7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 4, Episode 6 - Just You Wait and See - full transcript

Simon sees no harm in accepting a 'non-date' with Diane until his girl Deena and her pa see them in the pool-hall. Lucy's joy to get her drivers license is spoiled by the silly picture. Cute, car-less Andrew Nayloss's proposal to pick him up for a movie cheers her up, but he expects the whole courteous, generous treatment girlfriends usually exact, plus a grilling from his dad. An apparently stray kitten seems to choose Ruthie to provide a home, but after lots of hiding the truth catches up. Matt tags along when Eric comes to hospital and takes Hank to dinner to discuss why pregnant Julie is with Annie, wining jealously about the gynecologist's female patients, including a supermodel. Thus they are out of reach when contractions start weeks early.

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How is Glenoak's
newest licensed driver?


I love the freedom of
driving down the road

with the wind in my hair.

It's very exhilarating.

You can't
feel the wind

when you're only going
five miles an hour.

Lucy drives
way too slow.

When it comes to having
your children drive a car,

there is no such thing
as driving too slow.

Thank you.

And the reason I drive
so slow is because

you have your big feet
hanging out the window.

Hey, I got to give
my dogs some air.

From now on, you keep
your dogs in the car.


Try horses.

Excuse me, pinhead?

They've been like this
the whole way home.

Where's Ruthie?

Getting the mail.

Oh, I got it already.


From the DMV?


The official laminated
license with photo.

I can't wait to see it.

That can't be me.

And yet it is.



You have big feet.

Yeah, but I'm not
required to carry

a picture of them in my wallet.

I'm sorry, I forgot getting
the mail was your job.

No problem.

You're in a good mood.

What can I say?

I love school.

See ya.

Well, where you going?


I love homework

almost as much as I love school.

You have to stop
and smell these.

Oh, does this mean
your checkup went well?

My good cholesterol
is very good,

and my bad cholesterol
is very, very good,

and my blood pressure
is stupendous.

After all we've
been through lately,

you have done so well.

You're regaining
your balance,

getting back on track with
your diet and exercise.

I'm very proud of you.

I'm proud of myself.

I'm really learning
how to deal with stress.

How to take stress and
use it to help me face

whatever challenges
life puts in front of me.

Well, I hope life
takes a break

putting challenges
in front of you.

The past few months
were a test.

You passed.

Don't answer that.

I have to.

I am calm.

I am strong.

I am capable of
handling any challenge.

I am calm.
I am strong.

I am capable of handling
any challenge.


I'm leaving my husband.

We tried, but it's over.

I am strong.
I am calm.

I am capable of
handling any challenge.


Are you capable of
carrying my suitcase?

What happened?

I'm not having a baby
with that man.

I refuse.

No one can make me. No one.

I-I don't, I don't understand.

I thought you and Hank
were happy.

The marriage was a big mistake.

Big mistake.

It's all your fault.

Excuse me. What?

Well, you know how I am.

If someone tells me to go left,
I go right.

If they tell me
to jump up,

I-I sit down.

If you hadn't disliked
that man so much,

I never would've married him.


Go make some tea.


I'm calm.

I'm capable of
handling any...

So the only reason
that you married Hank

is because Eric didn't like him?

No, I dated him
because Eric didn't like him.

But you see what dating
led to-- this.

Is there gonna be
any dinner tonight?

Of course there's
gonna be dinner.

We'll order a couple of pizzas.

You can't eat pizza.

Well, then I'll just
grab something healthy

down at the hospital...

after I have a little chat
with my brother-in-law.

Shouldn't you ask
Aunt Julie first?

Maybe she doesn't want
you to talk to Hank.

I'm only 13, and even I know
he should ask Aunt Julie first.


I don't smell dinner.

Which means the adults are
too busy with Aunt Julie.

Which means Mom and Dad
might let us go out to eat.

But you're
not driving.

Please, it'd
be faster

to put a saddle on Happy
and ride her

to dinner
than to let you drive.


Sure, hold on.

Andrew Nayloss, for you.

Hi, Andrew.

Sure, I'd love to see
a movie tonight.

Great. Pick me up at 7:00?

Pick you up?

