7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 4, Episode 16 - Say a Little Prayer for Me - full transcript

Eric's reading of an anonymous letter, the juvenile author of which he later shamelessly tracks down, asking for prayer, the power of which he praises blindly, starts an epidemic of selfish...

Previously on Seventh Heaven :

I can't keep wearing turtleneck
shirts for a week.

So, uh, let me see.

Have you heard from Andrew

Nope. But that's ok.

I should consider myself lucky.
I've had alot of great dates

this year, just not one that
stuck around very long.

Where's the Tic Toc?

Where's the coffee shop?

There is no Tic Toc.

So you brought me here...

To make love.

Happy Valentine's Day.

He's not a bad guy.

Yes, he is a bad guy.

Are we talking about Robbie?


He made a mistake.

An assumption, really,
a bad assumption.

Yeah, he's
a bad guy

who made a bad mistake
in making a bad assumption.

I mean,
I made a mistake,

but it was an innocent mistake.

You didn't know
you bit someone on the neck?

How does that happen?

So, what was Robbie's mistake?

Uh, we'll talk
about that later...

when you're 18.

Take the bread to the table.

Will you just forget about that?

And you, take the salad in.

he took her to a motel.

Why do I have to take
this salad anywhere?

Because the salad
needs taking.

And he didn't take her
to a motel.

He tried to take her
to a motel, and...


Aren't we going to wait
for Matt and John?

They're running late. Go.

Maybe he'll realize
what a stupid thing he did

and apologize.

But an apology won't change
who he is,

and he's a very dishonest
young man

who had dishonorable intentions
toward my daughter.

Yeah, I know.

Still, in retrospect,
maybe I overreacted.

Maybe I misled him into thinking
that I was the kind of girl

who'd like to be taken
to a motel for Valentines Day.

There will be other guys.

But not like Robbie.

I hope not.

Hello, loved ones.

We're a very lucky family,
you know that?

No, wait, wait, wait.

I want you to hear this.

I got this letter today...

And we'd all love
to hear it.

I thought the pot roast
was done.

Pot roast?

Yes, but I have a nice
swordfish steak for you,

but it can wait two minutes.

The letter.

Well, it's...

just a letter from a kid
asking me to pray for him.

It wasn't Robbie, was it?

No, this is from a kid
who's having a bad life.

As oppose to a kid
who's leading a bad life.


Hey, we were all thinking it.

Why would he want you
to pray for him?

Probably because prayer
can change lives.

I know that.

I just wondered why
he would want you to do it

instead of somebody else?

Well, he wrote,
"Dear Man Who Works for God."

So maybe that's it,

because I work for God.

But anyone can pray.

And change things for real?




Then I know what
I'm praying for.

Me too.

Me too.

I definitely know
what I'm praying for.

That didn't go the way
you planned, did it?



Want to eat, huh?

Are you ready to eat?
One, two, three.

♪& 7th Heaven ♪&

♪& When I see
their happy faces ♪&

♪& Smiling back at me ♪&

♪& 7th Heaven ♪&

♪& I know there's
no greater feeling ♪&

♪& Than the love of family ♪&

♪& Where can you go ♪&

♪& When the world don't
treat you right? ♪&

♪& The answer is home ♪&

♪& That's the one place
that you'll find ♪&

♪& 7th Heaven ♪&

♪& Mmm, 7th Heaven ♪&

♪& 7th Heaven. ♪&

You're tired, huh?

Yeah, I'm a little tired,
but very happy.

Thanks for asking.

I love you.

Good night.

I love you, too.

You're not tired and happy?

I'm happy.
I'm very happy.

If you're not too tired,

would you like to read that
letter from that kid to me?

I was hoping you'd ask.

"Dear Man Who Works for God,

"I need your prayer
this Sunday.

"Two years ago,
my brother was killed

"by a boy who brought
a gun to school.

"After that, my dad
started drinking again

"after being sober
for almost seven years.

"That meant my mom had
to start working two jobs.

"I take care of my baby sister
and I walk her to school,

"but it's scary to think
someone could shoot us too,

"and I'm afraid nothing
is ever going to change

"unless people like you

ask God for help
for people like me."

There's no signature
on it.

I wonder why
he wrote to me.

Maybe he heard
I was shot last year.


