7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 7, Episode 20 - Dick - full transcript

Ruthie's friend Peter is upset that his mother is marrying a man he does not know that well. Eric counsels him and the mother. Meanwhile Chandler helps another couple who wants to marry but has several problems with their relationship.

This is all your fault.

I should've put a stop
to my mom dating this guy

before they decided
to get married.

They're not gonna
get married.

My father won't
let it happen.

I have a feeling Dick isn't
gonna let Reverend Camden

or anyone else
get in the way.

Your son, Matt,
got engaged

on the first date,
didn't he?

Uh... yeah.

I knew my first
wife for years

before we got married.

That was a mistake.

This isn't a mistake.

How does Peter feel
about your getting married?

Well, Peter's opinion
is very important to me,

but what kid Peter's age

wouldn't resent a man coming
into his mother's life?

It's to be expected.

But I'm confident
that I can win him over.

I'm working on it,
and I'm gonna make it work.

Because I'm not
just marrying Paris,

I'm marrying Paris and Peter.


Just curious.

How do you decide
who you're going to marry

and who I'm going to marry?

Family, you know, I...
I know the families.

And you should set up

counseling sessions
'cause, uh,

a lot of those dates
are coming up fast.

Well, who should inform them
that, uh,

you've passed the services
off to me

rather than performing them

You should.


Of course, uh,

I could do all the weddings,

as well as all
the counseling sessions,

if you change your mind
about going home to make peace

with your father
before he passes away.


What's wrong?
You look funny.

Nothing's wrong.

Then, why do you
look so happy?

We look happy

because it's coming up
to our 20th anniversary.

We've decided
to renew our wedding vows.

And who do you think

would be the best guy
to do that for us?

The man who married
you 20 years ago?

Oh, we don't
even know where he is.

We were thinking, maybe,
Simon's dad could do it.

Would you ask him?


Yeah, I can ask
my dad, but...

well, don't...
don't you want to ask him?

Well, the last
time we spoke

wasn't all
that pleasant.

I don't think this
is a good idea.

Why don't you guys just take
a second honeymoon or something?

Why doesn't this sound
like a good idea?

Maybe we should talk about this
when we get home?


We've already
talked about it!

We really want
to do this!

You know, my parents
renewed their vows

on their 20th anniversary.

Well, your parents
aren't my parents.


What are you doing?

Uh, nothing.

But in a couple of minutes,
I'm going to be busy

disappointing a young couple
who asked Eric to marry them.

Why are they going
to be disappointed?

Well, because he passed
the wedding off to me instead.

Well, maybe they
were just being polite

when they asked
for Reverend Camden.

Maybe they'd rather
have you marry them,

and they just didn't want
to go around him.

Yeah, I doubt it.

I don't.

Well is this
just another example

of your budding psychic ability,

or are you just trying
to make me feel good?

After they come in,
you can answer that yourself.

Call me back and let me know.

I'll call you back
and let you know.


Hi, I'm Cathy.

And this is Mark.

Are we early?


Where is
Reverend Camden?

Uh, his workload's

really overwhelming right now.

Uh, he's just so busy
since coming back to work,

you know, catching up
with everyone and...

well, I told him

that I'd be happy
to talk with you

if that's okay with you.

You would be doing the
counseling sessions with us?

Would you then also
be marrying us?

Uh, well, if... you know what,
if you want me to,

I... I would be honored
to make you two the first couple

that I marry at this church.


I can't believe
our luck.

Yeah, we had wanted
to ask you,

but we didn't want to
offend Reverend Camden.

This is so perfect.

Uh, I'm flattered
that you want me, but, uh...

why do you want me?

Well, the last time
we did this,

Reverend Camden got us
into this huge fight.

Then, Mark's mother
got involved,

and we just called
the whole thing off.

Have you resolved
your differences since then?


That's why we're here,

to resolve
our differences.

We want to get married.

Here's the milk I picked up.

Oh, thanks.

Would you like a glass
to go with that donut?

What... what donut?

The powered sugar donut
you have all over your face.

You know, just because
you're back at work

doesn't mean you can eat
whatever you want.

I know, it's

just that I had
a stressful day and...

I haven't had a donut since
I can't remember when and...

I slipped.

It won't
happen again.

