7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 9, Episode 22 - Mi Familia: Part 2 - full transcript

Simon brings for a stay at home his still sex-starved girl-friend Rose. She proves a spoiled brat, while ma hypocritically goes Victorian about kissing, let alone bedroom arrangements, Kevin fears they consider marriage- hell, she does! Social services, Eric and the prospective foster/adoptive Smith parents are stuck as long as the Davies siblings' mother refuses to wave her maternal rights just to keep them institutionalized, but the good kids resent testifying what a bad mother the addict is. Vincent's lies to break up with Ruthie make her believe Martin considers dumping Zoe for her, but noble Martin's greatest wish finally comes true. Kevin explains to the twins about fledglings leaving the loving nest. Lucy keeps despairing Kevin and her parents by being hopelessly picky for a home and even abuses Sunday rest to 'suspend' searching, so they're ready to accept without questions her sudden, surprising choice...

What did you tell Ruthie?

I don't know.

Bad things about you,

things that would make her
want to dump you.

Did she dump you?


Well, I tried.

She thinks you
want to date her.

She thinks that's why

you were saying bad
things about me,

and now she's asking
me to come tell you

that she's not interested.

Huh, what?

She doesn't want to upset Zoe.

What does Zoe have
to do with this?

She doesn't want
you to break up

with Zoe because of her.

That's not going to happen
because I'm not really

in Ruthie romantically.

That's not what she thinks.

Well, just tell her the truth.

The truth about you will
lead to the truth about me

and what I asked you to do.

What are we going to do?


No, I did what I could.
I'm out.

I'm not a Camden.

I don't handle wacky plans

and lying for a good cause
as well as the rest of them do.


Good-bye, Vincent.


Didn't you just leave?


Miss me?

So, you want to come in?

No, you come out.

Take a drive with me.

Where to?

What do you want
to do in Glenoak?

I want you to
meet my parents.

You do?

Why's that?

Because I think it's time
for you to meet them.

And I want to
meet your family.

If we're serious about what
we talked about this morning,

then I think we should
meet each other's family.

Well, I'm serious.

I'm serious, too.

But are you sure you want
to meet my family?

They can be a bit overwhelming
and nosy and...

I want to meet them.

And I think they
should meet me.

Okay, let's do it.

Yeah, let's.

Thanks for coming
over so quickly.

I think the first
thing we need to do

is talk to George and Gwen
and see if they're up for this.

Since the kids are
no longer adoptable,

George and his wife might change
their minds about taking them,

which is why we need
to talk to them.

They need to know that the Davis
mother has changed her mind

and will not relinquish
her parental rights.

The mother has always
taken this stance with us,

refusing to relinquish
her rights.

It's not the first time

she's gotten in the way
of a placement.

She doesn't want
to be their mother,

but she also doesn't want
anyone to take her place.

She might even try
to stop the kids

from being placed with George
and Gwen for foster care.

Well, how could she do that?

She could ask for custody.

They are her children.

But she can't get
them back, can she?

Courts tend to want
to keep the family together.

Matt, hi. It's Mom.

I just called
Mary's and Carlos' apartment

and the phone's
been disconnected.

And your father is acting
strange and he mentioned you.

And it's probably nothing,

but I'm-I'm having one of those

those mother feelings
that something isn't right.

So call me.

I love you.

The realtor called

and said she has some more
properties to show us.

I said we could meet her
tomorrow after church.

But that's Sunday.

Yeah, I know.

Well, it's the Sabbath,
a day of rest and reflection.

You know how I feel
about doing things on Sunday.

You told me you
wanted to move.

Well, I do want to move.

Then how come you
found something wrong

with every house the
realtor showed us?

Because there was
something wrong

with every house
the realtor showed us.

I don't want to settle.

I want to find a house
that's perfect for us.

A house that we can make
into a home.

A home that we'll have
for a long, long time.

I just don't want

finding that home to
take a long, long time.

Well, it takes
as long as it takes.

What does that mean?

It means what it means.

No, I'll get her.



So, did Vincent talk to you?


Did he talk to you?


I just wanted to make sure
that you were okay,

that you weren't too upset.

I don't want things
to be weird between us.

Yeah, I'm fine.

Are you okay?


You are?

Yeah, why wouldn't I be?

Look, I've been
where you are,

and I know it doesn't feel good
when you like someone,

and then that someone
rejects you.

You talked to Vincent?

Are you going
to break up with Zoe?

