7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 9, Episode 14 - First Date - full transcript

Ruthie is going on her first date, and everyone else is more worked up than she is.


I was just

thinking about you.

So, are-are we still going out?

That depends.
I can't answer a question

I haven't been officially asked.

Are you asking me out?




Um... Ruthie Camden,
would you please

do me the honor of going out
on a date with me?


Of course, I'll go out with you.

The only problem
is I can't drive us.

My parents don't let me
drive at night.

It-it makes them too nervous.

I feel really stupid
asking you out on a date

and I can't even pick you up.

Oh, that's okay-- I live

in a house full
of licensed drivers.

I'll get someone to drive us.

As long as it's not your dad,
I'm-I'm cool with it.

I won't ask him to drive us.

That would be way too...


There has to be a stronger word,

but "embarrassing"
will do for now.

Well, uh, I guess I'll talk
to you later

so we can plan our date.

Yeah, so we can plan our date.


Okay, go ahead.

We've been waiting
to have this conversation

- for two weeks.
- Waiting?

More like dreading.

I just need to ask you
a few questions.

Go ahead.

These past two weeks,

have I been helping out
with the baby?

Yes, you've been very helpful
with the baby.

And have you had a chance
to look at my report card?

We have.

Your report card is excellent.

And you like Vincent's parents?

When I met them, I thought

they were
very nice,

and I'm very happy they decided
to come to church.

- Me, too.
- So...

since I'm helping
out around the house

and I'm doing so well in school,

don't you think I deserve to go
out on a date with Vincent,

a nice guy whose family
you have met and like?

You didn't ask us
if we like Vincent.

Do you like Vincent?



Are those "yes" tears
or "no" tears?

Those are

"yes" tears, and I think you
better get out of here

before they turn
into "yes" sobs.

Okay, you can go out
with Vincent.




Do we have to let her go?

She's not leaving home.

She's just dating.

She's old enough
to start dating.

Mary and Lucy were younger
when they started dating.

How can this not bother you?

It's going to be
her first real date.

I'm not saying
it doesn't bother me.

I... I'm just saying
that it's time

for us to acknowledge
that Ruthie

is not the baby
of the family anymore.

She's a teenager
who wants to date.

What are you

I'm thinking we shouldn't
have given her two weeks

to come up
with such a strong case.

I think it was a mistake.

Wish I would have found a way
to buy some more time.

Buy some time?

You can't buy time, Eric.

It's not possible.

I wish it were, but it's not.

I know that look.

Yes, I'm here in Glenoak
when I should be in New York,

but before
you panic,

things with Sarah
and medical school are great.

That's actually why I'm here.

Not because of Sarah,
but because of medical school.

I'm studying up on TENS.

electronic nerve stimulation.

It's a specialized
birthing technique

used to relieve pain,

and the dean suggested
I come to Glenoak

to talk to a colleague
who uses it.

This way, I can watch him
with his patients

and see if it's something
I want to pursue.

No, uh, the look

wasn't about you;
it was about Ruthie.

What about Ruthie?

Your dean's colleague
wouldn't happen to know

how to stop a teenage girl

from going out on
her first date?

Ruthie's going out
on her first date.

Good thing
I'm here,

in case your heart gives out.


Keep a close watch.

Who is Ruthie dating?

His name is Vincent.

Nice guy?

He's very nice.

Good family?


And she's been helping
around the house

and doing good
in school?

Yeah, she has her bases covered.

So, there's no way to stop her.

Afraid not.

Just thought
you'd like to know...

I have a date
with Vincent.

I should have a talk with her.

What kind of talk?

You know what kind of talk.


The talk.

About sex?

about sex.

why would you be the one to
have that talk with my sister?

I got a girl pregnant
in high school.

Except she wasn't pregnant.

That's hardly the point.

Still, that doesn't qualify you
to talk to Ruthie about sex.

I mean, besides,
Mom and Dad have talked

to Ruthie about sex for years.

This is different.

Now there's an actual
opportunity to have sex.

And besides for you,
I don't think

your parents
did too well on the talk.

