9-1-1: Lone Star (2020–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - The New Hotness - full transcript

(carnival music playing)

(all shouting)


I don't think
they're gonna let me

on the bumper cars
with this bear.

No problem. We'll hit the
fried cheese guy instead.


Caleb, you already
had fried soup.

I didn't even know
that was possible.

These dudes can fry anything.

So, what are you gonna name him?

Oh. Uh... Bear?

- You think he sucks.

I just don't know why
you would spend $80

trying to win this thing.

Because it's not
about the money, Bri.

It's about showing you
that I'll fight for you.

Look, your family keeps
calling me a loser.

Well, I just proved them
wrong by spending 80 bucks

to win you that $10 bear.

I guess you did.

The point is, I'm in
it for the long haul.

I'm not going anywhere.

That actually means a lot.

Um, 'cause I've been
thinking about our future...

(winces) I gotta go.

- Caleb.
- I think it was the fried soup.

Told you not to eat that!

(Caleb groaning, wincing)

Excuse me.

♪ Ole, ole

♪ Ole, ole, ole, ole


♪ Yessa!

♪ Ha, ha


♪ Yes, girls

(game bell ringing)

MOM: Are you okay?

WOMAN: Oh, my God.

♪ Me so on fire
feeling hot, hot, hot ♪

♪ Party people, all around
me feeling hot, hot, hot ♪

♪ What to do on a
night like this? ♪

(wind gusting)

♪ Music sweet,
I can't resist ♪

(sighs deeply)

- (balloons popping)
- (yelps)

♪ A fundamental jam

-♪ So we go rum bum, bum, bum
-Oh, my God, are you okay?

(baby cries)

BRIANNA: What the hell?

- (sizzles)
- ♪ Feeling hot, hot, hot



Oh, no.


Hey, I'm stuck in here!



Oh, my God.

Somebody help!


♪ You feel it?


(Brianna screams)


♪ Hot, hot, hot

♪ Hot, hot, hot

(theme music plays)

if you wanted an excuse

to cancel your morning
jog, well, here it is.

Showers are rolling in,

and with them, gray
skies and some drizzle.

You guys hear that?

Showers coming.

Yeah, B-shift already
prepped the rain gear.

Yeah, slam some migas, Marj.

We got cheese, pico
de gallo, what else?

- Olives.
- Veto.

Olives ruin everything.

- What?
- Veto Override.

Black olives are
a Tex-Mex staple.

Hey, TK, important
migas question.

- Are they paleo?
- Nah, man.

That's not the question
I was gonna ask, bro.

TK, your wedding
bod is on point.

You can eat a carb.

- Oh, he's cranky.
- (chuckles)

what's going on?

Carlos and I toured
a wedding venue.

- Another?
- Yeah.

How many is that?


This one's just outside of town.

Seats 150, wildflowers

And it's in our budget.

It sounds perfect, man.

TK STRAND: It is perfect.

So what's the problem?

Every other couple in
Austin thinks so, too.

So now there's an
18-month waitlist.

Whoa, that's almost like
a year and a half away.

Babe, that's exactly a
year and a half away.

- So I was right, babe.
- Inadvertently.

TK: So we have to settle
for something less perfect

or we wait for 18 months.

You're talking to a woman
who was engaged for 13 years.

And we see how well
that turned out, huh?


- JUDD RYDER: Damn thing.
- Hey, Judd.

Where did you and
Grace get married?

My Uncle Cash's ranch.

Does he rent it out?

No, they got all these
loose hogs out there,

it'd be an insurance nightmare.

- (thuds)
- Whoa!

This thing's a piece of trash.

Hey, hey, man, gentle
with the steam wand.

No, it ain't the steam wand,
it's the filter bucket.

Here, I got you, brother.

So I guess everyone
is cranky today.

JUDD: Yeah, I'm cranky.

Y'all ever heard of
the bare bottom method?

That sounds like
an HR violation.

Potty training.
What day are you on?

(exhales) Seven.

I would be cranky, too.

That drive to work didn't help
with the crankiness neither.

Y'all try to take 35?

- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, yeah. Total cluster.

Yeah. So I went over on
the, uh, side streets.

Some jackass on a
motorcycle pulls up on me,

starts trying to
goad me into racin'.

I ended up with my
coffee in my lap.

- Ooh.
- MATEO: Oh, man.

(motorcycle engine revving)

Is that him?

JUDD: That son of a bitch
must have followed me up here.

TK: Oh wow.

(whistles) Hey, buddy.


You gotta be kiddin' me.

Yeah, the, uh,
weatherman said drizzle,

so I parked my baby inside.

You bought a crotch rocket, Cap?

This isn't a crotch rocket.

This is a classic cruising bike.

I mean, look at those lines.

This design speaks to
heritage, traditions.

It's a connection to the past.

Not yours.

Is that what the
salesman told you?

That is actually what my
ridin' buddy Red said.

Oh, "Red said."

You got a ridin' buddy now?

Several of 'em, actually.

Yeah, we met at a stoplight,

you know, just chopping
it up and, uh...

I mean, that's the thing.

It's not just the
freedom of the road.

It's the fellowship.

Hey, it's hard to explain
if you haven't lived it.

And how long have you had this?

Since Thursday.

This bike is an expression
of me living my best life.

Well, cheers to that.

OWEN STRAND: And I invite
you all to join me.

Embrace the good. Just
don't touch the bike.

- Wait, can I just sit on it, Cap?
- OWEN: No.

Sitting is touching.


You, uh,

you think your daddy's okay?

(TK clicks tongue)

Yeah. Just as long as he doesn't
wear leather to the wedding.

(Spanish music playing)

ANDREA REYES: Ay, Carlitos.

Why wait for some
magazine cover venue?

You two are pretty
enough as it is.

Si, mama, pero I'd rather
not have my future husband

moping on the day.

He fell in love
with the place, Ma.

I thought he fell
in love with you.

(chuckles) Fine.

- At least it gives us lots of time to plan.
- (cell phone buzzing)

- Do you mind?
- ANDREA: No, go ahead.


Oh, hi.

Uh, yeah, let me...

Let me talk to my fiancé and
I'll get back to you, okay?

No, no, no, no. You'll, you'll hear
from us by the end of business today.


Yeah, yeah. Thank-thank
you so much.

Alright, bye.


That was the dream venue.

A couple from Fort
Worth just broke up,

which means they
have an opening.

In eight weeks.

Eight weeks?


Mira, mijo, no te
preocupes, okay?

We're gonna pull this together.

You know Marcos
from the panaderia,

he makes a great layer cake.

You're not worried
about the cake?


You haven't told TK the truth?

- Carlitos.
- Look, I was going to.

Okay? I thought I had more...

You need to tell him today.

Yes. I-I guess I'm gonna
have to tell him today.


- Que es eso?
- CARLOS: What?

ANDREA: Que es eso?

I have no idea.


Alright, grab it. Let's
go, let's go, grab it.

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I'm sorry. Did
you say "frogs"?


TREVOR PARKS: Yes, frogs!

It's raining frogs!


(horn honks)

(people screaming)


Sir, can you tell
me your location?

Yeah, yeah, we're
at the county fair!

It's, uh... it's
parking lot, uh...

It's parking lot...

- (groans)
- Dad!

- GRACE RYDER (on phone): Sir?
- MELODY (on phone): Dad!

Sir, can you hear me?

MELODY PARKS: He can't speak!

He has a frog in his throat.

- (sirens wailing)
- (horn blares)


Anybody ever seen
anything like this?

Yeah. The book of Exodus.

It happens. Waterspout
hits the right pond,

sucks up the frogs and
whatever into the clouds.

Oh, yeah. Like Sharknado.

Exactly like Sharknado.

OWEN: Alright. Judd and
Mateo... Halligans, backboard.

Paul, Marjan, make
yourself helpful.

- PAUL STRICKLAND: You got it.
- MARJAN: Yep.

MELODY: Help! Over here!

You guys need to help my dad.

He's choking to death.

Take us to him.

A frog dropped down his throat.

