7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 9, Episode 13 - The Fine Art of Parenting - full transcript

Lucy, Kevin, and Savannah move back to her parent's home where there is one mother too many. Annie tries to impart her mothering skills on Lucy, who has different ideas for parenting. Ruthie sees an opportunity to get a favor from Martin.

Psst-- Kevin?

I can't tell if
she's breathing.

If you wake the baby up again,
Lucy's gonna be upset, okay?

She needs to sleep.
You need to sleep, too.

The baby's breathing.
I'm sure the baby's breathing.

Go back to bed-- get some
sleep while you can.

We should have stayed in
the hospital a week or two

until we had a chance to be
around her more.

They shouldn't have
sent us home so soon.

I can't believe
they let me have this baby

without some sort of
certification or something.

Well, that's why you have
Annie and me.

We-we know all about babies.

Savannah's gonna be fine.

You're gonna be fine.

Lucy's gonna be fine.

You want some help?

No, I've got it
under control.


Oh, I'll take her.

Come on, sweetie.

Can I do anything?

We're fine.

How's our little Savannah?

The baby's fine, but
Kevin seems to think

that she can't breathe
if he's not watching her.

He's not getting any sleep.

Well, that's okay.

The three of them have the
rest of their lives to sleep.

They'll be fine.

Yeah, they'll be fine,
but sooner or later,

they've got to do
this on their own.

They will, and it's okay if
we help 'em out a little bit.

Yeah, a little, but it's
been more than a little.

I'm enjoying every minute of it.

We're just the grandparents.
They're the parents.

I know that.

They're gonna have

to move at some point.

Oh, they will, eventually.

"Eventually" meaning...?


You know, I'm a little
worried about Martin out there

in the garage apartment
all by himself.

It might be kind of scary
out there all alone.

He says he's sleeping okay,
but I don't know.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Where is everyone?


So your dad didn't
leave for work yet?

No, he's helping
with the baby.

And your mom?

Helping with the baby.

And Kevin and Lucy?

With the baby.
With the baby.

And Ruthie?

She's bringing
the garbage cans

in from the front
of the house.

Good morning.

Good morning.

How was your night?

Sleep okay?

I slept fine.



I'll bet.

I just saw Zoe.
I'm not sure,

but I think
she was still wearing

the same clothes she was wearing
when I saw her last night.

Sometimes people do that--

wear the same thing two days
in a row.

I've never seen anyone do that.

I'm sure it happens.

I don't think so.

Oh, I moved the
garbage cans out front.

Well, thanks.

Uh, I'm gonna take
the boys to school.

I'll ride with you.

No, no, no, no,
I-I can take you.

Oh, I've hardly
gotten to spend

any time with my dad since
the new baby in the house,

so, I think I'll ride
with him and the boys,

but thanks for the offer.

You two aren't fighting
again, are you?


Ah, then she must
want something.

She said she wanted to have
some time with you.

Oh, well, if she wants
to have some time with me,

then she wants something.

And you don't know what
that something is?



How's it going?

Fine. Mary told
me horror

stories about breast-feeding,
but I'm pretty lucky.

It's come pretty quickly for me.

I think we should ride over
and take a look at the house.

But the baby can't go out yet.

Maybe we could run out
between feedings,

and Mom and Dad can
watch the baby.

Well, I'm really looking forward
to seeing the house,

but I think it's too soon
to try to go out.

Maybe when the baby's sleeping

for more than
two hours at a time.

How soon do you wanna move?

Oh, I don't know,
maybe in a couple of months

when we don't need so
much help, I guess.

I mean, we're gonna need some
time to get the furniture

and get everything set up,

and since I didn't get
to choose the house,

I at least want to get to choose
what goes into the house.

Not that I'm not thrilled
that you bought it.

I am, I really am.

I could hire some help.

I could get a decorator.

What's going on? Are you trying
to get me to move into the house

just so no one can see me
breast-feeding our daughter?

I guess, yeah.

I just didn't realize
you'd be so... free about it.

Well, neither did I.

I just feel good about it.

I feel so... motherly.

Me, Lucy Camden Kinkirk,
I'm a mother.

Yeah, okay, but you're a wife.

You're my wife.

And your wife needs
to feed our daughter.

So uh, I'll feed her
and then you can change her.