Because if you do,
I hope I'm not the reason.

I like her, and I
know she likes you.
I just don't want

to be a part of all that drama.

I'm not breaking up with Zoe.
I just would

hate to have her think that I
did anything to encourage you.

Zoe and I are fine.
We don't have any problems.

Well, things can't be that fine,

or else you wouldn't have
approached me.


What did Vincent say
to you, exactly?

So before we
go any further,

we need to know
how you and Gwen feel.

Do you want to fight
for the kids?

Because let me tell you,

if you're going
to eventually adopt them,

you're probably going to have
a fight on your hands.

You may even have to
fight to have them
as foster children.

Well, we were just looking
for one child to foster,

and then hopefully adopt.

And then that one child,
Danny, had a sister,

and one turned into two.

And then he had
another sister.

And so, two
turned into three.

And Gwen and I didn't think
that we could manage

to take in three children,

but now, after meeting them
and being with them, well...

now we can't imagine

not having them to be a part
of our lives and our family.

So long as it's what
the children want,

we'll fight as hard as
we have to to get them.

We want Danny and
Meredith and Kelly

to be a part
of our family.

So. What's next?

Well, when I have a
problem in family court,

I like to go
right to the top.

Hey, Mom.

Oh, what a nice surprise.

Mom, this is my...

Hi, I'm Rose.
Simon's girlfriend.

We go to school together.

Well, Rose, it's a pleasure
to meet you.

What brings you two to Glenoak?

I wanted Simon

to meet my parents and
I wanted to meet his parents,

but my parents
are out of town.

I forgot my dad had

some sort of business
conference this weekend.

You wanted to meet us?

So, can we stay here? It's too
late to drive all the way back.

Oh, yes, of course.

You-You-You can stay here,
just not in the same room.

You're serious?


It's just that my parents
never have a problem

with my sharing
a room with a boyfriend.

How nice for them.

I could take the couch.

And your friend
can stay with Ruthie.

It's girlfriend.

And I'm not used
to sharing a room.

Except with your boyfriends.

I-I guess I
shouldn't tell you

that you'll be sharing the
bathroom with five people.

I mean, wait, Simon makes six,

and then if you count
the baby, well that's seven.

Seven people
and one bathroom?

I can make do.
It's just one night.

You know what, I can
stay with Sam and David,

and Rose can have the couch.

I don't do couches.

You don't have a guest room,
or at least another bathroom?

Well, my-my parents

have a full bathroom upstairs

and there's a powder room

but the kids have to share
one bathroom upstairs.

I'm sorry, honey.

Look, I know you
want to stay here,

but my parents
have a huge house

with lots of guest rooms
and plenty of bathrooms.

I don't understand why we
couldn't just stay there.

I have the key and code to
the alarm and we could be alone.

I don't trust you.

What, do you think I'm
gonna attack you in the
middle of the night?


Hello, I'm still in the room.

Sorry, Mom.

I'll be fine
on the couch.

And if I get into a jam,

I can always use your
parents' bathroom, right?

All right, Simon,

why don't you go upstairs and
get the blanket

and the pillows, sheets,
and I'll help you

make up the couch
for your friend.



Your house is very...


Thank you.

I watch those home shows
on cable

and it's surprising how little
money it takes to decorate.

I mean,

if you're on a budget.

Isn't she great, Mom?

Just for the record,
I don't like her.

But you hide it so well.

She's condescending and rude
and I think she's trying

to push Simon
into a serious relationship.

Yeah, but isn't that
what we want?

No, I mean, we don't want
Simon to have sex

with every woman he meets,

but we don't want him
to get married

and we certainly don't want him
to get married to Rose.

Who-Who said anything
about marriage?

Oh, trust me, a mother knows.

Rose wanted to meet us,

she wanted Simon
to meet her parents,

she wants to get married.

Don't you think maybe
you're overreacting?

No. Are you saying

that you like Rose?

Well, based on the five-minute
conversation I had with her

while she was using
our bathroom, no.

And even if she
wants to get married,

there's no way
Simon does.

He thinks that the only reason
the other kids got married

was so they could have sex, and
he thinks that was a mistake.

he's already having sex,

so he sees no reason
to get married.

You know, before I met Rose,

I couldn't think
of one good reason

for Simon
to have premarital sex.

Tell me something--

where did we go wrong?

I mean, Mary has

run off to London

and Simon is... well, Simon.