Well, I don't have my license
yet, and I heard you do.

So, yeah, you'd have
to pick me up.

I'll see you at 7:00.

Great. See you then.

Andrew asked me out.


He wants me to drive.

Can I do that?

Sure. You just can't
take the new car.


Because I'm taking the new car.

Why can't you take
Dad's minivan?

No way.

Well, I'm not picking

my date up in a van.

Well, Mom's new car
is a van, too.

Yeah, a cool, new electric one.

Big difference.

I'm not taking the minivan.

We'll see.

Do you know that after I wash
the dishes, clean the kitchen,

Hank goes in and
recleans the kitchen.

He cleans a clean kitchen.

Well, he's a doctor.

They're very... clean.

Well, excu...

Andrew Nayloss asked me
to go out to the movies,

but he doesn't have his license,
so he asked if I could drive.

Would that be okay?

As long as you don't go too far

and you have him home by curfew.

Do you mind if I
take your new car?

Sure, go ahead.

But I need your new car.

To go where?

I don't know yet.

Well, you can't just
go out driving around.

You have to have a plan.


You don't want to end up
just like me, do you?

Married to a doctor
wouldn't be so bad.

I could take the kids out
and feed them dinner,

and then you guys could
have the house to yourselves.

That would be great.

Go grab some cash
from the coffee can.

So I can take the car?

Yeah, your father's minivan.

- Hmm.

Eric was supposed to be
making tea, wasn't he?

That's just like a man.

Can't depend on them
to do anything.

Would you like some tea?


Get ready. I'm taking you
and Ruthie out to dinner.

What about Lucy?

I've got a date.

Actually, she's taking
a guy out on a date.

Good for you.

Asking a guy out's tough.

I didn't ask him.
He asked me.

But you have
to drive?

In Mom's new car.

But still, taking a guy out's
very emancipated of you.

It is, isn't it?

If Lucy's driving

Mom's car,
how are we gonna go out?

Dad took the minivan.

Where'd he go?

To the hospital to talk

to Hank about Aunt Julie.

Big mistake.

No one ever listens to the kids.

This means that...

You have to go back down there.

What's wrong?

Dad took the minivan.

Ah, really?

That's odd.

He just up and left
without telling me?

I think, uh, he went
to visit someone.

Oh, no.

Eric better not have.


Okay, we got
your fried slop,

your sautéed slop

and your really old,
orange slop.

I hear the orange slop's
a little spicy.

I'll just have some Jell-O.

Take one from the back.

They make us shove
the old ones to the front.



Nice net.


Uh, so why you risking your good
health by eating hospital food?

I'm waiting to talk
to Hank about Julie.

He's in the middle
of a delivery.

Well, what's wrong
with Aunt Julie?

Uh, well, she's over our house,
perhaps permanently.

It seems Hank isn't
treating her very well.

And you just felt compelled

to run to the hospital
and tell him?

Well, Julie's my sister.

I care if she's not happy.

Ah, so, so Hank's wrong
and you're right.


Then this has nothing to do

with Hank one-upping you
when he saved your life.

Just give me my Jell-O.



Hank is never there
when I need him.

My marriage is a sham.

We'll page him.

It won't do you any good.

He's probably out having dinner

with one of his little
pregnant patient friends.

Well, do you know that
one of his patients is

a supermodel?

No, being a model
wasn't good enough for her,

she had to go
and be a supermodel.

Take my car.

I'm not going anywhere.

Was I that bad?

Sorry, got to go.

Come on, Ruthie.
We're going to dinner.

I don't want to go.


I want to stay home and...

look after the twins.


They're all gone.

It's just you and me.

Hi, I'm Lucy Camden,
Andrew's date.

I'll go
get Andrew.

Where you
going tonight?

The movies.

Andrew asked me out.
I'm just driving.

And how long
have you been driving?

I just got my license today.

So you better stay off
of busy streets,

and you better have
Andrew home by 10:00 sharp.

I know how you girls are.


Have you ever been arrested?


You heard me.

Hey, Lucy.


Well, have fun,
you two.


10:00, not one minute later,
or I call the police.

Have a good
time, son.

Thanks, Dad.

