7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 5, Episode 22 - Are - full transcript

Robbie gathers the courage to tell Mary openly, now her lies are exposed, their relationship is over, staying with the family his priority. Simon nurses his broken heart on account of Deenah, refusing to become 'just friends' again. Wilson bonds, while bunking, with Matt and Robby, and demands for Mary to return and go steady in New York, or break up completely. Jeremy forgives Lucy for doubting her fiancé's fidelity. Ultimately Eric helps her transfer to his New York alma mater, near Juliard. The Camden parents finally realize Serena and James are seducing them, ward off each suitor and match the lonely hearts.

You missed dinner.

Mom made lasagna,
but nobody ate.

Who cares?

Where have you been?

I was over at Deena's and then
I walked around for a while.

Why are you outside?

Oh, it's better than inside.

What's going on inside?
Is Mary home?

Oh, she's home all right.

Dinner wasn't the only
thing you missed.

Well, Robbie lied to Mary.

Mary lied to Robbie.

Wilson's here.

Lucy's engaged Jeremy,
and Matt's dating Cheryl.

Oh, and Mary had
adult relations with Jeremy.

Adult relations?

That's what they're calling it.


Robbie told Mary
that Mom and Dad

said they couldn't date;
he lied to her.

Mary and Wilson
have been dating

for, like, two
months in New York.

She lied to him.

Wilson says he loves Mary,
that's why he's here.

Lucy and Jeremy
are getting

married so she can move

back East and they can
stay together,

that's why they
got engaged.

Matt said he was dating Cheryl,
but he didn't say why.

And the adult relations?

Mary told Robbie she was
with this guy, Jeremy,

and then Jeremy
came over.

And it turned out the Jeremy
she said she was with,

was Lucy's Jeremy.

So Robbie punched him.

And where were Mom and Dad

while all this stuff
was happening?

I don't know about Dad, but Mom
spent the day with this guy

who really likes her in a way
he shouldn't like her.

You know that James
Carver guy from church?

Where are you going?

Not in there.

If anyone asks, I'm at Deena's.

Pretty upset, huh?

Maybe it'll help if
you talked to someone.

Ruthie, if you don't mind
I really want to be alone.

So did you really have...?

No, I didn't have
adult relations with anyone.

Not that anyone
will ever believe me.

It's just
like old times.

You know, something bad happens,

I must've done it
because I'm bad.

"Oh, no, Bad Mary.

"Bad seed, no good.

Always hurting somebody."

I knew I shouldn't
have come home.

I knew coming back here
for the summer was a mistake.

I knew people
wouldn't give me a chance,

forget my past
and see how I've changed.

Sorry I'm late.

Yeah, where have you been?

Didn't Lou tell you?

No, I've been
paging you for hours.

It's turned off.

I didn't turn it off.


You've been with Serena all day?

It's not what you think.

Yeah, well, we can talk
about Serena later.

Right now we've got
other things to deal with.

Oh, hey, Reverend Camden.

Hi, Wilson.

Uh, Jeremy left.

He said that when Lucy's
ready to talk,

she knows where to find him.

What is Wilson doing here?

Isn't he supposed to be
in New York?

Wilson's in love
with Mary again.

He came here to take her
back to New York.

Apparently, they've been dating
for the last
two months.

And Lucy and Jeremy
are having a fight?

Yes, because Mary
told Robbie that she...

maybe you should sit down.

I don't want to sit down.

Then I'd like
to sit down.

What is going on?

You do not want
to be here.

I want to explain.

I love Jeremy.

I love him and you...

Is it really that easy

to believe I did
what you think I did?

You told Robbie
you did what you did.

What's to believe,
all I have to do is listen.

Oh, no.

You do not get
to be hurt, I am hurt.

You are not
the injured party, I am.

And once again, you are
the one inflicting the injury.

Look, this whole thing with
Jeremy is not what you think.

Let me explain.

I want to tell you
what happened.

Please, just let me explain.



Don't listen to me.

But if you
really believe

that Jeremy and I did
what you think we did,

why aren't you angry at Jeremy?

I am.

Then why didn't you give him
back his engagement ring

and tell him to get lost?

Because what happened
wasn't his fault.

How do you see that?

You must have seduced him.


Oh, don't act all innocent.

You probably had some wacky plan
and he got caught up in it.

I am angry at him.

But I'll forgive him.

