7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 7, Episode 19 - That Touch of Bink - full transcript

The church needs a new roof, and Chandler talks Eric into helping him ask a stubborn parishioner. She agrees because she needs some help as well. Annie finds out the twins are stealing money. Lucy and Roxanne go out for a girl's night.

Never have the words

"I once was lost,
but now I'm found,"

ever meant so much.

And I think you all know
what I'm talking about.

I apologize for my long absence,

and I'm grateful
for your patience.

I wandered away
from this church...

...hurt and angry and...


now I've returned
with new insight

into just how human I am

and how forgiving God can be.

And I'm hoping

that our new associate minister,

Dr. Chandler Hampton,
can be forgiving as well.

I'm grateful for your help.

You've done a wonderful job
in my absence,

and I'm looking forward
to working with you.

Oh, and last but not least, I...

I... want to thank my family

for their love and support

during these past six months.

Especially my wife, Annie.

But enough about me, okay?

I'm not here for myself.

I'm here for you, so...


You didn't really think

you were going to get away
that easily, did you?

We have something to say
to you, too,

as well as to Chandler.

We also want to apologize
to both of you.


we're sorry we tried to help

when perhaps we should have

just tried to be...


In fact,
if we hadn't been so helpful,

you probably
would have been back

in this church a lot sooner.

And as you've told us
so many times,

all we can deal with is what is,

not what was
or what might have been.

And what is, is that...

we have been blessed with you,
Eric Camden,

as our minister
for more than 20 years.

And now we are
twice blessed

in having Chandler Hampton
join us

as your associate minister.

Thank you,

and God bless you both.


I've heard people say
that they were afraid

that if the went back to church,

the roof would fall in, but I...

I never thought I'd be the one
to make it happen.


We wanted to give you
this check for the church.

Well, I...

I'm overwhelmed.


I thank you, and-and
the church roof thanks you.

We just wanted
to do our part.

Uh, well-well, um...

Yeah, thank-thank
you again.

Give it a rest,
will you?

I haven't eaten breakfast yet.


I'll get it.

No, I'll get it.

I just made a donation
to the church.

I'm here to pick up Kevin.

And I thought I'd stop by
and pick up Eric.

I think I'm gonna go over

to Peter's house
and eat breakfast

and get a ride to
school with him and
his single mother,

who won't be making out
with anyone while I eat.

Come on, Kinkirk,
we better get rolling.

You be careful
out there.

And you be
careful, too.

Oh, thanks, Luce.

I really love
being married.

I highly recommend it.

You really should
get married.

It's wonderful!

Uh, hi.

I'm just waiting here
for your dad.

I figured as much.

Is that okay?

Sure. I'm actually surprised

that you guys didn't split up
the work at the church.

In fact, I'm surprised my dad
didn't dump it all on you.

I think your dad
wanted to present

a united front.

People hate being asked for
money, you know that, don't you?

I guess it's all in the way
they're asked, isn't it?

No way.
Take my word for it.

Something bad always happens.

Someone always gets upset
or angry or insane.

Fund-raising brings out
the worst in people.

Roxanne gave a donation
without a problem.

Without a problem? Right.

Give it some time.

Hey, wait up.

I was just going
over your house

to see if I could
get some breakfast

and a ride to school.

You don't want to be at
my house right now.

Well, why not?

What's wrong?

My mom's date slept over
last night.

I hate him.

I didn't know
your mom was dating anyone.

This guy's been over every
night for the past week.

He just moved into
the house behind us,

and he uses any excuse in
the world to come over.

And now he's
staying over.

Bet he's got an
excuse for that, too.

They stayed up
all night talking.

I can't stand him.

Hey, Peter,
you need a ride to school?

I'm headed that direction.

Thought maybe we could talk.

No, thanks.


Maybe we can talk tonight,
you know, man-to-man.

See you then.

Great, now he's got an
excuse to come over tonight.

Good morning.
Good morning.

I-I thought I'd stop
by and pick you up.

I'm sorry, I had no idea
you were here.

That's no problem. I've only
been here a few minutes.

You-You ready to go?