Please tell me that part
of your stressful day

was that you told
Peter's mom and that guy

you're not
marrying them.

Please tell me that part
of your stressful day

was that you told Peter's mom
and that guy

you're not marrying them.

Please tell me...

They just had
their first session,

and like all
counseling sessions,

it's entirely confidential.

Peter doesn't like Dick.

Did they tell you that?

Yes, they did.

I can't discuss this
with you, Ruthie.

I'm sorry.

I can't discuss it
with you, either.

Go wash your face.

Dinner's almost ready.


I'm studying.

When is Kevin
gonna be home?

I don't know, why?

No reason.


Why do you
need Kevin?

It's private business.

I need him to do me a favor.

What kind
of favor?

A brother-in-law kind of favor
or a police kind of favor?

A police kind of favor.

I'd tell you what it is,
but you're too busy studying.

Your mother is never
gonna live with us.

- She hates me.
- She doesn't hate you.

She hates everyone,
but you, of course.

That's not true.

Name one person
your mother likes.


I believe we've
already mentioned me.

Let me interrupt right there.

All right, uh, we've gotten
a little off track here.

Uh, we're getting a little tired
and unreasonable.

You mean him?

No, I mean,
if we're gonna continue,

I'd like to get off the subject
of Mark's mother

and get back to you two.

Now, when the
first wedding

fell through,
did you two

break up
with each other

for any period
of time?

A month.

And, uh, during that month,
what'd you do?

She got engaged.

To this guy.

I was on the rebound.

Then, Mark decided that he
wanted to work things out,

so I got rid of the other guy.

How many men
have you been engaged to?


And... and have you ever been engaged
to another woman...

or women?


And you know why.

Because no woman
is gonna marry a man

with a mother like his.

I don't think she's that bad.

Not yet.

Drop me off at
Chandler's, will you?

I have a feeling he's
having a bad night.

If he's having
a bad night,

maybe you should give him
some time to himself.

He likes being with me,
especially when things

aren't so great
at the church.

He's not gonna like
being with you

if you're just
gonna push him

to go home and see his father.

Why do you think
I'm gonna do that?

Because I know
you had a call from Sid.

And I know Reverend Camden
got a call from Sid.

And so, I know Sid
wants his brother

to come home,
and he's enlisting your help

to get him home.

But Chandler knows
what the situation is,

and if he wants
to go home, he'll go home.

He should go home.

And so should you.

I'm not gonna be responsible

for dropping you off
at Chandler's

and contributing to his breaking
things off with you.

You underestimate my power
as a woman.

Believe me,

I don't, but you underestimate

how volatile Chandler is
in this situation.

Okay, not that it's any
of your business,

but I was going to volunteer

to go see Chandler's dad
with him.

I don't think you should suggest
doing that right now.


How's the
homework coming?

It's coming
just fine.

Need some help?

No, I don't need some help.

I was just asking.

But you can drop the attitude.

And if I don't?

And if you don't?

Let me handle this.

This is between me and Peter.


This isn't between
just me and him.

It's between
all of us.

I don't want you to get married.

You don't even know him.

We don't know him.

But I want you
to get to know me.

Why, so you can be my new dad?

I... I don't want
to be your new dad.

I know you have a dad.

I just want to be your friend.

You don't fool me.

You know all the right things
to say, but it doesn't matter,

because we both know something
isn't right here.

I'm sorry.

I'll go
talk to...
No, no, no, I...

I don't want
to upset him

more than he's
already upset.

This is hard for him.

He... he's used to being
the man of the house,

and I'm stepping
on his territory.

I understand

Let him cool
down and...

I'll try again

And if that
doesn't work,

I'll try the next
day and the next,

because now that
I've found you,

I'm never gonna lose
you, Paris Petrowski.


I just want to know why you
wouldn't want your parents

to renew their vows?

I mean, what difference does it
make? They're already married.


They're already married.

So they don't need
to renew their vows.

So can we change the subject?

I'll call you back.


Sorry to interrupt.
I just wanted

to talk to you
before I went to bed.

I have a lot of homework
to get finished.

Then... you shouldn't be
on the phone with Simon.

If you have time
to talk to Simon,

surely you have time
to talk to me.

All right.

I'm sorry I reacted
the way I did.