And what about me?

I'll never forgive you.

Luce, you don't have
all the facts.

Don't say something
you're going to regret.

I wish you weren't my sister.

Something like that.

Lucy is engaged?

Of everything
I told you...

Jeremy and Mary,
Mary and Robbie,

Mary and Wilson,
Matt and Cheryl,

Lucy being engaged
is the most upsetting?

Well, you and I
both know that

Mary and Jeremy
didn't do anything.

I mean, I don't know why
she would have told

Robbie otherwise,
but we know our daughter

our daughter doesn't...

do... things like that.

There has to be
a logical explanation.

Well, you're right.

On the other hand,
Lucy getting engaged

and going to college
back East,

that's something
I can believe,

but why would she get engage
to a guy she hardly knows?

Jeremy was planning on moving
back here in the summer,

so he could go to Crawford
in the fall with Lucy.

Then he got into Julliard.

He told her he wouldn't go,

but she didn't want him
to give up Julliard for her.

So she told him she'd
go to college back East

so they could stay together.

But she figured
you guys probably

wouldn't let her
go with Jeremy.

You know, since they haven't
known each other that long.

So they got engaged.

That way no matter what,
they have to stay together

and it'd be harder
for you guys to stop her.

- Oh, Mary left.
- Mary left?

What about Wilson?

She said she had
to talk to Jeremy,

and that she'd explain
everything when she got home.

And if your family
can't be here,

we have to postpone
the wedding.

I know how important
family is to you,

and that you don't want to
get married without them.

We'll get married when
your grandmother's better.

Come on.

Let's pack a bag, we
have a flight to catch.

I already called the airlines

and I booked us on the next
flight to New York.

You need to be
with your grandmother

and your family right now.

You're the best.

Wait, wait, wait, who's
going to tell our guests

and the caterer
and the church,

and everybody else
involved our wedding

that there won't
be a wedding?

Well, we have just enough time
to pass by my aunt's house.

My parents wanted to help
with the wedding,

so now they can help
call it off.


Can't we
just talk first,

get to know each
other a little better?

I know you pretty well.

So you'll...
you'll sleep with me,

but you won't talk to me?

What do we have to talk about?

If we don't have
anything talk about,

why would we have sex?

Because it's fun.

Well, talking can be fun, too.

You must be
a really good talker.

See, you know, if you knew me

a little better you would know

that I am an excellent talker.


Yes, I'm engaged.

Jeremy and I are in love
and we're going to get married.

This isn't like you.

I mean, you're smart,
you're levelheaded.

I am smart and levelheaded.

So can't you trust
that I'm making

the right choice with my life?

You and Mom weren't much older
than I am when you got engaged,

and look how you guys
turned out.

And you didn't have
a scholarship or any money

when you went
to school back East.

Everything I want
to do is possible,

and you know that.

And that's what's killing you.

Because you know I will make
this work with Jeremy.

And you don't

want me to because you want me
to stay here,

at home, until you're ready
for me to leave.

Well, I'm sorry,

but I'm ready to leave now.

I love you and Mom...

but I love Jeremy, too.

You okay?

Do you want to talk?

You want to tell me
why you lied to Mary?

I mean, we never said you two
couldn't date this summer.

I should probably
tell Mary first.

Yeah, that's fair enough.

How did your talk go?

Where is she going?

To find Jeremy.

That's where
Mary went.


I got your message.

We need to talk.

No, you need to explain.


Good evening, Mr. Stewart.

What are you doing?

Uh, I'm not sure.

Do you want me to get Deena
for you?

Deena doesn't want me.

Never mind.

Let me drive you home.

Let my dad
take you home,



Yeah, she just walked in.

It's Carol.

Hey, Carol.

Oh, he's just a neighbor.

Can I call you back?


Who was that?

A friend.


Why did you lie and tell
her I was your neighbor?

Carol doesn't know
I'm dating anyone.

Well, why don't you tell her?

What's the big deal?

Have you told any of
your friends you're dating me?


Okay, none of my friends
know about you.

And you thought we'd have
nothing to talk about.


I'm looking for a guy,

he's got dark hair,
kinda tall, about my age?

His aunt said
he was here.

Maybe you should ask
your sister.

Mary's in back.

Hey, Ruthie said you
were over at Deena's.

How is Deena?

How's Deena?

How's Deena?

I'll tell you how Deena is.

