7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 10, Episode 22 - And Thank You: Part 2 - full transcript

The Camden parents are delighted that Matt and Sarah have surprised them by visiting in time for Simon's wedding. Mainly because they are expecting a baby, but that's not all. Simon is relieved that Rose isn't pregnant after all, they're marrying for love. However, the next minute he gets cold feet, eagerly poked at by Lucy. More visitors, like Matt's one-time bride-to-be Heather Cain, stir further reminiscing, speculations whether the will both say yes. Rose's ex, Umberto, even asks Eric's permission to sabotage the wedding. The decision falls at the altar. Matt and Carlos have wonderful surprises.

So the wedding's still on.

Oh, I have no idea.

I'm assuming it is.

The caterers are coming,

whether they go
through with it or not.

So, either way,
you don't have to cook.

That's right.


Don't look so worried.

Don't most brides and grooms
go through this?

I mean, it happens so often,

they've come up with
the term "cold feet."

Right, you know?

So they had a little fight,
so what?

Everything's gonna be just fine.

Well, aren't we the calm one?

Well, you know, Matt's wedding

wasn't all that easy.

The real one or the fake one

we helped to pay for?

Thanks, I'd almost forgotten.


By the way,
weren't Kevin and Lucy

supposed to find out
the sex of the baby yesterday?

Oh, that's right.

They haven't said anything,
not a word.

So, I'm guessing, girl.

Oh, why?

Because if it were a boy,

they'd be too excited
to keep quiet about it?

Not really.

It's just, you know,
Kevin really wants a boy,

so I'm thinking
if they're having a boy,

he'd have said so.

I think what Kevin wants
is a healthy baby boy or girl.

Of course, but what he really
wants is a healthy baby boy.

I wonder if Matt
and Sarah are...

Are what?

Why would you say that?

I don't know.

They didn't fly in for
the wedding-- they could have.

They could have come in
a couple days ago

and flown back with us
for the graduation.

Maybe they're having
a baby, too.

They're not flying in
because they have to work,

and I really doubt that Sarah
would want to be pregnant

for her first year of residency.

All right, if you say so.

Okay, we're on.

Sorry about last night.

It's just too much, you know?

I mean,
school and work and finals.

And then you throw a wedding
on top of that and boy.

I mean, we were this close,

this close to calling
the whole thing off.

Is that supposed to be
comforting to us?

Yeah. I mean, if we were gonna

call the whole thing off, we
would have done it last night.

Today's a new day.

Today's the day
I'm getting married.

Did Rose--
she isn't...

She's not pregnant
after all?

No, she's not.

So, all the fighting yesterday,
all the doubts,

was just, it was hormonal.

I mean, she's fine, I'm fine.

I mean, believe me, it's a much
better feeling knowing

that we don't have
to get married,

that we want to get married.

I just, I want to be with Rose
for the rest of my life.

That's what I want.

Still up here, huh?

Hey, you want to go get
some ice cream?

No, thanks.

Well, maybe when you're
a little older, a dog will come.

I wanted it to come today.

Simon, sometimes...

we don't always
get what we want.

Yeah, I know,
but it would be good if I did,

just this one time.


I don't think
he knows what he wants.

And neither
does she.

When did you get here?

So you didn't see us

come down the driveway?

How would I see you

coming down the driveway?
Where's Sarah?

Where's Mom?

She did come with you,
didn't she?

Mom still lives here, right?
Does your mom

have to be here
for Sarah to be here?

Would you just get mom.
Would you just get Sarah!


You're pregnant!

Oh, oh!


Oh, that's a good surprise.

This is a, this is
a very good surprise.


We didn't think
you were coming.

I didn't think
we should come, but...

But it wouldn't be right
to miss the wedding,

especially when Rose was so
nice to change it for us.

I got a call from Lucy.

Don't worry,
they'll go through with it.

Oh, we had
a little scare yesterday,

but today everything's fine.

Simon says that they really
want to have this wedding

and that he's very
excited about it.


We'll see.

Oh, Sarah, you look beautiful.

Are we allowed
to know...

Uh, Jewish tradition.

We don't even know.