But how would he know
unless he went to our church?

I don't know a family
who fits this description,

so I don't think they're
part of the congregation.

I hope I can find them
and help them.

I hope so, too.

I love you.

Now I'm all awake.

I miss Deena.

I miss Robbie.

Her parents haven't even decided
when I can come over again.

Even if I forgave Robbie
for what he did,

Mom and Dad would probably never
let him come over again.

I'm going to bed now.

Good night.

Good night, Luce.

Aren't you going to bed?

You're just going
to stay up all night

moaning and groaning
about your love lives?

I don't have a love life.
I don't have a love life.

Come on, you two.
Get some sleep.

You've been like this
for a week.

You'll feel better tomorrow.

And then the next day,
you'll feel better than that,

and so on and so forth.

All right, all right.

Good night.

Pray that Robbie finds a way
to get back in good

with the me and the family,

And pray that I get back in
with Deena's family.

I'm not tying up the God lines

with either of those prayers,
got it?

What do you expect?

I mean, she's doing
the best she can,

considering the only two guys
she's ever been in love with

are Jimmy and Rod.

What about the other one?

What other one?

The one you both liked?

The guy with the big lips,
you know?

Oh. We don't speak of him.

I miss Deena.

I miss Robbie.

Please God, give me a pony.

I really, really want a pony.

If you give me a pony,

I'll never ever do anything
wrong again, ever.

This is Ruthie Camden,

and I'm asking you for a pony,

and sooner is better than later.



you believe all that stuff
your father was saying

about prayer at dinner?


What difference does it make,

You must be asking for a reason.

No, I'm just asking.

Are you asking because
you're thinking of praying

that you pass your test
on Monday

so you don't have to study
for it?

No, I'm studying for it.

Then why are asking?

Forget it.
It's not that important.

You were praying, weren't you?

Yes, yes, I was.

And if you must know,

I was praying to find to find
a woman to have dinner with.

Just a nice woman,
good conversation,

good food; a simple request
from a simple man.

I thought you swore off women.

No, I was just being
supportive of you

since you swore off women.

Oh, so you're not really
being supportive.

You're just pitying me
and then going behind my back

and asking God for a woman
to have dinner with.

Hey, I could ask Him
for a woman for you

to have dinner with too,
if you like?

No thanks, I'll ask Him myself
if that's what I want.

So, are you?

None of your business.
That's between me and...

you know, I'm not praying
for something stupid like that.

Guess what.

I'm getting a pony.

What pony?
What are you talking about?

I'm talking about the power
of prayer.

I asked God
for a pony last night

and I'm sure I'm going
to get one.

Should you break the bad news
or should I?

Mm, I.

You're not getting a pony.

No, by "I," I meant me.

What he said.

Why not?

I prayed for it

and you said prayer has
the power to change lives.

So, I'm changing mine
with a pony.

But it doesn't
work like that.

Yes, it does.
Simon asked for a dog,

and he got Happy.

No, I got Happy.

God got you to get Happy.

So why can't God get you
to get me a pony?

What's the difference?

You big bunch of nonbelievers.

I'm getting a pony.

So which one of you
is going to take that on?

Hey, you never know.
She might get a pony.

I'll go.

Can we talk?


I've already talked to God.

And did you get an answer?

Well, if I get the pony,
the answer is yes.

If no pony shows up,
God didn't hear me.

I'll be right back.

You heard me, right?

Ruthie Camden. Pony.

Today, if you can,
and we both know you can.

Please, please,
please, please, please.

You know what you need?

You need to get you mind off
Robbie, so I'm taking you out.

Not what I was praying for.

You realize that Mom and Dad
are probably praying

that this guy
never calls you again

and that could possibly
cancel out

anything you're asking for,



You think Ruthie
might get a pony,

but you don't think
Deena's parents are going

to change their mind
about me?
That's not
what I said.

Are you praying
against me?


Because that's
not right.

You can't just cancel out
what I want with what you want

just 'cause you're you and
I'm me and Robbie is Robbie.

Of course not.

Okay, thank you.

This is why you should keep
your work at the office.

The world is my office.

Don't we know it.

Thought you were going
to the library.

Thought you
had to work.

You're out here trying
to find Miss Right, aren't you?

What if I am?

What's the matter?

