7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 10, Episode 21 - Good-Bye...: Part 1 - full transcript

The wedding preparations inspire Simon's parents to reminisce about when they all were much younger. After Rose tells Simon she's late, he prays as passionately that he will make the right decision about starting a family as he did when his wish for a dog was granted almost miraculously. Simon is disappointed that nearly nobody wants to attend his wedding, Rose somehow blames Umberto and keeps the doubts alive, while her divorced parents habitually blame each-other and fear she shotguns Simon. At the rehearsal dinner charming teenage waiter Paul surprises Ruthie: he's from Edinburgh and dates her.

Good morning.

Good morning.

How long have you been awake?

Oh, hours.

Oh, are you excited
about the wedding?

Oh, yeah, sure I am.

I just, I can't believe
Simon's getting married.

We should get up.

Yeah, I guess we should.

When was the last
time we... slept in?

Hmm, I think it's been a while.

I mean, I mean, you know,
since we've slept in,

it's been a while.

Maybe we should
sleep in again.

Maybe we should.

Come in.

Oh, why did you
have to say that?

Well, look at you!

We're ready
for the wedding.

Yeah, we've been
ready for hours.

Yeah, well, the
wedding's tomorrow.

Not today.

Aren't we
rehearsing today?

Yes, but you don't need tuxes
for rehearsal. Tomorrow.

Would it be okay if we
wore them today anyways?

We look good in them.

Yes, you do,
you look very handsome, but no,

you have to wait until tomorrow.

Go change. I'll be in to help
you hang up the tuxes.

We were just getting up.

No, we weren't.

Could you make us some
breakfast after we change?

Sure. We were just
about to get up,

go downstairs
and make breakfast.

No, we weren't.

Hey, you're awake.

Savannah was up, so I
thought we'd come over

and have breakfast
with you guys.

Sure. What would you
like for breakfast?

Do I get to choose?
'Fraid not.

Hey, what are you guys

doing up here?

We were just talking
about having breakfast.

Hey, Luce, when
you were little,

do you remember what we all
used to have for breakfast

on those rare times when your
mom and I got to sleep in?

Mm, let me see. I... I think we
used to make our own breakfast

while you guys were...


Okay, uh, come on, guys,

let's go make
our own breakfast.

It'll be like old times.

Thanks, Luce.

Maybe we're getting too old
for this sleeping in business.

Never. Mmm...

Come in.


Hi, sweetie.

What are we doing?


We were just getting up.

Come in.


Good morning, Simon.

I was just wondering-- what
are we having for breakfast?

I don't know that yet.

Okay, I'll wait.

Come in.

Hey, what's going on?

Uh, nothing.
Absolutely nothing.

I'm hungry.
Me, too.

Okay, I'm up.

Come in.

Hey, I was wondering
where you guys were.

We're, we're
all right here.

Need some help
with breakfast, Mom?

No, thanks, honey. I'll get it.

Come in.

Hey, guys.


It's Saturday.


The day Mom and Dad sleep late.



Where did the time go?

I don't know,

but it's going by
faster and faster.

I don't feel any older.

Neither do I.

You know, I've relived that
last weekend over and over.

All those days, leading up
to my mother telling us

that she had leukemia.

Up until that point, you know,

boy, the world was perfect.

It was the end of
our innocence.

Yeah, I guess so, kind of.

I mean, even though
I had five children,

I... I didn't really
start growing up

until I knew I was going
to lose my mother.

I so wish she could be
here for Simon's wedding.

Oh, yeah. Well, I'm sure
she'll be here in spirit.

Well, I'm sorry.

It's just sort of an emotional
roller coaster, I guess.

It's okay.
Me, too.

I... I feel as if I'm in
complete and total conflict.

One minute I want Simon
to get married to Rose.

The next minute, I don't want
Simon to get married to Rose,

and I-I just, I'm
hoping that they call
the whole thing off.

Yeah, I'm with you.

