A Different World (1987–1993): Season 2, Episode 12 - I've Got the Muse in Me - full transcript

Freddie turns to alcohol when she lacks inspiration in her writing.

£ I know my parents love me £

£ stand behind me
come what may £

£ I know now that I'm ready £

£ for I finally heard them say £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ yes, it is now, yeah £

£ here's our chance to make it £

£ and if we focus on our goal £

£ you can dish it,
we can take it £

£ hey, just remember
that you've been told £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ it's a different world £

£ than where you come from £

£ ooh £

£ than where you come from £

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How's your
creative writing coming?

It's coming.

The page is blank.

That's the problem
with you non-writers.

You think writing
is putting words on paper.

It's a very cerebral process.

It's all up here.

Unless you're leaving your head

on Dr. Foster's desk tomorrow

I'd suggest you take it
from there

and put it down there.

It's exactly how Hemingway
used to write.

He'd sit in cafes, sipping wine

and observing life's
moving canvas.

Hemingway flunked out
of hillman.

He did.

Instead of going to class

he sat at this table,
watching folks go by.

You can't force inspiration.

I'm waiting for my muse.

My inspiration.

I suggest you start without her.

When I asked you to take
my clothes to the cleaners

I want them cleaned.

The cleaners is cleaned out.

The place is gone.

I was just there.

Time waits for no man
or his underwear.

They're leveling the mall.

Not ray nay's, too?

Day after tomorrow,
that restaurant

will be a hickory-smoked
pile of memories.

Not even the smell
of barbecue sauce.

How could ray do this?

He's 72 years old.

He's going to Florida
to live with his mother.

You know what we're going to do?


Call ray nay's and order
every last slab.

Even the gristly ones.

Oh, I love those.

Tonight, we will host
the first and last

ray nay's memorial
pig-out party.

Black tie optional.

How's your day going?

Pretty good.

I got an "a" on my
business management case.

And my sister wrote
that her baby cut a new tooth.

What is that?

Mr. Leroy's
hot sauce.

I never leave home without it.

You buy food to have a place
to put your sauce.

It's a snake charmer
to the food.

It coaxes the flavor out.

It's also the secret ingredient
in my cooking.


The only time you use your oven

is to dry your nasty socks.

That shows how much
you know about me.

You are dining with
a world-class gourmet chef.

Every time you lie,
you shorten your life.

The only way to close your mouth

is putting one
of my entrees in it.


My place.

I will cook you
a five-course gourmet meal

with a side order of crow.


Lettie, I can't even boil water.

Any idiot can boil water.

Not without a pot.

Don't you think jaleesa
would respect you more

if you told her you can't cook?

I don't want respect.

I want her to be wrong.

People study cooking for years.

I can't turn you into
a gourmet chef overnight.

You don't have to.

You got until Saturday.



I'm not staying.

I'm dropping off towels
velma picked up.

You didn't have to bring those.

That's what I told velma.

What you doing here?

I need a favor.

Don't loan him money.

Walter's promised jaleesa
a gourmet meal

and wants me
to teach him
to cook it.

With all due respect

what does she know about food?

She lived in France.

You can't even
taste the food there.

They drown everything in sauce.

Some of the finest chefs
come from France.

And they all men.

What you need is something
that sticks to your bones

like good meat loaf.

With all due respect

foul meat loaf
never won fair maiden.

She don't know
what she's talking about.

The night velma had my meat loaf

she proposed to me.

To this day, I just got to walk
in the house

with a couple of pounds
of ground round

and she starts acting real nice.

It could work that way
for you, too.

I like meat loaf.

Every woman does.

It's better than midget chicken
wearing ankle socks.

Walter, in the next three days

I will teach you how to prepare
a few simple gourmet dishes

that will have jaleesa
whispering French in your ears.

The only thing jaleesa
will whisper in his ear is

"where's the milk
of magnesia?"

I'm going.

Don't say one word.

I'm going to eat this pizza
and enjoy it.

I'm finishing my workout.

I'm not even paying
attention to you.


What you eat is your business

even if it kills you.

You said you weren't
going to say anything.

I said nothing.

Nothing that the American
heart association

hasn't said time and time again.

This health kick
was your resolution.

Break it like everybody else.

Well, isn't that the difference
between me and everybody else?

I have willpower, moral fiber.

In fact, I've increased
my fiber intake by 23%.

I've never been so regular
in all my life.


What's wrong?

It's not fair.

