7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 9, Episode 2 - The Best Laid Plans - full transcript

A pregnant Lucy & Kevin learn they are going to have a girl. Simon tells his parents he is having sex with Georgia and is on probation at college. Eric decides to set up an abstinence pledge group at church, and Ruthie signs it.

Simon Camden.

Table for four.

Oh, yes, you called.

Evidently, your son
is running late.

Would you care to be seated?

Yeah, we would.

Nice place.

Yeah, it is.

Would you like something
to drink while you're waiting?

Uh, water.

Yeah, just water.

A bottle of water?

No, just water.

Dad, this is Georgia.

Georgia, this is my dad.

And I believe you met
my mom this afternoon.


It's Annie, right?


So, to what do I owe
this little...

parental surprise?


Playing one parent
against the other.

Refusing to have
a conversation when asked.

We felt like a late dinner.

Take your pick.

Order anything
you want.

It's on me.

It's only fair.

I mean, you're paying
for the room.

Will it be

the usual?

Um... yes.


I'll have what my son is having.

I will have
the porterhouse steak.

Medium rare.

Cooked in

clarified butter
with encrusted sea salt

and peppercorns.

And the Yorkshire pudding.

And the broccoli

with hollandaise sauce.

And a side of duck.

Anything to start, sir?

Shrimp cocktail.

Anything else?

Well, yes.

Uh, charge it to his room.

With pleasure.

You know, for a couple
dollars more,

you could have
had the steak.

That's an awfully

expensive burger.

And what drives the price up

is that everything
comes a la carte.

With the salads
and the...

fries and the
appetizers, whoa,

you have to work for a week
to pay for all that, huh?

Do your mom and dad
live in Glenoak?

Yes, um...

I think you know them.

Yeah, my... my dad's
the pastor

over at the Chapel
of Renewed Faith.

You're Reverend

Huffington's daughter?


Hey, if you need
the room to study,

I'm going to watch TV
in the living room.

I'm camping out in the backyard.

You can have your room.
What does that mean?

I just feel like having
some time to myself, so...

you can have your room.

No, I sense an attitude.

This has nothing to do
with you, okay?

Who does it have something
to do with?




Oh, come on,

You're upset he's with, um--

what's her name?-- not Cecilia.


I mean, I'm over Cecilia, but...

still, I care about her.

She's a nice person,
you know.

Did you meet Georgia?

He-he didn't introduce you?

Uh, but you...
you saw her, right?

No, you didn't see her.

You didn't even know about her,
and I just screwed up.

You're over
Cecilia, right?

Yeah, I'm over her.

So, you wouldn't call her
and say anything, would you?

'Cause that could be bad.

I'm not going to say anything.

I hope not.
I'm not going

to say anything.
If you're
not annoyed

with me and you're not angry
at Simon,

why are you camping out
in the backyard?


Oh, right,

You two weren't talking,
but no one was talking.

I thought it was because
Simon was out with, uh...

I think you said Georgia.

Yeah, I was hoping you'd forget.

I didn't say I'd forget.

I said I wouldn't say anything.
What if I talked

to Ruthie for you?

Could you forget, then?

Forget what?

I'm on my way.


That was delicious.


where were we?

Oh, yeah.

We have made an agreement

not to discuss anything personal
with either one of you.


Do you discuss

personal with her parents?


Yeah, my... my
dad created

a program, uh,
for teens at our church,

and one of
the things

we talk about is being accepting
and nonjudgmental

in regard to decisions
about sex.


You know,
a lot of teens

from your church have come over
to our church, you know.

You don't have a program devoted
to teen sex, do you?

Chocolate soufflé.

They're going to know
sooner or later.

Then why can't it
be later?

Why can't we just sit
with the information

and enjoy it ourselves
for a few months

before we tell anyone?

They don't need to know.

It's just that...

I want to get school
out of the way,

and I want to get started
working down at the church,

and I don't want to get...



With the baby?

Well, you know, I...

I don't want everyone looking
at me as just a mother.

I've spent four years going
to school, and I'm graduating,

and I'm going
to be a woman

with a career
as a minister.

And besides that,
I'm not even a mother yet,

and the baby's not here yet,

and the baby's not going
to be here for months.

Talk to me.

There's something
you're not saying to me.

I am talking to you.

