7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 5, Episode 21 - Chances... - full transcript

Robbie panics when Mary announces she's returning for the summer months, so he tells her to follow parental instructions not to date her all that time. Mike inspires Lucy how to stay with Jeremy now he's accepted to Juliard: marriage, so they get engaged. Matt is dumped by Cheryl for not telling the family about them, but that gives him the courage and more reward then he bargained for. Wilson was dumped but traveled all the way home, just when Mary's claim of sexual intimacy with Jeremy make Robbie deck Lucy's equally startled fiancé. Simon and Tim discover Deena dated each of them behind the other's back. Serena abuses her lonely birthday to make a move on therapist Eric, while hardware shopkeeper James Carver courts long-oblivious Annie.

Remember when you asked me
to come home

and I said I wasn't ready?


I'm ready.


Oh, I wanted to surprise you,

but the whole family
already knows.

Knows what?

I'm coming home tomorrow,
for the whole summer.

And if it works out,
I may stay, permanently.

What about Wilson?

He's just a friend.

Isn't this great?

We will finally be dating
and living in the same town.

Actually, in the same house
for three whole months.

Why aren't you more excited?

I'm excited.

I guess your parents aren't
coming to our wedding.

They didn't send
a reply card.

I'm so sorry.

You did invite your parents,
didn't you?

They didn't even
want us to get married.

That was six months ago.


So? Give them a chance.

Call them, invite them
to the wedding.

They're your parents
and my future in-laws.

They should be here with us,

or at the very least,
asked to be here.

It's a mistake to invite them.

No, not inviting them
was the mistake.

This must have fallen
out of your backpack.

Oh, thanks.

This invitation says
"Matt Camden and guest" on it.

Am I your guest?

Are you taking me
to John's wedding?

Well, I thought
I'd just go alone.

Is that because you haven't
told your family about us?


Are you ever going to tell
your family about us?



Look, I don't know.

Why do they have to know?

Because it feels like
you're hiding me.

You're ashamed of me.

I don't like being
your dirty little secret.

I'm not hiding you,
I'm not ashamed of you,

and you aren't a secret.

I've been busy;
I'm hardly ever home.

When the time is right,
I'll tell them about us.

Now, can I finish
reading this chapter?


Did you hear yet?

I told you, it's a long shot.

Stop worrying.

So, when'd Jeremy
get back in town?

Uh, last night.

He's in town
for graduation.

He's staying
with an aunt.

I'm going to Deena's.

Deena and Simon
are back together?

No, ever since she moved back
here this summer with her dad,

they made some stupid pact
to be friends.

Well, just 'cause
Simon and Deena went out

doesn't mean
they can't be friends.

You are so naive.

James Carver--
you know, from church--

he drew up these
plans for the room

I'm building over
the garage for Mary.

I break ground

The church board signed off,

and I got my building permit
this afternoon.

Is it going to work out?

Mary and Robbie "together,"

living together
for the whole summer.

And what about Wilson?

Well, I guess we'll just
have to wait and see.

You know, James is so sweet,
he refused to take any money.

Oh, that's nice,
because we don't have any money.

James is always helping you out

with something, isn't he?



How did your group
counseling session go tonight.

Oh, group is Wednesday night.

I had Serena tonight.

You know what I mean.

No, I don't.

When did Serena go back
to private counseling?

Uh, awhile ago.

Group sessions just
weren't working for her.



Oh. Okay.

Flight 177

now arriving at Gate 35.

Flight 177 now arriving
at Gate 35.


All right, thank you.

Right over here, ma'am.


All right.

Thank you.

There you go.

What are you doing here?

I'm trying to stop you
from making a huge mistake.

Look, what we had in New York
stays in New York.

And I'm leaving New York.

End of story.

I want to go home.

Yes, but do you want
to go home to Robbie?


I love him.


You love me, I know you do.

Come on, how many people
get a second chance?

This is our second chance.

Don't blow it.

I'm sorry, Wilson.

I'm going home,
and that's what you should do.

You should go home
and forget about me.

Flight 2210 now boarding

rows 30 through 45.

It's over.

Please have
your boarding passes ready.

