7th Heaven (1996–2007): Season 1, Episode 15 - Happy's Valentine - full transcript

While both couples, Annie and Eric, Patricia and Morgan Hamilton, spend a romantic Valentine's Day camping, Matt is left in charge of the rest of the family and allows chaos to rein in the Camden household. His preoccupation with his date and Mary's party allows the dog, Happy. to slip out of the house in search of her puppies. When a car hits Happy, the family holds a vigil, aided by a caring veterinarian. Simon blames Matt for the accident. Lucy is enjoying her first Valentine's Day with her boyfriend Jimmy Moon.

Okay, I'll ask him.

Yeah, sure
he'll want to go.

See you.
That was Patricia.

She and Morgan were wondering
if we'd like to drive up

to Steadman Caves tonight
and go camping.


No. No.

Just me and
your dad.
And what,

we'll put the kids
in a kennel?

No, they can stay here
with the Hamilton kids.

Who's gonna baby-sit?

Not me.
No, of course not.

I mean, who's gonna
keep an eye on you?

I'm 17.

Mom, John and I have
dates, Valentine dates.

We can't break them
at the last minute.

That'd be totally irresponsible.

I guess we can't go, then.

I have plans.

Me, too.
Oh, what plans?

You can't go to the mall,

and you can't go on a date.

Yeah, but you said my friends
could come over here

and watch videos,
and I've already called them.

Plus, I can't watch kids
and videos at the same time.

And since
I can't go out,

I thought at least
Jimmy could come over

and give me a Valentine.

Besides, the last time
I baby-sat Simon and Ruthie

- they escaped, remember?
- Oh, yeah,

I-I remember.
- And that's why you'd do

a better job this time, right?

Hey, don't look at me.

I mean, I have puppies
to give away.

I cannot watch
Ruthie and Lynn.

We don't need watching.

No, of course

you don't need watching, no.

There is no reason
why your father and I

can't have 24 hours
out of the house

and all of you do
exactly what

you've planned,
as long as

- everybody acts responsibly.
- Mm, honey,

did you hear yourself?

"As long as everyone
acts responsibly"?

Mary, Keesha and Lucy
can watch

Simon, Ruthie, Nigel
and Lynn tonight.

John and Matt can
entertain them tomorrow
till we get back.

Oh, go. Just go.

Your father and I
will figure this out.

You'll be late
for school.

You want me to stick
around for this?

Oh, no, honey,
you can go play

with the puppies, okay?
I'll be right in.

Oh, great-- she gets
to go play with puppies,

and I have to go to school.


Don't you want to
go camping with me?

Oh, it's not that
I don't want to go.

I-I do want to go,
believe me.

It's just, I...
I have so much stuff

I have to get done
this weekend,

and, you know, well...

I'm not really
much of a camper.

You used to love
to go camping.

Love is such a strong word.


Well, it's really
sweet of you

to make me feel as if
I have some say in this,

but if you and Patricia
have made a decision,

I can't imagine that it's
still up for discussion.

They're picking us up
at 5:00.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day.


♪& 7th Heaven ♪&

♪& When I see
their happy faces ♪&

♪& Smiling back at me ♪&

♪& 7th Heaven ♪&

♪& I know there's
no greater feeling ♪&

♪& Than the love of family ♪&

♪& Where can you go ♪&

♪& When the world
don't treat you right? ♪&

♪& The answer is home ♪&

♪& That's the one place
that you'll find ♪&

♪& 7th Heaven ♪&

♪& Mmm, 7th Heaven ♪&

♪& 7th Heaven. ♪&

Hey, John, wait up.

You hear about
this camping trip?

Stroke of luck, huh?
What are you
talking about?

you want to go
to the movies tonight,

or why don't we just hang out
at my parents' house?

No one's home.
Yeah, right, except
for Mary, Keesha

and their friends, and
Lucy and her boyfriend,

and Simon, Nigel,
Ruthie and Lynn.

We'll just tell
Keesha and Mary

to go to the movies
with their friends

and take the kids
with them-- simple.

Mary and Keesha
aren't gonna do that.

Have you asked them?

Well, have you
asked them?

There's Keesha,
I'll ask her now.
Hey, Keesha!

I got to go, guys.

What do I look
like, a dog?