It's not that I care
one way or the other,

it's that I feel one
way, then the other.

You know, like for and
against with equal passion,

depending on what part
of the day you ask me.

So, ar-are we still...?

Of course.



Simon Camden,
how can you sleep?

I just fell asleep
a couple of hours ago.

I'm taking off.

I'll see you tonight
at the rehearsal--

the rehearsal for our wedding.

I thought today
would never come.

It seems like we've been
waiting forever, doesn't it?

Does it?

It feels to me like
we just met.

I guess that's good.

Okay, well, I'm
heading off.

I gotta pick up my mom
and dad at the airport,

and then Umberto, and then
we're going to the hotel,

and then we'll see you
at the church.


Drive safely.

I will.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Simon, I have to tell
you something.

All right, but nothing
earth-shattering, okay?

We're getting married

Aren't we?

Of course, definitely.


Well, do you want me to guess?

All right, but I haven't
had much sleep.

I'm late.
Then why don't you
tell me what it is

so that you can get going, or
just tell me what it is later.

I just told you.

Well, that's your big news--
you're late?

Late like...?


Oh... so...

what you're actually telling me
is that we're...

I don't know for sure, but...

When will you know for sure?

I don't know.

I guess we could find out
today, but I'd rather wait.

I'd rather wait another week.

A whole week?!

It's early yet,

but I just had this
feeling this morning.

I kept thinking I was
just stressed out

from the wedding, but...

But this comes as quite a
surprise, doesn't it?

I told you we were
taking a risk.

Yes, yes, you did.

You most certainly did.

So, if we took a risk...

and now we're having a baby,

then we're having a baby.

Hey, we're having a baby!

All right, well, let's
not get too excited.

We should find out
for certain first,

but I'm really happy

you're not angry or upset.

No. How could I be
upset at the woman

I want to spend the rest
of my life with?

I mean, we were gonna
have a baby eventually

anyway, right, so why not now?

It's all so scary, isn't it?

Yeah, it's really scary.

But we have each other.

We do.

All right, well,
I'm gonna leave now.

All right.

Dear God, thank you
for this food,

and if there really is a God,

God, I know you'll find a way

to get me that dog
I've been wanting.


All right, yeah, this is a lot
more complicated than that.

But I know you're gonna help me.

You've always helped me.

So, please, help me today

and tomorrow
and every day after that,

because, God,
I think I got myself

into something I'm pretty sure
I can't handle.

Maybe all grooms feel that way.

I don't know.

I'm just saying...

please make sure
I'm doing the right thing.


So, why'd you move
the appointment up?

I didn't. They
called and asked me

if I'd like to come in;
they had a cancellation.

And we want to go in today?

Uh, yeah. I can't wait
to find out the sex of the baby.

It's a boy.

You don't know that.

I do, I know that.

I'd love a boy or a girl,

but I just have this gut feeling
it's a boy.

I think I'm getting intuition.


Or I'm psychic.

And what makes you
think you're either?

You want to test me out?

Ask me something.

Mm, like...?


Okay. Um, is Simon gonna

go through with the wedding?


And Rose?


Well, that's all

I need to know.

That and the sex of the baby.

Let's go.

It's a boy.


Then we'll just take her.

See you.

All I said was "cramps!"

Why do you do that?
You know when it comes

to you and your
personal health,

he gets a little

That's his problem,
it's not my problem.

And if you ask me,
he'd better

get used to it.
He has a daughter.

And could you pick up
some tampons for me

on the way home?
Why don't you just

go over to our house
and help yourself?

Every time I need a tampon?

Where are you guys going anyway?

To find out the sex of the baby.

It's a boy.

Why do you say that?

Kevin said it.

He already told me.

I figured you knew.

He doesn't know.

We're gonna go find out

and then we're gonna
let everyone else know.

Would you
just babysit!

Mom's got a million things to do
and we won't be gone that long--

an hour, two at the most.

Yeah, all right.



Yeah, I'll babysit.

I don't know why she
always does that to me.