Tell you what, you feed
her and change her

for the next three months,

and then I'll feed her
and change her

once she gets on a bottle.

Well, I was planning on
breast-feeding for six months,

and I don't mind changing her,
if you don't really want to.

I want to. It's just...


That umbilical cord is
so freaky.

Yeah, it is kind of freaky,
but it'll fall off.

Fall off? Can't the doctor
just take it off?

No, he can't.

It'll fall off when it's ready.
It'll be fine.

I'm sorry, I just didn't realize
babies were so--


I was gonna say "gross."

Hmm, yeah, they are.

I'm going to go
try to catch a nap.

Well, I'm gonna stay up till
the next feeding,

get a shower, clean up
a little bit.

You have to be tired.

Well, I'll be tired later.

Right now, I am just
too happy to sleep.


Hello, Annie.

This is for the baby, and
I also brought a casserole.

That's so nice of you. Thanks.

So, how's our little
pumpkin doing today?

Oh, she's doing great,
she really is.

You know, I would
really love to see her.

Oh, well, you know she's only
a couple of weeks old,

and we're trying
very hard to make sure

she does not
pick up any germs.

You know how delicate
babies are. So, just...

Oh, I'm healthy as a
horse and as germ free

as anybody could
possibly get.

Yeah, well...

Oh, hi, Mrs. Beeker.

It's nice
to see you.

Is that for the baby?

Oh, come on in.

Oh, thank you.

I just put her down,
but would you like
to take a peek at her?

I would love to.

Oh, hi, Daddy.


I just wanted to
show off the baby.

She is adorable.

Oh, open your present now.

Oh, who's the cutest baby?

Well, so you had to go with
the natural childbirth.

Bet you weren't
planning on that.

No, but it wasn't that bad.

A little scary,
but it all happened so quickly.

Oh, I love it!

Oh, I'm so glad.


It's you.

Oh, hi.

I just wanted to
drop some papers off

for Eric to sign.

Oh, well, he, uh, took
the boys to school.

He said he was gonna work
at the church this morning.

Oh, I, I didn't know.
Uh, so how's the baby?

Is there any, any chance
of getting a look at her?

Oh, Lou, oh, you should see
that little angel.

She's just so beautiful.

Come on up.


Oh, I'm so glad Lucy

is not one of
those fussy mothers

who doesn't want people
around the baby.

You were so protective
of the twins, Annie,

I thought we wouldn't see them
till they went off to school!

Oh, Lucy's just so generous,
you know what I mean?


Well, I know my way out.

Honey, we've got company.

Hiya, Lou.

Still not getting
any sleep, huh?

That's typical.

It's not that bad.

So here she is.


just like her mother.

Aw, thanks.

Hey, I wanna talk to you.

Yeah, I thought you might.

You didn't talk
to your dad about...?

Your sleepover? No.

Can we keep it between us?

Sure, I mean, everyone's so busy
with the baby,

I don't think anyone but me
noticed anything.

I was thinking,
there's this boy in my class,

a guy I'd kind of like
to go out with.

So, maybe you and Zoe and
Vincent and I could double date.


You just have to get him
to ask me out.

But I don't know Vincent.

I'll point him out to you.

So, if I can get him
to go out with you,

you won't say anything?

You're blackmailing me?

That's not blackmail.

Please, it's more
of a favor.

I'll do you the favor
of not mentioning your date

if you get me a date.

Okay, fine.

Hey, so what happened?

Nothing. I told my parents
I fell asleep on your couch.

And they were okay
with that?

Well, they weren't happy,

but they didn't
get that upset.

They know that you live
with the Camdens.

So they think you fell asleep
on the Camdens' couch?

I didn't say it.
They just sort of assumed it.

And since Eric's a minister
at the church and everything,

they seemed all right with it.

Hmm. Well, I have to find
some freshman named Vincent.


Um, I needed to talk to you
about something else.

We'll have to talk later, sorry.


Yeah, this is Eric Camden.

No, I... I would never think
badly of your daughter.

Yeah, I'm sure.

Well, yeah, school is a lot
of pressure these days.

Oh, sorry.

Oh, it's okay.

No, I was just, uh,
looking for your mom.

Oh, hi.
What do you need?

I didn't realize
she was feeding the baby.