You just don't want
to hear what I'm saying.

Are you hungry?

Do you have
any crazy cravings tonight?

Want me to get you

I'm fine.

Well, you know
those little

crispy chow mein noodles
that come in a can?

I'd love some

of those mixed
with a can of tuna

and mayo and oranges.

That's a new one.

Yeah, but it sounds good,
doesn't it?


What's the deal with Martin?

The deal is,

Ruthie's about to go out
and apologize to him.

It's not good for your health

to blame other people
for what you can control.

Go apologize.

What's your interest
in all this?

You're my sister,
and I love you.

That's really pathetic.

Don't they offer courses
in lying at medical school?

Plenty of them. Go.

She's really
growing up.

I can't believe
she's in high school.

Yeah, I think the problem is,

she can't believe
she's in high school.

Knock, knock.

I was hoping you'd drop by.

What's up?

You tell me.

Matt made me come out here
and apologize.

I told him
I'd already tried once.

No, you...

you didn't... not...


And, you know, Ruthie,
I'm really surprised

you didn't apologize.

You and I are friends.

You did something wrong.

When a friend does something
wrong to a friend,

they apologize.

Okay, you first.

No, you first.

But if you're going
to apologize,

that means you did
something wrong.

Okay, I did something
wrong, too.

You know what, forget about it.

You're just a spoiled brat.

You get your way
with everyone

because you're the youngest
girl in the family

and everyone treats
you like a baby.

Everyone thinks it's...
it's funny or cute

when you do something wrong,
but you're not with your family

when you're at school, and other
people might not find you

so funny or cute.

I wonder how you lost Cecilia.

I wonder why you haven't been
able to get another girlfriend.

I wonder if it has anything
to do with the fact

you don't know how
to talk to women.
A woman

doesn't pants a guy at school.
Oh, please!

What's the big deal?

If one of your buddies did that,
would you be acting like this?


You want
a real apology,

A heartfelt apology?

Well, I'm sorry
you ever came here.

Evidently, that
went well.

Yeah, I'll go see
how well.

Wait a minute.

I know what might be causing
Lucy to be so weird.

When do you guys find out
the sex of the baby?

I mean, shouldn't that
be about... now?

I'm not supposed to say.

How am I supposed to help you
if you don't tell me anything?


It's tomorrow,
but when we find out,

I can't tell anyone, even you.

Oh, believe me,
she can't keep a secret

any better than you can,
especially a secret like that.

She'll change her mind--
count on it.

And just... be there for her.

I'm there for her.

Call me if you want.

Uh, I want
to talk to you.

That'd better not be Cecilia.

That'd better not have been

the apology you promised me
from Ruthie.

Are you really going to
rat out Simon to Cecilia

just to get
back at him?

It was my aunt,

okay, my aunt
from New York.

I have already talked
to Cecilia.

I didn't say anything
about Georgia, okay?

I didn't need to.



I don't think Cecilia
considers it a secret,

and I guess everyone
is going to figure it out

sooner or later.

She broke up with Simon before
she went off on vacation.

She wants to be unattached
when she starts college.

So, I guess Simon just went back
with this Georgia,

who was his girlfriend
at school.


I know
what that feels like--

breaking up with Cecilia.

I'd probably be doing
the same thing Simon's doing.

Would you?


Haven't you heard?

I-I can't get a girlfriend.

I don't know
how to talk to women...

according to, uh, Ruthie.


you can either believe her
or you can prove her wrong.


pretty good advice, Dr. Camden.

Y-Y-You think so?


good enough that I'd be willing
to put it to the test.

Uh, h-he'll take
the check.

Okay with me.


Your girlfriend

just left for her vacation

and today,

you're back
into a relationship--

or maybe
it's not a relationship.

Maybe you're just

hooking up,
and that's a mistake.

He told me
about Cecilia.

I know all about her.

Well, in,

in your teen sex classes
at your church,

do they talk
about being

emotionally ready
to have sex?


I don't think
Simon's emotionally ready.

I-I don't think
it's right either,

but I don't think he's
emotionally mature enough,

and I don't know you well enough
to know

if I think the same thing
for you.

I think you're missing
the point, Dad.

I don't think...

that it matters what you
think or what Mom thinks.

What matters is

what I think and
what Georgia thinks.

Thank you, sir.