How could Hemingway and O'Neill

turn out reams
of brilliant prose?

They had to do something
between drinks.

My brain has become
a vast wasteland.

Why wait until tomorrow?

Why not go to Dr. Foster
and get my zero now.

There's a party at mclurkin
in half an hour.

Dancing is very good
for your cardiovascular system.

That's the reason I'm going.

What about you, Fred?

I'll never have
another creative thought

as long as I live.

I'm burnt out

at 171/2.

Don't let Dr. Foster
intimidate you like this.

It's not him.

It's the big fat "d"
he put on my last paper.

Along with the words

"flat, uninspired
and hackneyed."

You need a break.

Come to the party.

Maybe you can get your
creative juices flowing.

Why not?

I'm just chasing my tail.

Let somebody else chase it.

I need this couch
against the wall

and this table against
the soda machine.

Tell them to put some space

between the tuner
and the turntable.

The equipment needs to breathe.

Breathe in a paper bag.

Anybody seen Ron?

Where is he with the ribs?

Who's using my cds as coasters?

Now the party can start.

"The room was electric.

"The women walked into the party

"each with her own agenda.

The men had a touch
of wicked about them."

Sounds like something you read
in a checkout stand.

Where is Ron?

He's probably behind a tree

sucking the sauce
out of his fingernails.

The ribs have arrived.

Time to grub.

Ray nay's ribs.

You said there was a party.

You said nothing about ribs.

I'm sorry.

Do you know how much
fat and salt

is in one tiny slab of ribs?

It makes pizza look like
health food.

Mmm, honey mustard.

Brown sugar
swimming in molasses.

Randall, let's boogie.

Did you drop ray nay
off in Florida?

You'll thank me in a minute.

I'll knock you out
if these ribs are cold.

Behold, nectar of the gods.

Where did you get this?

Ray nay's isn't the only
establishment biting the dust.

We're also bidding farewell
to zircon liquors.

They just look expensive.

If Walter finds this,
we're history.

Walter is gone for the evening.

Ergo, we are free to partake
of these exotic elixirs.

Boysenberry schnapps.

Sounds European.

Which one should we put
in the punch?

All of them.

Let's start with the blue ones.

Go, Randall!
Go, Randall!

Randall rocks the house!

Party over here!

Punch is served.

Drink fast before it
eats through the cups.

Ugh! You could preserve frogs
with this stuff!

I like it.

Makes the back of my neck

That's probably your hair
falling out.

Everybody, yo.

Kim, the music.

May I have your attention?

Everybody, take a rib.

Tonight we're saying good-bye
to a legend...

A hillman shrine...

Ray nay's barbecue and take-out.

We all have our own
personal memories of ray nay's.

I bounced my first check there.

Join with me now...

As we raise our ribs...

In tribute to ray nay.

The man.

The place.

The rib.

To ray nay's!

I say good riddance to ray nay's

and his greasy sticks of death.

This party is a movable feast.

Ooh, that's good.

That's Hemingway.


Then it's a veritable cornucopia
of earthly delights.

That's Brooks.

Pure Brooks.

Kim, isn't this party

a veritable cornucopia
of earthly delights

full of bacchanalian revelers?

My muse is back.

I wish Dr. Foster was here.

Then he'd see who's trite,
uninspired and hacky-hacky.

Freddie, are you okay?

I am exactly fine.

£ I've got the muse in me £

Walter, what are you doing here?

I believe I live here.

But don't you live
at the far end of the hall?

You know, I'm thirsty.

I believe I'll have some punch.

It's very flat.

I like it like that.

Walter, that's not
the punch bowl.

That's the sterno for the ribs.

You all are in real trouble.

And you're in
extra special trouble

for being stupid!

Dump it in a toxic waste zone.

Oh, no, no.

Stay and have fun tonight.

Because tomorrow,
fun will be a distant memory.

I'll just get myself a rib...

And the rest of this sterno.

Well, Randall and I
had a fine time

and we didn't have
to poison ourselves

with that everything-
but-the-kitchen-sink punch.

There's a great dj
at grapevine's alley.

I've got my
boogedy-boogedy shoes on.

"Walter's gone for the evening.

We get to drink
these exotic elixirs."

a man makes a mistake.

Do you always have to be
that man?

Everybody, don't go.

Adopt a rib.

Maybe a slab?

You ready to go back?

No, I think I'll stay
and help clean up.

Okay, see ya.



