7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 4, Episode 7 - Sin... - full transcript

Simon is in absurd trouble just because his mother and the principal make a huge drama of a finger-gesture among schoolboys. Matt tries to explain, but Simon feels he's robbed of another part of his childish innocence. Matt wrestles with domestic problems among his roommates and considers moving back home on account of Eric's cardiac condition. Basketball coach Jason Cleary decides the girls' continuing grades slip warrants drastic action: a team lockout, which makes the local TV news and because of official secrecy starts a rumors circuit.

That was truly pitiful.

All right, here, watch this.
Watch this.

Here we go, here we go...

What does that finger thing
mean anyway?

All right, all right, all right,
everybody calm down.

Calm down.

Anybody want to take a guess
as to what I'm holding here?

A press break that'll help us

against Beecher's
full court press?

I wish.

Uh, Beecher's scout report
on us?

I'd love to take a look at that,
but no.

Anyone else?

The names and addresses
of all the women

who won't go
out with you?

That's a much, much, much,
thicker file.

No, ladies, these are
the academic progress reports

I've been asking your teachers
for every week

since the season started,

and I have to say,

they make
interesting reading.

I've read these and the
ones before them

over and over and over.

And they all say
the same thing.

They say that,
in spite all the warnings

I've given all of you over
the past few weeks,

your grades continue
their downward spiral,

except for a hardworking few
who've managed to maintain

a fragile grip
on academic mediocrity.

Now, I understand
that some of this has
to do with "senioritis."

I don't care.

You were told in
no uncertain terms

that your studies
were the priority,

and your grades had to show
immediate improvement.

Unfortunately, these report
show that they haven't.

Now, I don't know if you didn't
have an understanding

of just how serious I was

or you didn't have time
to study...

...but now

you have both.

Practice is cancelled?

You are students here
who play basketball.

You're not basketball players

who show up to classes
whenever the mood strikes.

Until you prove
that you understand that,

by bringing your grades up,

this season and this team
are canceled.

Hold on a minute!

You can't do that.

Kennedy High School court
is now in session.

All right.

Mr. Donnelly,

Theresa Harvey,
Kevin Dorce.

Mr. Donnelly, it's says...



You didn't even put
this in your own words.

You might as well have
just photocopied it.

Guilty. Next.

You've had 52
podiatrist appointments?


David, your mother spells
her name with a "K."


Yes, there is more
than one way to spell it.

Guilty. Next.

Hey, guys.
How're you doing?

I've got an English Lit
test coming up

in about a half an hour,

and unfortunately, I'm more than
half an hour not ready.

Been there.

We've got a half hour until Chem
Lab, and I'm starving to death.

At least our neighbor's stereo
is still working.

Somebody needs to
hit the store.

I'll leave a note for the maid.

You going to finish that?

Oh, yeah.
I am so hungry.

It's not like I hurt anyone.

I don't care.

It's an incredibly rude,
and vulgar gesture

that should never be
done in public,

or anywhere else
for that matter.

You're lucky to still
have those fingers.

My friends and I do
that kind of stuff

to each other all the time,
and no one cares.

It's, it's just a guy thing.

It is not a guy thing.

How would you know?

We heard the door slam.
Everything okay?

Don't ask.

I drove up to school
this afternoon,

and your son was making
a gesture

with not one, but both hands.

And your son wasn't
hailing a cab, hitchhiking,
or saying "come hither."

On top of that, the principal
saw your son

not making the peace sign,

and the three of us have an
appointment with her tomorrow.


What are you doing here?

You're never finished with
basketball practice before
student court lets out.

We had a short practice today.

Why aren't you sweaty?

The coach lectured us,

gave us some things
to think about,

which I am doing as we speak,
and that was it.

Now, do you want to interrogate
me some more,

or do you want a ride home?

How far is home from here?

Oh, I don't know--
two, three miles.

So, quite a day, huh?

The guys and I were
just goofing around.