Oh, please.

And by the way...

...um, I do think

I'm pretty
emotionally mature

to sit here at dinner with
my mom and dad-- thank you--

who show up unannounced

specifically to
ruin our evening.

I mean, I-I hear
what you're saying, and...

believe me, I'm not unamused
by the whole, you know,

eating enough to cost me

my entire last two weeks'


that's it, okay, I've had it.



Good night.

Good night.

Uh, wait.

How many teens are in that class
at your church?

Um, about a hundred, yeah, but
that's including all the teens

that come in from...

...other churches.

Let's go.

When Simon gets home,
I want to talk to him.

Well, I-I want to talk
to him when he gets home.

Could I have a shot
at him first?

Why would you want
a shot at him first?

Well, do you think you
and mom getting anywhere?

What, you think we
can't handle this?

You think you can?

You think you can?

Is it possible

that I could know something
that you don't?

Because you're a doctor
and I'm only his father,

and, and-- are
you a doctor yet?

Have you talked to Martin?

Do I need to talk to Martin?

Aren't you curious

as to why Simon is behaving
like Simon is behaving?

I-Is there

something you want to tell me?

No, there's something
I want Simon to tell you.

Well, there's something I
want Simon to tell me, too.

So you know?

How did you know?


How did Martin know?


Good luck.

Good, good,
you're home.

Uh, are you ready
to talk now?

We talked enough
last night

to last me
until I get back to school.

And how, how
are you planning

to pay for school this year?

I mean, if you're on your own,
making your own decisions,

shouldn't you be on your own

The old "I'll cut off
the money" threat?

Fine, Dad, I'll get the money.

I-I didn't threaten you,
I was jus-just asking.

How are you going to get
the money to pay for school

if I don't give it to you?

Surely, you're not going to go
to Cecilia's dad

and ask him if you can work
for a few more weeks.

My relationship

with Cecilia's dad and work
have nothing to do

with my relationship
with Cecilia.

What is your relationship
with Cecilia?

She used to be my girlfriend,
now she's not.

I'm not relying on Cecilia's dad
to provide me with work.

I can get a job myself.

"And now's she's not."

Hey, before you go
to school,

go find Martin
and apologize to him.

He already left
for school,

so I can't

Maybe after

They're growing
up, Mom.

You can't just tell them
what to do

and think they're going
to do it.

Oh, yes, I can,
and you know why?

Yes, I know why.

Because you're never too old to
do what your mother tells you.

Because you're always going
to be older then me

and smarter than me.

But they're smarter
than me, too.

I mean, kids today are smarter
than when I was growing up,

and there are a
lot more problems

out there to
tempt them,

so I'm afraid you and dad
are going to have

to get even smarter
as you get older.

You're starting to sound
like a doctor.

Is that good?

Could go either way.


All right, come on,
we're going to school.



Can I please have the
courtesy of a knock?

I didn't know you were home,

and last time I checked,
it was still

my house.

Simon, come on.

What's going on with you,
what's wrong?

Nothing's wrong with me.

What's wrong with you?

Well, I don't approve
of you staying out all night,

and, uh,

I don't want you to have sex

before you're married.

Other than that,

Have you seen Sam and David?

No, I haven't.

Let's talk.

I love you.

I'm sorry you had
a bad day yesterday.

School is not going to be
like that every day.

Yes, it is.

No, it isn't.

We make mistakes
all the time.

We all make mistakes all of the
time, but that's how we learn.

Please, no more learning.

Please, my head hurts.

Learning's a good thing.

Really, it is.

Let's see if today

we can learn
that every day is a new day

and a chance to do better.

Does that
include you?

Yes, it includes me,


It includes you,
it includes everyone.

It's a new day.

If you want to put
this summer and yesterday

and even this morning
behind us, then let's do it.

We can talk about this,
we can work through this.

If you respect me
and you respect yourself--

a-and that right there--

it's the key to everything.

I know that you respect
both me and your father,

and you do care
what we think.

Well, regardless,
I'm still old enough

to make my own decisions.

I'm going back up
to school early

to find a job up there.

Go ahead.

Call if you
get work.

You look... nice.

Yeah, yeah,
and I'm glowing, too.