Attention, please.

Flight 2210 is now boarding
rows 30 through 45.

Please have your...

I'm meeting Jeremy
at the pool hall.

from the Latin "obsiderae".

A persistent,
disturbing preoccupation

with an idea or feeling.

Or in Lucy's case, Jeremy.


There's nothing wrong with Lucy

wanting to spend time
with a boy she likes.

She's in denial.

Refusing to admit the truth.


I got to work on my sermon,

and then Lou said he wanted
to go over the budget.

Can't wait to see Mary.

See ya.

You don't think he's going
to see Serena today, do you?

No, not today.

Deena's. Bye.

- I'll be home for dinner.
- Okay.

Who are you calling?

James volunteered to
help me with the garage.

And after looking
over these plans,

I'm going to
need some help.

You don't need him.

I'll help you.

You will? Why?

You shouldn't have to ask
strangers for help.

So, you don't want me
to call James.

Okay, we can work
on the garage together.

Just us, right?

Yeah, just us.

Hey, Priscilla
and I need to know

if you're bringing a
date to the wedding.

We have to give a final
head count to the caterer.

Did you decide
if you're bringing Cheryl?

Yeah, I don't think I can.

You know, no one
knows about her,

and I don't think our coming out
should be at your wedding.

Why haven't you
told your family

you're dating her.
What's the big deal?

It's, it's complicated.

What do you think,
they won't approve of her?

Yep, that's it.

Oh, come on.

I just don't want to talk
about this, okay?

My boyfriend just
broke up with me.

He called and said he met
someone else at the mall.

Um, we should go out.

I mean, get out...
of the house, your house.

Lunch and a movie on me.

Not a date,
just two friends going out.

I don't think I'd be
very good company today.

You're great company every day.

Come on, it'll help you
get your mind off things.


Just give me a second.

Hey, aren't you supposed to be
on your way to pick up Mary?

Yeah, but I wanted
to talk to you first.


I spoke to Mrs.
Camden this morning,

and I wanted to let you know
I'm in total agreement with her.


Mrs. Camden says
she thinks Mary and I

shouldn't date this summer

since we're gonna be
living in the same house.

Annie said that?

I just want you to know,
I want to stay at your house.

And if that means
hands off Mary, so be it.

Not that my hands are...

Well, I've had my... But...

I'm gonna shut up now.


Well, I should get going.

Are you all right?

'Cause you're acting
a little funny.

I'm great.

I'll see you at home.

Your home.

My-my home, too, for now.

As long as I leave Mary alone.



We... we don't have
an appointment today.

Oh, I know, but, um,

I'm having kind of a, um...

a spiritual emergency.

You heard?

My parents FedEx-ed the envelope
to me from New York.

I was waiting for you.

We should open it together.

Oh, hi, Sarah.

Hi, Ruthie.


Man, are you tall.

We don't even look like
we're the same age anymore.

What are you doing here?

Oh, this is
my grandfather's store.

I've been helping him out
on weekends.


Oh, did you hear?

I've been modeling...

catalogs and stuff.


Oh, Sarah?

Grab a box of roofing nails
from the back.


Did those blueprints
work out for you?

Oh, they're great.

Thanks again.

Hi, guys.

I'm glad I ran into you.

I'm in between projects and
I'd love to give you a hand...

or hammer
as the case may be.

Just name it, anything.

I'm all yours.

No thanks, mister, we've got it
all under control.

Uh, Ruthie, you remember
Mr. Carver from church?

Oh, call me James.

I think I like Mr. Carver

I called my parents.

They're not only coming
to the wedding,

but they're
already here

in Glenoak.

They drove in last night.

They're staying at my aunt's.

This is all your fault.

That's great news.

No. Not great!

Bad! Very bad.

My parents told us in January
we shouldn't get married.

They're only here
to ruin our wedding.

Baby, calm down. Sit.

I have something
to tell you.

My dad paged me.

When I called him back,

he told me my favorite

the one who lives
back East, had to go

into the hospital
for some test.

And he had to fly back
to be with her.

Now my grandmother means
the world to me.

I spent almost every summer
with her on a farm

from the time I was seven
until I was 17.

