7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 9, Episode 19 - Hungry - full transcript

Lucy seems to only have time for Savannah, and Kevin feels left out. Vincent's new girlfriend is a snob who looks for ways to insult others. Zoe confides in Ruthie that their family does not have enough money for food. The twins are sick.



I'm Ruthie Camden.

Yeah, I know.

I'm Vincent's
new girlfriend.

This is Margot.

I just thought I'd say hello
so things wouldn't be awkward

every time I see
the two of you.

Awkward for...?

We'd better get to class.

Uh, it was good
to see you, Ruthie.

Hey, preacher girl,
you didn't by any chance

buy that jacket
at Second-Hand Rose, did you?

'Cause I think, it was mine.

My mother bought it for me.

I don't know where it came from.

Next time, why don't I
just bring you whatever
I'm throwing out?

You can have it
all for free.

I mean, it's just
stuff I don't want.

Hey, are you with me
or with her?

Are you okay?

Call the school nurse.

No, no, I... I'm okay.

I just... I just faint
like this sometimes.

It's nothing.

It happens
all the time.

Please, just get
away from me.

You can't say anything
to Martin about this.

What's with you?

You wouldn't understand.

Try me.

You might be surprised.

What's going on?


Look, uh, tell Ruthie

I'm really sorry
when you see her.

You still don't
have a temperature.

But I feel kind of cold.

Well, maybe this will make
you feel better.

Thank you, Mommy.

You're welcome, sweetie.

Can I have some
chocolate pudding?

Chocolate pudding,
is that what you want?

I think it would make
my throat feel better.

Your throat still hurts?

Just a little bit.

Okay, I'll be right back.

I'll have some pudding, too.

Oh, honey, it's too
close to dinner.

How about an apple instead?

David's eating pudding.

He's sick.
I'll get you an apple.

Come on, I don't want you
to get whatever David has.

You can help me start dinner.

We're having
homemade chicken soup.

I love chicken soup.

I know you do.
Come on.

I'm so glad you didn't
have practice today.

Yeah, me, too.

Coach gave us the day off,

'cause we won the tournament,
but we're back at it tomorrow.

This is good, but
Antonio's is the best.

I've never been there.

You should go,
it's so much better.

Yeah, but it's expensive.
I can't afford it.

You're driving a new car.

I'm sure you can afford
pizza at Antonio's.

My dad bought me the car
and he can afford it

only because I'm staying
with the Camdens for free.

It would be kind of rude
to ask to use their car.

And since I can drive,
I can take Ruthie to school

or the twins or run errands.

Otherwise, I'd just
be a freeloader.

But still, it's a nice car.

Yeah it is, and I'm very
grateful to have it,

but I'd rather have my
dad home and take the bus.

No, really.

Well, then I'll take
you to Antonio's.

It'll be my treat.

My family goes there
all the time.

That's okay.

I can't really see putting on
a jacket and tie for pizza.

Then we'll have the mussels.

They are to die for.

You don't mind if I

take this home, do you?

My housekeeper
loves this place.

Uh, sure, if you want.

I feel so badly for
Ruthie and Vincent.

I guess she had a hard time
seeing him at school today.

Yeah, especially since she was
wearing his girlfriend's jacket.

Oh, no, I wasn't supposed
to say anything.



Oh, hi there.


How was your day?

It was fine.

It doesn't sound
like it was fine.

Did you see Vincent?

Yeah, I saw him.
It's no big deal.

Hey, what happened
to your new jacket?

Oh, I must have
left it in my locker.

Well, don't forget

to bring it home tomorrow.

It looked really cute
on you, don't you think?

If Vincent calls, I'm not home.

Does that mean you're
expecting Vincent to call?

Want this?

No, thank you.

David's eating pudding.

Good for him.

And all I get is
this yucky apple.

You better be grateful that you
have something to eat, okay?

There's nothing yucky
about an apple.

It's good for you.

Eat it and be happy about it.

How's the apple?

It's delicious.

Wanna swap?

No, I don't.

Oh, hey!

You look nice.
Where are you going?

I thought since your mom was
making soup for dinner,

that maybe I could take you out
for let's say, a steak?

Are you kidding?

Just the two of us.

Maybe someplace dark
and romantic.

We'll let your mom keep
an eye on Savannah.

Oh, Kevee, I can't do that.


Well, because

my mom is busy
taking care of David.

He's sick.

I asked her.
She said she would.

Well, I don't want her
going back and forth

between David and Savannah,

because I don't want
her to get sick.

