7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 11, Episode 6 - Broken Hearts and Promises - full transcript

Misery all the way while Eric stubbornly keeps hiding his heart problems for Annie, the only one he wanted to know ever, even after a misunderstanding brings paramedics rushing, but ends up...

Get some milk, Jane,

and pour five glasses.

Uh, Margaret,
Eric and I are gonna have

some coffee,
so will you get some of that?

And T Bone,
find the juice glasses

and pour everyone
some orange juice.

Oh, and Sam and David,
will you go upstairs

and wake your father up?
I forgot to tell him that he

has a doctor's appointment
this morning.

Are we up at this hour

- for some reason? -Yes, you have
your job interview

today at Dairy Shack,
and I want you to have

plenty of time,
you know, to, uh...

(clears throat):
look your best.

You may even start work today,
'cause the kids

they have are back at school,

and they really need
full-time employees.

Pancakes and princesses.

Not that we don't appreciate
you getting

this big job interview and all,

but we're not exactly
the burger employee type.


I don't eat meat;
neither does she.

ANNIE: Well, you don't have
to eat it,

you just have to cook it
and-and serve it.

Are we out of milk?

Uh, T, will you put that
on the list?

We were thinking something
more along the lines

of career employment.

Like air traffic controller?

(sarcastic chuckle):
Like maybe replacing

the ticket seller
at the movie theater.

'Cause I heard the
guy that they have

got beaten to a pulp by a chick.
(clucks tongue)

Margaret, put on another pot

of coffee, if all of you
are having coffee.

Not that I think you should.

Don't you know anyone
who could get us a job as,

like, a dental assistant
or a bank teller or something?

Those kind of jobs

require training--
not that you can't train while

you're still working another
job, say, at Dairy Shack.

I know it's minimum wage,
but after six months,

if you're full-time,
you get insurance.


Medical insurance?

No. Car insurance.

We can't get him up.

We tried,
but he's really asleep.

I'm not sure he's breathing.

Oh... T Bone, go get Kevin--

tell him to come over
right away.

- Dairy Shack?
- Dairy Shack?


♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ When I see
their happy faces ♪

♪ Smiling back at me ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ I know there's
no greater feeling ♪

♪ Than the love of family ♪

♪ Where can you go ♪

♪ When the world
don't treat you right? ♪

♪ The answer is home ♪

♪ That's the one place
that you'll find ♪

♪ 7th Heaven ♪

♪ Mmm, 7th Heaven ♪

♪ 7th Heaven. ♪


(Savannah coos)


(Savannah giggles)

Bye, now.
Thank you very much.

I'm sorry.

I thought we were having
an emergency.

- Everything okay?
- Yeah, it's fine.

So I'll just be going.

No, you won't.

Why is that?

Could Kevin and I talk alone
for a few minutes?

Sure. You two men talk.

Is there a problem?

I'm sleeping in my own bed,
I look up,

and two strange men in uniforms
pounce on me

with a truckload
of emergency medical equipment?

So, yes, there's a problem.

Did you go snooping
around the hospital

trying to get information on me
from Dr. Tsegaye?

Is that how you pronounce
his name? "Tse-gaye"?



This may be a bad time--
I-I forgot

to tell you that you have

an appointment for your
physical... this morning.

I just had a physical.

Yeah, but this is your six-month
checkup with the cardiologist.

You know? And we're already
three months late.

Thank you for making
the appointment.

I-I appreciate your looking
after my health the way you do,

but I'm not going, and if I need
any more medical attention,

I'll ask for it.

Okay, just don't internalize.

If you're... if you're angry,
just say so.

It's not good to keep
your feelings inside.

I'm angry.

That's good.
Phew! Let it go.


I do think that you should
keep this appointment.

You have about
an hour to decide.


He didn't tell me anything,
so why don't you tell me?

There's nothing to tell, really.

Nothing to tell, Dad,
or nothing to do?

Ah, well, he's-he's fine,
everything's gonna be fine.

He's just a little tired.
Are you crying, Margaret?


- He's like a father to her.
- He's like a father

to so many people.