Simon, for example.

I think the cop in you

and the brother-in-law in you
are overreacting.

Then, you should have
a talk with her.

No one needs to talk to Ruthie.

One of us should talk to her,

and whoever does
should hold the baby.

That will really
get the point across.

She's never going
to date... ever.

So, where else
can we go tomorrow night

besides the Promenade
or the pool hall

to pick up women?

Uh, I'm busy
tomorrow night.

Busy with what?

I saw Ruthie

as we were leaving school.

She has a date tomorrow night.

So, what does that have
to do with us?

It doesn't have anything
to do with us,

but Ruthie might want me
to drive her and Vincent,

since I kind of
got them together.

So, she
asked you

to ask him to ask her out?

And now that he has, I'm
thinking I should drive them.

Then, I'll come, too.

We'll chaperone them,

be the sensitive
older brother types.

Girls would probably love that.

I don't think
that's a good idea.

Why not?
We're helping Ruthie.

And with the possibility
of meeting women.

It's perfect.

I... I don't think Ruthie

would be comfortable with that.

Why not? She likes me.


She likes me?

Likes me like she
has a crush on me?

Come on, I mean,
it's pretty obvious.

Remember when we went out
for pizza

and our dates came,
and Ruthie left in tears?

Oh, so that was what
that was about.


She still have a crush on me?

She likes Vincent.

Oh, of course...
I'm too old for her.

You're too old,

too experienced...
too everything.

Just... don't even think
about it.

So, we're out of Kleenex

and Dad's at an official
loss for words.

That can only mean one thing.

You have a date.


Well, I'd be happy to drive you.


Actually, I'd be happy
to drive you.

Well, that's nice of you,
but I'm her older brother.

I'm driving her.

No, I thought I
was driving you.

Didn't I mention that's one
of the ground rules?

Vincent and I talked about it,

and we don't want you
to drive us.



More like mortifying.

And you
wouldn't just

be driving us;
you'd be spying on us.

I prefer the term,

There's an easy solution here.

I fixed Ruthie and Vincent up.

- I'll drive them.
- I don't know

if Vincent's parents
would like that.

You kind of have
a bad reputation right now.

I didn't do anything with Zoe.

Yeah, but once
a suggestion's out there...

That settles it--
I'll drive you.

I think that's probably best.

Oh, it seems like just yesterday
when Ruthie was in diapers.

It seems that way to me, too.

It's scary when your
daughters start dating.

Well, turned out
well for me.

It did.

But you are just
out of college

and married
and have a baby.

What's wrong with that?


You think I should
have waited?

Oh, no, I just
pictured my daughters

getting out and spending
some time being single,

working, living
on their own.

Well, each girl
is different.

I just think
that Ruthie

will probably
be the one who'll...

want to wait a while
before she gets married.

Because she's more secure,
confident, independent?


Your choices
are not wrong.

They're the right
choices for you.

I just see Ruthie
choosing another way.

Some people spend
their entire lives searching

for the right person to spend
the rest of their life with,

to start a
family with.

I consider myself lucky to have
found that person so soon

and was able to start
a family with him now.

And... and
don't forget

that you also married young
and started a family right away.

I realize that.

Do you have any regrets?

Of course not.

Are you sure?

Because you seem pretty hot
on the idea

of Ruthie doing things

I'm very sure
that I have no regrets.

It was just a question.

Really, I wasn't commenting
on your choices.

I'm happy for Ruthie.

Yeah, I bet first
dates are fun.

Pretty soon
she'll be married.

And she'll have
a baby, too.

That means

we get to live in the attic.

Maybe we can make the
attic our playroom.

I'll miss Ruthie when she gets
married and moves out.

But a new playroom
sounds good.


Oh, hey, Vincent.

Good news-- my dad
won't be driving us on our date.

My brother Matt will.

Matt's not like your dad, is he?

No, he's been
out of the house the longest,

so he's probably the least
crazy out of everyone here.

He's going to be a doctor.

Oh, good.

Well, that sounds normal.