She's selfish and mean and
thoughtless, self-centered,

inconsiderate and insensitive.

She's just fine.

I should go talk
to him.

No, no, we should
let him calm down.

He'll, he'll come to us
if he wants to talk.

Can we put
the kid's problems aside

for just a second?


I'd really like to know what you
were doing at Serena's all day.

And I, I want to tell you.

And I need to tell you
about something

that happened to me tonight.

Something very strange.

Don't go away.

I won't.


I need to talk to you.

Here's Reverend Camden's
phone number.

He's a very good friend
of my family's.

And if you need any help,
you should call him.

Flight 88 to New York

is now boarding.
My plane is boarding.

We should get going.

Take good care
of her.

Thanks again.

I love you.

We love you too, honey.

It's so unfair

that they have to postpone
their wedding.

I agree, but what
can we do?

John's family
is back East.

I think there's something
we can do.

You said you needed
to talk,

but you haven't said a word
since you got here.

James, what's wrong?

I did something
stupid tonight.

I kissed a woman.

It's Annie!

I kissed Annie.

I love Annie.

Annie, who?

My Annie?

I'm really sorry.

When did you kiss my Annie?


I kissed her tonight.

Help me.

Help me not to be in love
with your wife.

I need to talk to you.

I can't believe you made
up the whole thing.

I'm sorry,

I didn't think I was
involving anyone else.

And I never would have
involved you

if I'd known you were Lucy's

But why haven't you told
Lucy any of this?

I tried

but she won't listen to me.

I think she'll listen to me.

Oh, good. Talk to her.

Explain that I don't want
to be the cause

of any problems for you two.

And I'm not sure

if you should marry my sister,

but I should not be the reason
that you don't marry her.

I think I'll go call her
right now.


from the moment your husband
started counseling me,

I have tried

I could think
of to get him.

I've asked him to
lunch, he said no.

So, I started
showing up

at the church with
picnic lunches.

But that
didn't work.

I started breaking stuff
at my house

just so I could have him come
over and fix it.

I flirted,

and deceived your husband
in almost every way I know,

but nothing has worked.

So, um, today I
decided I'd make

my big move.

I'd invite him over
and seduce him.

But even that didn't work.

After I made my move
all he wanted to do was...

was counsel me.

All he wants to do is help me.

It's so frustrating.

So, I, um,

I came here tonight
to apologize for...

Trying to steal my husband.


Um, I'll go.

And don't worry,

I'm, I'm gonna stop
going to counseling.

I'll leave Eric alone.

I just wanted to
say I was sorry.

I'm curious, why my husband?

From what
I understand

you can have any man you want.

Why would you want a man
you can't have?

I think you want my husband

because you know
he won't want you back.

I think since
you started going

to counseling, you've realized

that your relationships
with men are problematic.

And that having a relationship

with a man you can't have
is appealing.


Sit down.

Stay awhile.

Let's talk.

What's the big deal?

So, I haven't told my friends
we're dating.

Who cares?

You got mad at me

because I didn't tell people
we were dating.

Yeah, so that was different.

Are you gonna tell me

why you haven't told any
of your friends were dating?

Are you gonna tell me
why you won't sleep with me?

I know you're stalling,

I don't know why,
but I know you are.

I'm not going
to tell you

why I didn't tell
my friends about us.

I like you.

I want you to stay.

I want us to be together.

And I want to stop talking.

So what do you say?

What's it going to be?

I'm tired of talking.


Simon, it's me, Deena.

You have to talk to me.

I still want to be your friend.

You're a good friend.

I don't want to lose you.

Well, I don't know about you,

but I don't spend the day
making out with my friends.

My friends aren't that friendly.

I feel so badly.

You were outside the house
tonight and you looked so sad.

I didn't mean to hurt you.

Well, you did.

I think you're attracted
to my wife

because she's my wife.

Which makes her

Which means
there's no chance

of any sort
of commitment.

No, no chance that
you'll get involved.

And that's
what you want.

Because you're still very much
married to your wife.

That's crazy.

My wife is dead.

Yeah, but
I think you're


married to her.

You haven't had
a serious relationship

since your wife died.

It's only been two years.

It's too soon.

But it's not too soon
to start kissing my wife?

I promised
to love my wife forever.


I made a vow in church

in front of God.

Yeah, you promised to love
and honor her until death.

You've done that.

