7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 9, Episode 3 - Song of Lucy - full transcript

Lucy is promoted to Associate Pastor at the church and faces the task of writing her first sermon. Simon starts going to a therapist and realizes he has been suppressing his guilt of a previous car accident. Ruthie wants to go on a date.

You okay?

Kevin, are you all right?

I'm fine.

You don't seem fine.

I was just having a dream.

Seemed more like
a nightmare.

Really, I'm fine.



Well, I mean,
since you're up.

Steak again?

It's the middle
of the night.

How about steak and eggs?

Sounds delicious.

Hey, I was just
gonna call for you,

your breakfast is almost ready.

Hmm, no, thanks.

Breakfast is the most
important meal of the day.

Well, just the same,
I like to keep it light.

Juice, juice is good
and, and good for you.

Dad, I'm going.

I know you're going;
that's why I wanted

to send you off with
a hearty breakfast.

Would you stop?!

Dad, I don't need a hearty
breakfast to go see a therapist.

And by the way, I said
I'd talk to a therapist,

I didn't say that after
I talked to a therapist

I would see things your way.

I'm just happy to see
you making an effort

to see things my way.


Just kidding. Kind of.

Anyway, when you're ready,
your mother and I would

love to sit down
and talk to you.

Yeah, you've mentioned
that a few times.

Just remember, all therapy,

including my therapy,
is confidential.

I would never want to know
what you discuss in therapy,

unless, of course,
you want me to know.

I don't.

So, how's Georgia?

I don't know.

We, uh, we broke up.

Well, I'm sorry, I guess.

Okay, I'm not having this
conversation with you right now.

Let's talk.

Something tells me I'm gonna
need coffee for this.

So, I met this guy in detention.

He's really nice,
but everyone thinks

he's a bad guy just because
he was in detention.

So, maybe you should
be friends with him

to let people know that
he's not a bad guy,

if he's not a bad guy.

Well, you realize everyone
thinks I'm a bad girl

because I was in detention.

And because Matt, Mary, Lucy and
Simon were in school before me.

I feel for you,
but I don't get your point.

Well, I haven't quite
gotten around to my point.

Which is?
I think I'm ready to date.

So, it's okay if
I go out with Harry?

That's his name, Harry.

Just think about it, okay?


No, thanks.

I'm gonna get my lunch
at school.

That's what Harry does.

So, tell Martin I'll wait
for him out in the car.

I got the boys dressed today.

I can tell.

We're going to be
baseball players

when we grow up.

Or preachers.


Or baseball players
who are preachers.

Or preachers who are
baseball players.

You can be anything you want.

Then we want to be
baseball players.

Not preachers.

No, thanks.

We want school food today.

Mom gave us money.

Oh, I see. Well, I thought
she didn't make lunches,

she forgot, so,
I made the lunches.

That was wrong thinking.

You were incorrect.


Are you okay, Reverend Camden?

Rough morning.
So, you heard about Harry?

Do you know Ruthie's
friend from detention?

No, but I've seen the two
of them in the hall together.

And I don't like what I see.
What do you see?

I see a kid I don't think
is good enough for Ruthie.

And if you don't mind, I'm gonna
keep an eye on the situation.

Well, if, if you want.

Thanks anyway.

School food for you, too?

I didn't know
you made the lunches.

Well, I did.

It's not that your lunches

aren't as good as Mrs. Camden's,

Okay, your lunches
aren't as good as Mrs. Camden's.



What what?

Why are you staring at me?

Was I staring?

Yes. Is there something wrong?

No, everything's great.

How is school going?

School's great.

You're gonna graduate
like you planned?

Far as I know. Why?

Just asking.

How's work going at the church?

I'm just getting started
really, but it's fine.

I'm working on my
first official duty,

putting the teen
class together.

The abstinence thing?

Not exactly, if all you
had to do was tell teens

not to have sex,
then we wouldn't need

the class down at the church.

You need to tell them
more than once.

They may not hear it
the first time.

I don't know, I'm just
trying to be helpful.


Speaking of kids,

how many are you thinking
you want to have?

One, two, ten?


You don't want to
have ten, do you?

Why don't we just see

how things go
with the first one,

and then we can
take it from there?

Good idea.

Are you sure you should
be going to work today?

You didn't sleep well
last night,

and you're acting kind of nutty.

I'll be fine and I know you

need the apartment
to work on your... work.

I love how you always
support me in everything I do.

I'm your husband.

Yes, you are.

Now, get out.