Don't just yell my name
out like that when
I'm with my friends.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Just, uh, Matt and I
just wanted to know

if you and Mary could...


So you just ask Mary.
She'll do it.

No, she won't.

Counting on you.

Mommy, do we have
to give the puppies away?

Yes, honey, it's time,

and they have a
good home to go to.

We have a good home, too.

Yes, but I think
they're starting
to get so big

that they're getting
in Happy's way.

I get in your way,
and you still keep me around.

It's not the same, sweetheart.

It would be like you living here
when you're 30.

I have to live somewhere else
when I'm 30?

You'll probably want to live
somewhere else when you're 30.

Yeah. Maybe even when I'm seven,
or maybe eight.

You know, I, uh,

I think Dwight's very happy
to have the puppies

come and live with him--
he's very sweet.

They'll get lots
of attention.

He'll take very, very
good care of them.

They'll be fine.

I tried.

You can have your
friends over anytime.

You don't have to have
them over tonight.

Yes, I do.
I've already asked them.

And Keesha's got friends
coming over, too.

Well, can you at least
keep them upstairs?

I mean, do some
girl stuff--

what do you call it,
makeovers or something?

No, there's no TV upstairs,

and we're gonna
watch videos;
that's the plan.

Okay. You and John can have
the den with your dates,

and Keesha and I will keep
our friends in the living room.

And you'll tell them
to keep out of the den?

Yes, I'll tell them
to keep out of the den.

Of course, I don't know
how you're gonna keep

Simon, Nigel, Ruthie
and Lynn out of there,

but that's your problem.

I hope Mom and Dad
are happy.

Jimmy is so mad at me

about not going to the movies

that he's probably never
gonna speak to me again.

You know, maybe you
could go to the movies.

I could drive you guys
and pick you up,

and it wouldn't
be a date.

It wouldn't?

No. Not if you take the
little kids with you.

Ten bucks.

Ten bucks?

For what? I mean,
he's the guy,

he'll buy the tickets.

Yeah, but if he buys
the tickets,

then I should buy the popcorn.

And ten bucks from you, too.

And why would I have
to give you ten bucks?

Because if you don't,
Jimmy and I will just hang out

at the house
with you and your friends.

But ten bucks is
my whole week's allowance.

Fine, ten bucks,
and not a penny more.

So, how was your day?


first I, uh, I dropped
by the hospital

to see Mr. Wilkerson,
who described every detail

of his ailing colon.

Then I had to bring
the card table
by Mrs. Bink's,

because she
said it's hers.

She only lent it
to the church,

and, uh, she's
playing pinochle

with her friends

Then I, uh, had to run
by the market

and the drugstore
for Mrs. Martin,

and then I got stuck
in a deacon's meeting

where a fight broke out
over whether or not

we should turn the
church restrooms
into pay toilets

in order to earn
money for the
building fund.

So it's going to be great
to get away

from all this
and go camping, huh?

Yeah, yeah, I'll
just write that
sermon in the car.

Well, the puppy stuff

is all packed up
and ready to go.

Oh, well... guess you might
be feeling a little sad

about seeing them
leave, huh?

Yeah, well,
only a little,

'cause Dwight's mom said
that I can bring Happy

over to visit any time I want.

That is so sweet of her.

You know, Simon, you might want
to keep an eye on Happy tonight

when the puppies leave
to make sure

that she doesn't go out
and look for them, okay?

Well, actually, Mom, I think
Happy's going to be happy

to be the only dog
in the house again.

I mean, the puppies
have been taking

a lot of attention
away from her.

It's kind of like what
Ruthie did to me when
she first came home

from the hospital--
you guys remember that, right?

Oh, yeah, that must've
been very tough on you.

Yeah, but I got through it.

Listen, you guys have
a good time camping,

and don't worry
about not taking us.

We'd much rather stay here.

You really think
they'll be okay
without us?

Don't worry. You'll get
your sermon written.

You always do.

All right.


Oh, excuse me.

Matt will drive us.

It'll be almost like a date.

We just have to take
the kids with us.

We don't have to sit with them
or anything.

Uh, I don't know.

Makes me a little nervous
doing something

the Reverend
wouldn't approve of.

He seems to have
some special powers.

He might find out, and that
could only mean trouble.