Darryl burped,
and before I knew it,

my fingers were just kind of
levitating around on their own.

It just happened.

And all in about three seconds.

And, just so you know, everyone
thought it was funny.

Except your mom, who picked
those three seconds

to drive up, and the principal.

Uh, I'll admit, there was, uh,
an unfortunate element

of bad timing at work.

On the other hand,

you know your mom
and I aren't fans

of that particular gesture.

That, it's,
it's disrespectful.

It's rude and obscene.

I know.

But I was just hanging out,
being one of the guys.

I get it.

I really do.

There's something great about
hanging out with just the guys.

As long as being
one of the guys

doesn't mean being
swayed by the guys.

'Cause for some reason,
a lot of guys

do really stupid things
when they're with other guys,

things they wouldn't even think
of doing if they were alone.

And I just don't want you

ever to lose your great ability

to think and make decisions
for yourself.

I won't.

Your mom and I talked about it

and we think, uh, a little break
from the guys

might be a good thing for you.

Say, the weekend?

Your mom and I
love you, kiddo.

And your fingers.

Just not in their upright
and locked position, okay?

If mom loves me so much,

then how come
I'm not her son anymore.

I'm just your son,
your son.

These babies remind me
of that painting.

You know, the one

where the woman's eyes
follow you around everywhere?

You mean, the Mona Lisa?
Yeah, that's the one.

Well, their eyes

are supposed to
follow you around--

they're living
human beings.

Well, it's creepy,
and I don't like it.

Hey, guys.

Hey, how's my
number one son?

We have so many,
now we have to number 'em.

Why do you smell like
furniture polish?

I don't smell anything.



What smells
so lemony-fresh?


Uh, new-new
laundry detergent.

I-I-I'm not sure.

- Uh, anyway, I...
- had an early shift

at the hospital, so I thought
I'd swing by and say hi.

So... hi.

Dinner'll be in a while,

and you know where
the washing machine is.

If you're heading downtown,

stay clear
of Flower and Hope Streets.

A water main break
has two blocks underwater.

Also, in a decision that
has taken the whole community

by surprise, Kennedy High School
girls' varsity basketball coach

Jason Cleary has staged
a lockout of his own team.

Despite the impressive
win-loss record

Cleary and his Lady Wildcats
have amassed

over the past few seasons,
Coach Cleary has apparently

canceled basketball for
the girls of Glenoak for reasons

that for now remain undisclosed.

This is Carrie Chadwick
reporting live from Glenoak.

Now back
to our regular programming.

Hi. How was your day?

Don't you ever knock?

If someone makes me.
Come downstairs.

I don't want to.

Mom's mad at me,
I just got grounded,

and frankly, I've had a bad day.

Mary's basketball coach
just canceled a bunch of stuff,

and it was on the news,
and everybody saw it.

And Mary just got home.

Well, if Mary's gonna have
a worse one,

I don't want
to seem unsupportive.

Okay, so we were all standing
around in the hall

waiting for Coach Cleary
to show up to start practice,

and instead,
the guy locks us out of the gym.

I mean,
he can't do that, can he?

Can't he be fired
for something like that?

I mean,
the man works for someone.

I don't know, I've never heard
of this happening before.

I'm not sure what
the legal precedent is.

We haven't come across anything
like that in court, either.

This can't happen--
this is my senior year,

and I have a scholarship
to play basketball.

I mean,
somebody has to do something.

Why'd he lock you guys out?

Okay, everybody, break it up.

Yeah, there's nothing
to see here-- go on
back to your rooms.

Go on, we'll
get back to you.

Yeah, it's okay. Go.

Why do you smell like
furniture polish?


So, I-I heard

that some of the girls' grades
were slipping,

and the coach
wasn't gonna let them play

until they improved.

Are you one of the...
"some girls"?

I'm not sure,
but this whole thing could mean

no team and no season,
which could mean no scholarship.