We do, too.

We'll-we'll tell you later

when Lucy and Kevin
tell everybody their news.

And we're all flying back
on the red-eye tonight.

Yeah, and tomorrow
night, tomorrow night,

you'll be the
doctors Camden.

Dr. Glass and Dr. Camden.

Sorry, I just never gave
up using my family's name.

I'm an only child.

We're happy to have
you remain a Glass

if that what you
want, Dr. Glass.


You're gonna be a doctor.

And a father.

Oh, you know, don't go
getting all sentimental on me.

Save it for Simon;
he's the one getting married.

Oh, which brings me to a bone
I have to pick with you two.

You-you eloped.

I didn't ask
before I told Ruthie

she could tell you guys,

so Matt's been slightly upset
with me, too.

Ah, when we got pregnant,
we decided we'd wait

until we saw you to tell
you and surprise you.

It was so hard on me--
really, really hard.

I mean, it's what
we both wanted,

to walk in here
and surprise you,

but over the past few months,

I realized how hard it is
to keep a secret.

And I started to feel so guilty
about Ruthie keeping our secret

that I decided
to let her tell you.

Oh, I would have kept lying
to you for the rest of my life.

Oh, we'll just, you know,

chalk it up to
your being young and crazy.

Yeah, and now
were old and tired,

and we need to get some sleep,
especially my wife.

Why don't you go out
to the garage.

I fixed it all up
in case somebody needed it.

Hey, you want to
surprise everyone else?

Everyone's out
of the house.

You could just walk
into the church...


Thanks, Dad.

Come on.

Don't kiss me.
Would you stop?

I'm not gonna
kiss you.

Okay, so do I touch
his face with my hands?

No, look, if anybody touches
face, he touches your face.


Or maybe he doesn't.
Look, I don't know.

Do we have to do this?

So just
stand still.

Okay, so I
close my eyes,


Oh, Dad, this isn't
what it looks like.

That's a relief.


I know what
you're thinking about.

Mary trying to figure out

how to kiss a boy
by practicing on Matt.

You know, maybe that's where
she took a left turn.

I always thought it was
trashing the gym, but, you know,

her troubles are really
more about the opposite sex.

Mary's just Mary.

You think maybe
she'll surprise us?

Nah, of course not.

Carlos will be here.

Be happy we got Matt and Sarah.

How nice is it of them
to make the effort to come

the day before
their graduating, eh?

They're gonna have a baby.

I can't believe it. Right?

Oh, yeah, no.

It's too early
to be wearing those.

And, um, you got to take
those mustaches off, you know.

Oh, no.


We can't wash them off.

We tried.

They won't come off.


If you get up there
in front of the church

and, uh, and you have
any doubts,

just, uh, just send me
some kind of a signal.

And I'll jump up and object,

and we'll rush out
of the church together

and hop in my car
and drive away.

And we'll live
happily ever after.

Umberto, that's not
gonna happen.

What's the signal?

I'm not gonna signal.

All right, well, just whistle.

Okay, you do know
how to whistle,

don't you?

All right, Umberto,
time for you to go.

I want to start
getting ready.

I will see you
at the church.

I'll see you at the church.

Bye, Rose.

You know, I love saying,
"Have you met my wife, Rose?"

"Hi, we're the Camdens."

Or "Reservations for Rose
and Simon Camden, please."

I mean, it's like
it really gives me

a sense of who I am,

an identity.

You know, I am an adult.

I'm a husband.

I am a married man--
or I will be.

After today, after today,
I'll be all of that.

You know, it's like,

it's like, it's like
bungee jumping,

where I feel like,

like I'm jumping to my death,

but I'm actually
jumping to my life.

You guys didn't write
your own vows, did you?

No. Why?

Just wondering.

Yeah, yeah,
he told us that, too.

And now he's
in there waxing poetic

about becoming a married man.

He's just trying to
talk himself into it,

because now he doesn't have
an excuse not to marry her.

Oh, I don't know, Luce,

he sounded pretty
good this morning.

No, no.

I am sure that
he's not pretty good.

I told Matt to call him

but I guess he's busy
getting ready for tomorrow.