But wouldn't it be nice to get
out alone, just the two of us?


I'm sorry.
Don't be sad.

We'll go out some other time.

Maybe I could bring
our dinner up on a tray

and we could light
some candles

and have a romantic
dinner in the room.

You have the cutest little nose.

It's so teeny tiny, I don't
know how you get any air.

Oh, it's just
the cutest wittle nose.

Yes, you do.

How's, how's David feeling?

Well, um, he says
he's... he's feeling fine,

but his throat hurts and
he says that he's cold a lot.

I mean, he could be
coming down with the flu,

but he seems to
have an appetite.

Well, I'll go
check on him.

Um, will you, um, do me a favor
and take the garbage out?

Of course.

Can I assume that that's
Vincent calling Ruthie?

I think so.

Please, just talk to me.
Come on.

Is there anything I can do
to help out with dinner?

Oh, it's a pretty simple meal:

chicken soup,
salad, and muffins.

I've got it all
under control.

Is everything okay?

Kind of.

I mean, I guess I'm just
adjusting to being a dad.

Hey, just the man
I wanted to see.

Hi, Kev.

Could we talk outside?


So, how's it going?

You tell me.

Good, good.

You wanted to talk
to me about...

Oh, it's just...

I don't know. I...

How was your day?

Fine. Busy, but fine.

How was your day?

My day at work was
fine-- busy, but fine.

And things at home are...?

You-You sure?

Yeah, everything
at home is fine.

Savannah is...


Lucy is...


Hey, thanks
for the talk.


Uh, wait, uh,

I was just wondering
what you were doing

with Ruthie's jacket.

I thought this was
Ruthie's jacket.

I found it
in the garbage can.

Do you know why Ruthie's jacket
would be in the garbage?

Look, I'm never
going out with her again.

Why not?
Why not?

Because she was
really mean to you.

I had no idea
she could be like that.

Are you sure?
I mean,

maybe that's the kind
of girl you really like.

Rich, skinny, mean.

I made a mistake.

Yeah, you did.

Look, I-I feel really badly
about what she said to you.

Oh, do you?

Yes, I-I...

Look, I think she was
just trying to embarrass you

because, basically, she's just
insecure about herself.

Don't make excuses for her.

There's no excuse
for her pointing out

that my mom buys me used clothes

that weren't good enough
for her.


Ruthie, is that you?

Oh, hi, Zoe.

Look, I just wanted to call
and say thank you

for being so nice to me today
in the restroom,

especially after
that little disaster

you had
with Vincent's girlfriend.

What a little witch.

It's not that big of a deal.

I'd have forgotten
about it by now

if Vincent would quit calling

and trying to talk
to me about it.

I don't know, Ruthie.

If you can't talk to Vincent,
then you should tell someone.

It helps to talk.

It helped me to talk to you
about my situation.

I'm sorry about
what you're going through.

You really should talk
to my dad.

He's good at helping people.

No, you promised
not to tell anyone.

And I won't,
unless you tell me to.

Well, I'm not going
to tell you to,

and I especially don't want you
to say anything to Martin.

I promise I would never say
anything to Martin,

but my dad is different.

He's kind of in the business
of helping people,

and anything you say
to him would be

completely confidential.

No, if my parents knew,
they'd die.

Just don't say anything.

I'm not going to.

I just think
that you should say something.

You got embarrassed today
at school.

How did that feel?

I don't usually see
this as an answer,

but I'm going to call
the girl's mother.

That's probably
not a good idea.

Well, then I'm going
to talk to her.

I'm going to call this...


But you can't
call her, either,

not without saying
something to Ruthie

and embarrassing her
all over again.

I don't buy the kids
that many things

from used clothing stores,
you know?

I-I just try to buy a few nice,
basic pieces

that fit in with our budget
and then I-I sort of just,

you know, fill in
with some of those things.

There's nothing
wrong with that.

I totally agree.

You know, Ruthie knows
where this came from.

It's okay. You didn't
do anything wrong.

And, and neither did Ruthie.

I knew something was wrong
when she came home.

You know, I'm going
to go talk to her.

How are you going to do that
without telling her

that Zoe told Martin
and he told me?

I'll just tell her
I found it in the garbage.

I think you should put it back
in the garbage

and let Ruthie handle this the
way Ruthie wants to handle it.

Even if it means throwing away
a perfectly good jacket

that she likes?

I don't think
she likes it anymore.

And... we have a little time,
you know.

The trash pickup isn't
till Wednesday,

so why don't we just
play this one by ear?

