7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 4, Episode 15 - Loves Me, Loves Me Not - full transcript

The parents insist on spoiling the kids' Valentine's day by celebrating the baby twins' birthday and demanding presents. Robbie gets permission afterward to drive Mary to the coffeehouse where his parents met. Matt puts off telling Shana, who actually is already on kissing terms with an NYU dorm-mate, his ex Heather transferred to his college until Mary spills the beans. Simon's first passionate kiss caused a love-bite, which Deena meanly insists to return, causing disastrous discovery. Matt sees Robbie with 'his brother's date', sees trough it but isn't believed that's cheating, until the romantic trip's hidden agenda is revealed.

My boys are going to be...

One year old! Yay!

And mommy's going
to throw you a big party.



And we're going to have
ice cream and cake.




What's all the ruckus about?

Sam and David are going
to be one year old
on Valentine's day.

It's their
very first birthday.

But it's still
Valentine's day for
the rest of us, right?

Right, but Valentine's day
is still Sam and David's

Why can't we just celebrate
it today so we can keep
Valentine's sacred?

Because Valentine's
isn't sacred,

but the birth of
these boys was sacred,

so the importance of
their birthday outweighs
Valentine's day.

I'll be sure
to let hallmark know.

Hey, start thinking
about what you're going
to give them.

You're running
out of time!

Why do you look so sad?

The same reason
I'm always sad.

The babies have
ruined my life.

All our lives, really.


As in everyone who's
planning to celebrate

Valentine's day
as Valentine's day

instead of just a plain
ol' nothing birthday.


Mrs. Camden, it's Robbie.

Uh, hold on,
I'll get Mary.

No, wait. I want
to ask you something.

I know Monday is a school
night and it's also
the twins' birthday,

but is there any way that
you and reverend Camden

would allow Mary to go out
after the birthday party?

My parents have
this crazy Valentine's
ritual we do every year.

We drive up to clarksville
to the tick-tock coffee shop

where my parents met,
and we all have dinner

I've never had a girlfriend
at Valentine's before,

and it would mean a lot
to me if Mary could go.

My family would be willing to

make it a late dinner if Mary
could join us.

Oh, uh, I don't know,

I'll--I'll have to talk
to Eric about this.

Maybe I should talk
to him about it.

He's a sentimental guy, right?

Uh, not exactly.
I'll tell you what.

I'm pretty sure I can
talk him into it,

and if I can't,
I'll call you back.

Thanks a lot, Mrs. Camden.
And if you both say yes,

the thing is, it's a surprise.
I don't want to tell Mary
where we're going.

Just that it's
something romantic.

If she knows she's meeting
my parents, she might
flip out or...

Get all nervous
or something.

It's ok.
I won't say anything.

And unless Eric has
a problem with this,

I won't call you back.

Thank you.
I really appreciate it.

I'm heading out
to the garage.

I'm sorry to work
on a Sunday, but it's
just for this one time,

and it's for a good cause.


Is it something for the twins?

I want it to be
a surprise. Please.

Ok, it's a surprise.
If you need any help,
just let me know.

I think I can handle it.

Hello, Mrs. Camden.


What's going on with Simon?

I don't know, but there
was a lot of whispering
from the house to the door

when we picked up deena.
I think it's Valentine's

You know how difficult
Valentine's day can be.

Wait, you know what I mean.

No, I love Valentine's day.
It's just that...

Sometimes it brings up...

Oh. Well, it's not just
Valentine's day anymore.
It's also...

The twins' birthday.

See? Issue.


I can't keep wearing
turtleneck shirts for a week.

For one thing,
i only own 2 of them.

Well, I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
It was my first time.

And your last.

So, uh...Let me see.

Sorry is not
going to do it.

I'm going to do
the same thing to you,

because that's the only
fair thing to do.

Wait, I don't even
own a turtleneck.

That's not my problem.

Is that a mop...