Don't you believe in God?

No, I just thought
I'd do my part.

Yeah, that's what
I thought, too.

Oh, so you did ask God
Maybe. to get you a woman.

Maybe I was just having
a cup of coffee.

Excuse me.

Do either of you know

where the hardware
store is?



Sergeant Michaels.

That was quick.

Don't get excited.

All I have is a list of names of
children under 18 in the county

who died violent deaths
in the last two years.

But it's a long list and
it's not broken down by location

so it doesn't identify
where each kid was killed.

It's the best
I can do right now.

I can help you out
first of the week if you like.

No, the letter says this Sunday,

so I'm thinking
there's some reason for that.

I, I need to find this kid
by Sunday.

It's Saturday. You do know that,
don't you, Reverend?

Yeah, I know.

I'll be by to pick up the list.

Good luck.


This is all my fault,
you know.

What's your fault?

God is not answering
my prayers

because I'm really
not very deserving.

Yes, you are.

And maybe He is.

Maybe God is telling you

that there is no way
you're ever going out

with that big fat liar-seducer
delinquent again.

Hey, you're talking
about the guy I loved.

Yes. I'm talking
about the guy you loved.

The real guy you loved.

Not this pretty picture
you keep painting in your head.

Why would God
or anyone else

want you to get back
with Robbie?

Well, there must be a reason.

But there isn't a reason.

There's no reason at all.

You need to get out
of the house.

You and Simon both.

Why don't we do Mom
and Dad a favor

and take Sam and David out
for them?

It could be fun.

And we could be helping them out
at the same time.

I don't want to have any fun.

I don't want to help anyone.

And I just want to sit here
and be miserable, okay?

Okay, but I'm going to get out
of the house.

Great, because misery
does not love perkiness, Perky.


Would you like to get out
of the house for a while?

Not unless it's to go over
to Deena's house.

What if it's
to go with me

to take Sam
and David out?

I mean, we could go down
to the Glenoak Promenade,

and walk around,
and get some fresh air,

and do some people-watching.

I don't want to see any people
other than Deena,

and if I leave the house and her
parents give in and she calls,

I don't want to miss the call.

Okay, good luck with that.

It's not a matter of luck.
It's a matter of faith.

You don't necessarily get
everything you ask for

when you ask for it.

I'm sure Deena will call.

I am also sure she's not going
to call today

because her parents said they'd
reconsider in a couple of weeks.

Parents say stuff like that
all the time.

Okay, then I'll just go
by myself.


But having a pony
all on my own

isn't the same as riding
around in a little ring.

I'm volunteering to load
up the twins in the car

and take them down to
the Glenoak Promenade

for a stroll, if
it's okay with you.

Thank you.
What a generous offer.

No problem.

You want to come?

Hello? What if the pony comes

and I'm out for a stroll?

I've had about
all I can take

of everyone and
their prayers.

I wish Dad had
never brought up

the whole subject.

Well, he did,

and it's a very
interesting subject.


♪& ♪&

♪& ♪&

We blew it.
No, you blew it.

She was clearly
attracted to me,

and I am clearly
attracted to her.

Uh, I don't think so.

I mean, maybe you're
attracted to her,

but she was clearly
attracted to me.

And if you could have left us
alone for two seconds,

maybe I would have had
a chance to ask her out.

You asked her
for her phone number.

She responded by asking
for our phone number.

"Our" being the
key word here.

That was her way
of getting my number.

No, it wasn't.

She was just being
polite and safe.

Women don't always give out
their numbers to strangers.

We spent hours with her.
We weren't strangers.

We both told her
our entire life story,

except for you of course
left out the fact that you are

on the rebound.
Oh, I'm not on the rebound.

Shana and I didn't break up.

We're just free to see other
people, people like Raven.

Gosh, I asked for a nice woman
to have dinner with

and I got it,
but you got in my way.
No, no.

I asked for a nice woman to have
dinner with and I got it,

but you got in my way.

Well, I asked first

and you horned in on my prayer.

I'm gonna go study.

I'm gonna study too.

Why don't you study
at the library?

Why don't you
study at the library?

Maybe you should just call her.

I can't; her parents

told me not to
until they say so.

Why don't you call Robbie?

What would I say?

I don't know.

