7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 9, Episode 21 - Mi Familia: Part 1 - full transcript

Cecilia's dad George Smith tells Eric that he and his wife Gwen are looking for a foster-son, about 10 years old, to fill the now empty-feeling home, with the hope of adopting. The enthusiastic reverend immediately thinks of orphanage boy Danny Davies, who proves charming and eager. Danny expects to that his sisters will be adopted too. It's only fair that Eric helps put that straight, which proves even more complicated then it sounds. Carlos tells Matt he's leaving New York for his dad's firm in Puerto Rico because 'mother' Mary makes no marital effort at all, having cheerfully signed over custody of baby Charlie. The twins are sad that Martin, and in time all their siblings seem to leave, even Lucy now. Kevin presses her to finally choose a house, then concludes the mother is the one who pushes fledglings out of the nest. Simon's girlfriend Rose wants to dump him unless he gives a good reason why they still don't have sex. Vincent pushes Martin to help him break up with Ruthie, in case he meets a girl while on vacation with his grandparents on Hawaii.

I'm glad your dad is finally
coming home from Iraq.

I still can't believe it.

I'm going to miss
having you around.

Hey, I'll just be
across the street.

So, are the renters moving
out of your aunt's house?

And my dad and I
are moving in.

It's going to be weird not
having you around all the time.

Yeah, I'm going to miss
living here, too.

George! How are you?

Oh, as a matter of fact,
I couldn't be better.

It's been a long time.

Too long.

Gwen and I have been busy.
You have?

Yes, we signed up for
one of the church's

foster care information
classes last year.

Oh, that's great.

And we went through
the process,

and we became licensed
foster parents.

Well, you have been busy.

We just got word yesterday
that all our paperwork

has gone through and we've been
cleared to take a placement,

a child, so now all we
have to do is find a child.

Foster parents.
I-I-I'm really happy for you.

Well, actually, we're
becoming foster parents

with the hopes of adopting.

Ever since Cecilia
left for college,

the house just seems so empty
and we have so much room,

and Gwen and I thought,
well, you know,

there has to be a child
out there somewhere

who wants parents, and here we
are, parents who want a child.

Good for you,
for both of you.

We just started looking.

It may take a while to
find the right placement,

but you know, we
don't want a baby.

We want an older
child-- a boy.

What age are you thinking?

Maybe nine or ten.

I think I might have
the perfect child for you.

You do?
Yeah, I do.

Well, then, it
was very good luck

that we ran into each other.

Simon, it's Rose.

Call me.

Simon, it's me again.

Okay, you're not there.

Well, just call me
as soon as you get home.

Did you have work tonight?

Sorry, I just want
to talk to you.

Me again. Last time, I swear.

But I just remembered
that you aren't working.

So, where are you?

What's going on with us?

And why won't you call me back?

Your messages have been deleted.

I'm curious, do you ever
work when you're at work,

or is this just a place to
make phone calls and study?

Actually, I-I work in between
the phone calls and studying.

Matt, here.

Some guy named Carlos called
for you twice.

Left this number.

My brother-in-law Carlos?

Oh, let me consult
my crystal ball.

I don't know who your
brother-in-law is,

but this Carlos spoke
with a Spanish accent

and the message was for you
to come by the apartment

as soon as you could
and call if you couldn't.

He said it was important.

Sounds like my

At least I hope he's
still my brother-in-law.

Stop slamming all the drawers.
I just put Savannah down.

Where are my t-shirts?

In the closet.

What are my t-shirts doing
in the closet?

Well, we don't have
enough room in here

for all of our stuff
and Savannah's stuff,

and the older Savannah gets,
the more stuff she has,

so I'm storing some
of our things in the closet.

I don't see any of your
stuff stored in the closet.

And Savannah is a baby and
has one room all to herself.

You and I are two grown adults
and we're sharing a room.

Why can't we store things
in Savannah's room?

I don't want to crowd her.

You don't want to crowd her?!

And us? What about us?

Do I have to want
until Savannah goes to college

before I get more living space?

We're not going
to live here forever.

We're going to move.

I want to move. I do.

Don't tease.
I'm not teasing.

