90210 (2008–2013): Season 1, Episode 20 - Between a Sign and a Hard Place - full transcript

Donna finds herself in a dilemma when she confides in Kelly during a night on the town that she must decide between returning to Japan and being with David, or moving back to Beverly Hills and keeping their 20-month-old daughter, Ruby, which leads her to decide to open up her own design shop in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Silver is the topic of gossip at West Beverly due to her recent mental issues and does not know if she is ready to return to school. While Annie and Naomi try to patch things up between them in order to help Silver, Annie soon overhears that Naomi's father is being served a sexual harassment lawsuit, and she keeps it to herself... and later regrets it when Naomi is evicted from her hotel suite. Ethan continues on his downward spiral due to Liam's bad influence in wanting to be a bad guy as Liam is. Also, Adrianna and Navid meet with potential adoptive parents for the baby. Elsewhere, Harry and Debbie hold a yard sale when they finally sell their Kansas house and try to get rid of all of their old house's possessions as they plan to move out of Tabitha's house and to find a house of their own in Beverly Hills.


You've got to open
a store in L.A., Donna.

Someone with bipolar disorder

needs to maintain balance.

I reserved a hotel suite.
I'll be staying there
until Mom comes home.

It's probably best
that I pass on the baton.

Liam's a psychopath
and an awesome kisser.

Donna, what's going on?

David and I are separated.

Okay, Silver, hurry up and
finish that geometry homework.

Sammy, I need you to turn off
SpongeBob and drink your juice.

I don't like it.
It has bugs.

Those aren't
bugs, that's pulp.

Okay, uh, time check?

Uh, 8:18.

Oh, Sammy's lunch.

Oh, I got it.
Already made.

A turkey sandwich, granola bar,

and a sticker
that says "I love you."

Mommy, I drunk the bugs.

Oh, you're the best.
I love you.

Okay. Donna, can you...?

Yup, taking him to the car.

Come on, Sammy.
Come on, buddy.

All right, here you go.
Geometry homework.

That last problem set
was a killer.

If you get inspired,

feel free to take a hack
at the tetrahedron.

Nice try.

Pretty soon, you'll be handing
in your homework yourself.

You think you're
going to be ready

to go back to school next week?

Sure. I guess.



Hey, you sure you want
to sell this stuff?

I mean, honestly, Deb, there are
some real treasures in here.

Big Mouth Billy Bass.

No, we cannot sell
Big Mouth Billy Bass.

Let's hope we can.
Come on.

We'll put a pin in it.

We will not put
a pin in it. We will put

a price tag on ill it;
it's junk, Harry.

Oh, if it's junk, then why are
we trying to sell it?

Ah, and therein lies the paradox
of the yard sale.

Hand me the singing fish,
my love.

Hey, Annie.
You shouldn't have.

Yeah, well, I didn't.
It's for Naomi.

She's giving me
a ride to school.

I just wanted to say bye.

Wow. You guys are
really making a go

of this whole
friendship thing, huh?

Yup. I have decided that I
want to be a girls' girl.

I don't know if you noticed,
but I didn't have

many girlfriends
back in Kansas.

And I was finally
starting to make some here,

and then I just got lost
in having a boyfriend.

So now...
You're ready
to be a girls' girl.

Bring on the
Barbie dolls.


Bye, Mom.

Have fun.

Oh, my God, who left all that
junk in your front yard?

Seriously, you should file
a police report.

No, no, it's, um...

We finally sold
our house in Kansas,

and we got all
this stuff to get rid of.

So, uh, we're having
a yard sale.

Gross... ly awesome!

Um, here.


It's fine.
Uh, go ahead.

Keep putting on your lipstick.

You made me coffee?

Yeah, it's a pretty color on
you. It was really no problem.

Sweet pea goes good
with... my eyes.

Oh! Is that a foosball table?

Yeah, I used to be
really big into foosball.

Seriously? Me, too!

I used to play all the time
with Bella Cruise.

I swear, I was, like,
the foosball champ of St. Barts.

We'll have to play.

I'd love to.

I hope it's not cold.

It's perfect.

I don't like my coffee
too hot anyway.

Hey, what's the rush?