Uh, okay,
I just had a phone call

I think you might be
interested in.

I hope it's not more people
wanting to see the baby.

I can't believe
that Lucy's not upset.

There've been people in and out
of the house all day wanting

to see the baby,
and she's just thrilled

that everyone wants
to see the baby.

You weren't like that at all.

Uh, well, most mothers aren't.

Right, but then again most
mothers are having

to do laundry and clean
the house

and cook, as well
as take care of the baby.

But it's nice that we can do
all that for Lucy and Kevin.

Nice that you can do

all that for them.

Yes, it is.


But what about the phone call?

Zoe's dad called me.

Zoe is the young woman who was,

um, "studying" with Martin
last night.

Uh, her dad called
saying that, uh,

he was very embarrassed
that she had fallen asleep

on our couch last night,
and, uh,

that he hoped that we didn't
think badly of her for it,

what with my being a minister
and all.

Martin's date slept over?


Well, maybe,
uh, maybe Martin needs

to move out of the garage

and back into the house.

Back where?

Well, he can just share the room
with the twins.

Or maybe if we weren't so busy
with the baby,

we'd, we'd know things
like this.

And besides, I have...
I have a better idea.

I wanna just wait and see
if Martin says anything,

and I also want to wait and see
if Ruthie says anything

'cause I saw the two of them
talking this morning,

and she knows about Martin
and Zoe.

I'm sure she knows.

But it wouldn't be right
for Ruthie to say something.

Martin should say something.

I think he will, unless...

Unless what?

I wonder why he didn't.

Because he thinks he
can get away with it.

No, he knows he didn't get
away with it; Ruthie saw him.

Oh, by the way,
did you by any chance

let the boys make
their lunch today?

Yes, I did. Why?

Well, the teacher suggests

that they don't pack ice cream

and we owe the teacher
two school lunches.


I went out to get
more thank-you notes.

Oh, I can help you
with those.

No, really, you've helped
with everything else.

The least I can do
is write a few notes.

Did we have any more visitors?

Well, you just missed
the Cordells.

The who?

They go to our church.

I just put her down.

She looks like a mummy.

Oh, she's swaddled.
It makes her feel

like she's in the womb,
puts her right to sleep.

It just looks unnatural.

It's very natural.

It's the same pressure
the baby feels in the womb.

Okay, if you say so.

I'm gonna go
take a nap.

I was going
to take a nap.

Great, we can
nap together.

She's breathing.
You don't have
to watch her.

Just the same,
I'll nap in the rocker.

I wish you wouldn't worry
so much.

Well, maybe I wouldn't have to
if you did worry just a little.

You know how many germs came
through here today?

You know how many people saw me
in my underwear

or just lying in bed
like I'm useless?

Honey, everyone knows that new
parents don't get any sleep.

And you do need sleep.

You're getting
a little... cranky.

Well, why aren't you getting
a little cranky?

Why don't you need sleep?
I'll tell you why.

Because your mom's doing

and that leaves you all peppy
and happy

like some, some Stepford mommy.

Glad I caught you.

I've gotta catch the bus.

He's right over there.


See you tomorrow,

Hi, I'm Martin Brewer.

I live with Ruthie
and her family.


Ruthie Camden?

Oh. Her dad's some kind
of preacher, isn't he?

Yeah, he is and he's,
he's really nice.

The whole family's nice.

Ruthie, too, don't you think?

I guess.

You should ask her out.

Ask her out to what?

I don't know. Pizza, a movie.

If I asked her out, I'd have
to meet her dad, right?

Yeah, I'm sure
you probably would.

Did my parents set this up?

No, I don't know your parents.

Well, maybe my parents got the
preacher to get Ruthie

to get you to ask me to ask her
out just so he could meet me.

Uh, no, I don't think so.

I know I smell a rat.

Th-There's no rat.

You don't know my parents.

Maybe this is their way
of tricking me into seeing

the preacher
just so he'll talk to me.



I have a problem, kind of.

I think I'm gonna pass.

Hey, do you want a snack?

Sure. How's the baby?

She's doing really well.
How are you doing?


I really appreciate how much

you've been helping out

around the house since
the baby got home.

No problem.

And thanks for taking
the garbage cans out

to the front of the house
this morning.

I'm happy to do it.