I don't even know
why you wanna call him.

Well, I don't know why
you'd want Deena to call.

Because I miss Deena.

Well, I miss Robbie.

Yeah, well, Robbie
is a no-good scoundrel,

I mean Deena's
practically an angel.

She's no angel;
she left a hickey on your neck

that looked like
a third-degree burn.

So, that wasn't her fault.
She was merely reciprocating.

No, she wasn't; she was
retaliating-- big difference.

Yeah, you know,
there is a big difference

between goofing around
with your girlfriend
and giving her a hickey

and lying to your girlfriend
and her parents

so you could take her
to a motel to have sex.

Okay, it is time for you
to shut up now.

No, you shut up.

If I forgive Robbie
and You forgive Robbie,

then maybe Mom and Dad
will forgive Robbie.

And that would be a good way
for us to get back together,

wouldn't it?



So, uh, how old are they?

They had their first birthday
on Valentine's Day.

And how old are you?

I'm 16.

Cute boys.


You're a little young,
aren't you?

Young for what?

To be having babies.

Oh, no, no, no.
These are my brothers.


No, no, they, they are.

They're my brothers.
My mother has seven children.

Oh, seven, is it?

And how many
will you have

before you realize
the error of your ways?

I will pray for
you, young lady.

Do me a favor.

Pray for yourself, you old bag!


They're my baby brothers.


Hi, Matt?

This is Raven.

Hi, Raven.
I was hoping you'd call.

You guys were so great
showing me around today

that I wanted to know
if you two could come over

for dinner
with my family tonight.

I can come.

And John?

Yeah, I think he's free.

Why don't I ask him?

Are you free tonight?

Raven wants us
to come over to her house

and have dinner with her
and her family.

Thank you, Lord.

Yes, I'm free.

Where is everybody?

I sent them all to
separate corners.

Who? Who's fighting?

All of them.

Why? Who are they angry with?

Mary and Simon are mad
at each other.

Simon's mad at Deena's parents.

Lucy's mad at the
general public,

and Ruthie's mad at God.

How did this happen?


Evidently prayer is a very
controversial subject.

Is this your final answer?

I'm having the same
kind of day.

I didn't find the kid.

Maybe you're not supposed to.

Is that your final answer?

Now, you're mad at me?



Are you still mad at me?

No, I'm not mad.

I'm feeling pretty silly
for having acted that way.

I'm very sorry.

You're... you're
probably right.

I'm probably not supposed
to find this kid.

I just don't know why.

But I don't have to know why.

You still want to know,

I can't help myself.


Eric, Sergeant Michaels.

I think I've got your suspect.

Name's Jonathan Smith.

638 Ora Avenue.

South side of Clarksville.

Do you want a ride over?

Uh, no, I'll...

go myself, thanks.

So, I was wrong.

I'll be back
as soon as I can.

Great, I come in to see
you and you're leaving.

I'm sorry, Ruthie.
Can it wait?

Sure, why not?
It's only a pony.

Oh, wait, please.

I just want to ask
you something.


Why do you want a pony?

Is it because
Simon has Happy?

Is it because you need
to go somewhere?

Is there a reason?

Or do you just want it?

Does it make a difference
why I want it?

Probably not, I'm just curious.

I want it because I need it.

I need that feeling of being
carried away to someplace.

Like being carried away
from earth back to heaven.

Or being carried by angels
when I came to earth.

Do you remember that feeling?

I'm not sure.

I do, and I think I could get it

from riding a pony.

I could ride it just
all over the place.

Wind in my hair, laughing,

and happy, and free.

Like that.

Maybe you do need a pony.

Maybe we all need a pony.

I know this old saying.

"Sometimes if your
need is great enough

and your want is small enough,

it shall appear."

How do you do that?

How do you need it
and not want it?

Well, maybe if you quit
asking for the pony

and just keep telling yourself

the thing you told me
about how you got here

and how you're leaving
and the way you feel

a need for a reminder of how
wonderful that journey is.

Maybe you could write
that story or even draw it.

Yeah! Draw it.

I'm an artist.
That's what I'm gonna do.

I'm sorry about
what I said about Deena.

She is pretty angelic.

And if Robbie
were a different guy,

I'd be a very happy woman.