You know, as a minister,
he-he helps everybody he can.

I thought we lost him!

Uh, Margaret, please,

it's gonna be okay.

I probably overreacted
a little bit when

I called 911--
he hasn't been himself lately,

I've been a little worried
about him,

but he's okay.

The-The medics just said so.

Got the official word: A-Okay.

So he's...

gonna go see his doctor?

he's going to go see his doctor,

but just to make sure
everything's okay.

He just overslept.

I guess he's just
a little tired, but you know...

Well, so much
for the pancake breakfast, huh?

Oh... (chuckles)

Oh, you've got

to get to school;
you're gonna be late.

And, girls, you're gonna miss
the job interview.

Before you say anything,
please, just do it for me.

I set it up.

I-I don't want to call them.

Eric's gonna be fine.

- I promise. -JANE: We just have
to go to this interview.

We don't actually have
to take the job, right?

Do you have another job offer?

If we get another job offer?

Well, then you'll have
a choice, but you know,

if you don't have a choice,

there's nothing wrong
with flipping burgers.

It's honest work.

If you call tricking sweet,
innocent bovine

into being shot in the head
and slaughtered

for crummy fast food honest...

Jane, please, not this morning.

Sorry, that's just the way

- that I feel.
- I understand,

you know, but some people
feel differently.

I happen to be one of them.


You know, don't worry.

He's gonna be okay.

Go. You're gonna miss the bus.

Is there any chance
I can enroll in homeschooling?

Then, you know, missing the bus
wouldn't be a problem,

and I could contribute
to the education

of the little tikes,
if that's helpful.

This isn't your home, honey.

You can stay with us
until you find a home,

but we can't offer you
a permanent home.

You-You know that; we talked
about it, T Bone.

No, no, yeah,
I know this, Mrs. Camden.

But I-I mean,
what would you have done

if Kevin weren't available
this morning?

What man would you possibly
have called on for assistance?

Well, I-I could've called Lucy.

I mean, I just needed someone
to help me.

It didn't have to be Kevin,
it didn't have to be a man.

Well, you know,
it is good to have a man around,

just in case you need
some manly assistance.

I mean, although it's not
politically correct to say,

it is different
from womanly assistance.

Well, yes, you-you may
be right, but I-I'm...

I feel I'm fairly

and, you know, I don't
need help that often.

I couldn't agree more.

By the way, "fairly"
is quite the understatement.

I'm just saying, I'm available
and willing to help

anytime I can,
in any way that you need me,

whether that is to scrub
bathroom floors or just talk.

That's very kind of you,

but right now you need
to get to school.

Just one thing before I go.

Do you...
actually have confidence

in your ability
to place me in a home?

Me, a 17-year-old male?

You're a lovely boy,
no matter what your real age is.

Yes, I feel someone
will come forward

and offer you a nice home

to live in
until you finish high school

and you can become
more independent.

Well, I got to love
that optimism.

You hold on to that.

Hold on to that because...?

There has to be something
they can do.

Go to the appointment today;
I'll go with you.

You don't have to tell Annie
anything; let's just go.

Have you said anything to Lucy?

Does she know that you suspected
something was wrong?

I lied.
I told her everything is fine.

And everything is fine,
for right now.

Go. Please.


there's really no point
in going.

Yeah, there is.

Annie's not going
to leave you alone until you go.

And whether or not
you go or don't go, either way,

sooner or later, you're going
to have to tell her.

I really hadn't planned
on telling anyone but her.

You don't think anyone noticed
that you've been acting strange?

Eh, so what? So they notice
I've been acting strange.

What difference does it make?
I am strange.

Have you told anyone
other than me?

I didn't tell him, but...

Well, I d... I did, but...
only after he told me...

T Bone knows.

How the heck does he know?

That kid knows everything.

You told T Bone before
you told any of us?

No, I didn't tell... I didn't
mean to tell him, anyway. I...

He's like a hypnotist.

I mean, you say things to him
you-you wouldn't ordinarily say.

I've been there.


I can't believe
this is happening.

I think I've been
in a state of shock

for the past
couple of weeks, I...