Oh, have you talked
or seen Rose today?

Uh, no, not today.

Well, don't you think
we should call her?

And say what?

That we're nervous that
Simon's gonna back out?

We can't do that!

Ooh, uh, someone's at the door.

Uh, let me call you back.


I can't wait until Rose and I

have our own house
and our own kitchen.

Do you know Rose and I have

the same china pattern
as Mom and Dad?

That's pretty cool, right?

Hi, I'm Matt's friend, Heather.

I just wanted to drop this off
for... Simon. Hi, how are you?

Hi, wow, it's so
great to see you!

Uh, this is my
brother-in-law, Kevin.

Nice to meet you.

Heather? Is that really...

Oh! how are you?

Fine, thank you.

Matt and Sarah told me
that Simon was over here.

I've been trying to get
ahold of them all morning.

How did they know
that Simon was here?

Wait, well, come in.

Come in.
I shouldn't.

You guys have a wedding
you're getting ready for.

I meant to come by earlier and
drop this off with your folks.

I feel so badly we didn't
invite you to the wedding.

You can still come if you want.

That's okay.

You know, I'm not
very good at weddings.

I just have something
I want to give you.

Something I kept
all these years.

I guess I can open
this without Rose.

It just makes me laugh,
thinking that

Matt wanted to be an OB/GYN.

Because you told me the story
of the day you got Happy.

Hey, girl, how ya doing?

Isn't Happy cute?

That's what you
named her, Happy?

I named her.

That's 'cause
I let you name her.

Hey, uh, Ruthie,
you want to get happy a cookie?

I think I know why
Happy's so happy.


Can you keep a secret?

I think
she's gonna have puppies.

Don't tell Dad.

I never heard that story.

I have lots of them.

I really love being
around this family.

I'm happy Sarah and I
have become friends,

especially because Matt
and I almost got married.

Yup. Heather was saying her vows

when Matt suddenly decided

to run into the church
and stop her.

The two of them ran out,
jumped in a car and drove away.

It was very dramatic.

I completely
forgot about that.

I'll never forget it.

So, you're...


I just wish Matt would've been
at the second wedding, too.

Yeah, well, we wish
Matt was going to be

at the wedding today, but...

Oh, not, not
for the same reasons.

Matt came all this way, and
he's not coming to the wedding?

I can't believe
Matt and Sarah are here.

Well, I can't believe
they're hiding in the garage.

They're not hiding,
Matt's just gonna surprise us.

Yeah, well,
I shouldn't be surprised.

I'm pregnant.
I'm having a baby.

I should be calm!

You've never been calm.

Hey, look, it's
the Camden kids.

I can't believe
you're here.

When did you get here?

Is Sarah with you?

Well, we got in;
we were exhausted.

We saw Mom and Dad,
and we decided

we'd come surprise you guys
at the church.

Yeah, well, the church
is supposed to be

a surprise-free zone today,

at least that's
what we're hoping.

So, little man, how you doin'?

I'm doing great, really great.

Can't wait for the wedding.

Yeah, lucky you weren't
here for the rehearsal

when both he and Rose
felt a little differently.

Bad rehearsal, good wedding,
it'll all be fine.

Yeah, that's what
I'm thinking, it'll all be fine.

Then I'll be married
for the rest of my life

to the woman that I love.

Lucky me.

I'll be married for the
rest of my life to Rose.

Yep, couldn't be happier.

You could look happier.

You sure you're okay?

Yeah, yeah, better than okay.


God, no!
What the heck am I doing?

Oh, again?

You're getting married.

I came all the way out here
to see you get married,

and you're getting married.

I don't know, Matt.

I-I don't know if I really,
really want to get married.

Oh, please, stop this!

Isn't this where you were
last night?

And-and then this morning,

you completely
changed your mind again.

It's a big decision.

You made the decision

when you put a ring
on her finger.

You made the decision
again when you set a date.

You made a decision
for the third time

when you sent out invitations.

Yeah, but...
No, no "but."

But if he doesn't want to,
he doesn't want to.

Listen to me, Simon.

If you don't want to
do this, back out now.