It's okay to move on.

I love her so much.

I know.

That's why it's so hard
to move on.

I'm scared...

that I can never really love
another woman.

If you can love Annie,

you can love.

You can.

You just have to find someone
who's not married.


He wants to
talk to you.

That's probably
not such a great idea.

Come on, talk.

You guys have a
lot in common.

We have nothing in common.

You both love Mary.

You are completely mental.

You actually asked Jeremy
to marry you?

You don't even know him.

I know all I
need to know.

Yeah, like he was
messing around

with your sister
in New York.

I'm not sure what
happened in New York.

But you said you saw them
together tonight.

Yeah, but...

Hey, you told me
to get engaged.

No, I did not.

I said if you were engaged,

it would be harder
for your parents to say no

to you moving
back east.

I never thought you would
actually get engaged.

I actually thought
that when you thought

about him and me and New York,
you'd go,

"Hey, why am I going all
the way to New York for love

when Mike Pierce is
right here?"

Why are you here?

Excuse me for wanting the
support of a good friend

during a difficult time.

Well, excuse me
for not wanting

to be the guy you turn to

when the guy you like
is being a jerk to you.

Why do you always choose
the wrong guys?

You always do.

You pick the ones who cheat
on you and break your heart.

You never pick the nice ones.

Oh, no,
we're too boring.

You only want the ones
who bring you tears and pain.

Well, I'm tired
of your tears and pain.

But you introduced me to Jeremy.

but I wouldn't have done it

if I knew you were going
to ask him to marry you.

I love you.

You know I do.

I always have.

It's why things didn't work
with Elena.

But you said things didn't
work out with you and Elena

because other guys
were asking her out

and you wanted a relationship.

Yes, I wanted a relationship...
with you.

This isn't happening.

This is not happening.

Wake up. It's happening.

I will not be
your consolation prize.

I love you.

And you're either going
to love me back

or leave me alone.

I have feelings, too.

Are you, uh, you okay?

Not really.

There are two guys waiting
for me at home.

That doesn't sound so bad.

I'm in love with both of them

and I have to choose
between them.

Okay, that sounds bad.

Thank you, really.

You should come
by my office at church.

You know, maybe we could talk
on a more regular basis.

I'd like that.

Talking's good.

Kissing... not so good.



Thank you for being so kind.

Do you think we could get
together again and talk?

Never mind.

if you need to talk again,
you can just come on over

and I'll try to forget that
you tried to steal my husband.

Thank you.

I've been talking
to Serena.

I've been talking to James.

I love you.

So you know.

And... you know.

I don't want to talk about it.
I'm going to bed.

We're going to
have to talk

some more about
your engagement.

I don't even know
if I'm still engaged.

What are we going
to do about Lucy?

Let's face it.

She's an adult.
We can't stop her.

If she wants to get married

and go back east
to school,

she'll do it.
So all we can do is

wait and hope whatever
decision she makes

is the right one?

Since when did we
start doing that?

Is, uh, is Mary home yet?

No, not yet.

Oh, come on.

Let's wait for her
in the kitchen.

You guys are talking
to each other?

Yeah, we've been
talking all night.

I'd better
go check

on the twins.

I'll be right up.

Are you okay?

I'm in love with Deena.

Today we spent
the whole day together

and I thought it was
a second chance for us.

Then I took her home...

and her boyfriend was there.

He said he wanted her back
and she said okay.

She says
she still wants

to be friends,
but I don't know if I can do it.

I wish there was something
I could do.

There is. You could...
you could tell me what to do.

I can't.

Only you know how much
your heart can tolerate.

Can your heart tolerate
a friendship

with the girl you love?

Oh, hey.

Do you know, uh, do
you know Wilson's here?

Oh, yeah.

You're getting in late.


I hear you
and Cheryl are dating.


Is that why
you're getting in late?

You serious about her?

You're pretty talkative tonight.



I'm all talked out.

Oh, no, no, I understand.

We'd be happy to help.


Bye now.

What's wrong?

Priscilla's parents called.

Morgan's mother is sick
and she needs surgery,

so the whole family flew back
to New York

to be with her,

and Priscilla and John have
to postpone the wedding.

We should call Morgan
and see if we can do anything.

Well, we can do something.

Her parents asked
that we call everybody

and tell them
that the wedding is called off.

Sure, no problem.
They said they'd do it

but they have to catch a red-eye

to New York tonight.