You should
talk to her.

You weren't like that when
you were her age, were you?

No, I was never like that.

Did I ever tell you
about starting my period?

No, I think I've managed
to dodge that story.

Oh, come on.

I'll tell you on the way.

Do you have to?

Yes, I do.

What you doing?

Becoming a woman,
so leave me alone.

Does standing on your head help?

Mary told me to do it, okay?


What's she doing?

Dad, no!

She's becoming a woman.


it's your dad.
Remember me?

The guy who bought you

anatomically correct dolls
by mistake.

Come on.

Come on, we got a history of
embarrassing stuff between us.

L-Let's talk.

Not that there's anything
to be embarrassed about.

Hey, by the way, did-did you
start your period yet?

Because, you know, I was
once your age myself...
Go away!

Throughout history, being
a woman has been like this.

Oh, my stomach is killing me.

But better now than next week
when I leave for Scotland.

♪ Oh, ye'll take the high road ♪

♪ And I'll take the low road ♪

♪ And I'll be in Scotland
afore ye ♪

♪ But me and my true love
will never ♪

♪ Meet again
on the bonnie, bonnie banks ♪

♪ Of Loch Lomond. ♪

What's going on?

I'm babysitting.

Kevin and Lucy went to go find
out the sex of their baby.

Oh, good.

It's a boy.

According to Kevin.


You look a little pale.


Ouch. Uh, anything I can do?


I need tampons.

Okay, I'll put them on a list

with my other errands.

Regular, the big box,

no perfume, plain.

That's the one.

All right, I'm-I'm off.

Oh, uh, your mom
wanted me to ask,

did you ever decide
if you're gonna

bring a date to this wedding?


You're hoping
that Martin would come?

Martin who?

I'm over it okay?

I am completely
and totally over it.

And Sandy backed out,
just so you know.

She won't be there.

Yeah, yeah, the baby's teeth are

coming in pretty early--
three months.


Yeah, well, that's what
Sandy told Lucy.


I thought you were
out of the secret business.

All I know is, she felt that
Rose would be more comfortable

if she and the baby weren't
sharing the spotlight,

so she made up some
excuse not to come.

I mean, she didn't want
her and Aaron to take

any attention away
from Rose on her big day.

I see.

I'm not so
sure you do.

Rose is really jealous.

Rose wants what Sandy has.

Rose wants a baby.

I bet Rose and Simon
become pregnant right away.

Okay, okay.

Too-too-too early
for those thoughts.

Simon and Rose have
another year of college,

and Simon's thinking
about law school.

Well, apparently, that's all
he's doing is thinking about it.

I mean, he took two incompletes

that he has to finish
this summer.

It's a minor setback.

Having a baby
would be a major...

setback, you know,
as far as his education,

his career
and his life are concerned.

Did Rose say anything about
having a baby right away?

Well, then so why

do you think that?
What do you know?

I don't know anything
about anything.

Yes, you do.

What do you know?

All I know is that Rose
wants to make

absolutely sure that Simon
wants to marry her.

And I know she's scared
that he'll back out,

and I know that he's scared
she'll back out.

I know she wanted to be
part of our family so much

that she actually
forced herself to become nice

just to get not only him
but to get us.

So I wouldn't
put it

past her to become pregnant
just to keep him.

Or to keep us.

I really hope this is
just the cramps talking.


Oh, I don't believe it.

I don't believe it!

I love you.

Oh, I love you.
But we're not gonna

say anything
until after the wedding.

I don't want to do anything that
takes anything away from Rose.

Oh, I don't know, Luce.

Keep this quiet for two days?

I'm not that great
at keeping secrets.

Well, I-I know, but let's wait
until we get to New York

and-and we're there with Matt
and Sarah and the Colonel

and Ruth. And
we'll tell them

all together, when we get
the whole family together.

All right. Would you mind if I
ask my brother and mom and Frank

to come down to New York
so they can be there, too?

