7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 9, Episode 18 - Honor Thy Mother - full transcript

Ben Kinkirk practically invites himself to stay with brother Kevin to see Lucy and their baby, knowing absent Martin's apartment is available that weekend, and tests the ground about him dating Mary again now she has left Carlos. Annie has the morbid obsession everyone should attend -fine for most Camden house-mates- a 'birthday party' for her late mother Jenny. This means barring Ruthie from seeing Vincent again, yet she's eager enough to visit him despite Lucy's warning while flower-shopping together. Ruthie returns in tears and tantrum, as if violated, in fact the kid only wisely took his parents' advice. Eric is excused from the party to help career woman Marie Wagner work out how to handle her mother's worsening health, while the ma -actually adoptive- wants to be independent, not a burden.

Want a taste?

We do.

Thank you.

Whose birthday is it?

It's my mother's birthday,
Grandma Jenny's.

How old would she be
if she was still alive?


Did she teach you how
to make this cake?

Yes, and now
I'm teaching you.

Although, it'll be a few years

before you can make it
by yourself.

But when we learn how
to make this cake,

we could teach Savannah.

That's right.

And then you get married
and have children,

you can teach your children

how to make Grandma Jenny's
chocolate cake.

Who taught her
how to make it?

I don't know.
Probably her mother,
my grandmother

and your great-grandmother.

Or maybe she just learned how
all by herself.


I'm going out
with Vincent.

Oh, oh, not tonight.
Tonight is not a good night.

We're having
a family dinner.

Well, I don't know
if I'll be home by then.

We're going to a movie
this afternoon,

and then we're hanging out.

No, it wasn't a question.

What I'm saying is I want you
to be home for dinner tonight.

You and Vincent went out
last night.



so spending one night a week
with Vincent is enough.

Well, you should
have told me that

before I told him
I could go out.

Oh, should I have done that,

or should you have asked
if you could go out?

Well, I didn't know
I was supposed to ask.

I can date; I'm dating.

You always need to ask
every time you want to go out.

And if you had asked me,
I would have told you

that tonight is not a good night
to go out.

What's the big deal
about tonight?

It's Grandma Jenny's

We're having a party
to remember her.

And I want everyone
to be here.

And I think one date a week
is enough for right now.

Or maybe even too much.

Hey, you want
to get out with me
and Savannah

for a little while?

I wanna to go down
to the Promenade

and just walk around,

get out of the house.

You doing anything?

Uh, no, I could do that,
I guess,

if Mom doesn't need us around
to help out for the big dinner

for Grandma Jenny.

Oh, well, that's one reason
I wanna get out.

I want to get some flowers,
set the table up really special.

It's not like Grandma Jenny
is gonna know.

Well, one: we don't know
that she won't,

and I kind of like
to think of her

as smiling down on us
from heaven,

she and Grandpa,
and two:

what's with the attitude?

Even if you don't think
Grandma Jenny will know
anything about it,

you know Mom will.

And if this is what she wants
to do for her mother,

then she wants to do it, so...

So fine, I'll go
grab my purse.

Ruthie, it's Vincent!

Hey, there.



So, are you ready?
I'll come pick you up.

Sure. Could you do me a favor?

Lucy wants to walk around
the Promenade with Savannah,

and she needs my help.

So, you could just meet me there
by the bookstore around 4:00.

We could leave
from there.

Sure, but listen,
I checked the movies,

and it's the same thing
that was playing last night.

So do you wanna go to
the pool hall or something?

Maybe play some pool?

You play pool,
don't you?

Of course. I'm not
that good, but I play.

All right then, uh,
we'll play some pool

and get a burger or
something and, and talk.

Sounds great.
I'll see you there.

Ah, hi. Um, I'm Marie Wagner.

I called earlier.

Yeah, please come in.

I'm, uh, trying
to surprise my wife

by making a collage
of her mother.

It would have been her,

her 75th birthday today.

Uh, please,

sit down.

I, I, oh guess I should have
mentioned this is

really a happy occasion.
We loved Jenny.

We want to share our memories
of her with our children

as a way of honoring her.
Are you okay?

No, you're not okay.

You came to see me

because you're having a problem
with your mother.

I-I-I feel badly
asking for your help.

My, my mother's never even been
to this church.

I mean, this is the church
in her neighborhood.

But I just didn't know
where else to turn.

It doesn't matter

if you and your mother
are church members.

The church is here.
I'm here for everyone.