I tried to get it
out, but I couldn't.


Okay, I need you to relax.

Okay, we're gonna check you out.

Alright. Okay.

Just try to relax.

- Just relax. Hm.
- (frog croaking)

Yeah, that's a frog, alright.

Nancy, McGill clamp.

- Copy.
- It's alright.

We're gonna handle this.

- NANCY: McGill.
- Okay.



(frog croaks)

OWEN: Excuse me,
step back. Thank you.

Ma'am, can you hear me?

How many?

We don't need tickets, ma'am.

of course you don't.

First responders get in free.


Can we just get her
out of there, please?

Oh, yeah, sorry, Cap.

Slippery little sucker.

(frog croaks)

Gonna need the camera.



Uh, it slipped down further.

His pulse is dropping down, Cap.

Forget the camera. No time.

Help me get him up.

TK: Are we gonna lay him down?

No. Heimlich. Okay. Alright.





Alright, sir.

I need you to
breathe for me, okay?

You're gonna be just fine.

Thank you.

(car alarm beeping)

Hey, tell me that's not hail.

- (glass shatters)
- Nope. That's gorilla hail.

- Hey! Everybody, take cover!
- Everybody, take cover!

- PAUL: Hey! Take cover!
- MARJAN: Everybody, come on!

(hail thudding)

OWEN: Alright,
alright, new plan.

Make a shield.

(hail thudding)

(car alarms beeping)

Um, we need to
close the doors now.

At least it can't get any worse.

It can always get worse, Chavez.

This thing's just
getting started.

(birds chirping)


Isn't it pretty?

Anybody else feel like the calm's
on the wrong side of this storm?

Man, that was even
weirder than the volcano.

Nothing is weirder
than lava at mini golf.

- Hey, Carlos, you okay?
- CARLOS: Yeah, just, um...

looking for TK.

Medical's pulling in now.


(truck beeping)

Hey, Carlos.

Hi, baby. You here for lunch?

- Um...
- Please, just don't say frog legs.

Actually, uh, can we talk?

Sure. Yeah.

You're pissed.



Just a little confused. Um...

So you're married.

In name only.

To a woman?

Back then, that was the
only way you could do it.

Who is this person? I mean, did
she need a green card or something?

No, we went to high
school together.

She was a few years ahead of me.

We were best friends,
and we were both...

lost... I guess?

When I came out to my parents...

and the way that they never
talked about it again, it...

it felt like I'd
disappointed them.

- So you married a woman?
- I married my best friend.

And did she know you were gay?

She knew everything about
me. We loved each other, TK.

And we tried to
convince ourselves

that we could make it work.

We were wrong.

But you never got a divorce?

We meant to.

But... things happened.

Well, you'd need to
get a divorce, Carlos.

I'm aware.

Okay. If-if she was
your best friend,

then how come I've
never met her?

I mean, is she... Is
she still in Texas?

Far as I know. Yeah.

(TK sighs)

You remember Captain Blake?


Wait, Michelle
Blake is your wife?

Michelle is my sister-in-law.

I'm married to Iris.

Iris, Michelle's little sister,
the one that went missing?

I told you things happened.

TK, we all thought she was dead.

Then she came back.

CARLOS: With schizophrenia.

She needed help.

And staying married
is helping her?

My health insurance
is helping her.

(sighs deeply)

Is she doing better now?

I don't know.

What does Michelle say?

I meant to call them.

Both of them.

There's no excuse.

I'm a terrible friend.

Hey, hey, hey.

No, you're not.

No, you are not, okay?

You're an incredible friend.

Everything's gonna be okay.

We have so much time
to figure it out.

We have a year and a half.

- We have eight weeks.
- TK: What?

Eight weeks, what... What
do you mean eight weeks?

CARLOS: The venue called.
There was a cancellation.

There's an opening in
eight weeks if we want it.

TK: What?

Baby, that's fantastic!


Is-is eight weeks enough
time to get a divorce?

Better be.

The-the-the state of
Texas requires you to be

divorced a full month

before you can
get married again.

What you doin'? You hangin'
a little bell there?