So listen,
I was thinking we'd see a movie

and then go to Pete's.

Maybe going to the Promenade
will make us feel

more like we're out
by ourselves, you know?


On one condition.

What's that?

You have to let me pay
for the pizza

if you pay for the movie.

But wouldn't that make it more
like we were just hanging out?

No, it'd be fair.

I'd be more comfortable
if you let me pay for something.

All right, but I was saving
my allowance for this.

So did I.

All right.

Don't get me wrong, I still
want it to be a real date.

Yeah, I do, too.

But the whole weird dating
ritual just makes me nervous.

People here are making
such a big deal out of this.

Yeah, tell me about it.

My parents are already planning
our second date.

Are you thinking
about our second date?

I was actually wondering
if I could kiss you again.

Why are you asking now?

You never asked me
if you could kiss me before.

♪ Ruthie and Vincent ♪

♪ Sitting in a tree ♪

♪ K-I-S-S-I-N-G. ♪

Whoa, what's going
on with you two?

Ruthie and Vincent are talking

on the phone.

Yeah, about kissing.

Did you
hear that?

No, what?

Ruthie and Vincent.

about kissing.

Did you say "kissing"?

But it's their first date.

They shouldn't even be
thinking about kissing.

Who's kissing?


And Vincent.

Thanks for calling.

I'll see you tomorrow night.

What's going on?

Are you gonna argue
over who gets to sit

between me and Vincent
at the movies?


Before any kind
of dating takes place,

we have to have a talk,
a long talk.

I don't think I like
Vincent anymore.

What's changed
since this morning?


You and Vincent
talking about kissing.

Don't look at us.

We learned to spy on people
from watching you.

And speaking
of spying,

I'm not just driving you
and Vincent on your date.

I'm gonna be watching
you two like a hawk.

So, what are you going
to wear tonight?


Ah, but--

well, don't you want to
wear something special?

Well, this is special.

These are my favorite jeans
and my new sweater.

I think I look fine.

Well, I'm not saying
that you look bad.

I-It's just that this is
a date... your first date.

Well, y-you know, maybe you
should dress up a little,

wear something
other than jeans,

something a little
more feminine.

You have such pretty skirts.

You could wear one of these.

I don't want

to wear a skirt.

I wear those skirts to church.

I want to wear
something comfortable.

Well, let's just see
what's in the closet.

I know what's in the closet.

Okay, hold...

Cute, comfortable,

and perfect if the weather
suddenly turns on you.

Classic, formal,
and yet relaxed.

And it goes perfect
with my choice.

I've been able to dress myself
for a long time.

Plus, you're not going
on the date.

I'm going on the date.

So I'd rather not make this
a big deal, and I think

spending hours trying
to pick out a skirt

makes this date
a really big deal.

Oh, I just got home.

I'm gonna get the car
filled up and washed.

I'll be done in plenty of
time to pick up Vincent.

Oh, you don't have
to pick him up.

His parents will drop
him off at 7:30.

No, that wouldn't
be right,

considering it's
your first date.

I should pick him up,

then drive him over
and pick you up.

Because Vincent
should pick you up.

He should come to the door
and walk you to the car

and open the car
door for you.

But with you
actually driving?

Yes, that's how
it should work.

Take my word for it.

Okay, I'll call him
and let him know,

but it really
isn't necessary

and neither is getting the car
washed and filled up with gas.

We're just going
to the Promenade.

It can't take that much gas
to get to the Promenade.

We could probably coast there
on fumes.

Yeah, but if I were going out
with a beautiful girl,

I'd get the car filled up
and washed,

so that's what I'm gonna do.

I want your first date
to be perfect.

You know, come
to think of it,

I should probably
get the car detailed.

I've got time.

How are you doing?

I was doing fine,

but now I'm starting
to get nervous

because everyone
is making

such a big deal
out of my date.

What do you mean?

a girl can't go out on a date
unless she's wearing a skirt

and riding around
in a detailed car.

I'd be fine
if everyone would stop making

such a big deal
out of it,

and everyone includes you, too.