Don't wait until Rose is
standing in front of the church,

in front of your friends

and her family and our family,
like Matt did to Heather.

Yeah, I forgot about that.

If you don't want to do
this, you don't have to.

If you're not sure if you want
to do this, you don't have to.

I mean,

it's better to admit that you
don't want to be married today

than to admit it tomorrow or the
next day, or the day after that,

o-or... or the next year, or...
or even years down the road.

Why, Reverend Kinkirk,

I don't believe I've ever
seen you work before.

What the heck are you
doing to this guy?

Yeah, I mean, Matt didn't say
stuff like that to you

before your wedding day,
did he?

I wasn't marrying Rose; I was
marrying Kevin and I love Kevin.

You all love Kevin.

I mean, and we...
we all like Rose.

I mean, we like her,

and I think that you like her,
and I think that's about it.

You don't love her.
Yes, I do.

Simon, you're in love
with Rose, right?


Then that's all that matters.

I love Rose, but...



I was hoping you were in here.

You look absolutely amazing.

So, I look okay?

Not just okay.

Again, absolutely amazing.

My mom doesn't like my hair.

I was trying to decide

if I should wear it back
instead of down.

My mom thinks pulled back
would look more sophisticated.

I don't know,
she's probably right.

Should I pull it back?

You should do whatever you want.

But I think down
like that is nice.

Nice like it's nice,
but it could look better

if I just do
what my mother said?

Is your mom giving you a hard
time on your wedding day?

She doesn't mean to.

She just has opinions
about everything.

Hey, that is territory
I know really well.

You have to meet my mom,
and then we'll compare.

So, uh, what's your mom's
opinion of Simon?


My mom's opinion
is that Simon's okay,

but I can do better.

My mom felt the exact
same way about Matt at first.

Only by better,
she just meant Jewish.

All that's really important

is how you feel about Simon.

He's the nicest man.

The nicest man I've ever met.


Huh, hmm, that's good, yeah.

Nice... nice is good.

I have something for you.

I know you're not
actually in the wedding,

but I wanted to
give these to you.

My sisters.

Rose, are you sure
you want me to have these?


The first year
my parents were divorced,

they each gave me a string
of pearls for Christmas.

Neither knew the other
gave me pearls.

The next year, both of them
forgot they gave me pearls

the year before, so they
each gave me pearls again.

The third year, they did it
again and I cried all Christmas.

I told them both they gave
me pearls the year before,

but they didn't remember
and told me I could

take them back if I wanted.

But I didn't.

I kept them.

I kept them and I kept
the resentment I had

toward my parents
for getting divorced.

Annie decided it was time
for me to let go of that

when I got married
and suggested that instead of

buying something
for my bridesmaids,

I give them
a string of my pearls.

I wanted you and Annie
to have one as well.

Thank you.

I love them, but

don't you think
your mom will notice?

My mom would
definitely notice.

I told my mom
I was gonna do this.

She thought it was a great idea,

and she'd be more
than happy for me

to let go of my resentment.

And I still have
a string of pearls

that she gave me and a string
of pearls that my dad gave me.


So, how do they look?

They look really pretty.

You look very pretty.

How are you feeling?

I'm feeling fine
and thank you.

Thank you for saying
that I look pretty.

I'm starting to get
a little bump.

Still, you're glowing.

Umberto and I can't wait
to find out what you're having.

I mean Simon.

Well, I can't wait to tell you.

I can't wait to tell everyone.

You know, that really is
a beautiful wedding gown.

Thank you.

I thought it was.

Sarah told me
what your mom said.

Just ignore her.

People who are
critical of others

are usually even more
critical of themselves.


Maybe she just feels like

she should've been there
for you, you know,

help you plan the wedding,
pick out your dress.

Maybe she's even
a little thrown by the fact

that you could put a wedding
together all by yourself,

including finding the
most perfect dress for you.


So, how are you feeling?

You know, Simon's been a little
all over the place today.

Really? Has he?

Yeah, he's gonna be fine.

Oh, Rose.

Oh, you look stunning,

like the cover of a magazine.