OWEN: Yep.

What, so's we can hear
you when you pull up?

Ha, no, no, the tailpipes
take care of that.

It's a Gremlin Bell.

- Say what?
- OWEN: A Gremlin Bell.

- Oh.
- It wards off gremlins and, and bad spirits.

The theory being you put it in
the lowest point of the bike,

when you're out for a ride
and you ride over a gremlin

and it tries to grab on,

it gets caught in the bell.

Biking community's got a ton
of great stuff like that.

Yeah, we should
get a mess of 'em

and put 'em on the rigs,
it'll make things easier.

Oh, no, no. You can't just go
out and buy a Gremlin Bell.

It has to be gifted to
you by another rider

or the magic doesn't work.

Oh, of course.

So one of your, uh, biker
buddies gave you that?

Yeah, Red gave it to me.

Oh, Red. Right.

Uh, Owen?

If I'm outta line
here, you just tell me.

But... you okay?

Yeah. Why would you ask me that?

Well, it appears
that you've fallen in

with some Hells Angels that
you met at a stoplight.

As your friend,
that's concerning.

The Honor Dogs are
not Hells Angels.

- Hm.
- They're motorcycle enthusiasts.

Professional guys like you
and me. You'd love 'em.

In fact, I'm invited to a thing
at their roadhouse Thursday.

You should come.
Because I think

- I'm getting a cool nickname.
- Ooh, like Red?

Yeah, h-hopefully better than
that. Anyway, you should come.

It'd give you a chance
to dust off your bike.

Well, I ain't got no bike.


Always pictured you with a bike.

Well, I have a dirt bike.

Don't bring that. Oh!

And first responders get
great deals on these.

I can hook you up with my dude.

(sighs) I don... I don't know.

You know, I feel like I, I
risk my neck enough at work,

and Grace wouldn't like it.

(Owen snaps fingers)

Grace wouldn't like it,
but you would, right?

I see the way you
look at this. Oh!

You would have the best nickname
of all time, Easy Ryder.

Get it? Easy Ryder.

Yeah, I get it. I just,
I don't, I don't know

if that's reason
enough to invest.

Oh, come on. Change your
mind. You'll have fun.

I ain't gonna fit on
the back of this bike.

We'll go in my car.

A lot of relieved Austinites

as today's violent storm
known as a derecho,

or inland hurricane, went
as quickly as it came

leaving behind some
web-footed friends

at the Travis County Fair,

which has now reopened.

But is it safe?

For that, we go to
meteorologist Randi Gray.

If she says swarm of
locusts next, I'm out.

Clear skies and a warmer
system rolling in.

We've seen the last of
the precipitation for now.

Though, there is the outside
chance of a mild heat burst.

NEWSCASTER (on TV): You said
heat burst. What's that?

A heat burst is a rare
atmospheric phenomenon

that can sometimes follow
a storm like we saw today.

A sudden localized
increase in air temperature

and some pretty gusty winds.

What are the odds of that?

Ah, one in a million.

So that's definitely
gonna happen.

- Yep.
- ALL: Yeah.


(carnival music playing)

Alright, alright.
What do we have?

We, uh, we got a ring toss.

Ooh, we got a hayride.

We got a tilt-a-whirl.

What are we even doing here?

Uh, hopefully beating the rush

to the butter sculptures.

Shouldn't you be resting?

I can't let a little frog mouth

spoil our first
day in Austin now.

- Kinda hard to come back from.
- Come on, Mel.

Back in Topeka, we had to
drag you away from the fair.

Remember you and Mom
taking all them selfies

with that prize pumpkin?

That was different.

'Cause that was with Mom.

Listen, sweetie.

I know...

choosing who to
live with was hard.

And I'm so sorry that you
were put in that position.


Excuse me.


Just, you know,
look around, hey?

Look around. Texas
ain't so bad, right?

Just promise me you won't
start wearing a cowboy hat.

I can't promise you that.

But... I can let you,
uh, pick the next ride.

Anything I want?

Yeah, I'm-I'm-I'm gonna
regret that one, huh?