- One day I was a little tired,
and the next day... -Look,

just go to this
appointment today.

Maybe your doctor knows

the other doctor doesn't.

You have to go.

I don't want to go.


It's not funny.

Yeah, I know.

I just... I don't know how
I'm going to tell Annie.

But I want to be the one
to tell her

and the rest of the family,
except for Lucy.

You tell Lucy
after I tell Annie.

Well, Dad,
you can tell Lucy if you want.

It might be better
if you told her yourself.

No, she's your wife.

You should be the one
to tell her.

We've already shared
a lot of bad news this summer.

That's why you should tell her
my bad news.

But it is your bad news
to tell,

and she is your daughter
and you've known her longer.

And I'm not really good
at this kind of thing.

She went to see Sandy.

- She's staying
the night up there. -I thought

she really didn't want
to be around Sandy right now.

She woke up this morning,
said, "Today is the first day

of the rest of my life"
and took off.

And took off.

Sounds really good about now.

Maybe I'll just take off.

Come on, Dad,
let's get out of here.

If we end up
at the doctor's office, fine.

If not, fine.



(baby fusses in distance)


(baby fussing)

Oh, how can two people
need so many things?

Especially a person your size.

(knocking on door)

That can't be good.


I-I tried to call, but...

But one phone's not charged
because I left it

in the diaper bag, and the other
one never works.


Hi. Hey!

I have to get to school.

I am so late.

I have to get Aaron to day care,

the house is a mess.

I'm so disorganized
this morning.

Do you want to come with me?

Sit in on my classes
and we'll hang out?

No, no, that's okay.

But why don't you let me
stay here with Aaron,

and you go to class and I'll see
you when you get home

and we'll hang out then?

And maybe I can even

spend the night, if you want,

so you can spend some time
with Daniel or Martin

or whoever you're interested in
this week.

I thought...

No, I'll... I'll be fine.

Come here, cutie.

Come here.

All right.

Go to class, call me later,
and we'll see how the day goes.

Okay. Bye, Aaron!

- Bye!
- (baby fusses)

Oh, it's okay.

- (knocking on door)
- MARTIN: It's me, Lucy.

Oh, Martin, it's so good
to see you!

I called Sandy.

You drove all the way up here
so Sandy could go out with a guy

that you don't even know
and I don't like?

No, I drove up here
because I woke up this morning

and I felt like driving up here.

And then Aaron and I had
such a great day together

that, you know, I told Sandy
to go out for the evening.

Okay, well, uh,
you can go home now.

I'm here, so...

No, I told Sandy
that I would take care of Aaron,

so I'm going to stay.

I-I should stay.

I take care of Aaron
all the time.

I can take care of Aaron.

I know, but tonight's my night
to take care of Aaron.

Look, I can't have
some other guy

being a father to my son.

Lucy, I-I can't.

I understand.

And I know that you feel
entitled to come over here

whenever you want.

And maybe you are,
but Sandy told me that she hates

when you just show up.

So maybe for your own sake

you should stop
just showing up, okay?

And if you only want

Sandy so you can keep her
and Aaron

from being with another man,

then that's not really fair,
you know,

to you or her or Aaron.

It's not just about that.

I really do care about Sandy.

I'm glad.

That really, really makes
me happy.

So you know what?

I'll come up here sometime
so that you two can

go out for the night

and spend some time
with each other.

So, uh, you just woke up

and decided to drive up here?

Yeah. Today is the first day
of the rest of my life.

And I needed to be strong
and get over

whatever issues
I had with being around

Sandy and your... son.

There's nothing wrong
with your dad, is there?


Why would you ask that?

Well, I called him
when your mom was out of town;

he didn't seem like himself.


My mom made him a doctor's
appointment for today

with a cardiologist.

And if something

is wrong, I don't want
to know about it.

Not until I get some closure.

So I thought I'd come up here
and try to get some closure.

When you lose babies,
Martin, th...

there's no closure to it.

And I needed that.

You know, in case
there's something more...

Kevin says there's not, but you
know, I d... I don't know.

You sure you don't want me
to stay, hang out,

talk or something?