Or if you were a
different woman,

say the kind of woman that
likes that kind of guy,

then you'd be happy.

I can't believe
that they thought I
was a teenage mother.

And even if I were,
they wouldn't know
anything about it.

Who are they to judge me?

I don't know.

I think Deena loves me
just the way I am.

The only problem
is her parents

don't love me the way I am.


I'll tell you
who people don't love:

teenage mothers.

If I just hadn't lost my temper.

If I had just talked to him,
if I had just told him

that I felt hurt, then he
probably would've understood.

We could have driven by his
house and met his parents.

And then we could have come home

and Mom and Dad
wouldn't have known
that anything had happened.

Me and my big mouth.

Why is it that when someone
just up and volunteers to pray

for you for no reason at all,
you just want to smack them?

But he did lie to you.
And to Mom and Dad.

Okay, but what if
he didn't lie?

And what if he didn't take me
where he took me?

What if he just came over here

and kissed me good night
at the door?

That's not what happened.

There must be a way
to change what happened.

You think?

I mean...

I hope you're right,
but I don't think so.

If I could change what happened.

If I could change the fact
that I bit Deena,

I would, but that's
not possible, is it?


Dad said that, "With prayer
all things are possible."

Yeah, but do you think
that means that prayer

can change
what was or what is?

I guess either.

Sorry, I'm still
feeling the sting

of being completely
humiliated in public.

Do you have any idea
what she's talking about?


Let me know right from wrong.

Let me stop myself
before I do something wrong

and if I go ahead and do it,

let me take the right
action to correct

whatever I've done
that missed the mark.

You know what would be
a really nice thing
for you to do for me

after I've put up with
you and all of your

breakups with Shana?
What's that?

Stay home. Please stay home.

You know, I would,
but I seriously

don't think that Raven's
interested in you.

You seriously think that
you've rebounded to the point

that you're ready to get
involved with another woman?

If God thinks I'm ready,
then I must be ready.

He wasn't answering your prayer.

Was too.

I'll drive.
No, I'll drive.

You may want to
leave before I do.

You wouldn't be
Jonathan, would you?


Mister, you don't want to be
sitting out here too long.

It's dangerous.
I knocked on the door,

but no one seems
to be home, so...

I'm just gonna wait a little
longer, it's kind of important.

Did Jonathan do
something wrong?

Are you taking him to jail?

No, no he didn't
do anything wrong.

Nothing at all, he's uh...

he's just a friend.

Already got it.

Come in. Come in.

Mom, Dad, these are
the two guys

I told you about.

This is my friend John,

and this is John's
roommate, Matt.


My roommate, Matt.

Nice to meet you all.

Nice to meet you, too.

Raven's been talking
nonstop about both of you

all day long.

Come on in.

Proud that there are
some fine, young men

in the world who
don't judge people.

Or, to be exact, my daughter,
by the color of her skin.

Sometimes that's a problem
for her.

You two are the answer
to our prayers.


Yes. I'm Jonathan.

I'm Eric Camden.

The minister.
The man who works for God.

I believe you wrote to me.

I've been waiting a long time

to talk to you about this.

I'm sorry.

My dad sent me
to my uncle's house.

To borrow some money.

And then I had
to go with my uncle

to get my dad's liquor.

Well, I was hoping
that I might be able to help

your dad and your mom.

How are you going to do that?

I'm not sure, but, you know,

maybe if I could talk to them,
I could find a way.

If my dad finds out
that you think

I asked you to do
something for him,

he's going to beat me severely
about the head, man.

Look, I don't know
why you came here.

I didn't ask you
to come here.

But the letter...

Can't you read?

The letter asks for you
to pray for me.

I sent it to churches
all over the world

and asked all the men and women
who work for God

to pray this Sunday.

You notice I didn't sign
that letter?

That's because I didn't want
you to know who it's from.

I don't want anyone
to know who it's from.

Because of your...


It's 'cause I'm not selfish.

You think
I'm the only kid

who had his life ruined
by a gun?

Kids just like me all over
the world are suffering.

I figured if no one knew

who they were praying for
in particular,

they'd be praying
for all of us in general.

So please, just do
what I asked and pray.

And get everyone you know
to pray.

The man upstairs will take care
of all of us.

Have a little faith, Reverend.

Mr. Stewart, I have the greatest
respect for your daughter.