- Whoo!
- (nervously): Uh...

Why did I let you
talk me into this?

Come on, Dad, have a little fun.

Yeah, yeah, fun.

So much fun.

Alright, alright.
(chuckles nervously)

(thunder rumbling)

Hey, ride's over.

Ladies and gentlemen,
we apologize.

But we're going to have to
end the ride at this time.

What's going on?

Oh. Well, I think it's
the lightning, sweetie.

(carnival music fading)

- (ride rattling)
- (thunder rumbling)

- MELODY: Why are we stopping?
- It's alright.

- What's happening?
- It's alright. It's alright.

(metal grinding)

Right this way, guys.

Hey, bring us down!

Dad? Why are we going up?

We have to go up to
come down, sweetie.

- (rattling)
- (metallic squeaking)

(wind gusting)

- MAN: Whoa. Watch out.
- (screaming)

OPERATOR: Come on. God!

- (sizzles)

Are you alright?

It burned me.


Dad, I wanna get out here.

(both grunting)


Hey, bring us down!



Ah, it's alright. It's alright.

(man screaming)


- Oh, my God!
- Oh!



Where you landed? Are
you in an aircraft, sir?

No. Porta-potty.

The wind picked me up.

I'm at the fair.

(Caleb exhales)

It's so hot.

What do you see around you?

Uh, the inside of
the porta-potty.

Okay. Can you
make your way out?


No, stupid thing's melted shut.

Alright, sir, listen,
my name is Grace.

I'm gonna get some
help to you, okay?

Are you injured?

CALEB (on phone): I'm alright.

Except, uh...

(heavy breathing)

I'm sinking.

(siren wailing)

I'm seeing heatstroke
left and right.

Remember, when they've
stopped sweating,

that's when they get a red tag.

And where exactly did the
flying toilet come down?

I don't know, like-like
over there somewhere.

Let's hope it didn't
land on anybody else.

Hey, Cap, dispatch is
saying we got a kid

in a honey pot that's
taking on water.


Help! Help!

Help me!

Help, I'm gonna drown!

Okay, Caleb, listen,
I need you calm, okay?

So let's try this. Take a
deep, four-second breath.

(inhales, coughs)


(Caleb groaning)

The air.

It's burning my throat.

It's all this blue junk.

Unfortunately, some
of those chemicals

do release toxic fumes.

What, like poo?

No, like formaldehyde.

Alright, Caleb, I need
you to focus with me

so we can get you
outta there, okay?

The water's getting higher!

It's okay. I know it is.

Listen, I need you to
check your pockets.

Do you have a key
chain or loose change?

- Anything like that?
- Uh...

Some loose change, yeah.

Do you have a quarter?

- Yeah.
- GRACE: Now take a look

at the roof above you.

There should be flathead rivets.

I need you to use that
quarter to turn it

and try to loosen 'em.

(heavy breathing)

It's working.

It's working!

Okay, good. Just
keep on turning it.


No. No!

No, no, no!

What happened?

I dropped it.

I'm gonna drown. (coughs)

Listen, hang on for me. I'm
checking in with my team.

Captain Strand,
what's your status?

Yeah, look, there's no
water in the midway.

Is it maybe blown into
a pool or a reservoir?

Lake Travis?

GRACE: No, there's nothing
like that in the area.

And his cell phone
is still pinging

somewhere on the fairgrounds.

Hey, Gracie, do we have any
water rides or anything here?

Bumper boats,
anything like that?

I mean, I looked, but
the fair has 300 vendors,

all on separate contracts.

And he doesn't
have a lot of time.

PAUL (on radio): Uh, Cap,
I think we got something.

So, not Lake Travis.

Alright. Halligans
and chainsaws.


(chainsaw buzzing)

MATEO: We're in.


I got him. We need Medical.

Caleb? Is he okay?



(monitor beeping)


He's got a pulse, Cap.

In the 120s and stabilizing.

- BRIANNA: Caleb.
- CALEB: Bri.

(Caleb exhales)

Thought I was gonna
die in the crapper.

Why does he still look cyanotic?