Did you see Sam and David?

Oh, didn't they look cute?

Yeah, cute.

What's wrong?

Ruthie wants to date.


He sounds like a nice guy.

Did she tell you
where she met Harry?

Just remember that Ruthie
met Harry in detention

because she herself
was in detention.

Yeah, but some kids who are in
detention are there for a reason

and I don't want them
dating my daughter

and isn't she too young to date?

Oh, Lucy was 13
when she started dating.

Ruthie is gonna be 15 this year.

She's growing up.

Whose side
are you on?


Have you spoken to Simon?

I know you did.

Oh, don't ruin this
therapy thing, please.

I'm not ruining anything.

I just... I just made him
breakfast, which he didn't eat.

Simon has agreed to go
and talk to a therapist.

That's enough for right now.

He'll talk to us when
he's ready to talk to us.

Yeah, and if he's never
ready to talk to us?

Well, then, I guess we'll
just have to accept that.

Simon has to solve
his own problems.

All we can do is be there
if and when he needs us.

Do you actually believe
anything you're saying?

Not yet, but maybe if I
say it enough times, I will.

Look, I'll let you know
when I want a kiss, okay?

No, I'll let you know
when she wants a kiss.


Look, I suggest
you take your lips

and keep moving down the hall.

I'm Harry.

You must be Martin.
Baseball player, right?

I know who you are.
Just move along.

I'll see you later, Ruthie.

Don't bet on it.

We need to talk.

I'll let you know
when I want to talk, okay?

It was just a kiss.

A kiss you didn't want, right?

Yeah and I told Harry that.

I don't need a bodyguard.

I can take care of myself.

You don't even know him.

You met him in detention;
Doesn't that tell you anything?

Yeah, it tells me that he's
a nice guy who made a mistake

that landed him in detention,
and you know what?

I'm a nice girl
that made a mistake

that landed me in detention.

So, if you're gonna judge him
based on the detention gig,

then you'll just have
to judge me the same way.

Well, you've
lost some weight.

Well, I'm back in
the single world.

So, what's going on
with you? Just visiting?

Yeah, kind of, and...
I don't have a problem.


Yeah, I'm only here
for my parents.

They-they threatened to
stop paying for my school

if I didn't come to see you.

Oh, interesting.

You're not here
to borrow money, are you?

No, no.

But, I mean, I really...

I really don't have a reason
to be here.

I'm seeing this girl...
uh, this woman...

Georgia, and um...

we're close, but when my mom
and dad found out

how close Georgia and I were...

they got upset.

That you're having sex.
Right, right.

I mean, but I don't have
a problem with that.

I mean, it's my mom
and dad's problem.


I came, we talked.

Can I go?

If you want, sure.

Look, Simon, I'm
here to help,

but apparently you don't need
any help-- good for you.

I usually take today off, so
this actually works fine for me.

And good luck to you
on finding your college money.

Perfect. Hey, thanks, Doc.

Take care, okay?

I thought you left
for work.

I'm working from
home today.

I wanted to talk
to you about Sunday.

I think you should
give the sermon.


I was going to introduce you

to the congregation
as the new associate pastor

and tell them about your course,
and then I was thinking...

well, it's your course.

You should tell everyone.

As long as
you're up there,

why not give the
sermon, too?

I could use a break.

The congregation
could use a break.

And I... I know how much
you want to dive in, so...



Is this... is this too much...

or too fast?

The class, the
sermon, the new job?

No. I can handle it.

I'm sure you can.

But if you need any help...

I can handle it.


I brought over
some literature and pamphlets

for Lucy's new class.

Simon told me about it,

and I think it's great
that you're trying to stop

the mass exodus of teens
from your church.

So, will there be
a whole series or just

the one class that tells
everyone not to have sex?

You-you're welcome to
come to church on Sunday

and find out the
details yourself.

Lucy is going to be
giving the sermon,

and she'll be talking
about the class.


Maybe I'll go with Simon.

Is Simon around?

Is there something wrong?

I thought you and Simon
broke up last week.

Who told you we broke up?

Oh, well, you must
have misunderstood him.

Well, yeah, I must have.

Are you okay?

Just saw Ruthie drive by
in a convertible.


With some boy I don't know.


I... I don't know
what Harry looks like.

Tall, blond and no good.

Well, I don't know
about the last part,

but, uh, this kid
was tall and blond.

I thought you said you were
going to keep any eye on her.

I was.

Oh, well, if you
were keeping an eye

on her, how did she
end up in a car

with some tall, blond kid
I don't know?