Come on, dear.


That's okay.
I can get my own door.

So, you got me out
of a difficult labor

to watch you eat Jell-O.


Well, this has been fun, but I
got to get back to my delivery.

Your wife left you.

What did you say?

Julie left you.

This is about
the supermodel, isn't it?

You're seeing
a supermodel?

She's a patient.

Supermodels go through
difficult pregnancies, too.

Is your supermodel having
a scheduled birth?

You know, a Cesarean.

Maybe I work that day.

I don't know.

Check with my office.



So, what are you
gonna do about Julie?

Hey, she knew
what I did for a living

before she married me, okay?

I'm always gonna
have female patients.

Actually, since I'm an OB-GYN,

I'm only gonna have
female patients.

Eventually, she will calm down.

And I promise to call her

once I get two seconds.

But right now, I got to get
back to the delivery room.

Supermodel. Wow.

That's it?
That's the best you can do?

"She'll eventually calm down"?

Look, you don't know
what I've been going through.

Julie's been
a complete basket case.

No matter how much I love her--
and I do love her--

she's got to control
her insanity.

I can't
take it anymore.

Do you have any idea
what it's like

living with someone
who is completely

irrational and insane
24 hours a day?

Do you?

Yes, I do.

I've experienced it--

uh let's see, uh--
six wonderful times.

I think the bigger issue here

is that you've never had
to live with it once.

I've spent my entire life
around pregnant women.

Yeah, but never
the same pregnant woman

and never your pregnant wife.

Dr. Hastings to Labor
and Delivery.

-Dr. Hastings to Labor
and Delivery, stat.
-You don't know
what you're talking about.

So, uh, you
going home?

I'm not going anywhere.

I just found Hank's
Achilles' heel.

It's not the supermodel, is it?

I'll tell you
what the problem is.

The problem is that Hank and I
aren't ready to be parents.

We haven't even worked out
the husband and wife part yet.

You and Hank are going to make
wonderful parents.

What made me think that I could
be a mother and a wife?

I must have been...

Okay, here's a big slice
of irony for you.

I'm making bad decisions sober.

Sober. Can you believe that?

I mean, at least when I drink,
I didn't go out and do

something stupid like
get pregnant and married!

My back is
killing me.

Oh, um, I'll get you
a hot water bottle.

That should
make you feel better.


The suspense is killing me.

Two students,

Ten dollars.

I'll get the popcorn.


So it's Friday night.

How come you and Deena
don't have a date?

We're only allowed to go out
together one night a week.

Since when?

Since her father caught us

making out in her den.

I'm surprised
Deena's dad reacted

the way he did.

I mean, Deena and I discussed
our make-out options,

and we both thought that,
since her dad wasn't a minister,

that if we got caught,
he would be,

shall we say, more... liberal.

We were wrong.

Who are you?


Simon Camden.

Aren't you Mary Camden,
the basketball player?


I've seen you play.

Hi. I'm Diane Hardt.


Please tell me
this isn't your date.

No, I'm not her date.
I'm her brother, Simon.

Glad to hear that.

My 13-year-old brother.


Uh, would you like to join us?

Yeah, that'd be great.

So, um, how old are you, Diane?


But a young 15.

Hey, how'd the
delivery go?

Twins, boy and a girl,
six pounds each.

Mother and babies
are doing great.

So what you're
saying is...

That no matter how many pregnant
women you've been around,

you still don't know how to cope
with your own pregnant wife.


Well, I think you're...

I think you're...

absolutely correct.

The last few months
have been unbearable.

No matter what I do,
it's wrong.

No matter what I say,
it's wrong.

I'm at the end of my rope.

Get cleaned up.

I'll take you out to dinner.

We can talk.

Thank you.

So where are we going?

Well, we're...

Well, you're not just
gonna leave me here

all by myself on a Friday night.


Hey, I have an idea.

Why doesn't Matt join us?

Why didn't I think of that?

This is a kitty.

Kitties are soft and fun,

and they purr a lot.

Can you say, "Hello, kitty"?



"Hello, kitty."

Told you kitties are fun.


Why is the door shut?

No reason.

Why didn't you go out
with Simon and Mary?