And... not to mention,
all of the major humiliation

which is already underway.

Yeah, w-we understand
all of that, and, granted,

the news and media aren't
helping, but... hey, look,

in a couple of days all
this'll probably blow over.

We want to talk to the coach
and see what's going on.

I just told you
what was going on.

Yes, and beautifully,
but I still want
to talk to the coach.

Well, I wish someone would.

I don't want to jump
to the worst-case scenario,

but we can't swing
Mary's college tuition

without getting
some scholarship help.

No. No, we can't.

What are we doing?


Mom and Dad said I can't hang
out with the guys this weekend.

You could hang out with me.

It's not the same--
you're not a guy.

My friends and I are.

I even have the chest hair
to prove it.

Let's see.


Ooh, sorry, I thought
that was sweatshirt fuzz.

Well, it wasn't--
it was a chest hair!

And it was the only one I had.

Well, if you're such a guy,
grow more.

Dad and Matt can't stop.

I will... when I feel like it.

Right now I'm just...
pacing myself.

Oh, sure.

But with or without chest hair,

I can be just as good a guy
as you or your friends.

I don't think so.

I mean,
half the stuff we guys do

would probably make you
throw up.

If I can watch the twins eat,
nothing will make me throw up.


I don't have to do
the fake kind.

So, you got a good case
of senior-itis

and decided to coast
through the year, didn't you?

Did you really think
no one was gonna notice

that your grades
took the big plunge?

What kind of disciplined,
mature person decides

to coast through
their senior year?

The kind with a scholarship,
but you wouldn't know
what that's like,

would you?
Mom had two babies,

Dad just had a heart attack,
and now this?

They have enough going on
without having to worry

about the stuff
you've been letting slide.

You're supposed
to be the oldest.

How can Mom and Dad trust
that you're gonna keep an eye

on everyone else when you can't
even keep an eye on yourself?

Oh, boy, one more lecture about
what it means to be the oldest?

How many times do I have
to hear this stuff from you?

Till you get it right.

Just go away and take your

lemony-scented self with you.

So, how were things
on the court today?

Thanks for asking.

I know it's only
student court, but...

it feels kind
of important.

I know that's dumb.

Hey, there's...

there's nothing dumb
about any part of that.

In fact, in some ways,

what you do is similar
to parts of what I do.

You know, people come to me
and they... they tell me

what they're thinking or doing
or feeling,

and I listen,
and I give them my perspective.

Tell them
what the consequence

certain ways
of thinking or behaving

or believing can be.

Do you think anyone
you saw in court

left with a new perspective
on themselves or their behavior?

I don't know.
Yeah. Well,
all you can do

is try to provide them
with a different perspective.

The rest is up to them
and their free will

to see what's gonna happen next.

It may not seem like much,
but it is.

I guess we have something
in common, huh, Dad?

We have a lot of somethings
in common.

This is just one of them.

Your job is a lot harder
than most people think.

Well, I'll admit there are days.

But... there's that saying:

"You have to be the change
you wish to see in the world."

The Bible,
or one of those saint guys?


Hm. I'll give it a try.

It's easier to say than do.

Hm. Amen.

Ha! Hey, Matt, what does
this finger thing mean?

Ruthie's been showing me some
of the guy stuff you taught her.

Like she ever
listens to me.

No, but apparently,
she does watch you.

All right, quit the witch hunt.

Look, I was just messing
around with the guys
after school,

a-and it just happened.

Mom saw me,
the principal saw me.

And I saw him--
he kind of wiggled

his rear around
when he did it, too.

He was so cute.

Shut up, please.

Smooth move, ace.

Like you never did it.

If I ever did
anything like that--

and that's a big... if--

I sure as heck wouldn't stand
in front of the school

and wave it around like
I'm trying to land planes.

There was an
unfortunate element of
bad timing involved.

There was an unfortunate element
of bad judgment involved, too,

because better, wiser,
more mature judgment

would've told you to look around
and scope things out first.