How can I help?

I'm supposed to fly back
to Texas tomorrow.

That's where I live.

I keep taking time off
from work to come here

and take care of my mother.

My mother's always
been very independent,

but over the last three months,
her health has declined

and she's just so depressed.

I-I can't get her out
of her pajamas.

I can't get her out
of her recliner.

The doctor just says
it's old age.

She has high blood pressure
and respiratory problems.

She takes
nine different medications,

including her favorite antacid,

which she refuses to give up
whether she needs it or not.

I just...

I can't, um, keep flying back
and forth

to take care of her.

I'm gonna lose my job.

My, my boss is
not very sympathetic.

I mean, children he understands,
you know, he has children,

but his mother's fine,
so he doesn't get it.

He suggests
that I

put her in a nursing home.

Oh, does he?

Maybe that's the best thing.

What does your mother say?

I haven't approached her yet.

That's kind of why
I need your help.

She's out in the car.

Oh, well, then why
don't you bring her up?

I'd love to meet her.

Okay, thank you.

Oh, she is
so cute.

Oh, Savannah,

you are so cute!

What were Grandma Jenny's
favorite flowers?

Hydrangeas, right?

Yeah, but I mean, if you can't
find them, we can use anything.

No, I'll find hydrangeas.

Anything else
you want us to get?

Oh, Ruthie's coming with me.

Oh, I didn't know.

Good. How did

everything go with Vincent?

Things went fine.

All right, well,
I'll see you later.

Oh, and you want us to take
the boys with us,

get them out of your way
for a little while?

Oh, no, thanks.
They're not in my way.

Bye, pinky.


No, it's too soon.

When we move.

It's been months.


I wanna see my niece.

There's no room.

We're still at the Camdens'.

What about the apartment?

What about the apartment?

Martin's living
in the garage apartment.

Not this weekend.

This weekend, he's
at a baseball tournament.

How do you know?

You told me.

Last time
I talked to you.

That wasn't an invitation
for you to come out here.

I don't think
you should see the baby

before Mom sees the baby.

Why not? Maybe she
doesn't want to see her.


Maybe Mom does want anyone
calling her "Grandma"

in front of Frank, you know
her husband, our stepdad?

I know who Frank is,
and he's not our stepdad,

and Savannah
can't talk yet.

She's not gonna be calling
anyone anything.

I meant you and Lucy.

Maybe she doesn't want you
two calling her "Grandma"

in front of Frank.


Because he's younger
than she is.

Well, if that's
the problem,

then Mom should just leave
Frank at home.

Or it could be that she's
just not that happy

about being a grandma.

Yes, she is. I talk
to her all the time,

and she's sent Savannah
tons of stuff. You're crazy.

Look, all I know is I'm
excited about being an uncle,

I wanna to see the baby.

I'll be there
in an hour.

It's a four-and-a-half hour

Yeah, I know.
I just got here.

I'm jumping in a taxi.

Hi, Mom, it's Kevin.

I want you to know that Ben's
on his way out here.

I really wanted you to be
the first one to see the baby,

but he didn't ask.
He just showed up.

So anyway, I hope you can make
it out here soon

with, um, Frank.

Okay, tell him I said hi.
See ya.

I don't know why she thinks she
has to come here all the time

and take care of me.

It is nice, though,
that she cares so much.

Oh, she cares too much.

Marie says that you and her dad
put her through college.

She has her MBA, right?

You must be
very proud of her.

Oh, I am.

She's a smart girl,
got a good job.

Works for an oil company.
Hates it.

Well, still, good jobs
are hard to get.

So are mothers.

So who does

take care of you
when she's not here?

I do.

How do you get to the doctor?

A driver and a nurse.

And groceries?

They deliver.

I order on my computer.

Marie taught me how.

Oh, terrific.

But then when
the groceries get there,

I guess you have to cook.

Not really.

Restaurants deliver, you know.

You have someone to help
with the cleaning,

laundry, those kinds of thing?


She comes around
in the mornings, you know,

just to make sure
I'm still breathing

and to make up the bed.

It sounds like Marie
is making sure

you have everything you need.

Oh, she's sure doing that.

Lots of people in my life
I've never met

doing stuff
I could do for myself.

And Marie pays
for it all.

The driver, the nurse,
the groceries,

the restaurants,
the housekeeper.

I'm surrounded by help.

But you'd rather have Marie
helping you herself?

Well, no.