She's helped me
and empowered me in ways...

I can't really explain.

I can't even

imagine getting married
without her and my dad,

which may happen
if her test come back positive

and doctor's won't let her fly,
and my dad has to stay with her.

Oh, John.

Now, I could look
at this situation

with my grandmother negatively.

Or I could have faith,
be positive

and believe that everything
is going to be okay.

I'm choosing to be positive.

And Pris, baby,
choose to be positive, too.

Give you parents
a chance.

And have faith
that they're here

because they love you

and they want to see us
get married.

Okay, I'll give
them a chance.

Can I ask you
a question?


What attracted you
to your ex-boyfriend?


Well, he's cute and he has
a good sense of humor.

Oh, and he's really smart.

But if he's so smart, then
why did he break up with you?

I never would have broken up
with you.

I didn't break up with you;
you moved away.

And if you hadn't moved away,
we'd still be together.

I really wish
we were still together.


I think we belong together,

and I really miss being
your boyfriend.

Would you pass the cheese?

What did you say?

Pass the cheese.

No, the other thing.

Oh, I said I still love you.

Oh, hey,
what are you doing here?

I came to apologize
for last night.

I wanted to tell you
it's not fair for me

to pressure you into telling
your family about us.

And it really doesn't matter
if you tell them at all,

because I know you care for me.

I wanted to
tell you that,

but I changed my mind.

So I've been drinking coffee
in the cafeteria, trying

to figure out exactly what I did
want to say and then I thought,

hey, Cheryl, why don't you just
tell him what's in your heart.

You're not the man
I thought you were,

and I don't want to see you

Good-bye, Matt.

You know I'm so glad

that you and Mrs. Carter
can make it to the wedding.

Thanks again
for inviting us to lunch.

Oh, call me, Sylvia.

And call me, Gene.

We have to confess

that we're not here just
for the wedding.

I knew it.

I told you.

They're here
to stop our wedding.

Well, you can't stop it.

We're in love
and we're getting married,

and there isn't anything
you can do or say

that will change our minds.


What did you say?

We're not here
to stop your wedding.

We're here to help you with it.

And to apologize

for not being here

When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong.

And I was wrong.

We were both wrong
about you and John.

We just thought
he was like your last husband.

And we didn't want to see you
make another mistake.

But John's
not a mistake.

He may be the best thing
that's ever happened to you.

Aunt Janice calls quite often

and tells us about your life
and about John.


I'm sorry about that.

No, it's, it's my fault.

I, I just wasn't expecting
such a big reaction.

Oh, why not? I am finally home
for longer than a weekend.

And we're here, together

like we've wanted to
be for so long.

This is what you
wanted, right?

You did call me and
ask me to come home.

That was awhile ago.

You don't want me here.

Of course I want you here.

Good, because this is
a second chance for us.

A fresh start.

And this time
we're going to do it right.


Well, we were together

and then I lied to you and
tried to take you to the motel,

and you broke up with me,
that's one.

Then you took me back only to
find out I was two-timing you

with Cheryl, so you broke up
with me again, that's two.

So, technically,
this is our third chance.

Didn't you mention some sort
of spiritual emergency.

Oh, I, I was
just getting

to that part
of my story.

So, last night after
a counseling session,

I went over to the Pool
Hall to have a burger,

and this guy,
he just...

he like wouldn't stop
hitting on me.

It happens to me all the time.

Guys, they just try
to pick me up.

Not, all guys.

You don't.

Why aren't
there more guys

like you out

Hey, maybe I need to, uh,
hang out at church.

Well, going to church is good

but not if it's only
to find men.

You know, a guy tried
to pick you up at the Pool Hall,

this is not spiritual,

this is not
an emergency,

so why are you really here?

I completely forgot
about the budget meeting.

I'll go.

We can talk
later, okay?


I, uh...

not only consider you
to be my minister,

I also consider you

to be my friend.

And friend to friend, I think
you out to stop seeing Serena.

I'm not seeing her,
I'm, I'm counseling her.

The woman has a reputation.

She's always here
and not just for counseling.

Give her a chance.
She's trying to change.

I don't think so.