I'm sure Martin wouldn't mind,
if we just showed him

the schedule and told him when
the trash pickups are.

Okay, but I really
don't mind.

Well, all right,
if you like doing it.

How's Martin doing out there
in the garage anyway?

Your mom's worried that he
isn't sleeping out there.

You know, that he might, uh, be
lonely away from the rest of us.

I think he likes it.
I don't think he's lonely.

Did he say that,
or is that just,

you know, something you've seen?


Yeah, is this Ruthie's dad?

It is. Who's this?

It's Vincent.

Hi. Do you want
to talk to Ruthie?

No, look, I know what the scam
is all about, okay?

My parents called you,
didn't they?


Come on.
I know they did.

They've been trying
to get me to talk to you.

Honest, they haven't called.

Uh, but, you know,
if you need

to talk to someone,
I'm available.

What, now?

Well, uh, sure, come on over.

You know where we live?


Well, see you soon.

Who was that?

Someone named Vincent.

Did he ask
to speak to me?

No. No, he, uh, asked me
if I was your dad.

Is he coming over?


I think I know
what this is about.

He probably wants
to ask you permission

to take me out
on a date.

I think he likes me.

Well, that's nice.

I'm old enough to date.

Eh, old enough isn't the issue.

Mature enough is the issue,

and it depends on who
the date is with.

I'm sure you'll like him.

Ah, I like everyone.
Doesn't mean I like 'em

well enough
to let 'em date my daughter.


I'll get it!

Hi, is Martin home?

Uh, no, he's at practice.

Oh, well, do you mind if I wait
for him in the apartment?

Ah, you can wait in
the living room if you like.

Okay, I'll wait for him
in the living room.

Hi, Reverend Camden.

We're here to see the baby.

Oh, all right. Uh, uh...
let me just go up and see

if this is a good time.

I'm sorry,
but I've had it.

I love your family, but I want
to be alone with the baby.

You don't
want to be alone!

- You want me to be alone!
- That's not true.

- Yes, it is! I'm proud of us!
- I'm proud of the baby!

And I want everyone who wants
to see her to see her!

I'm proud of us
and I'm proud of the baby,

but I need some sleep.

Besides, you're just
showing off

how good you are
at this whole mommy thing.

Oh. Uh...

I'm afraid, uh, the baby's
sleeping right now.

I don't know how.

I'm Vincent.

Should I get in line, or what?

So, wh-what is it your parents
are insisting that you do?

Are they insisting that
you do your homework

or clean up your room,
something like that?

They're not insisting that you
take out my daughter, are they?

I figured that was your plan.

My plan to...?

Get me in here.

So you came in here anyway

hoping not to take
out my daughter?

No, I... I might want
to take her out.

I just... I just don't think
you'll let me take her out,

because you're not the kind
of guy to approve of a kid

who's going against
the demands of his parents.

And what exactly
are they demanding?

Could we just
hone in on that?

And then w-we'll get back
to the other stuff.

They want me to go to church,
and... I don't want to.

Do they go to my church?

No. They don't go
to church at all,

but they think
I need to go to church

because they don't know
what to do with me.

Hmm, interesting.

It's interesting to you;
it's annoying to me.

Uh, what do you mean by they
don't know what to do with you?

Are you sure you're
not in any kind of trouble?

Other than refusing
to go to church, no.

You know, church...
isn't that bad.

I mean, if nothing else,
it-it can provide you

with sort of a moral compass

for making a lot
of difficult decisions.

Yeah, well, so can
comic books, you know?

Good normally triumphs
over evil in comic books.

Yeah, my-my son Simon used
to be into comic books...

too, when he was younger.

And how's he doing?

Well, uh...

The thing is... uh...

when you do grow up,

life can sometimes...
get more complicated.

Uh, what's right
and what's wrong...

can seem...

a lot less clear
than they once were

when you were younger.

Less simplistic than, say,

how they're presented
in comic books.

Simon's in trouble?

No, uh...

this-this really...
it's not about Simon, okay?

But, uh...

All right, wh...
where do you stand,

just for example, uh,
on the subject of sex?

Is there any guidance

in the comic books
on that subject?

Are you asking as Ruthie's dad
or as a minister?

Well, see?

Complicated, because I am both
Ruthie's dad and a minister.