Look, you said we were
going to move before.

A couple weeks ago,
as a matter of fact,

and well, we're still here,
aren't we?

What do I have to do to prove
to you that I want to move?

You're serious?

Okay, then I'll call
the Realtor right now

and get some new listings.

I knew it.

We're moving.

You, me and Savannah.

We're a family and we need
a home of our own.

But, this time around, I want
to be totally involved.

I want to call the Realtor
and get the listings.

Well, aren't you happy.

Why are you happy?


No, I don't want
to jinx it by talking about it,

but if everything works out,
it will be further proof

that God truly does work
in mysterious ways.

Hey, I made your
favorite sandwiches.

Peanut butter
and bananas.

What is going on with you two?

You've been moping
around the house all week.

We don't want Martin
to move away.

He's our brother.

Yeah, and we're running
out of family.

Why does everyone
move away?

Don't they like us?

Oh, your brothers
and your sisters and Martin,

they love you very much,

but eventually,
all kids want to move away

from mommy and daddy's home

and-and make a home
of their own.

Believe it or not,

you and Sam will want
to move away, too, someday.

No, we're going to live
with you and Daddy forever,

just like Lucy.

What about me?

We're going to live

with Mommy and Daddy
forever, just like you.

Sorry, guys,
Kevin and I are moving.


I'm calling the Realtor today.

Oh, that's great, really great.
I can't wait to tell Eric.

I'm just happy that you
and Savannah and Kevin

are finally going
to have a home of your own.

Um, can you keep an eye
on Savannah for me?

Kevin hasn't officially taken
over day shift duties yet.

Oh, let me just drop the boys
off at school.


I have a great idea:

While you're waiting
for me to get back,

you could call the Realtor.


Back off.



Look, I need a favor.


Who you looking for?


Oh, you just missed her.
She went...

No, I'm-I'm not
looking for Ruthie.

I'm looking out forRuthie.

I need to talk to you

alone a-about...

Hey, Vincent.

Oh, hi.

Did you get my
message last night?


I wanted to make sure we
were still on for tonight.

Our date?

Our first date since
being punished?

It's been a month.

R-Right. I-I thought
we had another week.



I'll pick you up
after dinner.

I have to go to class,
so what favor do you need?

What-What are you
talking about?

The favor.

I-I don't know
what you're talking about.

Okay, what was that about?

I have no idea.


This is Danny Davis.

Danny, this is the friend I was
telling you about: George Smith.

It's nice to meet you, Danny.

Nice to meet you,
Mr. Smith.

Oh, it's George.

And my wife had
to take her mother

to a doctor's appointment,
so she won't be able

to go out
with us today, but, uh,

she's looking forward
to meeting you very soon.


what would you like to do?

Move in with you
and your wife.

Why don't we have lunch

and then we'll see
where the day takes us?

As long as the day takes me out
of the group home, fine by me.

Okay, okay...


Hello, stranger.

How did you get in?

The landlord let me in.

I told him I'm your girlfriend.

I am your girlfriend, aren't I?

Then why haven't you been
returning my calls?


Do you want to tell me
what's going on with you,

or do you want me to guess?


I got your message.


I'm sorry to
call you at work.

It's just... I'm only
in town until tomorrow.

You're leaving?


Furniture is in storage.

Just in case I ever decide
to come back.

I take it
the trial separation is over.

Mary and I filed
for divorce last week.

And you're leaving New York?
Tomorrow night.

Do you need a place
to stay tonight?

No... Thanks. I got a room
at a hotel near the airport.

Where are you going?
Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico?

What about your job?

Well, I work for my father
in a family business.

The business is based
in Puerto Rico.

It'll be easier for me to
do my job living in Puerto Rico.

I was only in New York
for Mary and her job.

I wish there was something I
could do or say to fix this.

No, that, that... I've done it
all; I've said it all.

It's over.

And right now,
I just need to move on.

And those boxes in the corner
are just, you know,

some things
Mary left behind.

Just, you know, take them
or leave them or whatever.

Goodwill will be here tomorrow
to pick up whatever is left.

What, so, that's
why you called?