She's a woman
who gets what she wants.

And whether you choose
to recognize it or not,

what she seems to want...

is you.

Jeremy's piano teacher

that he apply to Julliard,
so he did.

But he never thought
he'd get in.

And he did
and now...

I don't understand.

Jeremy and I are in love.

We had a plan.

He was going to move back
to Glenoak

and attend Crawford with me
in the fall.

And now he can't.

Well, he can.

He said he would.

He actually said he'd give up
Julliard for me.

Then what's the problem?

If he gives it up for me,

he'll regret it.

And eventually, he'll resent me.

So, I can have him and know
he'll never be happy or...

I could give him up
and I'll never be happy.

Couldn't you just move
back East?

My parents will never let me.

There is a way to make it harder
for your parents to stop you.

I'm breaking our pact.

I don't want to be your friend

I want to go somewhere
where we can be alone.

My Dad is working at home.

My house has
way too many people.

We could go to the movies.

I don't want to see a movie.

Neither do I.

What is wrong?

You didn't even say
two words to me

on the ride home.

And you've been
acting like a nut

ever since you picked
me up at the airport.

I have to tell you

It was your parents' idea,
so don't get mad at me.

Your mom and dad said

that as long as we live
in the same house this summer,

we can't date.


I guess it's kind
of a hands-off policy.

That doesn't
make any sense.

I've been home before
and we were together.

I'm going to talk
to my parents.

You can't.

If they get mad,
they may make me move out.

And I don't have anywhere to go.

We can still be friends.

I don't want to be your friend.

Well, what can we do?

Your parents have spoken.

Their house... their rules.

Nice work.

Oh, thank you.

I was just
passing by

with a truckload
of free lumber,

and I thought I'd see
if you could use it.

Oh, I couldn't accept
free lumber.

But if you can'y use it,
it'll just go to waste.

Didn't you tell me

you were on a
tight budget?

Every penny counts.

Okay, thanks.

And my offer to help
is still open.

Thanks, but no thanks.

We got it all
under control.

You can leave now.

Hi, Ruthie.

I guess I'll just unload
the lumber and take off.


I don't want to get
in anyone's way.

Ruthie, that wasn't very nice.

James was just trying to help.

Yeah, he was trying
to help himself to you.

Are you blind?

The guy likes you.

James is just a friend.

You aren't allowed
to have guy friends.

You're a mother.

Okay, fine, I'll go apologize.

Oh, put your shirt on.
She's not coming out.

I'm supposed
to apologize to you.

You remind me of my wife.

She was tough, too.

And funny.

She always spoke her mind,
no matter what.

She was

fiercely protective
of her family

and of me.

And she always kept an eye
on things.

Did she get in trouble a lot?

I get in trouble a lot.

Yes, she did.

She always meant well.

Trouble just seemed to find her.

Sounds like my twin.

So, if you have a wife,
what are you doing here?

I know you like my mom.

My wife died in a car accident
a couple of years ago.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, too.

I loved her very much.

I still miss her.

Like I said,
I'm sorry about your wife,

and you seem like a nice man,
but you still can't have my mom.

She's already taken.

I know.

As long as we're clear on that.


Eric, it's Serena.


I know it's a lot to ask,

but could you stop by my house?

I really want
to finish our conversation.

Uh, you know, I think
that's a good idea.

We-we need to talk.

So, you'll stop by?


I'll be waiting.

Excuse me.

We have to talk.

No, we don't have to
talk, because I listened.

I heard everything
you said to John.

You should be happy.

It must have been very
hard for you, dating me,

being ashamed of me.

Not wanting your family
to know about us.

Well, now you're free
to date someone

you can bring to John's wedding.

Now, you're free to date someone

you think
your parents will approve of.

No, you-you don't understand.
Let me explain.

No, I've heard enough.

You should go before
someone who knows your family

sees us talking
and says something.

This way, please.

I got your

You said you had a solution
to our problem.

Well, what is it?

Will you marry me?

Hello! I said,
will you marry me?

Oh, hi.
Hey, man.

What's going on?

Your parents sound so excited.

They know how I feel about you.

We're doing the right thing--
getting married?