It's not that he
wouldn't approve.

It's just that, in this case,

it'd be better to tell him
after the fact.

He'd probably think
it was very generous of us

to take them along.

Can they read subtitles?


Yeah. Remember
the French film we saw

the first time
I came over to your house?

Well, it's in release now.

I thought it'd be kind of
romantic if we went to see that.

Well, is anything playing
at the same cineplex

that they'd want to see?

There's an animation

but I hate animation.

So? We can let the kids
go see that,

and we'll see the French movie.

I thought we were supposed
to be baby-sitting.

We'll be right next door.

Who's going to know?

You're really a risk taker.

I like that.
It's kind of exciting.


See you later.

Yeah. See you.

Bye, Mommy.
Bye, Daddy.

Have a good time camping.

Oh, don't you want
to kiss us good-bye?


You know, one
of these days,

I'm going to
be moving out

and getting my
own family, too.

Um, she was a little
upset about giving
away the puppies.

Oh. Well, uh, maybe we shouldn't
leave her alone, you know?

I mean, not too late
to change our minds about going.

Yes, it is.



Mom and Dad are waiting
at the car.
Okay, thanks.

I want to see
the puppies.
Me, too.

Um, hey, you know,
don't stay up too late

and don't eat
too much junk food

and have a good time.

How are they going
to have a good time

if they can't eat junk
food and stay up late?


Well, you two
are on your own, I guess...

You're on your own.

Oh, I already got the lecture
from my dad, so...

Okay, well, um...

tell him whatever
your dad told you.

Bye, guys.

See ya.


Okay, Keesha and Mary
are going

to keep their friends
in the living room,

Lucy and Jimmy are taking
the kids to the movies.

Not bad.

Hey, guys.

How would you like

to go to the
movies tonight?

No, thank you.

No, thank you.

But it's a cartoon

What's that?

It has all your
old favorite cartoons.

We've seen that already.

Well, it was good, wasn't it?

Yeah, it was good.

Well, then don't you want
Simon and Ruthie to see it?

Not really.

I want to stay here.

Me, too.

You're going to the movies.

Hi, guys.

Simon, Dwight and his mom
are here for the puppies.

I'm not going to watch,
it'll just make me sad.

That's okay, Ruthie,

it's my responsibility.

There you go.

Come on, little guys.

Come on, Happy,
time to say good-bye.

Honey, I don't
think you realize

how much work
puppies are.


Oh, look at those
little babies.

They are the cutest things
I've ever seen!

I told you.

See, Happy,
they're going to be fine.

Look, I'll help you
get them in the car.

Oh, that's okay,
we can manage.

Uh, wait.

What are you going
to name them?

Oh, I think we should name them

Little Precious and Sugar Plum,
they're so sweet.

since there's a boy

and a girl,

I was thinking about naming
them Simon and Ruthie.

You're a good man,

Thanks, Simon.

And you bring Happy
over to visit

any time you like, you hear?

All right.

Bye, Simon, see you around.

See you guys.


You know maybe I shouldn't
go to the movies,

maybe I should just
stay here and watch Happy.

Oh, it's okay,
I'll watch her,
she'll be fine.

I thought you had a date.

I do, but I tell you what,

I'll bring her back here,
and we'll give Happy

all the attention she can stand.

Then I guess it'll be okay.

Sure it will.

You know I love this dog.


Okay, here you go,
four tickets

for the cartoon movie, and
the door is right there.

Wait a minute, what
about you and Jimmy?

We're going
to another movie.

We'll be right next door.

Ten bucks.

What for?


I want ten bucks, too.

Snacks are expensive.


This is two weeks'
worth of allowance.

Come on.

It'll still be fun.

Why do I still have
a bad feeling about this?

So you guys make
yourselves comfortable

and I'll get us
something to drink.

What would you like?

Oh, I've got what
I want right here.

And you?

I'm fine, just fine.

What's that?
I thought we were

going to be alone.
Oh, it's cool.

Mary and Keesha just
have some friends over.

They're staying in
the living room, though.

Yeah, we'll just tell them
to turn it down a little.

Hey, guys, come on in.

What do you think
you're doing?

You were supposed
to be having

a few girlfriends over.

Yeah, well, they brought
some guys with them.

What are you going to do?