I think he's just blue.

No, Caleb, no,
hon, don't sit up.

I told you I'd fight for you.


I love you.

Is he okay? Is
he gonna be okay?

With a hefty dose
of antibiotics,

he should be just fine.


And maybe I'll treat you
both just to be safe.

Alright, let's clear
this whole area.

Every booth, every
tent, every ride.

Hey. Help!

Help. We need help.

We managed to get most
everybody off the Zipper.

But there's still two
people trapped up top.

We tried to get the
motor going again

and then that happened.

MARJAN: Oh, God.

TREVOR: Hey, we're up here!

Up here!

Hey, Cap, we can run
back to the truck

and get the rescue cushion
up in about five minutes.

OWEN: They don't
have five minutes.

(Melody coughing)


it's really hot in here.

I know, sweetie. I know.

Alright. Let's use this tarp.

We're gonna make a life net.

Stretch it out.

Alright, they tell me
that there's a latch

on the right-hand side

of your bucket up there.

You need to open
it, turn around.

You're gonna fall back first.

We will catch you.



Alright, watch
yourself, sweetie.


I can't.

I can't do it.

You don't have to do a thing.

That's why the
Lord made gravity.


- Is she alright?
- OWEN: She's fine.

It's your turn.

Great job. Come
on, come with me.

- (sizzles)
- (screams)



- So, not a tiny man.
- Just hang on tight.

Heard you might need
an extra pair of hands.

Yeah. Get in here.


(quietly): Lord,
give me strength.

OWEN: two...

(all grunt)



Alright, hold
still. How's that?

TOMMY VEGA: Okay, when
you're changing her bandage,

run this arm under cold
water, alright, Dad?

Will do.

So, Melody, do
you like slushies?

- Blue raspberry?
- Absolutely.

We are giving them away
just right over there.

You see that?

Go get one.

I'll get you one too, Dad.

Thanks, sweetie.


Let's see.

Oh. Alright.

She's been through a lot today.

Oh, you have no idea.

We're still adjusting to it
just being the two of us.

- TOMMY: Hm.
- Mel's been a real champ.

Oh, yeah.

My girls were my rock when
my husband passed away.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Melody's mother is still alive.
We're, um, recently divorced.


Uh, you, um, uh, do
have superficial burns.

Just keep them loosely wrapped

and, uh, I will get you, um,

a roll of Kerlix...
gauze. Okay?

TREVOR: Thank you.


Saw that.


You and your frog prince.

Oh, he's a patient, Nancy.

A repeat customer.

You should just go ahead
and give him your number

so he stops dialing 9-1-1.

Bye, Nance.


Here you go.

Oh, a freebie. Thanks.

Well, consider it a welcome
to the neighborhood.

- Alright.
- TOMMY: Alright.

Uh, can I have that back?

Uh, sure?

Great, um...

uh, Melody's about the
same age as my girls,

so maybe we can
arrange for a playdate.

A playdate or a date-date?

I'm good with either one.


Alright. The clinic
opens at 9:00

and ESL classes at 10:00.

Welcome home.

Can I help you?

Hey. I'm looking for
a Michelle Blake.

I tried calling, but it
keeps going to voice mail.

It's probably because
the service is sketchy

where she is in Ecuador.

- CARLOS: Ecuador?
- Yeah.

She's there for three months
on an outreach mission.


I'm actually looking
for her sister, Iris.

I know she, she was
here for a while.

Do you know where she might be?

Yeah, around the corner.

PATIENT: No. No, you,
you aren't listening,

you aren't, you
aren't hearing me!

VOLUNTEER: I am listening. I'm
here with you. I hear what...

PATIENT: No, if everything is
everything and everything is a circle,

then life is water, right?

But energy plus time is
heat. Don't get in the car!

- Don't go with him!
- I need you to take this pill

because it's gonna
help you feel better.

It'll help you relax, okay?

Here you go.



Oh, God, I missed
you so much. (sighs)

You should've come sooner.


This place is great.

Saved my life.

Well, Michelle saved my life
with a big assist from you.

Thank you for always
having our backs.