This is our chance
to be together forever,

and we're not going to blow it.

Oh, we should go
tell my parents.

Okay, but we need to
make one stop first.

Who are you calling?


Well, I found these plans
mixed in with the lumber

that James dropped off,
so he might need them,

and I'm calling him

to let him know
he can pick them up.

That is so lame.

He left them here on purpose.


I've seen Matt and Mary,
Lucy and Simon

all leave stuff behind
at some boy or girl's house.

Some boy or girl
that they want to see again

and are just too chicken
to say, "Hey, I like you.

You want to go out?"

Instead, they leave a book,

a sweater, a backpack or plans.

Wake up, Mama.
That man

has the H-O-T-S hots for you.

James here. Leave me a message
at the beep.

Hi, James. This is Annie Camden,

and I think you may have left
some plans behind,

so, just, you know, come over
whenever and pick them up.

Okay, bye-bye.

I try to help you adults out,
but no one listens.

Hey, Mom and
Ruthie, I'm home.

Yeah, got to give the phone
lines a rest for a while.

Oh, I didn't know you
and Robbie were back.

Welcome home.

Yeah, some welcome home.
No one's here.

Well, Ruthie
and I have been working

on a new room for you
over the garage,

and everyone else is out.

They'll be home for dinner,
including Lucy's new boyfriend.

So, you're building me
a room over the garage?


Is that so you
and dad can make sure

that Robbie and I are
as far apart as possible?


Robbie told me not to,

but I really need to talk
to you and dad.

Where is he?

Probably out
with his girlfriend.

Your father's at the church.

Yeah, with his girlfriend.

Dad has a girlfriend?


No, he doesn't.

Um, what's wrong?

It's about the rule that you...

Never mind.

I'm going to the store
to pick up my paycheck.

Do you need anything?

No. Thanks, though.

What is going
on with them?

Don't you have enough
to worry about

with your boyfriend?

Got a couple more
things to do.

Check this out
out here.

Leave them alone.

This was a good idea.

I love the movies.

Yeah, me, too.

This is the best movie
I've been to all year.

Oh, yeah?

But it's over.

I guess we should leave.

Or we could watch it again.


I'm going to just
put my coat down.

Over here.


So, what's going on?


If, you know...

If we're not going to talk,
I should leave.

We can just talk
at your next counseling session.

It... it's my birthday.

Happy birthday.

It's... it's my 40th birthday.

That's, that's my real
spiritual emergency.

I'm all alone,

Ashley's with her father,
I don't have a lot of friends,

and since I started going
to counseling with you,

I don't like to have dates
with men I don't know well.

I don't want to be alone today.

I didn't know who else to call.

I think you may be
becoming too dependent

on our time together.

Can't you be a counselor
and a friend?

Please stay.

I bought steak and lobster
to do on the grill.

Of course, I don't know
how to work the grill.

My daughter Mary's coming home
today, and...

So, you'll stay and help me
with the grill,

and then you leave. Please?

Uh... well...

Please? I don't want
to be alone.

Look, I promised Robbie
I wouldn't say anything,

but I have to know why you and
Dad don't want me to date him.

I left a lot back in New York so
I could be with him this summer.

Wh-What are you talking about?

You told Robbie that
he couldn't date me this summer.

Well, yes, I'm not comfortable
with you and Robbie dating

and living under
the same roof, but, no,

I never imposed
a no-dating rule.

And I'm pretty sure

your father wouldn't do
something like that

without talking
to me first.

But why would Robbie lie?

You should ask him, not me.


Hey, Mary,
welcome home.

Yeah, yeah, whatever.

No, I'm, I'm glad
you're here.

I-I have something
to tell you.

Something to
tell everyone.

I'm dating Cheryl,

Robbie's ex-girlfriend, Cheryl.

That's great.

Um, if you'll excuse me,
I-I need to go find Robbie.

Look, I-I need everyone
in the family

to know I'm dating Cheryl.

I must be slipping.

I didn't see
that one coming.

You-you're dating Cheryl?

Look, I-I know I-I should have
told you sooner,

but now you know.

I like her, and I hope

that you and Dad
will give her a chance.