Yeah, whenever you are.
I gassed the car up

and had it washed
on the way over. Uh, you ready?

You're actually looking forward
to this, aren't you?


Ever done any fund-raising

No, but I've been warned.

Ah, don't let my children
frighten you.

I said we've been assigned
to the team

a double homicide.

Two monkeys...

strangled by a mongoose.

Did you say something?

No. Is there something
you want to tell me?

No, not that I can think of.

Must have been some honeymoon.

Yes, it was.


So, we're not discussing it.

I'm not discussing it
with anyone.

Tell me, and I'll be
your best friend.

Please, just...

Just think of me
as one of the guys.

Talk to me, buddy.

Guys don't talk
about this stuff.

Oh, yeah, right.

Don't you have any women
friends you can talk to?

She's not in church
every Sunday,

but she was a member
for many, many years.

She's a piece of work.

She's the best fund-
raiser we ever had.

You're gonna love her.

Oh, hiya, handsome.

I thought maybe you'd forgotten
all about me.

Oh, it's you.

When did you get back?


I'm just kidding.

You know I like you.

And I really like you.

Come on.

Come on in.

Let's get this party started.


Hi, Annie,
it's Paris... Petrowski.

Paris Petrowski.

Oh, of course.

I'm sorry. I'm so nervous.

I-I got a call from school,
and Peter never showed up.

I came home, and he's not here,

and I was wondering
if he was at your house.

No, no, I-I haven't seen him.

I know Ruthie was supposed
to walk to school with him,

but I'm sure the school
would have called if...

if Ruthie
weren't there, either.

I know this sounds awful,
but to tell you the truth,

I'd just feel
better if I knew

the two of them went
missing together.

I was kind of hoping Ruthie
could talk to Peter.

He left here really
angry this morning.

What made him angry?

Well, we... we have
a new neighbor.

A man, a very
nice man.

And... I've...

I've kind of
been seeing him,

or he's been
seeing me.

He... he comes
over a lot,

and we stayed up
talking last night,

and we fell asleep
on the couch.

Well, he was here when
Peter woke up this morning.

I mean, we really
weren't doing anything,

but I'm sure it looked
that way to Peter.

It's okay, Paris.

Uh, I can call the school
and get someone

to ask Ruthie
where she thinks he is,

and then I can call Kevin,
and we will find Peter.

You can talk to him,
and everything will be fine.

I don't know, Annie.

I think Peter senses
that this guy is somebody

I could get serious about and...

I don't know how we're
gonna make that okay.

How long have you known him?

A couple of weeks.

I know that's not long,

but he's a really nice guy,
and I'm attracted to him.

He has a lot of money,
and he wants to take care

of me and Peter, and frankly,
I could use some taking care of.

Well, thank you.

Gosh, we really appreciate
your helping us out.

Well, if you want me
to teach you

the tricks of the trade,
now you just stick around

because I got plenty of tips
about fund-raising, see?

And you could see
how I work my magic in person.

I think he's too young
and too innocent, Gladys.

Well, he...

he may be too young,
but he's not very innocent.

Bye, Chandler.



So, I gathered you two
had met before.

How did you meet
Mrs. Bink?

Uh, when I first
moved to Glenoak,

she called up and
invited me over.

Said she was
having problems

and needed somebody
to talk to.

She knew that you were
recovering from surgery,

but, uh...

when I got here,
Mrs. Bink said that

she just wanted to check
me out and didn't want

to have to drive
all the way to the church.

Did... did she
look okay to you?

Well, I don't know what
she's supposed to look like,

but, um...
uh, it's hard to say.

I couldn't tell.

I mean, she looked
the same today

as the last time you saw her?

Well, the last time I saw her,
she was...

Uh, she was just like
she was today.

Wickedly funny and seductive,
in an elderly sort of way.

Why do you ask?

I don't know, it's... you know,
it's my first day back,

and my instincts
may be off, but I...

I think you're lying.

Is she sick?

No, no, don't... don't
break her trust.



Hands above your head.

Step back and slowly turn
away from the ticket booth.

I didn't mean to scare you.
I'm sorry.

