.

I can't believe
I begged that kid

to come to school here.

I promised his mama
he would write home.

He had us all fooled.

Not me.

I knew the minute that cad
called me Courtney

he was a worm.

I'm glad Freddie had the guts

to report garth to the police.

A lot of girls don't.

They think if they're on a date

then they're responsible.

That's what kept Tammy
from saying anything.

I'm starting a petition
to have that overlook

changed into a bird sanctuary.

Freddie, are you okay?

I'm fine.

Way to go, Dwayne.

How does it feel to be a hero?

She's the real hero.

She did great
at the police station

and at the overlook.

If it hadn't been for her

I'd still be mooning the stars.

How's Tammy?

She's pretty shook up

but she told
the police everything.

She went to his room
to get a blanket and he...

I thought I knew him.

At least he's off the streets.


Date rape is hard to prove.

We've got witnesses right here.

I'm seeing this thing
through to the end.

Can I make you some cocoa?

No, thank you.

Can I have a few minutes
alone with Dwayne, please?

Why don't we all
go have some cocoa?

Do you have those
itty-bitty marshmallows?

Isn't that bad luck
before a road trip?

Not if I chew them
on the left side.

How's your back?

Next time I get in a car

I'll use the door.

You okay?

I will be.

I think I should
go see a counselor

at student health.

I'm no counselor

but here's the number
to where we'll be

on the road trip.

Call me if you need to.


Dwayne... thank you.

Thank you for being my friend.

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