Where is Dad and Lucy and Simon?

They're out. They'll
be home later.

But I need everybody
in the family

to know about Cheryl.

You could leave a
note on the fridge.

Good idea. Thanks.


This is real, isn't it?

What, the ring?


Our love, our engagement.

Yes. Yes, it's real.

Dad? Hey, I've been waiting
for your call.

How's Grandma?


Don't you look nice.

I had plans to meet a friend
for dinner, but I got stood up.

Well, come on in.

A female friend?


I'm not ready
to date yet.

It's, uh, still
too soon.

Well, I understand.

Well, since you got stood up,
do you want to stay for dinner?

Oh, I don't want to be a bother.

Listen, I feed eight people
every night.

One more is no bother.

I'll only stay on one condition.

You have to let me
help renovate the garage.

Well, it is a bigger project
than I thought.

After dinner, I'll take a look,

and maybe I can get some
of my guys to help, too.

Why are you doing
all this for me?

I'd do anything for you.


Then... you can set the table.

The dining
room's in there.

Um, I'll be right there.

I just, uh...
I want to page Eric.

My mom and dad never said
we couldn't date this summer.

Why did you lie?

Talk to me.

I want to know
what's going on.

In the past, when things
didn't work out with us,

I just went home.

Now, if we get
back together and
things don't work,

my home is
your home.

And if it comes down
to one of us leaving

because it's too uncomfortable
to be living together,

it's not going to be you.

It's going to be me.

I am giving up more than you.

And what is that supposed
to mean?

I'm more experienced than you.

I've had adult relations.

I lived with a woman.

I know what it's like

to have a physical relationship
with someone,

and we're not going
to have that.

And I'm not going to go out
and find it somewhere else.

I'm giving that up for you.

And what makes you think
I haven't had "adult relations"

or a physical relationship
with a man?

No way.

I've lived in New York
since last November,

and let me tell you,
I've had adult relations.

Maybe it's the term
"adult relations."

What I mean...

I know what you mean
and that's what I mean.

Adult relations.

I don't believe you.

Okay, you don't believe me.

It still happened.

How exactly
did it happen?

Well, when a man loves
a woman, certain biological...

I know how it happens.

How did you and
this guy happen?


I met him
at the train station one night

and we exchanged numbers.

I told him to call me
if he was ever in Buffalo.

H-He lives in the city
with his family.

Anyway, um,
I had a really bad day

and I heard
from a basketball friend

that she was getting
a WNBA tryout.

I, I did really badly on a test
and I was just down,

and then he called

and asked if I wanted
to come visit him in the city.

His parents were going
to be out of town

and he thought
we could just hang out.

So, I took a train to the city

and we met up and...

it just happened.

So there, okay?

You're not the only one
who has had adult relations.

You're lying.

You would never do that.

I did that.

And what happened to the guy?

I never saw him again.

He said he had a girlfriend

and I am not proud
of the way that I acted,

but it happened
and you can believe me or not.

But that doesn't change the fact
that I did it.

And this mystery man's name?


I don't believe you.

You did not have
a one-night stand

with some guy you met
at a train station.


I-I told everybody we
were dating, I did.

Why did you do that?

You aren't going to make
this easy for me, are you?


I-I'm sorry.

Could you please give
me another chance?

What if your family
doesn't accept me?

I don't care.

You really told them?

And will you please be my date
for John's wedding?

I should say no, but I can't.

So do you want
to join me for dinner?

I'm really not hungry.

That's good
because I already ate.

Yeah, but you just invited me
to have dinner with you.

No, I invited you inside.

Do you want to come in?

I didn't do what I did,
tell my family,

so I could get something
from you.

I know.

But two minutes ago,
we were broken up.

And now we're back together
and I like you

and I want to take our
relationship to the next level.

The next level is...



So are you coming in?

No, you didn't.

Yes, I did!

I've stayed longer
than I should have.

Annie doesn't even know
where I am.

Oh, Lou called while
you were out back.

Annie called him and he told
her that you were at my house,

so you can stay.

I think I should get
someone else to counsel you.

I don't want someone else.

I want you.

I'm married.