Hey, Liam.
Where you going,
White Rabbit?

Uh, to, to class.
I've got English.

Oh, yeah? You want to be
an English teacher?

Well, yeah.

I mean,
say you go to class,

maybe you get really
into it, right?

Then what?

You head to college,
and become an English major.

Okay. And then?

You graduate with
a useless degree

that only qualifies you
to teach English

at some lame high school
to snot-nosed kids

who'd rather be at the beach.

What are you saying?

I'm saying, let's go the beach.

Liam! Quelle surprise.

Hi-ya, Naomi.

Did I overhear you
trying to get Ethan to cut?

Because he won't, so stop
trying to corrupt him.

Don't worry, I got this.

No, I got this.

Sure, man.
Let's go to the beach.

See ya, Naomi.

Well, I'm not going
with you two,

so don't bother asking.

So what time do we have
to go to your lawyer's?

Oh-ho-ho, no fries for you.

Come on, fries
are a vegetable.

And I said I'd be there
at 4:00, but, um...

mmm, but you don't
have to come.

I know I don't have to
if I don't want to.

But hey, here, I brought you
some real vegetables: kale.

Mmm, it's really not going
to be that exciting.

I just have to pick up a lot of
brochures... and kale, really?

Yeah, vitamin A helps support
the fetal immune functions.

And, no, I don't want
excitement, but, you know,

I want to, you know, lend moral
support if and when it's needed.

Okay, sounds good.

Um, do I really
have to eat this?

Loaded with vitamin C,
which helps the baby

build strong bones
and teeth.
That's it.

I am confiscating
that pregnancy book
you're reading.

Sorry, it's already
committed to memory.

Hey, did you take your
prenatal vitamins?
Yes, Navid.

Am I driving you crazy?
Yes, Navid.

Okay, you know what?
Eat your kale.

Let's go. Turn around.

And what type of property
are you looking for?

It shouldn't feel too much
like a retail space,

more like an art gallery.

Modern, lots of glass,
clean lines.

Um, high ceilings,
big windows...

Oh, and a private

office space upstairs.
What else?

Oh, marble.

It's got to have lots of marble.
I love marble.

And southern exposure,

wooden accents...

Oh, and I want an antique wooden
door with a brass

doorknocker in the shape
of a tiger's head.

Do you know any places
like that?

Not on the entire planet.

But I'll check the computer.

Boy, you sure do know what
you want for your store.

Uh, let me ask
you a question.

Do you want to find
a space to rent?


I don't know what I want.

I mean...
Japan was supposed to be

a really fun adventure,
you know?

And when David got offered a
job, we were like,

"Sure, why not live overseas
for a year?"

And then my designs

took off
and he got promoted...

and everything just
seemed... unmei.

"Meant to be."

Then, one year

turned into two years, that
became thr four and...

Now, I just miss it here.

I want to come home.

Especially now
that I have Ruby.

I want to raise her here
where I have a support system.

Near you.

And David doesn't
want to move back?

We've been fighting about it
for over a year.

And the last couple of months...

things have
just been pretty awful.

And that's why we separated.

So if I move

back here, what...
What does that mean? Divorce?

I don't know.

Me neither.

I don't know
what's going to happen.

I don't know.

Thanks, Liam.


Missed you in class today.
Oh, yeah, I...

wasn't feeling good, so a friend
dropped me off at home.

And now, I'm feeling better
so picking up my car.

Come on, man, cutting class?
It's not you.

Appreciate the observation.

What's going on with you, Ethan?

What's going on is

I'm sick of being watched
like a hawk.

Big deal, I miss one class.
It's not the end of the world.

Yeah, nobody said it was
the end of the world,

but it's also not okay.
All right?

And Liam's trouble,
and you know that, so...

Are you going to give me
detention or not?

Yeah. I am.

Good to know.

Oh, my God.
What a freak.

Oh, hello, Silver.

Hey, I saw your movie
on YouTube.

Brilliant. Seriously.

You're like a female
Darren Aronofsky.

Planning on standing me up?

What's wrong?

They were
talking about me.

I can't go back to school.
There's no way.

Everyone's going to be laughing
at me and whispering, Dixon...

Sit down, sit down.