It's not like I've never been
out for pizza

or to a movie with a guy before.

Someone always went
with you and Peter.

This is different.

It's not that different.

You'll be alone.

Yeah, just us
and all the other people

who happen to be at the
Promenade eating and shopping.

Do you know how many times
I've been to the Promenade?

That's not the point.

no making out at the movies.

That can lead to other things,
like... you know.

I'm not going

to be making out in public.

And what makes you think
I would do something like that?

It's not that I don't trust you.

I don't trust him.

I don't trust any teenage boy.

I'm a cop.

Trust me,
teenage boys are trouble.

Every teenage boy?

Maybe not, but most of them get
into trouble at some time,

and they get into trouble
with girls.

Make sure you're not the girl.
Got it?

Got it, and thanks for this
sensitive, informative talk.

But are you sure
it's Vincent you don't trust,

or are you just afraid that
I have the same genetic makeup

as Lucy the Make-out Queen?

Okay, Lucy and I made out
on the first date

because it was
love at first sight,

and she was over 18
and so was I.

You were referring
to Lucy and me, right?

Yeah, of course.

I was just on my way
downstairs to go

get some water.
I'm very thirsty.

All this talk about my date
has made my throat dry.


Big night, huh?

Not as big as everyone
is trying to make it.

I mean, pizza plus movie equals
no big deal.

Well, don't forget to
add the guy you like,

which happens to
make it a big deal.

Yeah, I like him,

which reminds me
I got to call him.


Is it personal?

Do you need privacy?

Why break the pattern now?

No, thanks,
I don't need any privacy.


Sorry we're out.

Please leave a message.

Hi, Vincent, it's Ruthie.

Matt's going to pick you up
at your house at 7:30,

then he's going
to drive

back over to my house
and pick me up.

It's a long story.

See you later.


That's good.

That way he can come up
to the door

and he can walk you to the car.

Yeah, but you've already met
Vincent and so has Mom,

so I'm not expecting you
to do some weird interrogation

or take pictures or anything.


No, of course not.

Can I get that in writing?

Isn't it illegal to do your
homework on Friday night?

It's better than doing it
Saturday night.

You forgot about
Sunday night.

That's when I
do my homework--

me and all the
other normal people.

Besides, you can't do your
homework tonight anyways.

We're going out.


Wherever Ruthie's going.

We can't just follow her
on her date.

Can we?

I don't see why not.

Where are they going?

To a movie at the Promenade
and then for pizza at Pete's.

That doesn't
seem too hard.

That's where we
usually hang out.


We could probably make it look

like we're not
just watching them.

Everyone goes to the Promenade
on Friday night.

Shouldn't be any big deal,

We don't even really have
to follow 'em.

We could just be there.

Yeah, and if we happen

to see Ruthie and
Vincent on their date,

it would be a coincidence,
not something that we planned.

I don't want to get
her upset or anything

because you never
know what'll happen,

you know, in the future.

No, I don't know.

You don't have
any weird ideas

like actually dating Ruthie

in the future,
do you?

Of course not.


You know,
if we were

to go to the same
college in a few years,

and if she were a freshman
in college an-and I was

a junior.

You know, maybe.

No, just don't even think
about it.

Why not?
Because I know you,
that's why not.

You're saying I'm not good
enough to go out with Ruthie?

It's not a matter
of not being good enough.

She's just young
and innocent

and sweet and...

You're not thinking
about dating her

in the future, are you?

No, no, I'm not.

She's like a sister to me.

You even said
she's like a sister to you.


When you introduced her
to those girls,

you said Ruthie was
like a younger sister.

You can't date your sister.

Are you trying to
convince me or yourself?

I would never date Ruthie.

If you never lived
with the Camdens

and you just met her,
would you ask her out?


She's a nice girl, she's
really cute, and I like her,

but I, I can't even think of her
in terms of dating.

I can't either,
except for maybe in a few years.

Like I said,

girls grow up,
and that includes Ruthie.

Well, let's just make sure
she doesn't grow up too fast.

I think we should go
with Ruthie

to the movies
and out for pizza.