They're not expecting
to go to the graduation,

but they could join us
for dinner.

I can't wait to tell Ben.

Oh, anything
you want.

Whatever you want.

Did I tell you?

You told me.

Tell me!

Tell me!

Hi, Daddy.

Tell him.


Well, let me just ask.

Are-are congratulations
in order here?

Then congratulations.

This is a...
It's a very important day.

Hey, you know what?

Maybe you and Mary
and your mom should, uh,

should go out to dinner tomorrow
night and celebrate--

just the three of you,
the-the women of the house.

My treat.



Hey, guys.

Hi, Simon.

What's going on?


We're just happy.

It's-it's just a happy day.

You know,
tonight's the rehearsal

and tomorrow
is the wedding





I don't know how
this happened.

Well, it happened.

It was gonna happen one day.

Hey, you're gonna
be a great mom.

I guess.

I don't think he was
happy when I told him.

I swear, I think he's just
been waiting for me to say

that I can't go through
with the wedding

because I'm still in love
with you or something.

Are you... still in love with me
or something?

What difference
would that make now?

I don't know.

Would it make any difference?


This whole thing
is your fault.

You were supposed to marry me.

You were my

I had sex with you.

I didn't want to have sex
with anyone else

for the rest of my life,
and then you-you left me.

Well, I'm sorry,

but you were 18, I was 19.

We were too young.

We weren't too young
to have sex.

Why were we too young
to get married?

I'm sorry, Rose, I...

All those years
with your family.

I love your family.

And they love you, Rose, but 19?

I was supposed to marry you
at 19?


you were.

Rose, come on,

you're just
freaking out here.

It's gonna be okay.

You and Simon love each other.

Simon's a really
nice guy and...

and you...

you're the nicest
girl in the world.

I guess it's okay.

You don't even know
for sure, Simon.

I mean she could just really be
stressed out over the wedding.

I'm not really comfortable
with this subject.

I mean when it
involves people

other than me and my wife.

I think I'll go get Savannah.

Simon, even I freaked out
before I got married to Kevin.

Matt had to talk me into it.

Yeah, well, unfortunately,
Matt's not gonna be here.

He wants to be here,
but he and Sarah can't fly

all the way here from New York,

and then turn around and fly
back to New York the next day.

I mean it's
just too much.

I'm sure they've done harder things
than flying across the country.

Yeah, they have.

And Mary?

What, Mary doesn't
want to come because...

because she doesn't want to see
anyone because she's divorced?

How stupid is that?

I mean everyone's just
got their excuses.

At least Uncle Hank
and Aunt Julie are coming.

Ah, well... they decided
to fly to Buffalo

to drive the
Colonel and Ruth

down to New York
for the graduation.

They're too old to be driving
that far by themselves,

so they're not coming.

But-but they will be
in New York when
we're all there,

and they want us all
to have dinner, you know, like,

like a mini wedding reception.

I... I think that's gonna
be their gift to you two.

Didn't they R.S.V.P.
that they were coming?

Uh-uh. Sorry.


So no one's coming.

No one's gonna be there.
No one cares enough to be there.

I think that may be our fault.

What do you mean?

I don't think
anyone has been

exactly, well, excited about
this relationship, and...

and you and Rose haven't
been together very long,

so you know, maybe...

Maybe no one thought that
we'd go through with it.

Yeah, maybe.

I am going to go through
with it...

I think.

Were you going to go through
with it

before Rose surprised you
this morning?

Yes, I was.

I was definitely going to
go through with it.


So, I'm just freaking out.

going to be fine.

You know, all those talks
that Mom and Dad had with us

over the years,
me in particular,

about not having sex
before marriage?

Mm-hmm, yeah.

Many talks.
Many, many, many talks.

I think I finally understand
what they were talking about.

Well, better late than never.

I mean, I was gonna marry her
anyway, and... I love her.

Of course I want to have
children with her, but...

But this news kind of made you
feel a little out of control?

Marriage is a
big commitment.