If you're just going
to tell me I'm pretty

but I can't take over
for Chandler,

I can't take over
anything Chandler was doing,

then just tell me now
so we can get it over with

so I can start looking
at another church for work

because I am going to work.

I'm gonna work
because I'm finishing school

and that's what I want to do.

I can work and be a mother.


I was wondering if you'd like
to start a new type

of Sunday school class
down at the church.


What kind of class?

Well, you're young, you're
just getting out of college,

and it hasn't been that long
since you were in high school,

and I thought maybe
you'd be the perfect person

to start a class...
on abstinence.


That's where you think
I should start?

I do.

We need you, Luce.

I never realized until
last night how much we need you,

but we need you.

Would you
do it?

Would you
be willing

to serve the church in this way?



Where is my car?

If you're talking
about Matt's car,

he, uh, dropped Ruthie off
at school in it.


He'll be back.
Yes, but even then

it will still be his car and...


you don't have insurance.

Since when?

Since I decided

this morning
not to pay the premium.

So you knew
that the car wasn't out there

the whole time I was making
my speech about leaving?

As your older sister,

I don't mean to get
in the middle, but...

Then butt out, okay?

Okay, but stay
out of my apartment.

It's for married couples only.

I'll do it. Thanks, Dad.

But it can't be just
about abstinence.

What can't?

I'm starting a class
down at the church for teens.

You know he's only asking you
to do that

because Georgia's dad stole
teens from our church

with a class just like that.


Guilty as charged.

Chapel of Renewed Faith
has something

that we should have had
a long time ago.

Are you up to
the challenge?

Yeah, I am.


See, if you just say
what your real agenda is,

you can often get

what you want.

I'm not falling for it.

I'm not going

to discuss my life
so that you can pay

the insurance on Matt's car.

I'm not giving up
my freedom,

my privacy for a lousy car.

Okay, Georgia can
give me a ride.

I can get a ride
from Georgia to school,

and when I get to school,

I can get my own job,
save my money,

pay for my own car
and the insurance

and anything else
I used to get from you.

Yeah, that would
be terrific.

I j-- I just
got around

to opening yesterday's
mail and...

were you
aware that...

you're on disciplinary probation
with the school?

I know I wasn't aware.

The letter came
with the bill

for the fall
semester's tuition.

Now, I know
your grades aren't bad--

they're, they're not bad at all,

so something must have happened.

- Where are going?
- With you.

Why are you all dressed up?

I thought maybe we'd dress up.


Because maybe we'll go out
shopping and go out to dinner

after we get the news

about whether we're having a son
or a daughter.

But I'm not dressed up.

I'll take you out
to buy something afterwards.

Anything and everything
you want.

Well, I may need
to pick up a couple of things,

not necessarily
maternity things yet.

Whatever you want.

Well, don't you
want to ask me

why I might need a
couple of things?

I thought
it was kind of obvious.

My father asked me to
start a Sunday school class

for teens and
talk about sex.

You're the perfect woman
for the job.


I'm really ha-happy about it.

It's okay, Luce.

Everything's going to be okay.

I don't know if

I can do it.

The class?

The other.

You mean, being a
wife and a mother

and a minister
of a church?

You can do

you want, and I'm
gonna be there for you

and support you in
everything you do.

I don't know
if I can have a baby.

I want to change my mind.


Well, now it's gonna be real.

I mean, it's gonna be
a boy or a girl,

and it's gonna be a real
boy or girl, and

I'm gonna have to give birth
to him or her,

and it's really gonna hurt.

I'm scared.

I don't know why I said
we should have a baby.

Of course you're scared,

but you have to be excited, too,

and we're ready, you're ready.

No, I'm not.

Luce, everything is going
to be fine.

We don't even have a place
to put the baby

once it gets out.

I told you, as soon
as you're ready,

we'll find a house.

There are plenty
of houses out there.

I want a house

close to here.

There aren't any houses close
to here.

We'll wait
for a house close to here.

Come on, let's go find out

if we have a son or a daughter
on the way, and then celebrate.

We'll deal with
everything else tomorrow.

Let's make it a good day,

a day we can tell our child
about when he or she grows up.

You're really excited
about this, aren't you?

Sure I am.


I love you,

and if I could have the child
for us, I would.


I'd love to experience
growing a human being,

but I totally understand
your fear

of the birthing process.

I think I'd rather take
a bullet for you.