How did two very
responsible people

raise two of the most

and selfish people in the world?

At some point,

what your children do stops
being your responsibility

and starts being
their responsibility.

It's their

but it's our fault.

You know, you're tired
and upset.

Neither of us got
any sleep last night.

Oh, I don't need sleep.

I need to get on a plane
and fly to London.

For what?

To see the Queen.

To straighten out Mary--
to get her to act like

the daughter we raised her to
be, before it's too late.

I mean, Carlos isn't
gonna wait forever.

And, speaking of Carlos,
you know I called them,

and his, his phone
is disconnected,

and, and then I called Matt
and I left several messages.

I have not heard back
from Matt.

What's going on?

Matt knows something,

doesn't he?
And you know

what Matt knows, don't you?



We're riding to church
with Lucy and Kevin.

- Yeah.

Do they still think you're
making everyone leave?

Yes, apparently
I've raised

an irresponsible womanizer
and a woman who's run off

and left her family,
and in my spare time,

I kick whatever children
are left out in the street.

I'll have a talk with them.
No, you won't.

You'll tell me about
Mary and Carlos.

Do you still need
my help at church today?

That would be great.
I'm going to do the service,

but if you could do the
"meet and greet" afterward...

You can count on me.

How's the house
hunting coming?

It's coming.

They're never gonna move out.
You know that, don't you? No...

Don't change the subject.

Mary and Carlos?

Lucy and I can give Simon
and his girlfriend

a ride to church, if you want.

Thanks, Kevin.

I'll, uh... I'll
meet you downstairs.


Hey, I got your
message. What's up?

What did you tell Ruthie?
I told her that

I told you she wasn't
interested in dating you,

and I said I let you down easy.

No, no, no. I told you to tell
her the truth, not more lies.

What do you care
what I told her?

She's treating me all weird

because she thinks
I want to date her.

So what?

So I don't like being rejected,

especially by someone I never
liked in the first place.

Oh, so this is about your ego?

I'm going to tell
Ruthie the truth.

You can't.

Then you do it.

I can't. You don't understand.

You weren't there the last time

I broke up with her--
it was ugly.

Oh, so this isn't
about hurting Ruthie.

This is about you not
having the guts

to live with the consequences
of your actions.

You don't want to feel like a
bad guy. Well, guess what?

You are a bad guy,
because only a bad guy

would break up with someone
as great as Ruthie,

just so he could be free
to date in Hawaii.

I just can't do it.

Fine, I'll do it for you.


Look, I'll do it, okay, today.

I promise.

What's wrong?


You look upset.

I think I'll skip church today.

Did Martin say something
to you, about me?

I'll call you later, okay?

We need to talk, but not now.

Oh, don't run away.

Come on, eventually you're gonna
have to tell me the truth.

Now, why is Mary and Carlos'
phone disconnected in New York

and why is Matt
not calling me back?

Please, I-I need
to know what you know

and I need to know it now.

Actually, what I need
to do is to have hope,

hope that, hope
that my daughter

is going to straighten
out her life, and...

And I think I'm out of hope

because I can feel it,

like a bad storm coming,

and I just want
to know the truth.

So, just, you know, get it over
with, confirm my worst fears.

Tell me what you know
about Mary and Carlos.

Let's just test
that theory that...

"That which does not kill
us, makes us stronger."

Matt called me yesterday to tell
me that Mary and Carlos...

Mary and Carlos?

Mary's moved to Chicago.

She was just training in London,
but she's working in Chicago.

So Charlie and-and Carlos
moved to Chicago, too,

and that's why the phone
is disconnected

in New York. Oh, my God,
Mary's back with Carlos.

She's come to her senses.

Why-Why wouldn't you want
to tell me this?

This is great news!

This is fantastic news!

I-I didn't want you
to get your hopes up.

There's still...

You know, things
might not work out.

Actually, I have a feeling
things won't work out.

Oh, ye of little faith.

You know, if Mary and Carlos
are back together again,

there's a chance.

I-I can't believe it.

Neither can I.

I have my hope again. I do.

You talked to Vincent again?

Oh, yeah.

I'm sorry, but you...

You should be sorry.


Just because I rejected
your advances

is no excuse for you to take out
your hurt feelings

on my boyfriend.

Look, if you hadn't
moved in here

when your dad went to Iraq,

and we met at school, who knows,
we could have ended up dating,

but I'm with Vincent
and you're with Zoe,

and you just need
to accept that.