Or are you just
happy to see me?


What's going on?

Hey, Matt, where you
been, man? I--

oh, that's where you've
been. Heather, right?

We bumped into each
other at the hospital

and we grabbed some lunch.

Did, uh, shana call?

Yes, she did...
More than once.

I'll call her.

Uh, she--she said
she's going out.

She'll call you
when she gets back.

Nice place.

I love
the bunk beds.


Shana hates them.

They're mine.
They were actually
in my room at home.

I don't know if
i want to get
my own place

or live with my mom.

You quit school?

No, I transferred.

To Crawford?

You're going
to school with us?

Yes, didn't
Matt tell you?

No, he didn't even
mention it,
but that's great.

Just great.

Do you think we might
have time for a little

Sunday afternoon nap?

Ha ha! Dream on.

So am i
assuming correctly

that no one will be
allowed out of the houseon
Sam and David's

birthday, even though
it's Valentine's day?

You are assuming correctly.

Robbie's on the phone.

Robbie called me.

He has a big surprise planned
for Mary's Valentine's present.

He's moving
cross country?

No. After the boys' party,
if it's ok with the two of us,

he wants to take Mary
to meet his family

at this little coffee shop,

I guess where
his mom and dad met.

So is it ok with us?

Well, Mary and Robbie,
they've been talking
for 3 months,

they've both kept all
of their promises to us

and their commitments
to school, and...

It's Valentine's day,
and they're...Teenagers,

and he just wants Mary
to meet his parents.

Yeah, I bet.

Oh, did I say
that out loud?

I meant,
oh, it must be love.

Why do you want to come
to a stupid birthday
party for babies?

I love those guys.
I want to be there.

These family birthday
parties are really,
really corny.

Take my word for it.

I like corny.

Well, even if you do,

you don't have to come.
It's not required.

I'm doing it anyway.

And I'm coming over
for the whole family
dinner and cake

and whatever other
corny stuff you do.

I'll see you Monday.

You could just come
over tonight instead.

No, I can't.
It's a school night.

Besides, I have
to work at the market.

I'll call you tomorrow
after school,

and I'll find out what
time the big party is.
Good night.

Good night.

Is Robbie coming over?


You look a little funny.

Every time
i talk to him,
i feel like I have...

Just jumped off a cliff
and I'm helplessly

falling and falling

Are you still working?

Sorry. It's a little
more than I thought and
i was getting a blister,

but I'm almost done, promise.


Is there anyone
you'd like to invite

to the boys'
birthday party
on Valentine's day?

No, not really.

Have you heard
from Andrew nayloss?

Nope, but that's ok.

I should consider
myself lucky.

I've had a lot of
great dates this year,

just not one that
stuck around very long.

Well, out of all
the great dates
you've had this year,

which one would you
like to go out with
on Valentine's day,

if you were going out?

I'm happy spending
Valentine's day
with the family.

Brad's awfully cute.

No chemistry.

Ohh. What about
Robbie's brother Ricky?


And Andrew nayloss?



So one, I haven't
heard from him.

And 2, I want more
than chemistry

if I'm going to have
a real relationship
with a guy.


Hey, we were here

Well, no one's
supposed to be in here.
Didn't you see the sign?

Well, didn't you
see the sign?

Yes, I saw the sign.
I put the sign up,

because I'm working on
a surprise for someone,

and no one
is allowed in here.

What are you two
doing in here anyway?

We were just leaving.

Don't say anything
about this, ok?

Ohh! Mmm...

Well, i--i--i have
to take out the trash
more often.

No, that would be nice,
but I'm happy because...

Just moments ago,
i had a talk
with our daughter

who said something
that indicated
a true sign

of maturity and wisdom.

Our daughter
actually said

that she was looking
for more than chemistry

in a relationship.

Is it the daughter
we're allowing to take
a late night drive

with her
questionable boyfriend
on Valentine's day?

Uh, no.