You wanted me to pick
up Mary's boxes?

Well, yeah, that and, um...

I need you to tell
your parents about the divorce.

Me? Wh-Why me?

Well, because Mary
should have done it.

But she refused.
And I-I can't do it.

I can't talk
to your parents right now.

She's your sister.
It's your family,

so I'm afraid
it's your responsibility now.

Is Mary ever going to
come back from London?

She's in Chicago.

What happened to London?

She was training in London.

The job she was training for
is in Chicago.

What about Charlie?

We can't stay together for him.

And lots of kids have
to deal with stuff like this.

He'll be fine.

He'll have me.

But you'll be far away.

I mean, too far away to have
a real relationship with him.

Too far away to be
a real father to him.

Charlie isn't going
to be far away from me.

What's that supposed to mean?


Hey, you two.

What's up?


David? Hello?

We're not talking to you.

Why is that?

We need to get used
to you not being here.

They don't want you to move out.

It's just across the street.

I know,
but they're six years old,

so, to them, across the street
is across the country.


Oh, Ruthie, yeah,

I think she's probably upstair--

Oh, yeah, hold on,
he's right here.

It's Vincent. For you.


Are you alone?

What is going on with you?

I need to talk to you
about Ruthie,

without Ruthie knowing
I'm talking to you.

I want no part
of whatever you're up to.

Good-bye, Vincent.

Did you like
the movie?


Oh, I thought
you'd like it.

I don't like animation.

Well, why didn't you
say something?

I thought you liked it.

Well, next time you
speak up, okay?

Does this mean there'll
be a next time?


Great, when can I move in
with you and your wife?

I think you should
meet my wife first.

and make sure
you like her.

Is she an alcoholic?


Then I'm sure
I'm going to like her.

When can I bring my stuff over?

Why don't we get
our ice cream

and then we'll head
over to my house.

Gwen, my wife, is
probably home right now

and you can meet her.

Now you're talkin'.

All right.

Can I ask you a favor?


If your wife likes me

and you guys decide to be
my new foster parents,

can my sister move in
with us, too?

You have a sister?

She's in a different group home.

Because she's in a wheelchair.


Luce, good news--
I heard from the Realtor

and she has some listings
she wants to show us.

The Realtor called you?



Okay, I called the Realtor,

but it's just
because I'm excited

and I want to move
the process along.

I told you, I wanted to handle

the house buying
this time around.

You're stalling.

We just talked about it
this morning!

How exactly am I stalling?

Because I called a Realtor
and you haven't.

That's stalling.

I had to do some work for my dad
this morning,

and one of the girls
in my teen empowerment class

had an emergency.

I'm going over some
paperwork right now,

but I said I will call
the Realtor,

and I will call the Realtor
when I have a spare moment.

You don't believe me.

No, I don't,
but could we save the fight

we're about to have
and add it on to the fight

we're going to have
when you tell me

that you don't really want

to move out
of your parents' house?

I will call.

Whatever you say.

Look, if you don't want
to see me anymore,

you don't have to lie.

You can just
break up with me.

I do want to see you.

I like you a lot.

So you like me
and I like you,

but, all of a sudden, you're
not returning my phone calls,

and now, when we are together,
you're pushing me away.

I'm not pushing you away.

Well, the last time we
were alone together

you practically ran
out the door.

And now that we're alone
together again,

you're all nervous
and weird.

Well, it's just that it seems
like after a few dates,

our relationship is
going in a direction

I'm not
that comfortable with.

I can't have sex with you.


What's that mean?

Who's stopping you?

I am.

But we don't have to have sex
to date, do we?

Okay, see, to me the difference
between a friend

and a boyfriend
is usually sex.

Is this an elaborate way

of saying you just
want to be friends?


I like you, and not
like a friend but...

But you don't want
to sleep with me.

Not don't; can't.

We have been talking for hours
and I'm still so confused.

I want to be with you

but I can't sleep
with you.

Yeah, that I get.

It's the "why" I'm having
trouble with.

It's complicated.

I'm very intelligent.

I just can't tell you.

So you can't explain

why you can't have
sex with me,

but you want to have
sex with me?