She said she was riding home
with a friend.

She never said her friend
was Harry.


I'm new at this.

Was that session
that we had earlier...

was that supposed
to be helpful to me?

Oh, you said
you didn't need my help.

No, I said I didn't
have a problem.

Right, and if you don't
have a problem,

then you don't need my help.

So, you think
that I have a problem.

It doesn't matter what I think.

Lots of kids have sex.

Yeah, so I've heard.

I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking that the problem

that I say I don't have
that you think that I have

has something to do with
the accident I had last summer.

Well, it doesn't.

I mean, how could my having sex

possibly have anything to do

with me accidentally
killing someone, hmm?

I don't even think
about that accident anymore.

So, maybe I-I think
about it sometimes, but, like,

it doesn't upset me, okay?

You sure about that?

Because you're talking
about the accident now,

and you seem kind of upset.

I have the rest
of the afternoon free.

How long have I been asleep?

I don't know-- I just got here.

I can't sleep--
I've got so much to do.

Are those
chocolate chip cookies?

Your mother
just baked those for you.

Thought you might be hungry,
so I brought them up.

Cookies-- right.

You're here
because you think I need help

with my sermon and my class.

That's not true.

But since I'm here...

I told you, I can handle it.

I've got it all under control.



Where's Mom?

She's picking up
Sam and David.

They're still at school?

Well, they had a playdate
after school.

Apparently, you're not
the only member of the family

who's making new friends.

Mm, you're not

going anywhere--
we need to talk.


You in a car
with a boy I don't know.

Harry-- I told you about him.

Yes, you did,

uh, and I don't remember
giving you permission

to date Harry
or anyone else yet.

Don't even try it.

Hi, uh...

Ruthie left this
in my car.

I'm Harry.
Well, hello, Harry.

How do you do that?
Do what?

Sound friendly and unfriendly
at the same time.

It's one of the many skills
I have developed over the years

being the father
of three daughters.

Why don't you come in, Harry,
so we can talk?

There it is again.

Friendly, yet unfriendly.

We can talk
in the dining room.

Why can't we talk here?

I want to talk to you alone.

Is this good or bad?

Good luck.

Hey, while you're busy
interrogating my friend,

what am I supposed to do?

Take these up to Lucy.

Uh, she needs to keep up
her strength while she works.

I took some earlier,
but you know how it is.

She's eating for two now.

Don't kid yourself, Dad.

Lucy's eating for a family
of five with two dogs.


What are you in
detention for?

Oh, no chitchat?

No, no. What did you do?

Uh, I parked my car
in a teacher's spot.

After some of my friends and I
moved the teacher's car.

And then, we forgot to tell her
where we moved her car,

and it was... it was kind of
funny actually.

Funny... how?

It was the first day
of school.

It was just a stupid
old-fashioned prank,

made easier, of course,
by today's smaller cars.

Mrs. Butler drives
a Mini Cooper.


I know it was wrong.

It was funny, but...

it was wrong.

So, when you and your friends

were moving
Mrs. Butler's car, you...

you knew it was wrong?

Well, it kind of
hit me later...

in detention.

How old are you?

So, that was your car,

the one you were driving
my daughter around in?

Actually, it's...

it's a friend's.

I borrowed it.

I wanted to give Ruthie
a ride home, so I needed a car.

Borrowed, as in the owner
of the car knows you borrowed it

or doesn't know you borrowed it?

I'm not a car thief.

Actually, you're
an admitted car thief.

More of a prankster,
don't you think?


Listen, um,
I really like Ruthie.

So do I, which is why
I'm not comfortable

with the idea of you two...

Well, would it make
a difference, sir,

if I told you I was under
the care of social services?

I'm living in a county facility.

So, you can see...

I need a laugh
every now and then.

It would also be nice
to have a girlfriend, too.

So, which way are
you going to go?

Your sermon...

your class for
teens at church.

Which way are you
going to go?

I'm not sure I'm comfortable
talking to you about this.

But I'm a teen.

A teen girl.

Isn't that who you want
to talk to, to reach?

Yeah, but you're my sister.

It's different.

Hey, I'm going to be 15
in a few months,

and according to this pamphlet,

I'm way behind
the national curve.

I can't talk to you
about this, okay?

Well, you're going to have
to get over that

if you're going to address the
whole congregation on Sunday.

I won't be the only teen girl
in the audience.

Why are you here?

Dad's interrogating
my new boyfriend, Harry.