I'd like her
to visit once in a while.

And help when she's asked.

Wait a minute.

She said we were just going
for a ride.

This isn't the first stop on the
way to the nursing home, is it?

They don't have hydrangeas.

Maybe we should
go someplace else.

Why don't we just get
some other kind of flower?

Because hydrangeas were
Grandma Jenny's favorite.

You have to be somewhere?

Not really. It's just,
this is taking forever.

And I want to go
to the bookstore.

I want to get this
book for school.

I've got a book
report coming up.

Then we'll go the bookstore,

and then we'll go
to another florist.

What, are we just going
to drive around all day

looking for hydrangeas?

Why don't you call around

while I go in the bookstore,
and then if you find anything,

we can go somewhere else?

I'll meet you back here.

All right, but
don't be long, okay?

We don't have that much time
and I don't want

to keep Savannah
out much longer.

I'll be right back.

I don't hate my job.

I hate my boss.

And if I quit my job to move
here to take care of her myself,

I'm just going to have
to get another job,

maybe with a boss
I hate even more.

Look, Marie,

it's very admirable the way
you've been helping your mom,

but I get
the distinct impression

that she doesn't need or want
the help at this point.

She needs the help.

She's in her 70s.

How is she going to get
to the doctor

and eat and take care
of the house

if I don't provide
that for her?

I should provide that for her.

Don't get me wrong.

I think she's very lucky
that you've been able

to provide everything
that you've been doing for her,

and, and you're very lucky
that you can do it,

but your mother
is still plenty capable.

No, she's not.

Her eyesight is too bad
to drive.

We have a service here
at the church

where people drive other people
to the doctor,

they stay with them,
they bring them home,

pick up their prescription.

We could do that
for your mother.

I could get her connected

with the older group
at the church.

They look out after each other,
and we all look out after them.

No. You don't have to.

I am her family.

Her only family.

And it's my job
to take care of her.

It's my job to get her
in a place

where someone is with her
24 hours a day

so nothing happens to her.

Maybe there's a nice
nursing home near me.

Where's your book?

They didn't have it.

I guess every freshman
in Glenoak

is looking for the paperback
Romeo and Juliet.

But I ran into Vincent,

and he thinks that the bookstore
at the mall might have it.

So we thought we'd
just drive over there

and then he'd drop me off
at the house.

Then we'll just call Mom
and find out if it's okay.

I'm sure it's okay.

I mean,
what is she going to say,

that she doesn't want me
to do my homework?

Well, I just don't like leaving
the house with you

and then not coming home
with you.

The baby's in the pram,
I'm right here,

and I'm all grown up.

I can make
my own decisions.

I take full responsibility
for not calling Mom.

Do you? Because if Mom gets
upset about you going off

with Vincent instead
of sticking around with me,

she's probably going to take
away your dating privileges.


You know what?

You go right along with Vincent
and go off to the mall

and buy your book for school.

And if Mom gets upset
about it, then,

tell you what, I
will let you take

full responsibility
for your actions

and suffer the consequences

as long as you don't complain
to me about it.


You sure?

You sure you want
to risk not being able to date

when you could just call Mom
and tell her what's going on?

I'm sure.


Mother, I don't think you
should be living alone anymore.

Well, I don't think you
should live alone, either.

Why don't you
get a roommate?

Or better yet,
why don't you get married?

Oh, I know,

it's because you're not
involved with anyone,

and you're what, 40?

You'll probably
be living alone

when you're my age

because you don't have time
for anyone else but me,

and then who's going
to take care of you?

I can take care of myself.

You're not going to have the
money to take care of yourself

after spending it all
taking care of me.

I've told you

over and over,
I can sell the house

and move into something smaller

if you're so afraid
of me living there alone.


You mean,
like a nursing home?
I'm hardly ready

to live in a nursing home.

No, I said something smaller.

A condo somewhere
near a bus stop,

or where I can walk
to a grocery store.

A bus?

I don't want
you riding a bus.

Well, we have vans.

Mother, eventually
your health

is going to get worse.

And when it does, I'll make

the decision
where I go next.

At this point in time,

you can't make my
decisions for me

and I can't make
your decisions for you.

If I did, I'd tell you to
quit your job, which you hate.

Oh, don't tell me you
don't hate your job,

because you do, because your
job is working for that jerk.

You love the money,
hate the job.

I don't want to quit my job.