I got caught up
in the frenzy of the moment--

that doesn't make me criminal.

It just makes me a guy.

I-I get it, believe me.

But, you know, when I got older,
I learned that

being a guy is one thing
and being a man is another.

That guy stuff has nothing
to do with being a man.

A man stands up for himself
and the people he loves.

He looks out for them
and protects them.

And he takes responsibility
for his actions.

That's it?

That can't be right-- there has
to be more to it than that.

It sounds easier than it is.

I'm sure.

And in the meantime,
you got to have fun

doing all that guy stuff
with your friends

until you got older
and figured out it was stupid.

But thanks to you,
I know that now,

seven years too early.

And now nothing's
gonna be the same,

because every time I go to burp,

every time I think,
"Hey, spit on Darryl,"

a little voice in my head
is gonna say, "That's stupid."

But thank you, Matt.

Thank you for making me a man.

Yeah. Thank you.

I-I'm sorry.

Wh-Why don't you
come and hang with me

and the guys at my apartment
tomorrow, watch the game,

eat some pizza?
I'll get back to you.


Oh, uh, by the way,
that under the arm...


Oh, yeah, Mom hates
that other word.

But she can live with "honking"?

As a word, not an activity.

And that under the arm
honking thing you do...

needed a little work anyway.

I'm sorry,

but don't you have other dreams
to dash?

I mean, shouldn't you be telling
the twins

about prostates and taxes?

You'll thank me one day.

Oh, I'm sure.

Of course.

Do you think
Simon's right?

I don't understand
what guy stuff is

because I'm not a guy?

Well, guys are
wired differently,

but you seem
to know that...

Matt doesn't seem
to have suffered

because he was raised by a dad
and a mom who wasn't a guy...

instead of by a
dad and a guy.

Simon was just acting...

Like a guy.
I know.

No, like a 13-year-old

who was embarrassed in
front of his buddies.

He'll get over it.

Little help?


Cramp, cramp.



Thank you very much.

That was Ms. Russell.

A-Apparently, there's been quite
a response to the team lockout.

Coach Cleary had to take
his phone off the hook.

Well, I guess that explains why
I couldn't get through to him.

Ms. Russell has scheduled
a group meeting

for tomorrow afternoon.

Good. You guys are going
to go, right?

Well, we have a meeting
with Simon's principal tomorrow,

but we'll be
at your meeting, too.

We want to hear what the coach
and Ms. Russell have to say.

You won't believe it
when you do.

Probably not.

Sorry for interrupting.

Would it be okay
if I stayed here overnight?

My apartment is hugely loud.

Oh, of course.

Yeah, I just need
a little peace and quiet

to think about things.

Any of them things
we can help with?

No, it's a little bit
of everything--

classes, life, maybe moving back
home, that kind of thing.

Ah, that
kind of thing.

I'm pretty sure
you won't be surprised

to hear that Simon's behavior

is considered
unacceptable at school.

Well, it's also considered

at home or in nature.

A three-day suspension
from school

is the standard consequence.

Look, I'm not advocating
what he did but, three days?

That seems like a little bit
of an overreaction.

Simon's behavior falls
in the category of harassing,

gang or indecent gestures.

But Simon's a good student with
a good track record at school.

And as far as his gesture goes,
it-it was rude and vulgar,

but nothing more
or less than that,

and he has apologized
to us and to you.

Simon is not,
and never will be

a harasser, gang member
or indecent.

I'm sorry, but we are talking
about school policy.

No, we're not.

If you had been listening
at all,

you'd know that we've been
talking about my son.

Come on.

I'm sorry, Reverend Camden.

Please... talk to your wife.

Don't worry, I will.

I want to tell her she's right.

Hey, are you okay?

We'll figure
something out.

If nothing else, we'll have
three days of quality time.

It's not that.

It's just that...


I thought
you didn't want me.

For what?

Your son.