He's cute.

I really like him.

We were at
our new friend's house.

Oh... boy or girl?

We don't like girls.


Good boys.

I'm not sure about Harry.

Why, because he
was in detention?

Ruthie was in detention.

We all make mistakes.
Yeah, but

I don't want to allow them
to date and then realize

we've made a mistake.
It will be okay.

Did you know that Simon
and Georgia are still dating?



looked me in the eye
this morning and lied.

He told me they broke up.

Oh, maybe that's our fault.

Come again.
Do you think he lied
to us about Georgia

because he wanted to lie

or because he doesn't feel
he can tell us the truth?

Simon needs to feel free

to tell us anything,

and it is our job to make
him feel comfortable enough

to do just that.

You're really working on this
new attitude, aren't you?

One of us has to.

Well, I'm glad it's you.

I-I'm just not quite ready.

So, is it fun?

Being with Georgia?

Yeah, sure.

And do you feel happy
about the relationship?

Do you love her?

Not exactly.

So you don't
love her?

You don't have to be
in love to have sex.

Ah, well, to have a
healthy sexual relationship

where both parties feel safe
and free to be intimate,

yes, you do.

Ah, let's talk about
something else.

Not the accident.
No, not the accident,

not Georgia.

Let's talk about school

and how you found yourself
on disciplinary probation.

I missed a couple
of classes.

I mean,
I took all the tests.

I got straight "A"s.

So when you didn't go to
class, what did you do?

Just-- I hung out
with Georgia.

You know,
we did things and...

Sometimes class was boring?

Yeah, I mean, yeah, sometimes
I was bored, you know.

And did you find your mind
wandering a bit

when you were bored?


And when your mind
wandered, where did it go?

I just wanted to be...

with someone who didn't
make me think all the time.

You know?

And when, um,
I was with Georgia

I di-- I didn't have
to think.

So you threw yourself into
the relationship with Georgia

so you could silence
your inner voice?

And what was that inner
voice saying to you?

It's okay.

Whatever you say in
here stays in here.

This is just
between you and me.

I guess
my inner voice was saying...

...I'm going to Hell anyway
for killing a guy,

so I might as well have sex.

I killed someone.

I committed the greatest sin
that there is.

I took a life away, you know.

I mean, yeah,
it was an accident,

but somebody's dead.

So it doesn't matter
what I do anymore.

You know, I mean, what does
it matter if I have sex?

If you were me
and you could be with...

...a beautiful woman...

...or spend every day and night
having those kind of thoughts,

you know, what would you choose?

Yeah, yeah,
you know,

I had a sexual relationship
with Georgia

so I could forget
that I killed someone.

Because I thought
that I was no good.


Yeah, I did.

I did, didn't I?

Sorry, I just have never said
any of this out loud before.

I'm insane.

I'm insane, aren't I?

Oh, I can assure you
you are not insane.

Okay, don't help me,

but maybe just point me
in the right direction.

I'm lost; I, I don't
know where to start.

Just look in the mirror, Luce.

Just look in the mirror.

Just look in the mirror?

We need to talk.

That sounds serious.

It is serious.

You're breaking up
with me again, aren't you?

You broke up with me.

Oh, right.

Are you breaking up
with me?

Because your parents are upset
about our being together?


Because I'm upset about
our being together.

Look, I shouldn't have
gotten back together with you

after I broke up
with Cecilia,

and... I shouldn't have gotten
together with you at all

when we were at school.

I wasn't ready to
be with myself,

let alone someone else.

I'm really sorry
about that.

So you're still
in love with Cecilia?

No, no, this has nothing
to do with Cecilia.

This has to do with me,

and I don't want to hurt
you when I say this,

but I... I don't think
I'm in love with you.

That's okay.

I'm not sure I'm in love
with you either,

but maybe we'll end up
in love with each other.

And if, you know, we both
understand what's going on,

then nobody gets hurt,


Look, I'm just
beginning to understand

what's going on with me,

and I want to understand me

before I get involved
with you or anyone else.

Dinner will
be ready soon.


Harry is, uh,

and your mother
and I aren't saying

that you can't date him,

but we're also not saying
that you can date him.

And all this double talk means?

Well, your mother and I
both feel

that we'd like to get
to know Harry a little more

before you two
officially started going out,

and it would be nice
if he was out of detention, too.


It means you and Harry

can hang out around the house.

Give us all a chance to get to
know each other a little more,

and if all goes well,

we-- I...

I might not be opposed
to the two of you...