I don't know why

you want Reverend Camden
to marry you again,

but if that's
what you want,

it's okay with me.


It's fine.

I was just surprised.

Why were you surprised?

It's just that I
wasn't included

when you were making
the plans.

That's all.

Oh, honey.


That's all
that's bothering you?


I'm sorry.

I didn't know
you were waiting for me.

I grabbed a burger
down at the pool hall

and played some pool.

I saw a couple guys
from the church.

That's okay.

I could tell
when I called the third time

that you weren't
having a good day.

You probably needed
to get out,

have some fun.

You've got lots of stressful
things going on in your life.

My life is just fine
as long as you're in it.

What's on your mind?

Oh, nothing.

You do a lot of things well.

Coy is not one of them.


I'll get straight to the point.

You still want to marry me,


And your dad is still
very sick, right?


So I was

thinking when you go home
to see him I could meet him.

I've got a vacation
coming up next week.

Sid, my brother,
called you, right?

I'll let you know
when I'm going home, all right?

And I don't think I want to take
you with me if I do go home.

But I don't feel like arguing
about it right now.

Let's just drop it okay?

No, it's not okay.

How many people need to tell you

that you should go see your dad
before something happens?

Chandler, I can't imagine
my dad being in that

condition and not spending
every minute with him.

Well, he's not your dad.

No, but he's going
to be my father-in-law

and I want to meet him
before he dies.

And I want you to make up
with him before he dies.

I'm doing the best I can.

So is he.

All right, now that
you've gotten your way

and we're arguing about this...

I'm getting angry.

And before I say something
that I shouldn't,

I'm gonna say good night.

Good night.

I love being married
to you.

And I love being
married to you.

Good night.

Good night.

Could you run a check
on someone to find out

if they've ever been
arrested before?


Yes, you can.


Ruthie wants you to
check out a guy.

Juvenile records are sealed,
so that won't be so easy.

He's not a juvenile.

It's the guy Peter's
mom's marrying.

If Peter's mom has a reason
to run a check on the guy,

then maybe she shouldn't
be getting married.

It's not Paris who wants the
information, it's Peter.

What does Peter

He just doesn't
like him.

He suspects
something's wrong,

but he doesn't know what
and Ruthie thinks

he's knows more
than he's saying.

What does your dad

He thinks that his sessions
with Peter's mom

and Dick are private.

So, I didn't
mention it.

Maybe you should.

Well, couldn't you
just find out

if there's anything wrong
before Ruthie and
I say anything?

Maybe Peter should
just talk to your dad.

He probably will be brought
into the sessions,

but still...

Could you?


Hey, good morning.

Good morning.
Good morning.

Is it?

I think so.

Me, too.

Well, I don't.

Boys, why don't you go
make up your beds?

With new sheets?

Or dirty sheets?

The dirty sheets.

I mean, wait--
they're not dirty.

We just put them on

Is this about
I just

get this terrible feeling
in my stomach

whenever I talk to Peter.

I feel afraid for him.

Did you see your
father downstairs?

Did you tell him that?

No, but I told him

Peter doesn't want
Dick marrying his mother.

I just feel like
Dad's not listening,

even though he says he is.

What do you want your father
to say that he's not saying?

I want him to say he's not gonna
perform a wedding ceremony

for Paris and Dick.
Well, that's

not gonna stop them
from getting married

if they want to
get married.
Well, then

maybe Kevin can have the guy
arrested for something

and then put him in jail.

Maybe that would stop him.

Well, he can't do that

just because Peter
doesn't like him.

Maybe there's a better reason.
I don't know.

But someone should find out.

Someone should do something.

It's okay, Ruthie.

Everything will be fine.

Why does everyone keep
saying that?

You don't know
what's gonna be fine!

Ruthie, just trust
your dad.

Trust him.

He's very good at
what he does.

He was good
at what he does.

He was.

But this is now.

You want some

Is it a holiday,

or are you just trying to get me
to like your fiancé?

The second.

Why aren't you at work?

I took the day off.


'Cause I wanted to.

I, uh, I have some things I
wanted to do today for myself.

Like shop for a wedding dress?

give him a chance.

He's a nice man,

There aren't a lot
of nice men around.

The second.