I overheard you telling Dad
that "his son" did this

and "his son" did that,
a bunch of times.

The front tire,
looked a little low

and that can't be good.

I didn't mean it that way.

It just came out.

That's what happened
with my fingers

in front of school.

They just came out.

I guess we have something
in common, huh, Mom?

I guess we do.

I think I was upset with you

because that gesture
is just so...

Vulgar and indecent?


But it's also... ordinary.

It's like the people
who use that gesture

aren't smart or clever enough to
think of something better to do.

I remember when I had just
had you in the hospital,

and I was all by myself,

and I was holding you,
and looking at you

and thinking how amazing it was

that I could be part of this
extraordinary thing.

And you, Simon Camden,
have grown up to be

one of the most
people I know.

So, I guess, even if
it was a normal guy thing,

I was disappointed
to see you doing something

so ordinary.

I'm sorry, Mom.

Me, too.

For everything.

I love you, Simon.

I love you, too, Mom.

Did you see the thing
about the team lock-out

on the news last night?

We heard
what happened.

What was
Cleary thinking?

I mean, you guys are
tied for first place.

You got a shot at the
league championship.

Word is, it's some kind
of grade thing.

So what?

I mean, if you guys
are meeting the league's

minimum GPA, that's
all that matters.

That kind of information
is in the league by-laws.

Maybe Cleary
should read them.

Yeah? Where could we get a copy?

The league office should know.
You should give them a call.

Well, good
luck, guys.
Yeah. Yeah,
hang in there.


Got a quarter?

I heard that a couple of
girls failed drug tests.

That's why Cleary
locked the team out.


I heard the whole team

was into buying tests
and papers and stuff

and that's
why he locked them out.

You've got
to be kidding.

I also heard that a couple

of the girls are
really Russian ringers

brought over here to help
win the championship.

And with the collapse
of the Soviet Union's economy,

it makes sense.

On what planet?

Okay, then what happened?

You can't tell anybody,


their grades fell.

That's it?

You've got
to be kidding.

Man, I thought if it
was on the news,

it had to be something good.

Yeah, the woman on TV

made it sound really juicy.

But, don't tell anybody
I told you.

I promised Mary
I wouldn't say anything.

No problem.
You've got it.

Thank you, thank you.
I'll see you later.

what's going on?

I know we had a study date,
and I'm sorry I'm late,

but something came up
and I had to keep an eye

on the twins for my parents.

I can't take much more
of living like this.

Is everything okay?

Not exactly.

Mary's basketball coach has
temporarily canceled the season

because the team's grades,
including Mary's, are down.

Simon got caught
giving the finger at school,

got suspended,
and Ruthie gave it to me

and asked me what it meant.

What'd you tell her?

I told her to ask my dad.

You know, I'd laugh too, except
my parents have two new babies,

my dad just had a heart attack,

and my brother and sisters have
lost their minds.

And my dad's heart
attack proves

that there is a limit
to how much he can handle,

but, nobody understands that,
but me.


What's going on?

Things are out of
control at my house,

um, with my dad's condition
and all,

I'm, I'm thinking
about moving back home.

Well, did your parents ask you
to move back?

No, but you know them.
I mean, they...

they wouldn't no matter what
they were going through.

Well, I can't handle the rent
on this place alone,

so I hope you give me
some notice

whenever you're done
"thinking" about it.

Of course
I will. I...

What's his problem?

You know, if I do this,
if I do it,

I'm doing it for my parents,
not for myself.

Are you sure?

Absolutely. Yeah.

Okay then.

Danny was right.

The league requires that a
player have a GPA of 2.0

or higher to be eligible
to play. That's it.

Coach Cleary, a comment on
the unprecedented lock-out

of a team by
its own coach?


Hey, I hope I'm not

I'm Carrie Chadwick
from Channel 8 news.

It looks like the Lady Wildcats
may be locked out.

They're still a team.