Bye, Simon.
Don't go.

Then just stop with
the double-talk,

and tell me what's
going on with you.

I'll see you around.

Hello... Dad.


In the flesh.

You know, Danny told
me you had a good
sense of humor.

He told me you didn't know
about me.

I can be packed in an hour.

I see the family

So you're here,

does that mean you're taking
all of us?

"All of us"?

Danny didn't tell you
about Meredith?

I hope Meredith
is your dog.

We don't have a dog.

Meredith is my older sister.

She lives in another group home.

You know,

Reverend Camden
didn't mention

that Danny had such
a large family.


Hi, Dad.
What's wrong?

Why would you automatically
assume something's wrong?

Uh, experience.

I'm just calling
to see how you are.

I'm fine. What's wrong?

Everything's fine.

"Everything" meaning...

that not everyone is fine?

I, I didn't say that.

You didn't deny it either.

Are you gonna tell me
what's wrong?


All right, great--
"20 Questions"-- my favorite.

let's start with you.

Are-Are you okay?


Sarah's parents?

All fine.


Is there something wrong
with Simon?

As far as I know, no.


I know that Ruthie and Martin
and Kevin and Lucy

and the... and the twins
are okay,

so that just leaves...

Oh, I don't know...

Mary and Carlos?

Silence equals
a possible yes.

Have-Have you heard
from Carlos... Mary?

Matt, enough.

You already did the let's

no-matter-what farce,

and it-it just-- it didn't work.

So, if you have some bad news

about Carlos and Mary,
just tell me.


...I just got paged.

You're lying.

Maybe, but I've got to go.

I had fun tonight.

Me, too.

I-I think
I'm getting a cold.


Good night, Ruthie.

I need you to get Ruthie
to break up with me.


I need you to get Ruthie
to break up with me.

You're breaking up with
Ruthie... again?

What is it with you two?

I'm not breaking up with Ruthie.

I can't break up with her.

The last time I broke up
with her,

I made her cry and she yelled
at me in the pool hall,

and people stared and, look,

I felt like a loser
for hurting her.

But, if you can get her
to break up with me,

then she doesn't cry and yell
and everybody's happy.

I'm not happy and I'm
not getting involved.

Hey, you got us together.

So now I have to break
the two of you up?

Nice try but I don't
think so.

Look, you say she's
like a sister to you.

Do you want to see your sister
hurt and crying again?

I don't want to upset her.

I care about her.

But not enough to date her.

I, I, I met somebody else.

I could meet somebody else.

Because, look,

I'm spending the summer in
Hawaii with my grandparents.

And I guess, to meet
someone else in Hawaii,

I need to not be dating
Ruthie here.

So, will you help me?


But against my
better judgment,

I will help Ruthie.

Although I don't know
how I'm going to get her

to break up with you;
she really likes you.

Just point out my bad qualities.

You really want to
do this... again?

Yeah, I do.

You should go now,

because the urge to hit you
is growing stronger.

Danny called;
he told me the good news.

He said that you were
going to be our new foster dad.

Well, I'm gonna
see what I can do

for you and Danny
and your sister.

And I called Christina and
she really wants to meet you.

She's great; she's in
college on a scholarship.

She's really smart.

She only comes home
every once in a while now,

but when we move in with you,
we'll have a home

where we can all be together,
so she's probably gonna want to

come home every weekend.

That's okay, right,
if she comes home every weekend?

Christina would be...?

Our eldest sister?

She's in college
with Simon Camden.

Sorry I'm late.

How's Savannah?

Clean, fed and asleep.

I'm gonna go look in on her.

I talked to Kevin.


Did you call
the Realtor today?

Well, I was a little busy,
but I'm going to call.

But you didn't and you were
gonna move and you haven't.

Tell me, Mom, why do you want
us out of the house so badly?

Is it really that inconvenient,

us living here?

Look, I don't want you
to go and I'm gonna miss

all of you very much
when you do go.

But you and Kevin...

What about us?

You're two people living
in one small room.

That's stressful.

Kevin and I are fine.

Mary and Carlos were fine
at one point, too.

Mom, Kevin and I aren't
Mary and Carlos.