I got some listings
from the realtor today.

Maybe the two of us can look
at them together tonight.

Yeah, sure.

I'm really looking forward
to having our own house.

Me, too, but I'm going
to miss living here.

I am, too.
It's been nice,

but I miss having any
real privacy, you know?

We have privacy.

It's just that... we're right
next to everyone's bedrooms

and I sense that maybe you
don't want to get close

because we're kind of right
in the middle of everyone.


You have a little
toothpaste. Aww.

Okay, there you go,

What were you saying?

Oh, nothing.

You know, I'll go down and
help my mom finish up dinner.

I'm hungry.

Yeah, so am I.

You finish up here.

I'll go set the
table, or something.

Aww, you're such a...

Good little boy?

I know you're not sick.

Yes, I am.

Yeah, well, I'm going
to be sick tomorrow.

So am I.

You had your turn sick today.

I'm not done with my turn yet.

I'm going to tell Mommy
you're not sick.

If you do that,
you can't be sick.

I might be sick all week.

You can be sick all next week.

I don't want
to be sick next week.

I want chocolate pudding
right now.

It's all gone.

You're going to get in trouble.

I'm going to tell Mommy
you did that.

Go ahead.

I'm going to tell her
you're not sick.

Hey, where is everyone?

I think Reverend and Mrs. Camden
are, uh, taking out the garbage.


That's what's made their
marriage last so long.

Doing everything together.

I haven't noticed
that they do that.

They seem pretty
independent to me.

Yeah, but they're together
when it counts.

Hey, maybe you can help
me out with something.

I want to break
up with Zoe.

I never really wanted
to be with her,

and now I really don't
want to be with her.

So don't be with her.

Don't I have to say something?


Because I think she thinks I'm

her boyfriend,
but I also think she thinks

I'm not good enough
to be her boyfriend.


She's always talking about money
and how much she pays for things

and all the fancy places
her and her family go.

It makes me
really uncomfortable.

But you don't have, like,
a commitment or anything?

You didn't just agree
to see each other,

be boyfriend and girlfriend?

We never talked
about anything like that.

She just kept asking me out
and following me around.

So just ignore her for a while
and believe me,

she'll find somebody else
to follow around.

You hardly ate anything.

You still feeling sad
about Vincent?

It's okay,
Ruthie, it's okay.

Yeah, I know it will be.

And by the way, if you want
to talk to someone like that,

the baby's upstairs.

She has been in a bad mood ever
since Vincent broke up with her.

I don't know.

She didn't seem like she
was in such a bad mood

until you, you know,
talked baby talk to her.

I was just being

And believe me,
she's in a bad mood.

Finished with your soup?

Yeah, but I'll clear the table.

You've got one more bite.
You want to finish it?

I don't want to
finish it, thanks.


Come on,
just one more wittle bite.

Put down that
spoon, or I'll...


Hey, look who I found awake.

Here, I'll take her.

You're-You're getting
much better at that.

You're looking like a pro.

I really love
her, you know.

I know.

But I also love her mother,
who is also my wife.

I'm going to go
do something...

in my office.

Calls. I got a lot
of calls to make.

I can't seem
to get caught up.

Oh, she's probably hungry.

I'll take her.

You know, once she gets
on a bottle,

I'll be able to feed her.
I can help you out more.

Is that what's wrong
with you, Mr. Crabby?

Want to feed the baby?

That's part of it.

What's the rest of it?

I'm sorry I snapped
at you downstairs.

It's just that
I feel you've...

kind of... well...

Been ignoring you?

It's not that, it's just that...

It's just that I miss
being intimate with you.

And by "intimate,"
I guess you mean...

I knew you didn't want to just
look at listings tonight.

I knew you were trying
to trick me.

You know, I'm doing
the best I can.

I'm a new mother and I know
it's not more important

than being a wife, but...

I wasn't trying to trick you.

I just wanted us to be close.

Okay, I'm going
to read you a story,

but then I want you
to get some rest,

so you'll feel better
in the morning.

I don't want you to miss
another day of school.

I hope I feel better tomorrow.

Yeah, me, too.

What is that mark on the wall?

I must have dropped that.

It looks more like you
threw this at the wall.

You-You didn't throw this
apple at your brother, did you?


I'm sorry.

Why would you do that?

He was jealous
that I was eating pudding.

Well, we're going to get
something and we're going

to clean that up, and
then I want you to go to bed.

But I thought you were going
to read us a story.

I'm going to read

David a story and then you're
going to sleep in Ruthie's room.