I have a clear
point of view on this,

which is that, uh,
teenagers shouldn't have sex.

Sex is for married couples.

Okay, so... what if Ruthie

doesn't get married
in her 20s or her 30s,

and she's in her mid-40s,
on her own,

earning her own money,
living in her own house

and she's madly in love
with this great guy

who just has
a fear of commitment?

Don't care if she's 80;
the answer is still no.

This is why I don't
want to go to church.

Because, look,
if-if Ruthie were still single

and available in her 40s,

you'd like to have that kind
of relationship with her?

Wouldn't... wouldn't
it be better to, uh,

resolve your commitment phobia?

Which, I might add, could
be done by going to church.

Wait, how did this
get to be so personal?

I don't have
a commitment phobia--

I was just using that
as an example.


You're right, I'm sorry.

Well, I-I guess I was the one

who gave the example
using Ruthie.

What church were
your parents raised in?

Where did they go
when they were children?

They didn't, and they
don't want to go now.

Is there...

anything that would
make you want to go to church?

Give up getting up late,
watching cartoons

and hanging out in my pajamas--

it would have to be
something pretty big.

What cartoons are you watching
on Sunday morning?

Just superhero stuff.

Kind of like
the comic books I'm into--

was into-- when I was younger.


it's time to graduate

from superhero
cartoons and comics

to, uh... reality.

Life is real.

The force behind life is real.

And it's faster
than a speeding bullet,

more powerful
than a locomotive,

able to leap tall buildings
in a single bound.

All right, you swear my parents
didn't get you to get Ruthie

to get Martin to ask me
to take her out

just so I'd get
trapped over here,

talk to you
and end up at church?

I don't swear,
but that didn't happen.

Swear that you really
don't want to start
going to church.

Swear that you're not over here

just so you can
go out with my daughter.

I swear.

The whole truth,
and nothing but the truth?

All right, well,
I might want to take Ruthie out.

So she just got Martin
to ask me to take her out

because she wants
to go out with me?

Nothing to do with my parents
or this whole church issue?


It is, isn't it?

Where have you been?
Uh, I had practice.

I didn't know you
were coming over.

Well, I would have called,
but this is kind of important.

You know... you don't mind
if I tell people

that we... you know...

that we slept together
last night, do you?

I mean, other than my parents.

I kind of fell asleep on purpose
so that I could sleep over.

It's just... I'm tired
of people thinking

that I've never...
done anything,

so, you know, I told a few
friends that we slept together.

Um, I-I don't think
it was the best idea.

Um, in fact, I don't think it
was a good idea at all.

In fact, it makes me
kind of angry.

Are you kidding?

You know, you'd be
a pretty lucky guy

if I did decide
to hook up with you.

And by "hook up,"
I mean hook up.

And everyone else at school
seems to be hooking,

other than the two of us.

That's not true.

Yes, it is.

We're not normal.

And I want people to think
I'm normal, whether I am or not.

I don't like telling lies.
I don't like hiding things.

Well, if I decide to tell
my parents that I lied

and that I slept on the couch
in your apartment,

I don't think
that they're going to like it.

So, either I go along
with your lie

or you tell your parents
the truth,

which I don't want them to hear?

What you tell your parents
is up to you,

but we can't see
each other anymore.

And we're not friends.

So, Zoe's
in the living room.

What's up?


If you're looking
for advice,

I don't think I'd have
another sleepover.

I made a mistake-- a
simple, honest mistake--

and if I hadn't
lied about it...

You didn't lie
about it.

I didn't tell
your parents,

which is the same
as lying about it.

But... and-and I hate
to tell you this, but...

Vincent isn't interested
in going out with you.

He... he says he has some kind
of problem.

Well, it must not be
a very big problem,

and he must be interested,

because he's downstairs
talking to Dad.

He thinks his parents
called your dad

and your dad got me
to ask Vincent to ask you out

just to get him over here
for some kind of counseling.

They have been down there
a long time.

Which means he must have
a problem, like I said.

But I... I have a
problem, too. Um...

I'm going to tell your parents
about Zoe sleeping over.

Because it's dishonest
not to tell them,

and I'm not going to be
blackmailed by you or by Zoe.

How am I blackmailing you?

You made me try to get Vincent
to go out with you.