Yeah, I think so, too.

I think she'll let us go
with her.

Sure, she always
lets us go with her.

She likes us.

It's a special night.

I'm surprised
she didn't include us.

She probably just forgot.

We should put
our clothes back on.

It's a date.

We should wear something nice.

Yeah, like we're going
to church.

Hey, uh, we put
together some outfits.

Do you want
to see them?

Not really.

Oh, come on.

Let us be
part of this.

There's only one
first date.

Yeah, and your first
date is special,

and getting ready
is half the fun.

I mean, I remember
my first date.

Jimmy Moon.


Did you wear a skirt?

I don't remember.

I just remember
that he came over,

and we watched
a French film,

and it was, oh,
so romantic.

Well, that wasn't a real date.

You were just
in the living room.

It was a date for me.

I was only 13.

Did you make out with him?

I-I kissed him.

Who was the first person
you made out with?

Ah, well,

there was

Big Lips and, oh,
he was a horrible kisser.

And then, there
was Robbie's

brother, and oh,
he was a great kisser.

Which one?

Both of them.

I'm not sure I'm comfortable
with this conversation.

Who was your first date?


Oh, he was
something else.

He had two best friends,
Sam and Hal,

and they all wanted to date me.

Did you date them?

Well... yeah.

There was quite a competition
going on for a while,

but of course,

the three of them ended up
not being friends,

but I'm...

But... But you don't need to be
making out on your first date.

Oh, of course not, but I have
already kissed this guy.

Yeah, I heard that.

Wait. Wait. You...

I-I haven't heard that.

When did
you kiss him?

When he came over that first
night with his parents.


And he kissed me,

and I liked it.


you know, sometimes
when a girl likes a boy...

And a boy likes a girl...

If you think the three of us
are going

to have some awkward sex talk,
forget it.

Kevin already talked to me,

and that's all the awkward
I can take for one night.

Well, I-I told him
not to do that.

Why would he do that?

Because he thinks that you
and dad aren't that effective.

Is that right?

I hate to disturb you,
Miss Make-out Queen,

but your daughter is calling.

You told me how much

you and Kevin loved
making out when you first met.

Oh. Yeah.


I think she's a little

young to know every detail
of our courtship.


So, you almost ready?

I've been ready
since yesterday.


We're ready.

Didn't we just put
your pajamas on?


But we decided to go
on the date with Ruthie.

It's a date.
You can't go. Sorry.

This is a very
special night.

It's just Ruthie and
Vincent going out

to a movie and for pizza
alone, just the two of them.

Yeah, I don't know
why they can't go.

Hey, Vincent, it's Matt!

It's Ruthie's brother,

Matt Camden.

Hey, they're
not at home.


They left hours ago,
the whole family.

They're not home.


You look beautiful.

That outfit is
just perfect.

It really is.

Okay, I love you all,

but if you love me,
you'll leave me.

Please, everyone,

stop making a big deal
out of this.

Just... everyone... out.

I thought

I said no

Sorry. I thought
the flash was off.

We just wanted
to see you off.

Well, I'm sure you'll be waiting
by the door when I get home.

Look, I'm wearing

the outfit Mom and Lucy
picked out for me,

I'm letting Matt drive me
and Vincent, I had a talk

with Kevin, and...

Oh, I'd
appreciate it,

Dad, if you wouldn't get
too emotional.

I mean, I know this is
a big deal for you, but

please leave.

We're going with you.


You can't go. You can't.

It's a date.

I'll do something

with you tomorrow, I promise.

But we put on
suits for this.

And we even zipped on
our own ties.

Well, thanks.
I appreciate the effort,

but I never said you could go,
and you can't.

What will you do
if he tries to kiss you?

Then I plan to kiss him back.

There's nothing wrong
with a simple good night kiss.

We don't like it.

Well, you don't have
to like it. Scoot.

Where is this kid?

I was supposed to pick him up
for a date with my sister.

It's-It's her first date.
It has to be perfect.

This is the worst thing
that could have happened.