All right, look,
no, they won't.

And if they do...

So what? Who cares?

I do.

Fine. Then you know what?

Don't let them know that.

Just put on a smile

and act like nothing happened.

And when they ask

what I've been up
to for the last month?

I don't know, um...

Tell them you've
taken up gardening.

Or, uh...

Tell them you've been reading
Jane Austen.

And then just smile.

And dare them
to give you any trouble.

All right?

Just never let them
see you sweat.

"You got to fake it
till you make it."

Any more platitudes?

"Keep a stiff upper lip."

And, uh, "turn the other cheek."

Okay, that sounds
kind of tricky.

Keeping a stiff upper lip
while turning the other cheek.

But I'll try.


A hundred and fifty dollars?!

Harry, what on earth?

Seems a fair price to me.

Yeech, get that horrible thing
off your head.

What horrible thing?

Me hair? You think me
ginger hair is horrible?

Stop. Harry, honestly,

who's going to buy
a Big Mouth Billy Bass for $150?

Someone getting
a very good bargain.

Oh, you know, I
forgot to tell you this.

I heard the weirdest thing
at the school board meeting.

Could you take off the hat?

It's really hard
to take you seriously.

Uh, apparently,

Charles Clark is being sued
for sexual harassment.

What? Naomi's dad?

Yeah. By Carole Ranson.

Her daughter goes to West Bev.

Portia Ranson.

Whoa, poor Naomi.

"Poor Naomi" what?

Uh, well...

Sweetheart, you're going
to hear it anyway.

Uh, it's probably best
you hear it from me.

Dad, what?

Naomi's dad is being sued
for sexual harassment.


Poor Naomi.

She's really going
to need a friend now.

telling you, she is

the cr?me de la crme
de la cr?me.

Okay, you're honestly telling me
that you think this

alleged psychic...

Madame Flanagan is
going to help you decide

whether you should stay
in L.A. or not?

Come on, I know this seems

kooky, but it's
worth a shot.

Madame Flanagan is very good.

She's the one that told
Angelina to adopt.

Oh, my... that means nothing!

she also predicted the return
of high-waisted jeans.

I'm serious, like,
way back in 2006.

Kel, jump on board.
It's going to be fun.

Madame Flanagan
will see you now.

Here or Japan?

Right. So David's point is

everything's going
so well for us in Japan...

his career's thriving,
my career's thriving...

so why rock the boat?

Why, indeed?

Because I miss it here.

And I want to raise
my daughter here.

But if I stay in L.A.,

I don't know how my marriage
will survive.

And if I move back to Japan,
I'll be unhappy

and I don't know if my marriage
will survive... but I want

my marriage
to survive, but...

I don't know.

At what cost, do you know?

Has your right foot been
bothering you?

I'm getting
a vision of a foot.

My right foot? No.

Maybe that was for someone else.


it sounds like you have
an important decision to make.

Yes! Yes, I do!

I'm sensing skepticism
from your friend.

Oh, don't
worry about her.

Tell me what to do.

I'm afraid I can't do that.

I will tell you this.

Look for a sign.

What kind of sign?

A sign of what to do.



I'm getting a
vision of a man.

You're going to meet a man.

thanks for that, but, um,

I'm really not looking
for a man right now.

Looking or not, he's coming.

A very handsome man...

with a six-pack.

Uh, well...
that's good to know.

Thanks a lot,
Madame Flanagan.

Uh, but... Donna.


Thank you.

Enjoy that guitar.

Hey, Principal Wilson.

Adorable fish. Is that one
of your yard sale items?

No, not really.

Hi, Ms. Wilson.

Hey. You came.

Yeah, I told you I'd swing by.

Cool. You want to play
some foosball?


So... how are you doing?


This morning was a little rough.

My manicurist

wreaked havoc on my cuticles.

It's fine, though.
I totally keyed her car.


My parents
are driving me crazy.

Oh, yeah?

Um, how's your dad,
by the way?

Funny you should ask.

He called me today.
He wants to come by my hotel

for a chat.
Oh, yeah?

Shot on goal!

You are good.

Yes, I am.

So, hey, if you want to,
you know, call me later...

You know, after your dad leaves.