I love you.

Come in.

Glad you stopped by.

Look, I messed up yesterday.

I don't know why Ruthie did
what she did, but...

I know why Ruthie did
what she did, but

I don't why I reacted
to it so strongly.

I-I was just surprised.

It wasn't that big a deal,
and-and I'm wondering

if I could have a chance to work
this out with Ruthie myself?

I don't want her to

have to spend her first week
of school in detention

just because
I lost my sense of humor.

Of course.

Have you-you tried
to work things out already?

I haven't. Well, I tried
getting some of the Camdens

to work it out for me, but
I'd like a shot at it myself.

Being in a big family
is new to me.

I never had a sister, and, um,
Ruthie's a-a challenge.

Well, the Camden kids

have always been a bit
of a challenge.

You don't usually back off
of detention, but if, uh,

Ruthie came to me
with a different attitude

than she did yesterday,

we could probably
work something out.

Good luck.

Hey, wait up.

I want to apologize.

You're right.

I didn't have a sense
of humor yesterday,

and after all your
family's done for me,
it wasn't right of me

to make you ride in
with someone else the
first day of school.

My dad talked to you?

Yeah, but that was more
about the two of us.

Matt talked to you?


He thinks he's wise now.

Yeah, but he
knows stuff.

Look, he may be
in medical school,

but he's still just Matt.

Pretty goofy.

Sweet, but goofy.

You look at
him like that,

but I didn't
grow up with him.

I see him a little
bit differently.

I see him as a guy who's
about to be a doctor,

a guy who's pretty
good at giving advice.

A guy who thought you would
rat out Simon to Cecilia.

That's my purpose in life.

Maybe you could switch to
listening, become a shrink.


I really, really like the
idea of that.

You do?

Maybe you can talk to women.

Yeah, maybe.

I feel really, really stupid
for doing what I did,

and even more stupid
for blaming you for it.

I don't have any excuse.

I'm sorry.

If you mention that
to the counselor,

I think she's gonna let you
out of detention.

I talked to her.

I appreciate the effort,
but no thanks.

There's a couple of cute guys
in detention.

I think I'll stick it out.

Be right there, boys.

What do we tell her?

The truth.

I took the mouse out
of the cage at school.

Then you gave it to me.

So I could get the girl
and show it to her.

Then she'll like us.

So, you showed her the mouse.

Then she screamed.

So, the mouse got scared.

Then it ran.

So we ran after it.

Then we got lost.

So, we waited in the hall.

Then the teacher found us.

The end.

What are you doing here?

I didn't know
where else to go.

What are you
doing here?

I'm looking for you.

How did things go with Dad?

I haven't talked to him yet.

You're gonna have
to talk to him.

I don't know how to tell them

things they don't want to hear,
you know?

Are you having sex with Georgia

just because you're upset
that Cecilia broke up with you?

How did you know that?

She told Martin,
and Martin told me.

Cecilia seems to think that
you would have told everyone.

So, are you?

What if I talk to you,
and you talk to Mom and Dad?

What if you talk to me,

and then you talk
to Mom and Dad?

What if I talk to you, and then,

you talk to Mom and Dad
before I talk to them?

Okay, I could do that.

It's okay, Simon.

Tell me what's going on.

Hey, hey. How
was your day?

Well, I didn't get any
phone calls from the school.

Did you get any notes
from the school?

Afraid so.

Well, what did...
What did they do this time?

Well, they tried to
show a girl a mouse,

the mouse ran away,
they ran away,

they got lost,
teacher found them.

The end.

Oh, well, at least they didn't
hit anyone or hug anyone.

But now they want a mouse.

I said no...

...but maybe.

Where's Simon?

Around. Matt went to find him.

I've been running
every conversation

I've had with him
for the last 24 hours

through my mind, and...

I don't feel good
about any of them.

I sound like my dad.

I sound like every dad
who's about to

kill a relationship with his son

'cause he won't
do the right thing.

You know, "Do as I say,
or I won't give you any money."

Yeah. Same thing here.

I don't feel good about anything
I've said to him.

I mean, no wonder
he doesn't want to talk to us.

Well, I don't know
if we should be so quick

to blame ourselves
for all of this.

Simon's get some
of the responsibility, as well.

Maybe he's just hoping he'll get
kicked out of the house,

so we won't know
that he's on probation.