I guess my mom was
right about my hair.

Oh, come on, I-I bet it looked
pretty when it was down, too.

Well, should I take it
back down?

No, it's fine, Rose.

It's fine.

Annie, can I tell you something?

I'm really happy that you and I

have gotten to know
each other a little better.

And that you seem
to actually like me.

I think you like me more
than my mother likes me.

Oh, Rose, I love you,

but your mother loves you, too.

I know she does.

We talked last night when we
were waiting for you and Simon.

She loves you.

Believe me.

Do you think Simon loves me?

Yes, I think
Simon does love you.

And you think that he really
wants to marry me?

Oh, uh, sorry, I was
just looking for Simon.

Umberto, come in.

Have a seat.

Simon's around
here somewhere.

I think he just
went down the hall.

Oh, thanks.

How are you holding up?


This can't be easy for you.

Meaning, uh...

Simon tells me you're
still in love with Rose.

Oh, um, I didn't know
that everyone knew.

Oh, yeah, everyone knows.

Well, uh, I-I guess
I'll just wait for Simon.

You're not gonna
try to talk him out

of going through with
the wedding, are you?

I don't know.

I, I was thinking about
doing that, but, I mean,

if you think I shouldn't,
then, then maybe I won't,

or, or maybe I still will.

It's just that--

I love her.

You know, I want
to marry her.

I've always wanted to marry her,

but, you know,
when she wanted to marry me,

we were young
and I was away at school.

And, you know,
I wanted some time

to-to just be a guy,
you know.

I didn't want to be tied down,

but then Rose called.

I thought she was playing
some kind of game

and I thought maybe she was just
trying to make me jealous,

but... turns out
she's not playing a game.

She really is gonna marry Simon.

She... is... gonna
marry Simon, right?

At this point, I'd say
it's anyone's guess.

I've given up trying to make
the decision for them.

But if you could make
the decision for them,

what would your decision be?

I'd have them wait, of course.

No one should be this undecided
going into a marriage.

But if they wait,
I have to tell you,

I want her.

I-I love her.

You think she loves you?

I think so, but I think that
she thinks it's too late.

You haven't seen Simon's wedding
band by any chance, have you?


Well, it's kind of a
Camden family tradition.

All the men have wedding rings
that are engraved

with "You bring out
the best in me."

I don't think Simon brings
out the best in Rose,

and I don't think Rose
brings out the best in Simon.

And I think that is, or should
be, a determining factor

in whether or not two people,
you know, get married.

They should bring out
the best in each other.

But I bring out
the best in Rose, I do.

All I had to do is
talk to her, and...

and she changed the date
of the wedding,

she apologized to Annie

and... she started
being Rose again,

the girl I grew up with.

I bring out the best in Rose.

I think I've said enough.

Oh, no, not for me, you haven't.

I want you to tell me,

I need you to tell me

to stop this wedding.

I really can't.

All right, I... I think
we're just about ready.

I'm not.

I-I need a few minutes.

Are you okay?

Hey, where's Simon?
I want to talk to Simon.

Honey, it's too late
to talk to Simon.

Maybe not.

No, it is!

We're just gonna let
whatever happens happen.

I still need a few minutes.

It's gonna be okay.

Whatever happens,
it's gonna be okay.

What do you think
is gonna happen?

I don't know.
I really don't.

Well, of course,
I don't either,

but here's how I'm
starting to picture it.

They're up at the altar...

Repeat after me,

I, Simon, take thee Rose

to be my wife...

I, Simon, take thee Rose
to be my wife...

To have and to hold...

To have and to hold...

in sickness
and in health.

in sickness and in health...

For richer or poorer...

For richer or poorer...

Until death do us part.


You mean I can only get out
of this if one of us dies.

That's the idea.

Was that in the rehearsal?

I think so, yes.

Till death do us part?
I don't think so.

Simon, people are waiting.

We're talking about dying here,
Rose, actually dying, for real.

We're talking about staying
together until one of us dies.

Believe me, if you ever
try to leave me

before either of us dies,
I'll kill you.



What's it gonna be?


I can't do this.

I'm sorry.

I don't think it will be Simon.