I want to like Robbie.
I really want to like him

'cause Mary's
so in love with him,

but...I don't trust him yet.

And I think that's because--

we don't trust her yet.

I feel bad saying
i don't trust my own kid.

I want to trust her,
I'm trying to trust her.

She's worked so hard
to get her grades back,

and she's gone way beyond
the community service
that was required,

and she seems genuinely
sorry for what she did.

And yet...

And yet...

It's just
a matter of time.

Of--of her continuing
to do the right thing
over a long period of time.

And she will.
I know she will.

Yeah, I know she will, too.
She's a good kid.

I just want her to know
how much we love her,

in spite of everything
that's happened.

I've been trying to make
a point of letting her know.

Yeah, so have I.

Trust is a hard thing
to get back once
you've lost it.

Hey, uh...

Look who's
back in town.

Thank you.

What made you decide
to transfer back
to Crawford?

They have a new
special ed program.



We may even have
some classes together.

We have a couple
of the same course

What? Why are you
acting so weird?

Correct me
if I'm wrong, but...

Didn't you and shana
start having problems
just last week

when Heather
moved back into town?

No, I will correct you
because you are wrong.

Shana and I aren't
having any problems.

At least, we're not
having any problems that
we didn't have before.

Because shana doesn't
know Heather's in town.

Well, not yet.

Do you love this woman?

Which woman?

Yes, that would be
the question, wouldn't it?


It's really nice
to be back.

I really missed my mom
and my friends.

Uh, Heather and i
are going to go out

and get a cappuccino
or something.

Ok. Well, it was
nice seeing you

Yes, it was.



That dinner was delicious.

Absolutely incredible.
In fact...

It was beyond words.

I mean, as far as dinners
go, I'd put it up there
with my favorites.

Well, I didn't think
you were that crazy
about salmon.

Oh, sure, I am.

And--and the vegetables...
Steamed to perfection.

Did you like dessert, too?

Dessert was the best!

We didn't have dessert.


You know, it's a shame
that deena couldn't
stay for dinner.

She seemed to leave this
afternoon in a hurry.

Is anything wrong?

No, maybe she's just not
a lover of fish like I am.

Well, you know,
I'm done with my
homework for tomorrow,

so I guess I'm
just gonna go and...

Hang out and watch some TV.

Yeah, I'm going
to hang out and watch
a little TV, too.

And, hey,
i have an idea.

Why don't we go upstairs
and put on our pjs

and watch till
we fall asleep?

Nah, that's kid stuff.

But you look
so uncomfortable
in that shirt.

I'm not uncomfortable.

I'm going to go upstairs

and, uh...



I don't know why
he's wearing Lucy's shirt,

but you can bet
he's not dressed like
a girl for nothing.


Hi, it's shana.
I'm looking for Matt.

Hold on.

Matt! Phone!

Not here!

He came over earlier,
but he must have
just left.

I have been trying
to call him all day.

Half the day,
he wasn't home.

Half the day, the phone
was off the hook.

Something's wrong.

Can I ask you a question
that i--i probably
shouldn't ask you,

but I have to, because
I'm driving myself so
crazy I can't study?


Is Matt seeing
someone else--

nope, don't answer that.
I am so sorry.

That was so totally
unfair of me to ask,

I'm sorry. Please...
Forget it.


No, it's ok.
Matt's not dating anyone.

He's just hanging out
with Heather and
Heather's a friend,

so you should really
stop worrying about it.


I knew I was
just being silly.

That's why I feel
so stupid for asking.

Um, if Matt and Heather
come by, I'll have them
call you?

Yes, tell them
to call me. That--
that would be great.

Thank you.


Come on.

Who you calling?

Oh...I thought
he was at work.

I was just checking.

Don't torture yourself.

You're going to see him
tomorrow on Valentine's day,

and he's giving you a present.
Isn't that enough?

Yeah, I guess
that's enough.