Ah. Well, Kevin called.

He wants to have
steaks on the grill.

He asked Lucy out, but she
wants all of us to eat together.

I think they have something
they want to tell us.

You think
they found a new house?

No, I think they had a
doctor's appointment today,

and I think that
we're going to find out

if we're going to have a
granddaughter or a grandson.

I can't believe
we're grandparents.

Neither can I, Grandpa.


Oh. Oh!

Hey, look at that.

You two still in love
after all these years.

That's what everyone wants--

to be in love, get married,
have children, grandchildren,

or no children.

Are you and Sarah
starting a family?

No, no, no, no. Sarah and I
aren't starting a family

till we get out of school.

Here's the thing.

Sometimes people
who are in love aren't married

and don't want
to get married.

Sometimes they're in love,

and they just want
to be with each other.

Sometimes they're not
even in love,

and they just want to be
with each other, especially


I mean, I-I see it every day.

You know, girls, 13, 14,
finding out they're pregnant.

The father's just some guy
they liked or hooked up with.

Yeah, the statistics
really are surprisingly high.

I mean, more than half
of teenagers will have had sex

by the age of 17,
and by the age of 18,

65% of girls
and 68% of guys have had sex.

I'm familiar
with the statistics, so...?

Well, if you talk
to these teenagers,

the teenagers
who are sexually active--

they want to talk
to their parents,

but they feel like they can't.

A lot of them are confused
or hurt or scared, and

even when the parents
are good parents,

even when they've talked
to their children

about sex all their lives,

some kids feel like
they can't say anything,

because the parents
don't want to hear it.

And a lot of parents
really don't want to know

if their daughter or their son
is sexually active,

even though
the signs are all there.

Please tell me
you haven't been

to the Chapel of Renewed
Faith for classes.

Have you?

Let me just review for you.

Simon is with a young woman

one day after Cecilia
breaks up with him.

She broke up with him?
She broke up with him?

That's not the point.

That-that's part of the point.

Mom, you saw Simon

come downstairs out his room
with a woman

in the middle of the afternoon

and try to sneak
out of the house.

And I asked him
if they had been having sex.

Yeah, and he didn't answer you.

He and Georgia got a room
at a hotel.

He spent

the night out with her.

He spent lots of nights out
with her.

That's why he's on disciplinary

Exactly what are you trying
to say?

I'm trying to say

that Simon is waiting
to talk to you,

and you're not going to like
what he has to say,

but he needs to talk
and you need to listen,

and someone needs to help him.

♪ ♪

Well, that was fun.

I can't wait to put on
clothes that actually fit

and I can't to
tell everyone.

I'm sorry I fainted.

It's okay.

I was just overwhelmed,
but don't worry,

I intend to be there for every
second of the delivery.

I'm sure you'll be fine.

Thanks for making this
a family celebration.

Thanks for changing
your mind.

I'll go change.

It's nice to have
you home.

I wish you and Sarah
lived here.

Ah, maybe we'll eventually
move back to Glenoak

and start a practice here.

Well, by then,
I'll be gone.

I'll be in college.


Oh, promise you're
going to college.

Promise you're gonna
finish college.

Promise you're gonna
start a career,

then get married,
then have children.

That's not what
you did.

That's not what
Mary did.

That's not what
Lucy did.

You don't have to do
what any of us did.

Maybe I want to.

My point is,

you don't have to.

You can do things differently;

you can live your life
the way you want to live it.

You should make your decisions

based on what you want
out of life,

do what it is to your benefit.

And you think your plan is
to my benefit?

Yeah, I do,

but maybe you have
your own plan.

It's really important
to have a plan.

I think what you're trying
to tell me

is that it's important
for me to have a plan

to wait to have sex
until I'm married.

Yeah, I'd like to know
that that's your plan.

Any plan that keeps me
from having the conversation

that I'm sure is going on
in the living room right now

is a plan I'd like to live by.


Thanks for...?

For talking to me
like I'm an adult.

Uh, a young adult;
you're not an adult yet.

You know you're starting
to take on a voice

of authority,
Dr. Camden.

Am I?

Yeah, and as funny as it sounds,
it kind of suits you.

Hey, any news?

Any news other than
you went shopping.

You look great.

So, girl or boy?