In Ruthie's room?

Yes, so you don't get
whatever David has.

Maybe he already has it.

Maybe he should
sleep in here.

No, I feel fine.

I'll sleep in Ruthie's room.

That'll be fun.

But we're still going to talk
about throwing the apple.

All right? I'll
be right back.

Can I have some more Jell-O?

Yes, you may.

I'll bring you some Jell-O.

I get to sleep in Ruthie's room,

and you're going to be in here
all alone in the dark.

My parents thought I was getting
too serious too fast, so...

Why'd they think that?

'Cause all I ever do is talk
about you and talk to you

on the phone
and go out with you.

So, yeah, that's why.

Well, you can stop talking
about me.

And thanks to you, I can't go
out with you or any other guys

because I went out with you
last week and I got in trouble

just so you could
break up with me.

I'm grounded for a month.

Then why don't I ground myself
for a month

and then we can
both go out again?

We can go out with each other.

What about Margot?

I already told Margot,
after seeing what

she did to you today,
I never want to see her again.


Oh, I thought you
might be here.

I was just over
at your apartment.

I didn't know
you were coming over.

We just saw each other
this afternoon.

Don't you want to see me?

It's not that. It's just...
I got homework and stuff.

Oh, well, we can do
homework together.

No, I really need
to concentrate.

I have an algebra
test tomorrow.

Yeah, I do, too.

Look, I've called you,
like, ten times,

and you haven't returned
any of my phone calls.

I know. How'd your housekeeper
like the pizza?

What's that supposed to mean?


Where are you going?

I think I may have dropped
my jacket

on the way home from school.

Margot's jacket? I thought you
tossed it into the garbage can.


I told you that I didn't want

anyone to know.
You told him?

So what?
You obviously told him about me.

Told me what?

Wait, I didn't tell him

I didn't tell anyone.
I keep my promises.

I don't know
what's going on here.

I just really don't want
to see you anymore.

Washing your own clothes
this time of morning?

Yeah, I wanted
to wear my new jacket.

Who told you?

Who told me what?

Who told you that I got my
jacket out of the garbage?

No one. I didn't know
it was out of the garbage.

But you knew it was in
the garbage?

I saw it in there, yeah.

I was just upset. I'm over it.

Upset about...?

Wait. If you saw it in
the garbage,

why didn't you take it out
or ask me about it?


Oh, because Zoe told Martin
and Martin told you.

And you said nothing because
you didn't want me to know

that you knew about what
happened at school yesterday.

And I guess Mom knows.

So you're going to wear it
to school again today

to let everyone know that you
don't care what they think?

Yeah, I am, especially Margot.

Vincent's new girlfriend?

No, we're back together.

And when I'm not grounded,
we're going out again,

after I ask you
and if you let me.

We can talk about it, but let me
ask you something.

Are you just confident because
you're back with Vincent?

If you and Vincent hadn't gotten
back together,

would you still be wearing
the jacket again today?


What difference does it make?

I don't know, but sometimes
if you do the right thing

for the wrong reason, it has
a way of backfiring on you.


Only what I said.

Have a nice day.

And by that I
mean... be nice.

Hey, if you need a ride
to school, I can take you.

I was just wondering, I'm gonna
wear this jacket to school

to make a point to Margot

that I have no problem wearing
her old jacket.

I like it, but I'm wondering,

who else would I be
making a point to?

Did Zoe tell just you
or everyone?

I don't know for sure,
but probably everyone.

She likes feeling superior
to other people.

What do you mean by that?

I mean she thinks she's better
than everyone else,

including me, so I broke up
with her last night.

And by the way, what do you know
about her that I don't know?

What were you guys talking about
last night in the kitchen?

You broke up with her?

Yeah, I did.

I guess I didn't realize it.

You can't break up with her.

Uh, yes, I can. I did.

Sometimes when people act
superior like that,

they're really feeling
kind of inferior.

If you have something
to tell me, tell me.

Fine, it probably wouldn't make
any difference.

I don't care.
I don't like her.

I really don't like her.
Let's go.

We stayed up all
night eating cookies,

and Ruthie read to me.

Not just one book,
a lot of books.

If you stay home
sick today,

I can sleep up there tonight
and we'll eat cookies

and she'll read
books to me.

All right, boys, let's go.

Sam's sick.

No, I'm not.
Yes, you are.

Okay, why don't you both tell me
what's going on?

See you later.

I'm sorry about everything.

I've missed being your wife.

Not as much as I've missed being
your husband.