No reason.

What did you have for dinner?

No reason.

I mean, a peanut butter
and jelly sandwich.

Well, I'm gonna take
this hot water bottle

down to Aunt Julie,
but I'll be back up

to get the boys ready for bed.

I'll give them their bottles.

That's very sweet.

I still think you're
up to something.

I'll be right back.


I need a
little help!


What's wrong?

I'm not feeling
so good.

I-I have this
cramping thing,

Maybe it's an
upset stomach.

You have cramps
and-and your back hurts?


Yeah, my back's
killing me.

Maybe it's something I ate.

No, it's not something you ate.


I think you may be in labor.

That's impossible!

I'm only eight months pregnant!

Besides, I can't be in
labor because I'm not

gonna have a baby
with that man.

I'm gonna have a baby, aren't I?

Don't worry.

Everything's gonna
be just fine, fine.

Everything's gonna be fine.


Uh, okay,
the pool hall?

Greasy burgers and fries?


I'm allergic
to tomato sauce.

Oh, allergies,
of course.

If you two don't
pick a restaurant

in the next minute,
we're going back inside,

and it's spicy orange slop
for everyone.

You're the one having
the bad night; you pick.

I don't think
I like your smug tone.

I'm not being smug.

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

I know a good health food
restaurant across town.

Perfect. Let's go.

Maybe I should call Julie.

No, trust me, I've seen
my sister like this before.

Let her and Annie
talk for a while.

We'll call them
after dinner.

Paging Dr. Hastings
or Reverend Camden.

Please call
the hospital operator.

Paging Dr. Hastings
or Reverend Camden.

Please call
the hospital operator.

Yes, I understand,
but this is an emergency.

Can you continue
to page them both please?

Thank you.

Where could they be?

Well, Eric forgot his beeper,
so I-I can't page him.

What about
the hospital?

Well, I'm having them both
paged, but so far nothing.

But I did leave a message

on your home machine
and on Hank's service.


You feeling better?

Uh, it depends.

Does the pain
get better or worse?

That's what
I thought.

You know, but the good news is

that if you are in labor,
and you are having contractions,

they're far enough apart

and irregular that we can wait
a little while

before we have to get you
to the hospital.

Which brings up,
how are we going to get you

to the hospital
because we don't have a car?

But not to worry.

If it comes up,
I'll call an ambulance.

I'm not worried about the labor.

I'm worried about
going to the hospital

and having everyone find out

that I don't know
where my husband is.

Well, a little embarrassment
might be okay,

you know, considering
the circumstances.



I feel fine now.


I think it was all
just a false alarm!

Hey, hey, let's
go to the movies,

-Oh, no.
just the two of us.

It's been a while since we've
had, uh, a girl's night out.

I know where
Hank is.

He's with his

No, no, Hank is with Eric.


Supermodels have
supermodel friends.

Okay, that's it.

When Mary and Simon come home,
we're gonna go to the hospital.



And I don't like to brag,

but it was really my quick
thinking that saved the day.




I'll be right back.

What are you doing?

I feel like
I'm chaperoning a date.

Don't be ridiculous.

Diane's 15.

She's not interested in me.

Are you blind as well as boring?

Do you want to shoot
a game of pool?

We should really get going.

We have time
for a quick game.

Simon, am I holding
this stick thingy right?



Deena, this is my
girlfriend Diane.

I mean...

Diane, this is, uh,
my girlfriend Deena

and her father.

I didn't realize
you had a girlfriend.

I'll just give
my number to Mary,

in case you ever
want to call.

Paging Dr. Hastings
or Reverend Camden.

Please call
the hospital operator.

Paging Dr. Hastings
or Reverend Camden.

Please call
the hospital operator.

Whenever you're ready.

Oh, great.

I forgot my wallet
and my beeper.

I got cash.

Lately, I'm surprised
I'm able to work.

I thought I'd seen it all,
but Julie...

How'd you do it?

How'd you make it through
six pregnancies with Annie? How?

First one is the toughest.

No matter what you think
it's gonna be like,

you can never be fully prepared.

So, the second baby is easier

because you're prepared
for what's gonna happen.