There aren't a lot

of nice men around.

And I don't know what makes you
think this is a nice man.

He wants to be with us.

He wants to take care of us.

We can take care of us.

Maple syrup or blueberry?

I'm sorry.

I didn't know we were having
a special breakfast.

I told Ruthie I was gonna
walk to school early.

We want to get to the library
to use the computer.

I have a computer; it's all
hooked up to the Internet.

Maybe you and Ruthie could use
it after we have breakfast.

You want a donut?

You stopped
for donuts?

No, but we could go get some
if you want.

Should you be eating donuts?

Aren't you supposed to be
on some special low-fat diet?

Yeah, but I'm craving donuts.

Why do I get the feeling

this donut dilemma is leading up
to something?

It's not.

Not really.

I know

I can't have donuts.

I have to stay away
from donuts.

I have to stay
on a low-fat diet.

We all have to do things
we don't want to do.

And yours is not
eating donuts.

And mine is going home
to see my dad.

Did I say that?

Look I know my brother
Sid called you.

He also called

And he called me.

But I can't go home,
especially now.

I have to marry Cathy and Mark.

Oh, so you did meet
with them.

How did that go?

Well, they didn't object
to my performing the service.

Yeah, I knew
they wouldn't.

Nice of you to send them my way.

What, this being
my first wedding

at the church
and all.

But, uh, perhaps
there's a lesson

hidden in this whole
Cathy and Mark saga?


Mm, yeah.

Maybe I don't need a lesson.


Maybe I've already learned
my lesson.

And maybe

I know something that
you and Roxanne

and Sid don't know.

'Cause maybe,
just maybe I called my dad

and told him
that I wanted to come see him.

And maybe he told me
not to bother.

Did you have
to give me

the most difficult
couple in the church

to do marriage
counseling with?

They're not the most difficult.

They're the easy ones.


Oh, is this Dick?


Uh, hi, this is Eric Camden.

I-I was calling for Paris.

I wanted to see if she and Peter
would meet with me today.

You know, maybe if I could speak
to the two of them alone,

I could get to the bottom of
what's really bothering Peter.


Uh, I'd love for the three
of us to come in together.

Paris and I were talking
about it last night.

We'd like to learn how
to communicate as a family.

Maybe you could
help us out.

What do you say?

Simon, there's something
about my parents
that no one knows.

And I don't want
anyone to know.

Whatever it is,
you can tell me.

You know that, right?


And now your father's
going to find out

and your mother and
your entire family,

and once it's
out, it's out.

This is just so

Well, do they know
that you know?

No, they don't know.

how'd you find out?

Uncle Walter
told me.

Uncle Walter?

You're still
calling him uncle

even though
he's not your uncle

and he stole money
from your family?

Okay, Walter told me.

Why did Walter tell you?

He didn't know
that I didn't know.

Why didn't you ask
your parents

when you heard about this?

Because obviously they
don't want me to know.

But you do know,

and you should tell them
that you know.

I'm not going to tell
them that I know.

Well, this certainly
explains a lot.


I'm sorry.

Me, too.

Brought you something.

I used to eat those.

Your brother didn't tell me
that you'd called your father.

Well, Sid doesn't know.

I haven't told anyone.

I'm sorry I forced
you to tell me,

but now that
you have...

...do you think your
father really meant it

when he said you
shouldn't come home?

You know,
I've thought about it

and, uh...

yeah, I think he did.

But you know,

I've learned
a little something

from living
with Mrs. Bink.

I know.

You knew it would be good
for me as well as for her.

Go on.

Just realized that...

my father is undergoing
treatment, too,

knowing that they're not going
to be able to save his life

but maybe they can just
possibly extend it a little.

Treatment isn't easy
for someone who's surrounded

by people that love
and support them,

much less being surrounded

by people
that you haven't been nice to,

so I think maybe

he simply is just not up
to facing one more person.

Maybe he's not up to facing me.

Maybe he's just not ready
to contemplate

his life and death.

Hmm, and maybe
he's never going to be.

Maybe... but maybe not.

Go on.

Well, maybe your dad's not
ready to have a confrontation,

but maybe he needs to know that,

that there doesn't need
to be a confrontation.

There doesn't need
to be a big dramatic scene.

So what, then?