No. You want to get fired,

which is why you take off
every week to fly out here,

and if your boss
would just let you go,

then you could blame
me for everything.

Well, if something happens
to you and I'm not here,

then you can blame me
for everything.

No, that's good,
that's good.

You're getting everything
out in the open.

Ah, why don't we take
a little break

and we'll reconvene

And it... maybe you could both
come to church tomorrow.

I could introduce your mom
to some of the people that--

No! I don't need your help
coming up with a solution.

I need you to get her to go
along with my solution, get it?




You know, if Martin ever
moves out of this place,

I'd be interested
in moving in here.

I don't think he's
going anywhere.

He's at a baseball tournament.

Maybe a scout will
see him and draft him.

I think they've
already tried.

He's going to finish
high school first.

He's got at least
another year here.

That's too bad.
It's a nice apartment.

So, what time's dinner?

Lucy's home and the baby's
awake. You want to meet her?

Do you have any film?

Uh, no.

Can we get some film?

Do you have a camera?

You have a camera, right?

Yes, I have a camera,
but I don't have any film.

Let's get some film.

All right, let me tell Lucy.

Are you coming with me?

No, that's what the film is for:

to capture me seeing my niece
for the first time.

Meet me in the driveway.

Why would you
want to live here?

You know Lucy and
I are moving.

I don't know when or
where, but we're moving.

Yeah, sure.

We are.

I thought she came
home with you.

No, she's with Vincent.

They're buying a book
for school.

I specifically told her that
she couldn't see Vincent today.

She was with him last night.
I wanted her home tonight.

Well, I'm assuming
that she'll be home tonight.

That really wasn't the point, or
it was only part of the point.

I knew you were going
to be upset.

I told her to call you.


I am lucky.

So, you're hungry?

Not yet.

Give me another chance
to beat you.

One more game?

It's just that...


I'm hungry.
Let's-Let's take a break, huh?

We can... We can talk.

Okay, we'll talk.

What do you want to talk about?

Nothing, really.

I'm sorry. I tried
to get here sooner

so I could help you out, but
I ran into a little problem.

What's wrong?

I told Ruthie that she couldn't
go out with Vincent

this afternoon because she just
went out with him last night,

so she went
to the Promenade with Lucy,

and supposedly just
bumped into Vincent

and went off with him
instead of coming home.


I am really angry
and I am really disappointed.

Where is she?
I'll go get her.

No, no.

No, please don't.

No, I'm just going to wait
till she comes home,

and then I'm going to tell her
that she is not allowed

to date for a while,
a long while.

I'm so sorry.
This is... really lousy timing.

Yes, it is.

This was supposed
to be a special night,

but now it's just...

No, it's not.

I was going to say that it's...
it's ruined, but it's not.

I'm not going to let
this celebration be ruined.

I'm going to let
my mother's birthday

remind me of all
that she taught me,

and I'm going to do
what I have to do.

Being a mom isn't about
not upsetting Ruthie

and letting her do
whatever she wants.

It's about teaching her
the right thing to do.

Now, I want her to like me,
and I want her to love me,

but I think

what's most important
is that she respect me,

and um... this is
just utterly disrespectful.

Maybe this would be a good time
to give you this.

I made it myself.

You made me something?

Oh, you look so nice.

I want to look good just in
case Grandma Jenny can see us.

Yeah, 'cause if she's with God,
I want to look really good.

And I want to look good because,
even if she can't see us

and God can't see us,
Mom can see us for them.

Yeah, and Mom is going to be
very proud of you,

and she's gonna appreciate
all the trouble you went to,

because this night means
a lot to her.

Should we go get Ruthie?

Maybe she's still
getting dressed.
I don't know.

I don't think Ruthie's home yet.

Are we going to
wait for her?

I'm not really sure.

I hope she doesn't
miss the party.

Yeah, me, too.

I hope she doesn't
miss the party.

We're going to have
Grandma Jenny's

chocolate cake, and
if she doesn't get here

in time to eat, Mom won't
let her have dessert.

Yeah, that's going to be
the least of her problems.

All right, we got
the film, let's go.

What's the hurry?
We've got time.

Time for what?

We're supposed to
eat in ten minutes.

I don't know... Talk?

Talk about what?
We can talk later.

Yeah, but later everybody
else is gonna be around.

Everyone like...?

Everyone like the rest
of the family.

And what can't
we talk about

around the rest of the family?

I don't know... Mary?

I wasn't expecting you
to react like this.

How did you expect
me to react?