That wasn't blackmail;
that was more of a favor.

That's not exactly how it
was put to me.

Yes, it was.

I helped you,
so you should help me.

I'm not going to help you
if helping you

means covering up something
that... that was nothing.

I think my parents already know
about you and Zoe.

My dad was asking me
a bunch of questions about

whether or not I thought
that you were getting lonely

sleeping out there
in the garage by yourself...

which means that he must
have figured out that I know,

which means he was just trying
to get me to say something.

Well, don't worry about it--
I'll say something.

But if you say something,
then I'm going to get busted,

and then Dad won't let me
go out.


Yeah, not my problem.

Okay... if you
don't tell them

that I asked you
to do me this

tiny little favor
in exchange for not telling them

about your little misadventure,
then I'll...

hide your next sleepover.

There's not going to be
another sleepover.

Oh, please.

You're 17, and you
have your own apartment.

Not for long,
if I don't fix this.

I'll fix it.
No, stay out of it.

You can't keep me out of it.

Yes, I can.


What are you doing?

We're helping.

Yeah, helping.

Helping what?

We're helping Savannah

open her presents.

Oh, no... Lucy
and Kevin

are supposed to help
open her presents.

It's not
anything good.

It's just clothes.

Yeah, just clothes.


I'm not sure that, uh,
opening the baby presents

without Kevin and Lucy
was such a good idea.

You see, uh, people go
to a lot of trouble

to pick out something
for the baby,

so Lucy and Kevin want to know
who gave her what

so that they can thank them
for it.

We put the cards in the clothes.

And then, we wrote notes.

We like to help.

Is there anything else
we could do?

Tomorrow, we're going
to make our lunches again.


Just no ice cream
sandwiches, okay?

We hope Lucy and Kevin
and the baby live here forever.

Yeah, forever.

Me, too.

I want to talk
to him first.

No, I'll talk to him.
No, me.



Um, I think the baby's sleeping.

We're not here
to see the baby.

We're... we're here to
meet with Reverend Camden.

We're Vincent's

And thank you so much for
getting him over here,

even if you had to bribe him
with a girlfriend.

It was very clever
of you.

Put me down.

Are you Ruthie?

She's adorable.

I need to talk to you.

Uh, no, I need
to talk to you.

You need to talk to him.



I was so wrong, Luce.

I'm just feeling

I'm jealous that you're better
with the baby than I am,

and I'm tired and I snapped
and I feel horrible.

That's okay.

I forgive you.

You may not have
meant what you said,

but a lot of it was true.

I've been showing
off, haven't I?

I thought you'd
need me more.

I thought I'd be
better at this.

I'll get better, I promise.

Oh, I know you will.

You haven't really
had a chance.

And I've been around
babies all my life.

I guess it's just
easier for me,

and I've been
a little bit selfish

and a bit of a show-off.


You didn't do
anything wrong, I did.

Forgive me?

Of course, I forgive you.

I love you.

I love you, too.

I'll get Savannah, then
I'll get you some dinner.

Just a sec.

Isn't it great being here?

I don't know how we could ever
do this all by ourselves.

I know. Your parents
have been a big help,

especially your mother.

But you're still anxious
to move, aren't you?

Only if you are.

I'm not.

All right, we'll move whenever
you're ready to move.

I won't bring it up again.

I think we're going to need some
help for the next few months.

Months have a way
of turning into years.

It won't be years, I promise.

We feel just terrible about
staying for dinner.

We certainly hadn't
planned to do that.

But we're glad we
did. Delicious.

- Mmm!
- Vincent mentioned to me

that you'd like him
to come to church.

We think it would be
good for Vincent.

And for us-- a good thing
for the entire family,

but mostly for Vincent,
of course.

You see, when Vincent was a
baby, just a few weeks old,

we moved in with Vincent's
grandparents, my mom and dad,

until we could save up enough
money to buy a house,

and so they could help
with Vincent.

And they were so good
at taking care of him,

we continued to live with them
year after year.

They diapered him, got
up in the middle of the night

to give him bottles,
they bathed him,

fed him, and-and when he got
older, they took him to school

and helped him
with his homework.

It was a wonderful arrangement
for everyone.

But then they just decided

they didn't want
to live with us anymore.