No, probably not.

What do you say we take a look
at those listings tonight?

We really should get busy
finding a house.

I couldn't agree more.

Oh, ah, by the way, you didn't
mention anything to my mom

or dad, did you,
you know, about us?

Not a word.

Have a nice day.

Yeah, I will.
You have a nice day, too.

I will.

About yesterday...

I don't want to know.

I kind of realized that.


Not a problem.

We're looking at house
listings tonight.

Great, that's a start.

Yeah, hopefully we'll be out
of here by summer.

Hmm, hopefully.

Hey, shouldn't you and the boys
be on your way?

David's not saying
he's sick again, is he?

No, he's saying Sam's sick.

Long story short, uh...

David stayed home

just to get some attention
and some food.

He really likes pudding.

Yeah, and today he wants

Sam to stay home, so tonight he
can stay up in Ruthie's room

like Sam did last night
and eat cookies all night.

You know, yesterday the thought
crossed my mind

that David might be faking his
little illness,

but I actually felt guilty for
even thinking of accusing him.

I... ah... 'cause the other
kids, they were so much older

the first time
they pretended to be sick.

Yeah, well, I think
these two are going

to be more trouble than all the
other five rolled into one.

They need our complete


Meaning that as much

as we love
our new granddaughter,

I think it's time to give the
Kinkirks a little push out

of the nest so that we can focus
on our two little ones.

I see you're wearing
my jacket again.

I like this jacket, and I have
no problem wearing it.

And I don't care
who knows it was yours.

My mother bought it for me.

And my mother bought it for me.

My mother passed away
from cancer last year.

My dad tried every
experimental treatment

in the world
to help her.

And the insurance didn't cover
any of that,

so he pretty much went through
his life savings.

Then he lost his job 'cause
he couldn't travel anymore.

He wanted to be with her.

Over the past few years, we lost
my mom, we lost our house,

we lost everything
but each other.

I-I didn't know.

We're doing better now,

but only because we decided
to accept some help.

I guess when I saw you wearing
that coat,

I just kind of flipped out.

I wanted to hurt you
because I was feeling hurt.

I'm still in a lot of pain,

but I'm sorry for
what I did to you.

I'm sorry I
embarrassed you.

I gave that coat away

because I didn't want to be
reminded of my mother.

And also, you know, the profits
from that store go

to cancer research.

No, don't.
I didn't want to hurt you again.

I just wanted
to offer up an excuse

for hurting you

I'm really not that bad
of a person.

Well, at least not all the time.

And I'm really not that bad of a
person either, but today I am.

I talked to Vincent last night

And he doesn't want to date me,
and the two of you are going

to go out again.
I know, he told me.

Yeah, I figured you knew.

So now that he and I are
back together,

I thought I'd throw it
in your face

that not only did I get
him back, but I'm also

confident enough not to have
new clothes all the time.

Should we call it even, then?

Oh, no, not after what
you've been through.

It's hardly even.

Okay, you want to give me
my jacket back?

I hate seeing you wear it.

It's the least I could do.

Hi, Reverend Camden?


I'm Alan.
I'm Zoe's dad.

Oh, yeah, Zoe.

She's a nice girl.

Uh, sit down.


You may remember that I
called you a few months ago

when I was afraid you wouldn't
think very much of my daughter

falling asleep on your couch?


Actually, I was afraid

you wouldn't think much of me

not knowing that my daughter
wasn't home all night.

No judgment, really.

Raising a teenager is filled
with challenges.

I'm afraid my wife and I have
been a little too concerned

all around about what people
think of us and my daughter.

You see...

I lost my job
a couple of years ago.

Before that, we were
doing pretty well.

Getting by, anyway.

But now...


frankly, I can't
feed my own family.

Wait, just let me get this out.

My Zoe cares a lot
about the young man

who's living at your house.

Martin Brewer?

And, well, Zoe confided in
your daughter Ruthie

about our situation after...

apparently passing out
at school yesterday.

Well, Zoe thinks that Martin
doesn't want to see her anymore,

because we're...

I guess there's
no other way to say it.

We're poor.

And, sir, we're hungry.


No, no, no.

I will not go
on food stamps!

Uh, these aren't food stamps.

Look, there are
no food stamps anymore.

It's, uh,

like a credit card.

You know, you run it
through the machine

at the checkout,
just like anyone else.

I couldn't ask my wife
to do that.


There are a lot of people...

in this same situation.

And like you, they don't want

to take advantage of
the government's help, but...

Try to think of it
like Social Security.