Having children with someone
is even a bigger commitment.

It's absolutely normal
to feel a little nervous

and very nervous
and scared even,

but the flipside
of fear is...


That's what I'm going with.

I'm excited.

And scared out of my mind.

Oh, come here.

I'm gonna go to the house.

Are you gonna mention
any of this to Mom and Dad?

I don't think so.

I mean, even though I'm
old enough to get married

and old enough to be a father,
they're still Mom and Dad.

All right, well,
if you need to talk,

you can always
come back over here.

Matt, Sarah, hi.

It's Luce.

I'm excited to see you guys

the day after tomorrow
at your graduation.

Um, hey, Matt...

if you have time, would you,
would you give Simon a call?

I mean, if you're not
gonna be here today,

you know, and tomorrow,

tomorrow being close
to the time to the wedding.

Um, he's really nervous
and he's making me nervous.

Um... bye.

Oh, there you are.

I was just gonna
walk over to Lucy's.

How are you?

I'm good, Mom,

I'm really good.

I can't believe it,
my Simon is getting married.

You're okay with my getting
married, right?

I want you to be okay.

Oh, Simon, I'm-I'm fine.

Hey, everything's getting set

for the rehearsal dinner.

Oh, you never said you want
Happy in the wedding, right?

Sure, Sam and David
can walk her down.

That's what I thought, too.

Will that be
okay with Rose?
I'm sure it will.

Well, if it isn't, you know,
we can bring Happy back here

after the wedding.

We'll figure everything out
at the rehearsal.

That's what's rehearsals
are for, right?

Hey, are you hungry?

Yeah, but believe or not,

I can make myself a sandwich.

Of course you can.

Uh, will we be seeing Rose
this afternoon

or just at the church tonight?

We're gonna have to
meet her at the church.

She's at the hotel right now

waiting for her mom
and her dad and their exes

and her ex, Umberto.

Oh, so, he is coming?

He is.

All right. You like him, right?

He's a really nice guy.

Okay, well, I can't wait
to meet him.

It's just that I was
the baby for a long time,

and I miss the
individual attention.


And I can get that from a dog

without having
to bother you so much.

I see.

And I would feed it and walk it,

and be no trouble at all.

Simon, sweetie,
the bottom line is,

your dad and I have
talked about this,

and the decision was no dog.

Lucky for me, you got
a mind of your own, huh?

Hey, Happy.

Hey, Simon.

Your mom just told
me you were here.

You remember
the day I got Happy?

Of course.

And you gave me that lecture
about not being responsible

with all the other
pets that I had.

There was the, uh, there
was the sea monkeys.

And, uh, and the ant farm...


...and, and goldfish.

Yeah, I remember.

But when I got Happy,
I was responsible, right?

I mean I took
good care of her,

up until I...
I went away to school

and I take good care of her
when I come home, don't I?

Where are you going
with all this?

I was just thinking
I've been so irresponsible

with my other relationships

that I want to be
responsible with this one.

My marriage. I want to be a
responsible husband and father.

Are you trying to convince me...
or yourself?

Neither. I'm just saying
that... that I'm ready.

I'm ready to get married.

That's good,

because you're getting married.

Yes, I am.

You think I'm responsible,
don't you?

You're, you're
getting there.


Are you okay with
my getting married?

I mean, I'm
just checking.

You are the one marrying us.

I don't want you to object in
the middle of our wedding vows.

No, no, no, in-in fact,
you know,

I wasn't even gonna
ask if anybody objects.

Most people don't include
that nowadays.

Unless you and Rose

want it included.

You know, all you have to do
is say so.

It just seems traditional.

I mean, we are saying
traditional vows, so...

If that's what you
and Rose want, you know.

Do you think someone
maybe will object?

Are you hoping
someone will object?

No, Dad, I couldn't be happier.


Besides, it wouldn't even
matter if someone did object.

You and Rose aren't...?
I mean...

You don't have to...

Is she?