She and I got pretty tight
after you went missing.

Whenever she got arrested,

I made sure to be
the one doing it.

Yeah. She told me.

She really loves you.

I guess all Blake women do.

Iris, I'm...

I'm so sorry, I...

I should have
checked in earlier.

I thought we were
done with that part.

Or do you want me
to slap you again?

Not really.


You look so...

Normal? Stable? Un-insane?

- Happy.
- (Iris chuckles)

Yeah, I guess I am, aren't I?

I don't know. Working here
and, and helping the community,

something clicked.

You know, cherry on top?

Free coffee.

IRIS BLAKE: Health benefits.

Sanctuary Hearts has full
coverage, meds and all.

I'm no longer your
responsibility, Carlos.

Tell me about this boy.

TK. Well, he, uh...

He used to be a
firefighter in New York.

- Mm-hmm.
- Now he's a paramedic.

Always good to have one
of those in the family.

- He's been through a lot.
- IRIS: Hm.

Currently not in a coma.

Also a plus.

What can I say?

He's the one.

Yeah, but is he hot?


- Well, I can't wait to meet him.
- CARLOS: Well...

you'll come to the wedding.

Oh, no.

I think I need to
meet him before that.

You know, if I'm gonna
sign the divorce papers

with a clear conscience.


You're joking.

How's tomorrow night?

(country music playing)

Huh? I mean, how great is this?
This is why I came to Texas.

Y'all don't have any gay
bars in New York City?


I'm messin' with you.

Hey, this don't look
like Hells Angels.

This sort of looks like my
dad's VFW meets, uh, the Elks.

RED: Strand.

Get your manicured
butt over here.

- Hey!
- (Red laughing)

I hope you don't mind I
brought a friend with me.

- This is Judd Ryder.
- Easy Ryder.

- RED: How do.
- Uh, Th-That's what I was saying.

- Easy Ryder.
- You a firefighter too, Judd?

Yes, sir. 20 years.

You must've signed on as a pup.

- Yeah, right outta high school.
- That's good.

It means that our supposed
higher education system

didn't get a chance
to brainwash you.

What are you two
heroes drinking?

- Uh, beer suits me.
- RED: Yes, sir.

Uh, mineral water.
I'm driving.

RED: (chuckles) Mineral water.

You kill me, Strand.

No, Judd, I got this.

RED: The hell you do.

We don't charge for drinks here.

Bar's always open.
Drinks are always free.

- This him?
- That's him.

Captain Strand,
I'm... I'm Mikey.

It's an honor to meet a genuine
American hero and patriot.

I-I think Red's been puffing
me up just a little bit.

It must be nice having somebody
else puff you up for once.

You were really in 9/11?

You make it sound
like I was in a band.

I think you need to
excuse Mikey's enthusiasm.

Unlike a lot of other folks,

us Honor Dogs revere
first responders.

Actually attracting
a lot more of 'em.

(microphone feedback)

TURNER: Alright, Brothers,

the hour is upon us.

It's time to
welcome a new member

into our fraternal order.

This is where I get
my cool nickname.

Mikey, get your ass up here.

(cheering and whooping)

MAN: Come on, Mikey!

You earned this.

Mikey, the pain you feel today,
I want you to remember it.

Because it is just
a taste of the pain

of what we're all
gonna have to endure

if we expect to take
this country back

because there is a war coming!


ALL (chanting):
Dog! Dog! Dog! Dog!

Dog! Dog! Dog! Dog!

Dog! Dog! Dog! Dog!

Hey, Cap, let's go.

I'm right behind you.

Dog! Dog! Dog! Dog!

Dog! Dog! Dog! Dog!

(Mikey screams)

Dog! Dog! Dog! Dog! Dog! Dog!


I can't believe that I
had brunch with a Nazi.


I don't know if I'd
call them fellas Nazis.

Really? It was like the
Beer Hall Putsch of 1923.

How did I miss the warning signs

riding with these
guys all this time?

Cap, you were only riding
with them guys for a week.

Yeah, but it was a
very intense week.

And a fun one.