I'd like to trust him.

And I'd like mom and dad
to trust him.

Hello? They don't trust
any guy we go out with.

It's not just Robbie.


They don't trust Robbie,
they don't trust
any guy we trust,

and they don't trust me.

They will.
They'll trust you again.

Hang in there.

So why haven't you
told shana I'm here?

Uh...You have to time
these things carefully

when you're in a
long-distance relationship.

What "things"?
Are you calling me
a "thing"?

That's Mary's boyfriend.

And that's not Mary.

Hey, Matt.

Hey. Having a good time
without my sister?

Uh, pretty good, yeah.

You having a good time
without shana?

This is my friend Heather.

She's a friend of mine
and a friend of shana's.

We're friends. All
friends with each other.


I've heard a lot
of nice things

about you from Mary.

It's nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Well, uh, I'd better
get back to my friend.

Actually my brother's


Good night.

That's not his brother's...


Unless he's cheating
on his brother and my...

Sister at the same time.

I saw the way he looked at her.

I'm calling Mary.
She should know about this.

It's not right.

I'm going to tell shana

you moved back.

Every time I talk to her,
i just...Forget.

You forget?

I thought you said
you were just waiting
for the right time.

See ya, slick.

Come on, you can tell me.

What's with the turtle shirt?

Get out, please.

I don't know what kind
of trouble you're in,

but come tomorrow,

I bet things get real
interesting around here.

They're going to get
real interesting

if you don't come up
with some birthday

I bit a person, and
i let a person bite me.

What was I thinking?

Yeah, you said that before.

Hey, did shana call?

Yeah, she called
and she said to call

no matter what time
you got in.

It's after midnight
in New York.

Ha! If I were you,
i would call.

She did not sound happy.

We've been missing
each other's phone calls.

So she's probably not
unhappy, she's just annoyed.

You've not been missing
her calls, you've been
avoiding her calls

ever since Heather got back.

I mean, what's the matter
with you?

You still have feelings
for Heather,

or is she just
your friend like you claim?

Until I can answer that
question honestly,

I don't want to call shana.

I think you just answered
that question honestly.

Well, I have
to call Mary first.


Wouldn't you want to know
if your boyfriend was
cheating on you?

I'm not cheating
on anyone.

Heather's a friend,
our friend,

mine and shana's friend.

I'm glad you called.

I just wanted
to say good night.


But there is, uh,
something else
i wanted to tell you.

Is it a good something
or a bad something?


I ran into Matt
tonight after work,

and I was with a friend,

a girl who's a friend.

my brother Rick's

Uh, she wanted
to get Rick a beeper
for Valentine's,

and she wanted me to
help her pick it out.

Then we walked around
a little bit.

That's when we bumped
into Matt, and...

Matt seemed to think
i was cheating on you
or something.

I'm not seeing
anyone else, you know.

No, I didn't know,
but I didn't want to ask.

You're not seeing
anyone else, are you?


I wanted to wait
until Valentine's day

to tell you how
i felt about you--

then wait. Please.

That would be a perfect
Valentine's gift
to each other

if we could tell each
other how we feel about
each other

on Valentine's day.

So that's what we're doing.
Good night.

Good night.

Falling and falling?

I landed.

He loves me.

He does?

He loves me,
he loves me,
he loves me!

I thought the issue was,
could you trust him?

He loves me. Of course
i can trust him.

Did you reach your mom?

Yeah. She's feeling better.


Mary, hey, I'm glad
you answered the phone.

I have to tell you

I already know.
You ran into my boyfriend

and he was with some girl.

It's his brother's girlfriend.

And you believe him?

Yes, and you know why?

Because he loves me.

Oh, and by the way,
the woman who you love,

shana, wants you to call her.

She called over here
looking for you

and she thought you might
be out with some other woman,

and I just told her
you were out with Heather.


Hello? Matt?


Is it over yet?