No, that's okay. I-I'm good.

You know, coming here was a good
thing for me.

I wasn't trying
to do anything to you.

I-I was doing something...

for me.

You and Sandy have
a beautiful son.

Hey, congratulations.
Employment at last.

Did you just come down here
to stare at us?

No, I knew you were
interviewing here.

I didn't know
you were working here.

I just thought I'd take
the night off,

get out of the house
and have a burger.

The beef is grown
for fast food, you know.

The cows never went more than
about 30 yards from the barn,

so the meat's really tender.

How many burgers
can I get for you?

Double double all the way

with grilled onions
and cheddar cheese, please,

and some fries
and a hot dog for Savannah.

They take all of the meat
garbage, grind it up,

put a bunch of spices in it,

and then put it in an intestine
to hold it all together.

Good, so nothing's wasted.

Plain. I don't want
the condiments getting

in the way of how tasty
the dog is.

Double double yellow
with dead-o's

and a side of spuds
with a plain puppy.


A chocolate milkshake
and a lemonade.

Dummy milk
and squeeze a lemon!

Sounds like you two picked up
on the lingo pretty quickly.

How much do I owe you?

That's $9.75
with the family discount.

Family discount?

Just a little something
I came up with.

I'm joking, Kinkirk.
It's $9.75, family or not.

And don't forget
we know you have money.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

It makes it all so worth it.

We'll be right over there.

Great. We'll bring your order
right out to you.

And we have a couple questions
to ask you, Officer.


What's up with the reverend?

He doesn't look so good.

I hadn't noticed.

Yes, you have.

Oh, um, would you take
the boys upstairs

and go over the words
for their spelling test for me?

Oh, yeah.

Hi, Dad. Bye, Dad.



good evening and, uh, good luck.

What's going on?

I've been trying
to call you all day.

Oh, I...
I guess I missed your calls.

Is your phone on?

I don't know. Let me see.


Oops, my ass.

What happened?
What happened, Eric?

Nothing, uh...
absolutely nothing.

The doctor had...
some kind of emergency

and I just got tired of waiting
and I left.

Are you having problems

that you don't want
to tell me about?


No, you're not having
any problems,

or you're not telling me?

Not having any problems,
just like the EMT said.

All clear.

Yeah, but that was just
the EMTs.

I want to hear it
from your cardiologist.

Cardiologist, EMTs,
what difference does it make?

You know the difference.

I'm fine.

You're not fine.

You're not yourself lately.

You know it, I know it.

You're not yourself lately,


You're unusually... perky,

and you're in
a good mood all the time,

and you're happy that
the children aren't around

and you look great.

You... you really look great.

Did something with your hair and
your makeup's a little different

and you're wearing some really
snappy clothes these days,

and I don't know.

You don't have a boyfriend,
do you?


Something's going on.

There's nothing going on.

That's what I'm saying.

Dad, help, Jesus is sick.

Jesus, your hamster?

You thought maybe it was
the other...? Are you sure?

He's just laying in the cage
like he's tired.

- He looks like he can't breathe.
- You're not trying

to get me to call 911 again,
are you?

- Could you, Mom?
- No.

Not for a hamster.

Maybe Jesus just needs
some sleep.

Mom, hamsters are nocturnal;
they don't sleep at night.

They get up at night
and run on the wheel.

Oh, I see.

You've got to do something.
Get those guys back over here.

David, if your hamster is sick,

I'll take him to the vet

And if word hasn't gotten out
all over town

that we don't keep
our doctor's appointments,

then we'll take him to see
the vet tomorrow, I promise.

Hamsters aren't like people.

You can't wait around
too long, Mom.

You know, there's an emergency

animal clinic that's
not too far from here

and they're open all night.

I don't know that we need
to go there, but...

All right, come on.

I'll take a look.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

You're gonna take...
you're gonna take a hamster

to the emergency room
when you yourself

are not going to see a doctor?

It's an animal hospital.

I realize that.

Maybe the hamster is sick.

I'm not sick. I'm fine.


We're, uh, keeping Mom out here.
We think it's best.

All right, but...

I don't think it's that serious,
is it?