To be with John's family?

Not exactly.

So are you really
getting married?

I don't know.

Do you hate Mary?

I don't know.

She's your sister
and she loves you.

That I know.

It's Cheryl.

Oh, thanks.

This thing with Cheryl--
is it serious?

I don't know.


What are you doing?


I'm in, I'm in bed.

So we're finally
in bed together.

I figure after tonight
I probably won't see you again

and I thought you deserved
to know

why I didn't tell my friends
about us.

I'm listening.

If my friends knew
we were dating,

they'd also know
when we weren't dating.

I thought you'd eventually
dump me and that would be that.

If my friends knew,

that would just be another level
of humiliation.

Why would you think
I'd dump you?

We're such different people.

I knew there was
no way we'd last.

Well, if you believe that,

then why did you want
to take our relationship

to the next level?

I like you

and I figured that's what you
wanted out of the relationship.

Look, I told you when we met

that's not why I wanted
to go out with you.


but I have a lot of experience

with men who say one thing
and mean another.

Come on.

Guys like you don't take a trip

to the wrong side of the tracks
for the scenery.

Wrong side of the tracks?

We only live two miles
from each other.

You know what I mean.

I just wanted to set the record
straight and say good-bye.

It's been fun.

I'm going to miss you.

What's going on?

I think that you need

to straighten things out
with Robbie

before we can straighten
things out between us.

I'm bunking in with
Robbie and Matt.

We can talk


You two seem friendly.

You made up that story about
you and Jeremy, didn't you?

I was angry at you for lying
to me about the no dating thing,

but I had no idea
I was making up

a story about Lucy's boyfriend,

and I, I didn't want to hurt her
or Jeremy or anyone else.

You just wanted to hurt me.

I do love you.

I love you, too.

And Wilson?

I think I came back here
for the summer

because I was running away
from Wilson.

Relationships are scary.

I mean, this is our third chance
and it's not looking too good.

It's my second chance
with Wilson

and the thought of it
not working out is...

It just seemed easier
to leave town

than to have to face another
possible failed relationship.

Okay, your turn.

Why did you really lie
about the no dating thing?

And why don't you want me here?

Because I-I get
the distinct feeling

that you are not happy
that I came home.

I'm glad

you're here.

This is your home

and if you want to be
here, you should be here,

but like I said before, if we
date and it doesn't work out,

your parents aren't
going to kick you out.

They're going
to kick me out.

And if nothing happened
between us,

would they still let you stay?

Is that it?

You think that you have
to have a relationship with me

so my parents
will let you stay here?

It's not like being
with you is a chore.

But it's not
what you want.

You don't want to date me.

You want to date my family.

No, I want to marry your family.

Well, just
so you know...

win, lose or draw,

with us, your part
of this family.

My parents will never
turn their back on you.

You don't have to date me
to stay here.

And you don't have to not date
me to stay here.

It's over, isn't it?

Three strikes, we're out.

I still love you.

I'll always love you.

Okay, how much did you hear?

Uh, all of it.

We weren't spying.

We just
came down.

It's okay.

I'm glad you heard.

I'm tired of explaining things
to people tonight.

By the way,
welcome home.

I'll wait, downstairs.

We need to talk.

We don't need to talk.

We don't need to talk


I know nothing happened
between you and Jeremy.

I'm sorry for everything
I said to you.

You don't have
to apologize

or explain.

Jeremy and I talked
this morning.

I'm really sorry, too.

I never meant to hurt you.

If you forgive me,
I'll forgive you.





How do you think
it's going

with Lucy
and Mary?

They made up.

Now, they're crying and hugging.

Did you call James?

Did you call Serena?


What are you two up to?


What are you doing here?

Do you want to go
to church with me?

Do you want to go?

Didn't we break up
last night?

we didn't do anything
last night.

I don't understand.

I like you.

And I want to date you.

I'm just...

not ready to go
to that next level.

You know, I always thought
I wouldn't have sex

until I got married
and if I didn't wait,

then the only woman I'd have sex
with is a woman I could marry.

You've been
dropping hints

for weeks.

I figured I could keep you
at bay about the sex thing

if we didn't go public
with our relationship.

That's why I didn't tell anyone.

So, we didn't do anything

because you don't think
you can marry me?

No, it's just way too early
in the relationship

for me to even consider being
with you like that.