We spent practically
the whole day at school

swapping valentines
and eating candy.

I don't feel so good.

Maybe I'll just go
lie down till tomorrow.

You still don't have
anything for the boys,
do you?

No. How much time do I have?

Until 6:00.

Dinner's at 6:00?
Why so early?

I told Robbie that we
weren't going to eat
probably until 7:00.

And I told him
that it was at 6:00.

Robbie called
to confirm.


So is your big surprise
gift all finished?

How did you know
i was building
a surprise gift?

It's in the garage,
it's not in the Pentagon.

I peeked in.

But you didn't see
what it was?

No. And I don't care.

Nobody ever built me
a birthday present,

and I've been around a lot
longer than those 2 mutts.

I've built you plenty
of birthday presents.

I have!

The rocking

the doll house,



I didn't say anything.

Oh, Simon, is that you?


I called deena's parents,
and I invited her
to the party.

What did you
do that for?

Because deena
likes the twins
and she likes you

and it's Valentine's day.

Is there a problem?

I wanted to show deena
how much I cared
about her

and I think
i really messed up.

We both did.

Well, you couldn't
have messed up too badly

because her dad said
he'd love for her
to come over.

You want to tell me
how you messed up?

How the two of you
messed up?

Not really.

Party's at 6:00.

I hate to tell you this,
but Sam and David are missing.

Oh, no, they're not,

Your father took them
out for a couple
of hours

so that I could get
everything ready
for the party.

That's what I figured.

Oh, well...

Hi, Robbie.

Hello, Matt.

So how's your "friend"?

Fine. How's your "friend"?


Hi, I'm here for the party.

Hey, deena.


Mary, your
boyfriend's here!


Deena, this is Robbie,
Mary's boyfriend.

It's nice to meet you.

May I take your coat?

I guess it has
to come off sometime.

They know.

Your parents know?!

How can they not know?
Look at this ugly thing.

But i-it's ok with them?

No, it's not ok
with them.

They let you come
to the party.

They didn't even punish you.

They did punish me.
They made me come
to the party

without a turtleneck.


Oh, yeah.
And then there's more
punishment to come.

It's time to face the music.

I'm so embarrassed.

Yeah, I'm embarrassed, too.

Your parents aren't
going to like me

Oh, yes, they will.

My parents aren't going
to like you anymore.

I really appreciate
your doing this.

It's really nice that
you're spending time
with my family.


You must really
care about me.

I do.

You do?

Not now.
I'll tell you later.

Have your mom and dad
told you anything yet?

Told me anything
about what?

They're gonna let
the two of us drive up
to clarksville

to the tick-tock
coffee shop and have
Valentine's dinner,

because that's where
my parents met,

and I'm gonna introduce
you to my parents.


My parents trust you
and they trust me?

They trust the two of us

in a car together?

On Valentine's?

This is unbelievable!

Mom, we need to talk.

Ok, we'll talk.
Just give me a few
minutes here, ok?

Oh, and thank you for being
the official birthday party

Yeah, yeah, sure.

Now be sure and take
plenty of pictures,

'cause we have lots of film.

And you two go out as soon
as we cut the cake and
open the presents. Ok?

Wait for me.

Simon, hit the cd.

Get ready, ruthie.


Great. We didn't
even get to sing.

Ok, picture, ruthie.

Nah, we don't want
to remember that.

Cowboy hats.

They're the same
ones the colonel and
grandma Ruth gave us.

Mary and Lucy
gave you cowboy hats.

Who are you
talking to?

No one.

Ruthie, picture.

Nah, we don't want
to remember that.

Hey, those aren't
your cowboy hats.

Well, yeah,
those belong to us.

Yeah, really.

Good going, guys.
A lot of thought
went into that.

Uh, scratch that.
Mary and Lucy gave you

Simon and Matt's cowboy hats.

We're sorry.

We'll come up
with something else.

Could you say that again?

We'll come up
with something else?