Are we uncles?

Or aunts?

We're waiting for
dad and Simon,

and mom's finishing up
something in the kitchen.

Where she can hear what's
going on in the living room.

Uh, it could be a long wait.

We're waiting.

I understand

that you thought it would
be difficult to tell me,

but wasn't it more difficult
for you to live this way?

It wasn't at first.

At first it was great.

Then it got less great,

and I started feeling lousy

and guilty, and...

I really just don't want
to be with Georgia.

Then why'd you
start going out

with her again
just yesterday?

I don't know.

I ran into her.

You know, and she--
she's kind of...


no, no, you know,
let's, let's,

let's not put
your mistakes off

on the power
of a women's seduction

and your inability
to control yourself.

Okay, sorry.

So you and she

spent so much time
out of the dorm

and cut so many classes
to be together

that you actually got
on probation.


You just told me
not to say anything

about being seduced or
out of control, you know.

All right, Simon,

I don't like what
you've been doing,

and it's really

difficult to believe that after
growing up in this family

you could just so easily abandon
what you've been taught

and what I think
you believe,

but I-I, do love you, son, I do.

I hate what you've been doing,
but I love you.

So what do I have to do...
about Georgia?

You know, I, I have to
break up with her, right?

Your priorities seem
a little... off.

Are you more

with breaking up
with your girlfriend

or getting your life back
on track?

I think I need to break up
with Georgia first,


maybe I could start getting
my life back on track.

How about the first
thing you do...

is ask for God's forgiveness,

and the second thing you do is
make a commitment to yourself

not to have sex again
until you're married?

Just a suggestion.

This isn't an easy conversation

for you or me.

I'm thinking that maybe we
started in the wrong place.

When you...

when you got to school,

you did go to therapy

and try and work out
your feelings

about the car
accident, right?

What does this have to do
with that?

Oh, everything.

You told me you were
going to therapy.

You stopped going?

No, I went... once.

I got distracted.

Sometimes when you don't deal
with an emotional issue,

when you keep your feelings

they-they just--
they reemerge in other areas...

say your relationships
with other people.

I'm not following.

I'm trying, Dad,

I just, I don't understand
what you're saying.

Is it possible, son,

that you were so desperately

trying to avoid your guilt,

grief over the young man
who was killed

in the car accident,
that you involved yourself

in a relationship and,
and kept yourself so busy

that you didn't think
about things

that are really
bothering you.

I know that

on a intellectual level

that you understand
that you're not at fault

for the accident,
No, no,

Dad, I said no, okay.

The accident was a long
time ago, I'm over it.

Tell me what you need me to do

for you right now, Simon.

How would you like me
to help you?

I need you to help me by telling
me that you understand

that I'm just like every
other 18-year-old guy,


I need you
to tell me,

you want me to be safe
and responsible.

That just because I slept
with Georgia

doesn't mean I have to stay
with Georgia.

I want you to tell me
that you're on my side, Dad.

I need you to be on my side.

To say that...

what was right for you
may not be right for me.

Say what I did
was okay,

and if it's not okay that,

um, that it's understandable.

I'm on your side...

in that I want to help you.

That might be the best
that I can do

from that list

right now,

and I do hope that you've
been safe and responsible.

Of course.

Well, that's something.

You are different from
other 18-year-old guys.

You're not the type of guy
who can just go

from casual relationship
to casual relationship,

if for no other

than you have more

than a casual relationship
with Christ.

Hasn't the past year

taught you that, I mean,
if nothing else,

that sex outside of marriage
is complicated

and filled
with confusion,

and guilt,
and even pain?


Maybe it'll get better,
you know.

Hmm, I doubt it.

Simon, would you
be willing to see

a therapist here, have a few
sessions and then...

sit down and talk with
your mother and me again?

'Cause I'm not
gonna just

send you back to school
for more of the same.

Because sooner or later,

I think you'd have
bigger problems

than just, just dumping Georgia.

I'm not going to therapy, Dad.

Would you think about it?

Yeah, sure, I'll think about it.


You think and I'll pray.

We'll see what happens.


Thanks for talking.

gonna be okay.

Yeah, until we have this
conversation with mom.


we'll talk to
her together.

Okay, let's have it,
we're hungry.

It's a girl.
It's a girl.



Oh, baby girl.