If you retired,

you'd take your Social Security
payments, wouldn't you?

It's not embarrassing to take
Social Security payments.

This is embarrassing.

I can't feed my own family.

By the time we make
the mortgage payments,

pay the utilities,

keep on fixing up
that piece of junk I'm driving,

there's just no money
left over for food.

I lost my job,

but I went out,
and I got three jobs.

I was working
18 hours a day most days.

Then I lost one of
my part-time jobs.

Now I just don't know
what to do.

My wife's
working, too.

We're trying to sell our house
before we lose it.

But it needs so many things
done to it,

we can't afford to fix it up,

and nobody's buying it,
even in this market.

Believe me,
there are a lot of people

in your same situation,
hard-working people.

Because income hasn't kept up
with the cost of living.

Does Zoe understand
what the situation is?

Yes, she does.

But it's painful enough
without making her suffer,

so we try to give her
as much as we can.

She's a teenager.

She wants to fit in.

But it seems like
the less we have,

the more she needs to be like

all those teenagers
who have everything.

We never had that much
to begin with.

But we could eat
without worrying about it.

Ruthie didn't tell anyone
anything about your family.

Martin broke up with Zoe
because he thought

that she thought
she was too good for him.

I'm not surprised.

She's got that look, you know.

She's a beautiful girl.


She wants to be rich.

She pretends to be rich.

She's ashamed to be who she is,
and that's probably because

my wife and I are ashamed
to be who we are.

You're honest,
hard-working parents

doing the best you can,
the very... best you can.

And after doing
the best you can do...

if you need a little help...

I need a little help.

A little help.

My parents both work.

They pay their bills.

After Friday's school lunch,

I don't eat again
till Monday's school lunch.

During the weekends,
when I get really hungry,

I just try to go to sleep.

Hey, wait up.

I didn't even know we were
on the food stamp program

until my mom told me.

When my dad left, I just assumed
he was paying for everything.

I guess I took it for granted.

I don't take food
for granted anymore.

We basically survived
on cheap processed food,

because we couldn't afford
good food.

I wasn't doing well in school,

because I was always tired
and I couldn't concentrate.

Then my aunt brought my parents
information about

the food stamp program,
and now we eat real food.

My mom started cooking
after she checked out

their free
nutrition education program.

Now, I'm pulling a B average.

I eat at a friend's house
whenever I can.

If not, then I borrow
money from them

so I can get something to eat.

But I don't tell them
it's for food,

and I can never pay them back,

so... I'm running
out of friends.

My family is very proud.

"Never go outside the family
for anything" is our motto.

My brother and his family
moved in because he was

in a traffic accident
and had to quit his job.

We can barely
put food on the table.

I tried to talk to my parents
about getting some assistance.

I did some reading and even
checked out a few programs.

But they said, "Our family
doesn't take charity."

But then they say, "Education is
the most important thing."


Try going to school
on an empty stomach.

Hey. I've used every excuse in
the book to cover when I go out

with friends to a coffee shop
or somewhere to hang out.

"I just ate.

"I got food allergies.

I'm not hungry."

I don't care what anyone says,

a teen's entire social life
revolves around food,

hanging out at restaurants.

And that blows when you don't
have any money for food.

I didn't say anything, honest.

Hey, Martin.

Oh, hi.

I've got to go.

I was just on my
way to the library.

Look, I completely understand
why you don't want

to go out with me anymore,
but you don't really know me,

because I was too ashamed
to tell you the truth.

Remember you told me
to be nice?


You were right.

You never know what someone's
going through, you know?

Yeah, I know.

Sometimes, even
when you do,

you, well, you
can't say anything,

even though you
want to help them.

Zoe's father came in
to see me today.

He told me.

I never told Martin.

I never told anyone.

I know.

I-I guess I just never think
that there are people

going to bed hungry, other than
the people I see on the street

and-and in line at the church
when we feed the homeless.

Yeah, and yet,

over nine and a half million
people in the United States

will go to bed
tonight wondering

how they're gonna feed
their families tomorrow.

I mean,

do we not have
enough food for them,

or is there just no way
to get them the food?

How can there be
all these hungry people

when we're living in
a country that has so much?


Why can't we feed all
the hungry people in the world?

I think we can.

But one of the things
we're gonna have to do

is take the shame
out of being hungry.

It should be shameful
to let people go hungry.

But it seems, in our society,
since the very beginnings,

we've made needing
help shameful.

There is help
out there.

We all have to work to,

to change what society values.

But in the meantime,
there is help.