I-I don't know.

I didn't think you'd be
so emotional.

Look, it's not like we've
been together that long.
I know!

I thought you'd be okay with it.

Okay with it?

Look, don't do this.

You'll, you'll have
other boyfriends.

I hope not.

Let me take you home, okay.
Come on.

No, no, I can't go home.

I'm not even supposed to
be having dinner with you.

I'm missing a dinner
for my Grandma Jenny.

I've never even heard
you mention her.

That's because she's dead!

Lucy, I really
appreciate the flowers

and all the trouble
you went to to get them.

I'm not sure if you noticed,

but Savannah's wearing
the baby sweater that...

That my mother made for you.

Oh, Luce,

I forgot I had
given it to you.

Oh, and the locket.

What did she give us?

Well, she gave you
and all of us Mom.

I know, I know.

I'll get right down there.

I know everyone in
the emergency room.

I'll make sure
you're taken care of.


you told me so.

Yeah, you were right.

Something did happen, but...

Is that the woman
from this afternoon?

Her mother was just admitted
to the emergency room.

Maybe a heart attack,
maybe angina,

but maybe nothing.

Hi. It's Annie.

I know how important
your mom is to you.

I'll make sure Eric
gets there

right away.

Uh, hang in there, okay?

It's, it's gonna be fine.



I'll, I'll save
some cake for you.

I'll be right back.

If you're not right back,

even if you're gone
for a long time,

I'll be right here for you
when you get home, okay?

It's fine.
I love you.

It's the right thing to do.

It's the only thing to do.

The guys will be
back any minute

and then it's Uncle Ben, and
you and Kevin and Savannah

and Sam and David,

and that's nice.

And nice was all I was
really ever lookin' for.

Don't even
think about it!

Don't even talk
to me about it!

Don't get so excited.

I was just asking.

She left her husband...

Get away from me!
I hate you!

You're the worst boyfriend
anyone can have!

What the heck is
going on here?

Can we go home, please?
Please, can we go home?

If you've done anything
to hurt Ruthie, I'll...

Just go away! Go away!

Can't she eat
anything but you?

No, not yet. Soon.


Hi. What are you doing?

Where's Mom?


What's wrong?

How angry is she with Ruthie?

Pretty angry.

What's going on?


can you guys go upstairs
and get Savannah a toy?


We found Ruthie
at the Promenade.

You didn't arrest her
or anything did you?

No. That guy, Vincent,
broke up with her.

She's really upset.

She can't stop crying.

Where is she?

She's sitting in the car
with Ben.

She doesn't wanna come in.

I'll go talk to her.

One of us has to stay
here with Savannah.

Oh, right.

I think I've already
told you this many times,

but you're never
dating... never.

When you get old enough
to get married,

your mother and I will pick
out a nice boy for you.

Come on, that guy wasn't
good enough for you.

You never even met him.

I saw him.

He's good looking, he's popular,
he's smart, he's nice.

Yeah, well,

you're good looking and nice
and popular and smart.

Oh, no, I'm not.

I'm not nice, just ask Mom.

And I'm not that smart,

and I'm not popular,
I'm not good looking.

Why would you say that?

Because Vincent
broke up with me.

You can go now. I've got it.

But don't go
see the baby.

I wanna see you when
you see her the first time.

Got it.

Really, Ruthie, you are

good looking and smart
and popular and nice

and all that and more,

and this guy is an idiot
to break up with you,

and sooner or later
he's gonna regret it.

Just like... I regret
breaking up with certain girls,

your sister, Mary, for example.


I don't want
to see you

any more than I want to see Mom.

Well, considering you're going
to be seeing both me and Mom

for the rest of our lives,

I thought you might want
to start with me.

I feel really
badly for you.

I, I remember when Jimmy Moon
broke up with me.

It really hurt.

So does hearing about it.

Please, don't talk to me.

All right, we'll just
sit here for a minute,

and then I'll go in with you.

And of course, you're gonna have
to face Mom on your own

and then later, Dad.

But you'll
get through it.

It'll be fine.

I remember when Matt caught me
trying to ditch my virginity

with Big Lips and then
he ratted me out to them.

Ugh. What a night that was.

I'm already
in pain.

Please, no Jimmy Moon,
no Big Lips,

no comparisons of
your life and mine.

All right, if that's
what you want.

That's what I want.

Then I'll wait
until you're grown up

and married to a wonderful man

who you'll spend the rest
of your life with

and... and then,
then we'll talk.