Okay, I can live with that.

Did you know Harry is living
in a county facility?

Yeah, I know.

Harry told me he's been bounced

from one foster home
to another foster home.

He's waiting
to get another family.

Yeah, but it's not
Harry's fault.

They just keep putting him
with lousy families.


But Harry always makes the best

out of a bad situation.

That's one of the things
I like about him.

Yeah, it just seems a shame that
there isn't a couple out there,

or just a person,
who could make a difference

and give him a foster home

or just adopt him
and give him a permanent home.

Wait, you're not going
to adopt Harry

just so I can't date him,
are you?


No, no, but maybe I can find
someone else who can.

Just as long as it's not
a blood relative, great.

You really like him, don't you?
I do.

What are
you doing?

Why do you love me?

You don't look to me
to make you happy.

You take responsibility
for your own happiness.

You know who you are
and what you believe.

It's sexy, very attractive.

And I could sense from
the very beginning

you were never looking
for anyone to define you,

tell you who you should be
and what you should do.

I guess I fell in love
with the fact

that you loved yourself so much,
if you know what I mean.

Yeah, I think I do know
what you mean.

And I love that even though
I have more than enough money

and you could just stay at home
and raise our children,

you want to work, you want
to give something to the world

as well as me and our family.


Did you hear?

Dad asked me
to give the sermon on Sunday.

That's great;
do you know

what you're going to talk
about for your sermon?

Yeah, I finally do know
what I'm gonna talk about,

and that's the good news.

Is there bad news?

I need the apartment
to write it down

before I lose my train
of thought.

See you.

I don't want
to kick you out.

You aren't; I'm leaving.

I'll go grab a burger
at the pool hall.

I love you.


Hey, Ruthie,
I'm waiting for my friend

to come and pick up his car
and drop me off.

I'm glad you called.

Do you have any plans on Sunday?


You want to come
to church with me?

I'd love to go
to church with you.

Oh, you're just in time.

We're having stuffed pork chops,
your favorite.

Aren't you guys going to ask me
about therapy with Dr. Gibson?

I've been there all day,
on and off.

We've been talking,
and your mother and I agree

that maybe we need to...
change the way we respond

to all this change
in your life.

Maybe then you won't feel
it's necessary

to not tell us
what's going on in your life

and who you're dating.

I'm sorry about lying
about Georgia.

I did break up with her, though.

It was, like, an hour ago.

We talked and decided
that maybe it's best

if we both get
to know ourselves a bit more

before continuing
our relationship.

So Dr. Gibson helped?

With things I didn't even know
I needed help with.

I'm not ready to talk
about anything yet,

but I am sorry
for disappointing you both,

and I'm sorry
for disappointing myself.

Oh, you didn't disappoint
anyone, Simon.

We love you;
we just want you to be happy.

Well, I'm gonna cram a few more
appointments in with Dr. Gibson,

and I have a referral
for a therapist at my college,

that is if I'm able
to go back to school.

You know, I, I can't really
afford it without your help.

When you're in the trenches
fighting for your son's life,

you grab whatever weapon
you have handy.

What, like threatening
to not pay tuition?

I already wrote the check.

Uh, you know,
less your scholarship.

And-And, hey, if you go
to all your classes this year,

maybe you can get
a full scholarship.

Just so we're clear,

I'm not promising to never
have sex until I'm married.

But I do promise

that if and when
I do decide to have sex again,

I'm gonna use better judgment,

and I-I'll be
more emotionally ready.

I'm not happy, but it's a step
in the right direction.

We'll just take a wait-and-see
policy with everything, I guess.


You're our son, and...

we will always love
you, no matter what.




Things are getting better.

They're not great, but
they're getting better.



We were just talking.

Well, in-in the future, perhaps,

you could do your talking
in one of the many common rooms

available in the house.

Might I suggest the living room?


I'll wait
for you outside.

See you in church.

Georgia's coming
to our church today.

She wants to hear
Lucy's sermon.

What's going on?

We were just were talking

about the possibility of, um,

having a relationship
without being so physical.


See, we never really
got a chance

to get to know each other,
and... and we-we thought,

what the heck,
let's give it a shot.

You know, I missed her,
she missed me.

You missed her?

You-you just saw her
two days ago.

I really don't know
if I love her,

and, I mean, we really
don't have anything in common,

but... what can I say?

She makes me laugh.

Can I come in?

I guess you can.

I'm not sure I like you,

or that I want you
dating Ruthie, but I guess

if Reverend and Mrs. Camden can
give you a chance, I can, too.