Whoa, whoa!

I'm sorry, sorry.

It's okay.

Bad call.

I didn't mean to scare you,

but you ditched school, and
your mom's worried about you.

You don't know a thing
about me or my mom,

so why don't you just
shut up, okay?

Hey, I may be your friend,
but show a little respect.

I'm still a police officer, and
you're still truant from class.

Did Ruthie rat me out?

We're talking about you now,
not Ruthie.

Do you want to talk to us

about why you didn't go
to school today, Peter?

'Cause I didn't.

Just take me home.

We're supposed to take you
to the Camdens'.

Your mom had to go to work.


Hey, would you like a
chocolate chip cookie

fresh out of the oven?

I already told everyone.

Peter went to the movies
at the Promenade,

if that's what this
is about.

Uh, no, hold
your horses.

This isn't a bribe.
I just felt like baking.


I'm hoping that Kevin
and Roxanne

are going to find Peter
and bring him over here.

And when they get here,
I thought Peter

might like some
homemade cookies.

So, it's not a bribe?

It's a reward
for ditching school?

I'm sure Peter
was having a bad day

or he wouldn't be at the movies
at the Promenade.

What do you know?

What do you know?

We'll be right back.

Peter doesn't like his
mother dating the guy

who moved into the
house behind them.

I know.

I talked to his mother.

I don't think she should
have had him sleep over.

Well, Mrs. Petrowski
feels the same way.

You know, even parents
can make mistakes.

What's going on?

Nothing, but I...
I need a minute with Ruthie.

Uh, there's chocolate chip
cookies in the kitchen.

Why don't you help yourself
and keep an eye

on the boys at the same time?

Fine by me.

You were saying...

even parents can
make mistakes?


Hi, Simon.





May we please
have a cookie?

Yeah, sure.

Thank you.

Why do you two look
like you're up to something?

You want to tell me
what it is?

Well, I'm gonna go upstairs
and put my books away.

Do you want to come?

No, we want to stay
with the cookies.

You could take your cookie
with you.

Come on.

I saw him.

He stopped in his
car and asked us

if we wanted a
ride to school,

but Peter said no.

Don't worry,
I would never take a ride

from someone I didn't know,
no matter how nice they are.

He struck you as nice?

He struck me
as trying to be nice.

There is a difference.

Yes, there is.

I hope you don't mind,
I told Peter

he could bring his dog.

No, I don't mind.

There's chocolate chip
cookies in the kitchen.

You ratted me out, traitor.

I'm not a traitor,
because I told you I would tell.

I promised I would tell.

That makes me a woman
of my word.

I'm sorry about the dog.

I found Peter at the Promenade
outside the theater,

and I felt a little guilty
about the way I busted him,

so I told him
he could bring his dog.

I can take him up
to my apartment

if you don't want him
in the house.

No, no, he'll be fine here.

I'm gonna head back to the
station, drop off Roxanne.

Save me some cookies.

Everyone hates me now.

Yes, indeed they do.

Welcome to the ministry.


Score one for Mrs. Bink.

And... wait a minute.

Another one.

She works fast--
I mean, these checks

beat us to the office.

How is it they respond to her
and not to us?

I'm not sure,
but fund-raising

is the one thing she does well.

I think her secret
is that people

would rather give her money
than talk to her.

I'll talk to Mrs. Bink.

If she'd wanted you to tell me,

she would've told you
to tell me.

She just said
if I told you anything,

she'd tell everyone
I'm in a work release program,

and I got my PhD in prison.

How bad is it?

No, don't tell me.

B... uh-uh.

We need to replace a roof,
and we need some greenbacks.


I remember the summer

that your wife was in France,
and you and I...

Oh, praise the Lord!

Just drop the check off
at the church.

Oh, now, please, Daniel,
you can do better than that.

I don't want to have to put you
on the tightwad list,

especially when you spend
that kind of money on toupees.

Oh, that sounds
much more generous.

God loves a cheerful giver.

Well, let me just say two words:

Tax deduction.

Let me try again.