Still, I'm keeping Mom
away from Jesus.

You know what, I bet both Mom

and Jesus are going to be
just fine.

But I also think
we should rethink the names.

But she already answers
to "Mom."

Hi, Sam.
How's your hamster?

Is she showing any signs
of any problems?

No, she's strong.

She eats right
and runs on the wheel.

Still, I mean,
a hamster can get sick.

Anyone can get sick.

Even if they eat right

and exercise and do everything
in their power to stay well,

still a person can just,
you know...

That probably wasn't
the right thing to say.

See? Learning something new
from this family every day.

You know, uh, only child,
completely clueless.

All right.

Good night. Uh...

I got a lot of homework to do.

We'll be back shortly.

I just want to get
this guy checked out.


- I'm going with Dad.
- Yeah.


Maybe the vet can
take a look at Dad, too.

Break time.

Let's talk.

Aren't you going to eat?

Not food from here, no.

It's good.

Yeah, well, once you've seen
how the magic's made...

Hey, Margaret.


You know, Margaret,
I've noticed

that you
don't have a lot to say.

Why is that?
You don't seem that shy.

I don't like to talk.

But you like to talk,
right, Kinkirk?

I don't know, I guess.

What's up with the reverend?

We're not stupid.

He's okay.

No, he's not.

What makes you say that?

T Bone.

He doesn't know anything.

Yeah, he does.

Did he tell you
he knows something?


All right, what does he know?

Probably the same thing
that you know,

- only he won't tell us.
- You can tell us.

I can't believe T Bone
said something to you two.

So there is something
wrong with the rev.


He has heart problems.

He had heart surgery
a couple years ago

and sometimes
that causes some problems,

but right now he's fine.

So why was Mrs. Camden upset

that he didn't go to his
doctor's appointment today?

Was she?


And you knew she would be.

That's why you're here hiding
out eating burgers

instead of going home
to face her tonight.

No, I'm not.

Everybody knows that cops
are bad liars.

No, we're not.

They're not.

I'm not a bad liar.

Look, these people took us in

just because we asked
for a place to stay.

We just asked, that's it.

And, boom, door open, food to
eat, hot running water, bed,

clean sheets.

That's how they are.

Yeah. Nice people.

Do you know how many nice people
there are in this world?

Not enough.

So we can't lose one of them.

We're not going to lose anyone.

What is an enlarged heart?



Thought you might like
some milk and cookies.

That's very nice of you,
Mrs. Camden.

Homemade chocolate chip.

Do you like chocolate
chip cookies?

I do.

Thank you.

You know...

I just want to
tell you how much

I appreciate all you've been
doing around here

to help out with the boys,
with Sam and David.

Oh, it's the least I can do,

what you and Reverend Camden
have done for me.

I'm just happy
that you came along

at a time in Eric's life
when he's able to help you.

I think he really enjoys
having you around,

especially since Matt and Simon
haven't been here much lately.

He's just such a wonderful,

kind and generous man.

That he is.

But, uh...

so are you.

I mean, thank you so much
for everything and...

more specifically,
for the cookies.

But, uh, I actually...

got to get back
to my homework here.

I kind of have
a big test tomorrow.

Oh, I'm sure you'll do fine.

You're a smart guy,
I can tell.

Oh, really, I am not that smart.

Yeah, smart enough to know that
I know something's going on

and that you know what it is.

And you also know that
I want to know what you know.

Not sure I followed that.

Tell me what you know
about my husband, T Bone.

I know he's concerned
about his health, and...

he doesn't want anyone else to
be concerned about his health.


Okay, if that's how you
want to play it, fine.

Thank you!

I mean that! Thanks!

Eric Camden, I don't know what
you're up to, but...

I do.

Daddy's got a secret.

Yes, I think he does.

Do you know what it is?


Well, what is it?
What is Daddy hiding?

Is it a good secret?

- Don't tell him I told you.
- Oh, I won't.

But tell me everything you know,
because I'm the mother.

I need to know everything.

He cheats.


He gives us the
answers sometimes.

Oh, you mean with your
new homeschooling?