Oh, Vincent's going
out with Ruthie?

You're Matt
Camden, right?

I'm Irving Piel,
your pharmacist.

Piel's Pharmacy
on the Promenade.

Well, you-you know this kid,
this Vincent?

Oh, Vincent's okay.

He probably just
got scared and left.

Are you gonna wait?

Yes, I'm gonna wait here
all night if I have to.

Hey, could you do me a favor?

I'm gonna call my dad,
but I need you to ask for him

in case my sister
answers the phone.

Don't worry. I'm a doctor.

Not yet.


Oh, hello. Uh, can
I speak to Dad?

Whose dad?

We have a problem.

We have a problem.

What's the problem?

Vincent is not home.

He and his family left.

The three of them are AWOL.

AWOL? Well...

Who's AWOL?

I'm gonna wait for him.

I'll call you back later. Bye.

So, what do you know
about this Vincent kid?




Hey, Ruthie, guess what?


I'm gonna pick you up

for our date tonight.

But I thought you weren't
allowed to drive at night.

Well, my parents said
that since I've had my license

for six months,
they trust me to drive tonight.

And we just needed

to get my insurance paperwork
finalized, and I-I didn't want

to say anything yesterday,
you know, because

I wanted to surprise you.

But my parents and I just got
my insurance set up,

so I'll be right over
to pick you up.

So we're going out tonight,
just the two of us?



Well, look,
I don't want to be late,

so my parents are coming
with me, but then,

we'll drop them off,
and for the rest of the night,

it'll just be the two of us.

Great. Bye, Vincent.

Bye, Ruthie.


Hi, Ruthie.

Where are you?

I-I went to pick up Vincent,

but his dad was having pains
in his side,

and his neighbor, Irving, said
they went to the hospital.

So, I'm gonna go right over
there and see what's going on.

I'll call you back.

What's going on?


I'm gonna check

on the baby and the boys.

I'll just go help Annie

check on the baby
and the boys.

Ruthie's getting
stood up.

Where does
this kid live?

Nobody stands Ruthie up
and gets away with it.

It doesn't matter
where he lives. He's not home.

Matt's over there.

This is horrible.
What should we do?

I mean, Ruthie cannot
be stood up on her first date.

I mean, she cannot
find out about this.

This is not the memory
she should have.


going on?


Hey, Ruthie.

Hi. Where's Martin?

Oh, we were supposed
to go out,

but Martin wants
to do his homework.


You're supposed to go
out, too, aren't you?

Yeah, my date's
running a little late.

I'm going to get some water.

You want some?


You know, if this guy
doesn't get here soon,

then maybe we could
hang out together

as friends, just
hanging out.

What are you talking about?

You know, in high school,
there's a big difference

between 15 and 17,

but if there wasn't a big
difference in 15 and 17,

then, I have to tell you

that I'd be interested
in taking you out myself.

What do you know?


Martin told you?

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

Thanks a lot.


Do I look stupid?
You told him.

We should have
known better than

to-to let Ruthie plan
a date with some guy

whose parents know nothing
about parenting.

It's not my fault.

I-I didn't know

the guy was going
to stand her up.


What's going on?

stood up.

But can
we still
go out?

Are you sure
I'm getting stood up?

I mean, maybe Vincent's just
running a little late.



Matt called.

He said Vincent's dad went
to the hospital

with pains in his side,
so he said

he was going over
to the emergency room to see if

- he could find anything out.
- Oh.

We-We didn't know.
- Yeah, that's

what Matt said, but I don't know
if I believe him.

Uh, maybe you and my dad

can go check on the baby
with Sam and David.

You-You... Yeah.
Come on, guys.

You know, uh,

sometimes guys get scared
about dating

and relationships
and that kind of thing,

and they do... stupid things.


Yes, and sometimes they...

they make plans and then they
think about those plans too much

and then sometimes,

then they just can't go
through with those plans.

It happens.

It used to happen to you
all the time, right?

Well, not all the time.

Well, it's not going to happen
to me.

I'm gonna go downstairs
and sit on the couch

and wait for Vincent.