And Mary and Carlos
aren't on a trial separation

because of real estate matters.

I already have one daughter
with marital problems.

I don't want
to have another one.

That's why I want you to move.

That's why you need to move,

before what seems like
a small problem, living here,

turns into a big problem

and then who knows
what would happen.

Mom, Mary and Carlos are
gonna work out their problems.

Mary is Mary, but she's
a mother and she's a wife,

and she has responsibilities.

You don't just wake up one day

and pretend that you
don't have a family.

Mary will come around.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I'm gonna go
check on my daughter

and then I'm gonna
call the Realtor, okay?

You're back?

Are you glad?

Do youwant to come in?

If I do, it's not
to play board games

or watch TV or hold hands.

I don't want to lose you.

So, does that mean you
want me to come in?


Simon, I...

You conned me.

You're a man of God
and you conned me!

Isn't there some
rule against that?

Can a minister
be a grifter?

We can't take four kids.

We're not prepared to do it.

It's only three.

Christina would like to visit

on weekends and college breaks.

She called me this morning.

They're good kids.

They're great kids

but Gwen and I can't
take them all in.

We're new to foster care.

We want to get our bearings,
not get in over our heads.

And what if we took 'em all
and we couldn't handle it?

And then we had to
send them all back?

That would be just terrible
for them and for us.

It's just that you mentioned
your big, empty house

and I thought maybe
you could fill it

with the Davis children.


they're all funny,
sweet, energetic kids

and in a perfect world,
we would take them all.

But Gwen and I can only
do what we could do.

We would still like
to take Danny in

if he wants to live with us.

I'm sure he does.

And his sisters can come visit

and we'll take him
to visit his sisters

as much as he wants.

I know, I know you will.

It's just Eric, I...

I can't tell Danny
and his sisters

that we're only taking Danny.

Could you bring them
by the church later today

and help me explain?

Well, I did get you into this.

I should help get you out.

I'm sorry.

Oh, I-I'm sorry, too.

You know, I probably would
have done the same thing

if I'd been in your shoes.

There must be something
I can do or you can do,
or my family can do

to stop this divorce.

There isn't anything
anyone can do.

I don't think this is
what you want.

This has never been
about what I want.

Mary is the one who left me.

She's the one
that moved to London,

she's the one that
doesn't want to be married.

She's the one that doesn't
want to be a mom, okay?!

So, don't blame me
because I'm just the idiot

who fell in love with her
and married her

and wanted to spend the
rest of my life with her.

I have done
everything I can

and I've waited longer
than most would have waited.

Mary wants what she wants

and apparently she doesn't
want me or Charlie anymore.

I'm sorry, it's...

it's just that this is
not how we were raised.

We don't run away
from responsibility.

Yeah, well, I'm sorry, too.

I want to yell
at Mary, not you.

Yeah, maybe I could
talk to Mary.

She listens to me sometimes.

And what would you say to her?

Grow up?

Be responsible, be an adult?

Hey, be a mother,
honor your wedding vows.

She won't listen to me,
she won't listen to anyone.

Have you told your parents yet?

About the divorce,
about Charlie?

I-I tried.

Please, I'm counting on you.

When my mom and dad
hear about this,

it's gonna kill them.

It's not just not the divorce,

but when they hear
about Charlie?

It's going to kill them!

All right, considering your
father's cardiac history,

can you stop using
the word "kill"?

My parents survived,
I survived, Charlie survived.

Look, your parents and the rest
of your family won't be happy.

But they'll survive, too.

If you can't do it,
I'll call them for you.

But I think they'll
take the news much better

coming from you
than from me.

How are things
going with Zoe?

Good, I like her.

Yeah, she's nice.

How are things going
with Vincent?

I'm so happy.





No, what were you trying to say?

You like him and that's
all that matters.

So, you don't like him?

No, he's fine.


What don't you like about him?

Let's just go get some lunch.

My treat.

Tell me what you don't
like about my boyfriend.


He's a bit demanding, isn't he?

And he's not
very athletic.

I mean, I kind of thought
you might end up with a jock,

not a... Vincent.