I'm supposed to just show up

and we'll start talking
about the weather

like nothing ever happened?

You could do that.

A-And then if time allows
and if you can find your way,

maybe then you can have
a more meaningful conversation

that would give both of you
some peace.

Hmm, yeah, or maybe
I can do my father a favor

and just stay away
like he asked.

Maybe that would give him peace.

Well, what would it give you?

Guess what, you guys?

We're going to Vegas.


What, to gamble
or see a show?

To get married.

Could I talk to you
out in the hallway?

I, uh, I-I figured
we'd avoid the possibility

of having the wedding
called off a second time

and just leave my mother
out of it.

And I couldn't be happier.

My mother will get
over it.

Hey, maybe she won't even care.

I care.

Not that it matters.

Oh, okay.

Um, then we won't do it.

Yes, we will.

I-I-I thought
I would ask

maybe next time we got together

if you thought
I could meet Mark's mother.

I don't recommend it.

Well, on the other hand,
maybe it's a good idea.

I mean,

maybe if we could get her
on board, then you could have

the wedding
that you always wanted to have.

I-I want you to have that.

Vegas is fine with me.


let him have a shot
at the old bag, huh?

Mark, I thought we agreed

that Vegas would just be
so much easier.

We'll still have that option.

I'll ask my mom
to drop by your office

if you're going
to be in.

I'll be in, but, uh, please just
call me if she's not coming.

I will.
All right.

So, uh, you're meeting
with Mark's mom?

Did you eat that?

I, uh, I have a session
with Peter and his mom

and Dick at the house,

Yeah, I'll be around.

Mark's mother.


I thought you said everything
went great last night.

Well, it didn't.

He's apologizing, okay.

I didn't do anything.

If I did, I'd
be apologizing.

Sometimes people apologize
when they want an apology.

And sometimes they don't.

Accept his apology
and then apologize yourself.

I'm not doing either.


Because maybe if he thinks
I'm still angry with him...

he'll go see his father.

I believe
that's called

emotional blackmail.

I don't need your opinion.

I'll call Lucy, my friend Lucy.

Go ahead,
I'm happy you're friends.


I'll be right there.

Where are we going?

We're not going

I'm going.

Fresh fruit.

Yes, yes, Mrs. Bink.

I know how to pick a melon.

Yes, I'm sure.

You thump it
and if it sounds hollow,

then it means
it's ripe.


Please come in,
I'll be just a minute.

anything besides melon?

You need to eat
more than melon.

I'll cook something for you.

Uh, no, I have no plans.

All right, I'll see you later.

You're married?
Uh, no.

I'm living
with Mrs. Bink

at her guesthouse.

It's a long story.

Hi, uh, Chandler Hampton.

Um, I've seen you
in church, right?


Mrs. Iglitz, better known
as Mark's mother, the witch.

I'm, um, I'm very happy
that you wanted to see me.

Well, I understand
that, uh,

Cathy and Mark's wedding
got called off

last time they made plans?

It was my fault.

I know, I know he has to
make his own decisions,

especially when it
comes to who to marry,

but I, I took the
risk, stepped forward,

and I told Reverend Camden
what I still believe.

There are some people

who should not be
married to each other,

and Cathy and Mark
are two of them.

He's afraid of her,

and I think really
that's why he wants you

to talk to me, because
I am not afraid of her,

and I'm not afraid to
tell you what I know.

And what do you know?

She's a grifter.

A grifter?


Con artist.

Uh, in Glenoak?

Oh, she knows it's Glenoak.

She's been engaged seven times,
seven different cities.

Yeah, she had mentioned that
she had been engaged before.

Mm-hmm, did she also mention

that she extorted money
from all of her fiancés?

Did she tell you that?


She didn't need to tell me that.

I'm a mother.

I'm a woman.


I hired a private investigator,
and when I confronted Cathy,

she had some very entertaining

Really, you should ask her.

I'm sure she'll tell you.

Mark seems
like a pretty smart guy,

and he did go back with her.

Well, I think he finds her
very wild and exciting.

He just can't seem
to stay away from her,

even though I know
he knows he should.

Does Reverend Camden know
about her past?

Yes, I assume
that's why he passed

on getting involved again.

Look, let them down easy.