I mean, are you two...
You're not... expecting?

Kevin tell you?

No, I didn't.

Well, this is a little
awkward, huh?

Well, they should
be here any minute.

They just had to drop
Happy off at the house.

That's not what I meant.

I mean I thought that they would
call the wedding off by now.

You did?

Oh, absolutely.

Rose is so afraid
of making mistakes.

She's been that way
her whole life.

I say the more mistakes,
the more you learn.

I guess that's what
makes me a genius

when it comes to marriage.

Little joke.

Yeah, funny.

So, how many times
have you been married?

Just kidding.


Of course. Um, I think
I'm a little nervous.

You know, wasn't it scary
to see the two of them

up in front of the church?

I mean even though
it's just a rehearsal,

the real thing
is gonna happen

in 24 hours.

I do think they're gonna
go through with it,

and I-I want them to go
through with it.

Simon loves Rose,
he does, and we love her, too.

She's okay.

Have a drink.

Loosen up, tell me
about your marriage.

She's okay?

She's a little needy,
a little insecure. Huh.

If she thinks that marriage is
gonna solve that, she's wrong.

Oh, by the way, did she
tell you that she's late?

Simon did mention that.

She could be lying.

Lying? Why would she lie
about a thing like that?
Oh, I don't know,

just to make absolutely sure

that Simon really
does marry her.

So, tell me about
your marriage.

There really isn't
much to tell.

Well, you have seven children--

there must be something to tell.

And, uh,
according to Rose,

you and your husband still...

enjoy each other's company.

We do.

I've heard that

religious people
are sometimes...

filled with the spirit.

Well, I... I guess.

Yeah. Sometimes.

Mmm. Mmm.

I can't wait for dinner.

These appetizers are great.

Good choice
of restaurants.
Oh, thanks.

But all the credit goes
to Rose and Simon.

They made all
the arrangements,

and they thought having
dinner here at the hotel

would be convenient
for everyone,

since you're all
staying here.

It was so nice of Rose to...
change all the plans

so that we could go to
our son Matt's graduation

from medical school.

Well, changing the wedding
was a good decision.

Actually going through
with the wedding, I don't know.


Yeah, I, uh, I tried
to talk her out of it.

I didn't know.


She's too young;
he's too young.

Well, yeah, they're...
they're both a little young.

I was hoping they'd wait
at least another year,

till they finish
college, but...
But she made sure

there'd be no delay.

She told me

there a possibility
she's pregnant,

but I have to say I doubt it.

She's a very smart,
young woman.

She's not likely to have made
a mistake like that.

I think she's just
trying to make sure

things go according to plan.

Whatever. I mean,

what do I know about
marriage anyway?

I'm on my... fourth?

Are you?

About to be, yeah.
I just got engaged last weekend.

I-I... I didn't

invite my fiancée;
I didn't want to upset Rose.


Rose did tell you
her mother and I

have both been married
several times.

She did, yeah.
She also said

that that's why
she's so determined

to make this marriage
with Simon work.

Truthfully, don't you think
they would have been better off

just living together?

They probably would
have broken up by now.

Mm, maybe.

You think it's
too late to suggest

they forget about the wedding
and try living together?

I don't really recommend
living together.

Oh. I do.

Uh, I lived
with my first wife...

my second wife, my third wife.

And the one coming up?

Oh, my current fiancée
still lives with her parents,

but she's staying at my place
for the time being.

Oh. Her parents?

D-Don't get the wrong idea;
she's not that young.

She's in her...

Well, she's old enough.

Excuse me for just a
second there, would you?

How do you explain
change of life to a date?

Oh, my God, thank the
Lord I was married

for that phase
of my life.

Isn't it horrible?

Heck, no.

Menopause is like getting
a license to live.


I'm sorry
to interrupt,

but I just need to
ask you something about
tomorrow, if I might?

Uh, not a problem.

What's going on?

He thinks that Rose
might be lying about...

Oh, I know.
She does, too.


Are we having fun yet?