I probably shouldn't
tell you this but I think

I saw him smoking with
some kids from school.

I know how you feel
about smoking.


And have you ever noticed
how big his head is?

I mean, it's not normal.

I'm just saying I think
you could do better.

You do?

You belong with someone who

fits in with your lifestyle
and your family better.

You think?

But you're never gonna
meet that perfect guy

who's just out there
waiting for you,

as long as you're
dating Vincent.

So you think I should
break up with him?

Why not?

Just tell him it's
not working out.

Just tell him you're moving on
to bigger and better things.

Bigger and better?

You seem to feel pretty
strongly about this,

me breaking up with Vincent.

I care about you.

Hey, uh, will you keep
an eye on Savannah?

She's down for a nap.

Where are you two off to?

To meet the Realtor.

Good for you, both of you.

Well, I said I'd
call and I called.

What's wrong?
We thought all our
brothers and sisters

were leaving because
they wanted to.

But it's you!

You want everyone to leave!

You know, no one
is going to believe

that I spent all night
with you, again,

and all we did was eat
spaghetti and slow dance.

Who cares what other
people think?

Simon, what's going on with you?

Why won't you sleep with me?

I told you, it's complicated.

And personal.

We were going to
have sex last night.

That's pretty personal.

I'm sorry, but I just can't
do what you want me to do.

Can't or don't want to?

Want to, but can't?

Is there something
wrong with you?


No, I'm fine.

But I...


I have to get ready for work.

You know, it's not
what you're thinking.

How do you know that?

Because there's no possible
way in the world you could be

thinking of the reason
why I won't sleep with you.

Based on your reputation,

I never thought you'd
play this hard to get.

God... help me.

No, really, God,
please, help me.

I'm not going
without my sisters.

You're going to
go home with George

and you're not going to worry
about me or Kelly or Christina.

But we're a family.

Yeah, but we can't
all be together

and you're not going to
blow this opportunity.

Danny, we've always
made due with what we have

even if what we have is nothing.

We're not angry with you that
you can't take the rest of us.

Just promise that
you're gonna take

really good care
of our baby brother.

Yeah, take care of him.

I can't go off and live

in some nice house
with nice parents knowing

that you guys will be stuck
in a group home.

It's okay.

Kelly and I are gonna be okay.

You know, it's-it's not okay.

You're all coming home with me.

I mean it; I do.

We have the room.

We're taking all of you.


Don't do it just 'cause
you feel sorry for us.

No, I'm doing it because
you all belong together.

And I'm doing it because...

You care about us?


And now let's go tell

my wife the good news,

because she's gonna be
very surprised.

And I'll-I'll call Greta
at social services

and get the paperwork going.

I'm sorry. I...

I... just never ever thought

I would have a dad.

I'm so old,
and nobody's ever wanted me.

I want you.

Oh, for goodness sake.

What about this one?

Oh... too small.

What about this one?

Eh, too big.


And this one?

This one is the perfect size,
but, uh, backyard is tiny.

Oh, but, um,

this one has
the perfect backyard,

but the house is too dark.

We can paint
the house.

Well... it's dark
on the inside,

because of all of the trees
around the outside.

We can cut the
trees down.

Well, I don't want
to kill trees

that are, like,
a hundred years old.

Oh, this house is great.

I loved it.

This is the perfect house
for us.


It's in the wrong
school district.

We can send our kids
to private school.

No, I don't want our kids
in private school.

You do want me to find a house
that I love, right?

Well, it might take me

some time to find that house.

How much time?

I don't know,

but I'm willing to look
as long as it takes.


Hey, Dad.
Hey, Matt, I was just

going out the door. Can I call
you back when I get home?

No. I might lose my nerve
by then.


Mary and Carlos?

You want to tell me
what's going on?

I don't want to, I have to.

Carlos asked me to.



Mary and Carlos
are getting a divorce,

and Carlos is moving
to Puerto Rico.

Yeah, I can't say
I'm surprised. I...

You-Your mom was kind of
holding out hope

that Mary might come
to her senses,

but I just didn't think that...

Like I said, I'm not surprised.

I'm sad,
but I was kind of expecting it.