No, the second baby is easier

'cause you know
you can never be prepared.

You-you give up
the notion

that you can control it
or make it better,

and you finally realize
that with pregnancy...

you're truly in the grip of
something greater than yourself,

and the best you can do
is just love your wife

and buy a lot of ice cream.

You know the first step

is admitting
you don't know it all.

You're loving this, aren't you?

Just a little.

You know, I don't care
how bad it gets,

I can't wait until Shana and I
have a baby together.

I didn't know you and
Shana were that serious.

Well, I didn't say I was
having a baby with Shana.

I said I want to have
a baby with Shana.

Hey, look at the time.

I'll see you guys later.

Uh, thanks for dinner.



Dr. Hastings or Reverend Camden

please call the hospital
operator immediately.

Dr. Hastings or Reverend Camden

please call the hospital
operator immediately.

About that page...

You're not Reverend Camden
or Dr. Hastings.


But I'll give you $20
to stop paging them.

We need to talk.


I heard you yelling.

Are you having your baby?



I didn't know you had a kitten.

No one knows,
and no one can know.

That's where you come in.

When you scream, if you yell
"me-ouch" instead of "ouch,"

whenever my kitten meows, then
everyone will think it's you.

Let's practice.


That was good, but could you
put a little more cat into it?

I'll try.

Like that.

But nothing was going on.

Then why do you look so guilty?

And why do you keep apologizing?

If being caught

making out wasn't bad enough,
now, because of that girl,

my father thinks you're some
sort of middle school Romeo.

He does?

I mean, he does?

You know, it's
like I said,

these kids are way too
young to be so serious.

I knew they were
too young to date.

Now Deena's part of
some love triangle.

She's 13!

Do you have
a boyfriend?


See, good for you.

You're too young.

I'm 17.

Yes, and you know that 17's too
young, so you're waiting until

you're mature enough to handle
a serious relationship.

No, uh, you misunderstand.

I'm only single right now

because my last serious
boyfriend moved away

with his son to go
to college out of state.

I'm sorry.

Did you say that your last
boyfriend had a son?


How old was he?

A year older than me.

What happened to his wife?

She died, in childbirth.

Your father's
a minister, right?


Of a church?

Telephone call

for Dr. Hastings
or Reverend Camden.

I'd better go get that.

They're paging my father
and my uncle.

Um, I'll be right back.

Don't hurry.

Phone call for
Reverend Camden? Thanks.


-Mary, is Hank or Eric there?

Oh, well, get home right away.
Julie's in labor.

You should go to the hospital.


And how do you want us
to get to the hospital?

There are no cars here.

Of course I could go out,
I guess,

into the garage
and build myself a go-cart.

I'm on my way.


Why not?


Aren't you going to
walk me to the door?

Why not?

This date couldn't
get any worse.

I had a great time.

I know.

Uh, well, good night.


You're late.

So, um, are you free
next Friday?


Mom? Aunt Julie?

-Is everything okay?
-Oh, it is now.

I'm going to take Aunt Julie
to the hospital.

What can I do?

Well, you can stay here

and keep an eye on things.

Lucy's still out on a date.

Sam and David are asleep
and Ruthie is...

up to something.

I'm here.

Okay, I'll, I'll call you later.


What about Aunt Julie?

Six pregnancies, you know, I,

I just never been on,
on this side before. Yeah.

Oh, I got the keys.

I'm going to get you
to the hospital.

Everything is going
to be fine.

I think it may be too late.


You can't get her down.

You guys need to get back
to the house.

Julie's having her baby.


She's having the baby
right now at our house.

Why isn't she at the hospital?

Mom said it's too late.

She called an ambulance,
but they're not there yet.

Why didn't someone call us?

She's been beeping

and calling you both
all over town.

She left me a message
at my apartment,

but I couldn't remember the name
of the restaurant.

Come on. Come on.
Let's go. Let's go.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Mary left the car half
in the street. What's going on?

Mm, Aunt Julie is
having her baby.

Aunt Julie is having her baby?

Yeah, upstairs
in Mom and Dad's room.


What? I like my milk in a bowl.

Where's Hank?

Matt went to get him.