Yeah, right. Sure.

She shoots, she scores!


Dan and Kate have been

married for three years.

Hey, five years or longer.

Okay, Matt and Rachel have
"a spacious house

with a huge, grassy yard,
but no one to play in it."


Psychologically manipulative,
don't you think?

I don't want my baby to grow
up with psychologically
manipulative people.

I hear you. You want a nice,
down-to-earth couple.

Yeah. Two people
who are equal partners,

with good communication.

Who like to laugh
and are warm and loving.

Mm-hmm, exactly.
Is that too much to ask?

I just wish that
kindergarten teacher Laura

would break up with
motorcycle-riding Jimmy,

and hook up with
animal-lover Josh...

who couldn't
possibly be happy

with plastic surgery Pam.

"Hoo-hoo" what?

That was a big kick.


Do you want to feel?


Feel that?

That's a definite "no"
for plastic surgery Pam.

I read somewhere that

the more active the baby,

the more likely it's a boy.

That's an old wives' tale.

Well, are you carrying
high or low?

Well, high is supposed
to be a girl

and I think low
is supposed to be...

I don't want to know
the sex of the baby, okay?

I don't even want the baby
to even have a sex.

I don't want to think
of the baby being a real kid

or a real person.

Someone that I'm going
to have to give up, okay?


All right.
Victoria and Gabe.

Check it out.

Another Japanese

That's got to be some
sort of sign, right?

I don't know.
The last Japanese restaurant

we saw had a stop sign
in front of it,

which could mean
don't go back to Japan.

You're right.
I was being sarcastic.

I was pretending
not to notice.

But wait, it's also
raining in Beverly Hills,

which it never does,
so maybe that's a sign.

Okay, Donna, uh,
I hate to be rude,

but Madame Flanagan?
Come on!

The woman saw
a vision of a foot.

Yeah, but she also
saw a vision of you

with a handsome,
six-pack man.

Well, then she is good.
If she saw me with a man,

then she is seeing
way into the future.

I mean, between
taking care of Silver,

and taking care of Sammy,

and keeping up
with my job...

You've got to take
care of yourself.

You know how
they always say,

"Put your oxygen
mask on first

before you assist others."

Okay, but a man
is not an oxygen mask.

I mean, he's going
to have needs.

He's going to want
attention and time...

No one's talking
about a husband here.

A husband is
a beer belly.

I'm talking about
a hot, six-pack fling.

You know what?

We should get a sitter
and go out tonight.
Go where?

Well, someplace fun,
someplace cool,

someplace we can both
let off some steam.

Okay, that
sounds like fun.

Let's do it.
Oh, yay.

Where would one go
to blow off steam?

Uh, how should I know?
I live in Japan, remember?

Um, oh, wait. Hi.

Ooh, excuse me.

Okay, this is
a weird question,

but we're looking for
someplace to go out tonight.

Do you have
any suggestions?

Oh, what do you think?
On a Saturday night?

Truck Stop's a good time.

Oh, Truck Stop,
here we come.


What do you mean,
I have to leave the hotel?

Well, for my image
I need to be seen

as a family man right now.

See, I'm being sued.
Sued for what?

Well, Carole Ranson...

Oh, God, Portia's mom?

Why would she be suing you?

Sh-She's claiming falsely
that I sexually harassed her.


Oh, my God, Dad,
what's wrong with you?

I didn't do it.

But I need us to present
a unified front

as a family.

Plus, it's illegal for you to be
living here on your own.

And I'm going to be
pretty scrutinized

over the next few weeks, so I
need you to come home with me.

Wait, so let me
get this straight.

I'm being punished
because of your screw-up?

Just pack your things, Naomi.


You can't make me.

I'll tell Gail
about the real estate lady.

I already told her.

And she's forgiven me.



Ooh, fun cocktails.

I'll order for us. Excuse me.

What can I get you?

Can we get two
Dirty Girl Scouts, please?

They have California
rolls here.

Do you think maybe
that's a sign I should

split my time between...

Okay. You're right.

No more obsessing over signs.

We'll just obsess over the fling

that you're
going to have.
Okay, what do you want me to do?

Find some cute guy
and ask him

to lift up his shirt
so I can see his abs?