You don't want the IRS to know
that you cheat on your taxes,

because I know how much cash

is in the collection plate
on Sunday.


Blessings on you.

How's my best and oldest friend?

Gladys Bink.

I'll make it short.

The church needs money
to repair the roof,

and you're driving
a new Mercedes.


Just drop it off
at Eric's office.

Leave your message
at the sound of the beep.


Miss Bink?

Is that you?

You're late for your chemo,

and you know how important it is
to stay on schedule.

Look, I know you're there.

Can I just come over
and get you?

I-I don't mind.


Roxanne called.

She wants to know
if we want to meet

at Pete's, and since
I have to pick up

a book for school anyway...

I'm exhausted.

I'm not.

I don't suppose
you want to go without me?

I could, if you don't mind.

I'd really like to see Roxanne.

I'll see you at home,
Mrs. Kinkirk.

I won't be long.

Well, we-we
received the checks.

But I'm afraid we, uh, we
also made a few people angry.

Ah... do we care?

Uh, well...

it's just that, uh,

some people felt slightly...




at this time of your life,
you may need some friends.

Are you feeling okay?


I'm feeling fine.

So, you're not having any...

health problems?

Well, what if I am?

Are you?

I have cancer, if that's
what you want to know.

But I didn't use that
when I got the money.

No, of course not.


I'm just, uh,
so sorry to hear that.

My prognosis is good.

I'm going to be fine.

Did that weasel...

Chandler tell you?

Not a word.

So who else knows about this?

My doctors and the nurse
that gives me the chemo.

Who else needs to know?

I do.

Why on Earth

would you want to know?

Because I can get you some help,

just like I would any other
member of our church.

Yeah, I can get someone
to drive you to chemo

or, you know,
someone to pick you up,

someone to help you
around the house

while you're not
feeling well,

you know,
someone to run errands,

someone to just call
and check on you every day.

Who you going to get?

Name one person,

besides you
and your family members.

Well, of course there's someone.

Well, names escape me
at the moment,

but they'll come to me.

You know, no one at that church

gets me but you.

Let's face it, they don't
like me and I don't like them.

That's why I'm so
good at getting

the money out of them,

they're not bad people,

they're just prone
to suggestion.


We don't need a roof so badly

that I'd risk having you
isolate yourself

from the church members.

And you're wrong;
they do like you.

Well, some of them like you.

Doesn't matter
if they like you or not

if you need help while
you're going through this.

You're wrong on both counts.

It does matter.

And you...

you need a roof and...

a whole lot more.

Look, with all the problems
people are having, I mean,

I imagine every fund
that you have

is just about gone.


How you going to get
the money to help people?

I don't know.

But we always find a way.

Thanks to you.

Well, it's not only me.


I got help.

You know, Eric...

people should just
do the right thing.

To give of themselves and...

just to share,
share their good fortune.

But they won't unless you...

unless you threaten them or--

that's right--
threaten or-or reward them.

That's why people
need to believe

in heaven and hell.


Don't you think?

Uh, well...

I couldn't believe
how great it was.

I mean, I hope you don't mind
if I talk to you about this,

but I certainly can't
talk to my mom,

and Mary's not around,
and Ruthie's too young.

No, not at all.

I mean, this is what women
talk about, right?


And it's so nice to have
a woman friend to talk to.

So, anyways, where was I?

So what happened?

I'm grounded.

I'm not gonna
be able to go

over to your place
for two weeks.

It's school and
then straight home.

I'm not gonna say
I told you so.

You're probably lucky
it's only two weeks,

you ditched school.

But maybe we could
add church into the mix.

Just ask your mom.

That's not a bad idea.

It'll at least get
me out of the house.

Maybe it would even
help you.

It was stupid.

I don't even know
why I cut school.

I guess I was
just angry.

So, are you feeling better now?

I'm feeling better about my mom,

but I'm not feeling better
about Dick.

Maybe you'll feel better
about him in time.

I don't think so.

Oh, I forgot to give you my
mom's check for the church roof.

And I wanted to donate
my allowance, too.

I'll give it to you
tomorrow at school.

Peter, do you mind
if we have a little talk?