That's never gonna happen.


sure it is.
It is.

Well, if Mom doesn't lock you up
in the attic first.

She won't have to.

After I talk to Mom and Dad,

I'm going upstairs to my bedroom
and I'm never coming out.

I can't believe
I did this.

I can't believe I chose some guy

over my mother,
my grandmother, my whole family.

We love you anyway.

Come on.

You ready to go in?

I can't.

I need some more time.

An ulcer.

I can't believe it.
She's got an ulcer.

The doctor says
she'll be okay.

Yeah, She'll be okay and then
something else'll happen

and then something else
and something else.

I'm quitting my job
and moving here.

I don't get the feeling
that she wants you

to quit your job to move here.

I think she wants you
to quit your job

because she thinks
that you're working

just to take care of her,

and she feels she can
take care of herself.

But she can't!

We're going to keep her
overnight, but she'll be fine.

You can go in now.

Thank you.

Um, I know you have
a family dinner to get back to,

but if you could just stick
around while I talk to her.

Of course.

I'm selling the house
and buying a condo.

I made up my mind
and if I need any help,

I'll have the money
to pay for it,

but I could do with
a whole lot less help.

You don't have
to sell the house

and move into a condo.

But I will get rid
of all of the help.

See I've made a decision--
I'm gonna quit my job

and I'm gonna move here
and move in with you.

Oh, honey, congratulations
on leaving your job,

but we would hate
living together.

It doesn't matter.

If that's what we have to do,
that's what we have to do.

Honey, life is too short--
mine and yours.

But you'll live longer if I move
here and take care of you.

Well, that is so pathetic.

After all I've taught you.

I taught you the
hardest thing

a parent can teach a child--

I taught you how to take care
of yourself,

and it's very nice that you
can take care of me, too,

but my mother taught me
how to take care of myself

and I'm going to take care
of myself

until I can't take care
of myself anymore.

Oh, Marie,

there's a whole big world
out there-- go and explore.

Take the best job you can find

in whatever city
you want to live in,

and then travel,

see the world, start a family.

With who?


If you don't meet
the right guy,

then meet the
right child.

Do what your father and I did.

You never mentioned...

Why should I?

She's my mother.

You gave me a home.

I can't just live my life
and forget that.

Well, you're not gonna
forget that.

I love you,

and you love me,
and we'd do

anything for each other.

I think
we've more than proved that.

But you're hanging
over me like you

expect me to drop dead
at any moment,

and it's stressing me out
so badly I almost did.

And you know what?

When I do die, I want you
to remember me fondly.

I don't want you to feel like,
"Whew, I'm glad that's over."

It seems like there

are two types of children:

those who don't take care
of their parents

when they get old
and those who do.

So congratulations on being
part of that wonderful
second group.

Seems like it's getting
smaller all the time.

But you came to me
for advice, Marie,

and I hope you're gonna
take my advice.

Do what your mother tells you


And know that
I'm here for you,

and our church is here for you,

and when your mom
does need help,

help will be here.

My turn.

Uh, everyone's eating

except Ben.
Will you go get him?

'Cause I know
he's starving.

I heard about Vincent.

His parents don't think
it's a good idea for him

to just date one person,
and he agrees.

Oh, so he didn't
break up with you.

He just wants to see
other people?

He wants to see
other people.

And he doesn't think

that our, our relationship
is going anywhere.

Oh, so you broke up.

He broke up with me.

I really like him, Mom.


How can you be so nice to me
when I was so bad?

It's easy. I love you.

You're still gonna
have consequences
for what you did.

What are my consequences?

Well, no dating for a month,

and then after that,
one date at a time.

What if no one asks me out
for a month?

I mean, a month sounds fine.

School then home.

If you want to do
anything else, ask.

One privilege at a time.

I understand.

And phone calls are
limited to 15 minutes.

So when Vincent calls,
and he will, 15 minutes.

Why do you think he'll call?

Well, I've noticed something
about teenage boys

from watching
your sisters grow up.

They all come back.

Sooner or later,
they all come back.

Did you learn how to be
a mother from your mother?


Even when I was playing pool
with Vincent,

I was having a good time,
you know,

before he broke up with me,

but the feeling of guilt
because I wasn't

honoring your wishes
and Grandma Jenny's life

just kept creeping
up on me.

And then he told me
what he had to say,

and I just
completely lost it.