Deena and i
were going to...

Oh, don't mind me.

What'd you get the boys?

And--and don't forget
to speak up.

Well, deena and I were
going to offer to baby-sit,

but we're not sure
we'll be able to come
through on that offer.

Or if it'll be accepted.

We'd love to
have you baby-sit.

It's a great gift.

Now this is something
i think we'll want
to remember.

Say "cheese."




Sorry. When you're depressed,

it's the small things
that make you laugh.

Where's your gift?

Oh, uh...

It's the I.D. Bracelets
from the hospital

the day the boys
were born.

I had them laminated.

Boy, I wish I'd stepped
in before that one.


Are those hard-boiled eggs?

No, but they're
fresh California eggs.

Well, what did you
get them?

I'm recording their first
birthday for posterity.

Ok, party's over.

You guys go on.
happy Valentine's day.

Get out of the house
before I change my mind.

Simon, kitchen.

Eric, kitchen.

And, ruthie...

I've got her.

What happened to the big
surprise in the garage?

Oh, that?

That's a Valentine's day
gift for ruthie.

I think, under
the circumstances--


I want to give it
to her, really.

If I'm not back
in 5 minutes--

you don't want to
be back in 5 minutes.

Ok. Let's go, luce.

I swear, they love eggs.

We all do.

Who wants ice cream?

Ice cream!


Or love bites.

But hickey is fine.

They still call them that.


Ok, well, now that we know
what they're calling it...

Forget what
they're calling it,

I want to know why.

We were just trying
to show each other
how much we cared.


And then I realized
that I was just trying

to show other people
that I cared

and that she cared.

It was stupid,
and it's embarrassing.

Do you want me
to go home?


We want you to stay.
We want you to stay


Oh...Even worse.

Can I talk to
deena alone first?

Oh, sure.
We'll set
the table.


I'm sorry.

I should have followed
my first instinct.

Which was?

To tell you I love you.

You do?

You're the first
real girlfriend
I've ever had.

And I love you as
much as I know how.

Even though sometimes
we might not know
how to show it,

I hope we can love
each other for
the rest of our lives.

I love you, too.

I could cry.

But we're still
going to punish him?

Oh, yeah! He'll think
twice before he bites
someone else again.

Stop. This is serious stuff.

You know what goes well
with serious stuff?

Fresh California eggs.

It's not funny.
I wanted the twins' party
to be so perfect.

This is much better.

I'm going to get Matt
and dad to put it in
the backyard for you.

Why me? Why did
you do this for me?

it's Valentine's day,
and I love you.

And I thought
if I showed you
how much I loved you,

then you could show
Sam and David
how much you love them.

I've been really, really bad.

No, it was
just a bad gift.

Why did you
give them eggs?

Because there
was only one pickle?

Maybe we could find
something else together.

Where's the tick-tock?

The coffee shop?

There is no tick-tock.

My parents didn't meet
at a coffee shop.

They met at this motel
on their first
Valentine's day together.

They met at this motel?

Yeah...To make love.

They were both married
to other people at the time.

I thought
it'd be romantic if...

We had our first time here,

on Valentine's day.

But you told my parents--

what did you want me
to say to them?

It got you out of the house,
didn't it?

So you brought me here--

yeah, I did...

'Cause I love you.

And I hope you love me.


happy Valentine's day.

I was gonna tell you.

Why didn't you? Haven't you
had a moment alone?

You're making way too big
a deal out of this.

After all, you live
with 3 guys.

I live with them.
I don't date them.

You've never been
out to eat with them
or to a movie?

I spend all of my time

No, no. You don't spend
all your time studying.

You spend
some of your time
with your new friends,

and I'm spending
some of my time with
my old friend Heather.

What's the difference?

The difference is
you once told Heather
you loved her.

I've never told any
of my friends or my roommates
i love them.

But you do love us,
don't you, shana?

Please say you do.

Shut up.