I'm your minister.

I'm not asking
you to marry me.

What are you asking?

I think you know.

I think it's why
you came over here.

I think it's
why you stayed.

I stayed
'cause you asked me to stay.

I have been dropping
hints for weeks,

waiting for you
to make a move.

I'm tired of waiting.

I want you and I
know you want me.

Are you going
to do anything about it?

Well, are you?

No, you didn't.

Yes, I did.

Where have
you been?

I've been waiting here
for hours.

I went out.

Hi, I'm Simon.

Yeah, the friend, hi.

And you are?

I'm Deena's boyfriend, Tim.

Don't you mean ex-boyfriend?

Deena said you broke up
with her.

That was a mistake.

Well, it's too late.

She doesn't want
you anymore.

She wants someone who
really cares about her.

She wants me.

What's going on?

I came here to apologize.

Now I'm apologizing.

I was a jerk.

I'm sorry.

So, are you still my girlfriend
or what?

Yeah, are you still
his girlfriend or what?

It's unbelievable.

My parents have been here
for less than 24 hours

and they've been able

to change everything we had
planned for our wedding.

My dress, the cake,

the menu for the
reception, the flowers.

Basically, the only thing
we have left that we wanted is

your dad marrying us
at his church.

Let me tell you,
I had to fight them on that.

I tried to
tell you

their money always
comes with strings.

But I've decided
to be more positive like you.

I say let them do whatever
they want to our wedding.

The important thing is,
we're getting married.

I don't think
we can get married.

No, you didn't.

Yes, I did.

No, you didn't.

Yes, I did.


Oh. Here, cold water.

Come here.

Put the knife down.


Hold this,
hold it tight.


I think my hand
is okay now.

I had dinner plans tonight,
but I cancelled them.

Why would you do that?

Because I wanted
to be with you.

When I'm not with you,
I'm thinking about you.

And I know that you're married
and you love your husband

and nothing can ever happen
between us,

but I also know I haven't felt
this way about a woman

since my wife died.

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have done that.

I couldn't help myself.

I should go.

Jeremy and I have some
great news to share.

Where's Dad?

I don't know. I-I paged him,
but he hasn't called me back.

We'll wait till
he gets home.

We want to tell you and the
Reverend our news together.

- Okay.
- No, you didn't.

Hey, Mary, welcome home.

Yes, I did.


No, you didn't.

Yes, I did!

- No, you...
- Mary?

Do you know this guy?


You know Jeremy?

What'd you say
his name is?

My name is Jeremy.

You never said
you knew my sister.

Well, I didn't
know I did.

We met in New York.


New York Jeremy?

What are you
doing here?

He's my boyfriend.

You're Lucy's

Yeah. Small world, huh?

We need to talk.

This is the Jeremy
from New York--

the one
from the train station,

the one who lives in the city
with his parents, the one who...

She told you about
the train station?


I must have made
some impression.

Really, we need to talk.

I want to talk to Jeremy.

You're Mary's
boyfriend, right?

You knew about me
and you did it anyway?

Did what?
Yes, did what?

What did Jeremy do?


What's going on?

Yeah, what is going on?

Mary, tell them.

Tell them what you
and Jeremy did.

She had adult relations
with him.

I did what?

What did you do
with my boyfriend?

Don't look at me. I don't know
what they're talking about.

E-Excuse me,
what did Robbie say?

He said Mary had adult relations
with my fiancé.

I did what?

You make me sick.

W-Wait a second.

Did you say
you're engaged?

Yeah, Jeremy and I
got engaged today.

I'm not going

to Crawford next fall

and I'm giving up
my scholarship

so I can go to New York
with Jeremy,

but now I don't know
what I'm doing.

How could you do that
with my boyfriend?!

You know,
this was

the happiest day of my life
and now, thanks to you,

you've ruined everything.

Why did you even come back here?

What are you doing here?

I came to bring you back.

You belong with me in New York.

Who's this clown?

Robbie, this is Wilson.

Wilson, Robbie.

Wilson and I have been dating
for the past two months.

Oh, well, does he know that
you slept with my boyfriend?

I doubt it.

So, what's for dinner?