No. You don't ask.

Wait, actually, there's
not that many guys here.

Uh, you know what?

You're kind of right.

Uh, Donna?

Um, do you think we...

are at a... l-lesbian bar?


It's just L.A.

Oh, my God, we're
totally at a lesbian bar!

How could those girls
send us to a lesbian bar?
I don't know.

Oh... it's 'cause we had
our arms around each other.

Two dirty Girl Scouts.


You want to dance?

Uh, only if you've
got a six-pack.

Well, to find that out,
you're gonna have to
get me a lot drunker.

Come on.

Oh, hey, Liam.

Oh. Hey, Naomi.

What is up with him?

He acts like we haven't
been screwing like rabbits

for the past week and a half.

Did I tell you I ran
into him at Shang Hau?

We went in the bathroom

Oh. Enough.

Agreed. It is
enough already.


I mean, he's, like, hot,
and then he's cold,

and then he's
really hot again.

Whatever, I'm
over it, seriously.

I don't want to be
some booty call.

I'm not the type of girl you
run into at a Chinese restaurant

and take into a bathroom.


I have much more
self-respect than that.

Well, right on, sister!

Thank you.

So, how was your dad?

Uh, fine.

Mm, same old loser.

God, these are
really good fries.

Like, crazy delicious good.

Yep, they are good.

Your dad's a disgusting pervert.

I hope my mother takes him
for all he's worth.

How dare you!

You can't blame Naomi
for something that her dad did

o-or didn't do.
Oh, please,

the guy's a scumbag.

You knew?

You knew about my dad?

I... I-I just heard yesterday.

So you knew today
at the yard sale.

I-I am sorry. I...

I can't believe people are
talking about my dad, about me,

and you didn't
even say anything.

Some friend.

Okay, wait, we seriously
have to go now.

No. No, no, no.
No. We'll
totally be back.


Of course...
this is just
what we needed.

Come on, let's go.

Okay, have another
dirty Girl Scout for me.
Okay, be careful.

I'm just saying that Alyssa
was definitely into you.

Oh, are you jealous?

Of course...
you came with me.

If I'd known you were
gonna be such a fickle date,

I would have-ve...


It's exactly how I imagined it.

And look.

The sign.

Looks like
someone's moving back.


Yes, I know when checkout is.

Thank you for
reminding me again.


Just a minute,
I'm almost done packing.

It's Annie.

What do you want?

Well, I-I just
wanted to apologize.

Um, look, I should've told you
what I heard about your dad.

Just chickened out.

I so badly wanted
to be a girl's girl,

to have real friends,

and I wish that I could
undo what I did or...

Oh! Stop.


Please, I'm going to be
kicked out of this hotel.

I don't know where
the hell I'm gonna go,

and you talking on
and on and on like that,

it's really giving me
a headache.

The hotel's kicking you out?

My dad says
I have to live at home.

Apparently it doesn't
look good for an alleged

sexual harasser
would-be family man

to have a 16-year-old daughter
living alone in a hotel.

Stay at my house,
as long as you want.

Or, you know, until you decide
what to do about your dad.

Live with you and your
Pollyanna family?

I don't know, I mean,
well, I guess it'd be better

than living with
my dad and his mistress.

I would really like it.

Wait, why? 'Cause you pity me?

Because I don't want
a friendship based on pity.

If we're gonna be frieto be blunt and ho

We can't walk on eggs
around each other.


W-We can't walk on eggshells.

Thank you.

And you play with
your hair way too much.

God. Sorry, you do.

I mean, I'm just being honest.

Well, then I'm sorry
that I threw the foosball game.


You let me win at...

Oh, there is going
to be a rematch.

And I'm going
to destroy you.

Oh, anytime.

Show no pity... that's my motto.

Our house is big,

there's a park
around the corner,

huge swing set,


A jungle gym that looks so cool,
I'm tempted to climb on it.

Luckily, I only have to
teach two days a week.

And on those days,
I'll be working from home.

I plan to be very hands-on.

I don't want to miss a
minute of this kid's life.

And we both want
to be there for everything.

You know, the smiles,
the diapers,

the crawling, the walking.

Building of
tree houses.