I'll wait all night
if I have to,

and I'll wait
tomorrow night

and the next night and every
night for years to come

until Vincent rings the doorbell

and we go out together
on my first real date.





Told you, he's here.

So, Matt found you?

I left you a message
at your home

that Matt was gonna pick
you up at your house,

so he's probably
still there.

So if-if
he's there and-and

he didn't know
I was coming here,

all of you thought
I stood her up?

No, of course not,
don't be silly.

Oh, I'll get it.

my mom and dad

took me by the
insurance office

just to make sure
I was covered as,

you know, a real
driver, and,

um, they're in the car
right now,

but then we're gonna
drop them off and, uh,

we're, we're gonna go
to the Promenade.

Hold on just a minute,

the two of you in a car
together, alone?

It's Matt.


Hi, Ruthie.

It's looking pretty bad.

Acute appendicitis.

They're gonna have to operate,
but-but I'll stand by.

I guess you'll just have
to reschedule your date.

Well, of course, someone
should be with Vincent.


I'll ask Dad to take me
over to the hospital

so I can wait with him.


so, Vincent,

it's your first time
driving alone?

Well, technically, I've been
driving for six months.

Yeah, but it's
nighttime, and

I-I don't know
about this.

I don't think
it's a good idea.

Definitely not.
No way.

Bad idea.
Really bad idea.

I'm sure Vincent is
a good driver.

I am, really.

I mean, I got an "A"
in drivers training

the third time I took it.

The first

two times I just
considered practice.

I'm sure they'll
be fine.

You two

go, have a nice time.

Don't be late.
Thank you.

Go ahead, follow them.
You know you want to.


What are you
doing here?

So it-it wasn't appendicitis?

That's, that's great!

Have fun, you two.

See you later.
Have a good time.

Thank you for offering

to drive Vincent and Ruthie,
but Vincent can drive now.

There's no need.

Mom and Dad are okay
with this?

Yep, and by the way, thanks.

If he had stood me up,
that was a really good story.

No, it wasn't.
I panicked.

You look too young
to drive.

But I have my license
and insurance.


We're blocks
from the Promenade.

Well, so maybe
you could just walk.

Or maybe not.

It happens all the time.

Good night.

Would you feel better if Ruthie
went out with a group?

I'd feel better if Ruthie
were right here with us.


I don't understand this dating
in group thing anyway.

It seems to me if you go out
with someone,

you'd want that person
to pay attention to you,

and get to know you.

Otherwise, your memory
of the date

is filled with other people.

Yeah, I don't quite understand
the group dating thing either.

It seems to make it
all a little too


Seems to go from hanging out
to hooking up.

I don't know
about that,

it just seems like the
old-fashioned way is

the best way.

But, then again, my little baby
is alone with a guy.


So, should I
kiss you?

Yeah, kiss me,
but make it quick.

Can I trade seats with you
so I have better aim?

No way, I can see things better
from where I'm sitting.

If that's the case, then I

definitely want to
switch seats with you.

I'd actually like to move up
a couple of rows.

I'm fine where I'm at.

I think you should

let them have their first
date in peace.

Come on, let's go.

I'm a police officer.

Then you should
know better.


Good night.

Good night.

You are way too
interested in kissing.

Can't help it, I'm a Camden.

Did you have a nice time?

Yeah, I did.

And sorry you guys got kicked
out of the movies.

The ending was great.

Will you be going out
with Vincent again?

I don't know,
but from what I understand,

now begins the painful process
of waiting for him to call.

I was never good

at dating; dating stinks.

Marriage is great,
but dating stinks.

I'm happy I don't
have to do it again.

Somehow I think it's gonna
be different for me.

Besides, the more you date,
the better you get at it.

Just kidding.


Good night.
Good night.

Good night, Mom.
Good night, Dad.

Um, did you have
a good time?

Yeah, pretty good.

I got through it.

What does that mean?

Means she likes him, but
she doesn't want us to know.


I told you
she had a good time.

Thank God.


♪ Every time I kiss your lips ♪