I'm on the phone with Ruthie.

Please, can I just
have a minute?

I got to go.

Okay, see ya.

You mind if I sit?

What'd you do,
turn that dog against me?

I like dogs.


your mom and I stayed up late
last night talking.

So I heard.

We completely
lost track of time.

You should know that my mom has
to get up early and go to work.

So maybe it wasn't a good idea.

Look, I'm gonna level with you.

I just moved here,
and I'm lonely, okay?

I got divorced
a couple of years ago,

and I really haven't dated much.

And then I met your mom,
and I'm crazy about her.

It's been a long time since
I've been crazy about anybody.

You don't even know her.

I just want the chance
to get to know her.

And you.

Why are you in such a big rush?

Why do you say that?

I don't know.

It's like you've been over here
every day since you moved here.

You've mowed our lawn.

You've picked up groceries.

You've even cooked dinner
for us.

All that kind of stuff.

Why would you do that?

I never really thought that
those were bad things to do.

I was just trying to help.

I like helping out.


Or maybe you're just trying
to take over around here.

Hey, guys.

What's going on in here?
Everything okay?


Peter and I were just
having a little chat.


Everything's cool.

No big deal.

Peter, did you remember

to give Reverend Camden
the check when you were there?

Sorry, I forgot.

But I told Ruthie I have it,
and I'll give it to her tomorrow

so she could give it to her dad.

Is that for the church roof?

I hear it almost fell in
on Reverend Camden's head.

I'd like to help.

Don't worry about it.

I'd really like
to kick in a little.

Sure. Great.

I can't imagine being
that intimate with someone

and not being married to them.

I don't know how people
have casual sex.

There doesn't seem to be
anything casual about it.



Don't pay any attention to me.

I only know about married sex.

I-I don't know anything
about the other kind of...

I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.

I've so enjoyed talking to you,
and if I offended you...

No, please.

It's okay.

I've enjoyed
hearing you talk, really.

What you've said
has really made me think.

♪ ♪

Thanks. This is
really nice of you.

My dad wants to make
a donation, too.

I think that'll make
my dad really happy.

The more people who just
voluntarily make a donation,

the fewer people he has to ask.

My dad hates asking.

Good. I'm glad
it'll make him happy.

Let's go.

Wait, let me
grab my purse.

Oh, just leave it
there; I'm paying.

Everyone has money.

Us, too.

Look, I appreciate
you being so generous

but I was wondering

if maybe you'd give
of yourself as well.

No, I know you can't
repair the roof.

No, look, uh,

Mrs. Bink needs our help
right now.

I know she doesn't come
to church every Sunday,

but she's still a member
of the church.

Well, uh, a lot of older people
stop coming to church.

It-it doesn't mean
we just abandon them.

I know how she is but, uh...

but it's-it's what I think
we should do.

Or what?

No-no, there-there's no
or what...

I understand that, but...

Well, on the other hand,
who are we to judge?

I mean, she's not the...

I know, but...

Yeah, but think of all she's
done for us through the years,

all the money she's raised...

Yes, I know, know
how she's raised the money,

but, well, she needs
our help and...

That's great.

No, I-I'm happy you do give
to cancer charities,

but this is a cancer patient
who you know,

you know, who's not asking
for money.

She just needs your help and...


Reverend Camden, its Chandler.

I was just checking to see
if everything was okay.

Uh, no, I wouldn't say okay.

Well, I stopped by the office
on the way home.

I've been getting
some phone calls.

I can imagine.

Look, I confronted Mrs. Bink

and she could use some help.

Not with money,
but with everything else.

I offered.

She said absolutely not.

She didn't want people to know.

I think she didn't
want people to know

'cause she didn't want
people to refuse her

and they are refusing.

I-I mean, I've already
called 20 people.

And I think
we should help her.

I mean, I think everyone
should help her.

I understand.

And we still have
to get that roof fixed

before it rains again
and the ceiling falls in.

Yeah, I know.

So do you got any ideas

as to how that's going
to happen?


But I have faith
in your ability

to figure it all out.

Whatever you want to do,
I'm here for you.