We're dead.

They'll kill us.

So I guess we might as well
enjoy ourselves, right?

Let's go.

I hate bugs.

There aren't any bugs.
It's too cold.

I hate cold.

I hate sleeping on
the cold damp ground.

They brought
air mattresses.

I hate dirt.

Maybe it'll snow
and cover it up.

Oh, wouldn't that be great?
I just hate camping.

Yeah, but you love your wife.

Yeah, I haven't even begun
writing my sermon

for Sunday...
for this Sunday.

I'll let you use mine.

Yeah, right.

What's it about?

I'm drawing a parallel

between Moses leading
his people out of Egypt

and Martin Luther King
leading us out of our past.

That is beautiful.

That is really...

Actually, though,
I wish I'd seen that one.

Now that is hot.

I hope so.
It's freezing up here.

And those two fools
didn't want to go camping.

Yeah, like we
did this for us.

They both need
a vacation.
I know.

What's that?

Here. Here.

You need this?


Morgan Hamilton,

was that your beeper?

Where did you get
that cellular phone?

I, um...

borrowed it from
one of the deacons,

you know, in case
there's an emergency.

You promised me you'd
leave church business
behind tonight.

I meant to, honey, honest.

I just forgot
to turn off my beeper.

I don't even recognize
this number.

I'll just check it out.

Just one call then
I'm turning it off, I promise.

Yes, this is
Reverend Hamilton.

I see.

Yeah, she's here.


I guess that's none
of our business.

Of course it isn't.

It's Patricia's ex.

He calls her
every Valentine's Day.

It was their anniversary.

Patricia's what?

She got married

out of high school,
didn't even last a year,

but this fool has got
to look her up

every Valentine's Day.


You're the one
who wore the beeper.

"All my love on this first
Valentine's Day together.

Love, Lucy."

"If a pretty girl
is like a melody...

how come you're
such a strain?"

Since we came
to a heavy movie,

I thought I'd go
with a light card.

His name is Chris.

He's a star player
at Westside,

broke up with his girlfriend
after Christmas,

3.8 grade point average,

and the rest, well,
you can see for yourself.

Yes, I can.

You want me
to introduce you?

I can take
care of it.

We got trouble.

No, I'll give her a minute,
then I'll butt in.

No, those guys
over there.

So, you're 18, huh?

Practically, yeah.

Hey, you two,
no alcohol.

It's just beer, man.

Who are you?

This is my house.

Get rid of
the beer, now.

Uh, could I have a
word with you alone?

That guy is
too old for you.

No, he's not,
he's my age... practically.

Looks like your date's
getting a little bored.

Oh, this stew...
is really good.


It sure is.

Oh, you know,
I brought my guitar.

We could sing
after dinner.

Oh, I don't think I'm
in the mood for that.

Maybe later.

I doubt it.

Well, I'll help
Annie clean up.

Morgan will
help you clean.

I'm going to bed.

I guess I'm feeling
a little tired myself.

I can't believe
after 20 years

that guy
still manages

to ruin every
Valentine's Day.

Oh, look, I'm sorry
I brought that phone.

I just thought
we might want

to check up
on the kids later.

You sure you
want to do that?

Well, I don't want them

to think that
we don't trust them,

but I don't want them
to think that I don't care.

I just have
this feeling,

and please tell
me I'm wrong,

that they might be doing
something stupid, like,

I don't know,
throwing a party?

You know they're
having a party.

The question is,
how big a party?

No, see, you're supposed
to tell me I'm wrong.

Here's what
we should do.

Call Sergeant Michaels
down at the station

and get him to drive by

and check
on them.


Routine patrol.

If he doesn't see
anything wrong,

he doesn't
have to go in.

I'm sorry.

You know I care about you.

Yeah, right.

Look, what do you
want me to say?

It's not so much what
I want you to say,

it's more what
I want you to do--

in the way
of an apology.

You mean, uh...?

That's exactly
what I mean.

We have
to go home now.

What's this?

The cops
are here, man!



Dad, what are
you doing here?


Sergeant Michaels
is your dad?

Are you serving alcohol
at this party?

I swear, sir. It's just us.

Call your mother
to pick you up.

Dad, please, can't you
just give me a ride?

Call your mother.