-I need Hank.
-Don't worry. I'm here.

But I need Hank.

I want to hit Hank

because Hank did this to me,
and Hank is a bad man.

I'm scared.

I know,
but the ambulance is coming.

The baby's early.
What if something's wrong?

A lot of first babies
come early.

There's nothing to worry about.

We're here.
We're here.

Get out. Get out.

Not you, him.

Get that man outta here.

Where have you been all night?

Uh, we'll be right outside
if, if you need us.

Be out...

I was delivering twins.
And Eric came to...


I don't want to do this.

I think our baby is coming,
whether we're ready or not.

I'm sorry. I've been so crazy.
I've just been so scared.

Of what?


I'm scared you don't love me.

I'm scared
you'll leave.

I'm scared
we'll make bad parents.

I'm scared this is going
to be the most painful

experience of my life, and
I don't know if I can do it.

But, most of all,

I'm scared about how bad
I must look right now.

I love you more
than life itself.

And I will never leave you.

We're going to make
fabulous parents.

True, you'll be doing
the pushing,

but I'll be there
every step of the way.

And you have never looked
more beautiful.

Don't cry.

I can't help it.

It hurts.

Okay, okay, deep breath.

Cleansing breath now.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Probably the paramedics.

Hi, Annie, Eric.

-Oh, hi, come on in.
-Oh, thanks.

Something wrong?

Yeah, um, Billy
lost his kitten

and, well, somebody said

they saw your daughter
with a kitten.

-Say no more.

Ruthie come
downstairs, please.

Billy lost his kitten.

That's sad.

Do you know anything
about it?

That was Aunt Julie.


The Honeymooners.

I don't know how to thank you.

Just be more careful next time.

That's my baby
they're taking away.

Well, I, I hope this

will help to ease
your loss.

It helps. It helps.

-But that's too much.
-No, you don't have
to give her anything.

I insist.

I would have paid anything
to get Norton back for Billy.



Good-bye, Jill.
Bye, Norton.



Okay, okay,
less than a minute apart.

Think it's a little late
for that ambulance.

It's going to be okay.

We're going to do some pushing,
then it'll all be over.

Okay, okay the baby's head
is crowning.

Let's take a deep breath
and one big push!

Yes. Yes, okay.

All I'm saying is if Julie
and Hank have a boy,

I hope it doesn't turn out
like Andrew Nayloss.

I had to pick him up,

open doors for him,
pay for everything,

and be grilled by his father.

Welcome to our world.


Yeah, hold on.


Hi, yeah.


Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Okay, so who wants to
drive me over to Deena's?

Hello, we're having
a baby here.

I almost forgot.

Yeah, we haven't heard
any screaming in a while.

I believed the baby has landed.

She had it.

Is it a boy or girl?

-Boy or girl?
-Is it a boy?

I don't know. I'm just glad
she didn't have it in my bed.

What do we do now?

Who wants ice cream?

I'm buying.

-But I'm not driving.

because if you got stopped,
you wouldn't want

to show anyone
your license.
-Yep, you're right.

Drop me off at Deena's
on the way, okay.

I think she's
finally forgiven me.

What do you want me to do
with Diane's number?

Burn it.

It's a...

Empty kitchen?

I can't believe
they left.

Uh, it doesn't matter.

I'm excited enough
for everybody.

Hey, I just realized:

this is the first time

either one of us has been
an aunt or an uncle.

Oh, my gosh, I'm Aunt Annie.

Or Auntie Annie.


We did it.

We sure did.

I'm so proud of you.
You're amazing.

What should we name her?

Julie's a beautiful name.

Julie, Junior?

Bad idea.

Unless of course,
she wants a career

as a country-western singer.

We could name her
after Eric and Annie.


Erica Camden Hastings.



We would have
been here sooner,

but we had the
wrong address.
-They're upstairs.

The father, mother and baby
are doing fine.

How are you doing?

Calm, strong, and capable
of handling any challenge,

as long as it doesn't
happen tonight.

You know what we have to
do tomorrow, Uncle Eric?

What's that,
Aunt Annie?

Buy a new bed.

I think Julie's
earned the right

to take that one
with her.

Good point.