You know, after
the big meeting today,

the coach and the school might
issue a statement,

but, it's an official statement,

and official statements
don't always

tell the whole story,
if you know what I mean.

Oh yeah.

Coach Cleary didn't have
the right to do what he did.

You're kidding!


Don't worry about us.
We'll be fine.

Yeah, these guys are
in good hands.

Ignore her.

She's just trying
to be one of the guys.

Underarm honking
is not a guy thing.

It is, too.
No, it's not.

Anybody could do it.

We shouldn't be gone long.

I'm sure the whole thing's
just a question

of airing
a few things out.


They're a mess.

Hi, sweetie.

Hey, over here.


Hello, Camdens.

Good to see you.

Hi, Dee Dee.
Hi, Reverend.

Good to see you.

Shh. Shh.

If everyone shuts up,
we can still hear.

Ten bucks if you trade
places with me.

20, and you can
have both of ours.

Lucy will tell us
what happened.

I know you all have
a lot of questions

about the coach's
recent decision,

but why don't we let him
explain a few things

and then he'll answer
your questions. Coach?

Well, I'm not sure how much
or what version of the story

your daughters told you,

but you're holding your
daughters' most recent

academic progress reports
in your hands.

And I know,

you don't track your kids grades
on a week by week basis,

but I do,

and, I'll bet

more than a few of you
will be a little surprised

at what you see.

You-you weren't sure
your grades were slipping?

And let me point out,

that despite repeated warnings

and offers
of academic assistance,

the girls on this varsity team

have continued to allow
their grades to fall.

My daughter's grades are
my business, not yours.

You're just a
basketball coach.

True, true.

But as their coach,
I care enough about them

to do what's best for them.

And making them take their
schoolwork seriously

is what's best for them.

Is it true
the girls met

the league's eligibility

Yeah, but the league's
eligibility requirements

are substandard,
especially for these girls.

Who are you to say?

Basketball is the only shot
my kid has at a scholarship.

Now, how dare you take that
opportunity away from her.

How dare your daughter
give that opportunity away?

And just where do you think
she's going to get a scholarship

with grades like that?

The guys' team
doesn't do this.

Well, then, your maybe daughter

should try out
for the guys' team.

No, you should be fired, and we
should sue for discrimination.

Wait a minute.

All right, all right,
everyone, look,

no one wants to see this
situation come to that.

But everyone seems
to be forgetting

that the girls are
dictating the schedule here.

Now, when they get their grades
back up,

practices will start up again.

But until that happens,

the athletic director and I are
going to support the coach.

Mary Camden
is our daughter.

senior captain.

She's the first freshmen
to make varsity in years.

She's overcome injuries
and knee surgery

to keep playing the game.

As hard as she's
worked and sweated

through everything, so have we.

Our commitment to her,
and this game and this team

may be different from hers,
but it's no less invested.

Did you know your grades
were slipping?

Is there something you could of
done to stop them from slipping?

Did Coach Cleary tell you
what would happen

if your grades kept slipping?

Then for now, we're gonna
respect this lock-out.



I'm sorry, kiddo.

Your coach didn't
blow it, you did.

Sure is quiet around here.

Too quiet.

Mary's not yelling, door
slamming or stomping around.

That's not good,
not good at all.

No, not good at all.

Hang on, I've got an idea.

Go on, Happy, go upstairs.

Go see Mary, go.

I hope she goes
to the right place this time.

Yeah, I know.

It took a big hunk
out of my savings

to replace the baby monitors
after the last time

I tried this and Happy went
and laid under

the Tripp's sprinkler.

I can't believe any of
this is happening, Corey.

My own parents stabbed
me in the back.

I don't know, what did
you have in mind?

Whoa, the last part's
a little extreme,

but I can handle the part where
we go get something to eat.

"That last part's
a little extreme."

I'm not sure what
that means,

but it definitely
means something.

Should we tell
Mom and Dad?


Simon, let's go.

We have to pick up the pizza
before the game starts.