Alone in the kitchen

with a guy you
don't even know?

We were
just talking.

Why's everyone

Excuse me, officer.
No one was drinking.

Just these two morons

we don't
even know.

I just got them a ride home.

There is
something else.

Does Simon still have
that little white dog?

Yeah, Happy.

I just found her
on the side of the street.

I'm afraid she's been
hit by a car.

I got her to an
animal hospital,

but I think I
should get you

down there right away.

You want
to talk about it?

You want to talk
about it?

Yes, I want
to talk about it.

After 20 years,

you finally want
to talk about Kevin?

Oh, Kevin's
his name, huh?

He calls himself
"Patricia's first husband."

What kind of name
is Kevin anyway?

What is he,
Irish or something?

As a matter of fact,
he is Irish.


No, you have always said

you didn't want to know
anything about the man.


You got a problem
with the Irish?

He-He's-He's Irish Irish?

That's right. He's white.

Now would it
bother you as much

if he was
a black man?

Well, yes, it would.

As long as he called

on Valentine's Day
every year, yes, it...



You want to know
anything else?


I can't believe she
was married before.

No, me neither.

See, aren't you glad
we came here?

Oh, yeah, yeah.

And I'm glad you're not mad
about the phone anymore.

Oh, no.

You know what I think
we should do?

Oh, I hope so.


I think we should
call the kids

and see if they're okay.

Oh, I don't know.

I mean, they'll think
we don't trust them.

They know we don't
trust them.

Hand me the phone.


Okay, yeah, no, we're
leaving right now.

What, the kids?
Are the kids okay?

No, it was
Sergeant Michaels.

It's Happy.

She's been hit
by a car.

Is she...?

No, they took her
to the hospital.

I have her stabilized.

Why don't you
go home and wait?

We won't know
anything for a while,

and I'll call you.

I'd hate to leave her.

Does Simon know yet?


You go take care
of your brother,

I'll take care of your dog.

You know,
I don't usually

stay here all night,

but tonight I'll make
an exception.

Thank you.
Thank you,

Thanks a lot.

Come on, son.
I'll drive you home.

This was such
a stupid idea.

What was
I thinking?

Those kids
are too young

to stay on
their own.

Don't say it.

I wasn't going
to say anything.


I just hope
Happy's okay.

If she isn't...

I'm sure she is, really.
She'll be fine.

I'd love to know
how she got out.

How did one little dog
get past all those kids

without anybody
seeing her?

Happy could have gotten out
no matter who was home.

That front door is opened
and closed 50 times a day.

I just hate being away from
Simon at a time like this.

We'll be home in an hour.

An hour seems like
forever, Eric.

I know, I know.

I should
have never

talked everyone
into this.

You're supposed
to say,

"You didn't talk
anyone into this."

You all wanted
to come.

I wanted to come.

Honey, the dog
wasn't your fault.

Well, I still
feel responsible.

Yet you take no responsibility
for that jerk

calling every year.

See, I heard
that, okay?

Get over it.

Me get over it?

Looks like you should be
the one to get over it.

And I can
still hear you.

I meant for you
to hear me.

By the way, how did
Sergeant Michaels

happen to have
your cellular number?

Oh, uh...

funny thing.

Morgan and I called
him earlier

just, you know,
so he could maybe

ride by the house,
kind of an unofficial

yet routine check,

just to, you know, make
sure everything's okay.

If Happy isn't okay,
I will never forgive myself.

I'm sorry.

This whole thing
got out of hand

because I invited
too many people.

Simon and Nigel

got us kicked out
of the movies.

They were
throwing popcorn.

Don't ask.

When I picked
them up,

the manager chewed
my ear off.

You guys go get
your pajamas on.

Yeah, I'll read
you a story.

Where's Simon?

Racing Nigel
to the bathroom.

orange drinks.

We could have
dropped you off.

Oh, I wanted
my Mom to pick me up

so we could have
a moment together.


Sorry about that Valentine.

It was really lame.

Oh. I see.

You want to apologize?


That's okay.

Uh, that's my mom.
I better go.

Your mom's
out front.



Some day I will kiss you.

I just don't want it to be

because of some
artificial holiday

when my feelings
for you are real.

Well, bye.


You didn't tell
Simon, did you?

Tell me what?