Sex is not casual to me.

This is not how I've done
things in the past.

And in the past,

things worked out for you?

You were happy?

Not exactly.

So, what do you say
you take a chance.

We try things my way for awhile.

Slow and steady,
get to know each other,

take one date at a time.

I can do that.

I heard you had
a nice conversation

with Annie,
last night.

I'm sorry...
for everything.

I found you a very
good female counselor

at another church.

That's probably for the best.

So, I got your message,

about a favor?

Can a friend
plead insanity?

Because that's what
I'd like to do.

No need to plead

I understand.

Thank you...

for being so understanding.

I got your message,

something about
helping you.

Do you want me to help
you finish the garage?

Not exactly.

He's shy and he needs
to meet people,

so, Annie and
I thought

you two might sit
together in church

and then join
us afterwards

at the house
for dinner.

You see, she's been
through a bad divorce

and she needs
to meet people,

so Eric
and I thought

maybe you two could sit
together at church

and then come
and have dinner with us.

No strings,
just church

and a meal with a very
attractive, nice woman.

Just take a chance
and see what happens.

Just take a chance.

I know he's
not married

but you can't
have everything.

Ha, ha.

What do you say?

Serena, this is James.

James, Serena.


I guess we're supposed
to sit together.

They make a nice couple.

Yeah, your boyfriend

and his girlfriend
look pretty good together.



See you at school
tomorrow, Simon.


I wish I was stronger
but I'm not.

If want to be
with your boyfriend

I can't see you anymore.

I respect your choice.

It's just that...

my heart can't take
the back and forth.

We can't be friends?

It would be a lie.

I don't want to be your friend.

I only said that to you
when you moved back

because I was trying to get you
to fall back in love with me.

But now I see that it's time
for us both to just move on.

What if

I change my mind about us?

It would be too late.

Come on,
let's go.

I'm sorry about last night.

I'm sorry for using you.

Not... not that I thought I was.

But I see
your point.

I thought about everything
you said

and I wish it were more but...

all I really feel for you
is friendship.

I can't make you love me.

I've already tried and failed.

But at least

I told you how I feel,
and that will

make it easier for me
to move on.

So, are you and Jeremy...?


Jeremy wants to marry me.

I do.

I don't know
what to say?

There's only one thing to say.

I hope you two will be happy,
really happy.

You both deserve it.

You're both good friends.

See you inside.

Welcome to the
family, son.

You're okay with
us being engaged?

And me going back
East to school?

Well, let's just say

we're trying really hard
to be okay with it.

You're not
a little girl

anymore, and we have to learn
to trust your judgment.

If marriage

and school back East
is what you want,

then who are we to stop you?

We're planning
a long engagement.

We do have
an opinion

as to where you go
to school in New York.

I made
a few calls.

You did?

I just have one request.

I'd like you to go
to Cobell Seminary.

That's where you went.

If you can't be in Glenoak
where we can

watch over you,

I know you'll be safe

and well cared for at Cobell.

I know the dean.

As a matter
of fact,

I made a call
this morning.

If you want,

I'm sure they can expedite
your applications

so you could start this fall,

maybe you can take some classes
this summer.

I don't know what to say.

You can say, thank you.

Thank you and I love you.

I love you both.

We love you, too.

We'll see you guys

Well, you better
get ready.

I thought we were
waiting for Mary.

She told me she'll
be a little late.

She wanted to
talk to Wilson

before his
plane left.

Do you think Priscilla's
parents were able

to pull it off?

Well, they seemed like
pretty determined people.

I can't believe
my parents did
what they did.

They just got into
town this morning.

You mean, moving
our wedding out here

so my dad could marry us,
and my grandmother

and the rest of my family
could be here?

Yeah, well,
they love you

and love
can move mountains.

I just didn't know it
could move caterers.

I love you.

Then let's get married.

Come on, you two.


Welcome to the family,

I know you and John will
be very happy together.

Thank you,
Reverend Hamilton.


Thank you, Dad.

You and Robbie talked
everything out?

You and your sister
made up?

So, what about us?

Are you coming back
to New York with me?

Because I don't want
to start something

that we aren't going
to finish.

I love you,

and I think
I can make you happy,

but it's really
your decision now.

I'm not going to do some
back and forth phone calls,

long distance thing.

We're either together
or we're not.

So, what's it going to be...

Glenoak or New York?