- I'm selling the bike.
- Don't sell the bike. No.

You love that bike.

Eh, I love the idea of it.

Well, don't beat
yourself up too much.

I get it. I understand.

You do?

Yeah. I mean,
you've been kinda...

kinda left to your
own devices lately.

You've been a little isolated.

- Isolated?
- Yeah.

Look, Catherine
took that job in DC.

Alright? Your son's
runnin' around.

He's plannin' the
rest of his life.

I know Mateo's been spending
a lot of time over at Nancy's.

And you and me don't hardly
see each other outside of work

because I'm at home

trying to learn a toddler
how to potty proper.

- It'll take care of itself.
- Yeah, that's the word.

So... you think I'm lonely?

I think you could use a friend.

Oh. The last time I tried
fishing for a friend,

he tried to steal my firehouse

and then tried to knock it
down with a wrecking ball.

No, Judd, I'm not
lonely, I'm just bored.

- You're bored?
- Yeah.

So you... you're telling me that
you ain't living your best life?


My best life is when I
have dragons to slay.

Owen, we slay dragons
big and small,

all day, every day, at the 126.

And you're our captain.

You got plenty of purpose.


Well, if it's any
comfort to you,

you just wait around a minute

and something awful's
bound to happen.

Thank you, Judd.

I really appreciate that.

JUDD: Mm-hmm.

♪ Oh, happy day

♪ Oh, happy day

♪ Oh, happy day

♪ Oh, happy day

♪ When Jesus washed
♪ When Jesus washed ♪

♪ When He washed ♪
When Jesus washed

♪ When He washed

♪ When Jesus washed

♪ He washed my sins away

♪ Oh, happy day

♪ Happy, happy, happy

♪ Oh, happy day

♪ He taught me how

♪ He taught me how

♪ To watch

♪ He taught me how to watch

♪ He taught me how to fight

♪ He taught me how to pray

♪ How to pray

♪ He washed my sins away

♪ Oh, happy day

♪ He washed my sins away

♪ Oh, happy day


PASTOR ROPER: Hallelujah!

♪ Thank you, Jesus

♪ Thank you, Jesus ♪


PASTOR ROPER: Hallelujah!





Amen! Amen!

Ecclesiastes 7:8.

"Better is the end of a
thing than the beginning."

Ecclesiastes is one
of my favorites.

It's the book that
forces us to ask,

what have I
accomplished in my life?

Ohh, don't get quiet
on me now, church!

Come on!

I'm proud of everything

we've done together
over the last 15 years.

The new Rec Center.

Our outreach at the border.

Even that time we
let the youth group

cook us Wednesday supper.


Lord knows we sure got

some salmonella that day!


Well, enough about the past.

Because the future of
our church is here today.

That's right!

The man that will
guide this congregation

into the New Year

and for many years to come.

Please help me welcome
your new pastor,

Reverend Trevor Parks!

Come on, church!


Amen. Amen.

Oh, my Lord.

TREVOR: Thank you,
Pastor Roper. Mm, mm, mm.

What's wrong, Tommy?

I made a pass at my pastor.

TREVOR: It is indeed a
pleasure and a blessing

to be here with you all today.

Some might even say
a miracle. Amen!

- Amen.

Choir, let's hear
it one more time,

because it truly is...

♪ Oh, happy day

CHOIR: ♪ Oh, happy day

♪ Happy day

♪ Oh, happy day

♪ When Jesus washed
♪ When Jesus washed ♪

♪ He washed my sins away

♪ Jesus

♪ When Jesus washed

♪ He washed my sins away

♪ Oh, happy day

♪ He washed my sins away

♪ Oh, happy day

♪ Thank you, Jesus

(congregation applauding)

TREVOR: Thank you,
Jesus. Once more.

(knock on door)


Oh, you must've seen
the ad for the bike.

I'll bring it around.

Actually, Mr. Strand,

I'm gonna need you
to keep the bike.

Do I know you?

Special Agent Rose Kacey.

The FBI would like
to talk to you

about some of your associates.

(dramatic music plays)

(fanfare plays)