Um, could you guys
leave us alone?


What's going on?
Where's Happy?

Um, Simon....

Where's Happy?

What have you done with Happy?

Simon, I had to take
her to the hospital.

There was
an accident.

An accident?

What kind of an accident?

She was hit by a car.


You were supposed
to be watching her!

Why weren't you watching her?

You knew she'd go
after the puppies.

You knew it!

Dr. Moore says
she'll call us

as soon as she
knows something.

No! Don't!

I want my dog.

And you're either
going to take me

there or I'm going

to walk there myself!

Dr. Moore said she won't
know anything for hours.

I don't care what she says!

Happy's going to know

that I'm not there!

Simon, come on.
I hate you!

You were supposed
to be watching her!

I hate you!

Come here.

Happy! I want Happy!

Let me go!

Come on, Simon.
Come here.

I just want Happy.

I'll take you
to her, okay?

I'll take you.
Don't cry.

I'll take you.

I just want Happy.

I'm here, girl. I'm here.

It's gonna be okay.

I won't leave you.

I'll never leave you again.

Hey, are Mom and Dad home yet?

Yeah, he's, uh...
he's in there with her now.

No, she's-she's doing better,
a lot better.

No, no. No, she is.

Look, I'll-I'll...

I'll call you back
in a half hour.

All right. Bye.

Happy is not doing a lot better.

Now, you know that, right?

In fact, she's
just about the same.

Yeah, I know. I just
didn't want the kids

to worry with my parents away.

I'll let them know
what's going on

when they get home.

I wish I knew if Matt
were telling me the truth.

I don't think
Matt would lie

on top of everything
that's happened.

If he had bad news,
he would.

I'm sure Happy's better.

You want me to
just go down there?

Where's Simon?

Matt took him
to see Happy.

Oh, how's Happy doing?

He just called and said
she was doing better.

Oh, great.

Keesha, John, go help your
brother and sister pack up.

We're going home.

Tell them
I'm in no mood

for a fight,
so hustle.

Are they on their way home?

I mean did Matt say
exactly what was wrong?

I mean, is anything broken?

Does Happy need stitches?

Annie, why don't
we just call?

You can't. You
just get a machine.

That's why Matt
said he'd call back.

He didn't give me any details.

How's Simon holding up?

Mom, I'm sure
he's okay,

especially if Happy's okay.

Mary, why don't you
go help out upstairs?


While we're waiting
for Matt to call,

I, for one, would like to know

what actually
went on here tonight.

We usually
separate them

and interrogate
them individually.

Well, I can usually
get it out of Ruthie.

I don't know if that's
going to work tonight,

but I'll take Lucy and Mary
and you give Ruthie a shot?

And I'll take
John and Nigel.

What? They're more afraid
to lie to me than to you.

Fine. I'll talk
to Keesha and Lynn.

We-we didn't want
to just go off

and leave the kids here
by themselves. I mean....

I don't know. About 20 kids?

20 or 30. 35 at the most.

They were here when
we got here. Honest.

We couldn't help it.

We didn't
invite any guys.

They just brought
them with them.

I just wanted Mary to meet him

and his sister was
coming over here anyway.

And once we saw what was going
on, we couldn't just leave.

You should have seen
this guy hitting on Keesha.

It wasn't really a date, more
like creative baby-sitting.

They were dying to see
those old cartoons, and you know

how kids are
once they get something

on their little brains.

They made us go.

We already saw
those old cartoons.

Because Jimmy hates animation,

and it's not like they
could read subtitles.

Uh... The $20 you gave me?


John gave us some money
to change our minds.

We got a candy bar
that was as big as my head.

We didn't eat all of it.

We picked out
the nuts.

And Lucy gave me some money

when we got there, too.

We really cleaned up.

Because we had to pay her,

and it's not like
she didn't want to go.

We didn't do anything.

We didn't even hold hands.

We were good.

Simon and Nigel

were the ones who
got in trouble.

We spilled a little popcorn.
That's all.

They were throwing it at people,
and the man put a light on us.

Did I say spilled?

I meant we were
throwing it at people.

No one was drinking
or doing anything bad.

Oh, wait.

Two of them were drinking.

But it was
just beer

and Matt told them not to.

Yeah, but that was
Sgt. Michael's son,

and boy, was he mad.