I mean the pain
of being rejected

and the pain of doing
something so bad to you

was just more
than I could take.

I'm here for you, Ruthie, to
share your joy and your pain.

You'll get through this.

We'll get through this.

Okay, Uncle Ben,
now you can hold her.

Oh, no, no, no,
I-I might drop her.

He's right. I'll hold her. You
get a picture of the two of us.

No, Ben can hold her.
He'll be fine.

It's not Ben
I'm worried about.

It's Savannah.

Okay, ready?
Put one hand under her head,

okay, and one hand
under her... there.

I got it. I got it.
I'm doing it.

All right, hand her back.

Hi, hi.



Hello, Lucy, it's Kevin's mom.

Oh, hi. I'm so happy you called.

We're taking pictures

of Ben holding Savannah.

Oh, I wish I was there.

Well, you and Frank should have
come out with Ben.

We want you to see Savannah.

And Frank and I
do want to see her.

I just thought with Ben
chasing down Mary,

this probably wasn't
the best time.

It's not as though
you invited us out,
not officially anyway.

But you know
I want you here.

Well, honey, you're my son.
You might want me there,

but Lucy might not be
ready for in-laws.

I'm waiting for you
and Lucy to have time
to bond with Savannah.

And for Ben
to get over Mary?

I don't think Ben is ever
going to get over Mary.

You know, you shouldn't
have told him

that she left her husband.

I didn't.

Well, then Lucy
must have.

I don't think so.

It's a terrible situation.

She called and told us that
she was going to leave Carlos

and Charlie
and take some time off,

and then no one's heard

This is not the time
for you to show up

under the pretense
of trying to see Savannah

just so you can get
information on Mary.

So? She didn't call
any of you guys

after she took the transfer.

What? Wait. She called you?

It was a short call.

So she left them?


but she didn't seem
all that happy about it.

So she called you?

Just the once.
If she breaks up with Carlos,

then she'll end up
with someone.

Maybe I could be that someone.

Are you out of your mind?!

It is way too early
to be thinking those
kind of thoughts.

I just figured, with Mary,
it's never too early.

We don't want her
to leave Carlos.

She's his wife.
They have a child together.

We want them all
to stay together.

Yeah, but that doesn't mean
that they will.

Well, that doesn't mean
she'll ever see you again.

It doesn't mean
that she wouldn't.

Oh! We really need
to find you someone.

I've tried, but...

But try again,

and forget about Mary.

I can't forget about Mary...

and she did call me.

So obviously she's confused.

Maybe she'll stay confused.

I'll admit that she's been
confused for a long time now,

but I find it hard
to believe that,

growing up with my mother,

she could ever be that confused
about being a wife and a mother.

Maybe she wasn't paying

It's not
that I don't like Frank.

I don't know Frank.

You don't want to know Frank.

You don't like it
that I got married.

It's your life.

Yes, it is, but
you're still my son

and I'm still your mother.

You've practically cut me
out of your life.

You hardly ever call and
only when Frank's not here.

If you want me to be
part of your life,

you have to be
part of mine.

And I want to be a part
of your life, Kevin.

I'm really proud of you.

I'm dying to see
the baby. Frank, too.

He loves calling me "Grandma,"
you know.

But I won't feel like Grandma
until I see Savannah.

Annie and Ruthie are
in the car because...?

Vincent broke up with Ruthie.

Ruthie's heartbroken.

And I think Mom's still reading
her the riot act about dinner.



The boys are eating.

Then bring Frank out
and see the baby.

All right, I will, but only
if it's okay with Lucy.

You know, when I had you,

my mother-in-law came out
and spent weeks with us.

I loved her,
she was helpful,

but sometimes moms
don't want the help

or the company
with a new baby.

I think we have
the opposite problem.

Hi, it's me.

So when are you
and Frank coming out?

No, I don't care.

Oh, you don't want to wait
until we get a house.

I mean, she might be in school
by then.

No, she won't.

I guess if you guys ate,
then Dad can eat, huh?

Mom told us to eat.

Did she tell you
you can eat?


It was getting cold.
I think it would be okay.

Oh, go ahead,
eat, everybody.

Vincent broke up with me.


You sad?

Yeah, but I still have my mom.



this is
your mom's baked chicken.

Yes, it is,
and her green bean casserole

and her sweet
potato soufflé.

To Grandma Jenny.

And to Mom.

And to Lucy.

To mothers and daughters.

Even Mary.