And I think you owe
Vincent an apology.


He's so upset, he skipped church

and now he doesn't want to come
over here and hang out with me

just because he's afraid
he'll run into you.

Apologize? To Vincent?

You hurt his feelings.

Ruthie, Vincent wanted to
break up with you again.

But he didn't want to hurt
your feelings again,

so he asked me to get you
to break up with him,

and when I tried to do that,
you misunderstood and thought

I was interested in you,
which I'm not.

And I have no idea
what he told you today,

but I told him
to tell you the truth--

which apparently
he didn't.

He wants to break up
with me again?

No, you're lying.

No, Vincent is.

Well, it looks like
Vincent got his wish.

He didn't hurt you, I did.

So that's the story,
Judge Brown.

You're asking me
to terminate

the Davis mother's
parental rights?

Terminating her rights is in the
best interest of the children.

Well, you both know, as a judge,
I can't agree

to just terminate
this mother's rights

without hearing the mother's
side of the case.

But with that
being said--

what I can do
is promise

that after I hear
both sides of the case

I will weigh very heavily
the opinion of the children.

if the children tell you

they don't want to live
with their mother,

but they do want to live
with the Smiths...

I will weight that
fact very heavily

when making my final decision.

Thank you, Judge Brown.

Yes, thank you.

Well, don't
thank me yet.

We have a long way to go
with these children

before we can start slapping
each other on the back.

But let's see
what we can do, okay?

Greta, Reverend Camden,
I'm sure you'll be in touch.

Well, I guess it's time
to talk to the kids.

I'll pick them up.

I'll go get George and Gwen
and I'll meet you at the church.

This is... is gonna
work, isn't it?


So, Dad said Mary
and Carlos reconciled?

I know, I'm surprised, too.

When I called Carlos and
the phone was disconnected,

I thought the worst.

I thought, well, divorce.

But, as it turned out
all Mary needed

was just a little break
from her family, you know,

just time to get
her head straight,

think about
her priorities.

I don't know...

What don't you know?

Well, doesn't it seem a
little too good to be true?

No, it seems like for the
first time in a long time,

Mary is the daughter
I raised her to be.


They're not getting
divorced, Luce.

Why don't you want
to believe that?

I-I want to believe
that, but I just...

I-I don't know.

Why would Carlos
lie to Matt?

Why would Matt lie
to your father?

And your father has
never lied to me, never.

Yeah, I'm gonna go call Mary.

No, no, no, no, nobody's
going to call Mary.

Everyone is going
to stay out of this,

including myself
and your father.

We are all going to give Carlos
and Mary the time and space

they need to make things
right with their marriage.

When Mary is ready to talk,
she'll call us.

Sometimes the best thing you can
do for someone you love

is to stay out
of their business.

What's for lunch?
I'm starved.

Oh, sandwiches.
Maybe you'd like to help us.

Oh, that's so sweet,
but I don't like to cook

and I don't really
like sandwiches.

Maybe I could
have some soup?

Call me when it's ready.

Yeah, I don't
like her either.

Where is Simon?

He's having a little
chat with Kevin.

I'm willing to stay out
of Mary's business,

but Simon's another story.

Kevin will find out
what Simon and Rose

are really doing here
this weekend.

I haven't done anything.

So, that's your story?

That's the truth.

What about Rose?

What about her?

Let's just say your family's
concerned about you-- again.

Well, they don't
need to be. I'm fine.

You've said that before and then
one girlfriend faked a pregnancy

and the other didn't
disclose the fact

that she had been exposed to
a sexually-transmitted disease.

Rose and I aren't
sleeping together.

Don't laugh at me,
okay, I'm serious.

You are?

Yeah, so stop worrying.

Well, I don't know.

What don't you know?

Now that I know
that you and Rose

aren't sleeping together,
I'm more worried.


Well, your mom thought
that you and Rose might
be getting serious,

marriage serious,
and I thought that

was pretty silly, considering
your past behavior with women,

and now that I know
you and Rose haven't...

well, it makes me wonder.

Marriage? That's insane.

We just met.

And yet you both came home
to meet each other's parents.

Meeting your boyfriend's
parents, it's a big deal.

It's the kind
of thing you do

when the relationship
is serious.

We're not getting married.

Are you sure that's
how Rose feels about it?

Yes, of course.

Whose idea was it
to come to Glenoak?

Whose idea was it to meet
each other's parents?