Oh, my goodness,
I had no idea.

Anything else?

Well, thank you
for letting me know.

I'll talk to Daddy about it.
We don't want him cheating.

And I won't tell him
that you said anything, okay?

Good night, Sam.

Night, Mom.

Oh, one more thing...

he cries a lot for no reason.

If the hamster lives, I live.

If the vet comes out and the
hamster is not going to die,

I will take that as a sign
that I'm not going to die.

I am the hamster.

Be the hamster.

No, wait, eh, wait...
that could go the other way.

Maybe not.

Not a hamster.

If he comes out in
the next minute, I live.

If it's not the next minute,

yeah, okay, next two minutes,

or even three minutes.

If he comes out in the next
two or three minutes,

then the news is good
for both of us.

Here you go, David.

He's gonna be fine.


- Ha-ha! -He has a little
heart problem.

Although, we can't really
determine the cause.


I think the wood chips you had
in the cage may have been toxic,

which caused somewhat
of a toxic environment

which then set up
the breathing problems

which put a strain on the heart.

Didn't think of that.

Toxic environment.

So he'll live?

Oh, I hope so.
Even just the short amount

of time we've had him
out of the cage, he's improved.

I'm going to get you
a new cage.

And you know what,
you can put rabbit food

on the bottom of the cage

and it'll work the
same way as the chips

and maybe won't bother him
so much.

Who knew that Jesus
would be allergic to wood, huh?

Wasn't he a carpenter?

Oh! Yes, indeed.

Stop by Sundays at 11:00
and find out more.

What do I owe you?

Oh, the assistant
will take care of that.

- Yeah.
- Have a good night.

Happy to give you
some good news.

You did the right thing
coming in right away.

Yeah, if that's supposed
to be a message about

not skipping doctor's
appointments, consider it taken.

What, Dad?

Nothing at all, son.

We got your hamster back.

I have my life.

Okay, it was a stupid bargain
and it means nothing, still...

If the bill is
under a hundred dollars,

I'm going to tell Annie
everything when I go home.




For a hamster?


It's only money,

and, hey, what's the money for?

Hi, Jesus.


Help yourself to another 50,

put it in your
Humane Society fund.

As if that'll what,
buy me some time?

What am I doing?

Take $150.

Oh, what the heck?
Make it an even thousand.

Are you okay, Reverend Camden?

Why, what have you heard?


I was just wondering
if you were okay, that's all.

No, I'm not.
I don't know what I'm doing.

This is crazy.
I have to tell Annie.

I have to tell her.

You donated $265 to the Humane
Society, after spending

$735 for a hamster to have
tests done on its heart!

Yeah, I-I got caught up
in the moment.

I was just so excited
about the good news that I...

chipped in
a little more money.

You spent $1,000.

If you could have seen the look
on David's face

when the vet told him
that Jesus was going to live.

Yeah, but couldn't they
have figured it out

without an echocardiogram?

I don't even know what that is,

other than clearly the most
expensive part of the evening.


Okay, look, um...

I want you to see someone,

and not... not a heart someone,
a... a head someone.

- Uh... -You're clearly
not thinking right,

and I'm not going to take no
for an answer.

This is not negotiable.

If you're not sick,
you are nuts.

$1,000 for a rat named Jesus.

You know, I told him
he should change the name, he...

And he should change the name,
he's going to change the name.

I probably should have had him

change the name
in the first place, but...

he said it was a miracle
that he got the hamster,

and, well, that made sense
at the time.

I'm going to bed now.

It's been a long day

and an even longer
day for you,

I imagine.

But I seriously
want you to think

about seeing someone tomorrow

and telling them what-whatever's
going on with you.

If you're not
going to tell me,

then tell someone,
someone other than Theodore.


I-I tried, but I-I couldn't
get it out of him.

Good night.

(knock at door)

Come on in.

Look, I only have a minute.

You promised me you'd
go to the doctor

if I didn't insist
on going with you.

Yeah, I know, and I didn't.

And I've already been through
this argument with Annie.

Have you told Lucy?

No, I haven't told Lucy.

Okay, look,
just give me another day.