He's been talking
about this alleged
tree house for years.

I'll believe it
when I see it.

So, it says here
that you have a dog?

Yes, Nina.

She's great with kids.

We've had her seven years.

Well, what if the baby
is allergic?

Oh, well, I mean, of course,
we would prioritize the child.

So you'd just give your dog away
after having it for seven years?

My parents live

45 minutes away... I'm
sure they'd take her.


Seem to have an answer
for everything.

Ha! Eat it!

Damn it! Oh!

71-70, match point.

All right.

71-71! Ha! Yes!

Ooh! Mom, can Naomi spend
the night tonight?

Now you're
gonna die.

Now you're
gonna die.
Hey, Naomi.

Oh! Oh, no!

Oh! No! No, no, no, no!

Donna, are you ready?

You can't be late
to your own opening.


Are you okay?

I just got off the
phone with David.

What happened?

I told him about the space.

How perfect it was,

how it was exactly
how I envisioned it,

how I want to come back here,
I want to make a go of it.


And he said

we'll have to figure
out a schedule

to shuttle Ruby
between L.A. and Japan.


I guess I always thought
when push came to shove

that he wouldn't
want to lose me.

But if he's willing
to lose me...

Oh, come here.

I just really thought he'd
want to move back here.

I really did.

I thought he'd
choose me over Japan.

I know this is hard,

but I also know...

that you are amazing.

You are...

talented and...

sweet and kind

and wonderful, and you
are gonna get through this,

no matter what.

I know.

I know.

I will.

Part of me's really excited.

I'll get to raise Ruby here,
and that's what I really want.

And the store is perfect.

I'm really excited about
signing the lease tonight.

And I'm really excited...

to go celebrate.

Oh, honey.

No, I'm happy.

I'm really happy.

This cheese is delicious...

just as I foresaw.

Hey, we're gonna be sending
all our friends to your store.

I'm counting
on it!

Hey, guys.

Hey, Ms. Taylor.

Ms. Taylor?
I know.

Hello, Ms. T.

Hi, girls.

Donna, this is
Naomi and Annie.

And what's with
the ice pack?

Vicious foosball

I kicked her ass.

And cute stuff,
by the way.

Maybe I'll even
find a prom dress.

You didn't
"kick" anything.

She won by one point...
and we're definitely
going to have a rematch.

Oh, you just name the day,
anytime, any place.

Excuse me, you guys.


Look at this.

Well, thank you
both for coming.

I'm sure Silver
will appreciate it.

Oh, hi.

there you are.

Hey. Dixon, Silver.

How you been?



Do you want something to eat?

Uh, no, thanks.

Well, it feels like
it's been forever.

What have you been up to?

Well, I've been reading

Sense and Sensibility,

Hey, Silver, how are you?

Um, can I get you something to
eat? Um, some cheese?

Um, I'm gonna get myself
some cheese.

Appreciate it, though.

Okay, I'll help myself.

Want some, hmm?

Hey, so is it nice
to see everybody?

Does it make you want
to go back to school?

Yep, I'm ready to go back
to school.

Honey, that's great.


Ooh, nice flowers.

They're from David.

"Thinking of you."

What does that even mean?

I guess it means
he's thinking of me.

But it's no plane ticket.

Anyway, we're low
on crackers.

The foosball champs decided
to inhale the whole stash

and then the backup stash.

So I'm gonna... just gonna run
around the corner and get some.

No, no, I'll go.
It's your party.

Are you sure?


Oh, gosh.


Hey. Uh... late-night
munchies or...?

Oh, no, a friend of mine
is opening a store

and ran out
of crackers.


What about, what about you?

Oh, just, uh, picking up
a six-pack.

A six-pack?

Yeah, beer is sold
in packs of six.

But don't worry.

I'm only gonna drink... three.

Uh, well, uh,
who's gonna drink
the other three?

Uh, no one's called 'em.

I'm... kinda thirsty.

What are you,
the bouncer?

Yeah, just keeping
out the riffraff.

Navid texted me
that everyone was hanging out.

Thought I'd stop by.

I actually came here with Liam,

but, uh, he seems to have
mysteriously disappeared.

Oh, yeah? Well, head on in.