I guess
I can give you a chance, too.


Reverend Camden.

Harry, this is my mom.

Oh, wow.

I see where Ruthie gets
her good looks from. Nice.

I just came down for
the boys' shirts,

and, uh, now
that I have them,

I'm gonna be
heading upstairs.

Um, would you like
to come by the house

after church
for lunch?

Thanks. I'd love to.

Well, I want to
check on Lucy,

so I'll just be off.

Can Harry drive me to church?


I'll drive you both to church.

Great, but we're sitting
in the back seat.

You really
like this guy?

Yeah, I do,

and just for the record,

you don't have
to take care of me.

I'm almost 15,
so you don't have to do

the whole big brother
protection stuff.

But when you do act
like my big brother,

I do kind of like it,
and I like you.

I'm glad you're here.


I just wanted to make sure
you're okay.

It's a big day.

What do you think?

I think

I haven't been
more proud to be your father

since the day I first held you
in the hospital.

Dad, don't make me cry.

I don't want to look like
a raccoon when I give my sermon.

I can't believe

I'm actually
the associate pastor.

This is my dream.

You made my dreams come true.

Nah, you've made
your dreams come true.

You did it,

and like I said,
I couldn't be more proud.

When my father asked me
if I'd be willing

to start a class here at church
for all our teens

who want a safe place
to discuss sex,

I told him I'd do it,
but on two conditions.

The class had to have more
to offer teens

than just an adult,
an associate pastor, well, me,

telling them not to have sex
until marriage, and for now,

I just wanted to offer the class

to all the young girls
in the church.

But don't worry, guys.

I'm coming after you, too.

So, what do I want to tell,

or better yet, what do I have
to offer teen girls

who are being faced
with a very adult choice

of should I
or shouldn't I have sex?

And I started thinking

about the woman
from the Song of Solomon,

who like many other women
in the Bible is unnamed.

She is called only
Shulamite Woman,

which basically tells us
about her region of origin.

We don't know her name,
but we do know

that she knows who she is,

and that she's not ashamed
of who she is.

The Shulamite Woman not only
knows who she is,

she knows what she wants,

and she knows
what her passion is,

and she goes after it.

She loves who she is,

and she doesn't care
what anybody thinks of her,

because she is strong
within herself.

She has self-love
and self-esteem.

She's in love with a man,
and she wants that man,

but she knows and loves

who she is outside
of her love for that man.

That's such an important point.

So many of us live our lives

that life will be better
once we get a husband

or a wife,
or once we make money,

or drive a fancy car,
or buy a house.

And it's no different
in high school.

A lot of girls think,

everything will be better once
that cute boy asks them out,

or they get invited
to the cool party,

or they get elected
homecoming queen,

or... once they have sex.

So many of us make loving
ourselves dependent

upon something
outside of ourselves.

So many of us make
being complete

dependent upon being
with someone else,

and being fulfilled dependent
upon accomplishment.

But it's not someone else's job
to make us happy.

It's your job
to make yourself happy

and to know who you are.

And if you don't know yourself,
or love yourself,

how can you expect
someone else to?

God wants us to know
and love ourselves.

He also wants us to know
our purpose, our passion.

Those two things are connected,

and you cannot find
your passion

if you don't know who you are.

Your passion is a part
of who you are already,

but to know it,
you must know yourself.

Passion is not sex and romance.

Passion is what you pour into
creating a life for yourself

that has meaning and purpose.

So I ask you, especially
all you girls out there,

what have you dreamt
about doing?

What is that thing
that you've always wanted to do?

I hate to say it,
but as a young woman,

it's very easy
to get sidetracked

from discovering your passion.

There are actually more things
to sidetrack you,

and not much to inspire you.

Sex can sidetrack you.

A relationship with
the wrong boy can sidetrack you.

An unexpected pregnancy
can sidetrack you.

But remember
the Shulamite Woman.

Remember what she teaches us.

We cannot share our passion
with others

until we find it
within ourselves.

Whatever your passion is,

now is the time
to experience it.

Whatever your purpose is,

now is the time to discover it.

Whatever you need,
now is the time to pursue it.

Now is the time
to accomplish it.

Now, right now.

Your passion is that thing
you love.

That thing you would give
anything to do, to be.

What you are waiting for
is already inside of you.

God has already equipped us

with everything we need
to live full and rich lives.

It is our responsibility
to make that life happen,

to make our dreams happen,

to find our passion
and pursue it.