Are you talking to me?
I hope you're not
talking to me.

I'm not talking to you.
I was talking to Brett.

Well, tell him to
mind his own business.

I'm not gonna tell him that.

Tell me what?

Do you have a minute
to talk to me or not?

Yes. It's what we're doing,
isn't it?

And yet nothing
is being said,

and I have something
to say.

I'm lonely
and I miss you

and I don't care
about Heather as more
than a friend.

If that were true, Matt,

you would have told me
the first day you saw her.

Maybe the first day
i saw her,
i didn't feel that way.

You know, maybe
the first day I saw her,

I was confused.

That's all, confused.


Maybe I'm just
confused, too.

You know, I thought if we
really loved each other,

we would survive having
other people in our lives,

and now I'm not sure
whether that's true or not,

and I'm leaning towards not.

Oh...No. Again?

We're breaking up again?

Well, it's not
that I don't love you.

It's just that you
want to be free
to love other people.

I want you to be free
to love other people.

Otherwise how will i
ever know you love me?

That's ridiculous!

I have to go.

happy Valentine's day.

Good-bye, Matt.


You ok?

I'm not ok...

But I will be.

I'll take you out
and buy you a late dinner,

and we can come back here
and watch a bad movie on TV.

That sounds like a date.

Too soon?

Somebody's knocking
on our door.

So, you get it.

I'm not climbing down.
You get it.

What are you doing?

You shouldn't be in
my neighborhood this late.

I have to talk to you.


All right...

I'll go downstairs
and guard your car.

5 minutes, you two.

Don't tell shana
I'm back.

Why not?

Because I should've never
told you that I'm back.

This is a dangerous game
we've been playing,

and it's my fault.

I don't want to get hurt
or hurt anyone.

I think shana and i
just broke up.

You can't.

You two love each other.

Make it work, Matt.
Make it work.

And sometime,
a long time from now,

maybe the 3 of us
can be friends.

I love you.

I love you, too.


Did you meet
the Palmers?

No, I didn't meet
the Palmers,

but I got to know
the real Robbie Palmer.

What is it?

He's a liar.

He lied to you.
He lied to me.

He didn't take me
to a coffee shop
to meet his parents.

He took me to a cheap motel

where he just thought
that we would spend
Valentine's together.

And that's the only reason
he ever said he loved me.

I can't believe it.
I just...

Oh, I can't believe
that a guy

would just make up
that stupid story
just to have sex.

He planned the whole
stupid thing,

just thinking I was stupid
enough to go along with it.

Yeah, guys will do that

He tried to get to me
by saying that he loves me.

He knew I wanted him
to say that

and he used that
just to try to get to me.

Guys will do that, too.

I just can't believe
i thought I loved him.

And I can't believe
that I'm even saying this,

but you were right
not to trust him.

And I never should've
trusted him either.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that we
were right.

We didn't want
to be right.

You know that,
don't you?

Yes, you did.

Ok, but not this right.

Well, we were right
in starting
to trust you again.

And I can't tell you...

How much it helps
that you've been honest
with us about this.

Thank you.

It's late. We'll talk
some more in the morning.

Hey, what are you

I made Sam and David
a real gift.

Come on, you're
gonna love it.

This is blinkie.

When I was one-year-old,

mom and dad gave me
a blue blanket,

and that's what
i named it, blinkie.

I carried it
everywhere I went--

to the park,
to the store,
to church, everywhere.

And it got washed millions
and millions of times.

And it got torn a lot
and sewed back together a lot.

After many, many years,
it got so bad

that mom and dad
made a special box for it

and put it in the attic so
that it wouldn't get torn

and I could keep it forever.

But sooner or later,

you'll learn that
the only thing that
lasts forever is love.

But in the meantime,
i want you to have

a piece of blinkie
to hold onto,

so I cut it in half
for you to share.

Happy Birthday.

And happy Valentine's day
one and all.