Have you two discussed marriage?



Hey, did you say something
to my mother, to my family?

I told your mother
I don't like to cook.

I don't.

What's the big deal?
Nothing else?

I told her I don't like
sandwiches, which I don't.

Hey, can we go out to lunch

or are we required
to hang out with your
family all day?

What else
did you tell her?

I don't know.
Nothing really.

Why are you acting so strange?

She thinks
we're getting married.

See, why aren't you more
shocked? I was shocked.

When my brother-in-law mentioned
marriage, I was totally shocked.

You're not shocked at all,
actually, you're calm.

Do you think
we're getting married?

Didn't we talk
about getting married?

We did talk about

getting married yesterday,

or was that just
my imagination?

We just talked.
I didn't ask you to marry me.

We just talked and then you, you
kind of asked me to marry you,

and then you showed up
to my apartment

and you wanted
to come here.

You thought that I...

Is that why you wanted me
to meet your parents,

and then you wanted
to come meet my...?


we just met.

I like you,
I might even love you,



Okay, pay attention,

because I only want
to say this once.

Rose and I are
not getting married.

I don't even know
if we're dating anymore.

Hi, guys.

What's going on?

There's been
a complication.

Your mother doesn't want
to give up her parental rights,

and if she doesn't
give up those rights...

Well, it means

that we can't adopt you
like we want to,

and it's also possible
that she might try to stop you

from being placed with us
for foster care.

Why now?
She hasn't spoken
to any of us

in such a long time.

Why does she care
about her rights

when she doesn't even care
about us?

I haven't seen her

in over a year.

Yeah, why can't she just

let us go?
It's not like she acts

like our mom
or acts like she wants us.

Your mother never thought that
anyone would adopt you kids.

She thought that you could just
stay in the system

and still be her children,

but she wouldn't have
to take care of you

or be responsible
for you.

But now that there's
a couple

who want to be
your foster parents

and who are seriously
considering adopting you,

it forces her to do something or

let you go.

So, now that we have a chance
of having

real parents, she's going to
make sure that never happens?

The court can terminate
her rights.


You mean like a judge?

and it's my belief that if you
tell the judge what you want,

the judge will...

You want us to testify
against our mother.

Say bad stuff about her?

So, you want us to tell
the judge

that our mother is no good?

We want you

to tell the judge

what your life has been like
and what's happened

to you because your mother
hasn't been able

to be a mother to you.

We want you to tell
the truth, to...

tell the judge that you want
to live with the Smiths.

Yeah, but, uh,

our mom is gonna be there,

when we have to stand up
and say that she's bad?

Most likely.

We can't do it.


I can't do it.

Well, you'd just be telling
the truth.

That's why we can't do it.

I'm sorry.

We'll wait for you outside.

Come on.

Oh, good, I was looking for you.

You wanna go look
at a house with me?

It's Sunday.

Well, I'm willing
to make an exception.

Why look? You know you're
not going to like it.

But maybe I will.

You probably won't,
so I think I'll stay here.

Okay, suit yourself.

Kevin, I'm totally committed to
moving out of my parents' house.

I'll miss my family,
but I know

that having our own home is
what's best for us

and for our marriage,

and we're in this marriage

and that means that what
both of us want matters.

Talk is cheap.

Say it isn't so.

Say Martin's a liar.

Martin's not the liar, I am.


Why do you want
to break up with me again?

I have to.

I'm spending the summer
in Hawaii with my grandparents.


So, it's not fair to make you

wait for me all summer.

I don't mind waiting.

We can write or even call

if my parents say
it's okay.

No, it's not fair to you.

I just told you that I think
it's fair to me,

so this isn't really
about me, is it?

It's about you.

You want to be free in Hawaii
to date other girls?

Look, I'm sorry, Ruthie.

I never wanted
to hurt you,

which is why I wanted
you to break up with me

so it would be better, which is
why I got Martin involved.

So you're just tired of me,
that's your excuse?

I'm 16 and you're 15.

It wasn't like we were going
to get married or anything.

At least this time you seem
to be taking it better.

No tears, no yelling.

I don't know which is worse:

you not knowing
me well enough to know

that even though I'm not crying,
my heart is totally breaking

or you not caring enough
about me

to wait for me over the summer.

Good-bye, Vincent.
Have fun in Hawaii.

Oh, and never call me again...

So, Mom isn't making
anyone leave.

Lucy and I want
to leave.

Matt wanted to leave.