I have something to tell you
you weren't expecting.

Look, there's no easy way
to say this,

so I'll just say it.

Mary signed away custody
of Charlie.

Charlie is gonna live
in Puerto Rico

with Carlos permanently.

Are... Are you saying
that Mary gave up her son?

Looks that way.

And she isn't in London anymore.

She transferred to Chicago.

I-I tried to call her, but
she won't take my calls. I...

And I don't... I don't think
she'll take any of our calls.

So, she won't talk
to her family?

She left her husband, and she...

abandoned her child.

It gets worse.

How can it get worse?

Well... you have to tell Mom.

Would you guys
like a snack?

No, thank you.

We could go to the park.

No, thank you.

We could go to the toy store.

No, thank you.

You know, I'm not making
Lucy and Kevin

and Savannah leave, or Martin.

And I didn't make Matt
and Mary and Simon leave.

We want our brothers
and sisters back.

You made them leave.

Make them come back.

We need to talk.

Boy, do we need to talk.

I spent the day with Martin,
and I've been thinking.

It's okay.

Tell me whatever
you have to say.

I can take it.

Martin wants me
to break up with you,

and I think he wants to date me.


No, I-I think you must
have misunderstood.

I mean, he's-he's
dating Zoe.

I mean, he's
really into Zoe.

Trust me.
He's really into me, too.

And I didn't even
think about Zoe.

If he breaks up with her,
I can't be the reason.

I'm not a home wrecker.

Ruthie, really, I...

I knew his dad coming home

and him moving out of the house
would change our relationship.

I knew it.

So, would you tell him...?

Tell him that you and I would
never break up, ever.

Oh, Eric, I'm so sorry.

Matt called?

No. Why would Matt be calling?

Is something wrong?

Uh, no... never... I just
thought... eh, oh...

What's going on?

W-W... Why are you sorry?

Well, Greta called
from social services,

and she missed you
at the church.

Did she tell you

that Cecilia's parents are-are
gonna foster the Davis children,

all of them, and that
eventually they want to adopt?

That's the project
I didn't want

to tell you about,
'cause I-I just...

I didn't want to jinx it.

The Davis mother found out

that her kids are going
into a new foster home

and that the foster parents
might adopt, and...


Well, there's a problem.

So, why would Matt
be calling me?

Is something going on?

Did Greta say what
the problem is?


I-I-I... I better call her.

What are you doing out here?

Your landlord isn't around.

Are you okay?

No. It's driving me crazy.

I have to know.

Look, I understand

that it's complicated
and personal, but just tell me.

I don't have to sleep with you,

but I have to know
why you won't sleep with me.

I made a promise to God.

I had a crisis a while back,

and I asked God for help,
and in return, I promised

that I would change some
of my ways... with women.

Well, that is personal
and complicated,

and you're right.

I never in a million years
would have guessed

that God is the reason
you won't sleep with me.

See, I'm the only
one in my family

to-to live my life this way;
to have sex before marriage.

My brother, my-my sisters--
they all waited.

And after my crisis,

I started thinking that
maybe there was something

to the way that they
live their lives,

at least their sex lives.

So I started to try

to live my life a little
bit more like them

and a little bit
less like me.

I think my other
relationships failed

because there was a
lack of commitment.

Well, now that you
know everything,

I'll understand if you
think I'm a weirdo,

and you want to leave,

and go and be with someone else
you could have sex with.

Your brother Matt
got married young?

Yeah, Matt fell in love
on the first date.

And Mary, too--
she married young?

And the one at home,
married to the cop?

Lucy hadn't finished college
when she got married.

Well, they definitely

live their lives differently
from you.

Let me ask you.

Do you see us together,

Do you see us getting married
as a possibility?

Well, maybe some day.

So you might want to marry me?

Well, yeah, it's a possibility.

Are you asking me to marry you?

Well, are you?

What would you say if I did?

I guess I, uh...

I might say yes.

You really like me that much?

Do you like me that much?

Yeah, I think I do.

I'm curious.

If we were engaged,

how would that affect
your promise to God?


being engaged
is definitely a commitment.


...do you want to get married?