They're not so bad.

And hey, it's not like
we're gonna see them again

after tomorrow anyway.

Oh, uh, Rose
didn't tell you?

She's possibly pregnant.

Yeah, she told me.

You think she'd tell you

something like that
and not tell me?

Yeah, I do-- I talk to her
more than you talk to her.

Oh, that's right,
you saw her six months ago

when you and your--
what is it, third wife?--

were selling
the house.

Which reminds me,

sorry to hear about
you and your husband.

I'm sure.

By the way, I doubt
that Rose is with child.

I doubt it, too.

You didn't doubt it
until I doubted it.

Yes, I did-- I doubted it
the moment she said it.

Hi. So, uh, that
went well, huh?

Did it?

Didn't it?
We're both

a little concerned that
they're going through with this.

So... uh, Kevin,

what is it that you do again?

I'm a stay-at-home dad.

A what?

Yeah. I know
what that is.

We're expecting again.

Boy or girl?
Well, we just

found out the sex
of the baby today,

but we're gonna wait
until after the wedding
to tell everyone.

Hello, mate.


Not Australian?

Oh, no.

I was trying to do
a Scottish accent.

Well, you're doing it badly.

So are you.

I'm from Edinburgh.

You are not.

I am. My name's Paul.


I'm going to Edinburgh
this summer to study.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Why, you don't think
I'll like it?

I don't think I like knowing
that you're not gonna be here.

How old are you?

I'm 16.

I see. Is that
your baby?

No, that's my niece.

This is Savannah.
And how old are you?

I'm just 17, but I go
to college at Glenoak.

My parents thought
it might be nice

if I got to spend a year or two
in sunny California.

Well, I'll be here
for another two weeks.

So, would you like to come out
with me next weekend?

Hold it, buddy.

That's our sister.

Shut up!

Okay, next weekend.

You can go with us, if you like.

We can?

Sure. It's not as if I'd be

kissin' your sister
on the first date

or anything.

So, could I get your number?


He's nice.

Yeah, he seemed nice.

Maybe you'll marry him.


Hey, can you
draw mustaches on us?

Yeah, you haven't done that
in a long time.

Sure. Come here.

You think Simon and Rose
are gonna really get married?

Yeah, probably.

I'll miss him.

I will, too.

Yeah, but it won't be
that different.

I mean, he'll be around

now and then.

So you won't miss him?

Yeah, I will miss him.

I mean, I do miss him.

I remember when we
were growing up,

Simon and I were together
all the time.

Almost like you two.

Does he do any tricks?

I don't know.

I can show him.


Come here, boy.

Okay, now watch
Ruthie, now, watch.

Hi. I'm Ruthie.

Okay, you ready?


Wow! Look at that!

Okay, this one's even harder now.
You ready?

Okay, speak.

Rau! Rau! Rau-rau!

Wow! Good boy!
Good boy!

What about me?

Yeah, okay, good girl,
good girl.

Thank you.

Okay, now, this one's

even harder, now.

Lie down.

Okay, now, roll over.

Roll over.

That's okay. Watch.

Wow! He's a genius!


You're not a genius.

Yes, I am.

Fine, you're
a genius.
Thank you.

Where do you think
Simon and Rose are?

I'm hungry.

I don't know.

Where are they?

I don't know.

I-I don't know.

You told everyone
in your family?!

Yes. You told everyone
in your family.

Yeah, but it's about me.

Uh, guys,
they're waiting.

It's not about you!

If we're having a baby,

it's about us!

If? What do you mean, if?

Oh, you think
I'm lying, don't you?

Maybe you could
finish this in the car.

I don't think you're lying.

I think there's
a really easy way to find out

one way or another, and you're
being totally unreasonable.

I don't want to know, okay?

I really don't want to know.

What I want to know is that
you'll marry me either way.

I will marry you either way!

So it's settled.
Uh, let's go, why don't we.

Well, you don't sound
too happy about it.

Neither do you.