I said I'm here for you.

You're a good man, Eric Camden.

This is your church
and these are your parishioners

and I am
your associate minister.

Just tell me what to do.

I forgot to give you
something yesterday.

Oh, that's okay.

Plant one on me.

You think you can buy your old
man out of a good morning kiss?

It's for the roof.

That's big money.

It's a big roof.

And I wouldn't want to sit
under the new roof

unless I helped pay for it.

That's-that's very nice
of you, Ruthie.

I mean ten dollars is
very generous. Thanks.

You're welcome.

We have something
we want to give you.


What-what would you like
to give me?


now this looks like
this piggy went to market

and this little piggy
had a lot of... roast beef.

It's not roast beef.

It's money.

Lots of money.

Where'd you get so much money?


Oh, oh.

Hold on there,


where'd you get the money?


From everyone.

Yeah, everyone.

You asked everyone
for money?



What is wrong with you?


Yes, there is.

No, there really isn't anything
wrong with me at all.


Hello, Mrs. Kinkirk.

Hello, Mr. Kinkirk.

I missed you this morning.

And I missed you last night.

I got in so late,
I didn't want to wake you.

I got up early
and I didn't want to wake you.

Well, I'll be wide awake
when you get home.

I can't wait.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Um, hey, is Roxanne around?

I wanted to say hello.


She's right here.

It's my wife.

She wants to
speak to you.

Hey, Luce.

You didn't tell him
I told you anything, did you?

I mean, I went on
and on last night

and totally forgot that the two
of you work together.

And the last thing I would want
is to freak you out about the...

No, of course not.

I had a great time and I think
we should make a point

to get together once a week
for pizza.


Yeah, it's almost like
having a sister.

Okay, let's make a date.

Pizza and girl talk next week.

See you then.

You're looking at me funny.

No, I'm not.
Yes, you are.

Just tell me why you're looking
at me that way.

What were you and Lucy talking
about until late last night?

You wanted us to be friends.

So now we're friends.

They've been very nice
to let me live

in their guesthouse for
the past six months.

Uh, but I think I've imposed
on them long enough.

Now you'd like
to impose on me

and live in my guesthouse?

If you'd agree to it.

Aren't you worried
that people at the church

will turn on you
if you're living in my house?

When the worm turns,
it can get pretty ugly.


I'm not afraid of that.

Well, what about rent?

Are you going to pay rent?

Well, I don't make
very much money.

So I was thinking maybe
I could drive you places.

You know, run errands for you.

Look out after me?


Someone just opened up
the pearly gates

and sent me an angel!

I am not going to church...

only on the holidays.

That is entirely up
to you, Mrs. Bink.

Thank you.

Hey, if you're ditching
school again...

I'm not.

Besides, I couldn't
if I wanted to.

My mom's driving me


I just wanted to drop off
a check for the church

and I've got
a little donation, too.

I'm very touched, Peter.

That's so nice.
Thank you.

And that guy my mom's dating,


...well, he wanted
to make a donation, too.


What do you make of a guy

that'll give up that kind of
dough just to impress people?

Hey, how's it going
at Miss. Bink's house?


Yeah, it's a great space.

She's a great woman.

For the first time, I feel like

I have some purpose here
other than just filling in.


Sorry about the money.

Oh, that's okay.

Just don't do
it again.

Sorry about the money.

Oh, that's okay.

We are very sorry
about the money.

I know.

I forgive you.


What night is
pizza night?

Pizza night
with Roxanne?


I think I'll join
you this week,

maybe every week.

No, you won't.

It's girls'
night out.

Hey, Ruthie.

Morning, Annie.

It's good to see
you here!

I see you brought a friend
with you.

I did.

Hi, guys.

I think that this is the
perfect time to tell you,

you're not gonna
mess things up

between your
mother and me.

Try it again

and I'll manage to get
your dog out of the house.

After that...

I'll get you out
of the house.

Understand, kid?

Well, it's been an interesting
first week back.

Obviously, uh, I still have
a lot of work to do here.

Maybe we all have a lot
of work to do.

And maybe the work
is to love each other.