Not that you're not mad, see.

I'm really sorry,

especially about
the way things turned out.

Believe me,
it will never happen again.

It was completely irresponsible.

I confess, we made a mistake.

I still say, I
didn't do anything wrong.

We mostly sleeped.

I don't think
we're ever going to know

exactly what happened.

Sometimes it's best
not to know.

Oh, was that a remark?

No, that wasn't a remark.


What was that for?

That's for divorcing

so we could have
the last 20 years together.


Oh, stop it, you two.

Come on, kids!

I want to get home
before Valentine's is over.

Good night.
Thank you for everything.

We had a really good time.

Excuse her. She's
had too much sugar.

Sorry for all that trouble.

Call us in the morning
and let us know about Happy.

Bye-bye... Thanks.

Good night.

Hello. Matt?

Yeah, how are
you guys doing?

How's Happy?

Uh-huh... Uh-huh...

Well, I tell you what.

I'm not tired.

Maybe I'll just
ride down there.

Okay, see ya.

Where are they?
Why aren't they here?

He was lying when
he called before, wasn't he?

Well, here's the thing.

Happy isn't quite
out of the woods yet.

Maybe I'll just take
a ride down to the hospital

and sit with Simon and Matt.

Not without me.

What's going on?
How's Happy?

Look, Mom, Dad,

if you're going
to go down there,

please take us with you.



Let's go.

Yeah, come on.


Matt, it's okay. He told us.
We all want to be here.

We'd have been here sooner,
if we knew what was going on.

It was my fault.

I said I'd watch Happy,
and I didn't,

so I should have to be
the one to deal with this.

Matt, we found
about everything.

This was definitely
not all your fault.

And besides,
we want to be here.

We love Happy too, you know.


But I really should
have stopped the party.

If I'd made everybody leave
when I got home,

Happy would have
never gotten out.

There shouldn't
have been a party.

There shouldn't have been
any dates at the house,

There shouldn't
have been any movies.

Your mom and I probably
should have planned

this whole camping
thing better.

This was everybody's fault
and nobody's fault.

It was an accident.

Punish me; I'd feel better.

There'll be plenty of punishment
to go around tomorrow.

Starting with no more parties.

Believe me. We will
never have another party.

Of course not, and you'll never
go to another party either.


And we'll pay for the damage.

We'll deal with
that tomorrow, too.

I'm just glad
you were here with Simon.

He hates me, you know.

He's never going
to forgive me.

Yes, he will.

As soon as Happy's okay,
Simon will be okay.

Where are they?

Back here, come on...

Okay, you guys
wait out here, okay?

For a little while.

Your child conked out
about a half hour ago.

How's Happy?

The vital signs are good,

but we just can't seem
to wake her up.

You're all welcome to stay,
but we won't know anything

until the morning.

And even then, I can't
promise anything.

I don't think
we're going anywhere.

You guys want me
to get you some coffee

or something to eat
or something?

No, no, honey,
we're fine.

You must be exhausted.

Why don't you go home
and get some rest.

Not a chance.


Happy, you're okay!

Matt! Matt!


She's okay!

Look, Happy's okay.

Yes, Simon,
I believe you're right.

You're gonna have to
watch her closely, though,

for the next 24 hours.

Don't worry.

I'm going to be watching her
closely the rest of my life.

Well, I want to see her
Monday morning.

I'll go start
the paperwork.

Thank you, Doctor.

So when did you guys get here?

I think it was
around midnight.

We slept in the waiting room.

But first we said
a little prayer for Happy.

Everyone was here for you, girl.

Did you know that?

She probably didn't,

but I'm sure she knew
you were sleeping there
right next to her.

I'm so glad she's okay.

So, am I forgiven?

Well, I forgive you,

but I don't know about Happy.

I think a few apologies
are in order here, right, girl?

I'm really sorry, Happy.

Me, too, Happy.


me, too.

I had nothing
to do with it.

Nevertheless, Happy,

we all hope you'll forgive us.

No more parties, girl,
and no more movies

for a long, long time.

So you guys know about...

The popcorn incident?
Oh, yeah, we know.

Well, I guess we can talk
about that later, huh, Dad?

I guess we could.

Happy Valentine's Day, Happy.

I love you.