I just wanted to apologize
once again for my actions

and I promise to be
more trustworthy in the future.


Mr. Stewart,
I have the greatest...

Do you have any idea
what time it is, young man?

I'm so sorry, sir.

I was just anxious
to apologize again.

I have the greatest respect
for your daughter

and I'm sure I'll be able
to find more appropriate ways

All right.
to show it in the future.

Deena, Simon's on the phone.

Thank you.

I think I'm going
to give up

on praying.

I don't think
it's gonna do any good,

and I don't think Robbie
is ever going to change.

And that's God's fault?

I don't know whose fault it is.

Maybe it has nothing to do
with being anyone's fault.

Maybe it has something to do
with Robbie growing up

and taking responsibility
for himself

and learning to have respect
for other people.

But if drunks can get sober,

and addicts can get straight,

then can't a bad guy
just get good?

I don't know.

But it wouldn't hurt if he did
become a good person.

So, if that's what you want,
I'll pray for it, too.

You will?

I will.

Good night, you two.
Sleep tight.

I've got to ask
you both a favor.

Um, but mostly you, Dad,

since you're the one
who brought this whole thing up.

Okay, fire away.

Could you pray that Robbie
changes from bad to good?

You know, that he becomes
a good person.

We'll try, honey.

We'll try.

Just don't expect
a quick response, okay?

'Cause it could take years

and years and...

you have to realize
that even if he does,

as you say,
go from bad to good,

he might end up with
some other young woman.

It could happen.

It could happen,
but please don't ask for that.

If it happens, it happens.


Thanks, Mom and Dad,
and thank you, Lucy.

You've made me really happy.

Do you have anything
you'd like me to pray for?


Pray for all the brave
young teenage mothers

out there like
your friend Corey.

Pray that they have the courage

to be good parents
in face of

all the criticism and ridicule
and hardships and...

Okay, about this Robbie guy...

Where are you going?

Uh, I left a
number downstairs.

I've got to call
a man about a pony.

Have a nice time?

Oh, yeah.

You going to church tomorrow?
Maybe we can go together.

My dad's church,
your dad's church, either one.

Uh, I would, but um,

my mom asked me
to do her a favor.

Klip Klop here was made
for children.

Loves children, likes the
lightness and sweetness of them.

So you take it easy and
she'll know where to take you

and how to bring you back.

She does this
all day, every day,

so you have nothing to fear.

I'm not afraid at all.

Thanks, Mr. Watson.



I'm new here. Do I just sit

Yeah, sure, anywhere.

I'm Andrew Mann.
What's your name?

Lucy Camden.

So, your name's Andrew?


So, it's an Andrew,

just not an Andrew Nalos.

Very funny.

Let us pray...

Our Father, who art in heaven,

hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come;
Thy will be done,

on earth,
as it is in heaven.

Give us this day
our daily bread,

and forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those
who trespass against us,

and lead us not
into temptation,

but deliver us from evil,

for Thine is the kingdom,
and the power,

and the glory, forever and ever.


Please be seated.

My son Matt
and my daughter Ruthie

have chosen to worship
elsewhere this morning.

Ruthie was feeling the need

to experience God
through nature.

She's taking a ride on a horse,

an answer to one
of her prayers.

My family has been talking

a lot this week about prayer.

What to pray for,

how to pray,
when to pray,

whose prayers get answered,
whose don't.

All the questions
that all of us, I imagine,

have asked ourselves
at one time or another.

These discussions

came about when I shared
my feelings

about a letter I got
in the mail, sent anonymously,

and although I managed to track
down the author of the letter,

he's asked to remain anonymous.

However... he had a request,

and I will now pass
his request onto you.

Please say a prayer today

for the millions of children
in the world

who have become victims
of violence:

violence at home,

violence in the streets,

violence in their schools.

Please ask God
to help those children

who are trying to recover
from the death of a playmate

or a friend or a family member.

Please ask God
to heal those families

whose lives have been
ripped apart

because of a violent
injury or death.

Please pray for children

Pray that they might have peace.

If we won't stop the violence
in our children's lives

by taking the right actions
and by behaving responsibly,

then the very least we owe them

might be the most powerful thing
we can give them...

our prayers.

A moment of silence,
if you will.