Mary wanted to leave.

Simon wanted to leave.

And believe it or not,

someday, you'll want
to leave, too.

It's not fair.

You know,

by the time Ruthie goes off to
college, you'll be off, too.

Not moved out, but you'll be
spending more time

with your friends from school.

You'll be playing football
or basketball or baseball

and you'll have practices
and games to go to,

and then you'll meet
a nice girl,

and you'll have dances
and parties to go to.

And then before you know it,
you'll graduate high school

and go to college and move out
just like everyone else.

But you'll always be able
to come back home.

Like Lucy?

Well, technically,
Lucy never left,

but in theory, what you're...

Yeah, like Lucy.

When you and Lucy

move away,
can you come and visit?

It'll be like we never left.

Can we come
and visit you?

We'll have a room in
our new house just for you two.

I love you.

I love you, too.

And Lucy and I
and Savannah love you.

You know who else loves you?


Yeah, Mom.

I just want to thank you
for everything.

Really, nobody has
ever cared about our family

the way that you have.

You wanna know why
we won't testify, don't you?

Only if you want to tell me.


our mother is a drug addict
and an alcoholic,

and she's never done anything
for us

except never be there for us.

So why not tell the judge that?

It's one thing for me to talk to
you about our mother

or a social worker
or a foster parent,

but to stand up in court
and say those things

and have it go on record that we
said them while she's there?

She's hurt all of us,

but we just couldn't hurt her,
and it would hurt her,

and when she's hurt,
she turns to drugs and alcohol.

So, she doesn't come
to see us

or bring us anything,
but I think that

maybe in her eyes it's the only
thing she can do for us

as a mother is to just
not give up her rights.

If we go to court
and we take that away,

then she's not gonna stay sober
very long.

I wish this had turned out

So do I, but you can't say
you didn't try.

I'd rather have said
I succeeded.

There you are.

I've been looking
all over for you.

We need to talk.

No, we need to never talk again.

Go away, Simon.

Well, I can't leave.

I think I love you.

Don't be angry.

I guess I'm more embarrassed
than angry.

I thought we had
a future together.

I thought that's why
we didn't sleep together

and why we talked
about marriage.

I thought I was different
from all the other girls,

but I guess I'm the same.

The only difference is
you don't want to sleep with me,

and you slept with them.

You are different and I do care
about you, maybe even love you.

Tell me, what do you want?

Where do you see this going?

Where do you see us

Because I'm a big girl.
I can handle the truth, I can.

If you don't want to see me
again, we don't have to.

Just tell me what you want.


I don't have
to think about it.

I know what I want.

I want you.

Maybe I want you.

Maybe that's why I came looking
for you

and why I didn't have sex
with you.

You are different
from all the other girls.

So, one more time, and this time
I'm actually asking you,

not in theory,
but for real,

Simon Camden,
do you want to marry me?

Vincent told me
about Hawaii.

I'm so sorry about
what I said,

and I'm so embarrassed
about what I said.

Don't be sorry
and don't be embarrassed.

It was just a misunderstanding.

But those things I said
about you liking me

and Zoe... I think I'll be
embarrassed for a while.

So Vincent's out of the picture
for good this time?

Apparently, he wants his freedom
this summer

so he can chase girls in Hawaii.

He's going to regret
breaking up with you... again.

Do you regret it?

I'm hurt, but I'm glad I know
the truth about him,

and the truth is always best.

Even when...

Even when it's embarrassing
and hurtful?

Thanks... for trying to get me
to break up with Vincent.

It's not like you

to get sucked into wacky plans
and lying.

Mm, I wouldn't do it
for just anyone.


Come here.

So, what time does
your dad's plane land?

Uh, soon.

We're all going to the airport
with you, aren't we?

Yeah, I want my family
to be there.

I'm sorry, Mommy.

I'm sorry, too.

We know you're
not making
everyone leave.

We love you.

And I love both of you.

Can we go

to the airport
with everyone else?

We want to help pick up
Martin's dad, too.

Oh yes, we're all going
to the airport

to help pick up Martin's dad.

We're gonna
miss Martin.

So am I.

When we move out,
even though we'll
have our own home,

this will be our home,
too, right?

Wherever I or your father
or your brothers or sisters are,

you have a home.

Wherever you have family,
you have a home.

Wow, we have
a lot of homes.

We sure do.

Have you seen Lucy?



It's me.
Meet me in the backyard.