Otherwise, word
will get around

and other couples might
not want you to marry them.

Of course, uh, on second
thought, if you're living

with Gladys Bink,

you're probably not afraid
of what people think, huh?

Good for you.

I know that Peter's
having a hard time,

but if we could just get him
to see the possibilities,

you know, it could be
so nice for all of us.

I've always wanted to
have the opportunity

to be involved
with Little League.

I like to fish, go camping.

I just don't think
you're even giving
Dick a chance.

I'm just not comfortable
around him.

Is there anything he could do
to make you more comfortable?

Yeah, he could leave.

Or he could give you
a little more time.

Would that work?

Maybe it's not a
matter of time.

Maybe this just
isn't going to work.

But I want it to work,
and you want it to work.

Could I talk to your mother
and Dick alone?

Be my guest.

Do you see
what I'm up against here?


No offense, Reverend, but
this just isn't working.

I-I think maybe we need
a child psychiatrist,

somebody who specializes
in child therapy,

un-unless of course
that would offend you,
and then, well...

I-I'm willing
to go along at this pace,

if that's what it takes
to get you to marry us...

...because Paris wants you
to marry us.

And I do, too.

Well, it doesn't offend me
at all,

and I know how much you love
to jump right in and,

and take action, Dick,
and it's a good thing.

You have initiative.

So I-I'm going to set you up

with the best child psychiatrist
I know.

Dr. Gibson?
Hey, it's Eric Camden.

Well, I, uh...
I have a bit of an emergency.

Could you see a young man
and his mother

and prospective stepfather,


I'd really
appreciate it.

How's 7:30?

It's great.

Okay, yeah.




Let me break
the news

about this to Peter alone,

since we don't want him
to resent you

any more than
he already does, Dick.

And I can walk
him home.

That's okay.

We'll wait outside.

So, you told Simon you knew
before you told us you knew?

I don't really think
that's the issue here.

Neither do I.

Don't gang up on me.

I didn't say

It was
all in the look.

I saw the look.

Who told you
we never got married?

Uncle Walter.

Walter... whatever we're
calling him these days.

He didn't intentionally do it.

He thought I knew.

Well... I,
for one, am glad

it's finally
out in the open.

Me, too.

Because now that it is,
I have a couple of questions.

I don't think I should
be here for this.

Neither do I.

But he's here,

and-and he already knows
our little secret.

So what do we care
if he stays?

We still want his
dad to marry us.

Why didn't you ever get married?

I mean, didn't you think
when you had me

that maybe you should
get married?

We were going to.

We, we planned, to but...

but you came early,

We are married!

We've been living together
for 20 years.

So why now?

Why are you getting married now?

We want to.

The subject came up
when you and Simon

started getting so close.

And we felt kind
of guilty about lying to you

and everyone else
all these years and...

and maybe a little ashamed.

Not ashamed, but...

What he said.

We want to.

I am madly in love

with your father.

I'm madly in love
with your mother.

Well, I'd be happy

to have my dad
marry you.

Really, I...
I can ask him.

Do you have a license?

We have a license.


Please tell me
that's not what

I sent you with an apology.

There were supposed to be
many more flowers involved.

The flowers you sent me
were beautiful...

and so was the card.

I wanted to give you this
and apologize in person.

I apologize for pushing
you to go home.

That's really sweet of you.

I don't want to get carried
away and cross any lines.

I thought that's exactly

what you've been wanting
for months.

Well, I decided
I want to wait...

until we get married.

Oh, God, I knew

I shouldn't have become
friends with Lucy.


Well, after hearing
about her honeymoon...

I decided it's
best to wait.

I'm serious.

Well, good,

'cause I got to go back
down to the church anyway.

Well, can I wait here?


There's some spaghetti
in the fridge if you want it.

I'll be back,
and we can discuss

this whole matter of
waiting more seriously.

You know, maybe you should talk
to Mrs. Bink.

Get to be friends with her.

Get a second opinion
on sex and marriage.


You are my best friend forever.


After I told him
I wanted to wait,

I feel like he can hardly wait.

So it worked?

Like a charm.

But you are
going to wait?

I'm going to try.

Who knows?
Maybe I'll be good at waiting.

I'm just so used to pursuing
that I guess

I've never really given myself
the chance to be pursued.