You're not gonna bounce me?

Uh, not this time.

It's fun. Everybody's here.

It's Dixon, Navid, Adrianna,
Naomi, Annie.

Ooh, two ex-girlfriends.
Sounds a little claustrophobic.

I hear ya.

You, uh, you mind if I sit?

As long as you don't
expect me to be

and bushy-tailed.

Thank God you're not.



Are you okay?

Yeah, just, uh, just
getting some fresh air.


Hey, Liam,

I got your text.

You know what?

I'm not gonna be
your booty call.

You can't just act
all cold and rude

and then text me,
expect me to show up

and jump your bones
or whatever. Got it?

Okay, got it.

You want to
talk about being

Try having people
monitoring your mood
every second,

offering you crackers like
you're an invalid.

At least you're being
offered crackers.

I got people
always watching me

and there's no upside.

What do you mean?

Ah, I don't know. It's just
you step off the path

you cut one class,
and people are down your throat.

You cut class?

I might've. Whatever.

It's not like I'm trying
to be an English teacher
or something.

So, when are you
coming back to school?

I'm not, actually.

I'm enrolling
at St. Clare's.

You're gonna go
to a Catholic school?

It's the only place that would
take me mid-semester.

Went on a tour yesterday.

It's not that bad.

Huh... nah, Dixon didn't mention

Yeah, well, that's,
that's because Dixon
doesn't know yet.

I just decided tonight.

I just need
a fresh start, you know?

Where no one knows me...

where I can just be
who I want to be,

instead of who I was.

You think St. Clare's has room
for me?

It's an all-girls school.

Oh, sounding better
and better.

I missed you.

I can't put on
your oxygen mask.

What is that?

I mean, I can't
commit right now.

No commitment.

I've never felt less committed
to anything... wow...

in my entire life.

Shut up, Ryan.

You, you my friend, you.

Hey, how was
the party?

It was cool.

Hey, so I got you guys
a thank-you gift

for letting me stay with you.

A little birdy told me
you'd miss it.

Oh, my...!
Big Mouth Billy Bass!

Naomi, thank you.

Well, Dixon sold it
to me, so...

Good night.

Good night.

Good night.
Good night.

Good night.

A thank-you gift?

How long do you suppose
Naomi is staying here?

I don't know,

but judging from the quality
of the thank-you gift...

...it could be a while.

No, no!

Did you see Leslie's shoes?

Kind of vain for an English
professor, don't you think?

I don't know how she'll carry
a baby around with those shoes.

I'm sure she has other shoes.

And didn't you think
it was weird

how Greg was all fixated
on building that tree house?

Look, if you didn't like them,
you should have just...

I did. I did like them.

I just... I don't know.

Just all that talking about

and dogs and tree houses.

I kept picturing the kid,
you know,

going to school

and walking the dog...

and climbing in that
stupid tree house.

And once I pictured that kid,
I just...

the idea of giving it up
just got a lot harder.

Hey, you don't, you don't have
to give your baby up

if you don't want to.

Yeah, yeah, I-I do.

I've been through this.

I have to be realistic.

My mother doesn't have

the financial means, and I'm 16.

And frankly, we don't have
such a great partnership,

my mother and I.

I don't exactly see us
at baby swim classes together.

What about us?

Could you picture us?

What do you mean?

I mean me. I mean us.

I could go
to baby swim classes.

I mean, you're
looking for a couple

that communicates,

Laughs and respects one another.

I mean, that's us, right?

A baby lasts a lot longer
than baby swim classes.

Well, I'll be there
a lot longer.

Yeah, until you go away
to college.

I'll go to college nearby.
Who cares?

Hey, hey, the only thing
that matters is

that I'm in love with you.

I've loved you since
we were seven.

And I love your baby, too.

Uh... I love you, too, but...

But nothing, okay?

I want to be with y...

I want to be with you forever.

Come on. What do you mean?

What are you saying,
we should get married?


Yes, yes, uh...

Married, sure.

Let's get married.

Really? No! No!

We love each other, right?

Why not?

Okay, yeah. Okay.




We're getting married!

All right, uh,
two burgers medium rare.

We're getting married.


We're getting married.

We're getting married!