Luce? Hello?

Where is she?

I guess in the backyard.

Lucy? Are you out here?

Over here.


I found our new house.

That house is a mess.

I told the realtor not to even
bother showing that to us.

Yeah, but I told the realtor how
much I wanted to stay

in the neighborhood,
close to Mom and Dad.

Does the inside of the house
look better than the outside?

No, worse.

It hasn't been painted
in decades,

all the fixtures need
to be replaced,

and the floor is in
terrible shape.

It's a complete remodel.


I love it... for everything it's
not and everything it can be.

I mean, we can make this house
our dream home.

We can paint it,

we can tear down walls,
we can build cabinets.

And... aren't you excited?

You really want to live behind
your parents in a rundown house?



because I've been working out
a deal with the owner

all day, and I put in an offer,

and, and he finally
accepted it.

You bought a house
without showing it to me,

without consulting me?

You better get over here.

You better get over here
so I can kiss you.

I'll be right there.

I have to go around.

As soon as the
house closes,

the first thing I'm gonna do
is build a gate connecting

our house to Mom
and Dad's house.

Hello, Eric.

Hi, Reverend Camden.

Hey, what,
what's going on?

Uh, we're on our way
to pick up Kelly.

But they wanted
to come by here first.


Gwen and I got to talking,

and we realized that
maybe we were taking
things too fast,

and maybe we should
just slow things down.

We're moving in with them.


That doesn't sound
like slowing down.

Oh, Greta pulled some strings.

But their mother...

We started out wanting
to be foster parents, and now

that's what
we're going to do.

We're gonna slow down,

and we're gonna take
this process

one step at a time.

And their mother
doesn't have

a problem with it.
Greta talked with her.

Why make the kids

stand up in court?

Why fight?

They can move in with us,
and we will

love them, oh,
and take care of them,

and they'll be our family,
whether we have a piece of paper

or not that says so.

I can't believe it.

I'm so happy
for all of you.

Thanks, Annie.

Let's go
get Kelly.



See you guys.

We're moving.

The oddsmakers take
a beating again.

We're buying
the house behind yours.

That dump?

Yup, that dump
is our new home.

Isn't it great?


Well, I guess
the Lord does work
in mysterious ways.

We need to talk,
and I need to apologize.

I lied to you.

Mary and Carlos...

aren't reconciling.

They're getting a divorce.

Mary is in Chicago,
but she's there alone.

Why would you lie?

You were so upset
about Simon and Mary,

and you were blaming yourself
for their life mistakes.

And I... I just couldn't...

bear to tell you, so I lied.

But I think I lied for
both of us, 'cause I knew

that when I told you about Mary
and Carlos,

it would, it would become real,

and I didn't want
to face the reality

of what Mary's doing
to her family.

I'm sorry for lying,

and I'm sorry about how
all this has turned out--

Mary abandoning

her husband and son.

Did you say ab...
abandon her son?

Did... you said
she abandoned her son.

What does that mean?

Mary has given complete custody
of Charlie to Carlos,

and Carlos has moved
to Puerto Rico.

She gave up her son,
our grandson?

That which doesn't kill us
makes us stronger.

Mom, Dad,

we need
to talk to you.

I wanted you and Dad
to be the first to know

that I've told Rose
that I have every intention

of asking her to marry me
in the near future.

Mom, Dad, we love each other
and we're getting married.


Mom, Dad,

wow, can I call you guys that?

I'm losing a son-in-law
whom I love and I adore,

and I'm getting Rose?

That which doesn't kill us
makes us stronger.

Well, at least he's

not having sex anymore.
Unless he thinks

it's okay to have sex
if they're engaged.

But are they engaged?

They have an agreement
to get engaged.

And what is it exactly?

Well, it looks to be
an engagement without
a ring, but with sex.


People are getting off.

Matt called me.

I know everything about
Mary and so does Kevin.

I'm so sorry.

And Matt was worried about
how you guys were going

to take the news
about Mary and Charlie.

I know I can't believe it.

So what are
we gonna do?

I mean,
we have to do...

Lookit, Martin's father is
home, safe and sound

after two tours in Iraq.

And that is reason to be happy
and it's reason to celebrate,

and I don't think anything
should spoil that,

do you?

Good to see you.

What a surprise.

I didn't expect to see the
entire Camden family here.

They aren't just

the Camden family, Dad.

They're our family, too.


Thank you.

This is Savannah? Wow.