I think you're going to like it.

Me, too.

I'll see you, Luce.

What worked?

And who's going
to like what?

Oh, it's nothing.

Wasn't that Roxanne?

Yes, but it was a private,
personal call.

Maybe she'll write it down
in her diary

and then we can read about it.

I'm sorry, it's a journal.

What makes you think
I'm still keeping a journal?

You may be married,
but you're still Lucy.

Where's Kevin?

I don't know.
Where's Peter?

I don't know.

Where's Dad?
Where's Dad?

I'm right here.

What's going on?

I... can't really say.

You don't have to.

Please, every woman keeps
the ring

if the wedding gets called off,

sells it and buys herself
something nice.

I know you're new at this,

but, really, that's the reality
of the failed engagement.

Actually, Marshall
from Hartwell

didn't give me a ring.

He gave me his house.

But I couldn't keep a farm,
could I?

What I know about pigs?

And Bob from Galveston

gave me his boat.

So what? What was I going to do
with a boat?

Take the pigs fishing?

And that piece of junk

that Mike from San Jose put
on my finger-- please.

What'd I get,
three, $4,000 for that?

I learned the hard way.

Sometimes silver looks
just like platinum.

She calls that grifting?

Fine, I'm a grifter;
so sue me.

Still want to go
to Vegas, Mark?



I just want to be part

of what Paris and Peter
already have.

I want to be a family.

Yeah. They are a good
family, aren't they?

Yes, they are.

Okay, we just have
a couple of minutes left,

Peter, and I know you've
been patiently waiting

for me to get
around to you,

and you're probably
wondering why I haven't.

I've just been
letting Dick talk

because the more
he talked,

the more certain
I became of something.

Peter, has Dick
ever threatened you?


He told me in church
last Sunday that...

if I messed things up
between him and my mom...

that he'd get rid
of my dog and...

then he'd get rid of me.


We're all being truthful here.
Come on.

Oh, I don't doubt
Peter's being truthful.

I don't doubt it at all.

Because, Dick,
you're the classic abuser.

You just met Paris,

and already you
want to marry her.

You want her to spend
less time at work,

more time at home,
maybe even quit her job.

You know just what to say
to gain control.

You've already made Paris lose

some of her confidence
in her parenting skills,

and I imagine, pretty
soon, you'd have her

feeling so badly
about herself

that she'd let you make
all the decisions,

maybe even the ones
regarding her son.

And if you could just get
the two of them separated...

well, it'd all
just become so easy,

the emotional abuse...
and then the physical abuse.

And certainly it would help
for you to get rid of the dog.

You are an abuser,
aren't you Dick?

We're ready.

Wait, wait
a minute.

Wait a minute.

I- I don't know what
kind of crazy scheme

this is, but
whatever it is,

you better have proof

of what you just accused
me of, Dr. Gibson...

if you are a doctor.

I'm a doctor all right.

And Kevin here has the proof.

And not of my
having a Ph.D.,

and an MD...
but of your being an abuser.

After ending
a violent marriage to you,

your ex-wife filed
a restraining order against you.

And you're on probation
for violating

that restraining order
right now, aren't you?

Don't go near Ms. Petrowski
or Peter ever again.

Don't call, don't write.

If you even look
over the back fence,

I'll come after you.

However, you're... welcome

in my office any time,

day or night.

If you feel you're
on the verge

of losing your temper,

I can help you, or I can get
someone to help you.

Like you helped me tonight?

This was about helping
Paris and Peter.


How did this happen?
How did...?

Oh, it happens.

These guys know the game,

and you don't even know
you're in one.

But I'll tell you this,

your son is a very good judge
of character,

as are a lot
of children.

So pay attention

the next time he doesn't like
someone or he feels scared.

Thanks, Dr. Gibson.

Reverend Camden, Kevin.

I know this has come
as quite a shock,

so let's all hang out here
a while longer

and give everyone a chance
to talk.

Bob Gibson.

Oh, sure.



You sure you two don't want
to use the church sanctuary?

No, we're fine,
we've been living in...

This will be fine.

We don't want the roof
to fall all the way in.



We are gathered
together today

to join this man
and this woman

in holy matrimony.

If there is anyone here
who objects...

♪ ♪