They retired and moved
to Hawaii last year.

They just handed over
the house to us

lock, stock and barrel
and took off.

And frankly, now we're lost...

and we'd like someone who knows
how to deal with teenage boys.

Otherwise we're just going
to have to quit our jobs

and move to Hawaii
to live with her parents.

Or you could just jump in there

and start parenting
him yourselves.


we don't know anything about it.

I'm afraid it's too late.

You're not going to move to
Hawaii to avoid being parents.

You're going to do this.
You-You can do this.

I'll help you.

The whole church will help you.

That seems pretty strong.

I feel very strongly
about this issue...

I do.

I just...
I want you to be part

of Vincent's journey
through life.

It's not too late.

It's never too late.

That, that was
a great dinner.

My mom doesn't
like to cook.

Do you like to cook?


I mean, I, I used to help out
my grandmother sometimes,

but she and my
grandfather retired

and moved to Hawaii
now, so...

I like to help out
my mom sometimes.

It's kind of fun.

So, did you talk to my dad?

I did and uh, you know,

I'm thinking I'm gonna
go to church.

I was going to try
it out once anyway.

My parents have been
trying to force me into it.

Maybe you'll like it.


Is there any reason

they're trying to force
you to go to church?

Uh, it's a really
boring story.

Don't worry, nothing
bad happened.

Would you like to go out
with me sometime,

not to church,
like on a date?

I'd have to ask
my parents, of course,

but Martin could
probably drive us.

Not if my parents find out he's
having sex with that Zoe chick.

Oh, no, that's not true.

That's just a rumor.

She just wants everyone
to think that, because...

She thinks she'll be
more popular.
...she thinks
she'll be more popular.


Yeah, I... I
don't know why people

can't just stick to kissing.

I mean...
kissing's nice, right?

There's nothing wrong
with just a kiss,



Well, I'll have someone
drive Vincent home.

I think he's out back
talking to Ruthie.

Thanks for

We'll see you in church,
at least once or twice.

We'll check it out.

All right. I...

You know,
I think you might like it--

might even find it helpful.

Lots of other moms
and dads there to talk to.

We said we'd
give it a shot.

Yes, you did.
I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to push.

I'm ready to go.

Thanks for everything.

No problem, anytime.

I'll look forward to your review
of my sermon this Sunday.

I'll look forward
to giving it to you.

Good night,
Reverend Camden.

Good night.
Good night.

So, what kind of problems
does Vincent have?

Nothing too serious. Why?

I wanted to talk to you
before she talks to you.

Why don't we all talk?

Ruthie, did you try to blackmail
Martin into getting you a date?

I wanted something that I didn't
think I could get for myself,

so I tried to take advantage
of a certain situation

and asked Martin to get Vincent
to go out with me.

In exchange for her not telling
you something about me.

The thing about Zoe sleeping
over at your apartment?

Ah... her parents called.

Seems she wasn't entirely
truthful with them, but...

Oh, we knew you knew.

Is that why

- you're both fessing up?
- No.

I'm telling you the truth
because I

should have told you the truth.

Oh, because uh, it would
have prevented you

from feeling like you had
to go along with Ruthie?

No, because I should
have told you

the truth in the first place--
not that I knew the whole truth.

As it turns out, Zoe fell asleep
on my couch on purpose

so everyone at school would
think that we slept together,

so we'd look a lot cooler
than I guess we are.


I'd like people to think I'm
cool, but not for those reasons.

I saw her leave this morning,

and I tried to take advantage
of Martin's situation.

That was wrong, really wrong.

I've been trying to find a guy
to date on my own all year,

and I just keep striking out,

so I tried to go about it in a
different way, the wrong way.

I'm sorry.

I apologize.


I know better, but I messed up.

All right.

The good news is,
you both know right from wrong,

and I can trust both of you
for that reason.

The bad news is,

Martin, you're not allowed
to entertain women

in the apartment...
until further notice.

Ruthie, you're
not allowed to date

until further notice.

Although, I kind
of like Vincent.

But he can wait
a few more weeks.



I'll wait a few more weeks.

No, no, no,
you're way too happy.

What, what do you mean
by "fine"?

He kissed me.

He really does need
to go to church.

Shh. Everybody be quiet.
Savannah's sleeping.

They're moving.