I think it will be Rose.

Rose or Umberto.

I told you Umberto
talked to me.

Yes, but I don't think Rose

will publicly dump Simon
for Umberto,

I mean even if Umberto
jumped up and objected.

I hope not anyway.

I think Rose has recently made
a turn in the right direction.

And I think she cares
greatly about Simon.

I think she cares

about all of us and I think
she cares for herself.

She wants to do
the right thing.

And by that you mean,
she would stop the wedding?

Well, I see it like this...

Into this Holy estate,

these two persons present
now come to be joined.

If any person can
show just cause

why they may not be joined

let them speak now
or forever hold their peace.

Okay, before any
of you object,

because I know there
is at least one of you

out there who wants to,
let me just say that...

I can't go through with this.

Simon, I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry, but I can't.

I don't want
to embarrass you.

I don't want to
embarrass myself,

but this is an
embarrassing moment,

uh, and I hope it's the
most embarrassing moment

any of you will ever
share with me.

I've learned a lot
over this past year.

I've learned that I'm
too young to get married.

I've learned that I really
do want to finish college

and start my career
before I get married.

And I've learned that
I definitely don't want

to start a family without
getting married first.

I've also learned that
people do make mistakes.

I understand now why
my parents got divorced.

I understand that
they just couldn't

be married to each other.

In fact, they can't
be married at all.

I understand that, because
I can't be married right now,

not to Simon,

not to anybody.

Forgive me?

Absolutely, Rose.

Are you sure?

Are you sure you forgive me,

I do.

Please forgive me for not
being the one to call this off.

I do.

I love you.

I love you, too.

God bless you both
for doing the right thing,

and please kiss the bride.

And now let's all celebrate life

at what would have been
the wedding reception

but is now an equally
momentous occasion.

You really do love
Rose, don't you?

I do.

Well, we could sit
here all day

and talk about what's gonna
happen, or not happen,

but the only way we're really
gonna know what happens

is if we actually
get this wedding started.

All right, but let's
just be prepared,

because you know,
anything could happen.

Anything could happen.

A miracle could happen.

I'm listening.

Rose and Simon,
in so much as the two of you

have agreed to live together
in Holy matrimony,

have promised your love
for each other by these vows,

I now declare you...

Wait, stop!


You can't do it.

Stop. You can't do this.

This isn't another idiot
you dated, is it?

No, no, this is
my sister, Mary.



You made it.

Hi, Dad.

We're so happy to see you.

No, we're not.

Oh, Rose, I'm really sorry,

but, I mean, this
just isn't right.

And just, believe me,
I know "isn't right."


I second that.

Look this marriage thing,

it's a legally
binding contract

and it's... it's just not
so easy to get out of.

Yes, it is.

My parents were
married three times.

Do they have any children?


Oh, right.

Okay, sorry.

Anyway, my point is,

don't make the same
mistakes they made.

The same mistake I made.

There is a whole world
out there.

A big world!

Like that thing that they have
in school, you know,

that, um, that...
that round thing.

You know, that...
Oh, what do you call it? A...


That's right.

That's real.

Those are real places.

So... just get out there and...
and see the world,

and then make your mistakes.

One, I think Mary's just
a little bit smarter

than you give her credit for;

and two, she's not coming;

and three, we really need
to go and face the music.

It's okay if Simon and Rose go
through with this wedding.

They've thought about it
and fought about it,

so let's let them do whatever
they're gonna do.

I agree.

They're the ones who have to
write their own story in life,

and if their happy ending
is being married

to each other, then... so be it.

I wish I could just call
the whole thing off, but...

no, it's their day,

and, and they're responsible
for whatever happens.

I'm ready. Are you?

I'd go anywhere with you, babe.

You want to see a disposal?

I'd go anywhere with you, babe.

Here it is right here.

Oh. Hey,
so you took up plumbing

when you were pregnant
with Simon?

No, no. Electrical and
plumbing was Mary.

Simon was ethnic
cooking. Mm, uh-huh.

I kind of like it
under here.

Three non-alcoholic

for the under-18 crowd.

You work for the restaurant
and the caterer?