Don't worry, Dad,
I'll put some money
in the pot for you.

And that's what
guys do, right?

I mean, they eat pizza,

bet on the game, try
to cover the spread.

I guess so.

Wait. You can't go,
you're not a guy.

Why? I'm just
as good a guy

as any of your friends.

Why don't you stay home and do
something with Lucy and me?

Kill me.

No, thank you very much.

I'd rather go
to guy's night at Matt's.

It's okay with me
if it's okay with you.

Well, how "guy" is
this evening going to be?

Uh, typical stuff, no big deal.

You know, I do
go to school,

I play on a football team,
and I've seen MTV.

So, if there's something else
out there, bring it on.

That is so reassuring,
my little flower.

Come on you guys, let's go.

Um, since it's
not a school night,

would it be okay
if I went out to eat

with some of the girls
from the team.

Or, am I grounded

because of everything
that's been going on?

I know that you're upset,
but I'd appreciate it

if you'd watch your tone.

I'm sorry.

They were just going to drop by
to see if I could go with them,

but I'll just tell
them that I can't.

We know you might
want to vent with
your friends,

just do it quickly
and come right home.

Thank you.

Your friends are
in the foyer.

How was student court?

We didn't have it today

because of the big team meeting.

I hope we did the right thing
with Mary just now.

Well, she can blow
off some steam with
her friends,

then we'll talk to
her some more when
she gets home.

This whole thing stinks.

It's true, the guys' team
doesn't have to do this.

No other team in the league
has to put up with this.

No other team in the world
has to put up with this.

And I don't appreciate
being used as an example.

during my senior year.

No kidding. This
is my last year

of playing high
school basketball.

I've worked since sixth
grade to be on this team

and the coach decides to go
on a major power trip now?

No kidding.

Cleary's a case.

Yeah, well, at least
your dad didn't stand up

and humiliate you
in front of the world

before stabbing you in the back.

They had help.

I mean, did you
hear Ms. Russell?

You know, this whole
thing makes me nuts.

I just want to go
over to the gym

and... you know.

I know. I know.

You know, Matt hasn't
said anything more

about moving back
home since he declared

he was thinking about it.

I have a feeling it's going

to come up again, don't you?

Yeah, but we don't
have to decide

to do anything until he does.

Is the game
over already?

Ruthie's honking
got to everyone

and we were
asked to leave.


I was being
one of the guys.

Honking doesn't
make you a guy,

it makes you a pig.

A pig who gets us
kicked out of guys' night.

Okay, okay.
I'm not married to it.

I just thought
that was what guys

were supposed to do
when they hung out.

You were wrong. You were very,
very toxically wrong.

Great. I just taught
myself a lesson.

I hope you're happy.

I wouldn't say happy, exactly.

You know how
we feel about burping,

sneezing on each other,
or each other's food,

spitting, or anything
to do with your

or anybody else's nose,

or pretty much anything
that comes out of your head.

And yes, honking.

It's rude and gross,
but accidents happen

and you have to say excuse me.

But accidents shouldn't
happen very often.


Close enough.

Matt, excuse me.

You're not excused,
but I forgive you.

I'll take what I can get.

Listen, is it okay if I finish
watching the game downstairs?



I realize I've been
living in a different
world lately,

but it is definitely
time to come back.

Sure, Lucy's doing great.

The nut doesn't fall far
from the ol' tree, does it?

Oh, no. No, it doesn't.

You're two peas in a pod.


But what are you hinting
at over there-- that somehow

what's been going on here
lately is your fault?

Well, not exactly,

but if I'd been on top of things
and you know, at my post,

I might have seen them coming.

We love our kids.

We work really hard
at trying to be good parents

who set the right
kind of examples,

but there comes a point
in life where you just

have to throw them out
into the world and pray.

What about Mary?

Maybe we threw her too far.

Mary's a good kid.

We'll get through this.


Hold it, that's enough.

You're under arrest.