I was going
to tell Annie tonight,

but she's not talking to me.

Dad, I know this
is the hardest thing

you've ever had to do
in your entire life,

but you have to tell her.
People know.

Yeah, she couldn't get it
out of T Bone.

She already tried.

And you're not going
to tell her.

I am if you don't.


She couldn't get it out of
T Bone, but the two girls did--

Jane and Margaret.

They know the diagnosis,

they just don't know
what it means.

Okay, all right,
all right, I'll tell her.

I... I just need another day,
just one more day.


Look, I just got back
from the vet.

I spent $1,000.

This isn't a good time.


It's a long story,
but it ends well.

This will end up well, too, Dad,
I just know it.

It can't be as bad as this
Dr. Tsegaye is telling you.

There has to be something
they can do--there has to be.

All right. Tomorrow.

Lucy will be home tomorrow.


Let me get one of those.


Best way to quit's
never to start.


What are you doing?

We were stressed, okay?

That won't help.

I can't keep
this information, okay?

I mean, I can normally deal with
a lot of stuff that I overhear,

but I warned you
that this eventually

would seep out of my pores.

And you said not to worry,

that you would handle it as soon
as Mrs. Camden came home.

Can we do something for you?

We'd do anything.

I'd do anything.

I think that's the most

I've heard you say
since I met you.

And, yes, thank you,
you can do something.

You and Jane can never smoke
another cigarette again.

One bad heart per household.

That's enough.

That's too much.


I'm going inside now.



I have something to tell you.

Is Eric around?

Uh, he's upstairs.

He'll be down in a minute.

He talked to me.

He finally talked to me.

I wish he had talked
to me sooner.

"Nothing they can do"?

Please. Nothing? I doubt it.

I'm going to go see
this Dr. Tsegaye with Eric,

since he's the one
that started all this,

and we're going to straighten
the whole thing out.

Okay, well, that's good.

And don't you ever
keep a secret like this

from me again, Kevin Kinkirk.

I'm sorry;
I really didn't know what to do.

Well, that's why you
have to tell me,

because I always know what to do
when it comes to my family.


And when Lucy gets back--
okay?-- not a word.

She's had enough sadness in her
life these last few months.

She doesn't need to know
that Eric

has this little challenge
to deal with.


I'm going to go upstairs now

and get the boys started
with schooling.

That's one of the good things

that's come
out of all this already.

I just love having the boys home
for school.

Anything else?

- No, nothing else.
- Okay.

So let's just all
get our moods up

and go out there
and find something

that's going to, you know,
make Eric's heart normal again.

I'll be home if you need me.


Annie... I do think
that I shouldn't keep

what's going on from Lucy.

You're going to tell her
that some doctor

is telling her father
that he has one year to live?

That is what the doctor said,
isn't it?

He doesn't know!

He doesn't know anything.

Everything's going to be fine.

You'll see, just...

(sighs): Everything's going
to be just fine.

You know, this has been so nice.

I... I'm so happy I got a chance
to meet you, Daniel.

Thank you
for bringing breakfast over.

Hey, thank you for giving us
a night out last night.

I think that was
our first real date

outside of study dates.

I had a really nice time.

Yeah, me, too.

I'm going to run.

Nice meeting you, Lucy.

I know how important
you are to Sandy,

so I hope I'm going to get
to spend more time with you

next time you're up here.

It was nice meeting you, too.

I really am in love with you.

Me, too.

"Me, too"?


All right.

I'll take the
"me, too" for now.

I'll talk to you later.


Isn't he cute?

Yeah, he is, and he seems
like a really nice guy.

He is.

I think he is, anyway.

And Martin?

I don't know.

He's nice, but...

Okay, well, I'd better
get going, too.

Are you sure?
I don't have class until noon.

I have something
that I want to do.

I-I don't know
why I'm telling you this

before I tell anyone else,

but maybe it's because
coming up here helped me decide.

I think I'm ready to try
to have another baby.

You know, the doctor
said six months,

and it has been six months,
a very long six months,

so, uh... I'm ready.

Oh, Luce.

I think that's wonderful.

I do.