No, but I wasn't invited
to the reception,

and I wanted to see you again,

so here I am, at your service
for absolutely free.

These Scottish boys
sure are charmers.

It's good you learn that now,

so you'll be prepared
when you get there.

Your mom let you wear those
mustaches to the wedding.

Cool mom.

We can't get them off.

They have to wear off.

No, I can get them off.
It's easy.

Ruthie, I'll need your help.
Come with me.

Did you ever have that happen
at a wedding before?

Never quite like that, no.

Oh, that was fun.

The anticipation,
the excitement.

I have to agree.

You guys have
a strange sense of fun.

There you guys are.

That was the best time

I ever had at a wedding,
except for maybe mine.

Any chance of ever repeating
those vows?

There's always a chance, always.

She just couldn't make it, huh?

No, she couldn't.

Well, she couldn't be here
and be at graduation tomorrow.

Mary's coming to the graduation?


You knew Mary was coming

to the graduation?

We knew.

Hey, look,
no mustaches.

Finally. How did you
get them off?

Ruthie's new boyfriend took it
off with nail-polish remover.

Oh, yeah,
that would work.

Maybe we should have
thought of that earlier.

What kind of
doctors are we?

I can only say this for one more
day: You're not doctors yet!

But you will
be tomorrow.

I'm so proud of you.

We're all very
proud of you.


We're proud of us, too.

Okay, okay, okay,
I can't wait any longer.

Please, please,
can we find out
about the babies?

Oh, no, don't tell us now.
Wait till tomorrow.

Mary's coming
to the graduation.

She is not!

She is.

Now are you and
Mary gonna make

any announcements?


Well, I can't wait.

Me neither.
This day has been

way too stressful.
Tell them.

Wait, wait, wait,
if someone has an
announcement to make,

we want to hear it.

If, uh, Kevin or
Lucy are saying now,

we should say, too.

Then say.

We're having twins; boys!

That's amazing!



I can't believe it.

That is so great.

You know I blame
the two of you for this.

Oh, I-I gladly accept.

Oh, Matt and Sarah,
that is so excit-exciting.

Tell them.

Okay, well, um,
we're having a boy;

two of them.

We're, we're
having twins, too.

No way!

It's unbelievable!

That-that's insane!

That's insane!

Are you serious?

No way.

Me, too.

Oh, no.

Uh, she's gonna kill me
for this.

Um, Mary and I
are back together,

and we're having twins-- girls.


Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! Whoo!

I'm freaking out!

Oh, my God, yeah!

Oh, my gosh!



Uh, excuse me.


Hi. Why did I just get
the feeling

that you spoiled my surprise?

Tu eres increible.
¿Como tu sabes?

I'm gonna take that as a yes.

I had to 'cause Matt and Sarah
told them

they were having twins, and...
and then Kevin and Lucy said

they were having twins,
so I couldn't help myself.

Well, did you tell them

that I'm graduating college
this weekend, too?

No, I'm saving that one for you.

I wish I could have been there.

Yeah, I know, honey.

Everyone wishes you were here,
but you know,

they're your family,
they understand.

Yeah, I know.

This dance is
for the bride and groom.

Embrace me

My sweet embraceable you

Embrace me,
you irreplaceable you

May I?

Of course.

My heart grows tipsy in me


I don't know when or if

I'll ever see you again,
but... I love you.

Thank you.

I love all the many charms
about you

Above all, I want
my arms around you

Don't be a naughty baby

Hey, those two
love each other.

Think they'll
get married?

Oh, yeah.

You know Rose.
She wants to be married.

Embrace me

My sweet embraceable you

Embrace me

You irreplaceable you

One look at you,
my heart grows tipsy in me

You and you alone bring out
the gypsy in me

I love all the many charms
about you

Sandy? I'm so glad
you changed your mind.

Thanks for coming.

Yeah, Rose called me.

Sorry you missed it.

What happened?

We never even got
into the church.

We just couldn't do it.

It wasn't right.

Did she say anything about me?


Or the baby?

No. Is the baby okay?

Yeah, he's fine,

but Simon, we should talk.