Don't beat the dough!

Roll it.

Oh, sorry.

Come in.

I'm not staying.

Oh, Vernon.

How are you doing
with mission impossible?

Walter's doing just fine.

He has exceeded my expectations.

What are you doing?

What are those red streaks
doing in my pastry?

It's my secret ingredient.

Mr. Leroy's hot sauce.

I told you to put that away!

This is going to be more fun

than watching rassling on TV.

My brilliance glows
like a beacon in the dark.


Would you please be quiet?

This is not a hop-sital zone.


Now there's more room for us.


Thank you, oh, muse.

Conductor on the train
to the subconscious.

All aboard!

Woo! Woo!



Stay there, big fella.

Walker... hi, Alice.

Have you seen
Mr. Langston Hughes?

Oh, he's over there?

I didn't know he moved.

I am sailing to Byzantium.

£ row, row, row... £


All ashore who's going ashore!


Hi, Dwayne.

What are you doing?

Shh! This is a library.

Come on, Freddie, be careful.

Come on down.

Catch me if I fall.

Yes, Freddie.

Come down, please.


I love you, Dwayne.

I love you, too.

No... no.

I really love you.

From the first moment I saw you

I said, "I love him

I want him,
I need him."

We're going to sit down.

At last, my heart is light.

I think I'm going to be sick.

Oh, Freddie, no!


The hollandaise is
coming along fine.

It hasn't curdled yet.

That's good, because
you've used my last egg.

That heavy sauce
makes you crabby.

That's what's wrong
with the French.

I know, I worked with them.

His name was guy,
but he called himself gui.

Now that is...


I have a headache.

Probably from being around

all that heavy sauce.

The moment of truth.

Salmon en croute.


It even looks like a fish.

Yes, in its very own
special way.

It's beautiful, and excuse me!

Oh, boy!

I didn't want to hurt
that boy's feelings

but that fish looks like a dog.

Walter, what?

Come here.

What is it?

Here, eat this.

What is it?

Your gourmet meal,
and it's getting cold.

Aren't you two days early?

You can't keep good cooking
to a calendar.

Besides, I can't make it again.

Mmm, Walter!

There's something about a man

who knows his way
around the kitchen.

The kitchen's not
even my best room.


£ ray nay's, go away. £

£ going to give me
a heart attack £

£ with all that fat. £

£ I'm a strong woman. £

£ I'm a fine woman. £

Ray nay's is gone.

Leave me alone.

She's heavy for a little thing.

We should have left her there.

She would have
woken up eventually.

Just help me take her in.




What happened to her?

I don't know.

We found her in the library.

Poor kid's tired.

We'll put her to bed.

We'll be going.


Before you toodle...

I know this might sound silly...

But was Freddie drinking?

What makes you say that?

The room is spinning.

I know what you're thinking.

But we did a good thing here.

We rescued this poor child.

If you hadn't gone
to zircon liquor's fire sale

she wouldn't be
in this condition.

Please, just let me
make it through the night.

I'll never
touch the stuff again.

You know, I think
Freddie's been drinking.

Give up, man.

Does your mama like you?

Meet me in my room
in ten minutes.

No, not the fish!

Don't give her the fish!

Good morning, good morning!

It's a beautiful day!

And how are you?


Is it that bad?


Now I know what it's like
to be embalmed.

What happened?

The last thing I remember

is sticking my head
in a big fish.

Big fish en croute.

Walter may never
speak to you again.

What did I do to Walter?

I'll tell you tomorrow.

I may not live that long.

You may not want to,
but you will.

What should I do?

We're going to get you

out of these stinky clothes

and you will promise
to never snuggle up

with brother booze again.

No, that's wrong.

Brother booze was a big help.

He got me over my writer's block

held my pen steady...

Last night I wrote brilliantly.

I couldn't stop.

The words flowed out of me.

You finished your paper?

"Molecules scramble...


"Somewhere in China elephants
tiptoe across a courtyard

"picking up loose change.

Yen... yin Yang."

Oh, no!

You've got
to call Dr. Foster.

Tell him I don't have my paper.

Tell him that the dog ate it.

We don't have a dog.

Tell him that
you ate it, please!

I can't hand this in.

It will be the end
of my writing career.

It may be the beginning

of your career
as a student-writer.

We are going to get you

in the shower and off to class.

It's phys. Ed.,
isn't it?

You'll be bouncing up and down

on the trampoline.

I hate you.

You love me.

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